DB Show - 2 - Warriors Championship parade recap - joined by Steph Curry, Tony Bruno, Klay Thompson, 5 before 5

The Damon Bruce Show
Tuesday, June 12th
Damon and Gianna recap the Warriors Championship parade - joined by Steph Curry, Tony Bruno, Klay Thompson, and 5 before 5 !

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It's actually time for sultry station identification you're listening to 957 the game KG MD FM and eight he won KG M disease San Francisco the radio home of the 2018. And being champions. You guys totally sound married by the editors on us here forty years almost daft but I really married at radio married here's what's great. Gionta and I get to play couple on the radio are actual spouses got to play couple in the parade while Dion and I were doing all of our stuff. Her husband and my wife got to have a play date together a picture of it was Burt Reynolds it was really pretty they were did they did a real nice job to each other entertained all day. And instead. Talks so much one of the cool things was getting. To. The end of the parade route. Where we got the opportunity to get off the staging area the same time the players worries they were going in for there. I don't know how to wrap it up with a meal with a song with a sit down what with a hookah I don't know what they did when they went into the museum but we were outside the museum. And we were catching up with players and I had the pleasure of catching up with the man who got a brought this all together today. One and only staff Kirk. On holiday party it's. Not a since. All the ovation. Today is not good about. Okay. Just got to celebrate. We visited us forces on the ground in the. Esteban and sixteen and one last your spoiled everybody a little bit too much it's a little. You come into the NBA com. This week the cavaliers is that the perfect ending to a season that was defined by an awful lot of struggles. This stuff than me I try to summarize weird case. Expectations were going into the season. We accomplished. It's it's anything. This is totally different. It's a little bit. It's a good place to change it please treat. Injuries. This. Okay fourteen games together better than the and we had some worthy opponents. In the full. Price fixing wind even pros like it's. We'll winning a championship home. This year we check plus plus. Head down. Yeah I'd say. It's. We're all right zone now wins championships come experience you are now experienced on the court. Your experience in the parade route. Tips for a championship parade what you know you wouldn't comment today that you didn't know the last couple years but today your crap yeah. That's a great question because I had a moment here about turn off the we're always. Kind of knew what to expect some other way. Had a really tough muscle. This is amazing. No matter how much you know you've been here before it was yeah. They become monotonous and and that since. Enjoy those people. You know it's good to get back. I got off the books and they ran about two miles today. I guess Paul measures. Sort of go ahead go down Broadway other shootings. Is on the loose so we just all fun. A little slow. Absolutely and long journeys today your draft it's amazing to see. All the little things all the mantra of not seeing a lot of people just talked subsequently brought in to anybody see it all decreased. As your extension your ankle injury. All the trades that botany beginning it would Dolly here to send you guys finding the dreamliner in the second round like the amount. People insane things that had to happen brings together. Are things that I lost on the nation immediately just wanna say it's very derivative fair. Exactly why I wore these. Audio video you can. Where my rookie year in shorts and those things are old school in glorious hideaway where over reason alone in this moment. And I am checked into. Organizational transition. Markets they're here. He says. There's it's. As they oil. The ceiling you know the recipe yeah. You go to a playoff team. The second round playoff team championship team played fifteen. Getting so close to sixty. And be able to have the waters but closer affinity card organization about god like. Feel comfortable. Megan. A warrior we're very proud about it. It's always mr. mom also. Not to mention he's still a little something on under not a big deal right it's yeah. Hey congratulations to nab to a better guy and a team that went out worked for a really hard obviously the expectation speed through the roof next year. Enjoy this one kick back relax and maybe sometime during the off season the money and you can show me the he's got an active. It's. Going crazy. Plus my. Yeah will drop off the baby it's not my wife is here as well they can babysit. The girls can all get together and we just thought those shots good thank you very much stuff congratulations it's. Seth Curry on the Damon her show today it was great to have Amman you know. Jian we just signed you up for a little. Little nanny service. Sell you up. You in the life and I Asia you