DB Show - 3 - State of the A's, run differential, Matheny fired, Montgomery Biscuits, Weezer cover

The Damon Bruce Show
Monday, July 16th
Damon discusses Mark Canha's big bat flipping weekend, Damon thinks the A's and John Fischer is fishy with the stadium situation, talks about the significance of run differential, the bizzaro Giants season, the Cardinals fire Mike Matheny, a tale of the Montgomery Biscuits, Kawhi must really hate San Antonio, the Windhorst-LeBron connection, and the back story behind Weezer's cover of Toto's 'Africa'. 

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UC San Francisco I. You laugh Mark Penn knows how all of. The event for a moment cannot. Home run against Tony lots of it was worth admiring mark took a look he would look at its dug out. It joys that dog around the bases and athletics have a 43 lead on his. Pulled out of the year. Then shows even describe a little bit can absolutely pimp this home run in caught when you pull one halfway up the bleachers and AT&T you're allowed to sort of do that. It was a spectacular shot that he he launched easily. What do you know the a's picked up the first two games at AT&T park here in the Bay Bridge series. Canas moon shot and certainly a defining moment in game two. Matt Chapman made a plan a ball. There was a foul ball that literally I would still put in the gold glove highlight reel. Yet the Scott ego when yard yesterday you realize he's got five home runs already this month meanwhile the giants is a team have six that is the last baseball. Series was the first series of the year that actually felt like a little something was ride non for both of these teams we keep on saying it's going to be the fork in the road series for one of these teams. And that team right now the looks like it's. Moving in the right fork in direction is the Oakland Athletics. Now what will really matter when it's all said and done. I'm sad to tell you that I do not know. Because as much as I wanna just say you know this is an interest in young team it's time to get to know everyone a little bit better and closer you can't help but take. Can't help but take the eighties and any success they have would just a pinch of salt. This isn't me being hater this is me being an observer of the reality. What a crying shame. The state of this franchise truly remains in. I continue after this many years still need a stadium still be dirt cheap still have an owner that doesn't wanna do anything to push money through a Major League equation. If you're about to build a new stadium why did you just build a new office complex in Jack London square that doesn't make much sense. It really didn't matter if Billy Bean's or run David force calls were originating from a construction trailer they all sound like they're coming from five star hotels on the phone. Does not matter. Why wouldn't wanna build the new offices in the new ballpark that's about to be don't look maybe it's because my worst fears might be realized one day and that this is all a ruse. It can't be if it is shameful. A's fans you deserve so much better. The amount of better they're willing to give to you. Congratulations. Mountain Davis is gonna be open for the first time in thirteen years in an effort to set a club record. The club also tickets to Saturday's game with the giants were only ten dollars and for the first time he can go up top amount Davis sit there you're gonna get access to. What two dollar hot dogs two dollar not shows. One of the reasons mound Davis sits empty. Is because you can exactly see the entirety of the outfield from all the way up there. But. They're gonna go ahead and and open it up and good you know any opportunity. That you have to spend less money going to a Major League Baseball game especially eight. Major League Baseball series which by its nature commands a higher dollar amount the fact you get ten dollar seats being offered. That's good deal unhappy about that. That might be Saturday night. What. Eagle and on Sunday about Monday how about when it's not the giants in town and what are you doing to make right by your fans. Then why did you raise parking with the lowest payroll in all of baseball. Like there's just all this little. The a's try to win. So many little PR war Ers while conceding. The big battle forever and a day. All the time. Damon are set on top amount Davis I was able to see from second base to home base. It's about it we missed it way up their standings in the outfield. But it's gonna be one of those pay go show up have a good time sit in the sun you're outdoors it's a Bay Bridge series your. You're there for atmosphere. Is much as anything else I guess. I knew there are mean to be funny can't be ten dollars a ticket to me you can actually pickle family. And not break the bank sounds good but an expensive concessions so works at which point. Do you think the giants. When this Bay Bridge series picks back up on Friday at which game will be first second or third game in Oakland be the game where mark candidates code rented by. Who's ever pitching that night for the giants Martina was talking. About a bat flip that happened and we're all wondering where we wore cool we were wisdom when it happened and will we be able to survive. The answer is yes the reason why Mark Hanna. It wasn't a bad foot