DB Show - 2 - Tony Bruno, Joonas Donskoi, Five before Five

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Tuesday, April 17th
Damon is joined by the one & only Tony Bruno, then the debut of Sharks forward, Joonas Donskoi, on the Damon Bruce Show, and our newest daily segment, "five before five" with Gianna. 

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Elicited an I 57 game KG MZ in HT once every Cisco your radio home for every single warriors playoff game. They won last night looked fantastic and to talk about that. Hockey all of it. The one and only Tony Brown. He you know pain heals things. The man the myth the legend is back with a us again Tony I don't know how much of that you heard but we sent a family to the a's game last night. And the team went out of their way. To have an above and beyond experience for this family. And we talk about negative stuff all the time I just I just wanted to Starwood will positive that he and sunshine and hello Tony Verna how're you. Alone are hurt the whole story that's grabbed branding it wouldn't have a lot of that and I got unfortunately. In the world which in which we live. Trying to stop people apparently don't get warmed up but I know I'm always happy when I see the stories unfortunately there's something negative broker Egypt if it. It's hard to elect Smart either slipped one and everywhere a little while unfortunate negativity. Runs amuck. Oh easy easy to slip one and once in awhile is now what Tristan Thompson told Khloe Kardashian and. Sorry we're gonna keep it positive here on the shall we will look at the positive view we really really are dropped. Iowa and a popular it competently I'll stop. That we effect as San Antonio Spurs to their participation in this year NBA. Policies in. Yeah this is only a matter of time I mean they're knocked down and I'd like that they could get a game but they're not getting out of the series I think that's pretty obvious. What do you think about what's going on with quiet Leonard I haven't seen a face of the franchise guy turned his back on a franchise like this may be ever in the NBA. Not that probably Bobby ball near days. He's still getting paid you know I don't know require letter will be getting paid thirty years from now on. His first that's a million dollars urban AF. They are you're not crazy stories that somebody great historic at all sports in the near VA especially. But the core of latter day in the fact that this conflict. There are you working port at that picture that basement of the Alamo. CP downer I don't I don't ever remember. Bob bought star player on the team just basically disappear. I mean normally did there in street clothes when they're hurt and it's playoff time but quiet and his group is Gregg Popovich calls that are on the other side of the country. And obviously had no plans on rejoining the spurs anytime you know I had nick right of FS one on my show yesterday and and I think he might said the thing that makes the most sense is that the only way this quiet Leonard thing makes any sense at all is if you assume he's done with San Antonio. Then none of this has to be explained the way you get at all. There are exactly not like they did beyond circuit to packet there's no. Definitive word from either side on what's going on here that's what makes it great and they're Gregg Popovich is one of those guided revered B one of those coaches that. He takes control he rest players when he feels like you have to just like Steve Kurt does and so you know you go we keep the ball. These beyond reproach so to speak at or questioning what's going on any organizer nation. But he does know what's going on apparently at least publicly yet sent anything. Tony burn all your not as I've said in the game. Short Staal. You're shark about this week the Anaheim Ducks. Well that's exactly third on because Jonas. Is joining us. Young does don's go is going to be on at 420 today and he scored last night with two helpers don't hear. Okay. But Don father who read enough about it putting the bat pretty good stuff right there yeah the sharks skate with some real venom right now man look fantastic I don't know what I. I didn't pay a lot of attention in the NHL this year I can't tell you how good the ducks are or aren't too but the sharks are a lot better and that's pretty obvious. Yet the other sharks. Certainly are one of those teams that you're you know the president cops and then he did the disappointment in the policies didn't already here and now all of a sudden they. You know at the docks are terrible the fact that they just. Sports that aren't accurate and beat it beat him down 821. Pretty much put this one on ice so to speak and it finished this week pelican near sharks finished sweet. How about those golden knights of Bloc's biggest about the put the but the kings out what factors well. That's amazing this is the greatest expansion team in the history of expansion I mean is if this is the greatest team in the history of just put non ten pounds like expanding that I've I've never seen. Any team have this much success this early until it's gone I this is not supposed to happen why isn't happening. I don't know what is it from the get go that they played great they play that people are always like a little playoffs. So I don't play at all. They're all breaking the law