can all get together you could talk babies can talk barbecue definitely takes notes on both her. I just I absolutely and and and stepped just sound like he sort of agreed to come and into the show once during the offseason and I would love to all them do that is that would be. Very very interest and we certainly appreciate and stop by after eight unbelievable parade in a day in Oakland that is just left. Smiles for miles I mean it's it's a wake of smiles that. Really were left by that parade route and it was it was unbelievable it was a wonderful. Wonderful thing to experience we understand that look or we do we work on the station that brings the games what does that mean and means we have really nothing to do with this. Not at all we just talk with the and we talk sports is the but we we don't go out we don't compete. We are very very lucky and very very fortunate to have given been given a ride evaporate and now I mean and I I think the warriors and I thank the city of Oakland and somebody keeps on telling me they saw Libby shaft in the snail today. Yeah we saw the snail she'd be riding I think it's gutsy that she even bother sticking our head of the sporting environment. So she gets a little. Gumption. Shoulder punch for that but really when it comes to sports in your city lady you suck at it I mean there's no other way to say it. Pardon me madam mayor get something done. This is the day membership. How were led damn it's happening today. And then Tennessee's. Or in Jordan now. Compare everything looks like the more champagne that's going on there's. Not bad mid grade have a good thanks in their right forget about that many young. Give it to us just lettuce and let's have a first look can you imagine it was just as soon. From that to open flags. And are today sitting in his silk robe. He was wearing a solid bat barrel today you are the same bathroom be war game one against San Antonio Spurs. We are going to bring you Tony Bruno today at 4 o'clock but the great Tony Bruno understands live radio sometimes needs to make adjustments we made an adjustment. And Tony Bernard joins us here and now the fabulous one himself. Keep your audience feel. This man knows how to celebrate have a good time tip a few back and laugh a little Tony today it was a great day in Oakland there or. Happy people everywhere you looked that was fun that was great your city of Philadelphia obviously just got to have. One heck of a parade to city of Oakland just did right by themselves. Now I would phenomenon block you sir Gordon and of course the Washington capital separate truth can disperse Stanley Cup in that franchise's history. But becoming normal and the amazing thing about the war entertainment is that you know this could hit their first rodeo. And it still becomes more more a lot of the players are out. They get it until it was block older but the tension of the players got up and popular were running down the street next to the band's getting closer than. Saw a lot of the players do that habit he wouldn't be out by the way a little bit just of the you know the normal 21 dollar and deceit. On now these are NBA players it was yeah Doris are very academy it's on an island big. No such thing as bottom shelf Tennessee in the NBA they go for broader. Other bottom shelf I don't see it still. I could stop that threat to their adult like rot and that he. Until you go way way up to the top Phelps popped up shop entity. What by the way they can't keep and store here in Pennsylvania and it has nothing to do with sports championships because you're quality product right now. Our very noses there's a cut package store issues are what's going on there. Dodgy people love it and they can't and actually what they do in the area where they keep they the super top shot hundred dollar bottle stuck. They have that locked up you can't just grab a bottle to bring it up to account are. Blouses and again I'd I'd I'd tell you right now nobody told that to Jordan belt. How prepared are we expecting more champagne that's going on here. All right so I'm what do. What I thought YT. Horry like Kristall whatever he was drinking coming off the plane. You don't need guidance period when they're just. Basically poured champagne I'm not able Sprague got somebody but it basically Oregon 150 dollar abolish campaign all the jet way. Did you when you've got money to splash around him bubbles to splash around like that it's just it's good living there really is a warrior spent about 400 grand. On champagne wake up only throws around the good stuff Tony. We got Jeremy you know that if nobody thought nobody would bar top an open Andre any more on the line in the locker room now to our top. Went to the deer the other rev the regular brand. That users are tat team will be popping tags there's something very attract injuries or you don't know what all Bob and I talked. He bottles but it just absolutely. Wasted. All these guys are cracking open 15100 dollar raise in spades Rick Berry couldn't believe terrorists like they got he got toilet down the