is much it was a Mike drop but it was still decisive viewed and heard Vincenzo. Talk about a little bit and his call. Well Candace says you know I'm originally from here and I enjoyed his series and I'm glad to be NN I'm glad to have a big moment and it. Can this bird as a kid alive it's it's just going to be funded through your brags on my giants friends and you know say that I after. Having a lot of like really great childhood memories here and that's how much everyone. Probably your favorite one. I would imagine it would be your favorite one new rope date it was awesome. And so after reset blocked you know sorry I did dad. It is just total little bit this is why I like mark can an awful lot today. People getting offended by about clips is so silly this is like I'm you know. I'm not sorry I'm not really sorry. Yeah as part of our game everybody does that if somebody's gonna throw at me because of got through I got thrown out in the past this season for about flipping. Clearly didn't learn my lesson so. You know if your offended by the I don't care. Are you go good job. I agree mark. On the big fan of if it offends you I apologize for nothing you're soft. Bob Melvin on NBC sports Gallup. Morning that's pretty significant homer and when it's cold than I mean you hope you just get her over the fence and he hit it more and halfway so please make the most of his opportunity you know doesn't start with us and you know puts up the numbers he has now it's raising its lefties is personal and household can play altering play first base too and it's not easy to pensions we do a fair amount of pinch hitting bit. Once couldn National League scenario like that it can be tough and he was ready for. Terry Gaal. Two out of three for the DA's stare that much closer to the first ever. Bay Bridge trophy. That's going to be you know. Given to the winner this year. We'll see if they can actually a bringing on home I know the giants have brought a more significant trophies in years past but I guess it all needs to. To start somewhere. Damon is an a's fan I'm really not care about a stadium or on a playoff run a worry about that after this season. Which puts him negativity on. C'mon trying to be negative. But I just got some sneaking suspicions that something might be up. Why would you build. A satellite. Headquarters. In Jack London square. In not decide to build your headquarters were ever your new ballpark would be. Do you really intend to build a new ballpark. Zyban your noise from Portland I've been here in background noise about Portland and I just I don't wanna I I don't wanna be right about this. I wanna not worry about these sort of things but I got to keep worrying about it because the conversation never friends. You don't conversation no need to worry about the one that's done the one that's been had the one it's overweight. The conversation. Continues. All the time. It's the reason why people. Are reluctant. To buy jerseys in March in season tickets and show up and listen in consumed night in night out is baseball is a relationship in you probably don't want an error relationship that you know it was dome that failed right from the deck. You deserve so much better bio in the days things would be so much different around here there's just no other way to say it I mean it really it's just. Do you behave. Like you care about winning or you don't. I see the a's owner and I call clearly easily put him in the category of don't don't care. It's got to be maddening. Absolutely. Maddening. But hey ten dollar tickets from Al Davis. Fill it up maybe if enough to dollar hot dogs nachos peanuts and bottled water sold. Maybe they do at another pitcher at the deadline. So show up thirsty a's fans your thirst might be key. Adding another pitcher. Time now for our twelve to eight per day. National cash contest it's your chance when a thousand dollars just by taxing the code word tissue. TI SSU. Any. Text tissue to 72881. That's issued to seven to 81. To multistate contests message and data rates apply good luck to you look a bit later on this hour a chance to win. Really cool tickets to go see the eighties and giants Saturday. We're gonna have tickets to giveaway today tomorrow Wednesday and Thursday right up to the Bay Bridge series gets back. I'm trying to cool yeah. He. Oh it is likely that gets. We're gonna have tickets for you coming up in just a little bit don't text the word tissue to the text line. Listen to my instructions. Is given to you. Again tried not to cussing for any games with it yeah I think so I tell my pop out there for that Saturday and Saturday to outs on. Sit up and. It's a man Davis yes it up in the press box and you do lukewarm I don't steal bond. The times that times. What really jumps out to me here at the all star break I tell you and I I I know there's a lot of hope about. We got to Bay Area did it fancy themselves contenders you know I think he was a fan rooting for these teams fancy themselves contenders into a little bit more than make they really are. The a's are trying to find their way into the playoffs the giants are trying to hang on to a playoff scenario both these are noble causes both are probably barking up the wrong three. We talked about this already and I wanna run a pastor again you see. The just spent an awful lot of