DB Show - 2 - Tony Bruno, Warriors pre-draft, Lacob the Steinbrenner of West, 5-before-5

The Damon Bruce Show
Tuesday, June 19th
Damon is joined by the one & only Tony Bruno, previews the NBA draft as it pertains to the Warriors and plays sound from Bob Myers today at pre-draft workouts, Damon explains why he thinks  Joe Lacob is the Steinbrenner of the West Coast (in the best way possible), we get breaking news that Hunter Strickland broke his hand after punching a door after the blown save last night, and 5-before-5 with Gianna. 

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You're listening to 957 became KG MB FM and eight he won KG and these San Francisco the radio home of the 2018. And BA champions. And he you know pain heals. The man met the myth the legend himself. Tony Bruno joins us here on 957 the game Tony it's good to have you Juan thank you so much. Did we pry you away from any World Cup action to talk to us today have you been bitten by the soccer bug. While the Egyptian magician has called enemies that it looks like it over the Egyptian boys and the senate campaign and there's a lot but. He just can't go and beat mother Russia on the home Turk. There in Russia about them Russians. Are we allowed to root for the Russians are still a picture of every American partner that. Now I don't know it or not are not any more Tony I'm sorry we're not allowed that. But he should be definitely pulling against Ivan Drago won all re Rochus of rocky Ford you had been put on Iraqi. What. Really amazing is that you know you talk about the the Egyptian magician that only makes me think of they did did Russian have the Russian position remember that the old person. That old NBA highlight with a guy outside of an old sixers game and he was talking about Magic Johnson is together. A magician. But we got off my position. About Magic Johnson that's one of the greatest sound man on the street interviews the NBA has ever had. Absolutely and course behind Alex Sebastien is still celebrated so. It's been a good couple weeks eruption that it. By the way did you see Alex Ovechkin like the first ball. Winning a championship anywhere you're gonna have drawn players right we just saw the warriors do that we saw Jordan bell on the Henne swagger you do that. To win a championship in Las Vegas who hawk my god. The caps they got so hammered when they came back I saw over bench can and a couple of guys. At a at a Washington Nationals game in like there. Error there sideline reporter was up in the box interviewing the guys who brought the Stanley Cup to the ticket to the nationals game and they went week leaning in for an interview and you settle vet getting company on eight the back end of the 72 hour Bender. The biggest I'd say. And I would. Snapped you is were I'm just. Hammered Washington Capitals it was beautiful. Well you are below the millennial long long time but it but it. Or jellyfish like a shark stringer Kyle tried it twice in one guy in my apartment. Good. I thought Oman. Glee we didn't even have to do the exit door the entrance interview it's just over that fast. Hopefully he'll only rented Tony didn't buy. Why are you should I that's what I recommended everything in life now let nobody even well not that it depends on what their own personal relationships but I'm sort of pretty much today. Rent to have worked for future ownership. He does that feel all of your rent with the intent to eventually by at least. I guess Jack on the run aren't in the long term lease right now. Close enough close and up by the way did you feel it did it register on the richter scale I know it did in Mexico City. The telemundo go. All Macs ago beating Germany. I. Johnny they've measured it on the richter scale that is a pretty big when we need to measured on the richter scale. Actually and that cannot separate report up straight again for ever and ever more there is no better call. Out soccer action. That bar much you know ran the Mexicans and anybody from South America Central America. Anybody who does Spanish language soccer broadcast statement to baseball and football. It doesn't get any better. Now I I completely agree World Cup on soccer's something to fall asleep to on fox you I. I'm watching on telemundo exclusively. Tony it's the only place I go. For my soccer I got guys since you are mr. soccer during World Cup sporting events. I gotta get some previews and some pics for you tomorrow are you go on without up Portugal or Morocco Tony Portugal and Morocco what say you. What slot never looked at the latest offshore lions are or. Or opera content that why there are a lot of help wanted but I have a good battle but I don't soccer you sit back. Turning air conditioner up a couple of notches. And majority action. I think Danny be your way Saudi Arabia tic data you telling her the conversation. Architecture and all of Columbia today another massive upset today although there are red senate well. You stream one way not that the Bay Area. I wrote it is absolutely. On fire when it comes to world a lot I mean a lot the soccer topic. We do we we love the soccer is very international town here Tony might not heard we we get around we get down we got euros. Here in the Bay Area Sanctuary City Tony it's good to be here. Phil Mickelson. Looking for a little sanctuary after that US open