DB Show - 3 - Richard Sherman a 49er, Tim Roye, Tiger Woods & OJ

The Damon Bruce Show
Monday, March 12th

Damon reacts to Richard Sherman signing a 3-year deal with the 49ers,  talks Warriors hoops with the voice of the Warriors, Tim Roye, and Tiger & OJ turn heads over the weekend. 


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Welcome to our fourth and final hour it is great to have you along it'll be really great dad Tim Roye join us at 630 to talk about me. Warriors team what she's done something we haven't seen them do very often that's lose tooling around. Yes things are good around here even when things are bad around here oh my god the warriors losing streak is reached two in a row. Sky falling last Tim coming up at 630. We're gonna get back to your calls here in just a second it. 888957957. Know Richard Sherman certainly the headliner today. Great Tex coming in here on the tax line saying you know. Drop below was kind of a big deal in terms in bringing in new free agency Richard Sherman adds more gasoline to that fire. Free agents that are interested in a winning culture are gonna take notice. Yeah I think so I think so. It's eight. How how do you ignore. Aren't well you know. One of the best players of his era just signed on there is a free agent he's in full vengeful mode which makes things and for staying. He's such a Smart guy he's going to be good on field leader if he's not. The corner he is to be he'll be the best on field coach the niners have enjoyed since Patrick Willis was wearing a 49ers uniform. All due respect to Justin Smith. But this is this is now interest in the 49ers. Through a small handful of games and two big names in digging themselves from totally irrelevant to totally relevant. It's it's a big deal. It's a big deal. Dan and I think it's natural you like Sherman. Your birthdays are only five days apart. When does Burton and I don't know look at a Zia what would so what are you in the ICC is he Ares is he high sees let me tell you right now I don't. Care is a cornerback. He's a pro bowler. They Tom Green and I shared the same birthday I'm happy he's no longer the coach and are you there you go and we missed the turn and it. Don't even get me going on the NCAA tournament maybe around 645 tonight obvious things to say about that. March 30 all the you know he's. You drip series. And I care he reeks Ares. You bet you better be Aries you can be talking like this yeah. Under the posted are. Trying to with a good team I don't attract. It. Could hook who lack the confidence. You look at it this way have always thought that a very good job model for me a Montrae is simply what I lacked intact. I made up for and bravado. Richard Sherman. What do you lacks an Achilles he will make up for in bravado. She really will this team. Think guys like. 23 were practically twins. Nice. Well done. Damon thoughts on Luc Roy yeah he lost today 65 to the giants. Spring training spectacular. I like the signing I really do too Smart signing for the a's. I he's their full time catcher I'm I put an idea keep Bruce Maxwell around the roster just is he's a left the yap probably. But I like LeCroy an awful lot of Smart move by David forced we'll talk to about a little bit later on sure this week. Little bit later on this hour we're talking to Tim Roy about again a precipitous. Perilous. Two game losing streak for the Golden State Warriors in the meantime let's have ourselves a little fun here are dated 8957957. No. This is summit call from Newark I don't summit. I don't get married and did it all you. Opera armed are they bad but what about Richard Sherman and you're the worst case scenario that made that. Not in no longer player in optimal and had a band and our patents are never that they have if they know where possible case got a leader needs a lot of help. It's now at the 49ers they did a lot of the border Eric Reid at the age condition all the word hate to figure that. We are sure bet might edit and it went over to say he can't control what to do what you ought to that. Yeah no Billick Ronnie Lott you know her unique. Happen. Yeah I mean you know he's obviously got the intelligently instinct to really make it big in Iraq at an area. So I. Guess he's got the size no one ever called Richard Sherman a finance corner not for a single minute of his entire career. He is not a you know wind sprint runner he is a physical shock you at the line corner fight your body the whole way through a catch. If he had to make a transition has safety I think he could be smooth I think it would work and who knows what year three this deal will look like it's even see years three of this deal. It is so team friendly they can go ahead and and. And to make those decisions on the flight. You know Eric Reed. How much longer she can be a niner would be a niner on Wednesday. That guy could be a move and on casualty. Adrian col Baer Jimmy ward. Those are your other safeties cheap whiskey tart. I Richard Sherman is safety is pretty impressive their two of their job you know you normally wouldn't