DB Show - 2 - Richard Sherman a 49er, Adam Caplan

The Damon Bruce Show
Monday, March 12th

Damon reacts to Richard Sherman signing a 3-year deal with the 49ers, and is joined by ESPN's NFL analyst, Adam Caplan. 


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Just goes sky line. Welcome welcome it's great to have you here in the 5 o'clock hour thanks so much for stopping on by Richard Sherman is stopping on by the 49ers in this time he's gonna stay he's not gonna get on a bus with the Seahawks to go back to Seattle. He is. A San Francisco 49ers I had I I didn't think it was gonna happen in terms of that fast. I think it was something that they would explore. Apparently. In this she shows you how much respect and pride means Richard Sherman. The 49ers acting quickly was part of the reason not to it's biting the Seahawks that he really wanted to sign with a team. Here is Richard Sherman from his. Three EU oh pre meteor appearance. A conference call. That sounds like it was reported in the fish tank. When news broke our. It will Mark Clark and when it it political water. That would arrow and John reached out and reached out don't we. Are really appreciated that which all of their commitment there I made a trip to bring you don't ordered and really you know you show me they're it would respectful for. I mean it's a lot easier to get over break up if all of a sudden. You're dating the next day. The next hour she breaks up with you at lunch. On your first date by dinner. And help. The ALC move on for our shore. Richard Sherman is officially. In angry. Bitter. Nasty. Pro Bowl caliber player. Who has an awful lot to prove not just of the football world but to his own contract. Like if Richard Sherman likes money. He's going to have to be healthy he's gonna have to play at a Pro Bowl level. In order to reach some of the incentives in his deal it's unbelievable. It's unbelievable. From the Penske auto sales dot Comtex line your game is empty Damon you sound hollow. Do you think forty niner fans module on the bandwagon. After all of that that you said about this team we were down and out let me give a message to you right now auto. Don't care what you want I don't care what you think I didn't care then what makes you think the Medicare now I'm here to give you the truth. Clean out your ears open your rise and learn something today listening to the radio. The show is here to help the intelligent not to pander to the stupid. I wasn't on a minor bandwagon comes and Howard. On what do you know they're back to life. Amazing with Jimmy drop below can do. Nothing was happening Jimmy showed up. Everything changed. It changed everything. It changed everything quickly it'll allow all involved should go pick hit parade world geniuses overnight. I don't know if we're talking about genius is overnight if it's pour your best third all the way through last year. For those you don't understand that sports change dramatically season to season this is not to show real. Things change quickly especially in the NFL. And I feel real good telling you that the 49ers were not gonna be Smith and 500 early look at the playoffs. Until maybe year three or four if not your five of Shanahan and John Lynch's deal and then. What are you know things done changed its name printing ads are. Never again. I'm really not here to play. Let's keep score board on each other 'cause I have no interest in your scoreboard you're gonna tell me all game where you're not wrong one time and you're really mean it was in 2015. Is Jim Tom solo was our head coach you moron. How how part where you ride the bandwagon. When Jimmy Tom solo was driving it. You. Thank you. Penske auto sales tax on come down you're gonna have another stroke you might be right deep breath let's take call. Jeff in meridian. You're on 957 the game I don't Jeff. I'm gonna dig it I am called to say I really I think. The Sherman. I think some people forgot we've got people like. Champ per China basically broke Montana's back and it becomes a night around me embrace them. You don't see editors. I think if it sure make important plays well. I have a huge advantage. But because the display because of his ability don't teach somebody younger kids on the team the other garlic is you don't really go after being free agency. It is and were well with the Carolina Pro Bowl guard we could use there. The giants job I am I I can't I think he he may be spoken for a Red Hat on my free agent tracker open in front of me but I know that. New York one of the pounce on him quickly but you're right I mean that's the meat and potatoes that we're talking about Quinton Nelson the kid from the guard from Notre Dame. I mean if he slipped to the 49ers at nine and that's the greatest draft that. Any first year GM is ever had to start off easier to pick. I mean it would be unbelievable Jeff thank you very much for the call there's a lot of reasons to like Richard Sherman on the deal number one it's team friendly number two. Amazing experience number three bonafide leader number four once that he lives to beat the Seahawks now. He lives to beat the Seahawks. You know all