DB Show - 3 - Steve Kerr, Barkley's comments, Warriors win recap, Eric Reid collusion case

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Wednesday, May 2nd
Damon is joined by Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, continues to recap everything that went down in Game 2 last night Warriors-Pelicans, discusses Charles Barkley's apology to Draymond Green, congratulates Sean Manaea on AL pitcher of the month honors, recaps the Warriors win last night again, and talks about Eric Reid's collusion case with the NFL. 

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He would use thanks so much for stopping by two days is really good to have you Steve Kerr. Head coach of the Golden State Warriors is going to be joining us in just a little bit looking forward to that conversation as always. It's officially time now for our Alaska flyweight contest but I actually I don't have the page that I need gap. That I printed out LB can you get it forming with a question honored do you have it. I wish I did I tell you what we're gonna do this after we have coach Kerr I appreciate him bailing me out. We will get to our flyweight contests in just a minute right now Steve Kerr joins us said go to the Golden State Warriors and we are not gonna make him wait for a little contest the skies in the middle of a playoff series let's use his time wisely Steve has brought to us by Mancini sleep world simply the best place to buy a mattress. And brought you by the bay club get more debate club. More boxing more pick up games more laps in the pool visit big club more dot com for a three day pass to get started to day. Coach it's great to have you wan as always thank you very much for joining us in congratulations. To nothing. Looks really good against this pelican steam does and it. Yeah you're gonna gonna about a whole sentence you don't wanna we knew when you're you won't mean to you on the that you surely you all of this series on your own or particular bitten and then you try to go to Oliver wrote. Are right staff curry back in the mix that is just. You know a weapon to be added to the arsenal that no other team can pull out halfway through a series. To to use to to to bring him off the bench please take me. Through that thought process and and how you even had to sell that to step curry up I'm guessing it was easy he's got such a and Izzy goes invisible. They won't know what an art at all. In fact when we. We're heading into the series lead into one weird. Talk about may be playing him in game one in the woods. You know it we'll slow it twenty minutes soft suspension. That would ultimately we decided not. One obviously so what games you came around we actually brought it up to me it was until we think about you know having that same plan but for this game. Because we've played so well in game one and the only guys you're a good place. So I don't know how many superstars are all well there there would actually present about the coach but that's not true step bit about why he is. The leader of the ideas and he gets. And he just wants to win and you want everybody to do well. At all it all played out her. Wanna get and we're not gonna ask you to talk about other teams players but the contrast between. Carmelo Anthony's exit interview quotes about coming off the bench possibly in the future and looking at what's that curry did in a playoff game a two time MVP. Playing the role of sixth man and a playoff game. It's just 11 more luxury that you get to enjoy is that as a head coach Steve really is incredible. You made me look bad as a host because I assume that when you mentioned there was no minute restrictions on him. It would be business as usual and as usual QB in the starting lineup so you kind of surprised us there. Well you don't get a water people who know there wasn't a miniature restriction in. Couldn't help you know trying to get the message out there and it is. Let me try and that's that's the good news but the that it didn't you have played six Greek and now. So any any sort of miniature restriction. We just only based on and it is conditioning so others good Marino holds barred in terms of its is me and that was the biggest let. Her. And I hacker out it was just a matter of you know trying to. It doesn't execute his burst sending it to keep got to keep compression. It seemed to me you getting tired after 67 minutes while you're out there and then when we take them out when we get him back and. Steve Kerr here on 957 game one of the traits that all the great one share. Is that they make it look easy when they're out there and they have a tendency to rise to the moment. Watching him drop that first three I swear I would bet I would have bet my next month paycheck that he was headed for a subtler. A minute like he just has a sense of timing and man he. He takes shots that anyone else in the history of the game takes him it's a terrible shot but when stuff does it you know like oh well purely you really stretches the floor puppet. There is great and it was literally. I take maybe ten seconds after he got a little weird to be. They all porch. Orient you get a leg loose. And I did all. Our Steve you're breaking up a little bit you're your crap here your cut in and out there on your phone line. Who do we lose Steve it's a that sounded fatal at the end there really did that did not sound like a good connection. Oh put him on hold while we will look at us with a bold move but he would bring