DB Show - 2 - Tim Roye, Joe Lacob from Papa & Bonta, Warriors need a nun

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Monday, March 26th
Damon is joined by the voice of the Warriors, Tim Roye, then we hear sound from Joe Lacob's hour long in-studio interview with Papa & Bonta today, and Damon thinks the Warriors need a nun. And the A's. And maybe the Giants do too. 

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Great to have which which Tim do we have right now. Tim role I. Because we're also gonna have ten bon Temps on today is a matter of fact if you wanna be on the show your name must beat Tim we tried to broadcast Tim Lincecum that it was at ten Monday here he did not accept the invitation luckily. Our good friend Tim Roy did he joins us here on 957 the game voice of course of the Golden State Warriors and all of our warrior interviews are brought to you by JB LB officials sound. Of the Golden State Warriors Tim thank you very much for joining us on a Tim Monday how are you. Good I'm good at a pretty sure you probably get him on the show lead after offer the right. Encroachments incentives and yes exactly and a half after. Well we got that all around this year it is a radio station after off Tim well look let's talk about where this team is right now and and I just say it's it's pretty simple. The warriors have. Talent to trump any one. But if you're looking for the stars to be aligned for your team the stars aren't even close to being the line for the warriors right now they're going to be fighting against. All whole bunch of obstacles including like the cosmos and the basketball gods to really turn it on and win here. Yeah it's it's it's getting the point now where it's gonna be real difficult journey I think that there's no. In no way around that it's gonna get really really hard for the lawyers to. To maintain any kind of rhythm because he'll do not sure who's gonna play on whatever day and the deed that the benefit behalf. Is that they are totally locked in the that two spot meeting at the lose out Portman too went out and that's not gonna happen but. I think so that that they have they have the ability. To go at their old pace and to bring guys along with Earl pace so they don't have to hurry guys backing guys won't feel the pressure having to hurry back which is also big deal. Sometimes you have to save the player from himself. Because they know they're getting itchy in the wanna play. And so that they have solutions to this but the bottom line solution Neil for the warriors it's all about winning a championship in the bottom line is that. Is that they have to have is healthy bodies out there especially this year because I think the competitions better. No doubt about it Tim I think it's also a foregone conclusion. That Quinn cook is gonna be on this playoff roster of his own talent was gonna get him there this injury to Currie gets in there don't you think. Well I think it's a live they're gonna have to really look long and hard about it I think indeed the odds right now we'd had this hair probably Clinton's favor. If they make that kind of decision because. Dole look it's it's exactly like last year where you know how to Matt Barnes and over the roster Kevin Durant got hurt. And the need it way. And so Matt stayed as as insurance you know justice to whether or not you know Cady was going to be able to play its picture of Katie mr. couple playoff games. Because he reactivated. The entry so that was the need dead the need now will be a point guard because if you're starting the first round. You know do you have Shaun Livingston Patrick because not treated dollars your ball handlers been nice to have that extra flexibility of or real. You don't point scoring point guard off there in Ellis faces. Last 45 games he's been pretty good you know he's been other their best offensive options he knows how to get a shot for itself and and I think that's got that's gonna serve him well not only in this run with the warriors but maybe in the rest of his basketball career. Voice of the warriors Tim Roy brought you by Mancini sleep world simply the best night's sleep and agree with you one cooked it's like he's completely different guy who was making starts and starting in on just a handful of games ago. Where is he couldn't find a shot he was on confident in his just on court presence. Now he is completely blended in to this team it was almost as if he was intimidated by the warriors star power is much as he was the other team's defensive presence and now that the star power. Head's sort of removed itself from the equation he's very comfortable taking over and I hope that he continues as the stars. Start making their way back into the lineup. He would be like if I came in and did an hour to review on the talk show I'm gonna defer to you it's your show. You're the star I'm just the role player and another facility got past the real lob pass lead slam delegate. But Nell Nell Quinn gets out there and there's no Durant there's a curry as a Klay Thompson notre Mike Green so he has to assert himself. And that gets him into his rhythm I I think part of the problem with some of the players the words of added this year. Is that the it'll get worse splitting hairs here this team is having a tremendous season they're gonna have me in the second and third best record in the league even with all the injuries they've gone through even with all the