it was scary so. It's it'd aren't totally agree David I don't ever remember and I've been around sports a long time. I don't I certainly spans expansion teams I don't ever ever expect Eugene and sport. Not just put a nice perceived it and you know sneaking into the playoffs but absolutely dominating from start to finish it now on the first. About a sweep their first ever player here right. And it was amazing that the Miami Marlins won their World Series I think like seven years into their existence whatever it wasn't that was I thought the greatest expansion run of all time. This is rewritten the book on on everything I I don't know if this is. A testimony as to how good they are or testimony estimated at parity that the NF NHL was dealing wit. I'll tell you one thing they used to be distinct home ice advantage is it doesn't matter anymore home rink advantage really doesn't matter at all Toni doesn't seem like it does. You know you're used to be soft spots on the boards dead spots on the dash yours you know like dad dead spots on the old Boston Garden court. And any other ice in Madison Square Garden was awful and slushy not. I think everybody's gain on the same sheet of vice same perfect dimensions and it's been homogenized. No you're actually right and I think you credit that it that it didn't golden Knight to add. Is they like Archie got particulars of it basically got a lot of good players from a lot of different teams instead of just saying are you take our worst guy you take our worst guy. And they got some good players they meshed right away in the organize organize nation I'm so I don't think organization that time of the year thank you are going like they are well beer bottle right. Right now. That's fantastic is at Bushey are there a little birds hiding in theaters are still tight to the chin. Not I don't I don't I don't have a real Dick beer to auto world so when it broke the story in great but it's it's a little choppy right now I would it'll whirlwind but it's gonna Huckabee get there. Pour beard grit to look good McCarrick at that site. You know just barely let loose double what the Saturn because it's great yeah she knew Rob Lowe Parma shadow. Exactly along or you don't you teach it in the morning and then by 5 o'clock in the afternoon it looked like you need to shape again look. Yeah there has cooled talk about what I'd go out our option aid into our area shaded cleaned up now put dog got this double it looks good on cool. By the way and when you do shape shape which carries raisers and a promo code Damon and get the free post shaped ball merry go small dog has. Well a lot to put it now to get the other Damon Bruce special. Go to Harry's dot com and that check out Tony you put in Damon is promo code you get Apollo shave balm for free to leave yourself nice and silky smooth. Are. Very nice very very nice. On the gas someone to sit here and attacks on you know the Diamondbacks they won their fourth year of existence how is amazing to no doubt about it but with the sharks. Or skewed view with the golden knights are doing now is just. Beyond any expansion expansion story that has ever ever been told. Let's talk a little bit about these 76ers. Look great in game one apparent. Lee. And Doug every L unions waiting at home with sexual favors for him which is got to be exciting if you're Dwyane Wade. Well I mean the sixers it's amazing everybody was sag actor gave bubble they prop 130 ought. On the books aren't although that fit BO bill period at all or gay what they don't even need all of beat the crap that. All of a sudden it is true. And everything that they he brought up there will go on and on the sixers could make a three pointer and their defense what idiotic couldn't stop light weight. You know we thought lane where it was dog when he was but the broad. He looked like it looked like it did ten years ago. The way he's playing right now it's unbelievable maybe implement at all maybe then every all you'd. Maybe it is Kevin Hart by the way that's what Dwyane Wade's old Ramona shell born one god in you tonight Gephardt. Can't really. Thank them are you think Gephardt that Philadelphia. You that I need I think it I think six or bad. Well we're ready Cavanaugh are banned from the get back they're gonna want to start off here and. It up not only an hour it's a good. RO sensitivity. I had to send enough sensitivity training done run out. I how about this there is one thing about the 76ers that must be mentioned on this broadcast right now. The center court logo of the liberty bell with the snake wrapped around it is the best center court logo in the NBA Tony. Are you aren't so I don't know what they're doing but. It looks to me like they're great product they. I'm not support to victims of each day. Like all severed arms and stop all severed limbs that they get that in a nice little octopus salad that they're making a note this snake and it's an old symbol. Our own pocket today that don't tread on me. The yeah I don't know what I don't know exactly argent and I don't walk but it will receive votes separate parts of the snake. It that you can't be cut the snake. This stake my regarding our no decrepit at all like a warm while he got a warm and happy still continue to grow and live. I don't know about rapid will snake on the sooners got snake bit last night