DB Show - 3 - Fortenbaugh Friday: Warriors Spurs, DPOY, NFL schedules

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, April 20th

Damon is joined by Joe Fortenbaugh for Fortenbaugh Fridays. Joe, Damon, and Gianna talk sports and goof around.


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So you see your family. Equipment is wonderful to have you very good kisser that thank you very much Jian. Our pal Joseph important bar hanging out with a us here on affordable off Friday. The day after the warriors go up three nothing Golden State. Has now won nineteen of his last when he playoff games overall which is tied for the 20012002. Lakers for the most wins in a twenty game post season stretch. Not bad not bad for a team that was trying to find its own legs before I got underway here. Very impressive win last night if it wasn't the most impressive game it felt a little odd obviously the game had quite a Pall hanging over it with the passing. Of Erin Popovich but it was a win that the warriors needed they got in Joseph I think you're an iron agreement. That this poppy is is now over in San Antonio. Will probably go through the motions in this one more than we seen any spurs team go through the motions in 21 years is. Urged basketball they've got to be crushed emotionally the upside for the spurs is that you might be able to keep it close by about half but nobody. Nobody does third quarters like the mostly warriors it's like the greatest secret in Vegas over the last four years batting third quarter lines. On the Golden State Warriors. They dominate the third they own the third I don't know what they do at the half. But they are so bankable coming out of that locker room and you've seen in every single game against San Antonio they have crush them. We have not in this series at any point. Gone into the fourth quarter with any sort of drama whatsoever. Need I say or dare I say this is been the most boring series the first round and it's not meant as disrespect to the team it's just. If your looking for a national platform they're allowed a series you can sell. This one. At people I've just checked out its old hat the warriors are dominating in the first round once again what is the best series so far. It's going to end up as you talk OK I agree I agree to so far so we need my particular Donovan Mitchell. I'm diminished Mitchell's nasty not rookie of the year though he's not gonna win repeatedly should be if we were using words for what they really meant. I know the NBA's gotta on those are she suffered not embarrassing myself with Simmons you know it and you just trolling now Simmons is fantastic but you have to. Forget. What rookie means in order to say he's the rookie of the year you have to completely. Distort. The word for him to fit. Your argument is that Mitchell should be the rookie of the year because of the definition because it's not a year defense and it's got a watch. The NBA up close. Cash paychecks lived NBA lifestyle get NBA coaching watch NBA film sessions. Learn how to travel learn how to pack learn how to get to the airport learn how to take a spore game Brody. Like Donovan Mitchell well. What are you thinking college we delineate true freshman from red shirt freshman. 'cause one ain't the same one got the practice and look for a full year getting ready mentally preparing. Experiencing all that is college to Q who comes in register for classes. And then goes knocks down game winning shots that's a freshman. A rookie is a guy who is in his first go around in the NBA have you ever been on team charter before. This summer rookie as his dog team charter every charter of the big dog 82 games last year. I don't disagree with you. But he's not the rookie of the year by the definition. You're argument is that the NBA over the wording of Daryle Ward I made that very same case last week on air I agree would you Simmons is not a rookie. Rookies. Rookies get paid. He got paid last year it's a great argument. But that's not. Reality reality. Is that then Simmons is a rookie he's fantastic and now trying to put Simmons up against Mitchell and 8000 com quotes and beat in the sixer out of finals. Magic Johnson parts it. Magic Johnson part to look at his numbers this season he's almost averaging a triple double against Miami in his first ever playoff series. I don't know if they get there I'd love to see they do but at some point having the youth might catch up to that I just don't know who's gonna get Eagles. Nova sixers. Philadelphia burns down right there. I'm Tanya it's it's one of the more exciting professional sports cities right now based on what their trotting out they had been garbage since pretty much 102010. When the giants ended it for the Phillies. But now that took look at that they've got some excitement I think is what right now would be the ultimate NBA finals ratings booster if your Adam silver. And you can have your choice of any two teams that are active in the playoffs and everyone still alive yeah who would you want the finals for the for the ultimate breaks warriors caps. You do you do you really think people would want the fourth installment of LeBron because I'd I think there's some truth to that but I don't know how far people are gonna go with that. LeBron James is the number one basketball story on the planet not named the Golden State Warriors that's of course the first ever met four times in a row NBA finals. I think that would be huge to 76ers are great story. The process has been trusted now's paying off some dividends. That is young team on the comment you cannot beat the Golden State Warriors I think you wanna be the Philadelphia 76ers right now. Mr. LeBron James is still the sun. In the Sumpter of our solar system. His light in his heat warm the entire NBA. And there is nobody. The people would tune into watch either succeed or fail more than LeBron to scrape point. It's great point I wouldn't say you're wrong I I wonder how many people how many fringe fans would be interested in seeing this yet again but you're right by the time. If we get to the finals if he's able to put them on his back that means he gets through Indiana he goes through Toronto maybe cans of going through Philly by that point the hype is very real but. I'm wondering how many people wanna see another one and at and you make an excellent point about the sixers being on the comment everything else is going on. I think that highlights the level of pressure that the warriors are going to be facing to win this title because take a look at the state of the NBA. Quite Leonard's probably gonna get moved in the offseason LeBron is going to be out there bogeys going to be out there Chris Paul's gonna be out there Paul George is gonna be out there. The sixers are on the rise did jazz the nuggets that T wolves are on the rise the rockets are still gonna be legit. Boston's gonna have Irving and Hayward back they can make a play on carried the sixers at the assets to trade for Tyreke. Everything that's out there right now the NBA is going to be even nastier next season I pretty nasty and if the warriors are going to win another title. This year they're gonna place even less value on next year's regular season which they placed on this year's regular season. Which is essentially valueless they place no value on this regular season. That's going to be tough to turn around and sell. In passion February meeting with grizzlies excitement next year really is at a round we kicked that around on the show if they win the title this year. Where did they finished seeding wise at the address regular season in