DB Show - 3 - Richard Sherman, Steve Kerr

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, March 22nd


HUGE HOUR...Damon is joined by 49ers CB, Richard Sherman, and Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr. 


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Can you CFM NE XT one San Francisco. 957. It just goes skyline. Welcome welcome we have a spectacular. Our radio coming up for you were about to be joined by Richard Sherman here. In just a little bit. We're gonna have Steve Kerr join us at 5:30 this evening looking forward to both of those conversations. We're looking forward to you going in 957 game dot com to register for the single coolest ticket giveaway. That any station has ever had in any market for any sport. This is really really cool. It's the golden ticket starting on Monday two tickets to every warrior home playoff game you go to 95 cent in the game dot com to register you listen. Weekdays at 8 AM and at 5 PM for your chance to hear your name if you do hear your name called out at 8 AM or 5 PM. You'll have nine minutes and 57 seconds to becoming finalist for chance to win the golden tickets a pair of tickets. To every warrior home playoff game. That's not bad. What is also fantastic is the Bay Area sports hall fame auction. It we're gonna be doing tomorrow it's going to be an all day long event here on 957 game were gonna be raising money. For a bunch of kids to go out play their sports enjoy theirselves with all the equipment that they need. And we have some unbelievable packages that were going to be giving you a chance to bid on a behind the scenes. Here with the show that's pretty cool. We're not promising Gionta Macon anyone tamales and as pressure that didn't happen last year people were really looking forward to that. Tom Brady's father. Has coordinated eight patriots weekend experience that we're gonna be auctioning off that's two tickets to a mutually agreed upon patriots game. Roundtrip airfare for two and accommodations for three nights in Boston. And a rental car to get shipped to Foxboro that sounds fantastic. We're gonna have a giants luxury suite experience that'll get you an eleven of your buddies into a luxury box with a 500 dollar food and beverage allowance. Ain't. Maybe the most cool thing that we're gonna have. For the Bay Area sports hall of fame auctioned tomorrow was your chance. For UN five of your friends a total of six people. To have lunch with a warrior coach Steve Kerr. That also comes will be signed step Corey autographed Jersey. And for tickets to the first round of the 2018. NBA playoffs. That sounds. Good to me sounds amazing and really does it really really does we're gonna be catching up here with Richard Sherman hopefully in just a little bit LB get on a I I need all the time in the world that I have would this guy. Serious and a lot of questions. I'm not gonna be dancing around any. Sensitive like we ask you about Michael Crabtree I'm gonna ask about Michael Crabtree really early on in this interview I wanna know what was going through his mind. That evening. I am so excited. To say hello and welcome. To the man who gave us the same Turkey on the fifty heat down Levi's stadium Richard Sherman 49ers quarter but cornerback. Here on 957 the game Richard my name's Damon Bruce that your real pleasure to have you on my show I know you've been a very busy guy lately thanks for your time how aria. I'm bill professor entrapment. Yeah I you should be doing fantastic man it's. It's good to see your career continuing did you ever think it was gonna continue in San Francisco before you got that call from John Lynch. Early in it when you became a free agent. On what you know Evernote to throw. And a director. You know. There must have been pretty prepared drop allies sought lol what are. You know Arctic pep talk to. Do much about it and all that support so. What the situation monster in my you know that is where my god where where. What are pro ball come forward and our should not marry them happened to be a clever obstacle or an artist on the target sort of a key role. Support to rest. Defected they called you first you mentioned a couple times at that meant a lot to you like let's say the Arizona Cardinals had reached out first and might you have signed with them it really looks like. Not only did you like the opportunity that you got here but you liked how aggressive the niners were. Yet there's so promote respect. Merit me and my game up well on this week. Yeah I mean who knows what I would note in the Cutler first where there was not a trial. Who do so come on so started. Dispute. There in belt ended up being a great trip also. Richard Sherman here on 957 game. So there's an awful lot of people in town are gonna tell you that they've always lob DL but I'm telling you right now they're lying to you a little bit you were public enemy number one down here for a little while. Not by me though I gotta tell you I've I've just I've always loved the way you were wired for this guy I've always said to myself of we were inventing a football player and a laboratory. What more could you want in Richard Sherman his attitude the way he goes about his business the way that he is physical. Yet cerebral about the game I just loved it and and you know you provided that intimidation factor is well. Richard you embrace playing the villain role in every city but the one you called your round. Pot that you're