DB Show - 3 - Strickland's broken hand, Slusser report, Tuesday Trifecta, Susan Slusser

The Damon Bruce Show
Tuesday, June 19th
Damon talks about Hunter Strickland's broken hand and how SF Giants his injury is, then discusses Susan Slusser's article on the future of the A's front office & managerial position, we hear from Bob Myers for pre-draft information from earlier today, a "hot head" Tuesday Trifecta, and is joined by the author of the big A's story of the week, SF Chronicle A's beat writer, Susan Slusser!

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Tuesday trifecta coming up glory at the bottom of the hour your chance to call went around one topic. Three questions. Based around that we're going to be talking about a hot heads and we certainly got a hot head. In our town on a hot head on the mound for the giants last night in a hot head is moving to the disabled list today. Would a fracture in his hand the punters Strickland who coughed up a 42 lead in the ninth last night. Broke his hand afterwards. Punching. What wall blackboard. A locker an inanimate object. Bruce mode she had this last night to say about hunter Strickland. I think you look at the job he's done there's no reason. Lesion on he's really. Pitched well I mean the numbers show that in. You know he probably would take a couple punches back and I'm sure it. You know usually behind these guys especially when they're doing a great job in the Toyota showed there and I can tell us hitters now like to matchup and and discarded generate fuel lines. You know here's the deal Strickland you lease faces the music right he's always there to answer media questions and last night he you know we award a little bit. I mean that's true that's unacceptable in this war to an author and Connecticut job today Sammy came and picked him up and he obviously let it out. What's really letting your team down. Is breaking your hand in a meathead moment. That obviously. What came before that he was feeling as he was saying all those. Contrite things and do you think his hand was swelling up bomber duty sail those contrite things and then punched but don't work. I wish we had a little more clarity on that timeline about this for a time line earlier on today's show we were talking what Alex Pavel bitch about how. Yes Clinton really has not had a bad season is ER ray was right around 20 yeah I had a few blown saves one of them. Via a fielding error earlier in the year like Strickland is kind of a hot head. And you need to be a little bit of a hotbed do you pay close Major League games here's what Alex Pavel which had to say. Not gonna get the benefit of the doubt it it would be built that it pitched the way it up. And then kind of exasperated very Alex not do it with. We're going to do it with Brent and I just think it you know it it just can't bring back a lot of feeling for people. And that that's why as you said you have to trending pretty tyra Twitter nickel we either. Quick carpet because I think you solitary at camp there are pretty quick to turn our closer. And especially with with a guy that has them that they issue that you get veteran here. Giants fans are quick to turn on clothes servers they're really quick to turn on closers who can't. Help cause they're not healthy you don't believe me ask mark Moore lancet. How's the giants then based on marked more land since the guy hasn't been around long enough to really show you anything and people can't stand him because he's been hurt. Hurt means UN help and hunter Strickland no longer help him. So what Dyson. Dicing going to be your clothes are now they're not gonna go back tomorrow Lance and maybe Watson. Hunter Strickland. Got into it last night with Louis Brentson. Well you know we've talked about this babble bitch. British sins are rookie Britain sinister is showing a little bit of excitement and the never can have any fun combination of Madison bomb runner and hundreds Strickland looking out lob on garner right. Bum garner is as big of law a baseball hot head meathead is your gonna fine he really hits. And guy. Has zero sense of humor about him. The amount of major leaguers. Who approached their careers and are nice to pitch is serious as cancer. And take any display of emotion. Against them is a personal affront to them. It is you're you're you're wearing out your welcome in baseball. Hunter Strickland wearing out his welcome on the field and off the field. That's ridiculous. Hunter Strickland last night. I'm announced progression a little bit I guess you know it's my message is nothing to truly be right working for me so. We'll just sucked. And you know. You know it sucks to waste in that performance at a Vander swore race. Swore as who's good enough. Geez that's something else so guess what punish or close got a broken hand. Yet another giant is hurt. Yet another giant is about to miss significant chunk of time. And this was right there are season where they were about to start to turn things around with a long homestand and today I mean they're not having a bad year given the fact that everybody's hurt or there's somebody new. Getting heard all the time I mean how much expectation can you have for a team McKinney to get a healthy team and on the field. They've actually done a decent job all things considered but it never gets any easier. Round these parts. Some things in baseball we get very used to round these parts like the eighties front office group we know that Melvin in the dugout Billy Beane in the front officer. Maybe a tick above the front office now David forced his there are pretty much standard operating procedure well. So loss bomb. Susan saucer. Yesterday. Lleyton our show so late we didn't even really have time to get to wit. So slots are dropped a little bit of 10. On the entire. Bay Area baseball world with a column basically saying. Billy Beane Bob Melvin David forced next season might be the last for all three. We know long term contract extensions on the table and team owner John Fisher. He's gonna decide to be had and a different direction here are more likely beam. Oakland's vice president of baseball ops might take a step back to