the Western Conference they're dishonest cop or a comfortable three or four. You still think they get there even if they just completely checked out which you know what happened during the regular season I still think they got roll out of bed and when 55 talent com hot I'd I can't disagree that's I would say this is the think that the pelicans are going to be a serious threat. By the way what is the worst NBA finals match up would be the ultimate ratings disaster pelicans pacers. I'm try I'm wondering what that factor is with Toronto how many people care about a team that is even Americans Toronto. That would be a problem too I think you're right but at least still have that eastern seaboard tune in and Adam major market I don't know how that counselor ratings on all why. Did you find it weird that hard in. Ranked ninth in Jersey sales. You just did you find that strange staff again dominates at one vessel surprises me now LeBron to. Kevin Durant three we get it but if part of the front runner for the MVP he's on the team with the best record he's a major market. Shouldn't he have a Jersey that ranks higher then yes IPs behind pour zinni gets her cry Allah. Well we know that there's one Jersey hanging in the strip club to arrest them I don't know anything about act act. But it is surprising it is surprising because it is his breakout year but. The way I would. The reason why I'm really not surprised about Harden is the reason why am surprised step Currie in the broadest look. The bronze fifteenth your stuff Curry's ninth here. How do you not have won their jerseys by now if you do if you if you wanted to one you would have had won by now right I mean the Brady factor Brady's always got a high selling Jersey these. Brown forever right but did but the NBA you know they crank out all these alternate jerseys. Brady phenomenons amazing it's like there's a home Jersey there's an away Jersey is a color roster is it looks just like the homer away Jersey have fun with that. At least there's seven different Seth Curry warrior jerseys to go by Agassi could make that argument for the cast. I guess you could make the argument that this year switching to Nike made everyone who wanted to be fashionable go out and get out. Up to date on the red boy older player that you might have already had your closet. I'm everyone in Cleveland burn this guy's Jersey at one point somebody needed a new one by the way LeBron is right underneath only deep all right there you wanna talk. Did Lola people does that work and I was halftime. Cubs tickets I see all the people walking in the total might. Nevermind it's halftime 5740 cavaliers you know what part of the factors of heart and I think a couple people told me this on Twitter. Pardon has no street ball cred in the sense that he's always trying to get fouled and get it to the line. There's no style and that you know people the the thing with staff knocks down three people like that the thing with KB. Everything about those peak those guys style of play. It translates it translates to a wide. Variety of people hardened style of play were he's trying to get fouled he's trying to get to the line that doesn't translate over to a lot of the basketball community. I'm not sure that's necessarily the case as to why he's Jersey ranks where it does. But a couple people waited with that I thought it was fascinating it's right who who who gets behind that style of play constantly find your way to go I would love free throws me ask you it if and and obviously this would take the warriors losing at some point here and not winning the NBA finals but at the rockets went on to win the NBA finals. Would hardens Jersey shoot. To the top three. Top five I don't know about top battery. Top five for short now he'd be up there it is across as likable either Dina I mean except creek is comes across as really great nice likable guy like I think everyone kids adults all kind of are on board. Hard and I think it'll really loved the game 21 Hart injured there's not a mother not just I am. Would be against buying their child a staff curry right. Right like you know you're not getting church child into trouble when badgers beat you back in the day if you boy can abroad mean Jersey or Rasheed Wallace writers he'd ever probably an issue that would come from now if you're seven year old really wanted to date pacer Stephen Jackson junior seven year old go on the strip club tonight mobbed I don't rod. The global footprint to the warriors have vs the rockets I'm sure there's gonna be that factor well Alitalia. The only other team is far is the Far East goes that is as popular probably. As the warriors and lakers in China and Japan is the Houston Rockets remember Yao Ming opened up the east to them. And it's still their open for brisk business the rockets are huge international. It's a great point. That's a report that's all I do is make great points out it's it's good to have you here today so much for coming on by a completely I've got so much to still get into our final hours here Rick tibbles gonna be by in about an hour from now for a little. These so walks the pregame that is coming up tonight. The giants have called up Matt Williams and there's a reason to pay attention and it might just some margin makes his season debut tonight and they're taking on. The oats honey sensation. Of showing a Tommy down in Anaheim of Los Angeles of Anaheim in Southern California. Interesting compelling must watch baseball or is it too early in the year to you be sucked into a series with the giants struggling for runs even though Japanese neighbor it's waiting for them. It'll be on. And I'll be probably more tuned in this and I have been the Arizona series fresh give you that deal tiny things Arizona series by the I'm slipped back into a stroke that's how it has passed. Budget and the best stroke of the entire series for the giants did anyone who went out of the infield but Brandon belt is nice in my someone out. Two out show real tiny shell. Show that Michelle had a hey I got away. Show hey whenever they have whenever he's played for two weeks right put some timing in them home all make sure we get it right a funny sign it hit a oh timing. Think about this oats honey is the most popular player on a team. That has. An individual. In his prime who will eventually go down as a top five baseball player of all time. Mike Trout isn't even the most popular player on his own team anymore. That's what fascinates me out I love old Tommy being with the angels because it's going to draw more attention to Mike Trout. Trout is an all timer run all. Higher labor wrecked his trajectory is through the roof when it's all said and done. He's gonna be a top five baseball players all generation's Mickey Mantle that's exactly and he's not even the story down. You know not even close to the story it was also start to feel that I. I don't matter like I used to end and look he's been getting old in front of our eyes who knows how old he really is. Did you album Poole also so Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Anaheim social Tony a tonic and I think it's it's. It's amazing to see that Albert Pujols. Basically carries now the marquee swagger of Toby Tomlinson. Don't know an afterthought due to how much is left on that you'll as well. It's not is it the right or close to the end of that deal no I heard there's only like seven years and 322. Million left insane amount of money that still left I think reasonably it's four or five times thirty I mean like a hundred mil is still sit out there. He's not even what I mean you knew what that