not on Olympic blood on the street are distraught parent too much that. Where. And you know I've been newspaper chips shall all other Mary you know unions are old and borders you know and to. And termed normal for an impairment view we have must be at the nav well. You know I've been there and went out there it's an excuse level. I've been dying and ask you this since the night of the 2013 NFC title game I hope you'll indulge me here. Richard what. What did rich what what to Crabtree CT you when did he say something. About you that set you Waugh because you know you just punched your ticket to your first ever Super Bowl. And you still seemed to be more angry with him then you're excited about winning the NFC title and that's just such a moment that has burned into all of our minds I have to ask you about it. Boy yeah that felt more personal growth and do you know. The ball. Tom Sargent Robert Fortier and very well. Army have left to do effect and imported through where with a history joke you know some think he served all these. Some some gestures he married you know longer maturity there. And they'll probably be addressed. Well I tell you what when you are ready to talk about it one day I hope you talked about it with thus I I tell you I know Iran your next chapter. I hope you indulge me would this could you put a bow tie. A blow up on your time in Seattle this isn't a very important chapter. In what I think will be a hall of fame career and now the era niner that is in your past will. What was that like though because you truly war. An unbelievably talented team a historically good defense in the legion of boom goes down in NFL history. What does it mean and it's all done you know Michael Bennett said that Marchand Lynch's departure was the beginning of the end. I think your exit is now the end of the end. Tom dummy over an incredible arm with some some wonderful players. You know a print of thoughtful well but it obviously. You know are playing career is still on northern and most of our own only in partnership. So look factor and you know appreciate your network fabric of robots are both you know improvement spoke well you know we're we're gonna do next review done lately so. I don't think we're world where tickets any of us. Rest our reputations are Russian and our and our past history. I think you know want to hear about from complying answered there about that we're talking about it well usually. But I made millions. Richard to play where certain and that made you run that we. But. At this moment on the on on the report created new rivers there that stole it. And there were no Laporte for alternate in and have a chance to show their. Not to IE got a lot of memories that you're gonna create in the upcoming year you're gonna be thirty years old. In eight days by the way you and I are very close in birthday dates on March 25 so you know great minds Ares would ever wanna say about that. They say the thirties the new money and I certainly hope it is for you you're gonna be getting married this year 2018 is going down in the books for you man. Yeah yeah march communicated quite a number of months you know marriage started for very new contract new treaty. And oh by the prepared for mark. Some I'm excited you I think people who are misconception about all where's it. And intro you know compare one to another are compared district ever you know wherever polluters. Look forward you know it's. Yet thirtieth have a decline in Nadia and some people you know are they extra an exception to a lot of figure and I expect continued. Richard Sherman here on 957 the game you know obviously a lot was said about your your contract which few worked as your own agent. And I always said as long as both parties walk away happy like that's a good deal did you expect Richard we disappointed by how many of your peers were critical of your to surge into. Negotiate your own deal. No no involvement at all. It is the courtroom boxers or critical period are excited that to props that. But at the players taken there opportunity into her own hands you know it was more you know agents being afraid of what what they're great reporting there in street children in street. You know in my four year old. Who as a and so investors and you know pro football talk obviously has earned him because you know it's a vested interest for them present two spurt and so. You know he's been awarded the biggest critics but it. All that's because he's endorsed by a lot of agents and you know they've been impressed and there's copper and so we're yet to. By to be critical a lot of fuel that and negotiate a rate of supply. And their top players don't have guarantee you'll because agents have negotiated there or appeal coming in BA players do you keep duke took in the air agent negotiated at such. You know their virtue few players literally collegiate feel so you know that's a testament to the quality of rate as we have an open. It's amazing how one hand washes the other until one hand decides not even show up at the sink and then they start saying all of us dirty hands stay far away from those hands and video like you don't say it wasn't nearly your peers but it was a lot of media did you expect more support than you've got. A result our Richard. I don't own. I'll tell me. Don't tell me we lost the connection. We lost the connection. We'll hopefully get it back really really soon. I think it's interesting now in