Steve curl off the bench. Let's bring good job the bench do I come on and and and and finish out this this interview Steve we saw got you. Sure you bring fantastic we still got shipped. Yeah aren't so you know we were really just talking about this guy rising to the moment just playing up to the occasion yeah he's unbelievable. Yeah I phenomenal just the confidence and maybe. The ability to come back after such a long have some. And just fire away and feel so confident. That that her why it was a remarkable we are just trying to get the ball moving. You know just get a little side the side action and I bring you gonna come often fire away from twenty. Eagle. You does incredible. You know the scene in jaws where Roy shutters on the back of Linz bowed knees just chum in the waters and they're trying to get the sharks to take debate. I felt that's what the pelicans were doing would dream on green last night they were just charming the waters. Dying for him to take the bait you got Rondo barking at his chin at the end of their happy gotten Mirotic stepping mayhem. In a way to to dream on ever did that he'd probably be imprisoned for a while. Bomb and then of course you've got wrestle mania with the Davis and dream on like. Kama sutra positions on the court there was. Let it that they did everything they could to get him ejected from that game and dream on didn't take the bait once Steve not want. He you know he got into it bloodied he knew exactly where to draw the line and that's always the key with him on and he walked outline. And and you know compete like crazy without losing control of that study did not asserting they may they sort of try to go to edgy so adamant heritage. You know about layup. Like yeah right right and 200 miles an eastern on got back in tournament is over. So we editor there are well basketball you know this metallic going to be in and I think it's great it's as high level competition. It is in Dray mind he is rising to an I've never seen a guy who gives July 12 to fifteen points and game have more of an impact. I'm big playoff games than this guy he really is he's he he he is a little Dennis Rodman he there's no other way to I'd I don't think there's anyone to really compare him to bought Dennis Rodman. Well Robin the obvious comparison defensively you're on the go. You know drama that so much better than Robert was all of you all at target on my serve and ball handler and basically kind of a point forward towards. So it is really tough to come up wouldn't need comp current terms. You know both sides of the ball it just usually unbelievably unique. That's of them the sequence of the night may be the year so far is too ran had a little bit of a sloppy turnovers staff steals the ball right back they high fives on their way down on the court together. Curry goes through the lane trips. To rant. This pulls up in and hits say. Right in my office baseline jumper like when those two guys are clicked in and I know Kevin wasn't clicking early but at the end I mean that. Then closing at a game is is something you can take a lot of comfort and drilling and hits just the mayor Watson more together. There were obviously so lucky to have that kind of talent on the team and no one guy goes out in the other guys steps wouldn't invite first and obviously got more than. More than that would quoted very long under him I thought about Andrei. In game went so far unnoticed and under appreciated looks argues tremendous. Tremendous and now. When you have those five guys has decor are your chief. Now what do what do luxury. Steve unnoticed unappreciated. Co Von looney he fits that bill almost every night for you when and and I think unnoticed is probably the wrong description because it's easy to notice that guy when he is out there. He is in the middle of all of it you you you know you want on your way to tout co Von. In times were I thought you were over selling earlier in the year just looking for something different to talk about but you know he's he's you really meant it like this guy has turned into one of the most important Golden State Warriors. Well because. His versatility defensively and other groups the name of the game he didn't see you gotta be able to go our vocal could actually you gotta stay and try to point guards which you gotta battle big guys. You know can you protect the rim. And also guard screen and roll on the perimeter it's not easy but money can do all that and it doesn't well you. He does jumper. What he's just a really Smart got really good feel and and thanks Andy blended well with our other guys. Mike Brown's not gonna leave for the next job is it. I don't know I don't know I had the idea. You know what I would want all of my record Q. Two into it to get a head coaching job Armenia and capital to Melbourne and Luke all men are. You know both Mike and Jerry Collins and interviewed. The last week routine so you don't art itself actually idol guys stay but it. We always want them two to move on with their careers and they're not noted we get these great opportunity so we'll see what happened. Just didn't chain rod Adams to a radiator in the practice facility and Carolina are. It is I can you read that degraded Ron ticket head coaching job is did you just old school just come on guys don't go three hour practice right now. Shirts and skins snowball three hours a guy. Don't get it charged rural electric guitar girl I won't fall by the way I know your reader