these players. Are conditioned to answer like every game means as much as the last one. And VC talks games will not mean as much is the Arizona cardinal matchups to Richard Sherman. Adam Caplan NFL insider NFL network good not to join us here on 957 the game Adam thank you very much how you don't. I go my friend all not at all no work but I. Develop my I was idiots can't you don't know everything is good month and everything. It's great to have you want thank you and I have a feeling we'll be seeing you all sorts of places as soon as we get the football that's what happens aren't your graded Dennis Sorrell. What do you think Richard Sherman joining the 49ers there is no doubt that it's a teen friendly deal where there's almost no risk all reward signing this guy. Pretty much I mean did it basically eat you don't pocket three million that he doesn't even want to donate it for them by. Yeah this is definitely friendly deal on the night just breaking it down the richest. Richard did a deal that he thought he could not better elsewhere and that's got to wait East Asia but that's not really the reality I think what Richard should have done. Had an agent. What he was in the field at least there's not a building. How bad agent call every single payment and leverage one against the other that that's the way it works with the agents and that's kind of what the agents I spoke to set. They're pretty much agreed on but you know the doctor Richard Smart guy good football player rack factory an excellent football player when healthy by the we do comment back from a torn Achilles. And a follow up. You have to be concerned that whether he's going to be the same and I could try this statement from talking to players over the years have had this injury. It's a two year. Recovery in charge of field awaited Judea before the injury. So that Vicky could be pretty close to what he was before the injury this coming season I'll pick it realistic. But from the leadership top messed sigh base smarts. It ought to get any better batten leadership is gonna help them and they need a position other very young team. And this is a team that really needs leadership especially on these. By and think about if you're keel Witherspoon if you're cool Juan Williams your AC Jackson you're young guy and this team even if your safety Adrian col Baer I mean Archie taken Richard Sherman out the launch tomorrow. No I listen bend and pick his brain there's no question about it. And he Richards in the middle bit the re happy it's not to be fully healed to the summer and you'll see you have to happen there. With the rehab but. This is the team mostly for the watched national court it's funny story or show quite as I have over the years. The previous years it was all about how great the raiders were held an honor for so far away. Now all I I don't wanna say they've got on the played opposite direction talking with Jon Gruden now with the raiders but. They're going to be fought football team to watch that not as are the policies. Well and I just started the hour talking about them. Rising from the grave like Lazarus I mean since 2014. Told Jimmy Rob Lowe showed up. It was a disaster. Penmen and a couple most things really seem a lot differently I mean the niners being a free agent destination and maybe they aren't that yet maybe they aren't may be Richard Germany's here because he wants to get the Seahawks Gil what four twice a year and that's that. And that's why did the deal that's why it was an interest and other parties are suitors he wants to be close to Stanford and give the Seahawks their medicine twice a year. But it feels it just feels different around the 49ers now. Because did beat you Rite Aid spent some time with some of the 49ers. People that did that come by for a couple minutes and they got played pretty good news is no question about it and you know they're they're they're close to the season obviously with the wind strict I think that's certainly helps that. That gives you little. Little bit notebook have finished up an off season I've seen as with the Eagles. Assault last year with the with the Eagles closed their season Elsevier and I'm not gonna pick and honors with a super ball by. I think momentum means something especially the National Football League would you replace sixteen games and I thought they get a real good job last year of developing their young talent and I can point particular grow up look for a full seat and all of these he's got the rich contract they've got to prove it but. I can tell you inside their building they're just blown away by eight. His ability to lead and the players follow them which is really good for young quarterback. Our pal Adam Caplan joining us here on 957 in the game. What would be your next move if you're John land chic in free agency they got money to spend they got interest in draft picks where are you going next if you're John Lynch. What apparently happened to close side they're gonna have to do something at running back. I would expect them big big gap hiked back they I don't know if they do anything. I think they could use one more receiver. They