it is these are these being old and left and right knee was like come out. It. Google is trying to get out for the benefit cap a Tony award nobody celebrates. Like bigger they had BA especially gold they wore it. Adequate Antonio regular opportunity the other night especially audience and our ball man. I don't even want to watch any awards show but I certainly don't watch utilities but I haven't seen heading to play it out any harder and harder ready and applied it. I I I can't name one play that is running right now on Broadway at other than Hamilton and that would be about it by the way. I would like to welcome you we have just concluded our coverage of the 2018. Warriors championship parade now live we Tony Bruno we commands. Our Tony 2018. Oh yeah. It could eventually die and get into the Tony season. So what are the Motorola are are no real lot to Tony Awards are you go to New York every week and there's some Broadway shows at all I'd I'd I'd like. When you turn on the Tony Awards and his support the Oscars for many people when you've never heard of the show and it pretty much in new age new age entertainment. You know the people who watch are the huge crowd that's that's I'll work. So that's that's that is absolutely nation lot of key should be without a doubt Tony you saw Alexander Ovechkin finally get his. Did you see the boobs on the glass that nearly had the capitals all skating into each other during the Stanley Cup presentation. Absolutely I mean extra large if it weren't for Gary Bettman to. There are even blow every bit bigger bank write about it for great speed and they don't there are so. They don't even know there's people who carried it. Did it big they sort of got it like think they fell eight. And I and we we want to belong we should probably do this Gary. You could see him almost waving at you didn't know when to start talking without all the Boeing. A wouldn't you know like any other net as he has been at the masters and Lebanese government is well. Indeed indeed Tony it would today is celebration here I would like you to confirm. Or deny ain't. Dynastic status on the Golden State Warriors three out of four more wins in four years than any other NBA team ever is this a dynasty tonic. Absolutely I mean there's no question about it now about one quote white heat around quickly under your watch dynasty back in the day when it was popular on. Prime time television you are probably too old to remember dynasty and who showed just remember Linda Evans had big shoulder pads don't Collins. Exactly. But I don't see you know the border are now are they getting better they swept in the NBA final. But in the NBA final would be easier securities prefer this week he would definitely by eager to waterlogged. Your really really did. The that affected the warriors got a little bit of a scare. Against the Houston Rockets and then turned around and made this look like it was just no problem at all in four straight over the cavs I think it's gonna. Have people walking away go online Gaza so easy one of the things the warriors stressed today anyone he would talk to work could talk to. Was as good is they are as many also ours is they have all the future hall of it still wasn't easy like even the sweep of the cavaliers wasn't as easy as it looked. Pro sports the beauty of these pros is they make it look easy folks it's never. That's right they ED normally when you get to the final you don't see it sweep this week indicate that one team is clearly. Better than the editing greeted all teams always gonna get one if bigger game three after the war is won the first two. You know they were glued engagement and there are now obviously the war is. They had a chat salute that game and there's no doubt about it when I got three all that they had a backpack that fishing pole were packed. And national Brock would be cast on it was all over now. He I don't think by halftime of game four and Robert are ready so I didn't think where he was going to go next. It is part of the warriors that are everywhere the warriors will be enabled Robert James sweepstakes. I don't think that's her are realistic possibility. I just don't think it's gonna happen and I don't think LeBron would even want it to happen to be honest with you Tony I think Los Angeles is the only place it's on his mind I think he's already doing. Is much producing. Off the court in terms of entertainment as he's doing producing on the court still on NBA finals. I think the hall I think the Hollywood entertainment industry's his future and I think he's going to lakers and I think he's gonna show up there with the either Chris Paul or Paul George or quiet Leonard with him. Our air don't retire I don't think carries going anywhere what I tell every seems pretty like good in Boston I don't know why people got him on the move all the sudden. God you're writing obviously Billy the bent ear take that he's coming here and it's no doubt about it. I I I disagree I think that he that he ticket that is the possibility because is on the young pieces