you probably have picked up a New York Times in your day did you see Don Nelson's interview in the New York Times. I read and I showed it to the rest of the staff or could we should all aspire to be done now and it was awesome. No leaks Lucia are you serious. You have your own streaming in the afternoon incredible. It really is an incredible there's no doubt about it thought. Not the huge ever part took in in the stream but I have to ask if you ever been one of those poker game Steve. I have not. And not I did call belly last year. Kind of mid season just to get news his thoughts on our team and you know you believed she basically told me they're you like watching the game is good. It is you know he's just enjoying it at the tram now on the other the other cute thought but mostly uses cherry forest and you don't want to war hero was a warrior in the end. Well what has she now must be a thousand Maui with all those famous people playing poker. It's got to be pretty good I tell you what a scene was an oracle when you brought stuff off the bench it was really some to announce if you're looking for a little boost of energy. You've got one right there but I'm guessing you probably put back in that starting lineup for game three. Oh yeah he'll start game three minute you know that he's you don't keep a guy like government along. The whole point world news you know we knew we weren't gonna play a huge minutes now we're in a good group would put a great game one. Just wanted to keep getting Cohen but now now that they'll focus shifts and there's a judicial next game he can play you Mormon or. Good over in the circuit La. Charles Barkley dream on green we need to smoke a piece piper wouldn't have fight club. I did I feel it Charl apologized today I guess he I guess he did yes. Yeah. First saw anything Charles to educate the grain of salt you know on me and I I didn't think you were. That big a deal which is Charles being Charles Rhodes you know that's why he's good at what he does feel. You just don't go up and it's funny and thought I didn't take it burned through. I dream on obviously did or you just don't mess with the man when his blood is up in dream on his system playoff mode right now how about this you know the NBA is talking about micro subscriptions. Mike de unedited drain money green on adult only pay per view 99 cent per regular season game two and 99 per playoff game it would cause fans about a a 145 bucks a year which is about a cost of an upper deck ticket I think it's a great deal I'm looking for 2% finder's fee. Dream on green and ended. Pay per view you basically get that every night Steve. You guys carry out we're not as strong. Are exploited it interstates are sure I would and advises. I definitely either in or even full well voter you know important world. So why do and it's so much on the street you are. Looking really good Steve congratulations. On being up 20 here have a good time. When you get down in New Orleans obviously game three is a huge one you can you can you can. Turn this into a matter of time with a game three win and that's what we hope you can go out and do stay healthy in the meantime and have a good trip to New Orleans. Thank you very much warriors head coach Steve Kirk. And it's officially time now for the 957 game playoff fly away presented by Alaska Airlines. We're sending one person and I guess to wash the dubs Plame game for a New Orleans. The first caller to correctly answer the following trivia question and it aided 89579570. Is gonna have a chance to participate in the final. Trivia face off tomorrow at 6 o'clock for more information go to 957 the game dot com here is your trivia question. How many combined points. Did stepped curry and Kevin Durant. Score last night against new Marlins how many combined points. Did step scurrying Kevin Durant scoreless night against new orleans' first correct answer it aided 8957957. Now. We'll have a chance to participate in the final trivia face off tomorrow at 6 o'clock so good luck to you. How many combined points to step curry Kevin Durant scorer last night against New Orleans. Horry is via the warriors last night we're just everything we wanted them to be everything that we expected them to be all that. You know sports talk radio we have. High standards we have demand. And and all the things we said all year long like they just meant all of them last night pretty much. And even though there were moments of sloppiness there were no moments of real rust. There is no concern about the time off curry he stepped on the court like we just talked about. Went right to work. Definitely very driving champion here. They won't. Because if that kid the one situation with a free throw. They're good official candidate now they will like period. And then he went to work fast. Given too much and Fremont green. Very early office. Freedom rides or goes behind the back. And warned that takes a remote picked up there. Six lawyers. He held the Apollo is he held that pose he did I was good wondered two heartbeats of we got our winner on non hold. Am only. From sunny vale is our winner she knew the correct answer how many combined points to step curry Kevin Durant scoreless night and Emily told us Emily. How are you. Or 57 is right and we are doing very well. And you are qualified. We might be talking you tomorrow is one of our finalists and will wish you the very best the lock. Thank you thank you for listening thank you for