DB Show - 3 - All Star festivities, Kawhi-DeRozan, 5-after-5, Name Game

The Damon Bruce Show
Wednesday, July 18th
Damon recaps the All-Star festivities from last night: players mic'd up, Manfred wrongfully calling out Mike Trout, Damon says Toronto is cool, explains a little bit about Greg Papa & the Raiders split, talks about the Kawhi-DeMar trade, we do a 5-AFTER-5 with Gianna, and the debut of the Name Game for A's/Giants tickets. 

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Yeah. They just traded for a guy who won't be there longer than a year he is definitely going to LA. Yeah how's that hot take doing movement. Whether you think he screwed up or not the man made his choice and it's not the choice we expected. Maybe Toronto can so called wise on the idea of standard of for a long time. The mark DeMar DeRozan. In a spur his uniform. Aren't so they traded an all star for an all star. A guy who is a heartbeat of the franchise looking and lauer are both very very good will see. What he looks like in San Antonio Spurs uniform not the worst trade for that. They're saying that the raptors screwed up north of the border because in their statement are announcing the trade dated to go out of their way to. Thank Tamar for all of his love and loyalty I think it might have even mentioned to break tonight. But there was no real. Thank you for everything there's a very nice thank you from Drake and apparently. Dumars pretty pissed off because it's about a week or two ago he was told he would not be involved in the trade. It's funny when a player leaves a team they're selfish. When a team trades a player. I just thinking about business. It's amazing how front office. Forgiving fan bases are to their teams but if a player goes on Amazon to do something I did trader yeah. And do that. Very very. In that esteem. Some guys cities. So demark zero era. To acquire Leonard wanted to go to Los Angeles Lakers. Gregg Popovich. Pins and a fur coat and a guide to the metric system. And sends them north and the wall. Debt is. A god moved by Gregg Popovich are really is and so is this up I could. And I conducted himself wonderfully while he was here he told us we're just championship. It was a hard worker all the time. Much older it just goes away newest item Lola I'm concerned about. Younger and more our basketball team and it's exciting and no win issue before it's. Talk about any fears it's. Time we won't. The San Antonio Spurs press release announcing this trade gloat about the player. That they have coming in from Toronto very complementary to DeMar DeRozan. Very complementary to Jaco portal who's also involved in the deal. It was like. Choir Leonard was drafted him blah blah blah averaged this many points played this many games and that was it. That was it there was no flowery quiet help to win a fifth championship we thank him for it I mean it was basically the equivalent. Of a press release asks you any other rap I'm sure they're ready to move past this whole thing Gregg Popovich had zero smiles. Sailors zero smiles when he started about this once he's good for both teams and Ike -- I can see that I can see how this works out for both. Whose tree is going to be. Both teams tomorrow's obviously you know what I'm also are all NBA player. He's been great in the community and there are a team player actually you know respective watch plays for awhile ago. It was ruled an out of here. It. He's pissed the so help. We're gonna have ourselves a little name game coming up all of our lines are busy right now intentionally Ali you know when to start calling him we'll give you a little. Rule to follow. But we just had. An awesome power with Bruce Jenkins and Susan's lesser in studio. Which meant we were an able to do our five before five at 445 writes how about five. A little after five or 957 game we did not make into open played a wrong open anyways. Mindful yeah. 95 exhibit. Applied after five better late than never I don't you think. As I answered getting it and number one you didn't mention the DeRozan and why Leonard trade raptors spurs. Here's the thing. Agree with me hopefully on the Olympic tennis on but if this is par for the course being in the NBA right you can't I know they're both very angry about the situation. Neither of them are happy about it but this is how it kind of works that sometimes you just get traded you get moved in several countries are still played in the NBA. When he said I wanna be trade and wanted to be trade to lakers only he cut the leverage right out from underneath the San Antonio Spurs to make good deals so you go right back to. Well since you want out. Will accommodate you but we're not gonna send you where you wanna go it is our job to get the most on returned right and I don't think there's any player. That anyone who was willing to give up who was an all star of the caliber of DeMar DeRozan it's probably the best deal that they have offered and is this