DB Show - 2 - Vegas: Golden Knights & Raiders, Sam Amick, Five before Five

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Monday, May 7th
Damon says if the Golden Knights win the Stanley Cup this year, it will never get any better for Vegas than the first season, and then talks about the Raiders moving to Vegas and how the Golden Knights first season success affects them, is joined by NBA insider for USA Today Sports, Sam Amick, and Five before Five with Gianna. 

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By the way it's officially time to start our 4 o'clock our. It is time for sultry station identification you're listening to 95 set in the game KG and the FM and 81 KG MD San Francisco you're home for every warriors playoff game. Excellent. So much better at that and I am. I'm telling. I kinda want it to happen and only saw the raiders get their mail it out well nevermind. You RD no championships lookalike. You already know what a real team is you already have one we are just we're basically were tourists. So you're jumping on the bandwagon now because you really love the golden answer could care less speed just outside I didn't get it to other I'm angry at the raiders. Yes makes and that's what I'm doing I'm on the nightstand wagon ruin the whole punch before they even get there okay. We think about it. Think the guy here is said Mike and belay you know Damon as a lifelong raider fan I am to hold early with you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. The problem is when you media guys is that you just wanna spit out hot takes like winning championships is actually bad gimme a break. Man. Think about it more than just in the vacuum of the moment think about the next thirty years what do you sell the next thirty years to somebody. If everything they ever wanted was given to them in year one. The high expectations hell yeah out. Sarah is how it's if you win a championship. In your rookie year. It's tough is employer it's like a little bit of an all downhill from their moment. Think about it as a franchise in the first ever year of a franchise. Like one of the reasons why the Marlins will never connect with the city of Miami I mean there are many reasons that is a multi layered conversation. But one of the reasons why the Marlins will never connect with the fans in Miami is because there was no long amount of suffering they want a first title in seven years. So if you're really dying for championship he had his weight fifty minutes in you got one. Like I'm gonna tell you right now. I grew up this diehard Chicago cub fans you ever met your life. They've finally won the title in 2016. I don't wanna say I'm less of a fan but them winning it is now no longer something that needs to happen before I can die peacefully that is already happened. Well the second one is cool and exciting but it's never as good as the first right ever as good as the first which just goes for championship T shirts per raids. Bonding with the generate would ever generation of kids the raiders are hoping to be like the local kids today attach themselves to win Las Vegas. They will be so bought into the Vegas golden knights of bigoted championship in the first five minutes of existing Dumont. And seriously if your ticket guy how. How do you go about cell I mean yeah you're defending champs. You're defending champs for sure and I guess that's an easy ticket to sell but. Four years from now. Four years from now. It's it's it it's a tough sell you do it's. You might say what do stupid blustery hot sports talk radio take. That's only if you've never heard of the of the logic too much too soon. If you believe in the concept of too much too soon you're nodding in agreement not disagreeing with me. They don't think the opposite happened the gold knights win the championship and everyone behind excited get a hold another team out there in Vegas. You mean like maybe that could happen to pay we but I and we got one hour next new franchise coming year new team I mean. It can happen but it would have but again and you can only lose their virginity once it's true. You know who's going to be the first pro team to have that parade is to tonight's before the raiders even get there. Gonna talk about spoiling the punch. I'm on you to know I I think to would have made more sense. To hire Jon Gruden a year and you're moving there. The bloom off the Jon Gruden rose which is ask local fans it's already off people hated to drag ordinary guy. The bloom of the Jon Gruden rose will be totally off two years from now when he's rolling into Vegas there's going to be no new excitement to offer theirs as well we're here now. But Gordon makes no golden knights. Don't let our kids. They mean you can't compare our beautiful ball to golden knights can win five years in a row in the raiders would still be more popular. You might be right but in weird to in weird communities which Sega says. The ultimate by the way just wanna visit wouldn't want to live their communities. How fun would that raiders. But it leaked it. It might not it does it look the football's baker obviously and it felt so much bigger but in the weird. Local dying to have a franchise to finally root for. Local marketplace that Las Vegas is going for the local those locals will have already pledged their allegiance to another entity and at the very most. That other entity will just be that other entity you know you don't have exclusive rights to that fan anymore you're sharing constantly. Say this is Google might do in the Stanley Cup I mean that could just ignite and that many more fans would be interest in the second season didn't get behind the team spend their money on