DB Show - 2 - Towny, Steiny, Guru on Reuben Foster's arrest, Andrew Brandt

The Damon Bruce Show
Monday, February 12th


Towny, Steiny, and Guru fill in for Damon and continue to discuss Reuben Foster's arrest on domestic violence charges - joined by Andrew Brandt (Columnist for MMQB, The Athletic, Host Business of Sports Podcast)


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You are listening to 957 game KG MZF salmon HD one San Francisco. You know one guy we're not talking about. And we keep talking about John ledge let's face it. John Lynch is new to this. John Lynch is not a long time executive who's worked up the ranks and has seen this before countless times. John Lynch is first year on the job they seek played outstanding I understand go to this round yeah but it's different though when you of being in in management before that's why I think about this. Winning with class yeah that gap. We have the best coaching staff old shed remember this organized chaos yeah. Where's he and that's to me EU or the guy Iran and the franchise for mom and dad. You've been handed the keys. You have been down this road before John Lynch is is nil. I obviously brought he dealt with dad but. The niners had issues there's no question aren't they had a bunch issues. And the way the 49ers handled it. Mean this is Jed York's second goal around. This is a big rain obviously it's a tough call because he is a first round pick he's a big investment. But is much we talk John Lynch we should be talking. About. I I think I wouldn't if on the York's you call a press conference I know you just have one and you don't win but I'll let a statement how. What it was just one time an isolated incident that suffice it but when it's something this big. Todd I wanna see another presser with him they are. And they talk about the course of action now they planned an attack in this room and Foster thing because. The elephant in the room you you can no longer see in the state now like we just talked about I don't like it show once you KR in this is super duper serious. And we wanna see you talked into the microphone. I think it has to be something like that the one thing though I have to give your credit score is ever since the lynch and Shanahan came in he's kind of stepped back on the sidelines he kind of just. Let them do their saint let them on the show a little bit you aren't seeing much of him and I mean he did your Lisa sent a tweet out people would just go off on him because there are so angry at how everything has been turning now. Send whatever you did notice then don't do it and now it's a little bit different he sort of taking a different type of you know he's observing more I think are taking stepping back just a little bed. But when things like this happen and then he has to kind of sort of be out there and it you know as the franchise as a whole to represented to say hey we're not gonna tolerate this kind of stuff I mean I'm what do you guru I think. He's had a number of chances you get to a point where you kind of have to just cut your losses. I do I mean I wanna see what plays out I mean and what if he's not guilty there's no charges an okay back. It's things if he is it if if it if it shows that he is accused of domestic violence or he's charged with that in its true. That your losses he's in trouble Downey sky any guru and G Otto were calling it STD. Squared. Here on I 570 Emery and me in how we the number is triple A 957957. He has Tripoli nine by 79570. You know. These are the tough things that organizations have to deal with football is the one sport though. That you can do it you can get rid of guys and it doesn't kill you financially. Like this happens in big world of guaranteed contracts like the NBA like Major League Baseball were all the sudden. A guy has an issue like this and your pain and twenty million dollars in your pain and twenty per flight the next 34 years. It really is tough but yet he. We are in a time where some of the most powerful. Some of the richest men. Have lost out on their careers. There are businesses. They worded different time now with the hash tag me to and it's about time that we that this goes on. Put treating women like this and domestic violence and assault. Is it is it's. It's been different the way we are going after this the way people are stepping down look. Mean we see people all the time this CEO stepping down this guy is stepping down eight does this from the government this you know. You look it's almost hard McMahon Laura lauer wasn't very powerful man why you seem very powerful man who lost their careers over this. So where were a different time to read this go hey gotta keep them on the field that's really a tough sell where we are today. In the United States in 2018 when it comes treating women. It's frustrating that I feel like the NF LA times a lives by its own rules. They have their own set of standards and if you are a star scale a star player here is special player like ribbon Foster is you're gonna get away with a little bit more than. Another player and somebody else who isn't just as good is yield. But you're also be right Tony this is a different areas entertainers and actors and big time celebrities Hollywood producers are being asked to step down and we should be like this across the board in every facet of our society. It's not and unfortunately with this game it's not it's it's not stopping we still see it and how he would paddy did these young. Let's face it they're violent people that your job is violence. Absent this the biggest strongest