don't you think you see him chase that ball like he's a putt putt course I've never. Like this particular about it that Silverado country club but a couple of pops people respect raping a Colorado couple guys came up with a bottle of all not. While some opt absolutely outstanding. Met Cowell. That it opened up on the on the one of the blocked revolt and lobbied should be 12100 dollar bottle. Just got a little taste that's left some I would get anything that would moving. Respect in the Bay Area to great Silverado country. That's pretty impressive whenever you get to pull off a 12100 dollar bottle and ballistic seal its own you got to take a Tug. I meant that some awkward you talk from their 12100 dollar bottle tequila pocket you turn that down. No doubt about it Phil Mickelson he'd chase that put down a hit it while we still rolling look I am not some. Old fashioned golf buddy dowdy but I'm gonna tell you right now if you were golf decorum isn't set to proper. During the third round of the US open that's not a good look I don't care what it's still one point he was trying to make what protest he was trying to lodged against that. You know visit the greens it should attacked by the way were is burnout is the greens that bush won Tony that was Phil's still lost that they're for a minute right. Oh yeah and you know watching on TV it looks worse but if you watched core search and a cocktail to bite. Oh that's US open and all that mean obviously it will lay out different award and he created the super long rocked. But it was a rough weekend for doll I agree and it hasn't. Calculus right wire prominent people sorting and noted. Why not Abbott golfers and any idea DiCaprio won it last year compete that that night guy you know but. The golf personality with bill they're not bear and at the end and I'm with tiger certainly not there for the weekend. We're all respect to these other great golfers there's not a lot about swagger out there are not a lot of people you're gonna say wow. What an exciting individual that I isn't not a lot of. Yet know as a result that about kept. What do you do in this Sunday would ever kept gut tells me I'm due to a good but not. I would say. I had a couple of pops. But it rolled up in would be extinguished a charcoal part now. But return all that they would mister deputy deliberate action at a cocktail by the way you hear the clip that you guys were wired or Iraq well. Well fox. Got talking about things are slightly more exciting than. And the final round of the yard US open got Jeb. Yeah basically one guy said Lotus position in the other guys said. The gallery with you but I doubt it. I'm really well arsenal all part of troublesome problem that edition I'm going to manage. Series nonsense a crumpled wrapper of a commando cheese sandwich was picked up during the third round of the masters about Denzel offended by a golf happening Tony. The fact that we got 2 o'clock A-Rod I don't know an endless loop now our idea that it had not try to rekindle the excitement. Yeah off unbelievable. As always Tony this is Dan and enlightening conversation we have. We have golf we have soccer we have the country club sports what is quickly ask you about the the impending NBA draft it's happening on Thursday the warriors have the 28 to pick what do you think they don't. I think that the double play my best available to wind up being. The best player to wrap it up or went fifteen more championships and everybody above that will be thank. What are we don't do that taking that god one like I was down there are number 32 would Everett thirty was still available. There's yeah. I. Hello this is no doubt Tony. Thank you very much like you wait for the warriors to ruin the NBA again this Thursday only on 957 again thank you very much Tony are the best. Problem Tony Bruno. The one and only. Yes Giambi told we did not talk about that do you know what he's talking about the audio that I did not hear fox picked up during the US open. But we cannot play it on the air this is. HBO this wouldn't be this is not only is not safe for work. It's not safe for private time wow it is some serious adult conversation which was picked up by yeah. Like called boom Mike but in this case it was a bang Mike south. I don't beat Google at the commercial rate you can Beagle willing meg you know what are your view on my personal you're you are. Way way way too nice to hear it is so I don't then this spicy it is that spicy it is that spicy I mean I know you got children but still I do it's it's. I worry how highways were at work look at it this way if you play this. The wrong person walks in the studio during commercial break. We're both gonna CHR tomorrow that that it's that bat. Writes what I was feeling. My audience right now it is unfair for our own good going either you either one know exactly what I'm talking about. Or number two you're about to go find out if you're gonna go find out of work what I'm talking about make sure your volume is down your headset is on you do not want this. On the public speakers. That he needed you do need to shut it to you would be for you watch it it's a little spicy yeah a 12100 dollar tequila pool up poll will help you get through this there's no doubt about it. Look at it this way they were they were certainly talking about a girls kept. Well