DB Show - 2 - Warriors/Spurs, Sharks, Tim Roye, Most Amazing Thing, 5 before 5

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Monday, April 16th
Damon discusses Warriors-Spurs, Sharks up 2-0, an infuriating little league story, is joined by Tim Roye, the Most Amazing Thing (Big Sexy), and we debut "Five before 5" with Gianna Franco.

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You'll listen in 95 cent in the game tape GM CFM and HT one San Francisco the radio home for every single warriors playoff game including tonight's game two with the San Antonio Spurs. We're gonna get out to ORACLE Arena at 6 o'clock tonight for warriors warmup. A cast of thousands. Ready to bring you tonight's game. Lesson I don't say it last night it wasn't last night's game pin the NBA would never turn around in the postseason that fast Jenna not gonna happen now not gonna happen. But it was great to see the warriors come out. In really want that game play with some mode don't play with some energy Steve Kirk breathe a little energy and that's starting lineup when he made the say shocking decision. But the surprise decision to go to Andrei it would dollar instead of Quinn cook in the starting lineup why did he do it Steve Kerr explained. Just wanted to put our best defensive line up on the floor from the beginning I think the whole point of of these games here early in this series is to reestablish our defense. Thank you guys know over the last a month or so our defense is good enough sub par so can't win in this league in the playoffs much to defend and they defended tonight we. Our best offensive group. Yeah they did they started that game playing defense toward three possessions into the game they were playing their best may be defensive possession. Caused the shot clock violation with the last time you saw the warriors do debt coming down the stretch it's been a real long time they work. Very good last night dialed in and focused. They brought it tonight it was a different level of play than what we've seen from the past month which I expect and I'm. But now got to keep doing it you know that's the best thing is one game I remember. Last year Houston beat. Spurred by thirty in San Antonio in game one spurs won and beat him four of the next five so it's one game console. One game he's right let's see how they're responding game two let's see if he sticks so that's starting lineup JaVale was in the starting line up. Andrei it would dollar in the starting line up you know what that did that not only set the defensive tone to start the game. It took so much pressure often Quinn cook he must've been so rolled when he saw that. I mean what you can be as excited as you want to start an NBA playoff game. But then the moment hits you and you're like wow. They're going right at me that was one of my fears on Friday when we talked about what are you worried about this game I thought that Gregg Popovich would seat when cooked out there and just think. Free lunch. It is an experience I can understand that yeah I mean. He's not doing anything other than the job he's supposed to do is he opposing coach looking for the weak points I'm not saying Quinn cook is a weak point but he is a player with out playoff experience that Gregg Popovich. Had he not attacked Quinn cook immediately had a that in the starting 51 possession of the game. Those have been grounds for termination. Like a high school coach could have said well go after the guy just got up from the G Lee who is likely target you don't need to be a hall of fame coach to figure that one now. You really don't you can even figured out is a talk show host. If we can figured out obviously Steve Kerr figured it out the decision to start Andre Iguodala war Andrei seemed. Reborn. He seemed reinvested. He was springing. Very very good to see him. Greens so much energy into this team Klay Thompson. Was just on fire both sides of the court for 48 minutes when he was out there he was locked in. He was thrilled. That the warriors came out what everybody knew who they wore. Absolutely I mean and mean what makes him in game two as well I mean. We not in the season I know. We kind of pollen in the playoffs but we know our top two we are now do we are we've been here before of postseason you know what it takes to win. So like I said before as long as our intensity and are no communication is up as far as we're really hard to beat and that's who we wanna do the rest this series. Hopefully they'll keep that up the rest of the series Andre it would dollars though. Really set the tone for that game clay noticed Fareed is a so much on both especially defensive end his ability to guard every position. Just in the best hands that are seen. And our ability to switch I think disrupted them. Another make adjustments Monday but we're sort of you know clog the lane and get back to shooters and Andre and finishes. The point guard position. And he's such a great group glue guy community to everything Weathers took the ball off the board and he just has great core knocked open three. Can he was huge for us in nine. You know I took four shots. But on his intangibles as a rebounding as well as they make sure we're great. Gotta love the intangibles. Got to like the tangible to world. Jabil legs he's starting five. That was the right choice that was the right decision he matched LaMarcus Aldridge. If not out