fastest human beings are playing this sport and it's a violent sport and the problem is some guys. Can't turn it off when they leave the facility. So old. How do you Heidi and how you deal with these guys does this been a problem going on for a long time in the NFL there's no question just years ago a lot of it got covered up. Also word is we're just playing football. Fit in terms of possibly leading to this kind of behavior. With the CTE and stuff flight data that's another thing that we can't ignore. Mean may be the fact that Rupert Foster has been playing football like he plays football. His brain is damaged let's let's call it what did this and so he he doesn't function like a normal human being and maybe some of these football players don't function like normal human beings I'm not saying. That excuse it but I gotta believe it plays a part in it right. I don't know I don't either but I I think it probably does solve figure too far off the mark by any stretch of the imagination with that. That's why the future football's going to be real or now I don't know and our lifetime but at some point with the way this things going on and once. Once somebody figures out how to actually. Be able to tell if he had CTE right now. I know Lorenzo is going to be doing some stuff that I know -- closed on some stuff with that but. Yeah there's no doubt he has almost as he has is his old there's going to be. ED. As as the advance man who is this the diagnosis with this gets a lot easier. And what that does the game of football who knows but let's go to John in San Francisco John your night by several STD. They did out there and Geithner appearing John Lynch and the 49ers. And beyond the fact they're true that he did all that stuff. Caricature not negative now did you like Gerri great now I think I know who all did it. Italy got a bay going get glad to create good. 49 her lead in the south bay. And I think trick I'll donate fireball Friday sound bite. You know good for some really good news when they went out me on the week and here fireball right eight. It may mean something to them in a bit like that there it would end and he got lucky dog out of tune in if you wanna face. A little sorry. Lot of low O'Neal mentor him and send him to a big arm anymore California. And he he's not getting probably avoided a big org us. Now I hear you John and say at headed sliding below its lure more California Lamar pounds. Had to go down the pig farm. You can't vote addressing the problem is you can't put these guys a bubble wrap their human being chanted Dee and in this whole thing no means you've got to have somebody would. You're gonna tour until that's. Crazy. Young men. The other thing is this is I think they're linked but we often hear. About the violence in football the CT will be know what they're signing up for so they're taken their own Rick you know they're taken their own risks but it's like what note. What their spouses signed up for what about the families sign up for it if you have to play football. It's somehow related to endangering. People close to you. Well let's get that should accelerate the death of the game you would think. I mean that's that's what I think that's what I think it's like get these guys. Our our. Beat each other up on the field. And then their brains are damaged so they're not functioning right off the field but there's too many great. Knee in that game played the game Gionta. And have not done this so we can't I needed in the bin study done something. But we can't just say everybody in this is an excuse what bothers me is what you read to us about how he was shot at any of these talented and it was it was it was scary his father shot his mother why now we just hearing that deal did did the public because the fun the niners and I would read that final. You know what I would have said I don't care how many times he can give to the quarterback. There may be some issue with violence in this guy's life and maybe. You know he needs more help more so than somebody else. And now here you war and regardless of what you say start he's talking about maybe take it you know self suspend their self. This is a stain and it's just didn't started in its not going anywhere because people are gonna do the math in regard to more than nine is gonna try and do. And what the NFL does and let me tell you the NFL is it's all. All our summertime right now nobody's in the off his so this thing is gonna drag off for a couple of months. I don't know about that. Winning. The NFL is going into this is something that. Like we talked about this movement of protecting women and and and being out there I mean the NFL is right they're trying to always put their best foot forward right now they're they're a PR nightmare. So they aired. This could be swift. I don't want they offseason there's no games is not mean they're gonna name. I think you know the court appearances mature say that that doesn't matter did bill's gonna be left on you got this is that to detect that. You missed it de saint about the image of the NFL wants I have about their right I am now. They're trying to be as squeaky clean as they possibly can send a message rising early days and hates the off season let's say a slight slighted and an entire opinion how well third on the cement. That may have been it may take some time or. This thing might escalate because all the sudden here's a timeout domestic violence you're talking about there's assault weapons now. That's the headline on espn.com and we hope for registered in the steady California wells saint. And