could use two tight end. They needed Barbara credit but this public assigned elsewhere pitchers I just think it's just gonna have interest on how to get don't want him back but I think it might be a little bit. They might feel literature countryside and so he gets free they're gonna need a right guard. And defensively they cannot get it is going to be a problem last year because they were changing the front to Robert sell trucks. I would just leave Seattle defense they need. Pure 43 defense event pass rushers they don't have a garage right now Armstead and bought there were trapped for different give a 34 and I think that was. The biggest challenge and and hopefully here's the other one a misses you know he opened the road and they just don't know how to keep your government Foster the seat and they got to act like he had to he's going to be there. I think they need to go out and sign a veteran free agent middle linebacker don't look amateurish right now. Would you draft like he wasn't going to be there. That's a great question. They hit I would respond that's how are you gonna go he can't go first round you can't let that be pathetic what you base would be saying we messed and we don't want this guy. I think you got to pick a stopgap middle linebacker could give you one or two years. And Rubin has got to get it had cleared and he's got to get this like straight out. But I think you bite you what I would probably agree on this they need they need to act like he's stuck to play very much for this for them this season. They've got to have a replacement armored opposite coming back with a great really good off season for them before he got hurt. He'll be back and then you just. You know they had they also have issues its safety and that this specific you know that that that is success as everyone has an eight depth whatever reason to be excited. If you've got along with the government people raced on top playoffs this season I think. Seattle let let let's dial back a little bit but much improved over last season which I think their people don't. I I hope you're right I really do looking at what the raiders have here you know things change quickly for them last season it got away from them quickly and I thought the year ended with Derek Karr. Very much looking like a broken quarterback do you think John Lynch is the right man to put him back together. What he would get grip I think Jon Gruden he's bottle. Of red Greg lynch got direct. Grew up for a personal control and I think even when you look at it. I know he's been away for the game for almost ten years but I think if you stay plugged into the Monday Night Football games. It's gonna take him a little while it to get his system diplomatic they're gonna keep they're better. On the West Coast offense Greg also the German coach will do a great job of helping manage dirt car. Guess what happened last season I think. Mitt I think just got to get a check cleared. I think these clashes with Jack Del Rio I think those were real and people speculated that it's been talked about it and that's real. I think Derek had a good offseason. But BP traders. Damon having a lot of decisions to make. What are they gonna look Michael Crabtree. What could contract. By the wanna get climactic steady just brought back just develops. Well what. What are they gonna do it middle linebacker they've got issues its safety big issue should court took up TJ carry arms almost certainly get a pretty good deal elsewhere. There's not a team that I'll be also reveal. This lieutenant in transition they're there I. Myself and brought a lot of people over rated the raiders let's see them. Connecticut showed up out of the rosters couldn't several thought it was. And the Los Angeles rams got really aggressive defensively and if you watch them play last year you saw the steps forward that golf took. Under me today that offense was very impressive markets Peters and Aqib Talib now I mean Wade Phillips has got to be giddy about that development. And and how much do you think if any errors is just niner and you know niner fans saying that they now are in this you know the good the whole galaxy of the NFL revolves around them and Jimmy gee how much is this. Of this aggressive move in the secondary for the rams has to deal would look we're we're playing and Jimmy gee the next five years here. Well I think this is a situation where they took such a big jump last season given that. They feel like the wild game now a playoff game Vick probably go farther epic straight up the defense a little bit. And I'll be honest with you I I didn't think they'd be I had a missile 620 less easily shocked the world but let me say this about those cores you mentioned. Marcus Spears may be until about quarter. But when it came want to give up a player like that you must question it. And then they're little walkway portraying job to really good is good corner that you mention training virtually was in his thirties who's. He's always been a challenge but we've also got to go to my yeah I was got to be careful looked at the pleasure of bringing your building. And how you