the meantime he's gonna Mike Florio says got a lot of Asian investors in there and got a lot of agendas. Lot of agendas taking place the I mean is it's. It's a reason why high. I'm sure. A lot of people just I think there's two reasons why people discouraging number one bad for the overall business everybody's got to make the business happened to keep the business ban and number two. There is the old you know you do wanna make sure that you're protected. And maybe someone who's got more experience. Nailing down contracts will leave you with a more protected. Contract and you can come up with a on your round so. Cockpit question here on the text line I might as snuck in and think we will would get to. Richard back on says how badly do Sherman wanna run a cornerback blitz in Seattle. He probably does it probably does an awful lot. You know he's joined by an awful lot of Stanford presence in that building now you look around he's got an all around him on the field. Solomon Thomas Joshua Garnett he looks up in the front office he sees John Lynch and if that's not enough Stanford forum. He can basically drive across the highway and be right back in Palo Alto. I'm guessing or my BAA guest lecture or two coming up in and Richard Sherman's. Immediate future probably I'd like to sit in on that would be a very interest in class. Have we got him back. Feel like not babies under bad area that a guy's out of debt is bad cell area. Then I am going on sand hill road on the banner with the bad area to eighty sandhill road to really like to cradle will fall. Modern technology telephone voting no cellphone signal. Just on your way down apple in every other big. Internet. Communication. Whatever. 00. Well. On and I are gonna spin that into the best stuff tonight Xian a deadlock. Good luck. Make it work and it. Injured going so well to. It all we got some act I think we got him back as we have been told Richard Ari are you back with us. Richard German. I'm in a chalk that up to now. Give up. I need something to cheer me up immediately. Okay thank you that's good that helps him really really does. You see his side though win not I mean when. I get why there's agents out there and it does give you sense of protection but he does make some valid points is you know in the past and you look at all these upon contracts with a guaranteed money. Compared to Dino. The NBA they're out there and it's a lot on their bodies and in its. Their future so uncertain health wise after that so I can undersea why Anderson why that money's important. Either way I was just told we get second down with Richard Sherman he's back with us Richard we appreciate Colin back in man thank you very much. We had a are about you know acknowledges. No price yeah I was right and welcome to the Bay Area we don't know anything about technology down here at the center for killer to murder are talking about your EU coming back to Stanford I'm guessing and abide I work. A dean at Stanford I would've already approached you about coming on campus to gets to guest lecturer if I were David Shaw I would be. All over trying to get you back on the sidelines and around the team has anyone reached out T down on the farm yet. Comfort you know vehicle sort of been out there forever we never stopped often ignored and huge future start. Mean tore my heart problem so yeah it reached out to open it back on campus. I haven't ever been deemed. Alba so actually there are career. You know that sports oh doctors in fact that your life experiences. Sure mine to lectern and apple spokesperson Greg. What do you think is the most valuable thing. That you would wanna pass on to a new generation of players you've been around this game long enough to know it from a playing the game standpoint. You've been around the media enough to understand how sometimes they're there to do you're right and sometimes they're dared to do you're wrong. Where are you in more jeopardy being caught up in the wrong media story you're actually physical jeopardy out on the football field. I mean it's sensationalism. Of media. You know where a feature for. Regardless of circumstance you know the media isn't there. Prayer in the period to their story and then to do their job and use their job you crates are internal there are all. Or video or whatever Richard maybe so you know obviously be careful in that respect but. Just be genuine and transparent and usually things work over the most most Portuguese territory to impart some very. Excerpts some earlier on to you want a new one of say don't you want a final and you know they're going to have experienced Q work. That sounds like a teacher Richard beyond a teacher right there that was a trick this eclectic group. You know one of the guys and pretty or you did that just gloat about you Richard from up in Seattle that we talked to was John Clayton and he said that. You were such an impressive player that you inducted him at a local. Media event or some sort hall of Famer something up their tell me a little about the relationship you developed with which John Clayton. Bump you'll Clayton Goldman you know altered so in the media world is better show but it really are level on the longer appeared that you. To order speaker. It meant so much of football and emits so much to sports in general. Our. I have always had it a very. Honest and open relationship with him there are negative and turn to recruit critical of America at