money and don't have an awful lot to show for it meanwhile the giants have an awful lot to show for a team that they refuse to spend. But the a's do have an awful lot to show for a team that they don't spend an awful lot of money on. To mean. I'm not interested in your payroll non interest in your budget a non interest didn't how many games you are ahead or behind of anybody in your division. I don't care about where you stand in your own division. I. Care about run differential. Run differential I think tells an awfully big part of the story this time of the year and if you're not looking at a run differential north of at least fifty runs. By this time in the year out it's an uncommon to have trouble taking way too seriously. At any point in time no matter what your record says again no matter where you are in the standings. Which is the biggest fraud in baseball as a division leader to Philadelphia Phillies they're leading the National League east it got to run differential of plus eighteen. Major fraudulent. One in order real run differential for a division leader sounds like Red Sox plus 163. Yankees plus 131. Another out of division leader but they're going to the playoffs. Astros' best in all of baseball plus 188. They are cream of the crop and I'm gonna tell you there's a very good chance that. Your World Series champion will come from that list right there Red Sox yankees are Astros. If I could bet a hundred dollars on the three of them or the rest of the field I would bet and on them. You be good debt. The cubs are the best run differential in the National League their plus 114 the Dodgers are second best of plus 82 you look at the rest. Impressive. What the giants. The giant answer to what a nice job trying to stay in the conversation. Good job good job good job. Here's the facts your minus 26. Minus 26 is officially going nowhere fast. Giants two Diamondbacks the Iraqis the brewers to cardinals none of these teams are about to win the World Series. The Oakland days have been a really pleasant surprise again because they've over Rasheed seemingly. And a lot of positions there are over achieving based on their budget. Ultimately is great is their line up is they're pitching concerns or not to make me go near. Oakland a's have run differential plus Tony for. Check. Their over achieving in spite of the constraints that they place on themselves. But that's about it. How must how difficult must it be that I have to just. Compete against the Houston Astros. But the budget of your owner himself. Like who who does more to make sure the a's aren't gonna win the west. The entirety in the Houston Astros. Or John Fisher all by himself. It's a frustrating cycle that just does not end and here we are again. With what you know you'd get another a's ownership group and there are some really interesting stuff today that are good pal Andy don't watch. And gathering here actually a debt again trying to pass to view them on what is now that picture of Andy back in the day. Stults very very stealth Andy you know a's ownership. Since moving here from Kansas City the he's been owned by four different entities Charlie Finley Walter Haas and company. Steve shot. Ken Hoffman in the blue wolf John Fisher ownership group which we all know the Fisher bought wolf out November of 2060. Every single one of these owners. Excuse me. The exact same what percentage. What they did in the post season is something entirely different Finley won three World Series titles in a row hostile World Series title. Shot Kaufman no World Series were American League titles Fisher no World Series loss of American league championship but Finley won a 52 point 1% cost it 51 point 4% shot Hoffman at 54% Fisher 51 put up fifty point 1%. And close. And they're all over 500. But you either make the investment to have the key players stay in your organization have that he had that when it matters most than post season or you don't. The crazies to draw some massive crowds. There was. They beat. Goodwill that was squandered troll. Two decades worth of decisions has got to be enough to make you mad as they stand. Damon can you please elaborate on what you've heard about the ease moving to Portland here's my elaboration. Portland is on Portland has more traction right now. Working towards a Major League stadium becoming a reality NEA's do an Oakland. Meanwhile. The giants are just put Zorro. Giants got somebody hurt every single day they got veterans at the paying way too much money to under perform their basically. Hedging their entire season now on minor league call ups and no names coming through in big moments. The single biggest surprise of the season as the daddy gave up one after 2016. Pablo Sandoval. Bono. They got a lot of build a bridge guys. To get to the back of the bullpen and there's no one there to close games even though they give the guy. 62 million dollars to close games. Something. Happen in baseball this weekend at rarely happens if ever. For the first time in 23 years the St. Louis Cardinals fired. Their manager. Cardinals fired Mike Metheny. It was 47 years old by the way. His reputation not the best tactician in the room. You could argue that he's a double switch in fool and I know that funny people argue that in Saint Louis. Cardinals have lost six in a row at home that's