spurs. Fiduciary. Responsibility. To make the best trades for their own interest and their fans in the only thing. Beck why Leonard really needs to do now is suck it up butter cup not worried about any more injuries stop complaining about your uncle stop hiding in. In hotels when NBA teams wanna talk to you and you also need now to learn the Canadian alphabet. At Disney and news. Gas tank that tank and a and how about and to relax and T you plan that they can't act. I got it. Good enough I mean if you want out of what do you expect ticket out here you wanna leave me so I'm gonna make it very easy for you out percent of them they tell number two are right but seek an absence of open happy I made a little list of all the great things about Toronto it's not that bad and there are some nice things about San Antonio would you like a year down. Our here's like Toronto's a great place to be. It's very eclectic very multi cultural depth at the four seasons if you like that sort of thing easier winter spring summer fall. Public transportation apparently odd points in Toronto. Very safe low crime very clean very clean a big food eat culinary cities so if you love to you out there's some amazing restaurants. This fourteen. I mean you got the NHL intimately he got baseball you've got the raptors they love the raptors in Toronto. Can I tell you one thing that might be politically incorrect but this is information you need. So ET hot chicks city really sneaky. And it seems any team like there Anderson is from there. See another reason like Toronto brings me to my next sort of related I'm Kelly amazing strip flattens. That is correct. I've heard. I've never read the event and also they've got incredible club scene. If ever I was so tired of the winter summer time just goes off in Toronto many soak it up without her festivals and proximity to nature. How wonderful things Toronto is pretty cool town he really is I've then I loved it. I wanna go back so don't hit on Toronto there's a lot to either San Antonio not so bad I think about the tax situation and don't forget the French. The French call it routine. The there are different love Toronto cut taxes are great in San Antonio so there's a plus for DeRozan to. Family friendly you've got a lot of great things to do in San Antonio mileage not his longest drawn about hey there's some good stuff for them tech numbers. Really what you're really sick I what I really said about San Antonio they got a river that is a manmade river they got an Alamo lost. And it's an LOK the Alamo is a isn't Al you're not too far mosques and that is true. Odd that Shia and what you were now more you're still like 7000. Miles away everything is very far away from everything else and backs but at least in the state of Texas right but then the state of Texas who like that that would be like well at least you know he wanted to severance is good and at least you're in Wyoming like that's a closed door. Here's the thing to it I mean and they are devoted to disperse. As a great fan base of fan base is one so much it's kind of all over the united it does not they're Tina zenith of spurs stand them. They're on the back end of that hill the raptors are still on the climb hash tag weave in north. They'll be even north RA. I DeMarcus Cousins will be officially introduce a press conference tomorrow at 11 o'clock we'll be carrying that live here. I 957. Game show time though has just released an inside look. Add at B his road to become mean eight Golden State where his little snippet. We've something's. Pelicans. Comes off. I don't understand it big you don't want opponent an intentional damage further cool. No herself to some of the things we got a as is Larry we don't believe is have a good fit only got to assume we're doing our best to run on it. This kind of does blue noses and then it was so long just flat out and we can't take their roots. Had to prepare myself for the situation is different possibly lose done who have totally alone told the Canadian tore through student from him. Hey Julia who's due. To Damon are you getting showtime now. I feel like any showtime now eyes are still gonna cite thesis in Merrill. As the number one reason that I needed but here's a beautiful thing out of there is a show. That to mark. There with the Narnia the DeMarcus Cousins does on showtime. That's right off. I guess I'll have to tax write off I can write it off so yeah here I come showtime. You meet we'll be cousins in red shoe diaries. RA last couple thing because I know or rest go to break number four there is it's marketed by years of Jurassic Park there is a huge massive. Statue a Jeff Goldblum in the middle of the Tower Bridge area in London it's insane. It's incredible. Why did someone put up a gigantic Jeff Goldblum statue I don't have any details on it except for the fact that we print it out because it's amazing 25 years of Jurassic Park it's in celebration it's not like egg hunts that it's