all. And it's been it's been amazing and are somewhat different all of them and what you thought. Is really really good man definitely one of the best our industry's ever seen. I heard she did a Nike shoot today or are you bowed to go do a Nike shoe that's obviously want your big sponsors Tommy about that. You're warm leading America that you are Mexico Bart. Go to booklet remote and there it goes very. Gullible ultramar agree. Paula reduce. Rather it's been there at B of internal. Nice nice you mentioned dream on dream now. Are you into the Golden State Warriors I know you're originally from LA which usually means he got lakers guy written all over yet. You have got where a worker thrown through through through become the better on. You are obviously to operate you know to work there were Kennedy. Shelter in my aren't so you know vote for in mind. Through it this trip through a through rapid government support to hold on you're. As much spot. That is the correct answer Richard Sherman very go to while Don. You know you remember. You talk about that the warriors that you're hanging out with obviously you know these guys are our next level athletes in terms of their influence on the court. And their influence in the business world here in Silicon Valley you've got guys making big investments in huge tech companies. Is that where you see your career going literature. Wal-Mart mark bigger or smaller parties about the Korean church in full spektr's transportation to Eric. It's remarks that are so you know I expect that Cingular or. To continue to be it straighter merit soon. In the view in Rory. Expenditures from Myanmar certainly you know appeared on Oprah. Whatever look forward that you mournful tune in and you're investing it from our. My fellow there for a while that they prepare or. Yeah that's why many Stanford guys every time we talked to him you get pretty impressed by what they do and we were really really impressed by John Lynch who had about as good of a first here is a GM has ever had he turned over an entire roster he had a great draft. And then what do you know. Jimmy drop below shows up which I'm guessing had a lot to do would you wanting to show. Right I mean it at all popcorn cart related you don't review Europe starting in its corporate where they need to smoke senator. On defense our trust in an inconsistency. And I think you know I don't doubt formula in an article. Beard go out and stay there where we're needed sort of to win not only recruit student in the playoffs. And I think it could have a great culture they're developed. Richard Sherman on the Damon Bruce show and and we'll let you go after this menu EU announced he'd be back on the field. In May and June and and that is really really good news how are you feeling right now I'm guessing there can't be more of a distressing injury for a guy who's built his entire career on running fast and backwards. That an Achilles injury. Are not really you know total members of them to become. On our common practice it and let leaders have like eight yards to be. A career Ender in you know marked our partner come back regarded some are better than ever permit that they are true peculiar in the way they treated away. That pretty certain repaired a lot of our comeback will more tolerance toward closing in Europe before we took. Vote them the candidates this stronger all year and the Moro. More explosive movements so. It's I'm excited epic epic it will be very impressed when a. We're excited to see a man we are excited about that red suit you or the other day that thing is dapper and I heard that it was. It was recycled. From. Something that you were actually last season. Greg right to a group of war currencies and you are remarkable thing but mostly. Rideau throughout the year it's. But we can Miley Quechua and ask god to with the V. Pocket puff accessories are you look coupling guy any preview it all about this fashion statement. Yeah Carter keep your intro particular unit Saturday but he and real pretty you. That much different so. There are enough men Richard thank you for not just calling us once but twice we really really appreciate that. Early happy birthday. Early happy maazel to off on the nuptials that are coming up for you this year and I just wanna say thanks very much for for joining me today it was great to finally talk with. They grabbed me operatives regard well would be the only game. Hopefully it look at it this way any time you won and will be happy election Richard Sherman very very cooled that we finally got to catch up with them. It's so funny. You look at a guy who on the field is a fire breathing dragon. Him on the phone. So very measured reasonable. Easy to talk with guy. It's totally different human beings almost it's like nine day. I love it the skies officially gonna be good for business around here very good for business around here is going to be all sorts of interest thing. And you know I think most of them easy to call all these ex soccer media members to pretend to cover this team while. They don't they are in who they are. And I think Rich's gonna serve them all up. Big time can be very very interest. I hope you really enjoyed that if you missed any of it we're gonna do a little editing to take out the hole he dropped out. And we'll have that for you again next hour in the of course later tonight is still qualify for best out Gionta absolutely at 11 o'clock tonight yeah