yeah. Okay. I mean I don't I had an I don't know I don't know bill Roman now at and I got I got. I had. I can't say let's go and I'm not sure about yeah and I I it. But those dominant next year I'm not advised that in the game we got to five before five a little bit later on this hour we got some open lines for you I guess I. I felt that I don't. I got. Here on the day membership. It's in the room. 019576. Team. I got people asking me hey Damon who's going to get sued Google to you to hear this audio here talking about a I'm surprised you haven't heard it I mean US open was all last weekend this is big this was everywhere. Yeah I'm just did it feels like dead spin is a very good place to find this I'm in a note that in that I think that awful announcing dad's been like. Not trying to series towards knotty things but it was naughty. You feel and you feel an audio there. Keep it up a few on the nodding. Stay away from the naughty kids. Steroid. The Texans like holy Kama sutra thing. Yeah. Lotus is not just a car that you ride and some sensitive microphones. I tell it also lewd fox for the error wall to wall. First tee to last T coverage of the US open that's what golf needs don't show me some of your tournament. Show me all of your tournament. So good job getting that but. You might know wanna get. That level of conversation. Picked up by microphones again not not until the PGA tour has moved itself to play void or. Looks Cinemax. Expect that at that ever happened. We got an NBA draft coming up a little bit later on this week and it feels like we just got out of the NBA so we should get our attention elsewhere but what do you know we have pulled back in. Now what would be the most. Interesting thing that the warriors did it 28. Grace and Allen and is one guy that people. Who we really don't know an awful lot about college hoops around here you probably have heard of and no grace and Allen at a duke. His publicity is not always good publicity and that's probably why you know because he's been called dirty player. He has been called the most beatable guy in college athletics. He's been called someone who trips his opponent and he is definitely done it intentionally at times maybe unintentionally and other times. He has burnt. The wick. That comes at a benefit of the doubt you know he does now get much benefit of the doubt anymore. She should ask these had to defend him is a dirty player and the only thing I didn't die isn't as much as America. Hates. The warriors is much is America hates grace and Allen. I don't wanna see it happen. Just so they hate. Would be stronger. Let go ahead you'll be a villain now he won it you want to steal. Other children's Halloween candy I'm good with it. Just like his character would fit in the lawyers well here's the deal well. His teammates love. He's one of those you wanna go to war with him or against him everyone the plays with a ms. like that's my guy. Everyone plays against them hits. A dream mongering. In many respects he really is so respected within the team. I think it has long you've got your own locker room fight for you you don't need and you you're ready to fight anybody. Damon. He looks like Ted Cruz just he dies he is a spitting. Image. Of Ted Cruz which is which is a rough thing to go through in life but in these areas. You can always who put up a little bit. Here's what I like about a guy. Who is bends a man. On is bigger the stage is you confined. In college basketball. He's not gonna show intimidated. He's not. Is he the single best pic I've heard that Gary Trent junior is also out there the look everybody's available right now. What are we gonna do what are we gonna know about. Well we'll know about it sometime on Thursday long after were off the air. Bob Meyers was talking about what he's looking for and here's the deal. We all know that the war is a very good in the second round of the draft which lets us assume that the be very good they ended the first round of the draft. Let's see what warriors do because what they need should be easier for them the warriors don't need star. Stars everywhere that of the star they're constellation. They're looking for a role player and you can find a role player at 28 someone who will be ready to go. When you pointed comments say hey you know we need fifteen minutes at a unite. They didn't do it. You shouldn't be overwhelmed with the workload is a rookie if you can play you can come off the bench you can score a little bit you can deal little bit. There's 1215 minutes for you I nice mix here and maybe even more because. If the Malays was bad this year around how much a Monday more worse what do duty. Here's Bob Myers talking about who they're looking for. With our limitations. As far as we can spend in free agency doing we'd like to draft to get a complaint. It's been four years of our major corps played a lot of minutes we recognize that you guys probably saw that last season as well. The idea of Evans music and stuff on the floor give us good minutes it's appealing that doesn't mean we have to take a guy like that come Vonn was a Gary draft of years ago that. A couple of years because there damion Jones hopefully common along the Jordan got some minutes to somewhat rare for rookie on a championship team so it's hard to say. Sometimes in our range you do seem more