not sponsored by apartments dot com does he feel for them during commercial items there's some now TV attachments Hewitt and out of my way the only thing I tell you about Jeff Goldblum. Is that. Yeah. Life and find some way. Number five by the interactive world fallen kingdom men in like at lastly here your favorite imagine dragons has been tapped by ESPN for the what eighteen college football and them with their song natural. I wanted to see you were well thing but there ego. He got fingered may be moral whites. Then a broadcaster. Desperately trying to relate to his audience going. But those plight is a whole first hole you'll let. A year Merv. Will supply youth build off those solely or. By the way imagine drag I know how much you love them. And it's excited Rick have a name game we're gonna do it next banana fan a full fan out all coming up here on 957 the game. Now active even drew should not accept the welcome welcome. And here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna play a brand new game here on the show that we never played before I believe it is user friendly. We just need user. It's 8889579570. Is the number. 8889579570. We are gonna play the name game the name game is based off the fact that. You're friendly house is two for snipes. Damon Bruce either could have been my first night. There are many athletes who fall into this category. I will give you no clues you the listener. The color. Will be able to ask a sequence of yes or no questions. A sequence of yes or no questions every single time you get. A question right you can either take a stab at who the athlete this. Or you can ask another question to gain even more clarity information if you are wrong. We move on to the next. Caller. So the more you listen. The more you pay attention. The more this player's identity will be coming into focus so maybe being. A caller a little later in the line. Is more of an advantage. Although maybe somebody stumbles onto it quickly. In which case you wanted to be an early. So. Without any further ado I wish us luck I wish you luck wish all of us like we don't do a lot of games Joe's here. But we're gonna do this today let me tell you what is up for grabs our first game shall we wanted to give away something. Very cool and unique and that's exactly what I've got I've got two complimentary dugout passes. In two tickets. To enjoy fireworks. Friday. When the Bay Bridge series resumes. The passes we'll allow you to enjoy the fireworks. From the dugout and it is eighties fire ignited believed he just. Eighties fireworks night. Bay Bridge series. Friday. Two tickets of the game. Two complimentary passes to watch the fireworks. In that dugout that's awesome that's pretty cool right that's a good price that's why we're little something that we are going to call the name game. Gentlemen. Learn. He won win. It's your name. My name here. Here's your host with it and Brisbane. And your insights and we pointed that out once again really is just be clear walking in the name game. Let's start with a are. First contestant. Our first contestant is Francis Francis you may began asking your sequence of yes or no questions. To try to identify who were thinking up and just so you know. I will let. Jian a seat who are named game name guys today you see you that I ask yep all right so. Francis thank you very much for the call began your questioning Cirque. Is it athlete currently in sports. Now. That means we have to hang up Ronnie Francis sorry. He's a retired athletes so he's not currently active. We go to the man who's next in line. Larry taxi Larry began your questions. Hello Larry what are your quest. Yeah there aren't they are. Oh I didn't. Larry are you playing the game. What is your question. Our corporate. Let's go to Olympic next couple Suze that and Oakland Suzanne what is your question. And you send ENTTEA. And they don't third. No. I'm sorry Suzanne we need to move on he is a retired athlete. He is not an announcer. Mike San Ramon. Name game yes or no question what are you got. Is this guy a former running back for that they have to they'll 49ers. No. Thank you for the call and thank you for listening. Not a former running back. Natalie in Hayward. Natalie welcome what are you got. Oh crap I'm late kindly point out why. Natalie and I think. Really Saul we are it's three minutes into the name game and I'm giving it to failing grade I don't know about you so far but you don't we try things are not star we would see it through. Let's go ahead and ask Mike in Oakland if you would like to answer or ask your question Mike what are you got. So. Earlier to retired Utley. Yes. Area. Yes. In Europe former baseball where. Yes. We go to Dave Stewart. No. But good job I'm out there but well well done good track all done well done you've given people a lot of question a lot a lot of information in your line of questions. So this is what we needed to get it on my game going. We got JC who was