season tickets at that point not really seeing it for the NFL team cumin and. They say that one of the coolest things to do in the open I guess the doors free for everyone to come on and is go to. Golden knight's practice. How cool is golden knight's practice going to be if he'd just come back from the Stanley Cup parade. You gotta practice. Is that going to be a cultural touch point. Hey let's go watch practice and you know I just watched him skate with the cup and good. 8889579570. Dave did Mountain View Iran 957 again. Papers I've written on the ground reroute blocks he had two rescues into the real thing but it doesn't apply to sports and here's why. The giant corporation by Islamic anybody less excited about winning more. Absolutely absolute no way absolutely. It has to the point where. That place wasn't sold out nearly every single night like he used to be the passion VE got to have it. Ravenous giant fan is so well fed that they're not starving anymore it is absolutely. Change the god I have it now. Got a live for today moment like Madison number under heard again well we've already won a lot you know like I mean there's data has changed. The first time he state your claim you take your kids the grade the second one you're like OK maybe we'll go from off market time the third when he Russia from home right. And and and let's be totally honest why the three means so much as he waited what. Fifty how many years to get one. So there you go out thank you David I appreciate the call thank you to listen and James in Oakland what's up James. I actually completely disagree quickly then. Simply because I was in Arizona. Diamondbacks won that span in ever win a World Series in four years. I'm came and I said and one in 2001. Over the Yankees. And I are really seeing their span. They could get big it's been out I think and our problem with is when you're not good when you don't keep putting that in but I mean. How I mean I'm a little hole. We want them and it's heavy it's too bad thirteen everything's been going on repaired between under that they gave. Ari thank you very much for my dog appreciate it. That's just honest sports passion there by the way Rick Pitino is an absolute scumbag and your championship is invalid and you know it. The fraudulent. Caught red handed FBI said you cheated you did. It to run a strip club to get recruits actually strip club was. Holding back those straight a brothel. Was bad. But I you know I look you wanna disagree would mean this is why we talked sports. Here's what I did today here's what you have to say it's OK there's there is no completely right answer but I do think that it spoils the punch. If the whole idea is we're here to sell you knew if he knew get spoiled. Instantly. It's a little harder to sell. Shiny and new. In year 20 in your three in your forward in your five it just gets a little bit harder. Dated 89579570. I got Scott in Antioch I do and Scott. On doing all right David are you doing man who wrote this show you. I do what you. I just wanted to say man preach it you're speaking the truth meant the raiders or leave and leave it all must spell at the back. Pretty accurate shooter good on the day get to meet you not get the first for any being allowed. Our hearts and thank you very much I I don't know about Freddy Krueger junior. We're not making fun of anybody there's no reason to talk anymore is Hillary's point any fingers you know people look to assign blame who's to blame. There's a rock there's a lot there's an awful lot of reasons why this divorce is happening. But you know it was dad did physically moved out of the house. And that's what's going on here there's a there's a lot of blame to go around there's no doubt this was. The bad marriage. But you knew things were actually to the point of no return when dad moved out into the room at the hotel. And that's. That's Marc Davis's. He just got the room at the hotel. I guess this is seriously over one. Chuck and Alameda howry chuck. Eight hey I guess I gotta agree with you are the stats are not. Las Vegas let me tell you that worry is an outstanding goaltender. And there's a report Jim mistress from Las Vegas they're probably gonna win the cup. I'm of course charge isn't ticket holder but I can tell you know I don't know who that you're you're close to put this franchise together but did Gary did like the Russian. The charge never had a chance in the series. Then we're all aware about it yeah I mean they they were a very good look and hockey team even in the games they lost in that series why the for nothing shut out word Jones stood on his head was amazing the flurry. Is. Something else. When we say this about Las Vegas did studies on this topic real quick don't tell me that something that's a hit right away doesn't close the most popular nightclub in the world closes in Vegas soon. The best restaurant in Vegas closes in Vegas soon being a hit one day a smash on the strip. Doesn't mean you're gonna be open three years from now that's I think the raiders are gonna really find out. And that would be a huge thing for the golden knights to worry about if they really did I think take their inaugural season all the way to Nirvana I think it. It screws up the how we sell this long term punch it just a little bit dated 89579570. Maybe you green maybe I'm crazy maybe we can figure it all out either way I would love to hear from you is Sam payments coming up at 430. We'll be back to the warriors with him. Here on 95 cent in the game. 576 team. Welcome back it's good to have you here another 57 the game got some interesting things coming in on the tax line. One guy saying I can't believe he talked about the