stops and starts they've gone through. Other gonna have won the great records you know in franchise history so you were who were passed putting airship will look at the guys who who are added this year come off the bench. I think there's a little star struck there you know they have they come off the bench and they have an open shot but where amid stiff Curry's over their virtual ball stuff. Get moderates in the quorum throat camp and he and other guarded. They pass up open shots and don't really play their game. In this scenario these guys are being allowed to play. The games as to who they really are as players and that's gonna help them because the yield for that to be effective late Iran. In the postseason. You're gonna need depth players come off and ended bedecked kind of player so that the defense can't just cheat off him. Knowing he's not going to try to make a play. Tim Roy. Voice of the warriors here on 9570 games you know looking at what told the rockets are putting together. They're putting together a resume that is reminiscent of the 773. Win season that the warriors enjoyed. There that the rockets are now 32 and three since January 6 in the put that into perspective. The year the warriors won 73 they started the year 36. And three again the rockets are 32. In three. If they end the season. Winning out. Visual put together. That historic type a run that the the warriors put together at the beginning of their 73 win season if the rockets went out it's the fifth best regular season record. In NBA history and that's impossible to ignore. Yes it is and then they're they're playing with confidence and wins. You know that they're they're that. Journey the rise the other there on the way up it's all exciting it's fresh and new to them and an every night they're going out there to prove it all over again. And so on I think that's that's the danger is that they're coming in would this attitude like hey we're gonna go get this is our year. The other part about this though is that they have to do will be going in with pressure. You know and how they handle that adversity I thought won the more telling moments for the warriors and why they ended up being the special team. Was that series against the Memphis Grizzlies. You know David grizzlies in and could put them out of rhythm they were they were not looking like themselves they're down 21 on the road. And they come back and they they switched things up would their lineup they win game four and don't want to win that series and to me. That changed things for the warriors and then course the following year coming back down 31 bill policy they knew they have that competency bin. Facing that kind of adversity so the test for the rockets I think. Is giving you you know they hit that speed bump in the post season if we get down to one to somebody you know how they handle that because Harden and Paul haven't. You know excelled in that kind of situation yet in their NBA careers that's going to be a big test for the. Tim let's play a little game here called this week or next week to drain money green returning this week or next week this week. Kevin Durant returning this week or next week this week Klay Thompson returning this week or next week until next. As a really good way to play that game I think that. Just simple life simplified everything that were really worried about will it pay up all like gimmick next outed. The very good idea meanwhile how about this NCAA tournament how about Loyola actually reaching the final four it's amazing. You know did and it's like the old the truism in in court. You know if you're testifying against an under guerillas you know there's no way around so. God that their fabulous and I love. The did the jury the the joy that they have small plane that to me is is is is remarkable it's a great story. You know one of the beat the one thing we MT two H Herman has over the NBA playoffs is that is that scenario. That you can't have that the NBA you know if you're the best team odds are most times. You're gonna win a seven game series because it's hard it's hard to be a great team reports that hard to be a good team four times. And so with BOT to aid the single elimination. You know you allow this kind of story happened so it's great I think I think that that that's a nice. A story end and you know you can't help but root for them and then the other thing which I found out in the end in reading up about them they're the only team. From the state of Illinois only college basketball team's state of Illinois that's ever won an NC diligent which yeah. Hello Paul 1962. Illinois. Not. Illinois State when they had Doug Collins you don't none of those teams but but loyalist death it was 63. 