sounds good sounds sounds good to me. Thank you very much for tuning in and I'm an invite you right now to not go anywhere because next. He is one of our favorites he is the head coach of the Golden State Warriors Steve Kerr coming up in just a moment on 957 the game. Good to have you along this afternoon a monster 5 o'clock hour rolls along we just talk with the new forty niner cornerback Richard Sherman. If you missed any of that will replace some for next hour you'll be able to find it online tonight in Gionta will be hosting best of at 11 o'clock. Ten nights. Right here on 957 the game. The great hour continues with really are favored interview we get to do each and every week warrior head coach Steve Kerr brought you by Mancini sleep world simply the best place to buy a mattress. And today's Steve Kerr appearances also brought to you by the bay club make this year the year of more debate club more boxing more pick up games moral lapse in the pool. Visit big club more dot com for three day pass to get started today. Hey Steve it's good to have beyond normally you know you get the whole Howard yourself basically we hear your follow and Richard Sherman today in and you you've got a good interview to follow he was fantastic. Preaches sermons fired up and so tall come and they have. A pretty good. To decide where the moment genetic. You know he's already dying and a with a couple of viewer your players he said that he was at a Nike shoot today. Winds with dream on green he's already been out to dinner with Kevin Durant so he knows quick. It's awesome he is I would actually describe it means you are moderated. The NFL do you think that's accurate. It's very accurate it really is it's really is one of those if he plays for you you love them. If he plays against you get hate him type of guy. Questions mental questions and just need to trash talking in the competitive. Spirited. That are harder to respond watching. It will be fun to watch by the way the warriors and their playoff run is gonna be really really fun to watch. We are giving away Steve a golden ticket which is gonna allow. Someone listening. To qualify for a chance to win. A playoff pair of tickets to every game including the NBA finals that is one of the greatest prizes ever we thank the warriors for that for sure. Yeah ravens tell me about it today and then I'm sure you've already explained his emotions out and work but you know my first. Point two Raymond won the gold ticket reminds me I mean depending on your age it's straight out of chocolate chocolate. Is still so we started coming up with. Some of the characters from. The meat from the book committed you know whether. Where virtually walk our you know kids landed on the tour. In the movie year like it. Raymond says we re we are a lot of miserable while. Love the whole story Raymond said if any of the listeners can come up with three names and characters. From that book from the movie. That he will personally provide a couple tickets so. I I mean I'm not gonna play out of ridership over the couldn't get a call article call it would you know three names and Charlie and the chop. Is Steve Kerr just created a contest and any no we were gonna run. Every man woman and child for themselves aided 89579570. All LB start taking the calls. The first person to name three characters. From Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. Willy Wonka not included we're looking for a little deeper than that first person named three characters from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. Gets opening round playoff tickets game one that is phenomenal Steve thank you thank you Raymond Ridder. And a a huge huge fan I mean what we're sort of remove Limbaugh got Ramon and I were gonna try and light. Trying to come up with the names of your characters are just not just first instead last days as well so. Now let's hear who's got. There you go let's see who's got it LB let us know who wins. By the way speaking of contests. You're doing something else really cool to restarting the Bay Area sports hall of fame auctioned tomorrow. And one of the items were auctioning off is launch with EU. Persons can go take five of their friends to do a little lunch with the U. Steve will this not as berries taste likes not Barry's. It that at that a much I'm not sure exactly where we're going to launch would. Yeah they're they're they're the to a movie good about church does very well be on the menu but. We'll be good. Company will be better. Fantastic that is really grated thanks for being such an agree exports go into an all this. Because I'm not sure if you heard Steve blood there are four injured all stars on your team I'm surprised you're such a good mood. Well I like where we are right now who do you. I like the young guys should and there are development maybe Quinn court. Form. Jordan they're all getting. Played big minutes lately and and performing at a high level of like that are better guide to getting some rest at a good time before we go down the stretch and why I darts or practices have been greater competitive spirit and good gains so I like where we are and I think we're about. Really good position due to get they draw going well. And I tell you what were you Warren where you bent over the last few seasons. You know you're with you guys are way past good effort praise. But the effort in San Antonio all things considered I know the offense struggled but