warriors doing really well and then moving as ever and Cisco and still having enough fans then you talk about deep. Nights ruining Vegas you make no sense now you make no sense there's a really there's a much bigger difference than. Moving at a Bart stop or two away from where your existing. Or moving aid. Now boarding. This big group beyond the southwest flight. To go to a raider game. Like there's a really big difference and oh by the way beat Golden State Warriors got history in San Francisco. V. Vegas raiders have no history together there is zero history there is no history there whatsoever. Maybe if you players got lap dances that's that's the history. In the scene of the lawyers are going to be accessible style. Yes just addictions they mean separatist yes all may have a 45000 person waiting list who have all agreed we're gonna spend four times more than what are spending a year ago to do this. So there's a big difference there. A real big difference. The other guy says here Damon. I think the debate is golden knights keep on winning. Having problems stolen. Seats with fans out of town fans eventually the raiders on the other hand it's a much different story takes more people to fill the football stadium and hockey arena. I can't imagine how they're going to be filling seats in ten years from now. Cause I can. I can imagine that as a matter of fact I am it's the most confident prediction I've ever ever made. In my broadcasting career. That the raiders used to have an amazing home field advantage the coliseum was rough nasty place the black hole. Just be. The turf itself the way that it was a football field on a baseball field that no one else liked it and everybody hated being there and had gave with the raiders like eight. Would ship home field the damaging nasty. You gotta love it to be here type of fan base. You know it's gonna fill those seats whole bunch out of town fans amid tight right now every guy named stand and Eddie and Mikey in Minnesota. Is already looking at the vikings upcoming schedule when are they going to be back on the raiders' schedule circle that date they are gone and. That is gonna be the ultimate. Dude bro weekend for the out of town NFL fan that is ever existed the raiders home field advantage will be. Nonexistent. In the way that almost to Dallas Cowboys. Look the Dallas Cowboys do not have home field advantage every anymore. Their stadium. Is such a curiosity. For football fans all over the world. The there're more people there would no rooting interest in today's game just to see it as a tourist. Then there are diehard cowboys fans who've been season ticket holders for fifty years and that's why we're here I'm. As it is the ultimate let's let's go look at it it's what would go see the Grand Canyon. Seems stadium that Jerry Jones built. I'm not deter spot at this look at it this way I'm not a Dallas cowboy fan I would make a pilgrimage to see it one day myself I don't know who the opponents gonna beat doesn't matter I'm going to see the stadium. And that's in Arlington Texas. It's the only thing better. Imagine if you had a stadium curiosity sitting in the Las Vegas. How many just just you know I don't care whose plane today I just came to see the stadium. That place is gonna be the all to admit I got here in the second quarter is always hung over I just. Stumbled out of the rhino here I am not a I'm telling you meant. Go golden knights. Rob is in San Jose rob your 957 game how are you. Paid him well and a little bit more of its obligations in the league that they should be ending in Vegas and I don't think. You know I don't have a problem I wish they can host Major League teams and megaplex. And it would have been well what might you know. Having prime time actually Tillman was killed in that way. You can sue Ellen I guess sounds fun Super Bowl on Vegas I'm gonna market. Or. Every four years you could happen if you know there's tonight Aaron Thanksgiving Christmas definitely would have done just fine and you know and like any forget about preview you can add. You weren't internationally. If you know you forget about greed isn't an even yard second saying I'm I'm a rather than charging them. They get a team barricaded in a year we separate Q injuries we we played at creating game we're pretty decent market. They you know. Hitting it seemed big the biggest that role everybody. It's gonna you know I feel bad for a less relevant markets it can become even more relevant because of any of about the only decision go to neutral. Pretty good record owner Bob not a day is there's no go on about face obviously it's working its connecting but. What do long term damage do you do. By giving fans too much too soon. A Damon do the niners have home field advantage. The answer was absolutely not they had no home field advantage whatsoever until Jimmy drop below showed up and then. Things change quickly as dancing act gangs Tuesday. And was again that place work like the opposite of a of the tourist trap you sought once in your like once is enough I'm not coming back into you got a great team to cellmate. Or at least a quarter back story to sell me and that's what brought people back. But no there is no home field advantage Levi stadium that is a terrible stadium. That's gonna change that right which in Europe for as long as they got a quarterback and then if the team is winning and east and any stadium that sucks sucks less when you got a winner. Albert Collins from 280 Albert your 957 game I don't. Good good luck this judge David of this delegate a couple of things one. I'd be brought that was dirty player I mean he deliberately trying to hurt somebody here it is acting like your