give a three year 39 million dollar deal that was safety. You want Richard Sherman idea corner of the niners need a pre near shut down corner. Let's see if Richard Sherman can even pay that. Let's see if he can even beat that is Richard German still number one corner. It's a revenge move for sure. Revenge move that Sherman wanted to pull off made it easy for the niners to pull it off and again you go full circle on things when it comes Richard Sherman what motivates him what motivates this guy are weird personal things. And I'll bet you part of signing with San Francisco has to do with the eventually usurping. Jim Harbaugh is hope factor. Imagine if Richard sharp I don't know if you know this or not Richard Germans despise Jim Harbaugh despise him as a coach. Not like as a forty niner coaching despise ms. Stanford coach when Harbaugh wouldn't give him the old. This is my guy to anyone who called him. When it came time to draft Richard Sherman which is why Richard Sherman felt the fifth round he was up fifth rounder. A fifth rounder. If your coach is singing. Lori is ringing endorsements have you every NFL GM you're you're not on the fifth round Jim Harbaugh didn't do that Richard Sherman knew that. Richard Sherman hated that and dominant type of Richard Sherman can play a role in bringing a Super Bowl to the city. That Harbaugh was never able to. There's another reason why don't victory lap this thing. I can promise you if there ever was great for a guy named Lombardi. Richard Sherman would bring up a notice Lombardi followed may not Jim Harbaugh he hates them. I'm like guys. I like guys who chips on their shoulder. I like guys who got something to prove I like guys to play angry. I don't like guys who tell yet well this matchup means as much to me as any other match up like I know we're playing the Arizona Cardinals today and that's just biggest play in the sea hawks know it's not. No it's not maybe when you're as bad as the niners were for all the years that they were bad you don't get to pick and choose which games are big because truthfully enough inspect. They put themselves in in position to play big games again. That right there will be a success. Most stop calling from Dublin was stopping your 957 game. On our mandate through expect our call by you. All right nobody to talk about its service they added that I am on this it addict that you. The guy to premieres aren't accurate data. And are what people do I hate to admit that we only played him two times a year and he says they're only out Crabtree. You do it got. Here's a link you. Or he kicked the 49ers acts like respect that he was good enough to. End at the Jim Harbaugh era the Crabtree Ara almost all by himself I mean the legion of boom in the rest of the Seahawks it'll suddenly doing that. But. I mean like you've got to be able to salute the man who beat you if you don't you're poor sportsman or your bad fan you don't understand what this is about how. Yup and it hurt beetle and also pay that. You know what particularly in error that he had an injury we'd we aren't a narrow word modern medicine at the Pentagon in so much better. In I don't see bigger concern he'll look the rehab what they're in it that you compete for an organization debate or I think you've been in there because. I hope you're right outside of sciences an amazing thing. Tommy John ACL when I was a kid that meant so long goodbye career you'll never be the same don't even if you can come back deal. You'll never come back the same. Now that's come back from Tommy John thrown harder than they've ever thrown in their life you got doctors who were good enough to tiny CLs back together they might as well be shoe laces. Achilles though. Still a big that is a plant power tended. You know you're gonna stop if you're gonna start if you're gonna turn on a dime. That's a big that's a big big thing in your leg so let's see. Players. Of Richard Sherman's ilk have been taken down by this injury that was it for Kobe Kobe blows Achilles never the same. So this is why the 49ers gave B deal to him. That allows them to back out of it the minute things go sour. Mets in Napa you're on 957 again Matt. I think that Mike are I'm very quiet oh record there and I. Ain't pretty bright and arm activated yet. But accurate look at Seattle at the backbeat and lack there on that order matter and that kind of you know the practice of like be right there are never going to be. I agree it began that don't have that he earned a front that is rush the quarterback. Eight mile an hour the 49ers defensive front BC DeForest balked Mary C Solomon Thomas. You see Eric Armstead now I know the jury's still allowed on him but Rubin Foster if he's not in trouble with the law looks like a pretty good you know I just named four guys in the front seven they've got. Pretty good upside and I think if you're looking at a team building in the right direction defensively the niners are one of them and I think the 49ers. We're not nearly as that's the niners at times excelled defensively in ways the offense