next in line in San Jose JC your questions. We ought. JC I'm sorry I didn't bring you up in time what was your question. This person. It all I know. He does not. Such a company that narrow it down just a little that was important piece of information. Mr. C. In the city how are you mr. city. Bed that they got in the fact that that might it was dull and now I'm blatant. So I'm just gonna throughout Barry Lamar and get it wrong. You did get it wrong mister c.'s thank you. See bonds is not anyone's first name now him Lamar is good but it's not. It's not the middleman game. Todd Mill Valley your next by the way we are playing tonight. For two tickets. To Friday's game and complementary. Firework dug out passes after the game Todd. What is your question. What are. And yeah fielder. Yes. And yes. Robert. No again. Bit is only bits firsthand but and we are said not in day. We got Robby in Fremont there's a lot of information now yes lot of information on their down Robbie I hope you been paying attention. You got a lot of information do you have a question would you like to guess. Like the get. Go ahead Bobby. Robby actually it is a player Gary Alexander. No it's not Robbie I'm sorry I got your name wrong but you've got our name wrong we go to Greg in San Jose Greg. Yes or no question would you like to try to answer. Did it to me. Does dad. Well art. You got to. Her graduation and there are days will it. You're the winner Greg congratulations. Are you excited about total complimentary dugout passes two tickets to goes to the fireworks. When the Bay Bridge series picked up Friday in Oakland. Can gradually. Greg I'm gonna put you on hold that you are the first ever winner. Of the name game and you can pretty much tell every one. That you went where no man has ever gone before back at it. There we got ours get off their nose first day and Yeltsin and concerned then name game broke slowly. Out of the blocks. And we started finding our stride yeah then we started running a little and then we sprinted towards a nice finish and I think that the more we do it. People are gonna catch on how it's done I think so I think after hearing people do their questions people kind of got a little bit more than ninety S that yes. By tonight. Week are gonna go ahead. And do another name game them. About that until game time tomorrow we'll have more tickets to the Bay Bridge series to give away probably not anymore firework passes though that was today's. Unique prize and I do company do hope you enjoy. Some would like to bring good yeah DB. To look like an absolute disaster. Entrance. It C plus it's on the ear the ball holder. Isn't that bad it by the way is an on air presence can you please round that up to a B minus. Like to keep it real thank you for keeping it real. We do like to keep it real here Kevin Durant used to keep it real clear that a vote that Strickland and now Drake. He's got a new favorite NBA player and his name's twilight and I know. Why Leonard true rated not to the west not to the lakers. Quiet and have to pick up the metric system. Along and his luggage at the Toronto airport. Because he's gonna be a raptor. And there's a lot of people. An awful lot of people who think. It's a disaster because he doesn't want to be there. In May be will be. Maybe it will be maybe the Toronto Raptors 34 months from now our thinking. We need to trade him just to get something back from him because he is not going to resigning and he's made that abundantly clear he made that on the date the trade happens. There's a lot of things in my life Jian that on the day that happened I did not like it. And then it you know I settled into it grew on me and now in a girl on this doesn't ever happen to me. I really think that. Toronto's gonna fit well with the Martin wrote it would've width Lila I'm Leonard. And DeMar DeRozan is gonna fit well with the San Antonio spurts. Spurs not merely going to be the defense forward team that they were without quiet manner but that might be exactly what the raptors need to get them over the top. In a now it appears to be wide open. Eastern Conference. With the trade today cool why Leonard is probably sitting at a 50% shot it being. In a conference finals next year during conference finals your four games away from the NBA finals which I do here. Is the goal. Got the point and that is the goal. Maybe a little time to warm up to the idea. You know second to shocking at first maybe he's gonna really like their fan base maybe he's gonna really like that city maybe he's gonna really like his new teammates maybe he's been really like that culture. May be some girl's gonna give him some really good Nokia now keep it somewhere that. But it radar mapping exactly. There's a lot of things about Toronto that are so much better than San Antonio it's not even funny you just got upgraded body. The culture shock will be for DeMar DeRozan go to San Antonio he's gonna show did you like what case out that