handle them that this dispute this situation at quarterback that you brought out absolutely bears watching. Why is Marcus Peters. Oh what did he go from measurably one of the best corners in the NFL persona non Grata in Kansas City. He had in eruptions. Attitude. I don't think they felt that they didn't they can handle him anymore and they also weren't as if that played into why they they weren't sure they would extend his contract despite being in my for my money about quarter the National Football League. You don't you don't trade players I guess what there's an issue that let let that call like it is. There clearly is an issue here that's my understanding and they've moved on. They got big steak shop can do 31 teams not a secret I talked to several personal people at the Columbine. Say if they were doing everything they could move on the chiefs were and maybe they've got what they felt was the best deal they weren't even think about this statement. They want wanna wake of the draft. Well I mean it just stay off the roster that an assist us crazy but. It's never good when a team is gonna give up their one of the best players that told you I would say transactions still story that's what told me a lot. Sis were saying hello and Sean Smith not a lot of good memories there are I'm really wondering what interest he's gonna get from anyone. Now that I think could have very little undercut the legal issue number one. Number 20. In his career particular fly it I think he I think he's. The kind of what he's gonna be available. Pope on his legal legal situation I think he's looking at a low end deal for one year he's got to prove it. It is just that deal with significant element for for money it just never worked out what they thought it would. I think what happened was with shots messed. He's a guy that's got great sides to sit for three years ago I didn't even get it can't go any idea there was here you're gonna run by about what you saw him and it just didn't work delegates ought to look. NFL insider Adam Caplan here on 957 the game you mentioned you were talking to niners coach using company. At become buying your biggest take away from the Columbine was at his position in individual player or team that you thought. Who's really taking a step forward. We've talked about just fanatical gamer you'd talk much just overall the work out so what specifically are you love. I know who who left you the most impressive to come by and was that a kid trying to forwarded team that you talked to. I'll try what the court of who I would actually go to that the quarterback work out I was it would get him. And purity fierce then and now I know that teams in the very don't really need a quarterback. This is the drafting you're gonna see the bill to the bill just made a big trade trade a traitor with betray it'll be official went to the trading what step accord acquired the Bengals. You could see where everyone about Josh Rosen. Josh Rosen we talk about passing mechanics. Size intelligence. Is about cornerback for the strapped and that that was the day. There are a couple things I want it straight out when I went to the combat is about cornerback for the draft I think this is the consensus is Josh wrote a now I I get that knocks on him. He's a little bit different but that doesn't and so what I mean he gave them a quick pick mayfield who I had a chance to be I I met at the am. As the other actual club awards two days ago but Depp played inching player but I think judge who I think Josh Rosen is the best quarterback for the strapped. The most polarizing as obviously about speaker mayfield but I think that was one thing I want alert. And the quarterback pecking order who's the best guy to talk to people I trust having a structural. Always interest and always good stuff Adam thank you very much for joining us today appreciate your time. Thank you very much Adam Caplan. You're on 957 again time now for our twelve K per day national cash contest your chance when a thousand dollars just by taxing the code word page to 72881. That's. He AE GE U to 72881. Message and data rates apply good luck but to Ria. Net in Santa Rosa Nedney around 957 the game how you doing this afternoon. Well they particulate call me okay I got you. OK so cute in early quit party feel about Richard Sherman wearing number twelve. To finish despite Seattle. I don't I don't know I don't think cornerbacks are allowed their choice of number twelve that's a receivers number I don't think it's a corners number. OK well that book dork and in pretty good about having Thanksgiving game in Seattle so that we kind of they would back them. I mean if if you're selling the niners a win right now sure Compaq. They'd love to snatch up there I'm sure but I look I don't think that any NFL team is ever gonna agree to let a meal be eaten on their field ever again that was a huge blunder. And just a PR nightmare that again and I there's been suffering from since 2014. That Lebanon 2014. It's 2008 team weasel talk about Turkey on the fifty there is no win there are no winners that night at the there are no winners here. Thank you for