wasn't able to excel. And we are all joke and like all man talk about the Shanahan and his offense Roberts Alice go to a better job coach in the Asian candidates. So I it's just I. Appreciate your call man appreciate your call but I think Richard Sherman would not have joined a team that he knew he'd end up be. Paula this don't you think Sherman's pride fool enough to not sign up for a team he thought for sure would be embarrassed by Seattle two times a year. If the merger Germany signing up to have Russell Wilson kick his asked two times a year now no way. Things just got more interesting in the NFC west for sure John John in Oakland when he got John John. Should OK parent of first time long com have been long on this American union OK I can thank you. Are as one does output bits of their main. What's the name Crabtree going to be it is. It's crippling ought to become an assignment life and then I had to leave it vividly clearly NFC where. You billionaire is it going to be going you know let how am I wrong I'm greater bamboo it. Thanks so much understand and you could go on the 182 I think we motor graders were strong Opel and the public when they conveyed through. Our actually they won't be from Oakland much longer so the more things Jason more than stay the same. I had an event that is true. But I want to say and I loved loved and so normally goes. Thank you John John I do appreciate it really really do. You know did. The thing with Richard Sherman is that you've just got to believe it'll be good enough locker room influence a good enough on field coach a good enough presence around the team. Could talk this defense into being better than it was in the past. That's the hope of hope I think for the 49ers. Having a true leader inside that locker room which is really lacking. Experienced veteran defensive leaders. And hopefully he'll be guiding voice. No doubt about it. But they need to number one corner and hopefully he will be that too. If not in year one in year two I know that he's got an awful lot of incentive built into this deal to be good right away we'll see if he can do it if his body will allow. 8889579570. Is the number much more coming up including Tim Roy but we will re join. We rejoin you know we will we we will join you would John Clayton how about that. Next he's a hall of Famer he's in Camden and he's on nine to 57 the game right after this. On 957 victory. It's great to have you along with us tonight thanks so much for choosing the name and her show only choose to bring you the very best and brightest one weekend. And we choose to bring you John Clayton right here and now he's in the hall of fame in the writers' wing he's one of the best football writers of all time. Beyond that he is based in Seattle his knowledge of Richard Sherman is firsthand. Working knowledge of Richard Sherman. On field off field the two of them have quite a relationship. No better gas to offer you today. Then John Clayton. Don't excellent thank you very much Richard Sherman and 49 uniform a look most people would have to see it before they really believe it John what it's gonna happen. Did you think that the 49ers were gonna go after him aggressively. I thought that they would because it made sense particularly knowing that it's the same defense that. The Seahawks have and they've been obviously trying to get some young cornerbacks and and ritual would be a nice fit because again he can help teach a lot of the guys. What's going to be there and you knew that they were gonna be trying to bit heavy I think country remain content to a nice start to think okay. Can they get a veteran cornerback they can also be a teacher for some of the young corners and took first they reach out there I keep to leave and try to make that trade me he says no so he ends up going down to the rams. And then now the next move parliament on Friday British German POP3. And so it's like OK let's work on now when they've makes the bee line to get down there so they can have dinner with Alcan and on Thursday. Did you kind of say okay this worked for a couple different ways one I think Richard the most being on the West Coast he gets to come back to the LA area where. He was and college that works out and then secondly it's a chance to play twice against the Seahawks. It's a little bit of vengeance. I think spite and anger are valuable chips on this guy shoulder he plays through them. I think his vocal presence around a young secondary should be very very valuable for the 49ers do you think you signed with them out of spite. For the money or do you think he really fancy easier to Oceana handing drop below is a future playoff decision. Not taken to understand that the main key is studies things. As much as I I've seen any other player is very Smart in how he does business and he's very Smart and how he tries to do things on the field. Because again he's gonna be one of the most prepared guys out there and so I think it you'll want he had the first make sure that he studied a lot of things so he could do the right