NASA mean when you GOP the NFL looking at this and you're seeing in this I mean this is the top story right now you go to ESPN that common need Busey Rubin Foster faces domestic violence. And assault weapon charges it is a bad luck by the way we gotta get into. If you're John Lynch. And you don't Jed York what would you save this young man because I have another quote. From blanch woody said at the Senior Bowl about Foster. Sheen. Yes did you see you last night that our skater did the three and a half she did the accelerate. Three math. I'm through the air where guys talk about skating ice skating last night when television was amazing no one's ever done that competition no females are denying 'cause session the Olympics is so. That's. Why it's a huge honor. No while watching the NBA. I love the Olympics I love the Winter Olympics him more than the Summer Olympics yes I disagree from. I love my idol I was just like they employ the triangle on military. I think your full crowd wow I love the winner letting it go snowboarding nice deep down you just try not alienate more people there you now because I've already hit your limit. I'm I'm I'm all about the people at triple A 9579570. So you think about chances everybody wants to talk about chances. Well. It's just you only get so many chances. And Maria this article. I did not know this site I didn't see this but I dishonest. About John Lynch. So forget about today right forget about what happened today for a moment. I want you think back at the Senior Bowl. John Lynch told SB nation dot com. He said this about foster's off field issues. Or I get your calls and your point 9579578. I'm Chris Townsend all Matt's diamonds Darrell the guru Johnson. And the beautiful the beauty queen Gianfranco. Are you ready quote. This is that the Senior Bowl quote he's got to stay teen knows it he's got to stay clean. We all know how special player he can be when he's right. So he's got to figure out how to stay healthy and stay out of trouble but we believe he will do that. Load time later. John got a Triad John he's been arrested again this is what he says that the Senior Bowl. And now he's been arrested again twice in 41. Eighths. So if you're saying that chance on me like late at what point lead. John Lynch your shed your Q just went through this with him when he got pop was weaned down and Alabama and neither did couple weeks later you're doing the same thing. About lumping those together that I don't like it's almost that. The week EU minimizes the domestic violence in a way and I know it's not you don't mean it like that. But. I did you got popped for we'd. But got to me is this. So secondary. Or tertiary did the domestic violence and an assault rifle. But it sounds to me. When John Lynch as they clean. That it's not about domestic violence or guns that's about we know that this guy likes to smoke weed. I don't know if they knew anymore and look at those good. Brea to do room. You know the whole incident where. His father shot his mother while he was being held the niners had a no doubt that no doubt they are out and know about that and and out. You know the other thing isn't. No judgment but I it's got to go to the equation. So yellow young child when he's fifteen debt in 2009. I mean. This guy's got a lot of stuff going on frankly it's a lot of stuff that I I can't relate to. So I don't know when you give up on somebody your when you tough love somebody or when you try to help somebody I really don't know the right answer I think it's a you different answer for every person. And lord knows I'm not perfect enact and landlord I know like some turning into my parents right before your eyes because you talk about the we'd incident okay yeah I was just marijuana but if you look at the top process. It was illegal you knew you could give you trouble you've big trouble so maybe you would have thought you know what. I'll do it somewhere else to where I don't give in trouble or if his mindset is I don't give a damn. Which it looks like daddy is quorum above the rules. Dan you've got a serious problem on your hand but I can tell you this I don't know much. But I know he will not play sixteen games for the San Francisco 49ers. And that's terrible. We knew you wanted to play zero it sounds like I thought I would like to send the message to where he doesn't play another game for the San Francisco 49ers. Go get your act together and see if you can get a second chance but he Gionta put it perfectly in this so this climate work any and it's affected meat are put your money where your mouth is Roger Goodell. Or the York's. This guy deserves not to have his job but because he can get after the quarterback you have to be honest he would have the greatest rookie season. That there was. Make this statement. Woolsey Lleyton and how they how we know. They should wanna help to remember one health urban concert like we you know maybe do something farm to make maybe he'll be a better person after despite. Howell many chances is he going to get and then. Are we then gonna set an example I mean think about it if you've kite if he if you cut them and this is it like the niners like we're not gonna tolerate this behavior on our team. You cannot be part of this franchise if this is how you're going to beat. Every other person out there every up and coming player maybe going down the right path maybe that's where they make the difference because they see what happened to Ruben and their like. You know what I'm not gonna make the same mistakes I know better because you're given a huge