I agree Kevin park should be banned from the Wells Fargo Center. Well you won't indeed they're going to Miami now anyway for the next two bit Doughty he that was put stupidly did that feel most likely. With the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden you know trying to be like the extra. Porsche the whole team needs most of the time likely perk but they expect as I got covered aren't public enemy number walk and they're going to be helping you altered. Yeah you can call and. And what's really funny is you go back you what to thirty for thirty about spike vs red Jere whatever and when John Starks and the next eliminated the pacers in game six that year despite became public enemy number one in his own barn. He like gave John start this hugging he's like thanks man they're gonna throw me out a New York repentance to Kandahar and other Devin art is the only way to say it is great to talk to is always thought we've got. Coming up here in just a matter of moments Tony which means we got to run thank you is always. Enjoy your and he'd enjoy here instead Graham photos enjoy your Tristan Thompson saying whatever you're doing this weekend thank you very much is always my friend. Packard Eminem. Let's go sharks spent a lot so warriors I must elegiac score some runs you're up 46 and immediately. The idea Toni arrives. Yes coming up next here. I can. I and. 1957. Big game. Welcome back to 957 a damn I'm Damon Bruce Reed president of the Jonas downs boy band club. He has been an obsession of the show. He has been a bite on this show a sound drop on the show. He has been so far. By the show but the one thing he has never been on. Is on this show. Until right now. Night last night for the sharks eight goals one of those Lance was led by Jonas Don school he had two helpers in a fantastic win. 81 the final over the ducks to go up three nothing in this series and we are thrilled. The sharks right Winger Jonas John's boy is joining us here on the Damon Bruce show Jonas thank you for your time today hi either one. Again bigger and bigger it's not like it or are you get up well. Well very good. It's great to have you on finally we've been a big fan of yours for a long time and what do great win for the sharks last night I'm guessing the atmosphere in the tank was off the hook. Or that I'll spell Conrail and emotional song to. They're like a spark insider as saying it would hurt what are home game to play out low so that was so Great Britain are welcome Webb and senator. Eight different goal scorers last night and game that had eight goals and it had ever been a part of the a scoring outbreak like that a playoff game before. All I know nor and I don't even remember our partners article should report it and universal sold almost. But as far as oh my and I didn't. I think that's the where people are you know what that sudden you have a lot of Garko the global. What do you think playoff hockey feels so much different than regular season hockey because it's almost like it's two different sports. 88 edition it's it's like at spotting a hundred years is a man. With so much fun to suit personable being to buy out some armed. You know they missed during Gergen. And I think it's hard targets culminating at the play out spartans are Solano them learn about the distant from creating. It's. Is stated that spent sparkle at the bar. Jonas don's going here and ID 570 games so obviously the ducks have to be very frustrated. You've done a lot to frustrate them. I thought there were taken some cheap shots towards the end of that game do you feel like they were start to play dirty. Walter Wally I think I think the they were taking some one albeit a less than maybe you shouldn't take up. That's fine without speechwriter try to stay out about them as spoke of some or a parent are. But you know it's it's we student model and I'm not sure they've got to the park tomorrow I don't. Jonas let's talk about your line mates of Evander Kane and Joseph put Belsky. I thought it was great to see canes come out and scored the first two goals of game one it helped to release settle into the playoffs don't you think. Well Alice Alice first first playoff game for get there are. For I don't know how many games are there is an F five under or something so. Groupon doesn't get to call a lot of Wear and he's usually credit where credit gunned the locker room so we are they are ordered up about it. Yeah I mean you guys have been rolling since picking up Evander Kane what has he done to the locker room. It seems like a team that just came alive as soon as he joined it. I doubt if he's such an outcry in the locker room and it's it's he blew by other young. And such an amazing player. And chrome on the query in the same on the in his. He brings so much into the game is so strong. Is an economic policy to score goals. On. The whole picture grid that is and what they've. So how much different is this sharks team. Compared to the one that made the Stanley Cup finals in 2016. Do you think your better prepared. To go skate for a cup now the new word that year. All it's so hard to compare but there I think their slopes. Lot of similar things in this being. Are we up for good liar of them look at all score goals sperm. I think we have you know what extent guys without experience and learned a guy like me. Palace mighty