you all the spurs to what 89 points any night of the year. That tonight you probably should have beaten the spurs like that was a really good performance. By a whole bunch of role players stepping into a vacuum were even dream on green at the lead of the game. What kind of what I'm talking about a match in the low that the competitive drive and get all of the lead in the fourth quarter on the road. Tell you all you need to know about that are achieved in. They're. Their competitiveness so. Great guy we just didn't have a lot and down LaMarcus Aldridge can add them all obviously every fourth quarter. Volume is proud of our operatives into the white. Can we talk NBA footwork LaMarcus Aldridge has incredible full work for big man I was talking about it. The other night winds Gary saint Jean and he said he looks like he spent a lot of time at the old. Those old big man camp. Well I thought you know I get all the available low block and can turn either direction in the case. We've put a lot of pressure on sure it's construct an old school game. Well if you change you play against all choosing where are you just know you've gotten a low post scorer who can. Potentially dominate the game just on suitable. Not you're really really don't who's got some of the best foot work on your team living stand. We're David West. I think both and I think it's no coincidence that you're talking. Old school players what's funny when we put that second. Who did you know. Step will be on the bench and he told me if you reached well those involved from the first quarter of this in the second quarter. Like our team goes from 2018. Bid. 1990. True. Day and age it's true like Werth brought the ball into the post today that he'd show on and then were grinding out possession the work early in passing and moving it. Not a lot of reason and but David charter huge part of that group that pairing or that grouping in the to start second or. Attitude it's really more my favorite aspects and dynamic to this team is that what that group does in the change it's we get. Why the early as you guys are so good you can actually time travel now in the same game that's fantastic. Steve Kerr joining us here on the Damon Bruce show went. Hey do are you worried about guys still having. A little pain in the playoffs he worry about some of these injuries carrying over or are you worried about rusty may be. Taking over few guys games a little bitter Regis not worried Steve. I'm now or I'm not worried about in nobody but the main thing is. Intel and as long as. Well we've got help on our side I think we're going to be in great shape because we've got the continuity. Chip to chip experience. I'm I'm feeling really confident million player council. Everything in our priority list and it's all related and we seem to be heading in the right direction. Were you guys able to have as much fun this year. You know there's the regular season it seemed like a little bit of a chore at times for the warriors and let's face it you're in that rarefied air. Where you can only be defined by a championship and it's it's hard for a team to even reach that place and it's even harder to stay in that place. The regular season does take on a little bit of a task though it does for the ultimate leads they can only prove themselves in the playoffs. Paddy does not to have the same fallen in year two of Durant as opposed to your one. All I think so we have looked on every kid and loved them and working to track is what. Really try and being around the stab him. All we have a blast together it's it's different world and it's it's just not as rash shall be I think the question what we're trying to do the chased. For championship in. It's it's not the first time that it will be different well. It's taken on a different feel fault but in terms of the routines coming here and there I think we we really enjoy or. Omar cook. Been fantastic he's gonna Quinn could excuse me I'm getting my own my cooks confused but. Quinn cook has really been fantastic. He has come on in a way where you can actually see the confidence. Being. Pumped into him by the quarter by the shot by the success are are you enjoying. Taking this guy I don't see through his rookie year 'cause like you keep on bringing up he is played before but this is this is that the most he's ever really played for. Have you enjoyed it. You know ferrying this this young man and his career. I've loved it and and I'm and I got to take credit for. You know carrying him and his career putting about I just I love that he setting it up to the and a lot much falcons teammates had given him. Well what our chapters to Wear them while. Most of all like as a coach you just you root for. Guys who just deserve it and Quinn deserves you know he's he's bounced around didn't. He works in unbelievably high care editor of human being all you can see it in the moment. In the lead and looked into war we did all Jen she's achieved. Yeah our players love Amare or Archie loves them and they're all happy for them all things a Wii is just fantastic to watch old. Four game homestand starts tomorrow Steve I know there's all sorts of signs that we're gonna see staff curry rejoin the team. Can you tell us one way or another is step curry play tomorrow night. Well you should he should mean in practice the last two days ago on full bore and reported that and so on and so interest rate a quarter moral. The only thing worth