turning him thank you for calling in let me Italian. For a show. That is Bennett Khieu just a of rigging. Situations. Where we have more mail qualifiers in female qualifiers for the golden ticket. Mr. misogyny was. Incorrectly labeled. Three days era now Damon won all those race. Women yeah qualified. I should it as well near the laser listen well it's it's. Nice to hear less calls of me rigging the contest that's that's certainly nice now I'm sure I'll be queues of over rigging. Re ridding the contest you know I mean yeah. Always some. David this is totally rigs. Thank you very much appreciated could you please play Charles Barkley is apology I don't have Charles Barkley he's apology. But apparently he did say on ESPN 1000 in Chicago. Says I want to be man enough to apologize I was 100% wrong I said something that I should know that need basically said that as. Rondo would dream on really what you wanna call it. What do you wanna call it charger. Is all about what's in the which all of we didn't give American Express academic report. I really do just a lot of public submitted I don't like where are OJ on the part of the fray like tiger that's definitely a good look at the look at these do. Why are blacks are still just a question yeah. So. You probably just shouldn't be talking about that. If you are one of the leading analysts on one and oh lead TV shows have a partner with the lead that you represented. And you just can't be the world you know harder to say whatever our wall all the time no repercussion for truck. Sometime they'll be rebook caution for chalk. And drain mom. Could you just know mold last night. Lot of us talk on TV bombs there behind mark foreign TV's very fact of the matter is it's. If you feel that strongly about something he seemed to me it's if you go to strongly about it a plus in my office leasing. If you snuggle close him office leasing and ash there is no different as somebody to sit on a computer screen tweet out not Q Bobby you've never seen in my life please save me a budget doesn't he'll see me again this year plus benefits TCU are not. No one cares what she would have done he owed and it is what it is itself. Yeah I don't pose new ECB does stop talking about. By the way so I'm dead serious this in order that is whether this should be Charles Barkley is ranked around in order and it is what it is I guess it's drama on online for each shocking photo and it is what it is well you tell him to our apologized. Off on radio station in Chicago. He's not apologizing on this radio station. I apologize the Sha car go. Awful Omar apology. I. You know did to dream on probably take it oh a little too far earth and and go further with his anger than was really necessary in that situation. Yes. But as I said earlier in the show. Like captain Dudley Smith. Told Edmund Exley in the movie LA confidential. It's best to stay away from a man when his blood has up. Cut me into Golden State Warriors their blood is up they don't wanna hear another. They don't want to hear anything else from any media members I can tell you that media members been threatening him. Did fights. Media members have been stealing jackets. Media members are just didn't now's the wrong time to pick a fight with a Golden State Warriors trust me. This team has circled the wagons. There'll be no more. Penetrating the warriors circle of trust they have closed it. No more intruders. No one's allowed in. No one's allowed outs they are on a mission needs to win another NBA title they'll be friendly again at the parade I bet but right now. The whole time for friendly that was the entire regular season you got 82 games a friendly Golden State Warriors did you like that I didn't. I thought the 82 game friendly regular season totally sucked. It was weird for sure may need definitely rethink it now on my prediction I've been concerned. You know getting out you look back they get older do. Further steps are did not mean it seemed a step I knew there I'm shuffling papers and amp. Hitting buttons but I just think that Charles Barkley is a guy who hasn't liked the warriors one bit. They proved him wrong when they started their run all the way back in 2014. He has doubled down on not liking the warriors he's been wrong. After being doubled down on it. And he just doesn't have been just just does not have. A lot of love for the West Coast. And it's really odd. That we always see people that you think like those two guys should get along great. And they don't get along at all what's really odd is that. Charles Barkley and drain money green. Wildly similar in the styles of intensity that they brought to the court. Chuck was always more of a score than drain money is in three months more of a a defenders in shock ever wise but truck was really really really really goodies in the hall of fame without a title. That didn't happen by accident he was phenomenal. Dream on green. He's already won two titles and as far as guys who have won two titles are concerned. They don't wanna hear a word from guys who've won no titles ended there is a group that Charles will always stand in. And that's why guys who won championships and know how to get it done don't wanna hear nothing. When you're nothing. We are gonna have Charles Barkley he's apology when we come on back I guess we just mind this sound. While the Internet is full wonders are really is 8889579570. We are guests freed the rest of the way today if you wanna get anyone to talk about staff Curry's return. Bringing him off the bench the intensity of last night's game drain mind just in full war daddy mode. Will take your calls we got another half hour we're gonna spend would you here at least on 957 the game eight at eight. 