opportunity. Considering where he came from his upbringing when he had to deal with as a child and having a kid very young I mean he should be. Embracing every minute of this opportunity EU are making a great live mean you are clearly doing what you love and it's not it's a agree not to how do you give that up over something as dumb as we eat. Busting Dino the message science at the Holman a thing but just starting there. You know promises so serious I can't play on my funny leader I'm sorry to. Let's go to justice an Oakland good afternoon justice. Justice are you there. Now let's go to Roger and Castro Valley you're on the game. And are now regarding that. The Mariners are real sticky all of this. Let girls Harare. The niners can keep their kid on their change. A vacant suspended indefinitely. With pay after the suspension from the air south. Cheap and parent cheated many things can broaching. And I didn't know about and getting shot at Hendrick Chad and Chinese. Psychiatric. Nurse and then given that helped and count when we we think you're ready to represent us on the playing field. Then you comply Obama paint. Actors and they're in their corruption and we are okay now they can avoid our mantra we're gonna keep monarchy in Indianapolis when it. Definitely not cheap c'mon give particular mom pair books and you really truly are trying to help a that you may not be able to troubled church deacon is being. Let's face and not everybody can transport. It Kiki did have maps. But I haven't been given a shot from the woodwork that's noted in China put a player on the field getting out Al somewhere. You know. Now favor the phone cards. I just I just think about John Lynch and Chad your kidding that phone call with. They may have just dealt with him being arrested. So that that that whole got to stay clean. Stay out of trouble talk don't put your like the parent don't put yourself in a bad situation. They had that and then they got the call. And make his message Benoit and for jedi York he's got to be haven't called Smith flashbacks like you wouldn't believe right now because that was a problem all. How many times can you tell a guy the same thing how many times how many times can an an Alden at least was. He held on the verge of look like a hall of fame player like he's gonna blow away pass honored sax he'll be in the hall of fame in south. Look how much they had the lead weights he got that there's got to be some as you mentioned you were earlier Scott would be. Then CNET and are we deal with all the Smith all over again. It's it's possible and no last caller. I think brought up a good point let's say the 49ers got in today weighs. Well he's not gonna play football for awhile anyway so he's not going to be on another team anytime soon so. And I did it sometimes you run out of chances but. They did they're they're taking away any support system he might have by eight. Get re minimum I mean I think the other could be that the colors right I mean the 49ers your organization that has. Access to the best mental health people. The best psychologist that's psychiatry is the best mentors all that kind of stuff. So. I'm telling you today if they cut the weight room. That's their prerogative put. Then I think he's an even more trouble in terms of getting his life together and I just wonder right now. Just being proactive if they were to come down and cut rule when Foster how many of nine or empire would be upset. I don't think you would be about football. I think more people now in this climate would be you know what round of applause for putting your money where your mouth is I just wonder. When people say damn it we just lost a linebacker and. How we might go eight Nate I don't think that back a couple of years ago would have did that tell me that's our brain the likes unstable now would be thank you. Yeah I Experian said you know what your take your phone calls from niner fans they did not want me here any type of discipline for Ray McDonald. You want him on the field we don't care what's happened image there is that. Now he was roughing up is I don't believe they were married but she was holding the babies. First child deep so I was like a living on the air going you know is what the charge is child endangerment. It's set as sick that you don't care about the woman but there's the child true. Needing care. Honestly we took call after all the tax line Penske auto sales are contacts line. Just supporting. Graeme McDonald. And and but where he is today. And that's the thing it's like I can't guarantee you this cable be arrested again before these. Season starts. Sports is littered with players who have gotten tons of chances so I mean just days that you hate to say it but I guarantee. If you did a study there's correlation between how great yard every chance he's yet. Johnny men's Els had chances there. The old pitcher for the Yankees Steve Hal. We have like eight chances. Caddie was I did OK yeah audible audible now again and domestic violence is different than drugs. But I think that one might have something to do to do with the other it's. It's it's tough spot I mean. You try to help them you lose them text to your says it's not the organization's responsibility Fatah to help the kid to to to get his life straight no it's not but. If you believe I don't agree with that I think your best friends if you believe the kids were footer help. Well yeah it's it's like if you have problems. Here at dinner time. There's a support system inside our company to help the employees. He's an employee in the forty