upperclassmen. But he Florida freshman software seem to go earlier. On draft night 22 days away it will will take the best players available. I really think that they're gonna get an older player which means his body might be more NBA ready maybe to get a guy. Junior sophomore older been around not a kid starting to enter young adulthood if you will. And they can come off the bench and help again Bob Myers looking for role players not a superstar but someone who can come off the bench. Give this team some minutes is rookie year we need role. Guys complementary pieces because they're gonna work harder is it gonna fit didn't have won a specific skill that's that's what we're looking for but for us unfortunate that we can put. Whoever we draft with the players we can put him with to watch steps working out on that basket right there every day after practiced or played down that winner Kevin wherever he is. It's a luxury for us bringing young player into this environment with Steve and his staff and kind of show them what winning looks like we if you put some really good home chances are they're gonna be reared and raised well. You know when he entrees not really good strong you know it saves dinner. Good side dishes or when the entree is amazing when you're literally for dinner tonight serving staff Currie dream on green Kevin Durant Klay Thompson. It really doesn't matter what the side dishes are. But having strong side dishes is in makes the meal complete. Drain on green was supposed to be a side dish what do you know we turned out to be an entree and this guy. When it comes to. When it comes to the warriors you don't three titles they just want. They're good like guys are officially allowed to go to the airport take a vacation. Not dream on he's around the facility he's in the war room he just loves. Basketball I mean what's he doing here. Steering us. Yeah he's better for Africa are Ghana whatever dated Tuesday and states killing the draft him yesterday he's that's kind of guys you want. That's our business it's basketball to have a guy like him was a three time champion here about who were taken at 28 shows great leadership I'm sure the players look over there and ancestry and I agree. He was a 35 pick it's motivation for those guys right how. You don't suppose you are the 28 pick in the draft. You're coming in knowing that you been picked ahead of Graeme on green and if that doesn't humble you would like you know that. There's a real challenge waiting for you like guys who've been picked after you had become perennial all stars. If that doesn't get you ready to go I don't know what will how did you see the aug did you see the audio pardon me. Did you hear the audio that came in eight Twitter video. It was basically the best on court Mike up dream on green I'd ever heard it. Was him. Talking to teammates barking out defensive instructions being aware of weak side help side defense positioning Klay Thompson. The dissolves Isaac move move move move up and it's just a really great. Wired for sound segment that the Golden State Warriors shared about dream on green to the point where I re tweeted at night and said. Man this just proves. The dream on Greene really is the middle linebacker. For the Golden State Warriors like he's got a helmet with the dot in it. He's the captain of the defense he calls it out as he seeing in real time develop in front of home. And I feel even better about that week. After Bob Myers today an advanced draft day press availability. Said this about dream on what he means to the warriors. Three months brilliant mind if I remember we drafted him or coaches. He's already day 21 of our best defenders on the team as far as his mind it being equivalent of drafting a middle linebacker in football and second practices go he could be our play call and for him on staggered and not sharp defensively and actually has basketball document so when he speaks for me and anybody else we give them the gravity that is his comments deserve. Perry go like Pickens so. Who should weigh in on this trim on your allowed to weigh in on this. By the way that audio of two frame on that might dump on court audio remember we saw two hit with him I would pick a hundred dollars a year for a Mike stopped. HBO. Non edited the dream on green let. All be a Dalton words fly not safe for work here is drain money green. On court. Might doubt sounds of the game. To tell me is doesn't sound like a middle linebacker to you. Yeah. It. Right now. I didn't do. You are not part of log in below ground. Ben Hogan's book you have. We'll give them. Are you purple also. Got the better come off. That's LaMont got a medical. Play better. And I've got to cannot or don't know we got with the fourth on the bigger better and that's gonna look at it more important article. That's a whole bunch of stuff during timeouts this is a two minute long video it goes to the on court barking it's like having another coach out there. It's like having a defensive coordinator out there. Who just also happens to be your power forward who really is the most undersized yet most. Effective senator in the NBA Izturis nuts it's an embarrassment of riches there Dana. When dream on green says I'm done playing and they and send another one of him into the locker room this guy is a special special player. When