allow GM David forced to run the whole show. What happens next week Bob Melvin is anyone's guest Susan anyone's guess Susan said. You know a's ownership denied the yankees' request to interview Melvin last winner for their opening managerial job. But then turned around and didn't offer him a new contract. In his baseball is generally conducted that move is at the very least a full paw if net. Down. Right insulting to them. Susan goes on to write the a's are taking on more of a text from vied with sleek new offices and Jack London square that included batting cage gem cafeteria. Few long term employees have been let go were encouraged to go elsewhere if you have jumped over the giants already. Many more are sent there resonates there the days of hired more than fifty people in the past eighteen months in a new era has dawned. Susan connects both sides debate this story you were just basically like what's next because. Look giants' executive vice president of baseball ops Brian CA BM GM Bobby Evans and manager Bruce boat she. They've all been so one trench for so long. It's hard to think of a future without them but guess what that day is coming. Could. Any of the e.'s big wigs. If they really are gonna be on the outs. Just. You know and what are these guys just need fast track to find their next job. He crossed the Bay Bridge won't. Paid yet all the kids out of school now you don't and you have the wolf you don't. It adds a couple Bart stops to your commute a bridge to your commute. This is kind of interesting stuff. The fact that. The eighties have historically. Extended existing contracts out for several years. Wait before guy's got to their lame duck seasons highlights. What lame ducks so many of these guys are. Then you got the fact that Billy Beane. He retains a small ownership stake in the days. So just joining another team means. He's going to a competitor of a team that he owns. But the commissioners gonna have to get involved I mean there's a part of me that thinks of Billy dean if he steps away from the ace he's gonna step away from all of baseball. He's I'd be looking to cross the day he's gonna look to go to Europe and be the GM or some advisor for some soccer club. We could they by an out as opposed. A couple of money. It would cost an awful lot of money you know fund Billy Beane I think I'm Smart enough to realize that hey. Even a small slice of the ownership pie. Will be worth more tomorrow no matter what you decide it's worth today so I'd be crazy to sell today. Cause it's going to be worth more tomorrow. When you think about an a.'s future without that triumvirate being at the stick when you think about the giants' future without their triumvirate calling the shots it's just. It feels foreign feels like a different language because we've been so entrenched like. Billy Beane is Canon TV eights. Brian savient is Canon to the giants. But he can't. Change what's cannon. What's gonna happen. By the way when you're talking about that type Canon only one and yes I learned that the hard way mistake on the twitters. And it happens these things do happen. Very interesting times in deed how about yesterday being our de facto second version of baseball's opening day and today. We get Strickland last night blown saves and then blowing up in his hand. And dollar may be the a's blow it all up when it's all said and done you know John Fisher what are you gonna do. Susan slots there's gonna join us at 6 o'clock to talk about all of this here's what she already had this. I've been hearing whispers for a long time on all of and I you know. I've been asking the people who should be asked about what planner contact and the possibility yet activate capital at tackle a lot of other people. The fact that they have not been in the top. And it we're care in late June of 2018. That but you know at some point I thought I'm afraid that. Because it's starting to get to crunch time what I hope is that John picture looked at this it's heat. Clearly calling all the shots in states particularly with they you know now we will they've gone then they cattle focused really pretty much primarily on the ball park. ED if you want to keep it and he needs to get it but Gary and do it you should have done that by now but if you want to keep them. It's gonna have to do something fairly soon. John Fisher and getting his butt in gear and doing anything proactive. On behalf of his franchise is basically nonexistent action. So we're now waiting for him. To do again something that he hasn't even done once. Okay good luck would that don't hold your breath. Very interest and very interesting stuff from Susan again we'll get to her. At 645. We got eighties at the Padres tonight DA's can't win games in the American League west maybe they can win games. In the National League west this is John and Fairfield John you're not 57 again. And appreciate the time. They'll learn talk about your report that it and committee that kid and you know. Ego deterred or maybe Billy Beane. Yeah. That line up Bob ultimate coach I think that a major gains and created a limit on limited. Talent he had betrayed alioto was thinking. Out accusing him go. I would definitely pride got a report today I do think it. I think Mel would be great pickup by the giants. Poverty to great great player a great managers then. And melt Alvin's good with veterans he's good with rookies she's good with guys who were trying to resuscitate their careers like he knows how to push the buttons. You know it demanded that year vote lead he did what he did Betty not at the top right button. In regards got venture you know the one that made and that we better here are bigger share. A order issued and Lou will now partly due out I think he's an Arab. A brother pressure and the organization they'll begin urged. But overall. You know it's frustrating he'd just. Gotten the team. That do something paper players. So you it was not an in being executed by the human capital. But you know. It's. You know. To yourself. Right it did you know why are you letting this. Precious natural resource die on the vine like sell to someone who wants to do something what did I senator