niners. So they admit there is eight there should be a support system there. If you do have some type of problems I'm sure so does say it's not their job it's not true you're an employee Yuri corporation. Eat eat your do you have to have some type of support groups to help your employees if they had issues. He entered the league any substance abuse program I'm sure there was support system around him during that time when he came into the NFL. He's that's like they're doing that now that's happening I'm sure doctor Harry Edwards where aria yeah this is not this suspect. Yeah design is first rodeo this is dead end is this guy is had issues before he ever got in the leak. I mean you're and you're getting told to go home from the Columbine. You got to handle you got absolutely adherence pass rushers and you know obviously was. Now trying to mask having smoked marijuana and went in the hospital. You John Q who does that yeah. This signs are there it's unfortunate but you can't ignore what he's done. Acne and I don't I'm not that surprised. I'm not that surprised that we're hearing problems that it would get a press conference or less now. Well let's see where this goes right they mean you have two issues here you have the allegation of domestic violence. Is this woman gonna play ball with the authorities. Is that really because if she doesn't that goes away and then the whole deal with the guns. I saw that got so right now the NFL it's about a New York they're gone we out leaving. We've got domestic violence. And we've got guns. So they got three things do I mean there's no there's a hole in the last 41 days domestic violence is is a huge deal to them. Guns is a huge deal for them. The wheat is what ever and it you now. This study was mentioning like that's kind of on a hole but the way it is it's piling onto the case the problem definitely socialists now it's like. They are already looking into Rubin Foster right for for getting arrested and Alabama so they are already investigating. Now you're selling this on top of that which is just explosive. I mean it is. Mean this kid and that's that that's my thing more taker culture play 95719 I seventy and passing like. He's one more shot away from being in major trouble on Stein if they got rid of them as you said. And he goes off into the abyss. This is what solid ball and Smith. All Smith could not stay clean. And because of that. He's never played again he'll never probably play again. So who's to say with this kid if he leaves any type of structure. If he's gonna go back home to Alabama whatever that he's gonna stay claim. As you keep you keep running into these EK get arrested him the other league let's go to Kazmir Walnut Creek welcome an I 57. Hey guys great show a lot of value to get ahead enjoy it all of those. Eight. Fighting and you guys didn't help them on the head with they had a few key. And there is. Something Mac and then defeat the blood flow in the brain that give their desk spot in the guy's name is doctor Daniel Amen caller brings back. Soviet they're very in some day nowadays you're not gonna go it's not going to be put on the forefront there would shut down for Barkley as you go Google would look at our. And that doesn't exist there and I thought I know one of the question belonged out you'd say somebody goes like move and Foster goes and posture goes and says despray expect it and showed a dead spot in the brain. In the when NFL football be liable for for. Go to the part of the brain think it damages the free of the front part which is. Frontal cortex which have to do with the manager of the managing of your latte and your decision does that so. When I won't was gonna have to win one of these players finally proved. That the damage is it affecting hey there observed behavior and and lives in the mace Julianna well. Kazmir it means bye bye football what was that doctor's name again. Doctor Daniel. Amen and that's what brings back BS PE CT. Always go there they inject you with a guy that latches on to your oxygen shelves or go look to your brain and you have chambers in your brain where the blood. Logo again and they can move on her bed and maybe during this guy without clear before that concussion movie. Actually. So he would actually are you working on the book before that even happened. Anthony can monitor. You can monitor the book slowly building your brain you have chamber that that dead when you like do you hear hear my voice reduced blood owning your brain. I'll be the trend of late Shannon party your brain which is the front which is called the tree frontal cortex were blood goes in there and that helps you to your decision making. So do you keep damaging. Your brain over an already cratered despotic polishing your brains you don't have access. Full access to the brain slows. And here's this man has been fascinating thank you I feel smarter I don't know that's true but I feel smarter right every. And that isn't that like what we don't even think about too is we've only seen the players. In the NFL I thought about. What happens if college football players come together and they start suing the colleges in the NCAA and but if you if this is true. A brain spec if you have something like this and Alison yet a bunch of guys. Taking it and then you're seeing that college football players broke Paula CT big game would be in major trouble. Yes for sure but they know what they sign up for yes he's so to have people's. Well you're gonna happen. Is is his way out is sad is this gonna be the future of hope all is okay here's your contractor