thing in his mind and a contract and then secondly he had the study you know one thing that I can tell you from knowing him so well. He's not gonna go to the community doesn't buy in for the quarterback so clearly he body did you make a rock below as being a quarterback that he thinks is going to be very good. And so that was check number one Czech number two is trying to get the feel for what. John Lynch is doing along with the count Shanahan I think he was happy about that he could he would subpoena on the rise and so and he could recognize. That that things are on the rise from what he wants to Seattle so vet checked the box medal of the matter try to seek. What he could do contractually. And at least with the incentives that that he was able to get in the instead of way to deal. It was better than it is to get in Detroit or going back to Seattle or any other spots like Green Bay. And so they'll you look at it and say okay let's get this thing done and now he's happy to be a forty niner. The hall of Famer John Clayton joining us on 957 game John of all the characters you've covered. How much economist Richard Sherman being in your own backyard. Thought a lot because of it that they how much you're gonna miss him as a I won what was that the key caps an award for broadcasting here in the Seattle area. And the first guy that demand the one guy I want it and edit my present her with Richard German. Richard Sherman did that and he did that for me. That's how much respect to meet one of the most respected players I've ever been around and I have been doing this stuff for a long time he spoke it will and it press conferences like said. Duet the awards banquet. Is that he's smarter than everybody in the room I mean were you can't requested the people. That aren't as Smart as him but he's also greatest that the media and a great player. What are people saying in Seattle about bringing to end the legion of boom. It's hard to because again it's like I'm sure the same thing when the 49ers started to break up after the Jim Harbaugh era is that. You get used to the success and now it may not be in the air put whatever period of time and it may be a short period of time but. It you know it it's kept breaking up what Connecticut he's been involved in some of the greatest plays in seahawk history they've been able to get disk into the suitable for two years. And so that becomes very difficult. For everybody in this county kind of justified but unfortunately. Things happen like this and time moves on. John Clayton joining us here on the Damon per show so if you're John Lynch what is your next move now I look at the draft that's coming up I look at free agency and upon John when John just think in meat and potatoes meat and potatoes. Protect the quarterback may be indulged in one wide receiver somebody to be in new Lamborghini or Ferrari in your offense but a I'm go on fat and sick in the middle found someplace if Hamas if I'm John Clayton if I'm double edged the rest of the way. Yet but the quit now half. Happens is that the money they say could I think they were gonna probably get true main jobs and but I was going to be a battle between Cleveland. Oakland and the 49ers. And so by paying the nine million dollars this year purse Sherman perspective the more of a budget to be able to go ahead and maybe taken a little more dollars for a wide receiver whether it's going to be. Sammy Watkins Alan Robinson you named receiver they're gonna go after but I think they'll come up with one there and then clearly the try to do something on the offensive line. Trying to get one spot there. And we'll see what else I mean I don't know they're going to be able to get an edge rusher that's a possibility and then they have to decide it's going to be Carlos Hyde or another running back but I think they'll they're gonna. Need to try to come out of this with three or four starters they've already got one and Richards German. So that put them down to three but I think it's still makes some very active could again they have the draft they can help things out. And then of course now they have free agency they can also help some other things out but they can really do well on both. Alan Robinson you brought up his name I think that's a good target for John Lynch also brought up Watkins watched it's always been a little bit of an under performer Robinson and over performer coming off an injury if you're the GM which liberty you pulled John. I've got to get all the Alan Robinson because when you really think about Sammy Watkins. You know he. We need to give it the ball doesn't come to him he does tend to complain and I know do and sidelined on a seahawk ram game I want you want behind me he'd probably six times. Frustrated that he wasn't getting the Balkans is just going deepened being equal rights and that of course remember this is about a week after he apologized to buffalo fans. We're complaining about knocking the ball on Buffalo's what does he do after the game he tweeted out how frustrating was not getting the