earlier and then it's also are are a couple of years. My backpack on a lot of experience all sorted out that government help on the way pressure. Hopefully it does help you out Jonas don's going here on 957 the game. It just turned 26 years old you had your birthday would you do. The obvious we're not I thought I'm so we've put them. Went for dinner with the guys and and a thrill I need to cut at the. Nice not even make it to Disneyland. No I did not say what they do more more relaxing believe it. They're in the Arab support. They how many dancing Don Soyuz do you have in your home right now. Thought so many probably like the idea on this. Over half our country through a lot but I have. So we've got one here in the studio the sharks were nice enough to send us a whole bunch we love our dancing don's voice at the sharks haven't lost the game by the way. Since we got our dancing don's voice. Way out are they not that small you are undefeated. Yeah while I really love a file or credit. They decided what building we're about about that at all. Oh well are we Guinea if we get another Don score a goal can we get a little Don square dance on the ice. I don't think I got bit up but now they're not so. How much different this win in San Jose. Off like. Completely opposite the so called in every parent you don't get it in Denmark vomit every parade up like fireworks that follows young men. About all the pardons so. Well it's very certainly not in your that we have scored whether or your along spoke on verdict are in a. Yeah honesty you do you go back in the offseason do you spend much time in homer is northern California are home now. I I feel like you're getting more and more homo department like my current durable subtle sub Arctic summer but not elect. I'm not political buck them up by utterly toward Europe up. Well of course it's a list of what my Google doc is Islami and grandson learned. And hang out a little bit but what the market like our electronic age to start becoming more local corporate. That's good well obviously they love you in San Jose we love you too man thank you so much for joining us continued success. Do you when you were teammates it's always tough to close out a team especially when you're looking to sweep. Big game for the sharks and hopefully step on their next tomorrow you honest thank you for joining us and good luck to you keep dancing for a subject. All right partner of portable. The no yeah. I can't tell you. Nine you know apologize from my man crush right now he was fantastic look I'm a sucker for an accent whereby. Where have I heard that before we expect the defense I mean it it. Is Finland in Lithuania are they close to each other and now by the very similar accident. I'm thinking that it's a critical it does it GOP was great valuation of gas in the single welcome to Lithuania songs. Welcome Phyllis why me welcome. I tell you what a nice guy he was what what a cool approachable. Yet another hockey player I mean they really are the easiest group of athletes ever sit down and ample conversation with the we really appreciate the sharks for helping us about one LB had to be in his bonnet. That he wanted to get a mind and I was just like I'm you know I. He's gonna work is the accent maybe a little too thick for the air enough. He saw men you know of these some do an interview post ice last night he's like we get there this weekend this. With gray of the inner city I love the fact that he he said that he dances better than their real. A Bobble way so I'm sure he does but maybe he's got the mood a little doubt. You never sleep on a finish break dancer. I'll keep that in mind yes it's a break dancing in Finland is huge and he can do at all what the lane each plane with a Bobble head right now it does it's got a nice little. Nice little nice to remove him as a host Jimmy nice dipping your hip looks dead. Looks really really good anyway so thanks to the sharks. As I look why why wouldn't you wanna get it out there right now you are sitting pretty for re not been on the ducks it looks like this thing is Obama. Before it began and again eight goals last night. We like this one the most. I can. Rain behind. NBC sports gala for that Don father I like that it. I'd I'd like that one too I really do franchise record for most goals scored in a game for the sharks nice. Very cool very nice way way to get it up and done. Steve Bruce thanks for the interview thanks to the shark stock that was great well like you know we we try to stay in the lanes were most comfortable and in. I loved playoff hockey more than I like regular season not you know I am officially paid more attention to the NHL on the last six days and I didn't the last six months I'm not no idea. And I don't have the La idea because. 