not gonna buy a lot of house credit when they heat is on in the heat's been up lately. But just think they're not awful this season. Fans thinking it's a year were like a brilliant guy in the dugout gonna make up for the fact that there cubs are loaded. That the brewers have been a big surprise like that was that Metheny baseball. He sure helped the giants reached the World Series after. Being tabbed to guy would know experienced or replace Tony La Russa by the way just replacing Tony La Russa with the guys never managed before you could see that the cardinals front office is trying to. Culpepper power grab right there. It's no longer about managing with instinct it's about managing through the numbers through disable mutations. And what Metheny cracked in 2014. A little bit. He managed the post season like he had tomorrow so you can't do that that's my boat to get so good because he manages like there's no tomorrow in the post season. There are no tomorrows in postseason play. They still in Saint Louis talk about Metheny bring in Michael wacko who hadn't pitched in a month for game five of the NLCS are still mad about that probably should be. But here is the standard. Of the St. Louis Cardinals. And this standard that you wish your franchise had for itself pretty ready for those parent like this should make you so envious as an a's and giants fans and they just got to enjoy three world championships. So we'll worry about your level of envy here but just listen to this how different things are and other places where you can. You can just buy a whole bunch of seasons out here of of people not put pressure on him. Whatever with beanie shortcomings war. This man who'd just been fired again is on the 47 years old that's young. Whatever Metheny shortcomings war this is the first guy. In Major League history to lead his team to four consecutive playoff appearances in his first four seasons as manager. As a matter of fact Mike Metheny has never had a losing season. Including his record of 47 and 46. The data he was fired. Can you imagine that where the standard around here. Basically the standard in Saint Louis is if you're not knocking on the door of the World Series in five years you've got to go well. But I brought into the playoffs for years and erupted don't matter. It's just it. It's it's very interesting. What standards are in some places which standards aren't other places I was sitting in the press box talking about the Bay Bridge series with a hole which guys in the media. And we then turned her attention like. What if scenarios like what is really Billy Beane mortal lead the Oakland days and joined the giants. And the consensus was that would never happen. Because the giants brass would never want anyone and to take credit or what they've all take credit like they wouldn't want. Billy's. I've got the way to do it permeating every single discussion. I think in Saint Louis they would start crucified and stands one at a time every adding if a man and the World Series what. Period interest and stuff match is different places different styles different cultures different sports cultures. Seventeen to be happy with the hat off. My god playoffs for years in a row and as a as a cub fan I've no idea what that looks like. To me that a broader role this is good this is progress. Well. Not good enough. How about that. 888957957. Other thing the baseball really has going for right now more than anything else is that second. Wild card spot nothing means more to baseball right now of that second wild card spot it is the only thing that offers hope it will lead to is. Giving very very little hope. You got more teams on pace to win a hundred games in more teams on pace to lose under games. Than ever before our pal Seth Everett joined us today to do a little home run derby hey how warrior he ended up going so fire and brimstone about the concerns Major League Baseball needs to have. That it may and the like were alarmed now. What's baseball gonna do to get. Sexier more fun more interest thing I really don't know the second wildcard is probably done that more than anything else because it's played you know. Very significant into the hands of the San Francisco Giants. Two of the three times the giants won the World Series. They made it to the World Series. As a wildcard. The days when the wild card in 2001 and 2014. Second wildcard implemented back in 2012. And think about it how many teams would be eliminated right now. You have no shot at all to sell even the premise of contention. Without the advent of that second wildcard. It's turned out to be huge for baseball. The things are now working against baseball is sort of the over thinking the strategic over thinking. Infield ships that basically. Render the game slowed to the point where no ball goes imply. You know we're going to be talking about this with this for great couple guests this week we're going do sun chronicle or go. Both Susan slice or end Bruce Jenkins. Are gonna come in on Wednesday. Here in studio and we're gonna have a big. What's up with the status of Major League Baseball that's very cool would too is the best and brightest writers that we have in the Bay Area as a matter of fact. There are two names. Then I read more in this town. And resources. So looking forward to that coming