was signed it was gonna end up being a good deal. And that's why you're seeing baseball transition to cardinals all odds in now exactly. It's my god I got to bring those numbers because it blow your mind how much is still it's Albert well you know somebody says here in the text on you know Mike Trout is as boring as quiet Leonard. C. I'm not gonna do I'm not gonna agree or disagree with that I couldn't eat it Mike Trout talked to me called myself on right now on is like. Damon I don't. Like who is this. We don't like Trout sounds like that's a problem for Major League Baseball I couldn't spot Mike Trout voice and acquire a good. And who knows what he sounds like you tell me the guys boring when at a time divers and a microphone in front of his face precisely you know it's boring Anaheim. That's I mean that's what Mike Trout. And his lack of verbal dexterity is not hurting my Trout. Anaheim's hurting my try it Mike Trout or New York Yankee you'd hear a lot more about him that are presented other if showing on top. Were New York Yankee. Forget it there would be no other player discussed. I'll say this for as much heat as the giants have taken this year. You do kind of have the brought the idea that baby it turned out to be a good thing state it ended up here. He does not look like he likes the big stage he struggling in a big way in all this isn't a big stage. What I mean Major League Baseball to AT&T park and it's fantastic but if you think the pressured AT&T park is tantamount to pressure in the Bronx decries a great. Agreed but if he can't handle that if that's too much for him and this is going to be an issue think about how much you have invested in that dude over the next decade. Maybe just maybe the giants sidestep the potential problem there not because of the pressure but because he just can't live up to the expectations. That stock was purchased at its absolute. Hi SO one voice I mean he threatened sixty already 59 last year you weren't gonna look acquire him and then get in the kick into another gear. The right time to buy bitcoin wasn't when it was trending on Twitter at the picnic here's they would bitcoin I walk in the old office and everyone around me was asking mean talking to me about bitcoin you knew you weren't buying it back when 957 the game interns are discussing bitcoin shipping say. The ship is sailed it is gonna have fun would that we got to get to the other big news that came out yesterday we have NFL schedules obviously raiders at the niners November 1 a Thursday nighter are you happy with the placement of that game I'm not I am I am I did not want it anywhere near. That Monday night doubleheader to open the season I'll agree with that because that second half now it's great to the raiders are gonna host the rams that's going to be a blast for raider fans from a national perspective when the niners and the raiders meet. I want it to be on the big stage for everybody that's second half. Money and a double lettered opened the air the East Coast tunes out its starts a little bit later you get to a point where it's. It's not as marked team because it's the start of the cesium a million different things going on kids it all back to school Labor Day weekend all that. So I love the fact that it's not too early. I would've put it in December because. I'm willing to gamble that both teams will be threatening we know you're going to gamble I might be willing to step out there and make a wager from time to time but and looking at those two I would say to myself I think mobile threatened to the playoffs I want thanking the means something I'd put it in December but November slot I'm I'm going to Thursday night that'll be. I've party scheduled the off day for the next act. Karma gotten I'm worried about everyone being in the seat in time and that's the beauty of Levi's stadium. I'm worried about the fact stands can't get all blue duck on a Sunday after know what to mean this deserves a full day tail gating not a I had to cut out of work a little bit early and I NFL game worn a vast and a tie like the this game deserve the wild atmosphere I'm off Thursday night Santa Clair is gonna get a wild atmosphere. What I do like about this game is they're gonna have their 2018 legs underneath them they will played some games they both teams have their identity. Gruden won't be. New and far is returning he will live. He will be in full on backing coaching mode by Dan Shanahan will be in the moaned I I'm I'm happy that it comes later in the season. I hate that it's Thursday night where would you put it Sunday night or Monday night. Just the public that's a Sunday afternoon or Sunday night game would denigrate or Monday nighter on its own but the thing is it's you know when you build your stadium and an office park. Monday and Thursday night games automatically suck for you period. Or point I would say that at the very least. While that's going to be enjoyable looking at the raiders' schedule. It's at Pittsburgh Sunday night game that stands out the absolute he could get that game here they get Roethlisberger Antonio Brown laid the odd bell. Coming into the Collie and you don't want. The the other fell. The raiders have taken a beating on the schedules and raider fans take it worse than anyone because they give up that home game for the international game every single year or else he's home games a year when it would Vegas. The Vegas community has supported that hockey team like none other but that is going to be everyone's destination. For the one room that's bears. The Vegas golden knights have so beaten the raiders to the marketplace. That the raiders will not be able to play that were the first team you can ever report collectively know that ship has sailed first it was UNLV now it's the hockey team. The hockey team is a local culture it'll never be a national obsession. You got dudes right now in Green Bay. Thinking about the ultimate bro down weekend in Vegas. In the middle of winter were gonna go that place is gonna be 30% home crowd fans period and it's it's it's been a San Diego. It's is any I was in C India has living at season tickets Arab the first game of the season this increasingly of this even Lowe was playing for them. The first game of the season with the cowboys 60% of the stadiums the cowboys the giants came in that your the Steelers came in that your everybody came in and took over Qualcomm. Everybody benefits she go to Mary take over the stadium to take over and MLS stadium that's what exactly but that's what Vegas is going to be you can have the community turn up treatable when it's 6065000. Seats. Everybody is gonna circle that is the road trip Philadelphia new York New England everywhere in the country is gonna have that is their show as their vacation for the raiders showed up dead on arrival week seventeen. Last year. In. What a stub hub set or wherever they play Carson whatever. And died in hand and raider fans hope that they know now didn't matter they still lost thirty to patent. Liked it was it was unbelievable a raider fans are known for taking over charger games this last year was comical. I'm wondering you know because I'm looking at the one thing that jumped out to me about the niners scheduled to the first four games. Three or on the road but it's really 21 half were on the road because you're at Minnesota vs Detroit. At Kansas City by the way you are going to two of the hardest places to win in your first three games niner fans. Then your go at the Los Angeles chargers that could be a borderline home game for niner fans if you're going to get the chiefs. Do