you hear stuff like that it does surprise he'll text message his teammates Kevin Durant for a clock in the morning. Pep talks you know as readily as. It totally so we use he doesn't mean he did he doesn't need to. Have moments. Where he really needs to display that he cares deeply about the results of basketball like. He he cares about an all time like there's no. But you know another loss dream on just on a roll off his back like. He internalize it personalize. It takes it personal offense to where it thinks. You know they look back I might be Kevin Durant right there. Like the choice between starting your team when three month greener Kevin Durant has no choice at all a billion out of a billion people take Kevin Durant. Two billion out of a billion clean billion. Take Kevin Durant before they draft remind green meanwhile dream on Greenwald had text Kevin Durant to get his head out of his. Asked it's time to play basketball. That's leadership man. Really is. Speaking of leadership. And we just had Joseph lake a bond. Joseph lake was on the afternoon delight yesterday really really good interview where he said would I think is may be one of the most inner respected in real doubts that he's ever had about the warriors. Actually think. This is going to be great for the warriors. It's really good that during three out of four titles. Joseph lake of probably walks away thinking more about. In the hell scared out of them any did the parade I was. So war in game six I just felt like we were gonna do it we're third quarter team we're at home I was confident I was definitely very pretty important the game seven at halftime that was the scariest moment. I have had. In the eight years that I have been in this position as the primary this team we have not been in that situation. Game seven. On the road to a very good team albeit without Chris Paul of the weir that Andre Iguodala was more important to us than people realize that was tough I remember sitting there have plummeted Wally my seat I was concerned possibly. Played so poorly if by conference ever wavered that was the moment where was wavering but we came out in the third quarter and did our thing and the rest is history. I think that is actually is theory very valuable moment. Gary valor valuable moment to Joseph link himself to this franchise's future. Before all easy. Maybe they would rest on their laurels a little bit more but the fact that every one admits that that was his whole herd it. As greatness gets you know his heart. It even though there are wired to need everybody that's still was close that still was really difficult and I think that's good it's going to keep them vaulting they're not going to say. Well or the warriors we can do no wrong. We don't need to improve. Were as good as it gets. It's just not who they are tired I really look at. It she'll lay did it I mean this in the best possible way he sort of like the George Steinbrenner of the West Coast and let me explain this. Not all the crazy lost his fastball spying on Derek Jeter. George Steinbrenner at the very end not bad guy. When I see George Steinbrenner I mean that in the best way possible not the meddling not to cantankerous George Steinbrenner. But there are similarities. That I think make both. It just kind of the same weight class if you will like really. What we have here are landscape. Altering meg owners of historic proportions. Like the Yankees were really really special. George Steinbrenner bought the Yankees and made them more special larger than life than anyone really assumed that anyone caught. It was amazing. Warriors don't have the Yankees pedigree and look what Jolie gets turned him into that takes ambition. It also takes a look at Lok. But here's what it really takes in years where the similarities between Steinbrenner and wake up I think are easy to see let me ask you this. Did both guys demand. Excellence. The answer was yes. Do both guys harshly. Evaluate their talent at all times. The answer is yes. Do both have the wiring. For spare no expense at all times the have both fired a successful coach. In the name of wake in my team up shaken things up the answer is yes. Does he have a superiority complex about his franchise the answer is yes. Both these guys Steinbrenner did Jolie go does have that. Joseph lake it really is a young George Steinbrenner without the desire to make people uncomfortable. Joseph is not a smarmy guy he comes off as well to do but he doesn't come off he's out of touch. You know to put this team and I mean think about Jolie I mean basically. He's the do wit guy. Don't like his job is to say do just go ahead and do it. And basically what he's done. His entire life. Owning the warriors. He's the go ahead and do it guy. We think about to put this team together to keep it together as it is it's gonna cost you huge. Joseph lake it was like I don't care do. Then it's gonna be really expensive. If you wanna move to San Francisco like you need to build a new revenue machine Jolie gobs like really cool to. And what sort of fastest way to double or triple or quadruple your franchise's value besides winning titles. Yeah okay go ahead do that remember they pick their first site that was by the Bay Bridge that felt a little bit like a pipe dream even as they were announcing it. Jolie got he's got were