up. We're also just pop it in this week since its all star week we just got a lot time to chop it up and shoot around we're gonna have day bands stop on by. Dave used to work out here for NBC sports Bay Area he's now the play by play voice of the Minnesota Timberwolves but he's still. Some parts. Here in the Bay Area and so date is gonna stop on by a little bit later I believe that's tomorrow this matter fact out Wednesday we got Bruce and Susan coming on by Marc spears is going to be coming on by. Critical little bit later on this week we got some good stuff for it. While the Tour de France update for you in just a little bit were also gonna go ahead and figure out a way to make someone very very happy during this commercial break. Nick you ready ready to go they. Caller number ten we're gonna make you work for this one. Caller number ten a's fans how about this giants fans who's ever listening if you wanna go to a Bay Bridge series. How would you like to go to complimentary on field batting press pair practiced passes. And to lower level tickets for Saturday's July 21 game caller number ten. 8889579570. Right now nick caller number ten. Get him up get him in let me know who they are. Two complimentary on field batting practice passes. To lower level tickets for Saturday July 21 game. That is pretty darn cool that's what I'm given a way. Two day we're gonna have passes and tickets and cool unique things to do around the Bay Bridge series given way. All week long so caller number ten aided 89579570. Good luck to Leo. And when we come on back. Any single time. Your minor league promotion causes a stir but did so officially accomplished its goal and we will be back to tell you about the Montgomery biscuits. And millennial night. Next on 957 game. Should. Accept. Gradually since two Peter Dodds though. He won the first pair of aids experiences. Were giving away need to debate breeds series all week. We'll have another chance at 530. Tomorrow. They treat keep unless until a friend tell a neighbor. A lot about an hour from now we're gonna say hello Robert at all the CEO of black sports on line always an interesting conversation with him about all the stuff. From the world's. Sometimes slips to the cracks through the cracks to. Maybe they deserve to be in the tracks but we we we always enjoy our conversations with which Robert that is coming up a little bit later Ron. From the Penske are still stuck on sex line Damon got to fixes that would instantly make baseball significantly more observable to everyone number one implement a salary cap. We've got ten franchises in baseball who spend and spend whatever it takes a level playing field would make it more enjoyable. For all the teams. To illuminate one ball and one strike from eliminate. One ball and once threatened to pitch count missiles speed up what's going on during an at bat exponentially. Or is this the not eliminate but. Every batter starts 11. Is based do senator better starts 11. I don't need any rules. Changed. Everybody still gets three strikes are four balls before you go to first base don't like that an awful lot. In honestly. I'm not worried about a salary cap. I need a salary basement. You have to spend X amount of dollars to be a Major League team. Baseball almost needs like relegation. The we'd EPL has. Event. Man I used to think it needs a lot Damon is any debate that there's so many raised like it we don't hear it needs a lot. People are just monitors to like these to me. Here's what you don't need here's what never helps cheap stayed owners. Cheap skates cheap skates and never the answer. You want answers. You need to turn your attention of the Montgomery biscuits. Anytime a minor league promotion makes the. And I know it meant as a villain it's. It's it's probably good idea. How about this. The Montgomery biscuits. What do nab themselves a good attendance on Saturday July 21 same day BA's are opening up mount Davis. The Montgomery biscuits are having. Millennial night at their ballpark. Q what it is consistent millennial night at the minor league ball park river walks stadium Saturday July 21 is millennial night. You get a participation ribbon just for showing up. They'll be offering nappy in an napping and sell these stations. They'll also be offering of a Colorado toast lap like you left some Monica out of debt as a special ops treat for the night that's. I believe it they're going to have safe spaces. Throughout the ballpark the purple area. Needless to say because nobody. Nobody's got a sense of humor you got people. Very very serious. I'm serious. Home now and some of the Twitter responses were great. Think how about a baby boomer night when old people leave in the seventh inning stretch we burned down the entire field proceeds from millennial night gonna pay for the damage. All damage caused by boomers will be blamed on millennial night which is only held because colonials are killing Buffalo Wild Wings won't get married. Again this is why you never wanna mess with a lot of ills on the twitters you can't beat what a lot of what are your your good journalists they grope with the twins they grew up with the twitters. Mr. lot of good funny pithy responses. All I'm sure tight from the den of their mom and dad's house where they still live the physical areas. I love that the