played LaMarcus Aldridge when he was playing him straight up. He kept his feet on the ground. He didn't go after pump fakes a meet bill and it and an end to just let you know how often JaVale false for the pump fake. Tim Roy was waiting for it to happen. To go live with the dribble. Working up to rant throw the lob pass to Aldridge low white left after the for the box based nonprofit public goes up walk. Pump it pump fake. But still blocked by Maggie. Good call Tim dream on green on those pump takes. Throughout the course of the season we're also tonight he stared down more politics and that doesn't mean he's not going goal. So Forsythe failure every now and then hasn't shot blocker as a guy who plays in that type of energy enough medicines you're gonna do does sometimes. But he knows very keel LaMarcus tonight. That Isabel wasn't often suffers and put them at the free throw line and then. I don't think he ever really found a rhythm because of that and so he's really grown in that area. Knowing. Grades you know kudos to him till 4 o'clock in the in the folks in the way just in to grow and others. Game 20 warrior his spurs. Ten or married so. And now for something completely different. That was pretty good I mean am I not have included. But I lied did give me more Iran Nihon NBC sports make it two to one I have. Okay. Randy. M or eight. All still know. But it was pretty dead the best gold the mall was the third one the teenage mutant ninja turtle with a view. This could sure blogger nice give back for hurdles Beaumont turtles did a little bit. God. Our whole oil and water you know a chance to go up 30. On the ducks 1098. The sharks are up two games to none of winning both games down and Anaheim there are four Stanley Cup playoff games tonight. All teams on the road have to nothing leads except for the sharks who got a two nothing lead at home. Series stranglehold night for all NHL teams playing tonight. San Jose in a two nothing lead over Anaheim game three tonight as AP. Bruins there at the Maple Leafs leading to low. The lightning or at the doubles barely eating too low the predators moved to the avalanche tonight barely leading 210. So it is storing gold. Night in the NHL ought tonight. Is much is I do love NBA playoffs and NBA playoffs are fantastic it is so much fun sought. A really good article where and I think ample time to get into tomorrow about just. You know how come some of the numbers for the NFL went down while numbers for the NBA go up doesn't have anything to do with the concept of fun. Maybe in like people have fun watching NBA playoff games NBA. Twitter. Is almost as much fun to watch as the NBA games I mean the way that people talking communicate and share ideas and talk smack to each other like it's another branch of portal basketball entertainment it is entertaining the this is a lot of fun it's a lot of fun it really is so. These NBA playoff games bring like the NBA Twitter community out in full force everybody's got to between during a playoff. Game I do sit there with my Twitter page open when I watched the game cylinder teeny to well I can't even tell you how many times I'm watching something on Twitter. Or reading something on Twitter or laughing at watching a video something on Twitter and then I hear. Something big happened in the game. Where I have to hit that 102 back button on my remote control to jog back because I wasn't focusing on the game I'm looking at the damn Internet. If it. Is just day to look at that it's it's a world that are now eleven and that is in the world I grew up in you know what I used to do house watching playoff games and I was a kid that's the game nothing. Maybe be snacking on some popcorn but that was it in that your full attention now you got your attention everywhere. Twitter is very fun during NBA games like the NBA the league it's just it's it's fun. The governor conversation to during the game with people yeah you know it's that their interacting with you while you're watching at home it's yeah I agree. So it might be the most fun communal event. The most intense. I'm watching alone on my couch event. Is playoff hockey. I'm sitting there writing and dying with each line ship like you know every shot a month low. Load. As some of them on a rollercoaster yeah. Oh more stressful. So. But here comes a big loop to loop. Low. And it did did I I I I I forget how much. I get addicted to the NHL. For three months of the year yeah. My guys that without the sharks in it. Artificially like to welcome my daughter excuse me without the Blackhawks in it I want to welcome myself to the sharks. And wagon I will be a happy to drive I'll be happy to ride I'll be happy du lac. Wave out the window I'll give the queen's wave of nearly. They bandwagon rider I don't care I'm not get to admit. Are I'm not get a lot deny that I'm I'm on this bandwagon that we really didn't. Covered this team very much beyond though one individual. Throughout the entire year I apologize. Are not bag and I'm sure there Lebanon the ad makes them more people focused on the sharks right now anyways how can you not packing in not be focused on a little playoff hockey. Debt is good stuff. I tell you what though I found the worst stuff from over the weekend the single worst story in sports if you found it you probably know what I'm talking about if you've sought on dad's been. If you haven't stayed