63. And I think you might be right about that it's amazing. Look at it this way sister Jean will be remembered. For this NCAA tournament more than the school that wins it and less its sister Jean school in which case she goes down in history if she has an already. What's one thing there ros gold and woody and I haven't come and now we've both had to interview and none on the air live. So I had to do that early in my career and the charity golf are we do live remote in the charity benefitted them so Catholic Charities so the big guy it was very to charity brings over sisters also and I had to shut out of duke. Tim that's a sister was great. Great stuff you know they say about the nuns when they're gone it's a hard habit to break. And moved very. So sorry I appreciate your time is always ten thank you very much in okay thanks for it Alitalia. You keep that you you keep your call up no matter who's on the court you never take a night off you're never hurt you're always out there playing hard for the warriors. Your line about they campaign ins five I was phenomenal. Cheers there. But the fact that she's it did give credit to leak would tweet that to me and I thought okay Steele Alan sorry but that that's just to gold but I fully expect. Later on the show the tune in here Tim Duncan. Tim Hardaway. Row seat. Was it bolted a goaltender for USA. Tim Howard Tim Howard America yet Tim McCarver memory to a car I was. Lowly Wade's heat and wait until we get a one on one with ten Donna. Tim Roy thank you very much for joining us appreciate it as always. It's our event in Vienna tomorrow the pace isn't out how about that game seven. Nine games left in the season so let's give 73 were seen seen the pacers for the first time. What do you think is always deep bow the most improved players here in the NBA the ship who. Hasn't really good question. That you know what I haven't healed predictably the voting early haven't thought about let's appreciate that display the year would be thinking long and hard about. Different categories but that. We will vote anymore so. That's actually IE he has to be in the conversation he has been conversation and I got today I have. They he taught me a very important lesson is that now you have to wait three or four years not just about everybody unless there are start coming in the league because. I didn't see it right away but I see it now he's had a fabulous year and really happy for the. The vast improvement at every stage of his career it's really impressive thank you so much to our Deloitte. Here are 957 game by the way real quick it's time now for our twelve K per day national cash contest. It's your chance 1000 dollars just by texting the code word purple. 272881. PU Lar PL leak. 272881. A chance 1000 dollars message and data rates up plot. Big news coming out of the NFL today big trouble up front if you are gonna be blocking for Jimmy drop below because. There's a brand new monster. In the national. Footballer. Believed. Western. Conference. Divisions. The 49ers are gonna now be blocking Ndamukong Suh and Aron Donald whenever they play the rams. In donegan sued digging a one year fourteen million dollar deal that is less money than we have been put on the table. In other situations. Derrick and Donald and Ndamukong Suh hey good luck Westin Richard Burton. Jonathan Cooper western rich berg Blake in Tomlinson. Eric Magnuson. Joshua Garnett. Draft pick. Joseph Staley. Trent brown. Wake up Dallas. Your day at the office just got longer than I think. Most offensive lines. Could expect. In your own division. The rams have talent. Everywhere defensively. Believe mark is Peter's. A revamped secondary. The best on paper defense of lying in all full ball with Donald sue Michael rockers. Huge. Dangerous here come the Los Angeles rams not just on offense but defensively as well Wade Phillips has got to be giddy. With the news scenario that he's got to play went down there. Joseph lake it was in studio today. Then it's time we go over an awful lot of what Joseph had to say about this team in this season which let's be totally honest hasn't gone according to plan. For most of our plants. We knew that the warriors were going to be a little lackadaisical. Before they started taking things seriously and sharpen their stick to go to the playoff battle with the well they're not gonna be of leaving sharpened their stick now they're just gonna show open the playoffs and they're gonna hope to be ready to go even though stepped curry won't be ready to go for the playoffs you can expect him to miss at least the first round. That's what Steve Kerr had to say. After Friday's game that's not good. But the confidence is still high because of who they have in who they have returning hopefully like Tim Reuters said. An awful lot of talent is showing up this week and then Klay Thompson next week and you'll be back data before you know it stepped Parikh round two. Things should be good if nobody else gets hurt. Joseph lake on the afternoon delight earlier today talking about the Korea injury. I wouldn't expect him the first round of the playoffs he may be ready he's certainly saying he thinks he can be ready who knows the doctors say hey we're look at in three weeks. That's really all we can do but unfortunately the season ends in three weeks and if they say is okay does that mean he's in a few days okay are a few week okay are two ways where and how much assurance do you want. So I don't think we know the answer is. Nobody really knows on these things exactly day for day you know weeks in advance how someone's gonna recover. So I think the general feeling is hopeful. That he could be back. Sometime in the first round but you know Steve says doctor the end of her throat will see was great we don't know. Bottom line are the warriors can win a first round match up without staff curry these are relatively minor injuries pretty much across the board even steps. Not great but. Not in the world he's coming back. During the playoffs and I think we're good enough to win a first round without and to be on so on December company. Again I would agree would