the call that appreciate. Go to Dave Conte from 101 what's going on day. Who is training camp the dark expect our cause people root you got it oh. What do different day and make I mean they're not be difficult. That foreigners name of that being report by interest and players are quiet where it child live. All of our short tiny bit and make them bulky bullet like. I know by like where they're registered aware that it not he went for it try and EE business outlook player the bulky. Experience you know our that they're in that organization that you know Amanda. Right to our. It's a big swing it could be a huge strike out or could be a case you don't Grand Slam. And it go forward I admired that about you want the way you like to bring winning players here. Like whether it were not that I may be due to faulty. You look forward about there at eight BL here you know so. How mop or a mop like dollar right now. Thank you very much Dave I appreciate your call here's what John Lynch said. About adding Sherman with Richard we had championship pedigree right away you know from afar as a broadcaster is a guy who admires football and football players I think one of the great competitors in this game in this era are we taken some pressure he's got one ruptured Achilles he's got a nether Achilles where they've done some work and so yes there's risk on our side absolutely. But we tried to make it says that if he returns to be and Richard Sherman he's gonna do just fine and we hammered it out and today and really happy to have done so. There you go they're happy and excited by the way thanks to the Penske auto sales dot com tax line. Little helper little jogging a memory when it comes to Richard Sherman wearing twelve forget about a cornerback not being allowed to Wear that no one. Whoever puts on a nine uniform will ever be allowed to Wear that number twelve is retired. John Brodie look it up kids. And I got to what Sean Smith took a plea deal and could be facing a year in jail and probation for three could've been cents up for seven years aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Well yeah I guess John Smith is gonna have trouble inside I mean yeah is going to be a little preoccupied. In out lockdown not not a lock down corner just locked out. By the way. Not to kick a guy while he's down but. You know what I'm looking for bulletin vixen it's time it's time for the Shaun Smith. Yes it's time to put Sean in the arms of the Angel. The way to bring it Sean Smith to match up was not against Vernon Davis. This is their dime defense Kirk cousins of the gunshots into the right. Three receivers we have thousands back catalog once again. That's not a good match here. Touchdown red. Shots maybe twice on the right there he could judge yeah. Soon. Sean Smith that never worked out not even half hour. Play when not for a singular moment did that we're really worked out it was a disaster to the arms of the Angel you go. This Sara McLaughlin. Sean Smith only here on the Damon Bruce show. We don't we know how to send people off the right way and they're on their way now it was disaster. That's it's it's a disastrous contract he did. He what a from those first game with the raiders were branding coach with the saints burned him for 99 yards it was just. Did not work. 888957957. L you know warriors of officially lost back to back games are gonna be talking about that at 630 would Tim Roye. In about an hour from now so we invite you to stick around for that there's an awful lot to get into the air the warriors don't lose back to back games. Very very often and when you look at the seeding in the west right now it is just gangbusters. If it's just. One of the most fun things to ever to that I did it's the most amount of fun out of town scoreboard watching any sport I've had in a real long time you have to be tuned in to the NBA. Every single night you need to know who's won or lost before you go to bed it is good stuff. When we come on back warrior calls are up 8889579570. What do you know the Monday after the 49ers. Signed Richard Sherman we're talking about Turkey on the fifty in a whole new light. Here on the day membership. After the demon drew shell on not like seven games. Let's start with a a couple of nuggets here. From the Penske auto sales dot Comtex line. They need Bruce Richard Sherman is undefeated at Levi's stadium so as Jimmy dropped below let that continue. Fifty go. High fat happy late birthday to G signed JR in Oakland thinking oh sure you like that too by the way. Even with the laryngitis lingering in the it's day 789. Here you give good update that was good thank you absolutely am feeling good yeah. I feel great. You look like specific and how is worried like I know lassie you're begging for online and recipes remedies wives' tales. I was gonna come and crack an egg under your bed oh yeah like we're gonna ward off evil spirits well Dana and my voice is my money makers so it's very scary when nothing comes out when you're talking -- yet the so yeah while I'm I'm glad the the troubled times are behind you here. Welcome back giancana. So do any important women in my