tuned stayed dial day and you're not gonna believe this story. About a Little League group but dads who decided the one way to get the girl who wanted to play baseball out. An eleven year old girl. Was to beat her until she quit the sport. You're not gonna believe this story it's coming up next on the day membership. Plays out of three ball lovely guy. Well it's 45 points. Drew my birth rights either play against girls why that can't take again. I'm still love it for thirteen timeouts editorial the lawyers that hit the century mark with 748 to go. Not caring about your status. Says simple but if you just focus and play free mindedness. You know I'm not don't show us just because you don't always think it. You don't. Second guess yourself. That's what I've come to this point Microsoft win. Brazil and of Klay Thompson. On full display. God he was good in game one every time he caught it shot it went in basically he was. Fantastic going in both directions it was a really good performance on him. And the warriors we will see their second act of the playoffs tonight. About three hours from right now is when that game should be tipping off. On just keeping an eye on all that's happening around us we've got to Philadelphia. And Miami playing what that was no that's highlights from game one are they back on the court tonight indeed they are that is. Miami and Philadelphia 5 o'clock tips of their game to get under way in about forty minutes from now and then 730 tip. Spurs in warriors tonight our coverage starts at 6 o'clock from ORACLE Arena warriors warmup Kristiansen mass Simon's. Blue room Darryl to guru Johnson's going to be all over that he's coming to you guys. From oracle starting at 6 o'clock tonight. You know it is a shame that we've got dot. In NBA playoff game in an NHL playoff game and the NBA. While there's no doubt about it it's a bigger sport and hockey. If you're the sharks you should almost be able to request. Not having to play on the same night that the warriors are playing almost the same kind warriors plane like that stinks. Why couldn't the sharks just say. I what did you get us in our series under way on an opposite. Scheduled start time of the warriors like would you do that please like I know this is not a a problem in Winnipeg. I know this is really not a problem in Vancouver. Noses in a problem in Nashville. But we are sharing the stage win 00 how should we describe the warriors. The biggest team on planet earth do you think we can maybe not played directly up against them that's and to competition. Nationalities feel. Apple then go to no doubt the ex ante in the Bay Area. And one our team's go to the playoffs indeed there is. I loved I loved playoffs this is my favorite time here. So we've got. All sorts of reasons to lean forward and tune in tonight we're gonna have Tim Roy join me in about eight minutes from right now which gives us just a little time to spend on this story Gionta. Which is going to make you. More mad than any other subject you're gonna hear about in the world of sports. Today are you read are you ready to be angry yes OK I'm ready be angry are right so the father. Of a New Hampshire youth baseball player a girl. Says it to coaches in his daughter's leagues. Conspired to have her beamed. So that she would quit the league. The league according to a foster's daily Democrat which I guess is a local newspaper in New Hampshire. In an email to the oyster river youth association. Board of directors chair Ben genes Dan Klein of may very. Alleges that who coaches said they would instruct a player to being Klein's daughter. Striker in the head with a baseball during practice. In order to intimidate her into leaving the baseball program. Klein's eleven year old daughter is reportedly the only girl in the baseball league she was the last players selected. In the player draft. An eleven year old girl though. Sticking with their favorite sport baseball. While all the girls who were playing with her decided to transition to softball she wanted to play hard ball. Prefer. So an eleven year old girl is sticking whether favorite sport an environment where she's surrounded only by boys and men. What did spend dot com goes on to write like. That is eight G damn miracle. And then a pair of men would decide did the appropriate response. Is to discourage her enthusiasm and crusher. And physically intimidate her. Well instructing instructing letters telling kids to do that. Beater that's not cool but that's not cool at all beat her belly. Fat. Men who should be thrown into jail for a month. I mean are they that intimidated that there's a little girl plane. Baseball with their boys mine obviously they can't handle it Monique Davis remember her little girl who went to the Little League. World Series through he has crushed it totally. Grew up kids. Men. Then. It's really something now it's. Local police have reportedly been made aware of the situation. Let me tell me if you're kids don't have. Kids have almost better instincts than adults well kids are better instincts and these adults no doubt. Can you imagine your kid. You've heard this story. You are now pitching against this eleven year old girl's team. It even though no one's called in the code red with a view to her in this at bat. You're an eleven year old kid thinking geez if I access dead leader. People are gonna think. I'm head hunting like