here's your scholarship. And you're also gonna have to sign this. Paper waving writer and keep your right to sue us. If you have major injury to anywhere in the body close your brain is that where the sports Canada and then that's when you see because you're already seen. Day at a dramatic pace. He is not playing football. It's not. It's gonna start showing up the amount in your search certain spots in the country hot beds for football. Where pop Warner leagues shut down because there's not enough kids there's high schools with no longer that no longer had JV football teams because moms and dads are not putting their kids and appalling marble as the head injuries for example. I will never have to make this choice Stein Mets will never have to make this choice. You sue. The G already Marty made mine guru or no and Arianna know tackle you guys have sons are your son's gonna play football no. No not if it's I mean and I didn't have to mean. I'll be seeking make his own decisions when he's 18 but I am certainly not gonna give and take your ego is setting up her pop Warner no offense a mean and ensures great for a lot of kids. But not it's not I I can't I can't I'm not as a parent after knowing all very well it was scary. What about nice high school. He doesn't look like that's what a lot of kids are doing now and I'll play pop Warner Music but then the start to play in ninth and tenth grade. Have a hard time with that I have a hard time with it's tiny I might we just kind of efforts he bucked my MI suns forward genocide and other at all and Acie Law. Just baseball I I Ford telling. 5060 bucks on the helmet for four year old just to make sure he's as protected as possible I mean is appearing you wanna do the best you can for your child so. I feel like I'm just that's not a good decision as parents for me like it's my Indian people Michael Vick really and that's okay because I like watching football played. I don't listen to quiet I don't I did you see years. But now now about being number eight falcon Franco frank O'Brien gotten off Gaza the year eight re falcon fresh you know how how big if he's a good player too with endorsements and everything. Falcon frank bill. It is pretty simply couldn't fit week I found dead. I saluting Dino dig into school and graduate mostly about Georgetown for the New York Yankees falcon Franca for many many ads and I'm talking about gas and that that. These things are just real trust me I didn't wanna get into this today. Present things I want to talk about today that this is is what's going on and I the more we start talking about it you know he realized is you've seen the I'd give the kid the chance it's like OK they just didn't act. I ages they wind through this whole like I'm thinking like John Lynch and think in New York I'm thinking Shanahan. We just went through this back and Alabama when the light didn't c'mon you know it's 41 day at a professional athletes get arrest like we talked about professional athletes get special treatment there's no question in society. They special tree above the law more easy. And you're getting popped twice in 41 days. I mean the what you're not get put this way is anybody can be shot to something happens again before the start of the season. And that's that's who wants to live like that organization asked them it didn't time the phone rings are just via text. I I think that's probably what the niners you tell them. There's a peak value by the time. Training camp starts next year. You're done. I think that's I think that was probably the message today in the meantime were not even saying you're not done you still might be done. Oh we're just gonna take some time right now. But one more. GM and Al Serena gem here on the game. Yeah I think trillion only Carlyle got our side of the fact more down there are bearish toward the military or wanting. Are trying to mount a military Kapono way lately have been banned some repercussion. Out of the draft Columbine wanna try to combat ready in just dropping the accused are. You know I mean draw draw a line of car or maybe we're gonna help this country. Well we don't know exactly thank you Jim we don't know what the niners did do we don't know what they did we don't know what they're doing whatever it is it's failing. That says you know when when police show up and arrest you. You know this gives kids have an issues. On that note a little hot Doug nation now. They can't apology resort association is teaming up with Safeway stores. And 95 selling game to give you a chance to win the royal Lahaina resort dream vacation for your chance to win and listen to mornings are jewel and dad's. At 8 AM and 9 AM for the Kana Polly key word of the day. And an area on the contest page at 957 they gained back from camp holly beach rally awaits you good luck. And my Hala. Cal poly I enjoy tempo by a way to share in camp Polly has the black rock. The volcanic rock in it's like the as runs black. I like dale. It's like the best snort like I I paid to do the whole whale watching and snorkeling and and there are like I'll just go down to the shared it's free it's like the best snorkeling on the island. He's cal poly an island that's O'Malley once married Gavin O'Malley. I don't often been cal poly or not and Honda. Kapalua where they played adult tournament it's just up from so they're all just isn't worth Lahaina and that's Maui to right correct yeah Carolina I don't know an independent I've polish your big time. That's who you are Big Ten and do what I say about you have no idea where I stayed I'm sure his