90% of you are in the exact same boat I am. The other tempers any urge to whine about it. Now are diehard hockey fans are die hard hockey fans to shame that you don't have. Anything. That goes out of its way to cater Justine you. Tip from any Hockey Night in Canada. Did that would be about it. But I really really I I enjoyed the heck out of them I hope you did too. It's quite. It's so funny he's you know it's very obscure. San Jose shark bit you probably have to be a listener of the show up to really. Think of this as a big deal be choosing the station today. The good the when he said he was not I freaked out like Al how they could. Turner means a dame and I had Jordan today for thirty. It out of him that much more excited and don's wife for wanting. I really mean it as a matter fact let's find out because joining us right now hall of Famer Michael Jordan here on the Damon Bruce show Michael how you don't. And not just getting CIA did jet's hockey season it's playoff time. Deke Deke Deke. And move on. Here's something that I just can't wrap my mind around. Maybe you can go ahead and help me would this one. How stepped curry still the people's champ. Serious power stepped curry still the people's champ. Got a press release from the warriors today that the Golden State Warriors as a team. Leave the NBA. In ten most popular team merchandise sales. The top fifteen most popular NBA jury sees stuff curry number one how many games he missed this year. You know out of sight out of mind usually applies athletes more than any other group in the world. By the way. Top fifteen NBA Jersey sales. Staff curry LeBron James Kevin Durant yeah honest Kyra read Russell Westbrook. Chris steps. Joseph well and beat James Harden Ben simmons' cool why Leonard probably not gonna sell as good as they used to rank. One Zo ball dame Willard Klay Thompson and Jimmy Butler roundup of top fifteen. Now LeBron James. Again if I'm gonna put him almost in the step curry category because. Past I've been around long enough to where if you really wanted to Jersey would have won by now. Have so many options now for jerseys sell every year every couple years you might get a new one you want the town Jersey won there you know commemorative Jersey for this their. New CEO Chinese New Year Jersey. I there's there's a lot of different curried jerseys to buy which I guess you know brings you back to the store for another New Jersey got the slate he got the Chinese new years he got those. Old school white Jammer is that I ran like. When they come to San Francisco. I wouldn't be surprise. I wouldn't be surprised at all. If they went back to the city jerseys which is another two jerseys you need to commute home and away. But this guy who just finished his ninth NBA season two titles two MVPs. In an outright global phenomenon. For at least the last four. Of what is now eight almost decade long nine year along NBA career what LeBron is in his fifteenth here how do you need a LeBron Jersey now with Jeff and how. How one already has a thing to do parents Bynum for their kids may being. Once kids get involved they start asking them for Christmas and birthdays and when you're out in game. I guess but I just act like that's fantastic it's cool it's fantastic that curry. Is that. Someone's like a game and I'm too fat now that I had to buy an excel so maybe ask the audio that is the audience gets fatter yet by another Jersey. You know maybe everyone in Cleveland burnt their LeBron Jersey the first time around so they need the second one. But look what what's the number one selling album full time. Thriller dark side of the moon whatever you know it's I don't know if it change the number one selling album of all time. Got there by selling a whole bunch of records but obviously. Didn't sell that many this week because if you wanna that you probably at a price right. Thriller by the way is the number one selling album of all time. As a thriller 66 million copies. Katie. Yeah Michael to be no wonder why he got all weird coming seriously. I sold 66 million copies my brother my nose off though. A lot of albums. That's autonomy albums. And I just want. Denon and do it off the wall. Bad. Off the wall suspects now. It was don't be don't be fooled by thriller off the wall is still the best Michael Jackson. That he was so strange so talented Danica is out there. By the way there's some people saying here that I hold we got them on that Michael Jordan. Damn I just got in in my car the first since I heard was coming up next Michael Jordan and he was like I was ready out of keeping an act. Thank you. Thank you nothing but illustrious guests. I think there's still of the market out there for people. The one new Jersey's every air that's something else. I mean may be was the fact that it was the first year of Nike jerseys which means everyone had to go on by in New Jersey for everyone this year. I'm now but that is that is up brisk business being done around a Golden State warrior a couple of nuisance Claes on this list and more merchant sold than any other team in the NBA. You and me and what are your buddies are all drinking together at a bar in 19971998. I lean over and say hey. In 2018. Golden State Warriors are gonna lead the whole world in NBA merchandise. You're a laugh off your bar stool you're a fallen on the floor you have peanuts stuck to your face. No one would believe me it's amazing. To see how things go. Complex things can change. By the way we are gonna get ourselves and hey how Loria would Steve Kerr coming up at 5 o'clock today definitely looking forward to that. Steve Bruce's old school white jerseys at the warriors where their fresh. The cool in the gang in the song. And it's a fashion breaking into the cycle yet this she success he'd be nice warm. He threw that thing in. Soon. Meetings. Sorry sorry sorry. A couple of detour sari. Teaming karaoke sorry couldn't how many milligrams