Roger Clemens beaned piazza World Series from him I think the wrong thing yeah. The adults in this league should be summarily executed. Or. Basically remove from all of you exports if you are in. All the news sports there's a part of me would says. You should be given a very very wide berth it's amazing that you've given up your free time to come and do just that kids are not getting paid a lot of money. It is a blessing to have parents community members people like you wouldn't bowl. In kids athletics so thank you. And the the sentiment is never anything but thank you. Right until it turns out that I find out you are Billy Martin and you wanna start a bean ball war would an eleven year old girl to get her to quit the sport. Like are you. What's wrong with you. You look at here what's wrong with you seriously not to telling kept that you're telling the other players to do that. But what example are they setting. They should be asked to be completely removed and every single activity not being a lab not even be allowed on or around the field for those teams in that league. 100% even if the kids or and in their kids should be asked to leave because of their parents serie kids that their parents your parents through before you. Right maybe that's a little harsh at fullback for the kids now but. This definitely makes me very angry. Damon this is that is that substitute teacher running that fight club you told us about last week. No actually that was awesome must totally on. Of those kind of awesome. He would he was doing he really I don't there friend and they were fair fights there early scare but hopefully there was you know and it is a sizable size similarity re similarity. Asking that they they're telling the skids and hit her in the home. And no point in time was the guy running the fight club looking to get a kid. Discouraged to the point where they quit school right. They literally wanted to beam the love of sports right out of this girl. And again like thank you very much for volunteering to do this but you have so screwed it up that not only are you not allowed back. In a Little League. What can we pressed charges I wonder they can be charged with I'm thinking can I press charges against your ridiculous thought pattern is impossible can I do that. It's unbelievable. It's unbelievable. I can even imagine how. Angry the father of the little girl must speak the I did he keep his cool how to ballistic honesty dads how do you not kick the dugout door down and go after somebody when no kids look at. Yeah your your crushing your daughter your crowd here they're crushing his daughter's dreams. And intentionally intimidating her it's just it's. You know what I do you know what I would do a fiery that angry dad I would take a bat and go find that guy's car. And I would hit his car so often that it considered quitting parking in this parking lot. Your kid I would try to intimidate that car right Dell out of the parking lot. I that you don't have the guts to keep parking here is I'm gonna keep beating your car senseless. Every single time you do. I mean throw my daughter I'm gonna destroy your ride hey you know impairments I think it's fair I. I'm I'm not gonna disagree with you. I don't like to promote anything violent but I'm not gonna disagree with you on insulin I it is that's. That's not okay. Now nothing that insecure and a little girl. Absolutely insane. Like yeah. Really mean Rick Perry could use one common scenarios play. What's wrong with people payments she actually what is Robert Pietrus. Seriously seriously deranged to think that. This is the right way to go about handling the situation which actually isn't even a situation. Let her play. Maybe she's pretty good. If Gorky Hernandez and Gregor Blanco can be on the San Francisco Giants this eleven year old can be on this New Hampshire would lead. Spoke well of late. And I mean. And by the way I wanna hear nothing about like. You know right now combined gore keys and Gregor blog go like make up one of the best batting if you combine them together if you super glued them together they get an actual Major League hitter. It's early. It's early by the way how about the fact they got all that protection around Buster Posey Buster Posey is it like for Juan judge. And it's still not picking up wins the giants dropped three of four to the lowly Padres they've lost what. I've series in a row to begin the season. They haven't yet there they split a few series but they haven't won a series yet series. And they've lost five series in a row. Dating back the last five series they played against the San Diego Padres were basically rolling out. The kids on this Little League team who didn't wanna be in the girl. What date that is a double play baseball team. Who's the Padres second baseman what's his last name I hot a hot stuff. Thank you you can't go out there and expect to be right back in the middle of the nationally conversation if you're getting beaten by a diamond watch I want. I'm I I'm not Amy Sherwood that is. I'm not sure who have these guys are. And you're getting killed. Hope we're do you have to be to think like. As an adult. I really got to get involved with the outcome of this league. It's supposed to be funny now. I just don't I'd I don't get it there's a little girl on falcons on T ball team it's accusing on the planet. Jenna and Fremont says what do help