the pipe dream guys this is what we do we are the pipe dream guy. Now feasibility. Called for them to go to play and beat because they spend a billion dollars just to build. The ground to build a new stadium on if they wanted to do by the bay bridge and other doing it south of the ballpark. And you know what I mean look at the the raiders couldn't come up with a plan a to build the stadium the rays can't come up with a plan need to build a stadium. Within months. The warriors committed from plan a to plan B so well this well why crystal lake was like doing it. Do what is best as possible. Do. Max out staff don't bring in Katie do. There's an awful lot of talk about Klay Thompson and dream on green what the future's gonna hold you don't get you don't for both those guys dole it. Think about she picked to think about Klay Thompson Klay Thompson alone. Alone his may Jordan La Jolie got more money than any other player in the NBA he's gonna be disloyal to clay there's no chance. Klay Thompson's game six performances along while one didn't equal a title. But equals well that was as profitable as anything could be without a title like you lose game seven and home you made as much money that he is humanly possible without hanging a banner. So clay did that for Joseph once already and then. He saved his bacon in the Western Conference finals. And brought him another NBA championship which officially falls into the category of priceless. Who knows what that really counts ads. You think this guy. Is gonna be worried about like a Lux tax in mid level get out of here Cho lakers gonna say bill wit Bob Myers do we. Do we do it do. That's why he reminds me a little bit. A little bit of George Steinbrenner. No would you say LB had some good in my ear we get a little bit of breaking news go Ed you got breaking those give it. I sell Alex had a mission is just on with you about and what an hour ago hunt terse Strickland apparently punched a door after coming out of the game last night. He fractured his pitching hand is having surgery he'll be out at least six to eight weeks. Boat she says that the closer we to be Watson or Dyson hill talked the vote Odyssey before the game. Johnson coming back up to take the roster spot and what she's put a nice scene I'm sure he felt fully responsible for the loss last night against the Marlins I he didn't think the for it happened that she said he's disappointed and crushed because Strickland. I broke a lot as a pitcher and person so out at least 68 weeks after punching a door. On after coming out of the game last night. Andre here. I had. Hopefully we got. I had segment coming up while I was gonna call the drain on green memorial hot heads segment I think Connor. Her airway and throughout my did just take indicate our user first bowl two things number one. Another San princes go giant is hurt himself unnecessarily list goes on. Number two. What pitcher throws a punch when his pitching hand. And verse on. Your part to pitching hand the dumbest pitcher in the row must be any. I'll tell you this lesson he could learn by watching bull Durham. What pitcher throws a punch with his pitching hand. But not fit. You broke your hand punching an inanimate object. You meathead. I mean I understand the frustration that com line it you'll will look. You know there's a lot of things that frustrate me and no point do I think to myself. You know what I should do to express my frustration. I bought my backyard and I'm gonna scream until I lose my voice now on. Well you know battle between Donald show on if I ruin my larynx. Says issue with under certain. I'm not a fan. There's a part of me that loves the fact he's a hot head I don't know how you can be a closer without being hot and closer like some eggs and ninja hunter Strickland changeup is so tasty will be in Cooperstown the penny separate beds and got that is just coma like hunter Strickland you you make it hard to root for you brother. You're pitching hand. Do you know why Mike crew gone blank paper called half the guys in Major League Baseball meet. Curtis. This is why you don't throw a punch at an inanimate object that wasn't fighting would view. You'll meet head. So they're not going I'm Lance and I'll. Milan sin is indeed deep ball while your closer again now it is it's a little bit humbled by his ads saying. Watson or Dyson according to on Alex. Tell me at the end of viti told everyone in the media to be better before he grabbed his purse wearing his shorts suit. Hunter Strickland public this hunter Strickland should happen to during his entire recovery from this injury. Where. A suit that comes with shorts. With management yeah you should have to dress like LeBron el duke show just because severe broken hand I seriously. I'm in this is why we can't have nice things. God almighty. Every single time you think the giants are just gonna maybe get a little bit better they're like mad hatter and are now watch a screw it up in a little bit more. Such a weird year for them. It really is such a weird year. Owner Stu Rick one. Meat head of the day of the week prices yours buddy. Some things you need to now yeah. Hi Phil yeah. I'm sick of it then yeah. Was really good to have you along today hunter Strickland. We just learned broke his hand punching a wall after his blown spit him last night. And that's