or behind they showed today none not a feel good just happy. Just lay on a good at the odds are we're still celebrating the warriors are sick and in a pretty tune nothing all the sharks and a three nothing all the shift 55. Thousand I would say over at the coliseum that I for a little baseball game and hopefully the giants muscle one out of the field cannot be great to go a bit. It's a good thing the giants had a day off so wall Bay Area can go home winner last night earlier listens thanks to science. Waiting when it gets a scheduling break. By the way. That humans or to be working against them in Arizona and I meant it. I thought it. If they do what do what Alvin what's the map that we did at this let's say. The unthinkable happens in the giants go get swept in Arizona the B eight games back. BA games back before you had your wheat on for joining. That's not good and not good at all. Dot. I'm Don there's a lot of baseball left but a slow start your plane all these individual are exude individual in division games you couldn't get buried. At buried. Damon in 1982 the US population was 237. Million people so basically a quarter of the US population. Bought thriller. Well to global number. That the global number but I can tell you this thriller. Is definitely the only album. That every single one of my friends also owned. You know when I was a kid like I had my taste in music and you had your taste in music but the one taste in music we all agreed on. Was this thriller like these things like people today like put a song out on sound cloud select all can I cop that got thriller is the ultimate tank top that. Thriller he was the alternate got to get that that's hot album. I did unspoken words sometimes when I needed. My son asleep at night like the ivory you know he with a tummy story spotlight. It's close to midnight some beans evil looking from the dock OC try to scare the hell but you can. Begs me scary story and that's all coming oh nice guy starts peaking lyrics of songs and this is one of his favorite Smart to do our time but it thriller is a popular one so yeah it's still. Till this day. We have the San Diego just Vincent Price monologue in the middle of letters yeah I'm like 'cause this is thriller. Thriller night. And no one's gonna save you now lead and holding. I think he should start breaking down Randy Hahn playoff goals. Put and it was so so he hears other don's go go sounded. So you can just feel like it's a 211. On schooling came. Don's going. Go it's. So be nice wouldn't sleep that could work racing can sharks sent. We've been playing around one hurdle had a good one last night on the power to me that. And. That's sexy. Another power play goal laughter dad put Belsky stern talks. While that was happening down in San Jose over an oracle you add Andre Iguodala. Taken off from three he'd already hit one here's number two what. Only with a buffet to rebound by the Padres for a club up right Gloria. Nobody goes hey hey off right away. Hitting the offensive glass that's 128 lawyers figured dollar with two triples so far. Andre would dollar knocked down three in that game he played very well dream on green says Andrei shoot it more. You don't want to and we always say Andre you know we should do well you know we trust this we have confidence in or. The original size is doing so far off with a laugh off the. Spaces that floor he had four threes last night thank you very much good to see him involved good to see him caring. Really really gets real he's good to say. I don't know if Andre Iguodala was gonna go ahead and dig down that well and show us the player we knew he could DF three spent an entire 82 game. Regular season schedule pretty much what I thought revenue for the player than you have left. He was just slow play in this whole year and you know there's apart that it once again match part wants to be a little bit mad but. Given many really need Andre Iguodala apparently. The warriors are right the NBA regular seasonal longer matters at all. How about this should we just start taking bets on next year are they the three the four seat next year. The three of the four seat next year will it matter maybe that'll be one of the five before five coming up. Steve Kerr it's gonna join us at 5 o'clock today we're also gonna qualify. Another listener. For our Alaska Airlines. Fly away around one promotion. That'll be given away tomorrow I believe on the morning shows do you wanna pay close attention to all that we'll have a trivia question for you at 5 o'clock. Followed by warrior head coach Steve Kerr. Something you need to know who. These guys before I'm not hot exhibit its. All right we started this yesterday and we like an awful lot to the point where I think it's going to be a yeah. A daily feature if that weren't ready I'm ready guaranteeing them it means more a year why am definitely ready let's don't. Unless virulent number one if the lawyers Damon steam roll everyone on their path to another championship. Yes what does that mean for next year's regular season Powell it's funny we were just talking about this when I went to break. And I by the way I had no idea the five topics Jian has got to ask me that's where the magic against super secret. Russian tell more about saw this lady and now but that's the trick Tom. The warriors just sent a clear message