in place yes but I don't know all. But it would be deprived me to be I mean people talk in Houston because we saw what happened it would Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City leaving a good franchise. You know the bottom line is he's not going to look back anti it will not go to so bad stretch I. In or not a fighter in the lead we lead jenkins' story in SI he's like. I'm going to Brooklyn. It is yeah. I'm I'm taking my talents to Orlando. Central Florida not all the way to South Beach this time. It's not gonna happen he's not going to go on make this is partisan cells and what's amazing Tony is the way to people criticize Kevin Durant. For using this opportunity to instead of playing with Russell Westbrook an owner restaurant in Oklahoma City he came out here to play was stepped curry NB a tech. Venture capitalist would Joseph lake up like that decision was clear. He is two time champ two time finals MVP. This is sports bat a thousand is still good were we come from right Tony. Absolutely and and you're right people criticize athletes are doing. What they they get that state pocket anybody I know Oklahoma State fans are upset that like Seattle fans were upset when they when they locked in particular. What do or are you make the decision any and a lot of light. And he goes to the right place. As much or it. That's the way it works you know nobody could protect. You know like you got a couple rain then you may be at Arco to a lesser franchise to take the take. That I could dictate edit maxed out deal repeatedly we we talk about a league players like Kevin Durant LeBron. The big get a Mac shall peel anywhere so it's not going to be questioned up. They're there to make more money here bear anywhere it's going to be I wanna also play like one and Greg and Robert Reid. We went into lobbying. I mean I don't know there's pressure brought him district we talked about it a couple of weeks ago about a legacy being armed or dampen. I don't awarded this doesn't it I don't know what great more hungry now that. It could stop the bleeding and make sure to go someplace we absolutely positively they economical option pretty rapidly into upheaval in Cleveland earlier Machida. We shook up their entire lot of beer eat thought are sure that this entity that looked like they may have battle but these have been. Dumping more terribly terribly wrong I don't like VH one behind you do you. Yeah there's always that twenty minute second segment words like and then the drug money was there and Christian and and that's pretty much the art of all of those Tony I got askew on the way out I really do and I wouldn't ask you something personal if you hadn't been public about it. Via social media I know you've had a little bit today a skin cancer ski error tell us how your dueling. We hope everything is okay you'll look good artery. Right back you know I obviously it was dumping that a lot of people were asking me about I. I go to my dermatologist every year duplicate what you're alternate every year you know little bird and while this. Or bowl champs and they sort it all beer require years to get prostate exams every year and so like white skin check where dermatologist. Like rocket Errol what door to detail and not worry about putting on street. I absolutely would you pregnant women smoke into cameras are just curls. Exactly so you know you you wanna get dark especially when your ball now cliche Mike and what do make sure that you don't put that might as well I'm not. I'm not Islam were stripper that I can a lot of incidental but what are where. The cartel to see this grow under I would it looked like a little purple. And so deep that you know Arnold Arnold what you order that it under the our our leader will bar opera which is the nation's Burton probably what that aren't hospital in the world. And the doctors there looked Saturday get a buyout he'd that your character but it wouldn't carcinoma not a melanoma I'll tag more than ready. Slower spreading character and that they get literally you don't check that are likely to appetite or stop order. Expanding. So they went and Eric got it out a bit quick procedure and I want to another doctor. So made up after they took the tumor out and we disagree no we'll read a week ago Monday. Well you'll bring it. They are paying like I walked you know route might tighten that apparently. After topic and not properly REIT debt. Any day of the week my friend just glad your are right and you know like all your massages I'm glad there is a happy ending here. And all that good idea very much Tony you are the best spent so much my friend. I can't let go war everybody in Iran now. I don't acted now getting a teacher ready for next year. I'll they're you know Pat Riley money every single time they say three peat they do this next hour right. Way to work Walt retreat. I think we all home a dime right now thank you very much on you are the best he is our favorite the fabulous. Tony Bruno let's go to safe at third in San Francisco what's going on safeguard. Exactly and