the giants' season in a nutshell right there the only thing that could make bad injury more San Francisco Giants is if hunter Strickland broke his hand is the same time Brandon belt was getting a concussion from reading. A copy of Vanity Fair or something like I mean it's just ridiculous. Something random. Are so it's time for five for five which means Jianlian. Who won me a number of. 1 I am gonna start with the giants because of the news with diners are about started a little bit of positive news out of some happy news here. Pop homered last night yet again his 61 of the year. NBC sports Bay Area on the college here run blast let's see Damon he's filled in nicely at first and Brandon belt had an his attendance issues appendectomy. Now he's filling in at third for Evan Longoria whose on the DL a position he's obviously Blair went pretty close put his critics question maybe public ankle is because. Let's not forget he did pitched a scoreless inning in relief for the giants. You give him. Izzy got in our good graces here too we embraced the panda once again between list appear. Stand up and misunderstand I didn't ask you it's all water under the bridge now. And how about this. If he doesn't get hurt tonight. He gets into the top ten all time San Francisco giants' list. Can't already it was not get hurt tonight and he's a top ten all times averages go giants yet pandas back. And all right Abby for Brandon walker while welcome back to you fat butter you up my problem he's a tubby in rowly and Andy. Actually he's in better shape now and he's been in years. Any funny he's stepped up. Yeah these thin air for the giants the you know I don't bench that hey he's one guy eight. Who wears a giant uniform actually hit the ball out of the infield so yeah I can't get enough of that and he's probably not punching walls. I. Number two our right to an eighteen NBA draft a fast approaching just coupled easily Thursday you'll be out there at warriors players. On Thursday incorrect NASA is good for a promotion. Anaheim the latest rumor is that the worst try to dissect your round pick offs for the kings reportedly buying market Bagley the third and whoever gets this guy in my has struggled when it comes to this feature. Potential and be aired the good Donna did dungy each coming out here Abby no. That means that look at Don. NBA and hopefully by your four. You want I want them into a give me I want of course it was weeks I would have received it. If did so elements together might be focused our business and I want my own thing systems let me play else calls. Does that fit me. Yesterday. I think on the UConn went to. And then maybe being truthful news for goalie whom cellphones. And then kind of estimates that they sent you up. And Jen he's referring to Jennifer and Aniston all of my earful or he's hoping to be dating Jennifer Aniston he wants to be the new king of New York haystack picking me for the all star win so this is. Is ultimately to assume he would hysterical is like what where's he from again. Resemble. Eastern daylight just. Just get friends. They just get friends like who's got thick bush Holden who's carrying a torch for Jennifer Aniston in 2008 days. I don't know and she doesn't but if we had a a draft of really popular women's talk about. Amongst young athletes but you wouldn't be in the draft maybe maybe I. I guess no. Jennifer Aniston Luka dodged by the way it is hardly daunted is that really hammer was at don's going no it's him it sounded like don's going it really did is kind of like hi. I'm gonna stop Skype but I downside join the dancing that Don thing dancing bounce going. Hey Sox fans learned a dunce like me got outscored ball boys to get back when we face down on us on April place. And they Coleman dancing down score so now now give him an argument. Hear what I want them into a give me a wonderful as a disease I would have received millions Harrison. It took a look at let people disturbance and that I was loaned to. Now let's go back to actually this is just sounds like hey sucks for us learned adopted the same guy fits the same guy I think this same guy named. There you go hockey and yes can be tough. Since there in sport in season at the same time. It's going to be hard and we saw Dion play basketball and baseball solve both do it now we get to seek don's going doing fantastic. But it plan for the sharks in the case. Look at the mature you know I love them may eleventh I love tomorrow ready to. Number three I TOP. Had mixed feelings about. I he may have played his last NFL game and during the 2010 season but at 43 years of age. He appears to be faster now than he wasn't he was drafted back in 1996. I deeply eighth four point 340 yard dash. I'm not surprised and not surprised. Here he still fast and and he doesn't have any you know good decisions weighing him down. So I'm not surprised CTO still and really good shape congratulations. The best thing that I saw about Terrell Owens that summed up his career may be better than any sentences ever summed up in athlete's career is this. He is now. As a hall of Famer. On the greatest football team of all time. And he's still a crap team. Terrell Owens. Still sucks it be you know a good teammate. You know it's interesting Ewing made the decision obviously not to go to the ceremony for the hall of fame for