ball at the and so it's like that. You know you kind of wonder. Bill can't he handle not being as active as he had a lot of receivers are like that and work on the sideline to get to see that but that. They don't like about Alan Robinson and a similar vein wouldn't. Which you saw with Richard Sherman is that he may be O come in and a little bit of a discount because he's coming off an ACL and it may be more of a one year deal structured. At least for a little bit more money that Richard the structure is similar type away as Sammy Watkins I mean it looks like which Jacksonville kind of wanted to jump in there. That number is gonna probably sore but I think they can get Robinson's. At a reasonable number. Ndamukong Suh gonna show up on the radar or is that just too much of a cap it you would wanna will re. I just wanna be dolphins part two where your spend way too much on the. Yet as a unmake remember they got somebody first round investment in the defense of wind they needed edge rusher more than they do it deepened to pack also. It's who's gonna come on the West Coast and it's either going to be more Oakland or Seattle. That it is going to be the San Francisco 49ers. So the rams were obviously very aggressive tweaking their defense and if our defensive player I'd wanna go play for Wade Phillips to I think that that really led to lead but to want to go to the rams Marcus Peters is obviously got to be excited about that too how much if any. Where the rams moves. Contingent on Jimmy Rob Lowe is now presents twice a year. I think what comes out is that the weight once a deep sense as. Good quarterbacks like he had in Denver can remember he had three video Chris Harris junior develop into Pro Bowl caliber corner along with the key to leave and have Bradley Roby. And so the idea who weighed defense is that you have two corners that can check people bound which he had in Denver now he has put the rams. Now it gives them an extra guy that he used to blitzed. Is that a defense that didn't have great stats last year is going to move up because now it's gonna be hard for anybody to patrol on those two guys because they're so good. So no I think more than a matter drop below it was a matter just trying to get that much on defense the satisfied wade. 49ers have a ton of money to spend here the raiders really don't and they'll have even less to spend. If an extension for colonial Mac becomes realized here in the next few weeks so. Having a draft class to sign and little money to play with what do you see Jon Gruden and Reggie McKenzie looking at or four in year one. Well first they go to C about the running back position if they're gonna keep Marshawn Lynch and obviously the biggest thing is what didn't happen last year. It was concentrate more on defense because your reverend free agency the only defensive player that was signed was still Lawny Jenkins took a one year one Millen didn't even make the team. So they need to really get some things in on defense right now. And we've gone back to the beginning we've come full circle I love going full circle. Whereabouts go full circle on the Golden State Warriors because the man the myth the legend that is the warriors play by play. Extraordinary is Tim Roy and his good enough to join us here on 95 cent in the game all warrior against brought you by GBL headphones. You officials sounded the NBA it's him believe it or not they've lost two and around the sky is falling right. Again the guys on our deplore this thing out. It's. You know it's it's early this. This story and a professional sports that your. Banged up in the Al lot of key people out and they aren't aware and they played here you know one unit playing really well for the split and it really I lull and then Minnesota has a lot of weapons so. Not truly unexpected. But did they get good is it because it easily won both games. That is Carroll ran out of gas there at the end that margin of error. Those five guys out news razors that. Yeah and there's no doubt who they were incredibly shorthanded in both of the losses. We don't even say back to back losses very often I mean I remember win streaks that used to be more than 210 my memory goes back and a little further than that. But there's one thing that is obvious in that the NBA is gonna have zero mercy on the Golden State Warriors while they're suffering and putting themselves back together. And let's credit both Portland and Minnesota two playoff bound teams in last you know there are sky should start falling and boy you lose three in a row you could go from. A third seed out of the playoffs in the west it's packed so tight. But those are good teams and you had some virtuoso performances first by Daimler alert McCollum certainly gets. A side note is there and then Carl Anthony talents man. That that's like watch in the future. Yeah the ears so skill. He can do basically whatever he wants to can spot turret three he can take you inside here in the data. Shot on during LaMont in the second half making it a little spit on them under a on the