insurers always a wonderful show Tony romo's bad they're reviewed. There. I just want to say congratulations. To the warrior come along but pretty. And expansive 1963. Woo woo me anyway so I guess Warner could graduate Oakland or party that he quality build your Reno could we wouldn't have a more what vocal. I congratulate the city of Oakland. And and and I know they're moving over here but if there's any way popped a ball like we were two innings later. And in oracle when they move over here for whatever reason this has been paid back. All of the great thing that happened in Oakland and and jerk you know a great. Managerial. Group is just wonderful. Like I say I've lived here at work here. I'm a warrior fan oh on the shelf. I tell you is just wonderful very cute. Thank you appreciated save with her I mean here's the thing is in knicks fan if you grew up and you watch when the knicks were great back and like to date the bush days like all those that. That his team that a lot of people tell you that this warrior team might remind him of the most in terms of just the way they share the ball played together and it's beautiful predicated offense on ball movement and ball movement only. We saw the warriors get in trouble they stop moving the ball that Houston series and we saw him come right back to life from the start of pop and a ball around again in that Cleveland series which gives them. Back to back titles Klay Thompson. Of course is. At the center of every warrior conversation because people love clay I love clay we were hoping it joined clay today. For a little bit of a one on one but clay. He got there earlier than we did clay. Are arrived. At the end point about fifteen minutes before we got there are so by the time we got there he had gone on in. Get a little shade reasonably so it was a hot day people needed a cold drink water. At the very end but before clay went in he did sit down. Wind Tony stymied in guru who were broadcasting from the Oakland Museum today we're talking to players is they came off the bus and here is their conversation. With Klay Thompson. Let's go to a man. You Dylan doing great snow like champagne and excellent candidates are good girl what are. That's tonight at Africa. Mozy float like who's ready are you an envelope goes by too fast honestly is lot of action we had a variety of drinks and blue whether his body of water some wines champagne makers. This is a good time it just goes by too fast meant that route it seems like it's taken a while blazes. Because I can snap and you wanna take photos which also enjoy the moment so there I said it when I was doing enough for me now is trying to soak in all that he faces in the beautiful sunshine. That's why we we have seen you guys in your prior championships BS did you go to Houston game seven down eleven in half. Give us some other video IKEA mindset in the locker room at halftime was like no big deal we got this sort of the jet to push yourself. Up. Below both I mean. Renewal wasn't a huge deal but we also knew that the deck get away with from war away from us a few possessions if we were locked in and a new loan throughout the job. You know it only takes two minutes frustrated evaporated limp when we do know us a couple threes couple easy transition buckets. So we'll stop so we weren't too worried we know how hot we can get a home especially. And dom tells a tri series Massimo forever remembered as it is it feels like you guys there. Appreciating this would more than the other ones is a third set. Yeah I think so hopefully you'll succeed when the playoffs you kinda expect it to be easy good. This is not easy this year and I'm sure it's even harder next year and we learned about fashion we learn about the loss familiarity from Tony rob is not take any use for granted. He knows forty years between James is for the lawyers and so we might be slow now goods does he go enjoy every minute this. Yeah you're hurt and you've done it through it and eyes one know how you feel. But not depreciation. And you were par your players. What they had to say about junior toughness and hadn't really. Touching your heart how how your cell players still not Gloria not me it meant a lot. There from them recognizing that meant so much. And I know they do the same thing you know you don't work free two games and gets NBA finals taken off from us is catastrophic so for me. A new but it SpinRite to complain as 6% I can still catch and shoot the ball so. It was is now being out their views differ my teammates and meant so much that they recognize those plans. The little dance but it still big deal now just test the story. How long do you go down without touching the basketball. Volume lost but I still working out when he turns 28 from Botswana anymore I can't just take a month off and get right to it I got to stay in shape. So. The plague beach volleyball from outside the walked eighteen holes in golf leave or not which is actually two of people don't realize that. And most do other things stay active for months the middle pick of