playing Little League is a girl in the seventies the men were awful you know I bet they wore. I bet they were you'd think in 2018. Parents might be wired a little bit more differently than that look in the seventies like sexual harassment and cocaine were like served together on a platter heiress is weird it was different time. A different time and place in America. By the way speaking of cocaine. A good story I've got an existing. I mean I don't know what I'm gonna be able to get to this and another tomorrow is about to join us and I don't want him nodded stepping to the show would mean going deep on this topic but do you realize. And I'm sure you didn't. That blacks Abbott had a 75000. Dollar cocaine budget back in 1972. Which if you adjusted for inflation is like it half a million dollar. And album cocaine budget and had a drug budget they spent more money on drugs recording their fourth album than they spent recording their fourth album. The album was budgeted it's 65000. Dollars. The cocaine budget was 65000. Dollars. No excuse me the cocaine budget was 75000. Indy 5000 dollars well we've all we've all seen Ozzy Osborne I mean. Expected extra point in your lender spent their time Dowayne journal on my cell that's Abbott stuff got a little dark I think we just came up with our. Our explanation as to why that's happening. May become the maybe that's what the parents are doing in that New Hampshire Little League like you might be doing 75000 dollars worth the cocaine to come up with the idea. What do we do with the only eleven year old girl in our league. Hey I don't what we should do. We should being beloved sports right out of her issued a code red in practice in every game never let this girl. Never let this girl have an honest that bad throw matter height cheese. For eleven year old Katie over there. Not choose one parent to do. People on how bored I guess cannot wrap my head around that the guys who wanna do this you onboard. Now is a great idea. There's no way this gets us trending on Twitter for the wrong reason has no not now. Penske auto sales not console it's on or adopt a different doc on sex lines are. Penske auto sales dot com text line. By doing the Penske auto sale out on sex line you wanna talk about. That's not here. Did you Penske Luke. You don't know who does nice post John has lost that. Over. And it is Gary's like deep bruise that's why seventy rules. Your right Dick's picks it up a you're right. Concludes. Thought we need Tim Roye right now stop bothering now being dead Tim Roy on the phone right now. Tips and talking about black savage sex lines Tex lines cocaine lines and beaming eleven year olds we could really use an interview right here. Tim Roy's voice of the warriors old guy will be joining us in just a little Benji and I don't. And you get yet she's dead. Inspect eight seasons as seriously as a bail out. A bailout interview if there ever was one hears the voice of the Golden State Warriors all of our warrior guess appear JBL headphones the officials sound of the Golden State Warriors. Tim it was really good to see the warriors remind us. Of who they are when they play in settled in defensively which they did it right from the get go. I know your party over at oracle ahead of game two do you think we see or read. I'm hoping I'm hoping so I'm hoping they'd they ask about it. Yes the care was brilliant starting their best defensive lineup against the spurs. The other nine I think you really set the tone for the game when they get their defense stops. They get out again early offense going they get better looks the basket and they hit it just made everything everything clicked by the way. Apologize for being come minutes late and it's a great. Segway built for me to remind people to leave early because it took me about fifteen minutes from like off the highway. To get through the parking lot because it's a dual event tonight with VH next door. And so it's you know I would deathly if he can't take part. If not. Then then try to get down the road early. Amen I. I mean when an eighty's I'm getting are you coming over here by the way when an a's games getting out around 430 it can still be tough getting into 1 o'clock warrior games social tonight's gonna be really tough actually and I would be making it over there but there's no way am going to be able to get their on time tonight so I will wait for another evening to rejoin the festivities. At ORACLE Arena modify some late it's going in the station tomorrow because I've brought back would make that last two little mini road trip for you. Two sports pages from the Indy star for use a very nice is it love the bowl depots. Splashed across. Yet also. Should this'll warm via cock goals of your hard day's events and stuff about guys who are like. Some of the best college players in the state and stuff like Betsy liked it I love a little. Indiana history recapping Amon that stuff thank you very much Tim for thing enemy and taken that up. It's obvious to say hey that's start of Andre Iguodala what great gamesmanship. But the started JaVale McGee might have been even better gamesmanship for the match up that he met full force he really looked good. Against LaMarcus Aldridge. That might be I I think I am them Lee Baca I must say I think that is that we need to take the context of what. You know that game was and the situation the lawyers coming