baseline. That was just on unstoppable treatment it is perfectly. And he gets nailed it so yeah that that that's a really talented team they're in and that not Tom Thibodeau to you know that that it's not a grind it out to at defensive type came in and so. But they can score and let me get Jimmy Butler back would be better defensively and it will be a team that your doctor really. A wreck it was hectic in the postseason but but it Nike sells Kelley and you know. I floated this idea out with Jim Barnett on the air on Sunday what's that. You know maybe finishing that you see you really don't know a whole it being the one seat attitude he's going to be better. Other than maybe facing Houston in the lecture carrots finals and not having home court. Because the one seed could theoretically. Have a cup per draw that the two seed because of the way the west is you know packed welcoming. It will let acre spacing yes San Antonio in the first round Oklahoma City maybe in the second round and then used that could be your draw this year it's really great. It is it is what do you attribute such a a close stacking of playoff teams and seeds to I. I know if this were happening in the NFL would be complaining about parity in the game doesn't have. Dominant teams anymore runaway and that is certainly not how the NBA's been billed we were told time and time again that the warriors it ruined the NBA apparently not. Well you know it's funny because all these teams were talking about Houston. Oklahoma City maybe not San Antonio has much to Houston loaded up this year she can map. Apple lawyers Oklahoma City. Decided they were not gonna come back with just Russell were an end. At peace is so laboring in Georgian and Carmelo Anthony you to not said hey. We were pretty liberal or you're healthy last year but we need to be better shot debris and ruby Owen and make that deal Ramirez had a attached here or. So I'm. So like this ticket it's. It it it's it's say it's a result of teams time. You know gearing up for the for the battles that are harder to be the last and it maybe if you like Portland who had a markets last year. There's a year older and a year that are so. But managed inched its it's it's really a you know I guess. Unselfishly. A look at from the war airport abuse it here in the postseason and they're ballot for one or two seat but but watching the rest of the west on nightly basis is just loads of. Yet at a town scoreboard watch who's never been this more. It as interesting as it is right now in the NBA the man with the voices Tim Roy joining us here on 95 cent in the game play by play voice of the warriors and I'd like you to use your voice to reach the warriors in terms of urgency. Are they playing with a not ten I know that. Just recently. It's who's available conversation. In terms of being men down but. Are the warriors. Have been pretty relaxing days at school all year long it it is a it's something that they can afford to be. But I'm officially now tired of hearing about flipping the switch like wind stepped comes back healthy. When they are not five men down to go on a road trip like that's when I expect this switch to be flipped no moral searching on the on the bedroom wall for the slight switch like. I wanna see it before game one of the playoffs just if nothing else to remind the NBA. This is the scariest team out there. Yeah I think you'll see that I think they're they're they they are signs that they are starting to do that. Before the injuries they are getting off to better starched they're getting working with a lead which we haven't seen them do too much. They didn't isn't since the January 1. So there were assigned to lists starting to come together I I think when they get everybody back I think we'll see that China and and I I think they will start. Just to play good to date to the incredible level of which we have seen. If it hasn't been that way this year I don't you know in retrospect we probably shouldn't have expected it to be that way and each year every but. But yeah your right at it when they get back it is go time you know we're we're mid march now and where mark the way to the playoffs so it is it is time star rating. The level of play. To where you know we want to. Establish yourself. As the team everybody has to be in the last dictate its they have forgotten it or they're like Houston and think they are located at the. I like Houston's frisking in some not know what I. You know there are a bit and and they're playing with an incredible amount chops lips. You know we got by the social or love they are there addition to their defense of guys sure they had three guys that make him a better defense routine ride away. And you know they'd they'd feel right now that they're the best team going in and ill they got that stricker in the NBA they probably should feel that way. But I I stage. I still say. That would error probe Lotto and Edwards. Some of the trauma took about east and I hate I truly wonder. It's in the back of their mind they really believe that that they can beat