Joseph lake have been that scenario who was in studio today on the afternoon delight. No matter how you chalk it up though the month of march cannot get out of here fast enough for the warriors march is a disaster for the all these injuries you can't predict these things people SP do you think we have the best team yes they do you think you win the championship I don't know but we have a good chance. But the pens and injuries depends on health we all know that and that's where the warriors are now. Can they win at all sure will day. I confidently said yes three years in a row. Now I was wrong by one Kyra re Irving buried a three at the end of game seven. And you could say that what happened in game six or game five. Back in Cleveland had an awful lot to do with how that series played out yes it did. Bogut injury three month suspension. But it was pretty much are the warriors about to be champions the answer was yes yes of confidence and you were right now the answer is how can now. And I think you're right to say I'd just I don't know. Good news is that locker room still got a lot of confidence and it. I kind of expected that this would be a tough slog one way or the other I didn't know it kind of happened this way with. All the injuries and us kind of having trouble where their focus during the course of the year but it did happen but I think we have some pretty great players when I sit down with them. I hope it's not over confidence they all believe there best team. They all believe they can win and we'll win home or away would we rather have the number one seed I would but. They don't really care I think they believe they can go in and win it regardless good. Because that's the scenario they're gonna have to go win this now from a two seed. All four all stars are out obviously this isn't something you can simulate and plan for. At the system I think I've said this before is not built for us to have for all starts at Max contracts so. I don't know that that will be able to do that. We're gonna have to wait and see how that plays out. Don't know. But I will say we're into everything we can to keep them all together and we're going if it isn't these four. I can assure you will have a great team regardless and we're always looking to improve our team. Joseph talking about the future a little bit right there yeah keeping four all stars all on the same team all Max contracts it's not the way the NBA. Is set up but Howard is set up this year Houston is. The team you're chasing there's no other way to say it Joseph admitted as much we don't. Know what's gonna happen used to could get upset if you're so worried about Houston they are investing right now there's no doubt and we're looking up to them. All right but that doesn't mean they'll be there we let either and they might not be there will have to wait and see got to prove it on the court. The one silver lining of this playoff run worked well what isn't really a playoff run but the stretch of games you're playing out in told playoff run has been the emergence of Quinn cook and one at. Asked about the young man Joseph lake of sad. This guy can really play any come up and play with us and I say can't you sure. He seems so tentative I just don't see it and he's been out of college for years and is a good player and spark player all that but NCA. And now of course put into the position where he really has to do it he has shown us what he is and who he is. And he can get shots off. It that's what I like he can make shots and I tell you what full credit to Quinn cook who came out of the shell. Right before our eyes it was like an ugly duckling becoming a swan over the course of 45 games. He really did a nice job going from the player that you were watching. Who didn't have confidence who shot wasn't falling who was tentative who was war reed who was being intimidated by his own roster much less the defense being played against him. All of a sudden Quinn cook needs to take more responsibility it's thrust upon him whether he was ready for or wanted it or not and here it is. And that's when he came out of his shell. That's the good news. I I I am not counting on Quinn cook to win playoff games for the warriors but. I am now officially not counting on Quinn cook to be the reason the warriors are losing playoff games. If he can keep. Defense is honest by knocking down an open three. At a pretty respectable clip they're gonna have to rotate over to guard him just a little bit. And there for the warriors get easy it it that like it's easier when you have to guard everybody on the court. When you don't have to guard everybody on the court. There's no reason worry about it would dollar shooting there's no warrior reason about Quinn cook shooting you don't need to worry. Now you got to worry a little bit more when guys get back because it would dollar is hitting shots. Quinn cook is hitting shots. How Andre would Dolly in that game against you taught it was nice to see him finally knocked him down a couple outside bot. Pits with three handoff not great you'll take a deep three it's not the way. This six days gimme my home Dell goes up nowhere to go throws and outside the cook outs that's not great three ball left wing go. Keep on knocking down shots Andre. Go an awfully long way. For team right now that could certainly needed. Certainly need JaVale McGee he felt awful the nineties he fell into step Curry's leg