you wanna earlier in the year when Patrick Holmes the quarterback hasn't necessarily settled into the role yet. Or do you want a later in the year when you have more tape to study Patrick my homes. I don't fear facing him in any point I'm not yet not yet. Tia. Well I mean for the sake of the conversation it was basically pick earlier late so not hearing him at all. Got a big arm he'll get a big I mean they have. They have done enough for Jeff George I was suffering. She spoke hurts almighty god that's going back and remember him on the cover Sports Illustrated everything else does back when them. She never even look at that now I mean even many didn't look at it now comes Celek and I'm much I'm not sore but Tom's son makes it work that's act. And the guy from tombstone that oldest brother. The oldest Bryant Earth's oldest brother the Graham he's got a great voice adding he does the course commercials and examples can't tell us Sam Elliot yeah. I got it makes mustache works so it makes us work Jeff George now sorry and and that combination mullet mustache it's should know I was gonna work in the NFL should know it was there gonna get it right it was on the wall and I get a Burt Reynolds. Will idea prime time question mustache Jeter is black is the trans am he was driving. Merck will must use our rental standards and then it was gives a nice stash. Let's be totally honest. You know what I week here's what is really really nice on the tax line which can be a bear to please at times Monday through Thursday you think. Oh really really enjoy our sport bar Friday phenomenon we continue to bring it to you because it is this. This is the best show you keep asking for but are never gonna get I've thought about that. I've wondered if we put together a podcast so much work. Joseph it's getting this excellent. Once a week and those that the sports we can serve as therapist for the Bay Area to we do I come to us can't do it every one dollar and how else are we going to do to. By the way speaking of great mustaches. Can we talk about who's sitting in with you next week. Although ray oh absolutely you like most issues you like tight sweaters have you got a cohost next week. Here's where this gets really interesting rat goes in for low all next week sort of basically the same. It will went with our program these guys that they could have played full back at some point program directly given us an idea didn't go and promote rattle in the morning gently as well I don't even say the least on enclosing the same and only noticed. A NN the rat. Do you don't rattle and I have literally only said maybe fourteen words to each other yeah not because there's any sort of rivalry we just we barely ever met he was in here doing some shows a few weeks ago and in passing. I was still hanging out doing some work so what this shows ended. We kind of talked jostled out in the ninth that's it what were rolling into a weekend shows me that the playoffs we got the NFL draft we've got all that next week. We don't even know each other. Well you know I could be tea. Very excited about it I still think you're gonna make it work and you're gonna have more instant chemistry that another show in the sports world that is launched to almost. Zero fanfare the worst idea ESPN has had a long time and by the way. And that's really saying something these days next colonel fort ball Friday. Now. Even sure. Except. From the Penske auto sales dot com text line hey Damon finds joy. Short Joseph fort ball would you on Friday swelled. So I believe that's why he's nice not to keep on common enemy hanging out with a son a little fourteen ball Friday we got Joseph Gionta as always Al lead with home vick's own. Food poisoning I don't be OK I've got Brussels sprouts at Everett has three chicken things that tell me. Way to get to the bunker brought us I could get sick from vegetables yellow snow maker let's not make a whole thing with. It's kind of counterproductive I think you eat vegetables be healthy. We don't want it we'll we don't wanna talk about things and make her feel funny and so we're just to you know move on little or front that I got for thirty minutes are. Annan and now let's get her to a little forts one mile trust that Tommy time. So I ever make a fifteen plus million dollar investment Joseph and have automatic. Buyer's remorse or regrets. No mine either give me fifteen million and I'm sure I can answer yes. All I can tell you right now is that if you spend fifteen million dollars on a show and your debut episode draws 283000. Viewers. You have a serious problem if your channel is ESPN. And your time slot is some mornings it's not like this is a new show is being launched on a station you never heard of need to find out. It's channel number god to water and 64 on your DirecTV. Everyone knows where ESPN is. Everyone knows they go to that watching in the morning and now no one is watching it in the morning from Sports Illustrated dot com. ESPN's new morning show get up close out its third week on the air today now three weeks is still not enough time to fully judge show. I mean Joseph we gave you wanted to three weeks or. But what it comes time for ratings the news is getting worse for Mike Greenberg Michelle beetle and Jalen Rose. Their debut episode drew 283000. Viewers today's episode or Tuesday's episode drew 233000. Viewers Wednesday pulled 200. And 43000. Viewers the show was not picking up viewers. Expected. With the NBA playoffs going on and Jalen Rose and Michelle beatle promoting their show constantly and NBA pregame still means nothing anyone the other problem for the worldwide leader is the show has no momentum no buzz. As badly shows like undisputed and first take our. Pick people are at least talking about them even if they're mocking them it still talking about them. The savages on the social media. They're not even make it fun. Of get up it's just fair. Writes this port. Peace in Sports Illustrated. Is get ups problem that the people don't like the format. Or that they don't like the hosts ESPN better find out the answers sooner rather than later because the poster making a combined fourteen and a half million dollars. And needless to say they gonna spent a lot less money than that and had this type of success or failure if you look at it like that now just. To give you an idea of what a colossal failure. Of 200. Thousand plus viewers. On ESPN news. At any point in time during afternoon drive in our broadcasting radius of like 75 miles. We had about a 130000. People to a 150000. People listening. And that is our local radio show. They are not even doubling. Our audience back to bite ESPN television nationally and I'm gonna tell you is right now I probably won't believe it. Mean Joseph G on the we are all coming to you for much less than fourteen and a half million dollars or not look as well I don't know about you. Men get mad yeah. I resent the implication that you're only doing a 130000 affordable Friday's at least a million technically. I mean I challenged it running yeah sure you maintain equipment it. And here's here's the problem. What's the format what's the whole what are they doing differently there are two things that were actually there's only one thing that works and there's one thing that strident trio. Right now with a hot take debating whether you like it or not that's what sales okay. Pardon the interruption got it started. And they did it in a classy sophisticated sort of way font then it devolve from there you had a around the horn which was nice. And then it got into the screaming match that is first take