them or go back to those two losses. The lawyers what was on opening night and opening night kidnapping trickled it the last play well. And then the other game. Was that. The that would orders were throwing the ball all over the gym. And still had a chance to win a kindred. Soul. I still like the warriors chances in the equations and still they yelled at GDP pot. I think it's great that that he's in error and the need at this greats each and get a ticket it provides that story like that trauma that ask. That the championship team I think always each out. Steps absence. I think does a better job reminding everyone of his value almost as much as his performance to at times. There's no question. That. Yup if you watched the warriors play without scouts. That it it's geez he's the the catalyst he's alarmed that creates all lists streaks and chase an addict but the warriors will caught another changed. You know he's that guy and and and yet they're just a different team without. Any place thirteen at that point why. It's it's it's early in its early incredible and and still we again we get squarely watch every night we sometimes that they we need to be reminded just how. Really special how really good here because these they'll want to elect a type player at his calendar. Yeah I'm looking forward to seeing stepped back on the court they've got two games at home this week Wednesday the lakers Sacramento Kings on Friday. Might we see staff returned in either of these games. You know I and they they said it was a mile week that it was in Beijing. That was gonna require weeks I think some moral is that they they get. He reevaluated. A tactic. Expert who they wait basketball today like you. But by Nobel didn't evaluate tomorrow so I'm pretty sure will a year ago he's just a status report onset tomorrow as well. How was your day of zen away from the NBA. In particular security you know we had. The only colossal weird stretcher three games during an update and daylight savings turn into fruit and so I was at a pop up and sleep in and you know watched a couple things that that that were not basketball related in any. So it yeah sure you need to do that once audio that you its option absolutely. And even not ending just you know dramatically. What is Tim Roye power watching do you have a Netflix series is there something you're just cranking through season after season. We know. I don't let trying to really do that during seat impersonate but but I am. I am gonna try to attack. Homeland I think this summer that I haven't gotten me I have watched it and everybody watch this worked so. I think that's going to be the one that I'm watching except during that. This piece and I love the black last. Love the blacklist I think that this really creative show. To be doing next up. Timmy do a nice job with everything you do for the warriors it was good to hear you over the weekend has been a lot of time in a car listen to a lottery yeah. Wish they'd been wins but you know you're not responsible for that the call is all you do and you do it so well thank you so much for joining us. It. It is always a pleasure to talk to its android thank you so much Tim for joining us. And when we come back we got time for just one more segment and I have not used his initials. All day today but I feel like I have to use them next to talk about how. Break rules are. And OJ. Great to have you along for the ride tonight thanks so much hopefully you're getting home in time I know it's all mass the a little rainy out there don't you worry town in two dollar and up next they got you until 11 o'clock tonight so. It would really have to be storming for you to not get home until 11 o'clock but just in case we got you covered right here on 957 game they're both coming up next. There were two guys on my TV this weekend that I really didn't expect to see. I gotta be outside and expect to see Richard Sherman be picked off by the niners as fast as he was beaten so I guess it's three guys that wasn't expecting to see. One got there wasn't expecting to see came out of nowhere was certainly a pleasant surprise packet Tiger Woods golf off. Don't tell me tiger being back on the course doesn't matter here's some numbers. Ratings for the final round of the 2017. Masters. Seven point six minutes final round masters that's going to be a big number it's a matter mean Gionta Whitley and Alina plane in the final. Two pairings like eight you could be shooting. Twelve it's on the last hole we'd be watching cause it's her final round of the masters. The US open got a three point six rating the British Open a 3.2 of the PGA 83 point six. How many people thought Valspar was a location not a sponsor raise your hand if you thought Valspar is a city that you would not heard of before. Valspar turns out to be a sponsor it was a paint paint shop paint paint Valspar paint again aren't they barely gas. The Valspar Frick an open. Got a five point one rating better than every major bought the masters. Because tiger Tiger Woods deal. Was back in the hunt. How about that he moves the needle. Big time. You know moves the needle in a slashing like motion usually across the throat of a lovely blonde woman and possibly a waiter returning glasses. OJ Simpson. Was on my TV. This weekend. What I always act. Crazy why does Al was that let me die if fox you all are something. You know are a precious little gift. That keeps on giving I guess at all times OJ Simpson and his. If by hypothetically. Murdered my wife and her friend here's how I would've done it in her view from. Look at this way the interview is from so long ago HDTV hadn't been invented because they had the box the interview on both sides. 