creating this. Grade two and CL sprain. Poured JaVale you companies such a good guy it meaning go out there and hurt anybody by fallen down. It's also I think good for Zaza that this didn't happen on his watch because. I mean Zaza would totally be called dirty is player in the league said he hurt his own player too so JaVale. Needless to say doppler down after the Korea injury. How can indiscriminately. And I guarantee you like cousins and he doesn't mean it's. Like yes cellphone can sell himself. I mean that's a star player like of course I think we don't want unions just listen and you can look so until they're better. If I go departed. For the moment right yeah. I'm from blogs. Boom boom. It's called accidents plaques that's why some things are called accidents and it's not called intentional it's called an accident. And accidents happen and certainly that accident his cause staff curry to miss the remainder of the year and the first round according to his head coach Moore from JaVale. Did you Jerusalem it's slowing fundamental part of team whereby these guys and especially starters. This has really just kind of scared as soon. I don't wanna hear about it Zhu Zhu this I would just say it is which some say age in burnt an oracle or something I don't know. Mean something and I say screw you Jo bu I do it myself. Seriously. A lane up the doesn't it she's got mama mama grew bitter Nixon model on bootlegs and they get a couple pins in that. Get a couple pins in and and mama juju and maybe she can get the warriors back on track the show officially now has a voodoo doll. And I believe that Elaine knees start using it. That is one pin for each injured all star. So we're at four pins right now for kindly you've got to put him in yet so I'm gonna do that now and then maybe that'll cure everything for do we stab. Penn I think it's I think when you don't want it to the -- heard the news value put pins and it now again this backwards this is one of those. It could rules need not apply to. The regular stuff we'll look at it this way she's got no pins in her and look at the warriors falling down around everywhere put a pin everywhere warriors Turk. And see how quickly guys get back in the dilemma is so again at ten. And mama juju stump. Put it put a pin. In her knee Ernie. Put a pin shoulder in her rib cage and put a pin and her shoulder drain on pubic area and then ended up at the pubescent monsoon region. By the way there's no way in 2008 united say. Pubic pin and that voodoo doll and put Alain can say it. Alain can say the person at first attempt seriously dogs until little come after us. Go ahead some ten. Put it put a voodoo doll. In her left hand as well and that one is for bomb garner the. We'll guard got most of them. There are posted on the screws and he's fielded. Knight who was looking. Yeah. Can improve a lot. He did not get most of that with his glove hand. By the way the giants India a Parker to make roster space for Holland they're Collin county the number three starter for the giants to. Derek Holland opening day starter for this stopped skating and I opening day starter Victor high block is afraid beef by the way before you say what in God's name's going on there. You wanna keep quite a wary is there's no reason. Get him off rotation on the very first day of the year. Entire block. Has a great record against Kershaw and a pretty darn good ERA against the Dodgers so maybe there is little hope to sell a got a pretty good column by bill shaiken who covers the Dodgers for the times. Now we're gonna get to in just a little bit. Speaking of in just a little bit in about a half an hour from right now. We get to qualify our first finalist Jian for the golden ticket. How fun now if you have not registered to BA qualifier go to 957 the game dot com right now and make sure you sign up. To have isn't many opportunities to be a finalist is possible we're gonna call and name. Early in the 5 o'clock hour that person is gonna have. Nine minutes and 57 seconds to call and if they do. They will be a finalist. To win the golden ticket. Which is two tickets to every single warrior home playoff game threw out the entirety of the playoffs. And if we're looking for a little good juju to spread around. Let me help yes I'm Jim Dale's worried about team juju this will hopefully tilt juju along with a course mama voodoo juju place. And ginger were something Slaton fundamental part of team whereby he's got injuries especially starters. This has released kind of scares opposing. What it does and it's kind of scary to tell the truth. Did aim to the ominous signs. Did you get a bit strange though. That it up like flies it's strange we can't be like it's a little scary in here. Well I don't know he's part of the team maybe he's next you never know knock on wood. I'll tell you would have been really scary it steps in knee injury occurred with Al JaVale falling in to him. That would be really scary at least you know any and we have always known why that ankle turned back into a trick ankle. I couldn't stop his own momentum got stepped on ruled that a little wobble wobble wobble block at least we know old where this came from. Clearly JaVale fell into view. The same way desire is not pushed him Marcin gore cot in to do random in DC. Remember how long he was out what happened. The warriors flip the switch and that's when they started playing some of their best basketball here to