Montgomery biscuits. Millennial might. Whoever came up would that gets a gold star next week. Work bird and Albany. One of the things that we highlighted last week it is a story that Todd Gurley. Had worried basically saying you know these NFL players one after another look at NBA contracts and we are pissed off we are jealous were crazy gently. Not only did not play a game that might lend you to. Full body casts every single time you go up ply your trade. But you'll probably be able to walk away from your game. Width. The ability to do just about everything everyone else can do when their healthy eighties and your mind won't be marsh right. So there's a lot of jealousy. In the NFL. About NBA contracts. And then you start looking at what Kauai Leonard is passing up. And you just got to say to yourself there is some serious god money your leaving on the table. Court Leonard must really hate the San Antonio Spurs. Really hate to San Antonio Spurs. You really San Antonio can now officially offer quite Leonard the Max super Max five year contract that would pay him roughly. 200. In nineteen million dollars and you keep more of that in the state at Texas. Then you do anywhere. Anywhere. That potential deal goes away the moment that he's traded again this guy is demanding to be treated. As noted by Bobby marks of ESP and Leonard will not be eligible to sign an extension. With his new team provided that he is traded for at least six months and at that point is news team can off from a four year extension worth just a 108 million dollars. Now if you. Are turning down 8219. Million dollar contract. Basically after taxes. You're turning down a 108 million dollars. Or. The next deal that he can sign. Is gonna Max out at a 108 million dollars so that means you're really taken home 54 right. And if it's in the state of California you pick 13% on that sheet rock up. Yeah I mean. There's a lot less than fifty or call. Much less the numbers are vastly different. They can't put a dollar amount on happiness apparently the key is not happy there it's I mean crazy. You've got to be talent means that there's somebody break in in his locker every night is now planning game and he like he sees me he's missing. Yeah. He's coming back for every single game and there's forty bucks missing in his locker. I mean something and got this can't be about a hamstring. Pretty funny even a little bit credit because it doesn't matter how much it is he wants to be situation that he feels is best for him. I mean there's summing to be set for that. The way that he's played this whole thing. Is just an odd ball from the ferry kept. And the only way it made any sense is all's if you operated from the notion that he just wants out no matter what. Why would you want out no matter what this cannot be about odd in light the way they diagnosed my hamstring. There's Mercury there's so much more do it there's stuff that we don't even now that is. That's a lot of money an extension. You crazy things yeah ABC Jimmy Butler stern and I'm 110 million dollar expansion yup. You must really not like Tom Thibodeau. Saw a very interesting article today about ten Iowa Brian went worst covering. Look honest and you know that at the break of his entire career for ESPN we know Brian when horse is because. He was the first guy cover LeBron and LeBron is on high school amount done Lewis and Vinson and Mary isn't. This guy is. Certainly seen his career bloom. In the LeBron phenomenon that is all going on and he was. Given an interview basically saying that. I don't wanna be just to LeBron guy to be in the LeBron guy spent pretty darn good to me. And that because just the way media is now. Which even though he was 99%. Sure who's gonna be a lake created to curb everything at 51% because just so if you'll gonna jump down your throat should ever be wrong about an anchor. And he so dialed in if there's the very nature of we don't wanna just be good news. We wanna create a story. And in the creation of the story you have to keep coming back for us over and over again if you've got the ends of the word as LeBron goes story. On Monday. But we're really not in another decision until Friday. While you're hurting the network's ability to sell the story Tuesday Wednesday Thursday if you just give up the goods on a Monday. And this makes me hate the media so much. That's what I mean they need that desire that anticipation. For people to come back and back and Mac and jerk. But if you got a good give it to us get the skinny give it to. Really interest and how he and LeBron are you know that they they talk. Not as much as they used to definitely at dot you know LeBron must be looking at Brian when a horse going well you've used means become what you are bound to happen right. I mean as well I don't know maybe there are shipped to stay but it's kind of hard to beat the media and have that information and here's the deal you know it's in your tips if that your friend it's not you know. Rough it's a hard line across the truth is is you cannot be. Anything more than polite and friendly with the people that you cover you cannot be true fan you cannot be true friends. With anyone that you cover and really do a good job. You just can't. Is gonna have some very personal opinions it's going to be bias so. It's not at all it's