holding out on Christians waiting between our secure future growth but. That he should be good to go. If he feels good to go and shoot around is a success might he be joined by anyone else in New York. All star cast tomorrow night. I don't see dream on is not practical outcome would be and still sort. From the boy chairs in the San Antonio and then. You know plays that you lefty for the last couple days earlier looks great shooting left. But I don't want to ensure the right people were killed. In the game. Yeah I mean there's no reason to make the degree of difficulties that much more are you guys are. I'm glad you brought up clay by the way because Steve it's now. Portion of the interview will we move into the really really tough stuff are you ready. This Klay Thompson really have a putting green in an infinity pool was house or was that a mansion that slam magazine used for a photo shoot. Yeah I have not been included counsel I don't I don't know but I out. I mean if he's got an infinity pool you've got to get there. I need to do little flip flops Camara its eye could see by the pool relax and putting green don't tell me don't like those. About. Sorry that I put to jinx on your errors on wildcats and we talked last week I really didn't mean to do that postal. Which you have networks. I was taught to launch not even I didn't name. Chariots of boredom from the beginning of the second alcohol onions and out of control. Can you believe. A sixteen B to one. I camps. And who sought government source in Virginia in eagle birdie one student body and keep the ball while we're in the country. Let him get blown all the excuse me and I don't think anybody. Now I think they've won the ACC by four games and they lose to a school that sounds like. You know. A bank pharmacy and still exist like a credit union UND say to invest without us. It is oh by the way somebody is invested with the UN the warriors congratulations to Sean from Campbell coach his answers were. Charlie bucket. A goose disc blu. And Farouk assault. I don't think there are. Well I mean it will greatly. Great names absolutely did you see ever see or or were you ever aware of the female punk band that was named Farouk assault. No but I do you know all of the the bad people in rock. They get words did you ever before before Pearl Jam and this was the Blalock it's going to be contractual. Lucas all the great intro. Trump on them at all. It really is by the way do you know the history behind the name Pearl Jam. No apparently Eddie better. Had at an aunt named pearl who was really into hallucinate gen X and used to put some acid in the jam that she made. And so aunt pearl's jam was like the coolest thing they defines. Integrate it's I think she's I don't know how I know that but I know that. We always appreciate you indulging us time for just one more thing it's been a while. Are you ready for a little gimme some no thank you core here we go Steve this season spring. Oh wearing sunglasses. On your first magazine cover. I wouldn't know I I'm waiting for my first one led sure why not give. While he's ready for its close up every one Matt bomb verses Kershaw on opening day a week from today. The NFL clarifying its catch rule. Yeah we. Kentucky. Having the easiest path to the final four possibly in tournament history. And thank you agree with you now one Tiger Woods has returned. Jim Nantz sitting in Butler cabin. Give me. The. We can't wait either Steve thank you is always fantastic. Good stuff is always. I really didn't expect us to use the words Farouk assault in different ways today but we did I feel like we accomplish something together we reward a certain. We got a lot done Steve thank you. Thanks a lot of will do Steve Kerr. And 957 game I'd I'd really didn't think we're going to be talking Farouk assault the band or group assault the fictional character yet camp I see a good job thank you very. So you're not done actual job. And I wish you Zambia for their bush is am I mean and I can name that tune and like three guitar licks I see if feature segment. By the with Eddie that there's a great grandmother great grandma pearl was Perle yeah okay thank you very much as close host club wears very close and you knew some of that to yourself. Product Damon thank you. Thank you yet and is it yet at the band with smokey Blalock but Houston he will give Blaylock. That's good stuff if it's step. Loudspeaker and if you by the way it if you never wanna go to lunch when that guy and who wouldn't. Tomorrow you group your friends. Up to five of your friends the six of you together pool your money in bid. On a Bay Area sports hall of fame auction items that were gonna start. Making available for bidding right in 3 o'clock hour. So that's going to be fun and good luck to via. Yet Charlie bucket Agusta school loop of Rupp assault. There is there was Mikey TV my TV like TVs cutie got shrunk at the very very end. All I got action on an island to pilot and then was sent by. Ballot bowl regard yup yup by the ball regard then Ares. You'll slug worth. What's his name now we need both we were just talking a slob with the other day I show as the bad guy. This is the second slug work referenced in at least ten shows. Shows Arthur slob were partners like Arthur slug it special getting weirder or more normal I can even figure. Props so what is the impromptu taking give away says. It up Mott and at schools it's amazing. It's great. And you