all season long that ceding no longer matters regular season win total longer matters only post season focus and effort matters. And if they're rewarded. With a decisive NBA championship after what is their first stressful Steve curse season. I don't expect us to be stressing about any regular season outcome again. Which will sort of neutered the enthusiasm we watched the entire regular season whip. But at the pay off days you get to be NBA champions to the point where we'll talk about you. Throughout history for ever that's a trade off most fans are I think willing to make. I think if the regular season was a a beat this year expect a B minus C plus regular season next year. A little disappointing for some fans and who can't afford playoff tickets yeah. Yes but I you know it look. I I've it's it's never about you know I I I never think like all of this is gonna determine the price of who gets in her room gets out that's sort of thing. These tickets are going to be expensive in perpetuity you know they're getting one more year of excellence next year in the they're gonna move to. Severance Cisco and nothing will be cheaper from that day ever again. I just. I guess we're gonna have to deal with the fact the regular season really doesn't matter that much and won't. Probably until this run is over and then it'll matter in terms of just like well let's see if they can do erupt. To do what they just went through. I get so let's have you pay with that yeah and I SO. Are more hours to warriors aren't after seem acclaimed drama have done for the lawyers instead sat since. Does that make me think about making big roster moves potentially pursue lean Anthony Davis should they keep the band together were guard. Stop there's an there's nobody else who's a Max player come into the Golden State Warriors. Just for trying to keep this together. And look my my dream on Greenstock was. Was down this year during the regular season based on he just had a very money name year. A barking angry play off drain money green. Reminds everybody into games what is true value to this team is you just keep these four guys together surrounded with a veteran minimums and you should be good. So even though they have a commanding two nothing lead in the series over the spurs are shipped in San Antonio is there anything that concerns you. At this point yeah I think they're gonna cut. Plowed through the song concerned about the San Antonio Spurs getting a couple games because games three and former being played in such a mausoleum that no one's up or excited for it. If the warriors are up and excited for game that other teams in trouble. If they're not up and excited for a game maybe they could be in trouble. What I really hope the only thing is stresses me out about this series now Gionta. Is that it ends in four or five games because game six would fall on NFL draft day and totally screw up our big NFL draft spectacular locker. With yours truly Joseph Fortin bought Greg Papa that we got planned coming up from Schroeder's so I hate. I want a pretzel. I wanna pretzel beer and an NFL draft. If there at the number three. Bryce Harper hit a rare broken bat home run yesterday. And will Batum setting up inside the barrel of the bat flew all the way to the screen. Later on up. So badly hit the screen behind the bad boy and Bryce Harper hits it out of the third. I think Roy Hobbs just sit over. I know it's happened before I've never seen it broken bat home run for Bryce are very kid. Man are you kidding me MAS and on the call his and other leading us as FP Santangelo of sorrow but yeah it. Our his aid and I'll be leading eighth of the season should the giants do whatever it takes to bring it does here Francisco next season. I mean it feels. Unlike. A giant move I think it did giants just don't seem like the team that comes up with 400 million dollars for anyone even though they were the team came up with a blocked 27 for Zito or parkinson's whatever was. I just know I don't think Bryce Harper is coming to a ballpark that might. Have a negative impact on what he hopes will be hall of fame numbers one day I think Bryce Harper's going to Wrigley Field his dog name is Wrigley Chris Bryan says Powell. I think the cubs have been printing money since. Early nineteen hundreds so they've got it. Tom. Yeah no I harpers not coming to San Francisco I will say that definitively. An authoritative leak once again to this microphone. Let's do something Bryce Harper's not coming to San Francisco I'll be cool though and it. Not a school's being in the cubs. Says Gus van RA number four. At Angel are thirteen in three show Mayo Tunney is the best story in baseball right now but just the other day a tiny Angel asked fans to quiet down during his at bats. Is this week move. By the halos. To be quiet corner and he told the fans to just settle down be quiet. When he got back. Like they got an announcement like. Today activities that are shorter Tommy would like a little more quiet here in the ballpark please he needs a little bit more he needs and kinda settle Validus I guess he can focus. Yeah ask. To a group of fans specifically. There's a good event that is going a little that's name like K take it down a notch. Okay where they've been. Foul mouth. Was today they were just stand girl who they quieting the fans. Throw Tommy