basketball but it probably is the point where I missed shooting from misty in the gym. Because reflex of June every summer and that's not easy. So yeah it drive yourself to be thirsty for you did better again. Now you're about to go to China we know about China clay talk to us about that what is that light matches fastest hottest like the phenomenon and they love you out there. While no oil Medusa all of that trip there wasn't different this one off or I don't know how much top that. Listen you know as the ultimate high come up six inches from a few better now I'm sure I have my moments. When I was over but I can do is there's a life away just you must self you know my alarm in China and although this can detect the states it did its audited and a half I just I thought I love going over there because. You I appreciate bass lobbies so global. That's our go to guys and other sportsmen like me and you guys have fans in Europe South America China. All over the world nothing's is growing so Libyan ambassador of the sport BO does showcase must how to people who really appreciated menace some don't take for granted here. Very unique because you grew up in this and you got to see the showtime lakers you've got to see your father. Win championships what's it like for you now your a three time NBA champions dia. Actually did you see him win and guys all you do is talk about him. So so good to finally pass them and not that he appreciates this RC so much and just tells me enjoy every moment because. There's no guarantees of professional sports we know we all know it's a business. And at the end today. What we're doing you're so special because we got a whole city are back. And a whole. You know it'll vary in just to see people from all different walks of life are here. Rich you know or black white Asian Latino food. It doesn't matter they're here for one reason as to celebrate have fun. And just enjoy his beautiful day and a sound that's hard to do in any other profession that's why don't take for granted memory we have the power brings people together and have fun and it's. Some that don't you forever till my grandkids. One of the things you said recently was maybe NBA's gotta get better. Not to compete with us and I know the Houston Rockets are big rival and and a lot of people around here. Can't stand them but that didn't teach you guys gained. A bigger respect for them this year not only because they took you seven days would because at least hearsay and more obsessed with them that's the team we got to be has left and that is almost that's respect. He's had not respect at our respective players too because they might not be did it. Besides James Toney crisp fall below the guys might not get a lot of love the picture caller I mean it's a force. And they actually developed askew net meters work and metres to have to do new things don't comfort zone not a lot of teams can do it to us so I was. Theroux trying moment neck and neck came that's series a west finals as a forcing Chris Paul garnered. That's why got to appreciate what we can do because it's hard to stay healthy misleading mansard. So 500 games in four years distorted. Feed every night and I'm sure we'll see him again next year. When I met but I comment from reporter asked me. What do you think about the terror as a war is accused of Fernandes of course we police have just trying to do my job that's the wins championships in a review right now reacts try to lose some food for cats try to lose too we should be years not only with. We can be that we won't be there every year if that's the best to deal clear if. Three time NBA champion we appreciate the time we love watching it play until I go enjoy this with a teammate or thanks Sarah McBride. Speaking of teammates those are my teammates Chris Townsend mats diamonds and Jerrold good route Johnson doing an awesome job. With Klay Thompson welcome back to Damon Bruce show. We eat his still got an awful lot of big numbers show for you and as a matter of fact we're gonna run a little step curry Bahia Gionta got her five before five and more of your calls. About today's unbelievably memorable special poignant parade in Oakland if you were there we'd love to hear from ya. 8889579570. Great day for the team here to every one at 957 the game brought their A game today this has just been a fantastic afternoon. It's good to have you with us. Now it's some things you want to. I thought yeah. Hi said that they. A parade addition to yes I Z 45 welcome back to the Damon her show along with Gianfranco it's great to be with you today it was great to be out in Oakland Jihad and I did very little show Pratt. Other than ride in a parade this afternoon but that's really all we need were about to take your calls and continue to talk to you about eight. Very memorable day. For that city for this franchise. For our station it was really really good time but it is. Business as usual. And right now as we usually do five before five Sergio and please take it away. Re hearing and I just say you know I have my notes