professional you don't stop got off. An interior I'm totally with you as far as the golden night I watched him in elevator and outlook it will and I went seven general. I want them later in the Oliver Twist coming up with a couple little bowling. I have the loss. I tell you up any Oliver Twist reference gets a bonus point as far as callers are concerned thank you very much Albert too bad your your phone was a little garbled there. So basically I I wrote this down Giuliani here is the life cycle of what you sell a fan base when you're now in the business of selling professional sports. Someone's like. Yeah how can you go wrong selling success right away. Because that's not the time put success on so that's how we're selling. The first thing you sell. When you're selling a franchise is the concept of we're finally here. You finally get the drug that we have to sell you. Like when the sharks moved to when the sharks became an expansion team they were selling success. They were selling you finally have hockey in the Bay Area aren't you happy. And the fans showed up saying yes just that alone makes us happy so what you sell for the first few years. Is so much failure. On the ice that it doesn't even matter results are not what we're here for your just here for the pageantry of having the sport. From the get go to the very first thing you sell any fan base. Is the concept of were clearer. And then. After a couple for a few years the were here where's itself out. Everything moves quickly what have you done for me lately sure you hear the what are you doing wild and you turn around you sell the concept of one building. We're building or building towards a brighter future we are adding the players we are drafting right we are becoming a legit grown up franchise right before your very eyes are used to just be X. Engine and happy to be here but not anymore now. Were building. That's the second step itself. The third step that you sellers. Of the game on everybody were in the playoffs. And then you hope that that step becomes the step of the fourth step is we're not just a playoff spot work contending. Weren't actual contender. And so you sell contender. As long as you can by doing nothing keeps them coming on back like contender. We're not gonna quite give you everything you want it see you have to come see the sequel. But you're gonna fall in love what these characters. That's what they're selling to you. That's the sequence of life cycle of the team they sell the fan bases in the contender turns into a fifth step that is. Your champions. Now you're someone that. Then you're selling the concept of defending champion Max. And then after every team runs through its life cycle. Whether you became a dynasty or defending champs are 11 and that was it or two in a row or three in a row. Eventually Gianna. It all comes to winning and father time is undefeated. And then you know what you sell the rebuild. It's a kind of go back to the beginning and sent the rebuild. If you are in the first year of your worst here sales process. And then have to immediately transition to word defending champs. You just blew fifteen to twenty years of sales opportunity. Because you jump from step one right to step five skipping the word building steps were in the playoff step. Were now contenders step you're going right from though were here two were defending champs. It's of a natural progression a falling in love. Right and I'm just on you right now you can be talking about sports from a phantom standpoint all you want a look at this from a marketing standpoint from how you sell sports to masses in communities. Championship on day one is not the formula. So I'm almost hoping for it to happen just to ruin a whole bunch of stuff. Because you know what it's like elements on the Joker I'm on an agent of chaos I just want chaos. Our buddy Sam Amy does a great job covering the NBA on the pages the USA today via Sports Illustrated he's what this for the first time in a long time we haven't caught up with Sam in a while higher nobody. And do a great article thanks for having an odd thing thanks for join us it's great to have you Sam so we finally saw. The warriors go to the doomsday device to start a basketball game the depth of lineup is. Pretty darn good as advertised in it was certainly the difference to a fast start may never looked back. As dominant a warrior game is we've seen this year. Now I was impressive it was fun to watch I mean listener challenge like. It's near a decision rocket science yet like Steve Kirsch said afterwards our best players get them on the floor. But there's a lot of layers condition in terms of over the course of time why they had never started this line up then and why in the playoffs maybe you wanna not chillier and completely but. When you are up to one that he run the risk. Having this year does Syria it evened out on the road and got pelicans team where that conference is growing and you know rockets team on the other side of the ledger. That is trying to meet June Carter's I'll get through their series as quickly as possible I think it. Just obviously reached a point where speed and should have decided that. Yep played as hard and it worked incredibly well I mean these numbers. Did that we saw yesterday on bolt into the ball would be try to. Incredible and obviously no problem at all scoring so impressed yourself. Mean how are exposed to defend Kevin Durant if he shoot know your forehead on my lawn and that's pretty much of what the pelicans found out and even Anthony Davis who is the rare physical specimen who can go toe to toe with this Italian Durant. We run he could flown down I mean it was just it was Katie