rant it was easy add him back to the mix for the second time. In the same year. And things work. In personal. Penske auto sales doc contacts on basically saying that we're doing voodoo acupuncture. The way we're doing it. To heal the cosmic that we're doing we're what we're doing voodoo acupuncture. I feel like those things he did eleven people who really knew how to do those thing to me that's the baby dolls and stuff. I strongly outweigh are you saying we need an official witch doctor how I'm not gonna go put a pin in a voodoo doll. Are you really that afraid. Yeah I don't I I feel like that's bad. Or would you play what you are what would you play wood and a ouija board if I got one. My mom seriously pretty Smart woman doesn't fall for nonsense wives' tales that sort of thing my mom thinks like a ouija boards or evil. What my husband had won and we got married it's now in our home I didn't that he does not get open when I'm home if he gets on there that jet Brando had but if I'm home know now. Really yeah I don't I don't play with that I don't mess with that. Thomas at that. I light candles with saints on it at night sometimes for productivity I always do though it does change you know lake. I don't know I just like that's let's not add any more weirdness of the voodoo doll maybe should just let her Energy East beat but that's sick in an adult. Maybe tonight you can sneak and how about this you can sneak into the Curry's mansion and crack an egg under staffed bed. It's like. Oh so maybe do that under dream. Dame because they cracked under the bed yes yes so the egg under the bed only heels respiratory sickness it's a given cold or flu it sucked exit from the UN goes yes the eight likes accident you don't count. And I don't go crazy for not knowing what kind of crazy Latina magic is it good for MCL sprain it's great to let me call I ventured into year old grandmother I'll ask actually teller we've got a numeral dose. MCL sprain. A M and collect. What did she do for a numero DOS. And that's it out for anybody say MCL. In Spanish NSA and at and say LA ink numeral boasts a sprain no. Grandma what we need to do. Tell us. You don't warriors may be need. And this is going to be a tough sell around here because I you know I don't know how how. Erie religious beat the Bay Area seems to be I would I would say the Bay Area. It is is more about technology from an ad and then then religion although may may be. There are very crowded churches and synagogues come the weekend come the seventh I don't know about these thinkers on usually sleeping in hash tag brunch penis to have a little fun sometimes. Maybe. Just may be. The warriors need a non. I mean. Believable. And Cinderella we consider outlawed. Cinderella. Indeed it. Cinderella they're showing up and she is. 98. Years old. In her Cinderella never looked so good I really mean it this is one of the most charming. Lovely stories to come out of be scandal ridden season of college basketball. In a really really long time and it took 98 years in seven months according to this article. To have sister Jean agreed to signing off on her. On her name and image likeness she has now given it to the university they are printing. Sister Jean march left and right. One of the best things I've seen from the sister Jean march coming out of Loyola Chicago. Is that she gave her blessing I guess to be. You've heard of V and the one yes apparel line how she hasn't and none. Apparel line apparently that's and that's and none. Fantastic. She gave her blessing the conversation happened the nun who serves as the chaplain of the basketball team say she trusted the school on approvals. So there won't be any like sister Jean sex toys or anything like that they're not gonna go nefarious or dark with this they're going to keep it to. Above board happy things yes let's do that like the nun sister Jean refrigerator magnet Sher absolutely sister Jean quotable T shirt absolutely. Sister Gina on a hat. Absolutely. Sister Jean on shorts sure sister Jean on socks yes that is going to happen. Sister Jean Sox. Worship work and the wind is matter Montero worship work and win it for her. In 2011 the school gave away sister Jean Bobble heads they were reproduced in 2015. They were sold. At the lawyer you'll look university museum of art and right now you can find some of those Bobble heads popping up on eBay for more than 300 bucks a pop. Sister Jean with the hot miss divine intervention. It's fantastic. It really really is it's absolutely. Adorable. I loved her quote when someone asked her what's it like to become a national star and she said excuse me honey international Internet has signaled that she got. Some. Weeding is to our sister Jean she's an old bird from Chicago she's got a lot of jokes I guarantee she's got a eight cash shale polish jokes that she could shake at this all ought to and a wannabe she is our rioted parties. Story says there is no argument to be made sister Jean is the story. Of the 2018. NCAA tournament. A media tracking company who monitors news stories of coaches in the NCAA tournament over the past two weeks. Says that there were 5681. Stories about coach K. 9027. Stories about Kansas coach Bill Self. There were 20526. Stories that mentored. Sister Jean. Wow since she is. 101000 shout outs kansas' head coach that they. He's getting about. 