2006 that was weird that was creepy that was basically an admission of guilt he totally dated are you freaking kidding me. I don't understand how this man is walking tree. I what double jeopardy I don't know the animal and it's I don't know deal I don't know how good people in the stated that it would have ever pardon his guy. Even though it was in jail for something else he still had a 33 year old bid sounds like natural life to mean sounds like he might earned it let's just say on Pryor's. And that's the way the legal system's not supposed to work but this guy did it. Poll oh my god it. And then to see him talk of you talk about Charlie this imagination Charlie Charlie is either you do. Having schizophrenia or eight years it. Like the only way OJ could possibly played the last. Twenty years the way he did was if he were absolutely. Is. Socio Patton. Which is a total possibility Horry who's a father trying to protect his son. Either way it's the wrong thing to do but one I can at least wrap my mind around. Him being a socio path the way that he told his interviewer the very end the interview that she didn't think you are gonna like me when this whole thing started now you do. Whitley I'm glad you brought we are talking about this they would Whitley who's producing for Al bee today did a great job thank you Whitley we were talking about this before the show started. Of all the creepy moments in that I've forgotten about that one and it stayed with her stays with me manipulators big guy eighty's yeah he's horrible he thinks what the right smiled at toothy grin oil twinkle in his IE can convince anyone that he is a good well he got away with murder double murder. Un believable I can't believe that was on TV last night. I'm disappointed in myself for watching and I swear to god I dread turned it weighed every commercial break there was nothing else on it was happens interest things like that when it that's story sucks everybody in our. Op some denounce and let me tell you one more thing that happened this weekend and I was. Happy to not watch because I wanted to maintain a healthy life balance work relationship. The NCAA selection show one of my absolute favorite shows of the year has been so horde out Rwandan pastor guys that I could not watch I did not watch an all precincts have reported. That shows sucked they ruined it. We're gonna talk about how the FBI mated major teams bubble burst a little bit later on this week's Saint Mary's and your feel like your bubble burst yet no FBI investigation. You also got no stones from your head coach who clearly said don't schedule anybody outside the state of California are outside in my nonconference schedule that would raise an eyebrow Saint Mary's didn't play anybody and that's why they ain't Manson. Shame on Randy Bennett for doing that to his seniors and his team schedules some wine. Schedules some wine. Meanwhile. Indiana ruins another march for me. Not even going to the N ninety. Good no I don't wanna not wanna see another minute out and I never wanna see Josh new Kirk Ron point for Indiana ever again and so concludes the personal vendetta portion of tonight's show. I wanna say thank you. I wanna say thanks very much to Whitley like I said do when a great job donut for LB today she got an assist from Nash who did a great job is our intern today. Alain. Blue home vick's all. Men single coolest CC bowl many speak as always. We have mama Zhu Zhu the voodoo doll getting it done today. Ward off all evil spirits warden off laryngitis which were so happy you were able to do we're sorry that we mr. birthday. Last Friday but it's good to see it today hi I'm not happy to be back thank you it is a great to be back thank you very very much for. Rising. As one. Like oracle she roses line and got back to work with the laryngitis. She put the toss and on the Jai Lewis and she was fine. We wanna say thanks so much to the hall of Famer John Clayton to Adam Caplan and to Timberlake for joining us today will be back tomorrow at 3 o'clock. No spring training baseball know warriors game bumping us before or after our normal hours. Full four hours tomorrow we're looking forward to that hopefully you war two thanks so much for your full attention let you know Italian tiller coming up next in the meantime remember. Sports don't build character. They reveal. Back back. I wasn't on the niner bandwagon gone then why not reward.