cook him. With a playoff fire we haven't seen since really the NBA finals last year. Not I I'm with you and I area you know the one thing it underscores for me Damien bid. We get reminded about every once in awhile as we have been talking about. BX is an old Patrick quite a bit and certainly the lineup. All Internet you know category but you have this other very simple at Brigham not even just scoops are just crows or which is the good old fashioned effort and energy. You know when you hear coaches talk about it. I think we in the media and their they're guilty of maybe the roll our eyes on all courts because that we didn't have great energy bullets actually real bank in so this. Debt lineup happens five whatever you wanna call it. This whole group had been together at different times. I'm not starting a band together during the regular season they were not nearly as effective because all five guys were locked into playing and honored 10% capacity and right now. Because they militant Sheikh because they've. And down that road before you know it's a different ball game so the efforts there Kevin I think that the poster boy and that it is energy was just on a different level compared to. Game three and he saw what a man I mean you combine the energy the effort with that talent and this is what you get. So Sam it's to the point or not ready to announce the wedding date but I think we should send out like some some may be saved debates in France for this sanitation Harrell I would say the dates we know there's gonna be Golden State vs Houston. And it's gonna be Cleveland vs Boston eventually hear you look at the final four and how it stands. Biggest surprise biggest mass what do you think I mean isn't really a surprise to see either Cleveland or Boston here. The Boston won yet I think percent I mean it was you know now you're sorry you see in the narratives which. I'm forgetting who wrote it today but the Chile wrote about it Celtics and the whole idea that they haven't. Huge talent gap between Boston and pictures is a bit of a misnomer and I get that shot sixty other kind of talent. But you just either missing Gordon Hayward carrier ring you know and for a spell here Jalen brown even though he's back. And so that is probably the one that I would kick in terms of the biggest surprise and you are. With good reason now seeing you know the legend of Brad Stevens to grow even more. Because it just really seems like our younger whoever you give him he'd find a way to put them in a position to succeed. Do great things I mean Damon we are all of a sudden not to get ahead of myself that we are already. Cast speculating and talking about things like. Is Gordon Hayward even part of their futures are carrying vs Terry wrote jeered you know a what does that look like you know they they go after collide later this summer and give up a few of the young pieces. So they're not only winning games that we didn't think they'd be winning putt and just set the stage Kurt you know pretty special air. Now there's no doubt they are going to be eighteen to be reckoned with released soon and you know what the 76ers probably are as well but. Sure you know it's just it's pretty obvious to see Ben Simmons having them struggled here on on a bigger stage. We saw his rookie of the year counterpart Donovan Mitchell almost the rise in the same staged it is collapsed on on Simmons and meanwhile there's Quinn cook finally I think plane himself into uncomfortable in the playoffs in game four get a pretty good game for the warriors as well. He did it bitty neck of a weapon for them you know I'm not unhappy percolating late in the regular season to get any kind of guy who. They're done you know I'm not so firm ground contract wise gets firmed up and earned himself a nice paycheck and sensibility that's great book. You know Quinn cook is starting point guard the lawyers who is a problem that's not who they are there this is the best team in the NBA but Howell for him to his credit to you ball from. Being that productive starter to mounting a guy who really I think he should be playing Nick Young out of minutes you know early guys on that bench you know equated reliable and I you know he has. The defensive deficiencies in terms of size. Which you have to worry about certain matchups and and whatnot but he's a heck of an option and I think it helps stated these guys are tired but the core guys Kevin during my. You know claim the rest that they don't like him a lot they respect in the chemistry is there and he Benedict of. What are you thinking the warriors either do or the league might do asking Rajon Rondo to stop performing a kick in line underneath a jump shooting staff current. We just see I haven't heard any update today. You know that the leak out of the edginess factor in this series it manifested itself with. Little moment flight data and and undermine is a master of the media a lot of ways and and I think he kind of kind of person narrative for a little bit not a narrative it's a real thing that happened. And you know I think got the spotlight and on and a bit but I'm not sure you know if they act on it anymore but you know this is. This is what we get Applera basketball when you type in about two teams you know lining up face to face percent against potentially than. You know the the extracurricular stuff become part of it but you know they want certain into the. Salmon make NBA insider USA today good to have you here on the show. Where you going off next to worry here you're your your duties taking you get pulled back to the bed he didn't think these two what's the word. I'll tell whether they meant I I say it all the time them and I