life have a birthday around this time well the wife already had a birthday January in January. Mom was on Friday. It's another duchess was today's today's or birthday today yeah today you're on Friday Friday she's today. So why can't mom otherwise check check check right around and then yours is commit. It is next next week to week what's on 225. Nearly two weeks that's coming up. It's no big deal it's number 43 no one cares about a man's 43 birthday not even the man is turning 43 some every birthday is a big deal now it has officially has not. 888957957. Al Haig Damon. What are the 49ers needed Jim Tom Sulu Mike Singletary before they find their next. Jim Hart do you know Harbaugh Kyle Shanahan look IE in a Adori if don't forget Chip Kelly. Don't forget Chip Kelly. I don't know. Why this team was taken apart through systematic. Steps you know there was sabotage. I can't even you guys is is. Proud I think is niner fans can finally began on some of the decisions that Jed York and his GM has made. It was big error decisions as well that took a proud team after 2013. And torn apart like it was Navarro Bowman lake in a playoff game. I mean they could not have made it worse decisions you Digg could not have peace plan and harder. With the decisions they made with the contracts they signed it is staggering. Staggering. In its disintegration. From this is really good 20 my god this is embarrassing. It happened fast. It happened real fast. But a Geiger says Damon Roddick from American canyon hello Rhonda thank you for listening. Since I'm not manage Sean Smith he's got to do jail time does could he beat the tar out of some guy. Who is I was his sister's boyfriend the boyfriend put the hands on the sister and I would have done the same thing. I understand that yeah I absolutely you do the same thing but number one like Chris Carter said you always have a fall guy. And number two. If the sister's boyfriend had just run there's always Sean Smith political autumn term. Sorry god she's teary easy to re sorry sorry sorry. Dame in the fact that one fan thought that a niner player could ever Wear number twelve again Jews greens fake band. Because everybody knows John Brody is the fourth best quarterback in team history. The first is drop below the second is not the end of the third as young doll what that is Jimmie tags and a straight up is out tablets and ankle against gangs Tuesday. Dad was again well done well done. 889579570. Is the number here are more numbers for you some of the really interesting numbers from Richard Sherman's contract this comes from Mike Florio on pro football talk dot com. This morning because everybody's looking at a three year 39 million dollar deal and if you open up Twitter were again everybody. Is a cornerback expert but team expert a cap expert. A contract negotiator. In agent a player who was signed in the past and everybody is all things on Twitter. It's amazing. That that many successful. Multi millionaire huge huge intellectuals have all the time to tweet. It really does he think he'd be busy working toiling away your NFL offices when your million dollar paychecks. There's a lot of people though in the NFL who even draw million dollar paychecks who have been critical of Richard Sherman. In this contract that he agreed to three year 39 million and you know when you get into the details and we all know that the devil's always in the details. That it is a very team friendly deal and what no player. Wants to see. Teen friendly be attached of a big deals players wanna get paid you know it's establishing a new. Level each and every time you go now I think what. Everyone forgets as they're criticizing this contract is it's a guy who's got all sorts of physical red flags over him. You know I would want a fire escape out of Richard Sherman if he turns into a burning building to. And the niners have that Paul Rogge Barack take it a hell of a job would this contract. It's that it's become a contract and honestly like Adam Caplan just said if Richard Sherman has an agent he woody used as leverage for other options for other clubs. That didn't happen which makes me think Richard really wants to be here. That respect is important to him in terms of how interest in where the 49ers they contacted Richard Sherman as soon as they could. And that meant a lot to him don't take my word for it this is Richard Sherman. When news broke our. People were Clark is what is a political water that would Carol and John reached out and reached out on me. Are recruited. Which go out there may have been there are there a trip to bring you don't ordered and really you know you show me their equipment stressful for. So they came hard they came quickly after Richard Sherman and that really appealed to Richard that he is a rifle man he wants to be regarded. As this I. Now obviously he's got a lot to prove. And ending Q Lee's injury is a big deal let's not pretend that didn't happen that it won't linger that he'll be ready to go day one week one this year and contribute. And here's what's knocks he's got a clause. In every single. Year of this three year deal where playing 