earlier John thank you so much for the call. I am sick and tired of hearing about how much this what costs. From the yacht owners. Tired out. Like I shouldn't have bought the Lamborghini he can't afford the gas in the insurance straight up maybe it's time to sell maybe. Maybe Alexis is where you topped out. Not Alexis a woman like a Alexis the car. We haven't seen a exes maybe she's gorgeous and terror in arena. It we'll talk a little bit about that coming up with. Hot head draft it's been a long time since we got a draft I love the drag in the Tuesday trifecta. So we're gonna have that for you coming up in just a little bit. Later this week on Thursday we're gonna be at the warriors facility Bob Myers today was talking about. What the warriors Planon 21 win their draft pick they've got the 28 overall selection you'd think well. What he really get in the NBA at number 28. While remind you once again this team down dream on green in the second round they drafted. Well and aggressively they bought into rounds aggressively they've traded up aggressively so. Just say and we already know what the the warriors are gonna do is is would be misleading we have no idea. What they're going to do we know that when they he sees something they like they go get it they get very very aggressive. Bob Meyers was talking today in his pre draft media availability. About what they're looking for. And what they're looking for is usually available at the end of the first round you don't find stars what you do find role players. At 28 we need role. Guys couple married pieces desert and work hard guys are gonna fit in have won a specific skill that's it's what we're looking for but for us unfortunate that we can put. Whoever we draft with the players we can put him with to watch stuff working out on that basket right there every day after practiced or played down that winner Kevin wherever he is. It's a luxury for us bringing young player into this environment with Steve and his staff and kind of show them what winning looks like we if you put some really good home chances of that are be reared and raised well. Absolutely. I I'm dead serious I would rather be the 28 pick in this draft then the eighth pick in this draft. The 28 over who ever ends up with a Golden State Warriors is bide their situation. Probably more likely to have a long NBA career than whoever is picked debates because. They're gonna get to a team that understands. Nurture nature you've got real generous leaders and humble all stars who were all about inclusion. No one's trying to. Turn a rookie into some subservient. You don't belong here yet sort of I mean like if you're just coming into. As Gooden well runner a situation as you can find in situations dictate professional careers as much as talent does. There'll be guys in this draft who have more talent. And who ever the warriors take it 28. There is no one in the draft at any pick other than 28 who will walk into a better situation. Period. Period. So we're going to be out at the warriors facility. On Thursday should be fun this is Dave in Santa Clara how warrior days. Hey beeper things aren't. Yeah about that. Technology is on the threat and the and the warriors general. Our other bad note that the warriors are ever gave got its Cupertino where. Are these particular issue with the development. Players coming into the NBA. I you have to figure it in the lottery I think you wrote that the initial work. Look at what law that a foreign aid could be better I think oh number one even number twelve mr. So the players background art college in yea there are right there their development. That are not working. Yet saying it every year fourteen may buy that real at that and chip the ball well it's over dark. Though and it or impact players in the NBA. And etiquette chat about it at it in a fourth year and Eric concert. And they are out there as well all they like that the proper laws are they every step that they expect. Will be in senate or the incentive to stay and not jump markets. Is this super Max contract which can only get from the team that drafted you. After you've made in all NBA team this is why everyone's looking at the situation quiet Leonard's ready to walk away from in San Antonio and say wait a minute. Not only are you walking away from super Max money but you're walking away from an established franchise that drips with professionalism. And your 26 years old and you're about to walk away from the guy we all agree is like universally the best hands on coach in basketball. And that's what makes this local Y thing so odd thank you very much Dave. For the call and I'm more on the warriors later this week more on the draft coming up on Thursday. 888957957. No to more calls and we're gonna set up the trifecta sound good good day and is in Fremont what do you got Dan. There to have an area like. It. Pretty much spelled out what all in the Altman the closers situation. Not only the talent it's all approach poaching to clean out on the bench coaches and get out with a two run. Anyone watch that at giants then is that what we're gonna I'll. It approach that's what it's excellent effort I doubt I'd like that game you know votes start off. They add up all the talk and the outlook suddenly got really tired that this coat and relevant and that it took spotted about. And then you bought it bought but and they were in the port and they saw it at that point supported the armed and that gave up so well I. You gotta go Melbourne come in about becoming an opt out here right now the Taliban are at the the great but it's better at not being coached correct. Look at it this way so old big guy who won three World Series with very little. Now he's got to go. What we don't put me lately that's what that's what effect will sport that all about what I got slapped down 30 Oxford ticket. I watched it I vote you out there are one game that are open because it will make the move yet to do that great I appreciate everything in a pal. Thank god Dan what have you done for me lately it's been four years since 2014. There's no doubt thank you very much renegade. Call on from Antioch. And Laura are