luxury. Honolulu I'm Eric although they can't. Anybody can no audio let's lose let's let's retire that like he was retired now that's might not Dario did say. He's famous for saying. They when you draft a player of the team knows everything about that player so I'm just say in the ninety's had to nobody has been known. But in my dad was on the run for what 60 yeah that's always we need. Either man Ruben foster's father almighty god we are telling about this. Definitely think Lucia on on 957. Game. O. Andrew Brandt is gonna join us and moments he is one of the best we have right now. Thank you. Miriam on the MM QB he's also a call miss on the athletic and he's got the business of sports podcast. He's a former executive for the Green Bay Packers. Is really like the smartest guys sports. Love having him on the show Chris Townsend Matt's time is generally do are Johnson. And she out of frank go Andrea thank you so much for taking the time obviously you know we're dealing with here. I Rubin Foster arrested again that's twice and 41 days the niners got a problem on their hands. In the niners can bask in the glow of getting their quarterback signed the richest contract in the history of football and sort of glow in and bask in that and of course this comes up right away. Yeah you've got a problem you've got a player that's had issues before and that had issues before he got for the 49ers. And continues to have those problems. So they're dealing with that I guess that the first thing I'll say up front is. We have just hit the longest offseason in sports. Which gives the team. Tie him to not react. I guess rationally you're drastically change anything in there and sort of the emotion of the moment. Which is obviously good thing. So what we're looking at right now always is probably. The NFL do an investigation. I I take it and it. Will wait to see if the wind the woman presses charges and then. Goodell wool mete out punishment. And then. That did the 49ers. Do anything more than that on their own or they bound by what the NFL decides or and and here's the other thing could right now theoretically the 49ers say you know what. We're gonna suspend this guy 888. Weeks just just did give us that amount of time and to show the league are good faith. And it's something now is that there's a lot and tackle that question I think the first thing we get to know that everyone knows who's there's no formal activities with team at least until April. And that is basically work out so we gonna do stem from work outs I don't think that makes much of a difference. But I think people question you ask is one now a lot of people going to realize because we're in this age of Goodell we're in this age of conduct commissioner. We're in the stage of frankly owners saying the commissioner Roger you scandal. So the answer your question is absolutely. That change can discipline. The teen do not have to wait on the commissioner the teams do not have to wait on the league investigation. They can discipline Bud Light with a weak. Players agency and the union can appeal. And the difference between team discipline and league discipline is that in team discipline. You kill goes to an independent arbitrator. In the league discipline as everyone knows it goes right back to commissioner. I think what will happen is the default setting that all these teams have what I just talked about it the 49 of those we'll say. We're deferring. To the leak investigation. And clearly they can get there alone. But I just think we're in this stage right now where everyone defers to the commissioner. And you know how long these things take care and who knows when there if for power even if they get started soon but it's gonna take a long time. Andrew we were having the discussion about. The meat to movement and a lot of things going on in Hollywood and in society. And when you see this domestic violence report we don't know if it's true but let's just say. That it is. Do you think now with everything going on to Wear sports meets politics that the niners might be feel an added pressure. Did to discipline this young man. Well I yeah I do think that you were in an age where characters team. I just think it would be you know he's that we don't wanna be knee jerk you know that's so there's a balance characters he's just tightened. Like you said with me too with sports and politics merging more than ever with sports and character. Merging more than ever now that keeps saying they just signed a high character quarterback. Or to the future he's their face of the franchise. That they don't want this besmirching their reputation. Having said that. A lot of time on our hands and with time honored and either they do their own investigation or more likely they leave toll. And legal fine what it fines but if we see the league having any history here it's in the reaction. We talked about the meat to the reaction to Ray Rice. I think we felt that he pillow if they're gonna go hard they're gonna go into this six game standard. Is that assuming they find what we've been reading about. And her brand columnist for the MM QB and also the athletic and host of business of sports podcast former packers' second joins us here on 957. And you know it's it's interesting about what happened today about Foster showing up and you know you've been around this before so you can kind of take us through this because it wasn't that long ago. That John Lynch was at the Senior Bowl commenting about Ruben Foster. Having just stay clean stay out of trouble do the right things. A couple weeks