love the fact that. Because they know that the the part for me admittedly of the lawyers the end. As good as bad as they come play out time I get the median home games that otherwise would not have been on the docket so I got back the Salt Lake City. Today at a game four of rock and jazz led assuming. The lawyers closed things out tomorrow but I'll be at oracle bit the sheep those guys can. You know not only condition good losers as ripple effect here right where they need to create as much prep time rest time to the next round and start clearing out the rockets. I was really surprised Sam that you Todd didn't get one game at home. I mean they and here's the thing I hear you that I was I was shot in game three. And also on its funny we don't obviously every rooting interest but I was. Disappointed because the game just one more exciting why aren't going to be spectacular and it was a total done in game three. But the thing that I think keeps getting overlooked this. This was already looking with a major you know talent deficiency. The jazz in relation to the rockets and Ricky Rubio is a really important piece for what they do and so no rubio. Now Dante Jackson gets hurt and he was out for most of yesterday and games so. I give a tight credit for what they've accomplished you know I'm not shocked that there would there are now. Bigger Eastern Conference mistakes firing the confetti before you're supposed to work at it or not taking LeBron up it either half court or the free throw line I mean come on. They're cricket you know they're both right up my Alley I've been. Chuckling at the confetti line and indeed this seven greater enemy still on the preacher dirty jokes good that they got it'll. But the that full court being it was a real debate among myself and some colleagues I'm on your side. You know you could you not only got to find ways you don't just say pick up LeBron that's easier said than done put another body on him nobody came to help. And and many did kind of timid lap and then there's that challenging credible. If they had a lot but they are a little if it ran for guys that I would called it bad strategy. And now I know and that's I get that he is an incredible playmaker and of course you can find the right I. But I you know it's not he has had his NBA's scoring at. Add on. For the entire postseason so don't give me this you know he's more magic and Michael so we didn't wanna. It says you know allow him to find a wide open looks like it's no he's he's trying to destroy everybody which is scoring ability right now for the most part. And I just don't let him beat me about it. Sammy makes USA today he'll be at oracle tomorrow night as the warriors try to close out the pelicans and move on. To be Western Conference finals do you think we see. The death lineup start to gain was out of one and done with Steve Kerr might we see JaVale McGee put back in the starting five. I mean less Stephen he's not typically want to. Two would mislead or deceive the media and he surprised a lot of people yesterday when he. Essentially came out that he's gonna start with dad you know again I think it out I did ask about it. And any kind of went ahead and admitted that much so I think not only to get started tomorrow on the reentry a lot. I think is old gotta rotating senator experiment. That they've been deal quite some time gonna become our smaller piece or smaller part of what they do. It's you know this time a year you gotta put your best out on the floor. Indeed you do they Sam good to talk to buddy thanks so much for joining us appreciated have yourself a good day. Sam a make USA today's Sports Illustrated loved soccer basketball when that guy and how man LeBron he did it to those raptors. Two and one shot this week. This is really okay. Not mean it was sound courtesy ESPN of course it was. I mean this guys just put the signature moments on top signature moment stern this playoff run he really is say whatever you want. About LeBron James if you don't like him stop watching basketball just go away I'm not interest didn't. Would ever argue me you would have to explain why you didn't like LeBron James if you don't like LeBron James here's the problem. It's you. LeBron is not the problem the way LeBron conducts business the way LeBron goes about the game the way LeBron place. By himself for himself for that city for this teammates but there's nothing wrong with that man. That guy's awesome. Saying anything. Other than LeBron James is awesome is admitting you don't really know what's going on here. And it's fine GO it's fine if you don't understand some of the fine print the stuff in between the lines like if you miss that in sports if you miss the new wants of the whole thing. That's okay. That's okay. Like if you missed. In new wants of the infield shift after the wave that. Outfield was positioned defensively for this particular at batter the way the pitcher really used. The entire length of the rubber to move to arming goal on the mound to really look for a desk to set another inch or two on that slider that snapped off but if you miss that about the game. That's okay. He can't miss the Barry Bonds that bad. You'll do you miss either understand how Brad Stevens drew up a sequence of players. That had to be switched from. This spring guys opened against and beat for game winning shots against the 76ers. If that's a little bit too much shock talk for your liking. That's fine. That's okay. You've anything negative to say about LeBron some bank shot for the win jump worded what they. The raptors know that they are the most. False prophet first its top seeded frauds we've seen in sports in a really really long time. The problem is what you. Is now would LeBron James stop being skip Bayless. You moron. 