in I think that's the best game and JaVale McGee's career. Because if you had a better regular season game better numbers that's great I'm sure. But on the other hand because of the circumstance because the fact the voice Hamm played well a month the Plame disburse and he drew. The obvious I'm at the most part of LaMarcus Aldridge who is their best offensive player I think dallas' best games of pro. It might be you might be right about that and obviously. We've seen some prolific output from Klay Thompson. But if you're looking for a fishing games when it's needed to really set a tone for a playoff series. Clay played as well on Saturday night he's he's ever played in a night of NBA basketball. Yeah AL and that they did the best thing he did the other night I thought was his patience. He was patient. Because early in the game clay was not getting shots McGhee and Durant were getting shots but it is clay tolls afterwards. When he was doing was he is making sure that his cuts were hard. He is drawing fouls because of that. And eight by taking a man with him. You know he was he was basically opening up the floor for everybody else case in point this play I think it was in the second half. Where you know clay does love his baseline curls off of pinned down and and I think was Shaun Livingston got wide open. For an easy shot because both defenders jump climb. Because CEO in the back of their minds the game plan from there their coaching staff was they'd never liked clay give free coming off that baseline screen that pin down. And so they they all they both said they both remembered that jumped the clay and all the sudden you got challenged the wide open for five feet away so. Yeah I thought he he played very very well and again his patience I thought was that the key to with the shots eventually got till. And yell he had while those clay like nights where he just did that mess. Voice of the warriors Tim Roy on the Damon per show wind and nobody watches more warriors basketball venue and I think we can actually prove that in a lab at 10 o'clock after I believe it's it's a correct assessment. Where were you in terms of your red flags and how satisfied were you. Seeing those red flags addressed with real focus in game one. You know I was a I think that was the big question mark coming in was you know what what do you look like how are the play are they going to be focused. Are they going to have that attention to detail. Will they be effective against a team that's very well coached and I think Q was it just proves. That young this team as I said earlier seasons they can read a calendar they know what day it is they know what's important and I think having a couple of days after Tuesday's game they get back in the gym and Cassie okay. Now we have to really lock in on this I think Dallas crucial for them and it showed that I think they were ready but you know. Well of them that probably the playoffs is that that one game it's just one game got to win three more to move on so you know tonight's a very important night. Tim what do you think is going on with quiet winner if you could put some sodium pentothal and Gregg Popovich and get an honest answer out of them what is going on. I don't know I really don't and I don't think a lot of people really truly know what's going on I think only. Does that direct people involved no no what's going up and it's very weird I'll say that I've never seen a weird situation. And you haven't seen that. With the Popovich led spurs. Because it's the only he did for him not to be here for him to still be in New York. And you know one story says he hasn't been ruled out the next date today comes out he knows the story says he's out for the postseason. It's just a very bizarre circumstance. And I'm sure at some point we'll have some clarity. In the in the off season. But for right now I mean year speculation as goes by but there's something not right there something there's something. More than just your average MBA injury obviously. Game two is tonight from ORACLE Arena the man who's talking to us in crystal clear FM right now. On an IS TM line sound so good to know Roy McEnroe we'll have that call now static at all indeed it tonight here. On the flagship thank you so much Tim appreciate it join us and looking forward to your call tonight. It's a thinking Tim for hooking me up here at the beautiful Crown Royal club and I'm sure there will be no more. The L. Pregame pregame show is going to be from here and and the worst warm up and nimble have the post game show here as well and the whenever they're paying Chris downs that's not enough. Ego coverage starts at 6 o'clock tonight thank you very much she is the voice of the warriors Tim Roy here I 957 game when we return were almost close enough to a mic right in her view we always known that puts a BM the bonnet of an awful lot of Bay Area listeners nick Wright coming up just after 5 o'clock tonight. We're also gonna have a chance to qualify to go flying away to game three of this series that is coming up at 5 o'clock for a little. On face off the NAFTA coming into the morning show if you're lucky enough to answer our trivia question coming up at 5 o'clock. The warriors have they flip their switch we will get more of an argument that they have done that tonight. And we've also got the most amazing thing and believe it or not it rhymes. Would