typically dot caiso really. I think it's I think it's gonna work out a little bit. Having said all that isolate the biggest move may be so far the NBA's offseason is Trevor Ariza is no longer racket. That I think might affect. The way the west shakes out more than even LeBron joined in the lakers. That sounds nuts today it might be proven nuts tomorrow. I think LeBron in the lakers. Are at best army everything went perfect nobody got hurt at best before seat. At worst. You're right. I don't think it's that. Here's who I know. Right now in the west as a better team in the lakers. The warriors for sure. I think the San Antonio Spurs pressures though. The Utah Jazz for sure one. I don't know about the Denver Nuggets. No not definitely not Dell's mavericks. Portland. Maybe. Houston. Definitely. Phoenix can't count on them yet. Now I have the entire conference up in front of me I'm sure I'm missing someone on the clippers they don't matter but they can be a playoff team. There are a lot of things that LeBron in the lakers made the leap over. Before they're really ready to fancy themselves a contender. And there's a lot of teams that are not gonna be looking to put in new system a new player in new language for everything they're just gonna keep on truck and with the progress of their party had. We have the perfect guest for this coming up by the way a little bit later on tonight about a half an hour from right now mark Medina. Is gonna join us live in studio he of course covers the warriors. For the minister if he covers of that someone is like their Damon Minnesota Timberwolves yes absolutely timberwolves better. New Orleans yes I think so better. Right now. The lakers will be. Worthy of keeping an eye on sealing it all comes together right now opening night yeah I think those are better teams. Mark Medina used to cover the lakers. And I'm sure there's no such thing as buyers remorse for anyone who now gets to cover the Golden State Warriors this is the most unbelievable story. Wherever generally have dropped in our laps probably are broadcasting writing covering sports lifetimes. Here in the Bay Area this is so unique is so special. I doubt he's got any buyer's remorse being up here but. Covering the lakers next year is gonna be good exercise that we haven't seen in a really long time and it's going to be at that many people paying attention to a point the lakers. Are always a big deal they were still a big deal even when they socked. Now we're gonna see LeBron take that brand. And put it in a place we haven't seen since Kobe was there. And we'll see with the lakers and doing from LeBron it's brand. Which last time I checked was pretty off yet it still aren't. The brand for baseball players they wish or is healthy is the brand for NBA players they get to enjoy. More publicity. Just by people tweeting about them in baseball players can hire an actual publicist to get their name out. Elect in order for baseball. Basically today rob Manfred the commissioner. Talking about Mike Trout said Mike Trout needs to build a better PR team around him to get his message out to get his image out to get his popularity. Up. I don't think anyone is ever said that to an NBA player. An NBA player need not. Bring his own name to social media on a daily basis social media's gonna do it for you more people due to heavy lifting. More people carry water for NBA players talking about them incessantly in the public domain the you don't even need Michael. The best advertising is word of mouth advertising and the word of mouth advertising on the NBA and its players its stars never changes. Needs they all you know what it's all about one guy were covered entirely drew the premise of one man it's LeBron and then everything else. I'm not here to tell you you're wrong. You might even be right. But the LeBron and everything else people know who that everything else. It's too we might just categorize it at that but. It stayed with me since he said it two days ago on the show we had Seth Everett on from the home run derby sets joined us and said. Here's the problem the baseball faces. You can walk to any person at this home run derby tonight say. Dream on. That person would then turn around and say probably. Golden State. Michigan State Warren what they'll even take it a step. Further back to his college days. You could probably go to every single section. In that baseball stadium in saint re month and everyone in the I'll be like green. Other Golden State Warriors of the drain on your talking about. If you went to an NBA game and asked everybody to pick out a picture of Bryce Harper they probably couldn't. Know some could. Mike Trout probably Bryce Harper he actually gets his face on TV a lot Mike Trout. Most audience members could hit Mike Trout with their car driving home tonight and wouldn't know it until they checked their wallet. They checked his law right there's no way changed IDs your leg Europe who. Now. And