growing call for Bob Melvin her reasons he had played in game in 2014. I can break that. And it came down and house dominant not emit light sweet. Her remove ready Nate couldn't see her luster. In Iraq betrayed when we're given a restaurant one more starter Lester neatly into her old greeting your at all. Don't know why I stood collided and asked Lester to throw over to first a little bit more. Believe it or. I'll let that go. But there are evaluated a lot of good daddy a lot of you know less counted to move to gain in Oakland has been the most out of fourteen and you know very fairly and I don't new but it just in general did you beat Kim is shocking a media hypocrisy I mean they have guillotine alone. You know that I don't. I read about but here's the deal like oh cool. What do you think is more responsible for holding the gaze back John Fisher's budget Bob Melvin decisions. Our data point by no means that decision about when fourteen regardless of what the budget while. And they've done it. The dude he's got a hard on for Bob Melvin I can't explain it. The guys universally. Agreed upon is really good and his job you give Bob Melvin the yankees' roster. I promise you you're not talking about all of the disappointment of that one year four years ago and it's and stop you you're living in the moment. And you're really you'll you'll look at to. The situation that's going on with the giants Bruce bold she is at the center of your problems I think you're looking in the wrong area for what's really going wrong. Here's all we got though we got ourselves Tuesday trifecta. Our topic today. Is hot head. Is we're gonna have ourselves a hot head draft question number one. Who is your least favorite closer in baseball history. I'll we'd love to complain about closers especially here in the Bay Area. Who is your least favorite clothes or I can tell you right now I didn't think. Eighty to 1990 may have Armando we need to NC. Hanging Ralph traded Armando Benitez snow might get his dad you don't mind it's gotta go now I made Arab I don't need day. That is just crazy. Bill question number one who is your least. Favorite closer. Ever. Number two. Are talking about hot heads. Let me ask you. The best looking person on the planet right now the man or woman. I'll even let you answer both not multiply you can't feel like let me tell you Damon. I've got a list of hot people know one man one woman hottest person on the planet. Cool you got. Best looking person. And then. What we've all been waiting for it's been a really really long time since we've had a draft of any kind. Your sports. Hot head draft. With a number one overall and memorial pick. I'm still selecting dream on green. I'm also like fingering mongering that guy is still the Bay Area is Altima and hot head but hunter Strickland you are absolutely given dream on a run for his money. I'll take the championships because dream on is a hot head. And it pays off Strickland side exactly panel. So here we go 8889579570. Is the number eight at 8957957. Out the Tuesday trifecta is coming up next our topic today is hot head. Number one least favored closer of all time. Number two who's the best looking person on the planet gimme a man gimme a woman. And number three. Hot head draft. We take your draft pick in the order in which you call. So you want an early pick in the draft you better give me a call right now 888957957. All if you are running into. A busy signal. Keep on call when when you hear someone hang up. That line becomes available and we just crank this out state would this asked for it by name and accept no substitutes that Tuesday trifecta. Our hot head draft version coming up next here on 95 cent in the game. And finally over the loudspeaker and. All right so I didn't win the triple right I didn't didn't choose Dave price then got one time. We questions. So I'll welcome welcome welcome a little Tuesday trifecta for you we love each and every week sometimes we get it sometimes we don't today we got it by the way we also got Susan's lesser. Joining us at 6 o'clock tonight for her straight up slots bomb she dropped on the Bay Area. About the future of DA is the future of the giants how breaking up what we are also used to could be linked that's all Kona to 6 o'clock ahead of Hazen Padres this evening here on 957 game right now we go to our Tuesday trifecta and just to be fair. We go in the order in which you arrived as callers at 8889579570. Travis. In Burlingame is first up in our Guinea pig Travis are you ready to be the Guinea pig which gives you the number one overall pick and not have draft. Here are right let's do it Travis. Number one. Who's your least favorite Major League closer. I thought aren't always fair return and he is Armando Petit. I was feeling we might hear Armando Benitez is name a couple times in this segment here today. Who's the best looking person on the planet you get a man and a woman to choose from who you taken. Days. I don't know happened and third get out there are still. All you Wonder Woman yeah gal gets dull visually gorgeous and well done sir ma'am we got. I felt it in. Are not Ortega Travis in Burlingame is your answer only want answered need apply. There you go we're basking in your hands and is right now here Travis you have the first overall pick in the hot head draft anyone from the world of sports. Who argued take it. Market. Boogie not bad boogie. Is a flying in the number one overall he really is thank you Travis. Well done you Hanson W we move now to Frankie in the east today Frankie thanks for the call who's your least favorite Major League closer. Of all time. Mary I know agree that now holly is good but you had to hate them. Yeah 88. Anything. Terror announced who always the best looking person on the planet you get a man and a woman to choose from. It didn't Garcia. I am not familiar with the work of your net Garcia we'll have Gionta dot Google laying any and all unfamiliar beautiful people here for me how what he thinks Yana. She is AM Mexican weather report. All I know she. She's a girl. She's got the killer rear end yes barely getting very pretty OK now I know exactly who it is thank