Bartolo. Ninety. Amazing things on the matter. It's amazing. Angry I didn't. And getting me don't say it I swear to god. It's time for the most amazing thing. Maybe thin. No this isn't. They're enjoying no it's not the warriors checking off boxes is making us. Feel better about their playoff chances than we did going into the playoffs this. Is about Bartolo Cologne amid our employee gets in including him in the most amazing thing Bartolo Cologne next. Almost gave us an unbelievable memory over the weekend the 44 year old fat boy that is Bartolo. Took a perfect game into the it's not just that he did it it's who we almost did it against. Of the first seventeen batters he faced he went to an 02 count on ten he struck out six in that spanned. He entered the eighth having thrown only 83 pitches 59 of them for strikes he had seven strikeouts. Before he would eventually give up all walk. And then JJ Redick lined an 02 delivery down the right field line for a double to put a runner on second and third and that that spoiled. The no hit bid as well and the perfect game. So it's 44 is forty de Bartolo Cologne per. He's the rare athlete that we can have absolutely. Caught doing steroids and nobody really minds. Nobody really minds at all forgotten about forget about it. Hey you know we got a new little segment that I forgot to tell you about and word apology on a take over right now to bring you throw at work on it five before five because word just about before feisty or doing here cl I think I need to explain it. Five big headlines before five let's do it. I'm sick who. Not bad or anything it up with a lawyer and Damon do not have won five before five happened at the ducks got years and nice. Aren't so lawyers who is passes earth taking game one victory game on Saturday who gets the credit for ballistic finally. Flipping that quote unquote magical so which we've talked so much about who's got the most who was most impressive with the JaVale. Clay Iguodala or maybe we coached first decision to start to bail and Iguodala. This is gonna feel like a cop out answer it isn't though it's the truth. The difference wasn't seen in one person or one good decision. The person was seen by the entire team through the inside the the difference was the entire team the entire game. The warriors came out played locked in defense they played defense. Through every second of the shot clock they didn't take possessions off. They didn't become disinterested in the task at hand it was a team wide mental adjustment that I think meant more. Could a recipe for success than anything else so it wasn't one person one choice one decision. It was the collective. Cycle unlike the collective. Effort of the warriors more than any one individual who. JaVale looked great greats it was great starting that game. It's always clay so was it would dollar when he needed to be so it was straight month. I mean Nick Young who wore a set and ruled to work over the weekend he even had a shot when he needed to sell. That was just a better effort all around team wide and so on. I'm given. The bonus points every everybody everybody gets a little eleven they had some and a place for. Which was was the complaint throughout the regular season yeah he didn't need a little motivation little motivation they finally got some. Number two yeah that's council and you'll see what Leonard officially ruled out the rest this season he's TD rehab treatment any work away from the team. With his own people now T doctors apparently cleared him to play Linux stocks is that had a different prognosis. Let me put it in this perspective how would you feel if this was stepped curry. And he was cleared to play and he said no. I'd be very suspicious of warrior team doctors that a player had become so suspicious of them. And I think that if you're a spurs fan your somewhere in between. Doubting your team and wanting to punch quiet Leonard if you ran into my on the street like. This is so weird this is so beyond the pale of normal. And the fact that he's not Daily Mirror. A mentally support this team to have their back when a few of them might have called him out the whole thing just looks weird. And soft. And to my least favorite words in sports especially team sport is your behaving weird or your acting soft and right now I think. Both applied to quiet Leonard. San Antonio is not been a fly by the seat of their pants franchise over the last morning from 21 years is a matter of fact. Your head coach invented the idea of regular season rest. So I don't think that this is a Willy Nilly team would medical reports or anything like that I do not know what's up and it makes me question. A competitor spark. When he doesn't show up when the playoffs are here has it places us came with spurs I don't know the answer to that and it's really a hot day it is a strange story. Number three. LeBron and company a drop in game one of their series against the pacers he's not panic mode but at Notre Dame should he be. Soul he says that you know he's seen 31 deficit in the finals he didn't blanket that why's he gonna blanket this. I think. An honest LeBron. In front of a media where he was actually gonna give them something. Would have to say. I'm concerned with the effort level of my team across the board. I try to get guys involved early in what did that do it basically buried us LeBron. Didn't take a shot in this