that's a serious problem. That baseball hats. Baseball doesn't have. A population. Constantly discussing their superstars. The population. On planet sports is constantly discussing. NBA superstars. And we talk about loyalty. Loyalty is may be the missing ingredient like there's too much player movement I used to say that that one of our. This connects with how passionate we are about the team or a sport is free agency like you'd you grew up. Rooting for team X. You basically had the same four or five core players on team X for the better part of the decade. Which helps familiarity. Which helps. People who wanna go ahead and buy the Jersey of the player that day know that if I root for him today I won't feel stupid to be traded he'll be here tomorrow. And I thought that player turnover had an awful lot to do would maybe some of the disconnect. And I think I got to scrap that theory I really do ID you look at at some. Of of just the movement. Around around the NBA. This is a eight tweet from a guy named Brian wit who is the digital content producer. For the warriors. And at the end of the 201516. NBA season toward our two years ago. Kevin Durant was on Oklahoma City boogie cousins was a king LeBron was a cap Tyree was a cab cool why it was a spurt. DeRozan was a raptor CP three was a clipper Blake was a clipper. Pulled George was a pacer Jimmy Butler was a ball. Isiah Thomas was a Celtic Kamal was a neck and Hayward. Was in Utah law. Water leak. In two years. You have 12345678910111213. 1415. Each you. All changing ground all changing scenery. In the NBA one guy can put on a Superman cape and change the fortunes of your franchise there is no sport. It really lends one person's movement doing that. Unless that person as a quarterback and you don't see great quarterbacks getting traded all the time unless you're thinking of one guy in particular yeah against gangs Tuesday. And was again that's another subject entirely. I used to think that player movement was bad. We have superstar movement rampant over the last two years in the NBA and it's never been more popular site as I can throw that theory out. I think people do you could become attached to players obviously and I may be just sort of kind of fallen throughout the teams get a little used to it you know what though it's generational thing. What's. Clicking the refresh button. To see a new. Is exactly where we are in society. People don't appreciate loyalty or commitment. Generational he. Nearly like they used to on the you say it's the the Twitter is a nation of getting to know people like Italy and ordered an error relationship in the past. You'd get to know somebody. And then they would start revealing who they really are TU. Now when that process happens in someone reveals someone does something that they don't like. Not a breaking point thing but just meant I don't like that about you they immediately go on to the next like my in my generate much better a good. People who are older. Used to have though they don't like. OK so maybe that's strike one but three strikes your out like. People are so ready to just swipe left the minute they're uncomfortable the minute they don't like what they see swipe left reset it. Bringing in someone new every day all the time but I think that. Societal conditioning as. Reprogram the way that we look at sports. And then you get Kevin Durant joining the warriors and everybody hates it because that was wait true clutch player movement he was just a little too good for beetle like that. Played to the pistons whatever. Hoover on to the lakers what ever I know and Blake got got got sent to the pistons. Nobody. Said that that ruined the NBA I. But it happened. On and you know NBA players at their stars their superstars. They are so different than in comparison to Howell baseball players are viewed at times. It's really funny I remember vividly when the San Francisco Giants introduced Barry Zito his first ever press conference. At AT&T park. Zito. A really good looking guy. Walks in. On the day as you sit there would bode chi and his agent. And Brian Zabian. MI for a minute I was like. Who's answered. And it wasn't until his race it was until his face was arraigned in a baseball hat or a Mike. You recognize them right but that's kinda Helmut this is the hat the hat. NBA players are the equivalent of sports naked in front of us it's just a Jersey and a pair of shorts and a pair of sneakers. And they become may be not household names but council faces CM you recognize him on an army needs to happen devoted sports that need a little work. When we come on back we're gonna talk about one of those hooded sports. Robert Klein co they got to Wear a helmet and football very important full blast Obama did as well it's still a dangerous game even if you're wearing. That helmet. Robert climb go would have very interest in peace and we're gonna get into that before mark Medina joins us live in studio on 957 game.