9579570. Now adapt to the demon crucial. Not like seven keys. Then you know no one likes a Weiner. No one appreciates. A complainer especially when. They're trying to give away something for free a little contest I got a guy here on the checks on right now saint. Not anybody Sydney Games in the worst and keeping things fair I don't see that when I call and I get a ring tone instead of the busy signal and no one picked up. Let's because the contest is over the the chance to qualify has already happens. And you have lost sir. How hard it is to get through it's not easy. Right if it's just ringing and ringing and ringing in and we're not picking it up it's because the contest is ended. You didn't happen it didn't happen fast South Korea. Oh by the way here's what we owe you nothing. We owe you absolutely nothing. This is a contest we give you a chance to enter rich if you didn't enter it in time and you complain. You're reduced bag. Stop being a deuce badge your whole life if you complain like this to your talk show that you listen to know. What none nick must you be at war or to your wife or your children you must be such a pain in the yes. To be around. You complain about everything. I promise this will be the old may content as we ever runs out there will be more you'll have other opportunities as well so. Omni tell is this is one guy OP never wins anything from us I'm rooting against him from now on. I hate whiners I hate whiners. Cannot take it. Think I completed about complainer it's time now I'm that I should start my whining in relation. So there's a lot of complaining on dream on greens how behalf last night he was not happy with what Charles Barkley had to say. About him he wanted an apology and apparently he just got one not on a Chicago radio station. But on TNT Alina let's hear Charles Barkley is apology to dream on green we have. Paula Johnson drew mongering. And his mom. Listen why as a ball that well she's snooze you also occurs between the falcons had a bad and you know you want those idiots who tweets -- attention as yeah I didn't over and so you know army what I said. Was in appropriate. I wouldn't have a punch of NBA player I would metal parts NBA player. I meant what I said. I admit what I say it. But I would never apology NBA player John reminder is a good player. I think he's a nice kid I was enough to look the best what I say it was inappropriate. And I got. Guys who mentor to me. I brought down here they call me division told me what us there was an appropriate Derrick Stafford. Jason whitlock a mark will bond among them towards a big Brothers. What us it was wrong and inappropriate I appreciate him reaching out to me. You know what are my personal opinion should never come across. In a comment on the commodity more players it did last night. Dream on is a hell of a player he's an irritant he'll north of me at times but he's a hell of a player. What I say that it was wrong and I apologize. Alright. Okay so I'm not here to grade apologies. C plus a best. You can't apologize for something and then say well I meant what I said in the middle of the apology it's a little weird. And I'm gonna tell you this. Dream on when what he said to Tim Kawakami afterwards is the reason why that it wasn't good Jason whitlock. Or Michael will bond. Called Charles Barkley is that you know you really should apologize and I don't show that he just apologized. It's because dream on green in print went right after chalks boss. Talking about how unprofessional Barkley wasn't says when you look at the president of TNT David Levy. Who I know well it's kind of embarrassing on their behalf again if you ever want. If you ever won a pound of flesh from the broadcaster. Come after a broadcaster broadcasters never gonna give you the satisfaction. Must it forced. By a boss. It's basically I just narc on myself but honestly I didn't interrupt but I I really mean there there's no amount of like oh you're gonna rub chucked a wrong like this truck don't care. What's your message would chuck money now talks gonna care. So there you go. And dream on what to do at this photo and it is what it is to pretend he was right. How about that. Charles Barkley. In apology. Op apologize. Players are getting. I mean they get from all sides from the media from fans from Twitter at the games at some it's got to get all. And that's it you know. It's not that you just get it during the game or after the game but it's when. Every go online it's whenever you turn on the radio tune every turn on the TV you get caught. In a vacuum. Of non stop analysis. Whether it be good or bad about you. And eventually you cave a little bit like adopt another is enough enough it eventually. We will reach the straw that breaks the camel's back now maybe it's. An impressive amount of straws. For the thinner skinned people out there may be it's not nearly as many straws. Drain on just. Had it just absolutely had it and. And he wasn't taken anymore. For him good to stick up for himself. Remember the TNT show which it is one of the British shows in the history of sports studio entertainment really is we just Ernie Johnson on the day before. Love Bernie. He runs an incredible program it's phenomenal