later here we are again what does that conversation like between may be the owner the general manager then coach and the supplier. Well I'll. Yeah I mean I think everybody when they they draft a player that has had issues. It's sort of putting the white light that hot spotlight interrogation life. On whoever still on the table for the guy. Like we and then week overpass that. You vouch for said he was fastest so we wouldn't we deal with this again. And everybody is you know there's a little bit of point fingers when this this kind of thing happens. I think there will be always people in the organization saying that she's huge investment and number one pick. You have more or less leeway there are always used the phrase greater talent equals greater tolerance. If this is a third string back up undrafted player he wouldn't be there but he's there and we just have to see how long the tolerance lasts and whether they're gonna be any you know discipline coming out of this. Whenever that you know have been disciplined for what happens right now is probably not going to be felt so this season because that's what matters. The real real long time before this actually hits. If you let me ask you we've got OK so Sunday we have domestic violence. A possession of assault weapons and threats 41 days prior. We had him get popped with Wii U and Alabama. So I take it the NFL those are two things they're gonna have to look at the where where does that. What is the diluted urine sample. Factory ended this weird he's getting kicked out of the com mine. Come into play is that thing. Delta where thin and and I disagreed door is that kind of sucked in the NFL still has in their back pocket I don't understand how bad. Kinda fits into all this if it does. Well one thing about. Not speaking to the urine sample but the conduct kept calm mind. You know the rule of DSL is where this is written or unwritten is that increased draft behavior. Or not. Has will not be disciplined. Pre draft behavior so let's take a visual Eliot. He had his issues with a woman this summer he was drafted. So he wasn't he an even signed and then subcontract. But it was June and July he was drafted in April. Or whatever Foster did in this hospital in February. Doesn't count. Because. It happened before the draft before he became a member. Of the NFL PA of the NFL. So that's uninteresting that distinction there as far as urine sample and drug policy that is all taken into account going forward in the stages season. And as far as everything that's happened with with the bus last month to. That goes into the disciplinary factors for personal conduct. And my initial read this this is going to be as strong a strong discipline and number game suspension based on. Contributing number of factors and what we read about just happen. No. He had this is I mean if it I know it's tough to speculate at an easy you'll be more than six games. Well you know there is that baseline for domestic violence since six games however. So Josh Brown we'd still scratch your head the kicker. I only got one game. And they are there's language about mitigating factors to go either less so warm. So he could be more we saw Greg Hardy. To attend games for one. 198 but had three different incidents. But that was produced some appeals so. I think it possibly could be more than six games yet. And her grace every truly appreciate I wish it was under better circumstances weeds out of football the off season but downward do little audio thank you so much you'll catch up Sloan. Note Archie is content. Andrew brandy Aggies swear Kansas stuff going on with CBA. Teams executives he is great to have line and that's the thing it's like. He is going to get suspended. This is going to be looked at by the NF there's multiple cases the NFL's going to be a so so whether they are actual charges. Against him at the woman cooperates with the authorities. The NFL will do their own and I hated due diligence. And they're gonna come look at this and yeah he's keys. Really you only have so many strikes. He's got a few strikes. Well also sounds to me like. They're gonna look at the domestic violence and that's usually serious. But in addition to the domestic violence they're gonna say. Here's a guy who failed a drug test with this diluted sample. So he's probably in some kind of program already. And then he gets busted for weed in Alabama so I. It doesn't really if you look at it two different things. Maybe 16 and wants to work 16 and Ben's once for. Once they once who knows but it sounds familiar there's two things going on. Well on the also the assault rifle I don't disease sees the assault rifle like I feel I have I have only one of the season and yet there's supposedly another one of the girlfriend said there were two they only fell one. So hopefully ink in the state of California if it's registered he's good if it's not this is a whole another issue. I'm thinking out loud here why would they take it got its registered. Home yeah I'll bet you they do that just can't automatically you have to they are worried these are under arrest usually definitely. Obviously they take firearms. After a domestic. Abuse call you know I subsequent remarks. Our audiences really really Smart. So there's somebody out there in law enforcement a triple A 9579570. And can help us out with this I just wanted to have its registered in your cool had a why would they take it I don't know I'm not a police officer. And a trip point 9579570. I wanna hear from you. If you lord John Lynch is he your shed New York how would you handle.