everything's gone hot and it's not enough it's got to be even higher exactly and that is what sports is now. So you put that out there and you've got some. Because that's what the market wants sadly that's what they want if you're not gonna do that. Just go back to the days of the end Patrick and Keith Olbermann highlights sports show just give you the sports because in the morning you get the kids ready. You have in your coffee put on your tight got a million things going on that in the background. I just like here in Stuart Scott you're gonna actually now right I I'm I'm consuming. Without having to pay attention initials on. We know what this is the well. Mike Greenberg has about as much edge as a bull put it right. I mean what's he going to say now what get me to react in any way shape or form I like Jalen Rose a lot I do just not this format. And as far as Beatles concerned. I mean. I've been watching her on TV for years I'm really not sure how this roll. This is that this is the best utilization in the still beatle. But this combination together Greenberg has no place on the show now there's there's not he's got Nash. And the Michelle beatle phenomenon I mean there is no Michelle beatle phenomenon she was nothing more than the girl on the channel we were watching in the first place she left Colin Cowherd. And that afternoon show that they were doing. She goes to NBC sports and they got or is an entertainment reporter within three months pulling her off assignments because it's not working no one to watching. She comes back to ESPN and gets these marquee huge jobs again. There's nothing there I mean I know she tries really really hard to be that. Aren't I the cool girl next door who likes fart jokes in wrestling and all that stuff but I don't think it plays anymore. The word is and I don't know this there's a lot of truth to this but the word is she works very well with the individuals she's assigned. There's a certain dynamic that takes place when you work with. Former athletes or you're in a male dominated industries along what the she supposedly works extraordinarily well with every once she's around I think that's why they like her because she's got that versatility she got that personality conversely. That's part of the reason according the reports my seat Steele was yanked off of that show she did not get along with everyone else famously heard Bill Simmons. Just hated each well Bill Simmons is terrible on TV he's proven that to the point where HBO said here seven million dollars a year ago produce and Andre the Giant documentary. Which was and yet I Bill Simmons is a producer on HBO about a waiter I got a quick tangent quick side street here. Which our show to be back on pins you look at that its leader nor do it's it's our show there are the real. There are worth the read. Absolutely phenomenal documentaries that are all playing on HBO right now Andre the Giant. The Zend diaries of Garry Shandling yes fund nominal your Garry Shandling thing and you have to see it. And the new Elvis documentary called Elvis the searcher comes into parts you might not have known this. Elvis was a big deal hit the I've heard a neat and I mean there's Elvis if I say Elvis. I'm saying the vast majority of us certainly those in our age group look at him. Nothing more. As the fat mocking Vegas white jumpsuit Elvis like the parity of Elvis the right Elvis impersonator. Elvis Presley the happening in real time phenomenon. Paralyze the United States of America. As much as a war does is much as famine dollars as much as. Any topic that would be a nationwide topic Elvis Presley ground every family to a screeching halt. When he came on TV the radio it was unbelievable. What a different time is phenomenal stuff like I never appreciated Elvis in July watch this documentary. Checking in terms of first names. There's Elvis there's Oprah is there anything else Madonna. That's not actually her name right Dennis I don't actually an honest to sunny. I mean united she took my little edit and no I don't honestly and not share. Not think she's not huge but just the whole. If you say Elvis. There might be one guy that things are back home right right as a criticism angry she's been out of it it's Ramadan there. Like a Michigan fan from way back in the day but I mean my favorite Elvis story. Is when he was in national. You knew we'd like to eat right he would be hammered it now. And he would get all his friends in the jump on a private plane at night and flooded Denver. For one thing it would just make these themselves they would go to Denver because there was this sandwich shop or restaurant in Denver. It made its image where an Ike's it was nice. Does not and I know Judy get this on the menu. It's a loaf of bread. It would be hollowed out. And it would be one jar of peanut butter one jar of jelly and then one pound debate. And it would cut it into slices and that's they would serve well this would fly out there bite to eat one entire one himself on the flight back and then have another one. The next that that's ball like peanut butter banana and bacon. I think it was just peanut butter out entire jar of peanut butter an entire jar of jelly a pound debate in inciting hollowed out loaf of bread. And it would do that and cut it in the slices and sold slices Elvis would be the entire thing. And then you know. Shockingly got on the play another Elvis option Elvis Costello. Now yeah okay that's good ones don't get so Elvis Costello Tuberville presently Edgar rock Andrus. Yes I have to go to our luck at as this sounds good me. I mean let's get back to why it is Michelle beetle and sage Steele oh yeah brought down sage Steele. Sage Steele tweeted about the protest at LAX when the whole black lives matter thing she was inconvenienced what when that was all taking off in its infancy. There was a huge protests in LAX. Seeds steel Hoosier by the way things. She goes ahead and tweets like. Let's appoint a shutting down is airport I need to get my next NBA game and liked it did not go well for on social media. Robert what tall black sports online she lost the culture chic. Was. Classified as on woke and that was pretty much the end differ. She got into it meego Grimes as well she day headache I had seen it yet. By the way at you do not wanna get into what would Niko price up. Don't know if you're in the gutter fast people have been waiting for a long time for you and adding a lack it's something that people are very excited about one day we knew and I really truly did gaining get into it. And we about it we both know we get old are out. I want nothing to do would meet a high pass now I have a hard pass right there there's there is no winning. Now I'll battling Nico I mean there's no way to win and help battle cry in shame. Like for sure it's inter in the shower naked after he finds out about Einhorn in Finkel Crying Game and. All right. So it's funny we're just ripping get up Adam silver appeared on get up this morning I'm gonna have to tell you about it because you weren't watching this. Darom rebel had to tweet about it for me to even know that this was said and when this gets said in a public space. It makes me wanna hang my head and cry. Because is the single worst example there are wonderful examples. Examples where you could prove that. Eliminating the one and done would be the right thing for all involved others did there's an argument to be had in both directions what's fair what's foul what's good for the kid what's good for the NBA. So fascinating topic that we're not gonna explore. Largely right now but. We do have this from Adam silver and get up talking about. Players and the future they ought to be nineteen years older one year removed from the high school to be draft eligible. Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of school Bill Gates did too and nobody told them they had to go to school would eighteen years old. They're out liars. They are not the norm that is not the norm that is not the standard bearer that is not. The best example to give. When really the best way to sum this up is well you know people who leave their educational moments. Usually end up regretting that later in life more than may embrace. The billions of dollars that they became because they happen to invent. A new medium like these two guys did. Saying that this kid should be able to go to the NBA because Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg were successful. Is about as. Intellectually devoid. Substance as you can possibly get. Also had Zuckerberg. Come up created. It inspired by however you phrase it had the idea for FaceBook prior to going to Harvard he would have had the ability to pursue that dream. You don't allow. These kids to pursue that NBA dream. You create a road barrier sucker berg didn't have a road married none of these guys had the barrier. They just more inspired to do what they did until they went to college and I don't think the reason you want these kids going to college because you want them inspired. In some way shape or form. A fascinating problem and have I do like the angle that you're seeing Germany kid's name but he was a top ten recruit who's supposed to go to Syracuse. Any pulled out. Any Senegal on goal of the G week. A little play in the G yeah. Under the spent a year in the G league and I'm gonna figure out there I'm gonna play amongst pros are gonna travel and that's what I'm gonna do rather than go to Italy rather than go to anywhere else in Europe to play basketball to circumvent the rule rather go to Syracuse summit of the geely. An image is good to see more guys follow suit that. Because they're gonna have to worry about the rules the problem with going to geely is. Those teams the parent teams don't own the rights to that player necessarily until a year down the road would rather be entering the draft so you have an incentive to necessarily play this kid. And developers kit like other G leaguers that's going to be a story worth watching what do you know why this story by eight you know I divers saw recruited by Darren Revell I am so over this so intellectually dishonest. Because. All of these guys did a year in college when they drop out. Pretty I don't think college. They didn't graduate but they did their freshman years. That's all I ask him. Is there anybody working on the get up chauffeur fifty a fourteen point five million they're not a single producer and my goal exceed your Michelle beatle Jalen rose's aired on. You know actually both those guys went to college and I wanna challenge him on Matt Cooke. And it's great point I thought the network ice other social network items in the Bill Gates movie but I saw this off that work. Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous by the way I to address this just because. Sometimes you gotta smacked a fool around to get a point across. Tex lines as Elvis really paralyze the country Damon you're turning your show into a culturally by a show shaking my head. I don't have to ask how old you are yours so young and stupid it comes right through your text he's standing right now Ottawa let me tell you. That Elvis. Singing music. That was determined black music as their work. Stop. Mixing the races the rallies happening all over America. Elvis shook racial identity. In America in the late fifties two weeks cork. Too it's Cold War. What you think Kendrick Lamar is a big deal could he won a Nobel Prize or Pulitzer whatever was. Stopping. Stop it. Elvis sold a record debt every living breathing human in the United States how many bought that Elvis record everyone all at sold. Elvis was a bigger deal then you could ever imagine an if you go ahead in you watched a documentary. You'll be texting me an apology come on. And it was is its staggering it's staggering elvis' influence. On what was called race mixing. Back in the fifties did you know a lot about Elvis prior to watching this documentary now most of my Elvis knowledge. Wise you. Mocking him culturally the fat Elvis on a toilet eat bread and butter bacon jelly sandwich is like your doctor pretty much the houses are brought to the table and yeah I have Elvis got Elvis without that Elvis stamp like I remember that happened in my lifetime albums became a stamp and they're gonna elves are battle is America voted out of office. Quietly one of the coolest under the radar. Aspects of Las Vegas used to be fat Elvis at Paris it was always a free show in the lounge it would be at like 430. Fat Elvis he leads AMP media. Any idea okay he already knew he wouldn't get any marquee slot he never had to pay for Harry is kind of right on the strip can drift right in and drift right out. It's not like some of the gaudy places where you have the long approach to go and look. All the work to get into the Venetian in or to get into the garage or Bellagio at lost on the way in Paris right there you would stumble right and you would catch that Elvis doing his thing and you would move right out so much so he inspired a don't called the battle sites. Very nice though that maybe the actual all this inspired that donut but you know Medicare are there at the moment. My single biggest biggest I miss it is the Imperial Palace. I'm like I. I love the I PV IP was sold thirty downtrodden is gone east it was awful so off brain which said. But you know what they had the best. Sports prop bets before season started stated they'd like the initial baseball over renders and made it seem like get a better book before books became a thing in Vegas. IP I miss the IP. At times there I am I first violently harassment the first Ramadan. Ontario was at yeah we know I thank you very much yeah. Yeah at a Italian guy named on. The first time I ever had that champagne. Was that Imperial Palace. What we celebrating. I was celebrating when someone sent us a bottle to table and was at the end but your girlfriend that. Seeing I didn't know they carried dobbs pat the I'd yeah I'm surprised I don't know I would surely love how young were you and I saw the bottle. It was can carry out. It's. Not allowed to get thousands of you put that on its game but it didn't exist that they sent us over the nicest bottle of the end that we've ever seen him. By the way we got some concert we have some nice shout out here saying that Damon the westward ho used to have a solid 99 cents from cocktail. Did it did Joe's just not a I'd I'd I'd heard the stories sent that I mean you can go back and today the flamingo is still holding it now. Shot of the flamingo is still yeah holding it down with a lot of that Bugsy Siegel appeal they are trying to young generation always makes a lying. To ruin it bite by turning it in the like this new hipster hangout. Get out of the bird. Get out of the bird actually called the bird you don't go to the bird. Oh dear thing at Mandalay bay go the thing of the Cosmo their beautiful places they're designed for you the birdies for the olds when you walk in there you immediately. Immediately. Feel like you have smoked a pack and have cigarettes yeah that's I mean it is just big you could damage to raise. I mean that's that's close that's on the same side of the street you can really knock off. Flamingo harrah's wild bill's