these actions as a drama queen total economically they add the other day AT&T caught him got a video he was giving me. At speaking to Boys and Girls Club in Los Angeles what's it cost them. But insist that. Going on and on about what an honor it is to make it to the hall of fame and just how great it is to have that moment but yet he's not even gonna show us how. You know you don't you don't have this you don't get to sell how much it means to you if you render it meaningless in your actions. You can't have it both ways he can't be good teammate and do sit ups in the driveway. That's pretty much everything you need to know about one man and one cent and. But you are fat. Number four iron edges silencer may be for the release of Matt in nineteen we are out in your first look at some of the player rankings. Other re eighteen so yeah Madden player ratings they mean a whole lot to players to come here's the most noteworthy of the quarterback Aaron Rodgers with the 99 overall. Number one of the two it's Tom Brady 97 overall drop to. Through breezes next ninety overwrought Russell Wilson 89 over a hold on there's only one question I get answers against gangs Tuesday. And was again eighty ever offered Jimmy G dare cargo rating higher than Jimmy or opera with an eighty Q. You know based on. On field lied bullet testing of an NFL game I don't have a problem with that. I really don't I don't how how can you not say that their cars proven more when he has. A tunnel starts under his belt I mean Jimmy in a small sample size is pretty perfect heated. Derek has been really good now hasn't coached and probably gonna make him good again zoos broken at the end of last year. I have a problem that ounce of look at this I'm not surprised to hear Derek is a rating or two above. Who drop below what I am surprised is is that yeah against gangs Tuesday. And was again is only had an eighty. That is like you know like a drafted rookie usually starts out and eating. Deck press Scott is at a Nadine. He's better than act c'mon. Eli Manning 76 over on Carson went 85 era and you luck. At 86 overall 86 overall while for six. From the top ten there is that one for each vertebrae in his neck that doesn't work anymore and now. All right so that it become an on a couple months in a number of five. One here Fauria Damon ESPN body issue is coming out near Turkey's near giant Turkey running backs on Barkley. Olympic figure skater out of grip on let's see Los isn't there may your pony is going to be there Rihanna Steward sea birds of the US men's national team. Interesting so speak for this year's issue that comes out on the 29 of June. Did cut it will be out on Monday. Also Jerry Rice. We'll be in this addition as well as the tenth anniversary celebration and they're gonna release a lot of digital photo archives of every athlete has ever been in previous issue. As ESPN a spanking issue. Appreciating the athletic form yeah okay. With at least twelve swimsuit issue do. Spank you very much. Hi it's it's. And I don't know why and I'm not a big fan of adds a strategically placed baseball. Cool well I here's here's what he can appreciate. Like that difference between us and professional athletes like those bodies are amazing. Other work that goes into that I mean that's it's impressive. What if we did he absolutely kind what do we didn't 95% in the game body issue. Since it's on Christmas hits when we did it yeah. And 957 game body issue cricket. Cricket John Dickinson just. Am full Monty. Good lord David nice an honorable mention really quick gentlemen here. There were reports that the Nigerian football supporters requested two Russian officials have live chickens taken into the World Cup venues. As good luck charms. Apparently that's vague in asking that there was a false report but it did get me thinking if you are gonna take a live animal to a soccer match as good like are you really going for the live chickens. So I think chickens got a lot of personality and Allison and I am a fan of chicken ticket and their effort not a James got a lot. As Ed chickens got a lot of personality the right chicken guy's opinion of the mid you've been hanging out the wrong chickens. Don't grab it. While the rabbits really not fun quiet calm you could enjoy the games you don't want to and I wanna I want a of a really angry chicken. That to me is something you want to bring to your seat. And according to that I have ever heard to refer to you as an animal with lots of personality unwanted chickens are. To integrate. Your fried chicken can go to Seattle on ticket and riding you know I did. Yeah I mean it would didn't we have didn't we have a soccer. League. Talk about maybe having like he drew rugged section. Legislature cocaine section your heroine section your people gorgeous high section yes now you can bring your own chicken in this section. Are there are reports that that. Drugs were a little beat rules or regulations for drugs in rusher a little different than what other countries are accustomed to. Let's to bold way to look at life literally is paid Damon if you guys really do a 957 game body issue of can we please get dibs as the centerfold yes. Absolutely. As a matter of fact don't even take any convincing a volunteer for. To play you what to do do you. Squirt. There. It on now no longer or 5 o'clock hour.