there's not much about that show I would change but for Charles Barkley say you know I should really shouldn't be. Putting my own personal opinion and my thoughts were that there could do. That's what you're there to do but there's a very very. Good rule about broadcasting. That I learned a long time ago that I really hope that I stayed by more than I ever go against this rule but the the rule is. You should never say anything on the air about someone that you wouldn't say to their face. It's an end like drain money was saying I'm very much doubt Charles Barkley would punch me why's he saying that. You said a lot of opportunities to end. I understand. I just do not understand how Charles Barkley wouldn't love dream honoring. They seem to be cut from almost the same cloth. He could've done a much better later expressed his opinion about dream on without using language. And that I and I think that makes it better broadcaster. It took interest in being a better broadcaster he's not he's just he's just enjoying the job like sure he makes a nice living doing that but. He doesn't need that I just think he enjoys it he enjoys the spotlight the the limelight he enjoys the soap box that he gets in and he likes to remain. On the main stage in this allows him to do it. You know without a title Charles Barkley would have faded away long ago without this TV program it's good thing he's got a personality. By the way what a luxury it is for Steve Kerr to have a personality of staff curry who. Even basically came rob Timmons and you know what if you need me to come confidential do that Soria. That is something that Carmelo Anthony never once did for any coach ever played for. I have never seen a two time MVP. Volunteered to come off the bench in a playoff game. Do you think maybe ever and ever sell that to Russell Westbrook and Oklahoma City like let's say. Russell was coming off the exact same grade two MCL sprain in his knee and needed the time off the step just took. And Billy Donovan was like you know what I'm like you to do I'd like to come off the bench in game two of this series. Russell Westbrook would. I mean like how rough was from protest you've probably come in wearing a full scuba suit the next day like wearing flippers coming in and an agent I don't know why he wears photography that's may be wears a scuba suit may be where suit of armor I don't know but. It won't come walking workflow to ease. Door in the weird I've got flippers on big step walk. And a guy would protest. Verbally. In the way he dresses in the way he behaved in the way he negotiated in the way he treated everyone. Just asking Russell Westbrook to come off the bench would pretty much be distraught that broke his camel's back. Curry's volunteering the idea. Volunteering. The idea it's amazing. Don't only do nominee go ahead numbness or decides he can go online incorporated Kevin to it. Some anti. And then you know I'm an end around and no I had not been approved everybody that I really am the straw that stirs the drink. And then I'm gonna get hurt them and as his work myself back in them and view of the coach. The luxury. No other coach in the NBA has to bring a player was the face of their franchise off the bench. In opposite way off game when he spent in the day before talking about a there's no minute restrictions on anyone. It's just it. Every now and then the warriors. Every now and the warriors do something to just makes me go. Look what they get to do just because of how they're built. It is an absolute luxury. Bob Meyers was on today and the afternoon delight good news scurry today no. Ill effects of the fact that he hasn't reported anything and it's 2 o'clock that means is far otherwise he'd be in here and we'd be dealing with that jury feels great and delegates at last head of the game no no ill effects. Going forward there was no minute restriction but we're not gonna play him forty minutes I mean so the idea of limiting his minutes and preserving him in the event we would need him at the end of the game which which looks like we did last night. The way that I was thinking about it I really didn't think there was much reason. To bring Korea off convention if you're getting back to normal normal is he starts but what. Was allowed to happen by curry coming off the bench last night is that basically inverted all of this backup minutes and they did what. Only team as talented of them has the luxury to do they hit Nick Young in the starting five the same way they did Zaza Pachulia. In the starting five for all these games mean it's it's it's so. It's such a talented group. The thinking behind someone and they're starting five this kid curry. All. The chance to be on the court. And close out quarters. Game two was completely different in game one. One of the most shekel and Hyde series through two games I've seen in a long time. Dream on green you keep it up. I don't know if you made up your anger against Charles Barkley you find another protagonist. I don't get it like that. Actually angry made up angry. Forcing an angry whatever text that's where I want to remind green just full kill mall mode. He was so good in not taking debate last night the pelicans. Ride to get him to swing it really did Charles Barkley dread in the swing afterwards it was really weird if it didn't take debate he didn't do it didn't do it no rust a little slop. Give New Orleans credit they showed up in game two and a way that they did not