101000 shout outs and sister Jean is north of 20000. Mentions in stories about the tournament. She has risen to the top of the sports world becoming a must see and must mention for sports commentators in new org news organizations. Someone says quote sister Jean is the most famous religions licensing icon since the Pope. She's captured the attention of the entire nation and again if you told that. Whose sister Jean she'd correcting and she'd say no darling the globe but globe she's international. Get the warriors and none. Well there is none that goes out to see Andre Iguodala she was I think recently featured an ad she's there. Given him some supports the words do have been nine net is she OK and I'm sure she end. She old and up we need a 98 year old not an ORACLE Arena starting tomorrow night if you can get there if you can sign up for we'd love you to be there dated 8957957. All we're gonna get you to the goal. All didn't get an about money minutes from now here on the day members show. And it came in Rochelle I'm. On 957 I can't handle. Welcome back to the Damon Bruce show again we're gonna qualify. Are. First golden ticket finalist. Coming up at 5 o'clock and want you to keep it tuned right here if you hear your name. You're gonna have nine minutes and 57 seconds to give us a call to become a finalist for the golden ticket. And if we do not here. From the first name that we poll we will have a second made. So if contestants number one does not respond in time we will go to. Contestant number two to hopefully qualify somebody here today. And if none of those to qualify. Your odds of winning get better if you didn't qualify we've already qualified one finalists lining out at 8 AM this morning. On. Jolo when did this. So that is. All common not. By the way what do you know it appears. The warriors. Do indeed it. Have their own direct line to some divine intervention. I sister Jane. Stop it. The warriors and Andre Iguodala had sister Regina Ross. Many warrior fans have made me aware of this either via text line or Twitter in just the last monitored to. So what do you know I'll say this about sister Regina ross'. She is not 98. What she is absolutely adorable and she wears her non habit. She looks like she could absolutely be in sister act I like her an awful lot better trained better there. Somebody says. These did father Tom and oracle. For blessing the arena and the players say you get bothered we don't serve new G over there for its canal I really don't care. Did somebody. They've been like this is staffed REM it's the MCO. Newman on bosses brain. Add bless you. If father Guido asserted she got father Benny boom bots getting I don't care who we got to get over there. Some of like hey Damon you might not have been none bigger show does have a rabbi. I'm Beverly Hills rabbi out there whereas Al is he when you made them. And we're gonna have to get to Beverly Hills rabbi appear quickly because we all know of course Friday I believe it's on passover began so there'll be no traveling on the holy days. Just win my people work is is it that European for work yes your people might be okay my people. Do you buy my DNA test told me what I always know. I was born to be in show business. The but it reminded him. There you go. Where we were we were made progress he EF totally made for this. It's so good to be here and in a good mood we view. Obviously on Friday. We came sit down we would plan to have a really good mood we wanted to have a really fun show and then all of a sudden everything started fallen apart. It started it would Madison bomb garner early in the day he could use a little divine intervention. In the last start. Of his spring turns. He gets it come back or hit off of his pitching hand fractured he is out through the all star break by the way. Joseph Fortin Baugh was banging Vegas under is in here during commercial breaks. Railing I mean as I just I don't wanna. Let the cat out of the bad blood before the line moved I think Joseph was making some serious plays now to he's rooting against anyone. But he's just making informed wagers that given the information he has. Today. Vegas has dropped all the value although value on. The giants who are now a fifty to one shot to win a World Series that is a far cry from what they open that even though they've come off of some really bad. How absence in seasons here. Wow. Wow. I'm talent on the NL west is no jokes. And that giants yet. And you you you might need none too and I need some divine intervention now and our Bay Area and none power rankings who needs the non the most. I'd say right now it's warriors one yeah giants to 49ers offensive line. You're gonna need a non based on what the rams did today adding Ndamukong Suh. Not non comic can sue Ndamukong Suh. Aron Donald Michael rockers I keep the lead markets Peters. While the rams defense looks really good on paper all the sudden his car real scary. DA's they need a non. Someone always needs to be praying over the days. I think Indian atheists fans and Oakland could agreed they got a little divine intervention be exactly what DA's need. Do you see what they called over the weekend. Would this whole. If you prepaid is a season ticket holder parking stand box if you show up it's twenty bucks not prepaying. If you're a giants fan it's fifty bucks and lesser gonna screen go days of the parking lot attendant which case only charge you thirty. I understand were trying to come up with clever Promos and things like that point. You