8889579570. Is number more your calls coming up certainly in the 5 o'clock hour which we're getting close to which means it's time for. Five before five when we come on back here to the Damon Bruce show. Some things you want to. Hi folks yeah. I'm sick of it. Welcome welcome we are approaching 5 o'clock the most important of all hours and we're going to get to win. In fine fashion is Jian a takes us through some of the big stories whatever is on her mind a little five before five. If you will. Thank you Damon are avenue shows for you to watch it's called train month up all night. Can you late night show I want I reveal number one has. Number one so he was up late sending text messages to Kevin Durant at 4 AM to be exact I've seen hopes of challenging him to be quote who is. He did send on to the whole teams are not to skate even apparently Kevin got the bulk of the message you with the much longer text message. I kiddies response was oh I got you three words printed off for a did you rain on that seems like a pretty intense strain on and on and I guess. Here's the deal I I love the professional athlete you cannot sleep after a bad loss I think a lot of these guys they go home and sleep like babies win or lose a loved the guy who is. Data set by losing you've got to hate losing almost more than you love winning to be great sometimes and dream on obviously hates losing playoff games and I don't know what he texted everyone. I don't know what exactly he texted Kevin Durant but it worked and if I were him I would be. I'd be get somebody ready to go or another sequence of 4 AM tweets for game one rockets when that comes around like let's let's keep everyone frosty and nasty and angry and. Yes keep the dream on pep talks going on that Tex I should say love it do you think they're receptive out of that I must have a good relationship I guess that goes to their chemistry the fact that they're OK with Kelli arena. You know what's great here here's the thing is long as the crazy guy in the room. Is fighting with you not against you just thrilled to have decreased to tell works. It's a drain money is like having. My eyes you know it's like one of those yeah you know if we're gonna go to war do you wanna go to war or win him war against. You wanna go to war with the guys like this all the time. What messages are really best for him. We text messages well you know rallies to victory in New Orleans or booty calls so obviously the top two draft. And I commend her great pitcher Aaron. Number two I support the I Matt Harvey from the Mets the Mets DFA the former ace after the Arab reportedly tired of dealing with his attitude he's had an arrest are anyway. I he he's such a go to the minor Celek thumb barter and Credo on the DL. Could hardly help is that may be some and that they should be considering. I don't know man Harvey's total head case obviously things in new war New York when they get toxic. It gets poisonous quick. Harvey in that New York media were poisonous. He choked hard on a playoff moment any hasn't been the same since I don't know I really don't know opt. For the right price yes I think you not gotten act guys' door to the wrong price no there's a lot of talk that. He might really be done my need to think about trying to come back as close or something like that out and I'll. How about this. If Matt Harvey. Were the answer to your season. What the hell are the questions. Like it ache he can't be that important. So like now there's no way did that guy's going to be the pied piper of the parade deck up market street I've hired I'd I just. Yes yet I don't see it went wood pitching comes in goes and it just feels good news is a year were it it it went on that aren't number three. Someone apparently a little too quick on the release 76ers. And have either confetti was released too soon after they thought they won the game instead I it was they gain it was a game when he shot of the game tying shot. Confetti falls during the overtime period they had or right before they had to get snapped her clean it up to eight minutes to do you sell sell. Is this is core to jinx is a south the semi sixers didn't want to lose the game is at worst fourteenth is tonight at the actually there leading the Celtics right now. How about this the guy wasn't on the floor right he didn't lose the game but he created. The stop of momentum. That might have lost a game. Like instead of hitting a work go to overtime buzzer beater. And taken all that momentum and rolling and you have an eight minute break to clear up the confetti that's got to be a southwest's wanna get a way moment of driver was one. At least we know this about the Philadelphia sports fans are very patient very reasonable people probably no one put any pressure on him whatsoever. I'll bet you probably felt I would have felt so bad. It is pushing buttons or an. Did we last week so we have another this week I'll read look at that it what's your worst sports jinx. The worst sports is like what seems like for like like the play. Stanford cal when the ban and on the field something like that what's the what's the one that's six on your mind. It's got to be the Sports Illustrated cover jinx to really does I don't I don't care. That they predicted the Houston Astros winning the championship a couple of years ago like that did not remove the Jenks. The Sports Illustrated cover jinx is one of the greatest things in my lifetime it's no doubt about it the Madden come out Jenkins pretty pretty legit two leaders there's no doubt and yeah I'd say those are the two big ones number four. And then then