show up in game one. We'll see what DA's do shored up tonight. Bad news for Johnny Quaid no showing up on the disabled list he is off to possibly seek an opinion from doctor James Andrews I don't know how. Anyone is supposed to spin that is a good news that's fantastic I. I don't know if the giants can really sustain. More injury right now but they won again today he's so they're keeping that going they won now what four series in a row. Aren't. We talked about B. May baseball notes on both sides of today. DA's gonna have the Orioles and Astros coming up for the start of their next home stand on Friday then they're off to the New York to was to New York City Boston and Toronto. We're gonna have Yemen not next week but the week after. I'm gonna happy or could think of a lot of opportunities we got a lot of free time in two weeks it's almost like an unscheduled. Unplanned week of vacation I'm sure will roll outs Obama. Some FaceBook lie for a two rural. Dual podcaster to for you I will give you a way to get the smack you need. And fulfill all your junkie promises of the day membership we will figured out we will get you your junk. Curriculum spicier on the podcast pool line to get to work dirty fantastic. So we've got all that coming up. In two weeks from now when we're gonna basically have a week vacation due to the East Coast road trip. Then after the a's comeback from that he got Seattle Arizona and Tampa that is a homestand. That only a mother could love by the way. On the A is congratulations. To Sean and I can name the American League pitcher of the month for April. He is the first. It's his first career pitcher of the month award. He was four and one would eight ERA of one. Four earned runs in 36 innings pitched. It thirty strikeouts he would one shot out in five starts and oh by the way he threw a no hitter. Some good for Sean the night. Indiana native tossed the seventh no hitter in Oakland a's history on April 21. April 21. The first no hitter by es pitchers since Dallas Braden went L perfect go all the way back in 2010. Braden perfect duo came against Tampa Bay Tampa probably sucked right and I'm not saying and trying to diminish it. What and I did it he did it against the red hot Boston Red Sox and that was pretty impressive to say the least good for. Him. As far as the giants go. May is gonna be a big month for the giants have their gonna do a lot of winning they're gonna have to do it out on the road eighteen of their 27 games will be away from AT&T park they get a big east coaster coming up. Atlanta Philadelphia Pittsburgh they're going to be at Wrigley Field for a weekend a little bit later on this month. So that's the baseball schedule coming up. All attention was paid last week to the NFL. How about this you want and how big the NFL is how bad half thanks for asking. The NFL is so big how big is it the NFL is so big that. A prime time TV show. Of a bunch in names being read on the list. Got twice the ratings game seven Cleveland. Who did you speak to get to Toronto. Pacers pacers. Cleveland. Pacers. Game seven LeBron fighting for his life. Like I know I watched that you don't have to sell it to mean I have watched that one when. I wanted to. Twice the audience wow the NFL drew twice the audience of LeBron facing a game seven. We will show up. For a grocery list of names that the NFL region dual microphone in masks. Actual NBA playoff games elimination games and checking out. It basically election job fair. We did. On nights and by the way a little little update on what's going on in the NBA two nights. Yeah. Utah is up early it be great if they could shock the rockets. Even that series up gets 3931. Jazz still plenty of time to go to early second quarter. Of course tonight. And yeah. Our attention will be paid San Jose did bandwagon and I'll be on it. The cowboys had to be riding in our new. And Megan to have been routed grounded and out gays. This data is a must win for the sharks tonight. I'm not saying that this is the season and the series would end in game five. What if you don't win game four I don't think this series ends with the sharks winning. They don't win tonight. They absolutely got to win tonight the same way that the New Orleans pelicans know that they got to win game three back in their barn and on and all that's gonna happen. Because these eight will be ready to Fremont green the man who set the tone for the Golden State Warriors he's the one man tone setter he's our second game three tone so. Guy Bruce you want the most important games or never series there was this you know we ought to go down there and number most important is the target play Imus you know things that we're trying to do to Gus who is trying to completely eliminated from the today. You know XQ better on office there and I don't think we did a great job Escude and I'm gonna ask you better. And this you know really. Try to stick to our deepest principles and you know those senate you can do a lot of mixed that way and again so you know what most importantly you know we do all those things go battle. So with the monster that we need to take him into their home court will give ourselves a sandstorm that was going to be tough. Tune up and on the pelicans in the big news of course is the prodigal son. Has returned. Great. Eager. As a religious America there in an ambulance team nation. Do love to do so to. America than the floor let's play our best lawyer. And get a big win tonight is usually