you very much. Best looking guy who we don't know it. Remember off Frankie hall there's a reason why I'm on the radio but I appreciated thank you very much the second overall pick in the hot head draft. Boogie cousins is off the board who you take it. She Rasheed Wallace today he can't. The and it did that the technical foul was invented just for him thank you very much. Appreciated Frankie well done we go to Rudy in Concord is next by the way you can hop on his line aided 89579570. A few more gay and then earlier. You can hop on now Rudy. Thank you very much for the call who's your least favorite closer. They were going on. At the aid that that that the bill would jam job. Change the giants in that did badges did not work out not even for a second right. It's terrible. Who is the best looking person on the planet give me a man give me a woman. Oh under rule and order though it Marco. Margot Robbie solid by the way this is not a draft if you'd like Gail good dough you can have jailed adult. Which is weird thing dissect. Corporate I feel like selling for Gail she doesn't know about how. How gal gal gal lag and I don't wanna caller Dallas she's a woman known I mean not very disrespectful Margot Robbie deters them Margot Robbie solid best looking man Rudy lead on what's. It. The night and yeah so little I don't know what isn't big. It takes a real secure man to notice another handsome man I don't oil it can answer this come up. I'm gonna tell you right now. Not day never have been 1977. Paul Newman I think about it. Does the good luck and bad and good luck and man look though. I.s for goodness sakes we move on Rudy. We move on to our last pick the hot head draft you have the third pick who you take in all time sport hot head. I got that lap and definitely lead would be built and Brett. Milton Bradley he doesn't believe in dinosaurs. I think he he. He he thinks the earth is flat I believe he breaks his own leg arguing with his own first base. Coach he is a special case. Rudy thank you very very much we go to had eyes. Pads is next from Napa has welcome to you lose your least favorite Major League closer. And Eric Gagne do you think she was on steroids he might have been on steroids. It may be and best looking person on the planet gimme a man give me a woman has. No. I. Don't. I. Am not now. Don't look at this like Jian is just not saying he did a good job would your answer when. The wedding dress up not long deal. And then her room it looked every bit odd eat. At ground. Oh man yes absolutely. Great the interpreter hot interpreter gal I love her. Well done with the fourth pick of the hot head draft where you go and has. And it. Until well I meant from the world of sports but you know why he is such a prayer when I don't know has such a trickle take it thank you very much. Even though it's a little bit of a of of of of a reach for TV. Like I don't think Gordon Ramsay is blowing up on jacked up delivery guys like he'll only yelling you if you're another fat chef loser in his kitchen. No he does clean got ahead. I bet he's a hot head when the company's right to be a hot head that she put Gordon Ramsay in San Clinton on the line he would be that. That that's spicy anybody that could change things he's like. Kitchen level hot head which means I'm not that intimidated action but it will take Gordon Ramsey only because it's clever and you thought a bit and we love outside the box thinkers. Here and I and our candidate I have an iPod so the knows the number Patrick is in a hate word next in line for the Tuesday trifecta. Patrick thank you very much for the call who's your least favorite Major League closer. Got up and every single time he got out now Rick Honeycutt. And alert at ox best looking person on the planet give me a man demure woman. I don't watch a lot of TV don't know how much you know you're not a lot of Obama news well I got a lot of creek and the Kristen easy that channel seven's that idea that he'll go out to thank you thank you very much. On the quote I mean yeah like she brought a new imminent I'd. We got a lot a lot of news. You know I occasionally fill in on channel five keep next day again why don't you watch the wrong channel their Patrick is we're trying to tell you but you're listening to the right now that's hot head draft you get the fifth overall pick who you take him. I wanna know we've got a good and noble or I'm good looking one in one incident what got a got a man get off my mound Dallas Braden. Did help this brave and do not walk on his Mac owned or if you're out all right well. And and here's the thing not like he was yelling at a utility players he went after Iraq. Which was great and why we loved by the way we Dallas Braden on yesterday he was fantastic to be missed it go ahead and check out the podcast. Jeff in Sunnyvale next in line Jeff who's your least favorite closer. Well I wouldn't know they're done it well but I got a shade Bryan little ten different. Heard him go to LA at that time I noted came back and credited redemption Bear Bryant looked and. There you go fair enough once you turn your back on the giants fans they turn your back on you who is the best looking person on the planet gimme a man give me a woman. Third man out of the dugout they've been rumored about Wonder Woman he played it a command. I'm probably got a note. He also played called rove go the guy yelled yeah yeah yeah yeah the guy from nine game drones. Big guy jacked up here I'd Jason and Momo. He's as some guys. That are right Jeff you get it you get that you like him BP Jaffa injured out. Well I note 20182008. Still looked I get a look at forever. Seeing how killing chilies spicy duck go is he's of course it was dead yet JJ lo still got again here's another chance to make an A-Rod reference. Iran walked all over that mound to talk backpack. Or not she app. Well let's go ahead and move on to your hot head draft pick you at the sixth overall. All that although the metal world people there the crede Ron Ron. Doll and Ronnie are test you know it and our test. Vick king of crazy for just a minute there there TER. I know you can't teach crazy like he can't teach speedy Canty