gambling saloon when that was back in play which is now dreams I believe. Which would raise isn't the club in the bottom of the flaming planning now I was his golf climbing now now I've got my act used to be there and knowledge raise is any it's like wild bill's most converted into this bowl and now the rain and it's they took it out of the casino and on the unpopular now on my time it's quite lit from what I understand quite lit. As the kids say Alex Pham. X. Small I'm really happy that we sort it all this out. We had a plan showed did not meet that planned this feel like it was successful playing and and look there's a lot of things that people planned today. For Tony happens and it didn't exactly go according to plan. I've got one more thing to talk about your job julliard instead of 6:15 and I am on overtime. T I appreciate that then maybe you'll save this for 6 o'clock did you see what Anthony Rizzo said that. Baseball needs to have a shorter season monitoring unit that lies you love it. I love the fact that we're gonna get into our OK this guy I had my you know my position I never I never ever ever. Like less sports to me that's never the answer. That's never the answer to solve any league's problem let's have less sex we ice drink less alcohol and we need fewer games since her small blessing we've done for money like it just it doesn't make a lot of sense to me that something that we all agree on is enjoyable and why we're here. We've won last self. He thinks he's got a point about like just calendar not cooperating with the baseball schedules he might but. Whenever you got a guy who lives a life of opulence that we couldn't even relate to talking about how he wants the work less it just rubs me the wrong way every single time it really really does we've got an awful lot more coming up in just fifteen minutes of radio we will do that for you we will deliver it to you. We have not gone over a problem. This one topic about Rizzo yet with Joseph so we're gonna do that we are going to sprinkle and a couple of final thoughts in how. This series with a warriors is probably going to be over by the end of the weekend in what it means if there really is the pelicans waiting for them in the next round it looks like that's where we're gonna win. Do you wanna be there the answers yet. Bring that bad boy on. And we're waiting. Win a hop on the sharks bandwagon again sharks at night still TVD. Have no idea. Maybe Wednesday that series gets under way. Looking for two and a quarter is going to be nasty back and I can't rats the series right there between those two both are cooking right now. It's gonna be good hockey it's gonna be good playoff hockey we've got one more segment left we will make it worth your time stay right here. On 420 a little Ford boss Friday and the day membership. View is focusing on the fifteen hill Golden Gate Park for twenty celebration you'd think it was a little foggy in San Francisco today. Based on that cloud cover has a great deal and they pulled back when you know it's sunny day how about that must be something else in the atmosphere in the air. Welcome it's great to have you here we got Cleveland 73. Indiana. Pacers 69. Mayor back in this game Clinton was running away early. It's great to have you back here we're gonna send you out to a little lock. Rick tittle actually went sending out he's coming on and Rick tells gonna get ready for low eighties Sox or nobody is over the calcium and obviously is our house. Oh crazy here OK so we will talk to written on our way out Joseph sport ball is hanging out those little overtime on a fort boss Friday. We appreciate dad is always we are gonna talk a little bit about anti Rizzo we hear a little bit more on. Sharks vs nights couple final thoughts on warriors pelicans we can see that come in the real quick GM's got an important announcement I do not want a leader out what is. All right so we did this fun getaway in a brand new united price of the game T shirts so if he wins or answer ran today he saw the video had a chain video you have a chance to win. I just wanna announce the winners missed surged Trujillo five NL and master Graham. Will beast any new your new 957 game. I dubs inspired teacher it's nice to. Worries ask so hey follow us on answer Graham on the social owes you have other opportunities I burned. It does show on the grandma I'm not on the Graham but you put the show on the great I've officially put the show on the grams so at demon Burris Joseph if you were on the show when I was in addition and you had cocaine in your pocket. Then sorry yes I saw you doing Internet brokerage 120 Joker got a little bit too much of a controlled substance reports when you're not audit spam is that so is one step too far for social media if you yes FaceBook was I don't regret it Twitter is something that I have to beyond just deal with but the gram is enough like I NE IG models I don't need anything that earlier cooking all the famous all the beautiful million. And I'm not digging I'm not a big a photograph Miami. Dinner kind of guy humble guy a humble David Brooks I did here's the thing I get to shake my booty in public for four hours a day I don't need people like that's a that's enough for me okay. I mean here Joseph I this is I am this is why this is works for Damian I dad and I practice I just. Around all this out have you met this my publicist might Eudora it in my ultimate console and chisel yet they doubted it yes the real quick. They didn't go to talk about Elvis stealing black people's music look. That's the topic you wanted to talk about. Yes he did that this document covers it did did leak if you want cultural misappropriation. You get some in this. But that's not what I was talking about talking about relevance in the culture what he did it the conversation the time please watch the documentary I've got one guy sand. I gonna doc for you we watch couldn't open minor. Continue and think you know would all at. How off indeed you get into it detects line too often have to take it down. I take it down. He deputy assistant to Doug it's distracting the many people will tell you they'll say don't have the text at odd don't look at it it's not good for anyone that can lead to racquet times it's kind of like getting on the social media to operate in these these echo chambers for a first and foremost. The other night went Alley the force asked LeBron James opt out the Gregg Popovich and social media called her out and got into a fight and ask yourself. Surely honestly. How many people. Honestly cared about what happened to me people even care about that interview cared about the question cared about the answer commonly truly care because were on. We we follow the people we choose to follow it's a lot of media people everywhere screaming yelling but that's not indicative of the rest of the country a lot of people. They watch they don't care it's outraged jeweler. Outrageous you what I wanna be angry about today and good luck 'cause tomorrow morning you'll be angry about something else in you'll forgotten about this the people that was an act. Out of New Orleans for the people that crucified her only for LeBron to put out videos and like no she totally clear it would mean before they came to the interview you're all deuce bags. Is phenomenal. Like I'm glad that he he came and defended her in if I were hurt my Twitter account what do just. You've been a middle finger just one middle finger. With a big lovely ring on assignment she she gets paid well she's not network or it you know continuing ceramic could grant it. Could put it on a Graham