these days the pistons are done after four years as head coach and president of basketball operations. He basically helped build the team that he could not coach. Issues with holding down both jobs. He thinks that's basically an issue with coach is taking on too much. Absolutely it is. You better be Bill Belichick you might you better have a level of success of doubt you do it gives you the wide berth to you need to do both jobs and I just don't know. How you can put in all the hours required to be successful at both jobs. When each job feels like a 100 hour week job at the very least to me. How you're supposed to balance both I do not know I think it leads to a lot of unhealthy lifestyles. Short coaching careers. Short careers because you can't pay all the attention you need to be DTL that you must put into both tasks. It's almost like the old saying you know the man who would hire himself as a lawyer has a fool for a client. It's almost like that if your head coach fancies himself a GM you probably should have your. GM fire that coach of the coach fire the GM like it's it's it's so hard to do both well. It's a rarer in deed. It is very Tom Thibodeau was an active coach doing both jobs rampant might include holes there. Coach of the hawks and then on to basketball operations Zeljko have you ever talked to a more alert totally witty guy and Steve Kerr Steve Kerr doesn't do both jobs. Bob Meyers he doesn't try to coach this team as well. You don't see Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch just saying you wanna flip flop jobs it's next upcoming season and now they both have very specific things that they're good at. And to work in concert with the other guy is the best possible scenario but trying to do both jobs at once. Kills a lot of critters number five. I lastly here it's justified winds its when he eighteen Kentucky Derby he net sales and so call yet orient their somebody and attacks on says. You better change that curse answer the base god curse. Little bitty little yeah that based god curse but he did he take it off for the rockets army can put it back on just for the warriors have the nation to act on now the dive are got a number five side. That's just about I did when I in this when he. But of Texas Damon match that almost I guess after correctly predicting five winners from derby day. So she placed an eighteen dollar bags on the results of five different races on sending which included the Kentucky Derby. Justify crossing the finish line in the first run of the roses she collected one point two million dollars. She lives in Texas it's obviously extremely. Rare. Come and I guess a funny duck. Was the biggest individual long shot among the five horses that she correctly picked funny duck who went on to win the Pat Day mild not so funny not. Wow well I'm gonna tell yet if you're having that kind of a day where year. Why grew up in it and it. Saratoga was a racetrack and he's good to amazed at the pick six if you could pick six a two dollar bet on. And right pick six bet that you won hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars and would always like rollover like. Who jackpot progress. She goes and picks five horses five winners in five consecutive races. Eighteen dollar bet cancer one point two million should just put that full on twenty down. You've been looking at one and a half yeah couple but it could be great for her how is that like I said what a better weekend heard Donald Glover. Either way you're just you're everything's coming up roses no pun intended. So I got to trifecta at the track once I bet on horses 187. Which can sometimes have a negative connotation yes the guy Antony -- wanna pick those aren't as yes I do here's Michael publics want 500 dollar. There ego are you never know if really go with that people. Look at that. I love I love a good gambling story. Of them slipped a gambler I love a good gambling story this is a great gambling story. One point two million for eighteen dollar bet what do you do what's a person you go do what do you do the serious. You just found out he won one point two million dollars you know that you can't get it today but you might as a lot of fun tonight what was the what toward what the first thing you would do. I plan a nice vacation. Max out my cards just planting just got it for yeah I just Disco. I'm here to get them you're gonna get the money. Sell its common. Take the whole family maybe even Michelle. She didn't have to go to the derby she had to pick five wager from her own track. You know good for her she probably real degenerate gambler. So I'm happy for her just ice a nice little old lady. Bill likes the person it's our right. Laid it this way easier at the track. There isn't there is this is the second a 30% chance you're degenerate. 70% chance she's just there for that that just have a good time. Like tonight a really good time we have a great. Eight derby party guard's nose to a really nice. Kentucky Derby party at the general's residence over in fort Mason and then we won absolutely nothing. We both got pretty good he. No I mean we both got a heat on we both got dropped got in front of death some medical words for intoxicated. Let's get doing it. The end ski cupid she bested then announce good times really really good times. I loved it there I really do I love and I love caring about names that you know a week ago I didn't even know it. Another we have what is at Belmont and preakness like what you have the next few that's right right among preakness is not up preakness and Belmont okay. Industry Gianna get it straight. 8889579570. You wanna get it straightened get in now welcome. To our 5 o'clock hour.