shy ET you can't teach crazy. Not a problem with the fans the yet another level. Yeah Ron martz has tried to get into a fight with Detroit. Not a guy in Detroit. But the whole city. He tried to fight Detroit those pretty impressive with go to Tom in San Francisco Tom thank you for the call who's your least favorite Major League closer. You gotta go turn turn Rodney. Hook hook up even the way he tilts is just happened I had people hate that right. Or best looking person on the planet man or woman who you guys. I'll go look at the inaugural Green Bay. De de de there you go hot heads draft you get to seven overall picks are who you take him. Got to go to the strategic and with the new you're coming in the boarding here we got our Richard Sherman. Our Richard Sherman and yeah. Is it how does that Crabtree like it now I absolutely. Richard Sherman skills still was scaring the hell out of Erin Andrews somewhere. Thank you very much alike it Richard Sherman yeah. 88 strategic hot head he picks and chooses his moments. Great answer really good answer I'll be out of did you need any more calls we just wanna take everyone that we still have here. I don't wanna set people up for disappointment so would just take the remaining calls we've got four left. Which would bring us to a twelve picks and draft the ten. Sorry to write this down ocean prepared but you know here we had to borrow Dion spent the excitement is not yes you'd. My journalist who let's go to law Felix in San Francisco Felix thank you very much for the call was her least favorite Major League closer. It's our job the way you like Ben's over at the head did you like try stuff. Like like flare up like oh Brock. I don't like apple on either. Yeah Bryce Harper I don't think like Jonathan Papelbon. Who was the best looking man best looking woman on the planet. Air rep Cooper. And one guy yeah Bradley Google it's not meant yup. The woman. An object data. Every hour gap real union you have beautiful beautiful woman. And by the way and she has. It's Dwayne Wade's yet yet she's also. She got all freaky DP this open and on yeah I had. Life eighth overall pick in the hot head draft Felix what they got. Old school at oak Vanilla. Lose sweet Lou. Both an Allah nobody. Except maybe Earl Weaver. Covered home plate with dirt. Quite like Lou pinellas used to love kicking up a third storm. Very very good loop I am now. Nice. Are right we got Jeff and Hayward next in line Jeff thank you very much for the call least favorite Major League closer. I would say Dennis sector Italy when he blew the home run and so gets sick and you don't guess LA no good. Dennis hopper's deckers lay come on he had no doubt about it he went on to have an OK career he would rebound from back here. But that won't likely be there are are there on the way desolate demand on the planet best looking woman on the planet. I'm going old school woman Christie Brinkley solid so optimistic. I think Christie Brinkley might be throwing down the single most beautiful woman resonate from birth. To her seventies. Than any woman has ever thrown down Christie Brinkley is possibly living the most beautiful lifetime of our lives. Now now for the man I'm going old school again. George Hamilton he's been doing and that relate sixty years yeah I know he's older now buddy Blake always got to pet. How is it and he's so good look at may still got him in Kentucky fried chicken commercials are you to make. Good choices have very solid. You're teaching the kids jab so hot head draft ninth overall pick loop analogy is went off the board I. I can feel you're working old school what do you got Jeff. Camara and we're gonna go to and it John McEnroe. Hulk. And let me tell you gonna take and Johnny Mac number one all for ball I mean you really could've that is value at nine Jeff you're the Bob Myers of this draft. He thought outstanding. Final call of the draft before Jenna and I start weighing in with our hot heads and our beef cake. Chasing him Livermore. How are you Jason. I Greg. Degrade this beautiful very well count complaint. Outstanding pool is your least favorite Major League closer. Aurora where crude and read other critter we're. You know me yet you looks not a draftees here Gagne if you hate him I'm the player right now I hated Eric Gagne to some analysts. Kerio need Ellis is a hitter Johnny together for thirty seconds shall we. I hated there and he can worst deeds are our god Dodgers are right now let's move on. We guys. The best look at man on the planet the best looking woman who you'd taken Jason. What we did you do. And I thought well well well. Done and putting ads against OK it was. And was again ladies. I'll open really really all of the weeks rhetoric. It would be a lawyer and then all of our problems where I. I'd I'd unfamiliar with the the work but thank you very much for a new name to Google and now. With the final pick the tenth overall Jason of the hot head draft will be taken. There are all files. Sure yeah. Short. Order absolutely glow like Lyle was in here to make friends and he didn't. He was he was a beast thank you very much for the call well. Well John very its staff are hot head draft ends up boogie cousins Rasheed Wallace Milton Bradley Gordon Ramsay Dallas Braden. For tell and Iran to take a hike. Run our tester Richard Sherman loop and Allah. Johnny McEnroe why allows NATO with the eleventh overall pick. Damon Bruce selects Robert. Montgomery. Knight former head coach Indiana University. I feel good about that ticket Watson. It's Iguodala and by the way I did have an Earl Weaver reference. It lets you know exactly who I'm talking about kids especially kids like your teenager right now and you never heard of lean Weaver. Earl Weaver was the old Baltimore Orioles manager and no one argued with umpires better than Earl Weaver he turned it into an art form. Look it up kids Earl Weaver. Paul he hated bad golf umpires. At. Other hot heads yes George Brett bill lamb beard Dennis Rodman there's a ton out there. Hockey Tai don't meet Tony twist all manner it. I'm out there Bob pro Burt. At Floyd Mayweather junior yeah also Angela arrests for is so good similar and