don't do that. The my guess that's so bush league. That makes you look like a word in this rule over fans of another team just because we can but it's not good neighborly baseball acumen. I don't know why BA's would come up would that. I do like the fact that. They're talking all spicy today because remember Brody Brazil came up with the idea that they should forge. A big bridge trophy. From the torn down steal of the old Bay Bridge well yes they have done that. They've done that and today they have a little bit of a joint press conference over at AT&T park with a view of the Bay Bridge right behind them. And they talked about the new trophy that is going to be awarded to the winner of the Bay Bridge series obviously pre games. Do not account date travel by the way do we have this sound ready to go. Yet so Brody asked a question about basically do you have a place to keep this in look at it cattle coming out with a spicy mix. Share your team wanted to in his first go around this number twenty team. What would be here. Your team's treatment that where would you put it any idea how do it I was starting condition of permanent location. Our offices and jackpots where for it to be displayed has turned nine World Series trophy which is obviously one more than the giants. Okay. Hold. Later that. Wow. Job they've gavel. The shot when you can work it in there when you can. Our Larry Baer a deal like or depart in about nine food trucks are your fans actually have animal options this baseball season outside depart part. That would have been a good rhetorical Larry's way too classy for that. And again it's good thing the giants are underneath the upcoming luxury spending tax because all of the ownership hedges can go back to eleven feet not be real back to an eight foot hedge. Because they're not going to be in the luxury tax. Who needed an extra pitcher like Jake Marietta or Yu Darvish a couple weeks ago Nan Nan did need that. Good news is all of giants ownership will be spared dad who luxury tax which by the way didn't affect your price enjoying the ballpark not a not a penny not an iota. To me is we got a's fans constantly worried their teams not spending enough. And giants fans constantly worried their team is spending too much it's not your money now. And by the way and and no matter what you do. No matter what is spent. No matter what happens in any offseason. The middle finger of pricing is being cranked in your direction higher by the ending yeah. You'll never get a break. There will never be a roll back on hot dog prices beer prices just because you're all such great loyal fans and you've been here from day one new. That's never gonna happen. You know the giants can get away with asking for full price for goods and services the a's have to come up with a all sorts of little gimmicky nonsense. I get more people out there well and there is an article by matier and Ross saying that they now want to buy the coliseum. The colosseum with the parking lots all around and ORACLE Arena they want the whole shebang the bank. The raiders wanted to to be gifted to them for free they wanna buy it bladder out. So that when a payoff there may mean I think it's a 135 million public debt Latin in exchange you'll have full control over the entire site why nots. And then do something when it. John Fisher I hope you're listening Europe billionaire do something with all your money or sell the team to someone who will. Good god. It's like I've never had to beg to pour person to tighten their belt. What do I have to make a rich person to lead his out. It's crazy. DA's needed non. Seriously so yeah. Damon let's be honest the a's are gonna try that to trade and trophy for player to be named later. JT on the tax lie and I hope you're wrong JD I really do it is a very cool looking trophy now is I haven't seen the actual trophy doesn't look like the old Bay Bridge. I cannot say the middle section looks like one of and it would postings on the side of the leveraged. The towers thing needs sort of. That got the giants on that is a once I nice they sponsor so it's an homage to the new Bay Bridge the old Bay Bridge. Like I wanted it to look like the cantilever section. It just looks like a single pillar kind of panic hasn't in the money title and I'm anti is right now. The trophy idea is great that actual trophy Sox. I critical actually now. These are these are different ideas against them because there's a company is on top and it should look like a Bay Bridge erector set. It really showed that thing that's like they they only wanted to do was polish the easiest define medal there is Nate Solder it together. I wish they'd made a sexier trophy. You can tweet that out in case people haven't seen I well I wanted to sexier trophy. Well I have to ask the mouse for one. Sorry. I don't lawyers can bring you that sexy Larry O'Brien trophy on this year. Meg meg my trophy sexier. Not trophy wife actual drove actual stroke actual trophy. Dated 8957957. Al. Tim lawyer RD joined us and we on a full Timmy only Monday we'll have Tim bon Temps. Coming up at 6 o'clock in about an hour from now which means we've got the entire 5 o'clock hour to hang out together. I'm looking forward to that that's gonna be really good time. As is the announcement of our first contestant for the golden ticket. Which we're gonna get into in just a little bit here is we start our 5 o'clock hour on the Damon Bruce show.