90% of the snaps goes a long way to paint him. Here are some of the things that Mike Florio shared about this contract I don't bog you down with too many numbers into much minutia but for you. NFL fans who really wanna know the deed tales about how these contracts really are funny money and there's nothing you ever have to worry about other than the guaranteed money. Here's proof. The signing bonus which is reportedly. When he signed it was for five million turns out media got that wrong it's a three million dollar signing bonus. Richard Sherman gets a two million dollar roster bonus on the first day training camp if he passes a physical. If he starts camp on the physically unable to perform list that non football illness injury list the payment won't be earned. So in less Richards ready to go. This year week one there's a two million dollar roster bonus that he's not looking. Base salary for 2018. Is two million dollars discreetly report previously reported. He's got two million dollars and per game roster bonuses for 2018. His one million dollar playing time in senate requires 90%. Participation. In the 2018. Defensive snaps a few more feel and like you're gonna bounce back from injuries would you ever agreed to that. It rock slide dad and without Richard reading the fine print against Stanford so I don't think so. For 2018 is a million dollar incentive for making the Pro Bowl if he does that the niners will be happy to pay him. There's a two million dollar incentive for being named to the Associated Press all protein which is harder than any Pro Bowl has ever ran for 2019. His base salaries. Jumps to seven million dollars of salary would become eight million dollars if he was a pro bowler in 2018. For 2019. He's got a per game roster bonus once again a two million dollars. If he makes it to the pro ball Pro Bowl. If he makes to the probable that per game roster bonus drops. To a million so again because he got a million rewarded for Pro Bowl bonus before you don't get at this time around it's nuts. It's not. The incentive package for 2019. It's the same as 20181. Million dollars for 90% of the playing time we played your wrestling and wrestling with. Surgeries that you're still recovering from your not get 90% of the snaps. You're just Nat. What's the niners is gonna say it's going to be zone's own zone whenever play man to man all year long Richard you sound good Guinea Kenya rock and roll around in zone coverage. Maybe not make all the planting in cutting that you need for man to man coverage. There's a 50000. Dollar workout bonus each year in other words he's hardly paid to work out precedent that's not a the full guarantee it signing is three million dollars and only three million dollars reports pro football talk dot com. Another four million should be earned in 2018 if he passes the pre season physical after that it's up to the 49ers as to whether or not the deal continues in 2019. The full Bay's valued the deal was 21 point 15 million would another eighteen million. Tied to per game roster bonuses. Annual 90% playing time incentives. And an annual Pro Bowl incentive. In an annual all pro incentive. So to get the full 39 point 15 million Richard Sherman. Over the next three years past to play all 48 regular season games taking 90% of the snaps. Making it to the Pro Bowl every year and qualifying for the all protein each and every year if you're the 49ers you agreed this contact. Contract. Whole thing all happen. But knowing that if it doesn't happen. You warn not opinions under a deal that just looks ridiculous. Putting it out and when season without really taken it. Hell yeah I'll. This very team friendly. It's so team friendly that prerogative rot they all of a sudden. I think it is it's it's officially time to say this guy's go to his job I know a lot of people been reluctant to say that the deals with the 49ers struck when players that you didn't like. Or weren't rooting for is one thing. Keeping yourself caps savvy is another in this guy has done that imagine if they'd given a player friendly contract to Colin Kaplan. Say that one more time just imagine. If they had given a player friendly contract to Colin Capp predict that guaranteed so much money that they couldn't walk away just. No big deal sight unseen. They're lucky. They're lucky that rock set that up they're lucky that rog set this up. And as far as John Lynch is concerned. A little lock is part of the formula. And when they tried to game bring in a key to lead they made the trade that he said no I'm not were not low. Well that help them pinned it right to Richard Sherman here's John Lynch. It wasn't that he didn't wanna be a 49ers had said he didn't wanna be traded and if he was traded he wanted to be a couple places and so should we have played hardball yeah he was you know arrived at that point we executed a trade but we're about people who wanna be here and we've got great respect for achieved and we still do just didn't work out so instead we took expected John Elway and I just haven't. Conversation says like go back out of the market we're not gonna execute this thing and finish