very short he's all right now let's get to the juicy part of it. The beef cake. Gionta hottest man hottest woman on the planet we got in honor of the World Cup Christiane Renaldo. A home no. Mode so Cantonese all of the news these days Patrick my. It. At times Cristiano Ronaldo will accept that and then for my ladies I many go with police C a million Clark. Very little bitter and very beautiful woman. I gotta go with my wife. Got an answer good answer right now it will bite man. You and Lindsay he'll listen and look it up kids yes by the way if you like rail she can help you count to two. Go Lindsey. I might sleep with a 1970 Paul Newman yeah handsome dad not gay but I might sleep well 1970 Paul Newman that's a good looking man. Eric Gagne least favorite closer Bob Knight was my hot head pick. Yeah that's pretty good I'm really surprised we didn't get an. For that Tuesday trifecta great stuff. Susan slots or drop this loss bomb on us and we're gonna talk to about it next on modified seven game. Welcome back to that size seven again welcome to your 6 o'clock hour we're about to get cute. Out to a little eighties baseball and who would be days baseball pot certainly got stirred by Susan's lesser yesterday late in our show. She broke the article that an awful lot of people are talking about today from the San Cisco chronicle were thrilled to have her back on Susan how Oreo. I have great game and it's wonderful to be back on the air with. Good to have via mad and you drop a little bit of a bombshell in this article. Because you know we we look at. At certain things is just give students with the Oakland base and certainly Billy Beane is among them in the even ponder a future without them. It's something that I don't think anybody is done and your reporting that the Oakland a's might be doing that right now. Yes I mean you really don't have to do that look at his contract history and where the contract status is straight out and it looked at him at David or and it's uphill and puke. Is it Darien usual road they are. You have prominent member of the organization. Only find through the following year particularly when somebody like Billie beat you look at how to deal you sign them three or four years and it. But now that until last year. And of course. You know that left they can really aid still below. Melvin to interview pretty cheap shot when you can call them out specifically. Where that happened and they did not. At that point. Engage in any in any new contract you know that in based on. If you're gonna get good night somebody an opportunity to act and other team particularly somebody like eking. You know may sweet little little bit toward them you know that that cannot let him do that compensate them in some fashion and not even the talks are now and so. Yeah that this could be active C one you or even three of them don't want your people even after next here very easily. And very odd behavior with Melvin you're correct I mean to not extending guy nephew didn't deny him opportunity. To look elsewhere it is weird but hey you know they've business around the a's is always been a little bit of an odd duck. But when you look at all of this Susan are you piecing together what you think is really strong circumstantial. Evidence. Or are you hearing real whispers from the people who tell you tales be win win when recorders aren't on. I've been hearing with Bristol on time on all of and I write you know. I've been asking the people who should be up about what planner contracts can be top quality yet activate capital at tackle a lot of other people. That back that they have not been in the Iraq. And it we're here in late June of 2018. That but you know at some point at I'm not carry that because it's starting to get to crunch time. What I hope is that John picture looks at death if he. Clearly calling all the shots these states particularly with they you know now to wolf is gone then they cattle focused really pretty much primarily on the ball are. He'd keep if you want to keep these can you need to get it but Aron and do it you should have done by now but if you want to keep them it's gonna have to do something fairly slim. Or maybe just maybe as your column suggested the silence is deafening Susan Spencer from the San Francisco chronicle here on 957 game. We got a's and Padres coming up uncle town you live your pregame show in just a little bit. So. How is Billy's position of ownership Susan. Model what would be availability. To become a front office free agent if indeed the a's moved on her he moved on. If his next move even kept him in Major League Baseball how would his position of ownership come into play. It complicates it enormously. He would do it if he go to any other team automatically you're going to competitor so. Either current ownership would have to pay out his shares which you me everyone though the valuation of pro sports teams now a hundred million billion even a quarter percent. Ownership stake in the going to be a big chunk of change you know they don't wanna do that. They also probably don't want to let him sell their shares on the open market because they like to control everybody is part of an ownership group. If they don't rule out either of those things that happened that they won't do it first or allowed a second. And the commissioner probably have to get involved because essentially they here restricting companies the ability to find another job when he's not under contract. So that could be a real headache on and very interesting and Billy but my aggregate thank you very wealthy aunt you. They are very very well indeed. Yeah and may be egos it across the pond didn't apples and soccer or whatever his other interest may lie I mean. He's been a baseball lifer froze a very long portion of his life the man's got curiosities. And then. Awful lot of pile of money to be working from for sure about that if Susan all Domino's did start to fall. What would it mean for David force would he be falling up all lob brought in CAB and fill up the corporate ladder. Why I certainly hope that the aids between the only one IA you know David force would make a lot of