game until his team was down significantly he didn't bother taking a shot. Like two minutes and change left in the first quarter like I understand you wanna get people involved in your teammates involved. But feel free to get LeBron James involved in this cavaliers game. And it was just a weird night of basketball and they were outplayed by a hungrier team with a hungrier star who was playing with a chip on his shoulder. And Ole depot is no joke man the pacers looked. Good and frisky and hungry and the cavaliers looked like a slow rotating defensive team. Which had plans to go do something else and a couple weeks not make another appearance in the NBA finals the eighth. Seemed disinterested. In their own defeat. And that's a red flag at a certain the pacers beat Cleveland three times in four tries during the regular season snap. Actually say something NASA should number four look at it this way not to not to go back about a week tree on to number four. All of the red flags. Did the warriors. May disappear in their game one victory. Are the same red flags for cavalier fans that they're still saluting this Monday morning. Number four OK now ready to move on. Jenks got three straight a's second time this season they still have not won a series. So what's your level of concern at this point it's what April 16 today and we're not even a month and based on here we are McCarty spiraling in the hunger action. Yet get a jogger and Williamson do it now bring them both up there's no reason to stay another day with you or not producing offense like. I'm gonna tell you who is done so. His name rhymes of Hunter Pence. Like I'm glad he's got plans on opening a coffee shop and being number re still in doing YouTube videos with his wife because this baseball thing really in working out that well right now. It's unfair to put it all on him but the giants who were. Unimpressive offensively pretty much all last year have begun this year being pretty. An impressive offensively I believe. How many times they failed to score two or more runs already this season like it's not good no it's not and it's not good and and it's time to win a series haven't yet. So if the giants front office. I've basically got two minor league levers to pull on and hopefully something goes right with them ignite a little something. Let's say daughter and Matt Williams and come on up and disappoint. Then what are your guy. Then what's plan C if plan B hasn't worked out. So well in my pushing the panic button now know. But I know exactly. Where it is on the control panel. And and you know my thumbs ready to go is this the first time an ranks even that we could see the giants become big time sellers. Nate how about this probably should've been last year but the tried to hold onto an idea they thought they did. Snap their fingers in May go away would just a flip of the calendar in a couple of new players but. Their problems have not gone away. I could I could see them being so it's yeah I mean David if this doesn't get a lot better quicker why wouldn't it. Be a problem number five. Mother nature causing a lot of problems for baseball this year so at last check twenty per gains have been postponed. Because of whether it's been the most league wide since like may seventh of 20076. Postpone just yesterday. A couple today including this game. Blue jays and royals in ice storm battered Toronto in recent days. And apparently this morning chunks of ice have punctured the roof of the dome of super snow is falling through the field. An ice is still falling on the sidewalks near by its think kind of not a. Put it but that's like a hard topic don't sky dome isn't like the old mini map Minneapolis metrodome where. It's a cloth top and it's like now whole bunch air pressure murder and a vacuum that keeps an inflated. No ice punctured the root for the dome that's not gonna see that snow on the field gave us an icy conditions for people to travel to the games look I mean. And you can say start all these series on the West Coast but were a couple weeks in the baseball season now they're still getting this weather on the East Coast. I don't know I go about avoiding it but you better go out of your way to schedule whole bunch of double headers. You've got a lot of baseball to make up what do I see like last year. The entirety of the season Major League Baseball dealt was like twenty plus post moments. 25 for the whole year last year they're already it when he their ideas here for 24 excuse me and that's without counting today's. Couple that have been include as that might be inching up. So he half we'll look hot hit it snows a problem you probably shouldn't be looking to play early series in snowbound cities and if you're doing one you better make sure the rule forks. Right plan a little differently the wave there was a hail this morning an icy conditions in Oakland. Did you see there was no there was some high school where the kids got all industrious and they did a big. Snow pattern Wiener that was hook caught on some traffic cam that they focused in on their like what are these kids doing in the snow and immediately cut back to the studio because. It was. It's no Wiener a little too much for your gap and Marty television now. It is why Wiener double uncle Al got you dancing but that and that now and on that note. It's officially time to start or 5 o'clock hour hearing now.