issues is good villain crowd is crazy. Should we do we needed to do in his first shooting each. I'm going to ruin. Whatever game traveled to northern. Natalia point Steve Kerr said some players absolutely have a sense of the moment and Steve not. Seth Curry rises to those moments like no one else it was a long time come in for his moment. There is an eternity of filler for sure. You know another. Alleged cover ups and analogies in the and Google come out for him and had to kind of papers Christmas or for nutrition would it. Chambers have for everybody that the traditional regular on the floor just let loose and a fine. I got in the game and he paced himself to the tune of leaving the warriors and score and think I just. Phenomenal he really really is hopefully they keep an ongoing. Win game three let the pelicans know that sure they can pick up a game but they're not enough for a new in this series pelicans chance of winning it. The workers won game three turns into this yeah. No chance at all an hour. Yes Kirk confirming that curry will start on absolutely staff Curry's not going to be coming off the bench don't get used to that. So there goes his chances for sixth man of the year. Party sabotaging that award for next year c'mon. I tell you another thing we talked to Steve Steve Kerr about it was. You know the other guys were so focused on dream on were so focused on staff curry. Coupled other warriors had themselves really be game starting with the crafty vet. They get down crossing make towards looking shifting to the right side still dribbling it takes to look far when it. Pointing out most of the opportunity for the rant beats him giving don't want breaks at the racquet. Maybe that's why Mirotic got Andre must face a little bit later do you still aching from that. Post arising it would dollars and done for the evening. Thompson won a wall board approved a job because now thinks he'll drive would love o'clock those who flopped like I say they're great at Dallas federal lawyers may. Our way big big shot he pushed his body put enough. And then. That it just started knocking down like it when you blow a dunk. And the ball bounces twenty feet up off the rim. And it comes down right to middlemen that you know it's going to be your night. He's a lot more to look at traffic jumped nasty stuff like you know. We've waited now for a couple of ways not great guy goes up. Hey Jim however we'll see you then yeah. I or early never seen anything quite like that and that's of the where's the best stat. Shoney's something you really haven't seen before on a basketball court invade. Deliver on that promise an awful lot of the time. One other big story that we really didn't spend much time on today because I don't make much sense this story yet Eric Reid is going to bring a collusion case against the NFL. John Lynch when he was asked about it on the morning show today he danced all around it saying all the things that make sure that you're not dragged into that collusion case. And we've been in touch with his agent his representatives throughout and there are so many things are going to be free agency and I think primarily Eric's a good guy music is a good player for us a good leader for us and I just wish him well. All the right things he mentioned it to slow safety market any might be right about that you say there's other safeties better than he's still on the board they're not bringing in the action against the the NFL of course Eric Reid will forever be connected to the Colin Capp predict anthem protest he supported capita right away. Whether or not that is still lingering in teen's decision makings. That's for for us to ponder. Some judge to decide but I would say this. How can you prove collusion against you. When you haven't missed a single game yet. Like the NFL's schedule this does not begun week one has not been played by anybody. How can you sue the league for collusion when the year hasn't even started yet how do you know that you won't be on a team's roster. You might be any. So bringing this court case against the NFL to me is just. Port career planning. I mean the 11 guy would never hire would be the guy with an open legal lawsuit against my company. That would be pretty much a non starter for me and I'm guessing that's the way the NFL will look at this. Very very odd. Very weird. And it's a story that I told you a long time ago in the NFL's just gonna get this thing has swept under the carpet right or wrong good thing bad thing. It standing in the way of business and nothing is going to be standing in the way of the NFL's business there's no amount of feel good right thing to do. Proper for society. That the NFL gives a damn about. And if you thought that there really was 80 the NFL cares you wore a soccer you've been a soccer this whole time. And I'm so happy that I could share that with you because breaking a little truth is what we like to do here on the show and thank you very much for accepting. The role in life we sometimes play and sometimes roll suckers. No sucker for Steve Kerr dealt disguise the best he said. No matter restrictions in that he brings staff curry off the bench I I did not see that one coming I was totally wrong about it and we talked to Steve about it and we wanna run that past she would get in case you miss Steve Kerr about an hour ago we're gonna have him for you as we get you ready for a little eighties baseball around the corner. You're on 957. Game.