sense. They started this to rebuild to get rid of the alt a leadership potentially as a little look for eagle that they orchestrated. Would be absurd. I could very easily beat. For staying and being met head honcho and Billy Benjamin invites all amateurs faint. Maybe you know get more heavily involved in your can't Crocker etc. things like that are I need something else. But what I thought that you know mentioned that the historians on you look across the bay. And every all of the entire leadership. The giants are up after next year Q and I heard from both sides inside the giants an entity it. A lot of speculation they what happened maybe they might look over ago. The beat doesn't have a contract that would be kind of fun or Bob Melvin might benefit from expert she decides. That he wants that that down can you envision anybody better to take over the giants and somebody from Menlo Park. Who played for the giants. Played at cal managed aides and party checkered young Vatican very realistically they happen. Bob Melvin absolutely could be a post boat she thought and it's amazing we're having we're having a conversation Susan about. Things have just been so ingrained like Billy Beane is aids can end Bruce goatee is giants can't even think about. Moving on from them and how it might be an inner play across the bridge possibly. It's really something LP it als Hewitt you've dizzy up a baseball market here with this column. We don't respect I can't talk about the order that figure maybe give it a little. Chance to talk about and again. Sir I I haven't seen anyone box out the NBA finals and a parade quite like your column in a long time strong plays Susan. I think the timing was right to take it for everybody to pit the two billion. Indeed indeed gave for going extensions. How would you do it obviously force could be. Your chosen would you then go to Melvin next door is there really Billy Beane is the puppet master and I'd be crazy to think about life without a puppet master. I've you know I've covered the team in Billy potentially his entire. Yeah I'm at at it as hard today he's brilliant. He changed the game in the way it is I'm the idiot I. With that cute and very valuable asset I would try to find a way to keep him in some capacity. David or has it and eat up a brilliant. And has been very get a good shot in prison and a he's certainly capable of running the team essentially you know it as the number one guy it could change entitled a couple of years ago and everyone out with literally the title the legal analyst calls all shots. If if they could have forced running in the policy with. Billy sort of on hand than you know lending them an ear when it. That's ambient light deal but absolutely wrap up not he is. Wonderful older teams he's wonderful with younger team peeping Bay Area guy he's absolutely loyal. And I would be. I think they would really be gluten trek pilot mountain you know what they didn't let him and he would be if they didn't want to move them. So will I will cry or are they dragging their heels on doing what they should've done back in December. Susan saucer here on 957 the game. This is a really really interesting moment in time there's no doubt about it you know it's funny we were just talking about baseball the other day. And I was talking about how the game his sort of fallen behind just the that does the way that cool marching is marching in society with sharing video embedded stuff the way that we had that unbelievable piece of audio between. Howling ending Collins and then it was scrubbed from the Internet do to baseball wishes. As a as a past president Susan of the BB WA what responsibility. Do you think. The writers have to baseball's popularity. Or or maybe even the lack thereof what role do the writers play. In making baseball cool again more approachable. Less intimidating. What do you think about that. Well I mean I think every body who covers baseball. Writer broadcaster. It anybody involved in in baseball media is always trying duke highlight that streak for the game. It's totally possible baseball that took over compete you know numerous times Arab Alaska cleared and that he Yucca can't create some of that stuff under the carpet. But. You know there are some interesting things going on the game I think the fact that especially among baseball writers. There are a lot. New and younger writers who focus on things like analytics and trying to make analytic a little or come. At the height adjustable may be for the general public I think those things circuit looking at in a different way. Kenny the play stuff you know everybody write about it how I don't know how much that actually won that inning or they are popularity. You know things like that shift. And I never strike out that he etc. I think that's creating. Maybe a little bit that the interest in baseball you can go to a game down payment and spent ten or fifteen minutes without seeing the ball Clinton clay at all. Right of that to me is the problem. How big record addressed that I don't know uncertainly. And I think every outlet has discussed some of those issues. But don't have the power parity change any and my ankle lock that they would be very different and would it then you know twenty years ago and it or not. Always a pleasure to talk baseball would you thank you so much great stuff I hope you got all the clicks in you guys are all high five and over the chronicle fantastic fantastic article. Thought provoking as the day is long thank you Susan. You and then. Well if that doesn't get you ready for a little a's baseball. Pottery is no less. I don't know what could it. Hopefully you plan on sticking around uncle tallies coming up next with your pregame show thanks. To Susan for stopping by today thanks Alex Pavel bitch Tony Bruno everyone who called in for the Tuesday trifecta of really good stuff you pot heads. Appreciate it very very much. LB thank you Alina menacing look cool a Sissy ball man was Zell and a G on c'mon wouldn't wanna do without you as always thank you so much. Talked to tomorrow in the meantime remember sports don't build character. They reveal. Like back. Andre air hot head.