work there's going to be a moment where you're gonna have to offer levels criticism that would make a friendship uncomfortable if you're gonna what you do and you have to be able to pull that lever should indeed there. It. There's a big movement in order to get all these. Jerks in any holes out of the media and there's a lot of cynical people to do need to just exit stage left here. You are just clicked eighty. You know sky is falling seller at all times. It Damon didn't they both go to the same high school to death yet he. When horse went to saint Vincent Saint Mary's that's how he. And the connection had a connection with the Rania. Just trees. Just crazy to see what this is all become I remember what sports was when I started covering back in 2005 here we are 2018 and it's like we're speaking a different language different now. It's complete. Lee different language with so many different things you gotta be paying attention to an all time in the public criticism that nobody really expected it to get things right. If you get things wrong. It doesn't matter we just live in a world where people endlessly complain about what ever is in front of them. Because that's the only way they're happy. So how do you use social media forgot. How to use social media for the just for the right. Well. We now turn our attention to the band Weezer to find a way. This pretty good story and the only reason I mean Reid. Jason Bay Area. Always looking for angles about how to teach little lessons and I guarantee that this is a lesson that he would like to teach me because I really don't like going to social media. I'm very much and now Triana tries me crazy but I want euphoria and you know what maybe I'll be a little bit more cooperative after this because here's a really interest in store. Social media times to make you feel like you swimming in a sewer. But when the space is used properly it can make an incredible impact for a brand. Or its followers. Have you ever heard a merry climb. Mary Klein is a teenage girl from Ohio. Well like most kids loves music loves social media her favorite band is Weezer. If your fourteen year old kid from Ohio on your favorite bands Weezer you'd probably pretty cool kid right. Still out to what she knows she's just a little bit more of an older sold in liking Weezer would label or has her favorite song. Was Africa. By the eighties band Toto. In I had no idea that this is how we got this recent cover until I redness and was fascinating and fascinating to me. In late 2017. Merry took to Twitter to ask Weezer to consider covering your favorite song. She even created a Twitter account at Weezer Africa. She use the hash tag Weezer cover Africa. Each day she'd send a tweet promoting the idea thinking should have more fun when it there's like no way the band would ever really respond to this. She kept it up assistants in life matters boys and girls because Weezer frontman guitarist rivers Cuomo. Started liking these tweets at school he started liking responses from other fans about it. But there's a big difference between being nice on social media and the like actually going to record a song and releasing it as a big difference. So media outlets apparently. Hook up Mary's social media push goes I don't know slow news week we love writing about these things. If the media loves covering the media social media must love covering social media. So social media is very very proud of itself and it even reached the original band Toto. They're keyboardist. Heard about it went link to story to win on FaceBook and then link the story to the guys in Weezer. Because band members know all other band members of us. And then this is where Weezer got brilliant erratic. In what can only be described as an ultimate troll move. We exert did release a total cover on May 24. Except it wasn't Africa it was the band's other big hit Rosanna. Sun amendment and in them in the hole. In rose and a mellow event and that's not knowing that the us OnStar Rosanna Arquette SI DO couples on after her. Two cents on each. Tell me about you know I mean if yes sunshine and lollipops. So that song. Rosanna. Clued merry and like Weezer is receiving met you tell me that we are just decided to record randomly Rosanna I talked to our area non. They were set her upset this all up and finally five days later what do you now. It's happening. It's honestly one of the most dedicated coverage tonight that. Burn songs we only did not like the time and don't. They're real big difference. Lindsay is this and drop on the line. At Long Beach is not as entity can totals. Original version it's not as Ron happy. More the scary isn't that like. I don't diamond. When she and comer like real world into flames tonight. And we're just can't stand we're discovering it's pretty cool. All over so the media can't. So it's yeah here's the lesson. Here's a lesson here post needs to learn. Rerouting yeah. Since releasing this song. These are now more popular than ever makes this fourteen year old girls don't I am. There's social media has exploded to the point where this song and video are you passed over six million. Think contained in the in the lovely girls and he's now more famous than she ever planned on and I'm. On media outlets jumped all over this story she's enjoying her it's a McCain wins. Or