on my phone today this sound like me wow I have. Ever read into she's desperate notes I didn't go number one. Irate. Today it was really relief fund Damon right in in the grade going down the streets of Oakland all the ticker tape everything the fans the players. Let's give it a grave. On is this give it AB CDC now obviously he asked. It's not just school grade he didn't he didn't count. That was an A afternoon Brad is a solid A Oakland in dominated do do we wanna go ahead and push into an a plus. I would think if you got a high five from Golden State warrior today you're saying it was an a plus experience all given and hey if you touch the warrior. I'm gonna bring it up to eight plus. Grade you on curve a little bit people who said that it was going to be less than last year's parade Nevada. Touchstone rally point at that ended the parade route. I think were wrong to assess the waved at the day would go because what we had. War they want it wasn't. Rushing passing 90% of the people to get to a 10% audiences now. Why is spending a 100% of the parade being immersed in the parade getting off the float signing autographs. Slapping hands high five thing like I thought today was just outstanding. It's an AA. Congratulations. A solid. A. Now when they win another championship today they do the same format they did that your habit of more of an intimate setting in my great smaller streets. Fans are up close and personal right I do wood down the narrowest valley you can find. What is what people want top people on top of people make it make it even tighter make it even more intimate how about this instead of a parade. That goes by you once. Is there any way to do this on like a track somewhere this is there anyway to have the parade in an infinite loop just keeps on going around so if you were not paying attention. Just after he split this moment what they'll be back around again in fifteen minutes number. To not bad not bad OK there was a lot of sign this. Moments in today's parade but of course someone is gonna be the MVP I designed this kid out there you can compare that we are expecting more champagne that's going on here. Now don't send me. The packets storage in Dell our idea is you parade MVP. Jordan bell that's down by the way courtesy of NBC sports just. Just without a doubt the MVP. Did get a PW why he was for rating while intoxicated today he really did he had a great time. I'd love to see guys let their guards down in those moments obviously stepped claimed ray RVs. You know forever Starr is Dr. Dre Ahman Green. Lighten up Tristan Thompson and dunking on him one more time today from the parade was pretty darn cool too. It was it was just great I mean I. Who was the number one all star of the day I'd I think Jordan bell and swagger EP. Absolutely met the expectations you have for them is guys going through this for the first time at totally different. Ends of their career spectrum is. We had basically the same person just one of them was wearing a bathroom. Did you ever because that's the kind of hot humid as weren't there by the way just ill. I saw this video that he went into the crowd in lifted a little kid out like a baby kind of it was really cool that you eat that's how much you interact with the fans alike at a Lion King only doing. Mama teach you the moon yes yes that moment okay what's gonna be more exciting. Number three. The last year of oracle and if they win a championship have prayed for or if they win a championship an upgrade and a half. After chase open. But it could be more exciting. Well look I mean I don't know how how much do we want to attach the word bittersweet too excited because. The final year oracle will be bittersweet who I mean if you're tell me there's only be 41 regular season games left in that place plus small handful playoff games. I'm gonna tell you go out of your way to get to all of them if you can it's going to be a very special place ORACLE Arena is always going to have. A very very special spot my heart's one of the favorite James I've ever set foot and it's one of my favorite places I've ever watched a game in. It has been my favorite Bay Area venue for years I mean AT&T park obviously your next level. But ORACLE Arena I've always said you know Bay Area fans. I love yet but oracle. This just got the fans that I would wanna have over to my house like these people show up when. They get it is good that they show up when they get these bad that they were loud long before the parade of winning. Went through anyone's count around here so I love warriors fans I love ORACLE Arena in I will miss her greatly when she's got. RA when he came number four the best Chinese side at the parade today the sign of the parade today is that a lot of that's easy I saw a lot of good ones who won it was just so funny with how you don't expect to see this phrase anywhere in the city of Oakland. There was this one dude who held up a sign that said. Fancy meeting you again. And I thought that was pretty good the one dues is fancy meeting you here again. The