put it could could could put an Obama put it on the ground. Aren't. Damon what it amounts NAVTEQ M dobbs lead from iphones terrible so you're all that out I was on that. Teenager yet it's just not me immigrant you know what I and so I think I saw it and I really hated the the reboot it is they re designed to date they gave an update Yahoo!. The up looked to me that that. Mean. And Kendall Jenner agree on one thing snapshots that. Snap dad's dead value or by billion dollars or one tweet candle to your finger they day Kendall Jenner comes out says she's off. Snatch it does seem they David Bruce says it drops by a billion who had the bigger effect go do it and of course Steven junior David Bruce said it. Almost a needle. Get up ESPN. So let's real quick go over all of the stories before get out of Rick's way and let him do little baseball pregame we got these Red Sox coming up tonight. San Jose Sharks. Vegas nights. Still don't know when game one's going to be but it's gonna be an unbelievable series that I hope the sharks and a taking. And then I hope they also send that same middle finger picture. Right to the Oakland Raiders who have already wished the golden knights go block this playoff hockey season you wanna talk about forget where your from. And if you wanna talk about this and off the streets. Forgetting where your from is the number way number one way to make those streets angry at Chia. And the raiders are doing it before they even kick off their last 23 years of full blown this town. It's like. Sending out Pringle like girls FaceBook page like before you broke out on a Graham previous girlfriend or the Korean yet that I'd. You see it and understand those are going to be your your your comrades at Las Vegas but you're not in us English you're not there yet. The sharks are still family. Yeah you like it or not where the hate being here or not whatever it may be. You gotta tolerate. Just like everyone's got a tolerant what's coming out of there that's how it's got to be your fans are tolerating the fact the leaving because they continued to show up for your gains. But it can't just double barrel the Bay Area. And then expect everyone to turn around that are right you know we'll come out will support you know publicly wall we're behind the hole. No it's just it's a mistake it's regrettable but now you've really added a little aloha. Hot sauce to this whole thing because you got Kyle Shanahan opening the door down in San Jose they get the sweep. The nights get this week BS stations casinos giving out free bets to their boarding pass members on the golden knights. Honestly. I hate to bring it up in this context because I know we're pro sharks here but. The ninth story is one of the best stories in sports is the greatest story in the history of expansion stories. Mean they didn't exist last year and made just destroyed the Los Angeles Kings the kings didn't have a prayer in net theories. I mean you you you didn't exist and now all of a sudden you sleep her way into the second round or this is going to be a series. If you have not been watching hockey all year don't feel bad a lot of people like that. Get on the train now absolute train for this series did on it. And Maarten Jones keep standing on your Ed buddy. He's been unbelievable so far on the pipes for the sharks we've got to a series that I think does wrap up in for your prediction I think we'll come true my fear that. Warriors spurs might go six. Unfounded fears I I rests. I throw myself on the mercy. Of afford boss Friday here you did call sweep it looks like that's going to happen there's no doubt about it warriors pelicans next round. One thing you're not worried about one thing you are worried about. For the game for game four for the future now game one warriors pelicans are pelicans OK one thing I'm worried about would be the fact that. The Palestinians appear to be the three point buster when I mean by that is in the first round I had this number a couple days ago I haven't updated it. But through the first thirteen games of the playoffs. That team that had knocked down more threes in the game had 111. Eleven games. The team that hit more three quarters of thirteen that team went on to win the only two it didn't. The pelicans real and then the pelicans again nothing I can blazers. May have been some what do you do that now relatively small sample size and we did see what happened at the end of the season when the curry less warriors took on the pelicans. There's a bit. Other concern their gentry knows the team. He's got the team moving in the right direction they're one of those and I don't necessarily believe in this bowl one of those momentum teams up so there's a bit of concern there. One thing though on the positive side. We see here we go bad a matchup with. With Tony the Tiger matchup drew holiday heat and Rajon Rondo in terms of the defensive backcourt have been dynamite so far. Peshawar market. Pelicans have to figure out how they're gonna match but the warriors at the end of the day that's why I sleep easier at night because they have to figure us out not the other way around. Warriors pelicans five. Six we get the pelicans two games based on the way to plan and answer curry factors huge decrease practice she's but right now I. Mean I Macs so I don't have been arrogant but why am I gonna pick against them how about this imaginable he was there are says the tax line. And you know the pelicans are in the playoffs if I'm imagining bogeyed there's been a better without him. They're eighteen got better without bold because he's picked him up last year and everyone said look at how ferocious this is going to be. And they never made a push for the playoffs they got worse he went down the team got better. That's just how what is its addition by subtraction cousins is a free talent but for some reason it doesn't work from a team aspect. NFL release it schedules obviously we got a schedule that has the raiders and 49ers meeting November 1 Levi's stadium that's going to be a Thursday nighter it's gonna be our Bay Area Super Bowl to be the last real. Battle of the day that at least in driving distance of these two franchises. I don't like they don't play the Seahawks into week thirteen. I don't like it legacy aux in two out of three weeks but it's good to see in NFL schedule will be better to see the NFL back on our radar it'll be here before you know it things move. Fast Joseph thank you very much great to see was always. You were yeah you we we we enjoy this tremendously Jian and I. This passes radio of the entire week. I can't think of two people I would rather have spent 420 west menu to take that Joseph in Karachi Dan. And waddle could. Why paternity to a problem now I know you know outside admitted did not name. There that would draw with this guy become head yes it's I'm so happy to take it or. Oh. Acts thank you very much good to see you thanks to cal beat thank you very much Monica thank you Elaine out we hope your valleys feel a little bit better I do went. And and that our law Rick tittle coming up now actual Hayes pregame dugout show in the meantime thanks everyone for joining us today thanks to Anthony Slater and Quinn cook for joining us Joseph fort ball of course. All of you enjoy yourself. And be careful out there okay. Smart Smart decisions everybody let's make adult Smart decisions legal ones these days too so have fun. Just in moderation good ideas is good ideas good judgment you absolute and let everyone else do that. And remember sports don't build character revealed. Like back. And Harry and I saw them bottled.