one right now like I do. The US trending chart. Seed. It's over so does this mean I have gone FaceBook more hopeful he can. He's now you donate the face but I don't need this waiters the answer rams the face but none of it. You that you need to embrace it and Levitt in the podcasting all of the above. If you think I bug you about is constantly. Is are back hole. You bothered me more about it than anyone else that you know because her and I feel like you know that's the next level that is the next step of not just. It's our in history about what next. I want you to know it's gonna take a lot to take me away from you. There's nothing that a hundred men are more could ever do. I must've rained down from Africa thank you for that I can get a lame duck from Africa. Some wild dogs are an out in the ninth. But I I honestly I had no idea that this story was anything more than. Weezer decided to cover Africa idea I like it was a back story I had no idea there was a back channel it was all someone else's idea. And it just that then truth idea of their young girl I mean that's fair in its cool not that band did that Weezer did that. It that they connected in reached out with fans on social media. I mean we we all kind of have a love hate with that I get it there's good and bad they can do wonderful things. It is pretty cool. It is school when you see it work in the right way we all see it work in the wrong way so many times. That portal yeah it really is. Like here's my you know social media is wasting your time. When you have breathlessly anxious giants fans worrying about mark tennis back flat. Like seriously. That's what kept you up this weekend. Today's the day Vladimir truly became president but that mark can I about flipped just keeping you up at night. And it ever did you lap Mark Penn knows. All of that bench remarks cannot be easier to drive. Home run against the building lots of it was worth admiring board took a look if you look at his dugout. It's always good talker on the bases and athletics have a fourth really. On his twelfth home run of the year. It's like Vince is almost more to them like our stop looking at a giants dugout got to read the. Almighty god Smart kid how dare he enjoys this. Moment Madison bomb garner is probably wiggling his ship right now. And I. I either little flare little flash in baseball I loved it loved that. Portal it's what baseball needs. Baseball needs on baseball needs a young kid going that's cool. When the last time a twelve year old kid. Was at a baseball game gone all of this everything about it sitting here for at least 25 minutes in between balls put in play. How are you can't get enough. Dad this is awesome we bring you back tomorrow. So I can sit. Now 25 row 85 dollars you can drink nineteen dollar Beers. Go to Zach in Alameda. Zach you're a 957 the game how are you. You could do a great you know pretty Weezer and member in 1997. They're free concerts are Weezer on the radio cassette. Get over the tower record in the parking lot cadets are reversed I used to work when he was younger I. Our record and you know you're in the park either approaches here to watch and recently that you let across the speech and we whatever opinion that you wanna. It's a pretty good exact right ice I feel like if we're gonna go ahead and talk about a Tower Records we need to explain to a large portion of the audience what that actually wise that once was seriously once the last time anyone. Bought a record at a record store. When he bet I'm the only person who works at this radio station bought a record it record store maybe you grandma but I am not saying here. Our record was though I mean they're still. They're sort of record things here in the city amiga amiga yeah Nevis a great record store. I'm not allowed in there you're not not not without at least 200 dollars so laughter. I don't go America myself off each grandma. I'm just saying that you're in. In my age demographic Torre might have heard these things you might you lived. You'll understand what it's like to not know what's happening everywhere in the world at once because all the information on the planet in your pocket. And guys true. Things were simpler they were back then I didn't realize Weezer. Was back. Old. Iman and I call animal but I never led they formed that long ago now were all. Graham Bob parole. We didn't realize we are battled them and I checked my. My driver's licenses like killer. App and fast and where. -- 89579570. Is a number you know it's also gonna happen fast now I don't know where the 6 o'clock hour it's going to be coming up in just a minute we got Robert Wood told to join us for the latest what's going on and speaking of a better more easy to live in society. What we need is a little bit more etiquette miss world and you know what 630 you know when I got Korea. Etiquette. Dear that I heard it felt it. Skews mean while I whip this out. Etiquette. This is an 800 in 772. Page book about etiquette. America is certainly lacking. This program at times is certainly lacking so we will get into proper all star etiquette. For the all star game and a home run derby which by the way is going on the short each war party hit. Right now we got by as up there will give you a little home run derby update when we come on back here to the to membership.