single best Sino belong to the one guy who just said. Is that decides at Oakland number one of basketball. Number one and booty that was pretty bad you can't argue would that. Number one in hoops number one and boats. It's pretty they're very. Creative signs very creative costumes you know and treated and the amount of different ways I saw all of a rule yeah attached to is some part of LeBron James is anatomy today was was was records and that's pretty impressive number of five. How much business to be NBA finals brain Hennessy. Even Tony Ridder was talking about it but apparently had a season that the drink this year look at Tennessee. I don't know why. Why now is your time but welcome to the stage even Iran it's great to say yeah yeah. I I have no idea how the rap community. Picked Tennessee. I've no idea how the hip hop world decided Tennessee was the drink we're going to. I mean I know is Christophe for awhile in the now is proven uncool Tennessee like he's been on the Tennessee's been on the throne for really long time in Knoll liquor seems to becoming a knock it off like poppy can keeps on as much so Iraq is he wants to try to. Tennessee is still the choice theme of all the cool kids I wonder like. Why not Jim beam one Jack Daniels admitted it's a good rule of which are inaudible a blended whiskey to cognac is what this really is self. But you say it bill Hennessy Tennessee does sound cool tennis Tennessee sound easy. Just think Tennessee sounds at the same time. Pettis he sounds like the really classy place you're going to we're going well the wife and I are going to vacation this summer in Tennessee I hit it sounds beautiful. It also sounds like the name of the guy who owns the junk shop next toward you. Like all you should take that over all man Tennessee's. So it sounds wildly classy. Yet want to believe not classy all of the same time I don't know Tennessee. It's study apparently when Jordan bell ran out of Hennessy today he saw some in the crowd a couple of fans had bottles of Tennessee and parts that you need in me. The study. Yes I grab a bottle take a sick hair nets go ahead Mike that often passed back. I ask somebody said an and I saw this one too dire in the text once as the best signed today simply said loved room with a broom I. I didn't see the room I saw that a good idea. Is that five that's science single. Wow and I noticed on until we got fantastic and I know this fund today there really was I wish that we could bring everyone. The what big guy that we didn't bring. Is this Jesse from Alameda. Is this the Jesse from Alameda was on our float today who is on hold here let's find out just Jesse from Alameda is this is zero. Yeah. I so this is the guy. Who won the opportunity to ride on the float would thus and he brought his beautiful wife Paula wrong it was great to have them both you your wonderful guests Jesse. Popular cheerleader on the that you guys but ultimately were. All of that everybody from the right by them game. There Mondrian. Go vote if everybody evidently. There was that we've who yelled out stand there. Look like over a million France is beyond that though there was also. Yeah we want to thank you again that would. It really was great Jesse thank you for listening I'm so glad that we were able to thank you for listening by bringing along with us today in the it really was we couldn't have asked for a better personal one that randomly like you did because you couldn't about a better guest we could see how much fun you when your wife were having. All day long and it was in its heroes just great to have demand thank you for coming in and thank you for calling those early special day. I expect to get married a boat this due to connect here and that is capable that gauntlet. That's I apologize we'll see you again next year I feel like we should just bring you is our own good luck charm every year we'd do this so. We'll see you and your wife again next year buddy this is Jasper in San Jose how are you Jasper. A Jesper are you win me going once going twice. Sounds like Jasper got caught. In that old fatal flaw where they're listening to their radio and not listening on the phone you know in this is where dreams go to die. You know that about three you wind in terms of call in radio BS's 72 delay creeps up. No god Jasper now now gestures just finding out now our. Also are 320. On. Sorry buddy. Give us a goal back. You know what I heard blasted from speakers today I was angry that the speakers were not on our float things. Kotsay is that kids might be drinking Hennessy but there's only one to maybe bump that it warrior parades for us. I mean as someone is like Yo-Yo Yo-Yo yo crank dat British jingle for us. Ernie and given too much know everything the I was just tested it really was by the way speaking. All but stepping Currie. Don't you go anywhere I've got an exclusive one on one. Wind step in as soon as he stepped off the parade float that I'm gonna be running past you about here in about ten minutes. As we move into our 5 o'clock hour here on 957. Game.