sake or for the sake of family sitting around a sense I think a tiny saint. Our as a and that's what it seemed like well so if you need quiet during your back swing there is a PGA tour out there that's ready for you. If you need quiet during your Major League at bat. Your career is already over. I don't care how great your started is you need quiet during your Major League at bat you going to be around these parts much longer. This is a bit about him not to say something about our cultures I think maybe I just just say something about there and by the way I Japanese. Baseball crowds. Are louder than American baseball crowds like you wouldn't believe like there in constant chant the entire time like fans chant. Like UN and it's it's somebody's told me who's gone to games in Japan like if you get a translation you wouldn't believe he's cancer tantamount to like. Dear sir mr. Bator if you could get a hit for us please would be greatly appreciative. Like that's what they're chanting. During at bats but like. 50000 people all in unison all making noise makers all using thunder sticks all using. Karate Kid to Daniel Russo is gonna fight problems so they should he be used. He should be ready to go. Not to mention I figured down and Anaheim and I too fired up about anything except for the new loop to loop a thundered out a Disney. The epic data entry. RA Lamar number of five grade Popovich has an interesting relationship with reporters obviously gets a salty. But how this apparently has won with Gatorade as well it out of your best. What does quarterfinal quarterfinal series. What sugar all the things in my own little cup. I was social norm. Just could you got your restaurant than it was when you have to have the Washington. Okay what he wants. So tired of. So he's referring to the Gatorade bottle that sits there and a microphone I sunny you know. It's an advertising for Gatorade obviously it's attaining still Damon is just getting a little bit old. Well here's the thing you can't stepped to the podium telling jokes and then when John Dickinson ask your question. You treat him. Like he's not in humid like he's lucky to be here asking you a question how dare you ask of me a question. Like. Allow me just say this to about Gregg Popovich. The reason why I went when he said that early in the sound byte he's like all would jewelry lacks. He says that because somebody works and NBA promotions knowing that Gatorade is a main corporate sponsor yet was watching that moment. And horrified. And I'm just gonna tell you this here's a little lesson you learned very early in a media career. There's never a bad word to be uttered about the sponsors. No I love every single one of our sponsors let me tell you that definitively I don't care how annoying the commercial might be do you love it signed time. Science college you running commercials but I love it. 1800 cars for kids but I love it. Never say anything negative about the sponsors not never or that could be your last day on the air and that includes you. Greg ordered. Global reach. To sponsor for the NBA which can heat yeah I guess I get it kind of works for them. My not him pretty snapped endorsed Gatorade. No we doesn't but the league has an agreement that is on the dais during press conferences and there it is cease that's being nice and professional about it. I know at some point. Does say something like aids I think it's getting a little bit cool so. Some spicy I think it was I I gotta check here on Twitter. Real fast elusive I can look it up real quick lead. Because I believe that might have been neat Duncan. Let me bullet here mean I know this it's always so good to hear somebody looking through your Twitter. On a radio segment but basically Bill Simmons got all spicy today. Bill Simmons basically. Said. Nobody in the media asks Popovic question like. Why isn't quite at these games supporting the team and can you give us one example from the past two months. That why even still wants to be a scorer. Like Gregg Popovich is intimidated the media and every city where he doesn't get any pointed questions asked of them until Bill Simmons I guess was asking this allowed saying. I'm going to beat bear. Or you know I am going to talk about his in my podcast today will make Duncan who will it does a great job covering the NBA. He wrote back to this and said you know I've been there are not considered it. I didn't because being confrontational or press conference. Is really not my thing. And also because it's unlikely to get a real answer. That's probably right I don't eager to get much out of them that your job is to kind of dig keeping get answers to questions right and then he also says but it's not like bill can't get a credential and come up here and ask himself like. Are you getting. Are you getting paid seven million dollars a year to walk into a meeting and HBO and say Andre the Giant and then walked out. Like Bill Simmons is being paid seven million dollars a year. The record the same podcast is recording before he got to HBO. Not do a show for HBO and come up with ideas for HBO. And if you think that he is there like carefully editing documentaries you're that's not what he does. And does not happen well that is your body for five and we are just before fat and well look at that I love that I'm glad it timed out so very well.