look at just started chances for our our listeners hear your Cheney's theme song listeners are. It's embeds unbelievable. We all kinds of stuff given what look at those sorts of the giveaway next week I was told that another count doesn't mean more weekend. About now because it's going to be till contest modeled. In part we don't confuse anybody. That is real real good stuff and I will tell you right now. It really does sound like step curry is gonna be out there playing tomorrow that is good news is far as step his concern if you wanna win a title he needs to be on that court and he's not wrong. From Charlotte shares have an idea that's again. The team put together when every single guy out there ready myself included the ideal situation. Took text line they don't get it twisted he was a good guy slug worse. It's well worth was a good guy in the end for a minute who he was scary when is like bowler hat yeah. Thought for sure and I thought I was it universal and good guys don't usually hang out and alleys. And start propositioning you for your everlasting god stoppers. Texas is that there's a few different ways to take that we'll take an in none of those directions. Let's have happy thoughts first name. Yeah he's given too much. By the way big game for the shark east tonight. They've got the first place Las Vegas golden knights Rolen in the town the golden knights are having the single greatest expansion season in the history of any professional sport expanding. And that is not hyperbole either. And it's really really impressive. Saw last night to the Cleveland Cavaliers looked like they were back LeBron James was in full LeBron James mode. You look at the rest of the east even though we got a lot of people high on the Toronto Raptors last night was proof again they can't winning Cleveland. The Toronto Raptors have a real tough time getting past Cleveland if they cannot win in Cleveland. Because I like Cleveland's chances to take your game up there. And what do you know after spending most of this most of this season talking about how Cleveland's gonna be there at the end. The acquittal could be there at the end you know Cleveland gets to do. Cleveland gets to use this final chapter the year two Ab so will we sharpen the knife. Steve really doesn't get that luxury right now he's got to know these guys the ball had knife experience is they have cut people before. And they'll be ready to cut again as soon as the playoffs began. Good stuff though what is now. Seriously what's one of the most star studded hours and one of the coolest hour's top to back that we've ever done top to bottom front to back sorry. But. Not only. Do we average German. And Steve Kerr. We gave away playoff tickets impromptu. If you could name three characters from Wonka and the chocolate factory and that's a hell of an hour. Again if you didn't find a better show you guide you listen of that one gonna punish to give you more stuff to good new is and that wanna you wanna win stop you one number 18 plus top notch interviews. Keep each year. Alice fantastic. I'm happy about the way everything is on today really. Come along you're gonna love it. The circle the circle of the 5 o'clock hour how about this people that we like. Yeah we're not done talking to them today one of our favorites booking meeting -- got. Indy torch. Who is. Basically worked. Fort every single team in the Bay Area in one capacity or another he teaches a class down at Stanford which means he and Richard Sherman are about to be. Bogeys for sure I mean and he's Smart he's gonna go make that connection. And that is pretty good men. That is pretty good eight Damon talking about we are. Saying earlier that they're gonna spend fifteen million dollars on Greenberg beetle in Jalen Rose how about Richard Sherman dream on green what you pay for that show. I would I I've I would wanna watch that show. Two of the most opinion eighty guys in sports. Not current times but really in sports history. It used to be button your lip and fly right in those were the rules that most guys had to live by way we live in different rules now. We live in a different time. If you're not actively socially aware in one way or another on social media you look like a duller do you look like a one no wonder the whole stick to sports crowd. Is the dumbest crowd in the world not one serving them anymore. Am ready for that show just yet that I need a little more Sherman on the field camera drama on the court. Yet outlining one got to get over is QB this situation. And I need the other got to get over his Achilles situation and then boom yet we got a shot. We got to show. The spurs last night thought that they had a player only meeting apparently according to one of their players that never happened but to the detailed. Information reported by Adrian awards announced he'd ESPN that meeting did happen. And there are imploring quite Leonard to return for a playoff run and apparently for whatever reason quite Leonard is and meant. Good thanks. Very very odd situation in one. Worth keeping an eye on of course that can be an opening opponent an opening round opponent for the Golden State Warriors and we'll talk a little bit about. Opening opponents in pros and cons of first round match ups as we move into our fourth and final hour. That is going to be tipped off with a our buddy our bowl beat our guy. Andy dole which he's coming up at 6 o'clock here on 957 the game.