it and then you know I've always been a believer that things work out for reason when Richard Sherman became available I said maybe here's our reason and forcefully were able to get that done. So there you go. I'm addicted to lead thing happens Richard Sherman's probably not on your radar anywhere even close to wit. And you could say while Talib is much better you'd rather had to leave and may be debts the truth but guess what the truth went to LA. That's the truth. The deal was struck the Broncos said yes to lead said no one like John Lynch to assess. We an interest in playing with the guys warm BM not who are all about being niners and. You know I some way to go sweet if you don't wanna be here we don't want you here. I'm telling you did this team was sold dysfunction on the past recent past. That they would have gladly sign a player didn't wanna be year. Just 'cause they needed the name they need to the selling point dated turn around and it is something. They would happily sign someone new and wanna be here not anymore. John Lynch man he played in this league he knows how players think and he saw Richard Sherman's interest in the niners not only is a vote of confidence for May be getting better defensively quickly. But as a real vote of confidence on the head coach in the QB. Are they better. RO it was a bold innovative and creative open market and cobalt. He would credential on the very. They have sold such an important instrument in the game and that's what you don't want to him when he's in Atlanta. And also in Europe where he told them up which would process that we'd never seen and we really courts. Or outside. Some real scrap the operation the potent and. So there you go outside of trying to coach against it on the field on the fly we were officially confused by some of the things that Kyle Shanahan did. That's good notes Chris Richard Sherman studies tape x.s and knows that's his Forte. Here's a John Clayton had to say about Richard Sherman's decision or. For a couple different ways one I think Richard was being on the West Coast he gets to come back to the LA area where it. He was and colleagues that worked out and then secondly it's a chance to play twice against the Seahawks. Special little bit of vengeance. Did John Clayton expect Richard Sherman to sign with the 49ers at. That they would because it made sense particularly knowing that it's the same defense that. The Seahawks have and it is obviously trying to get some young cornerbacks and and ritual would be a nice fit because again he can help teach a lot of the got. And here's what John Legend to say about pedigree may be it matters with Richard we had championship pedigree right away you know from afar as a broadcaster is a guy who admires football and football players I think one of the great competitors in this game in this era are we taken some pressure he's got one ruptured Achilles he's got a nether Achilles where they've done some work and so yes there's risk on our side absolutely. But we tried to make it such that if he returns to be and Richard Sherman he's gonna do just fine and we hammered it out and today and really happy to have done so. Here's a really good text are really good question again just a question no insults needed to be hurled at me in the middle of the question just a question. Saying Damon I don't get how you guys I'm guessing he's talking about the entire station not just us Gionta. But I don't get how you guys go from saying the legion of boom was done. On one side of their and on the wrong side of the respective ages nice guys are all in like those words were never spoken fair enough. You know I I I appreciate that. When we set the Richard what went in the legion of boom is blowing up it's because well obviously Richard Sherman was the centerpiece of that or certainly the spokesperson for it. And when the forty era when the Seahawks wanted to move on from him that was the first sign that things were breaking up you've got both what cam chancellor. You've got. You you just got a team that is a clip April these these these guys are are not who they used to be you've got players who. Have injuries that might cause them to retire. You have Richard Sherman who again we say he's old Richard Sherman's football old he's not real life all these 29. Older players have bounced back from injuries worse than this older in their later in their careers. So there's reason to believe that it might be. Something that he overcomes and again if it's not. If it's not. Wipe your hands and it walk away. See Seattle wasn't in position to wipe their hands didn't walk away if they're gonna turn around and give Richard Sherman. Our Richard Sherman friendly deal which is what he wanted they knew that that was gonna be a non starter which is why the Seahawks thought our right it's time to turn the page. And give the Seahawks and Pete Carroll a little bit of credit. It is best to walk away a year to worldly rather than a year too late. May be the 49ers have just got a year too late Richard Sherman or two years away from being effective Richard Sherman. If you look at the trajectory this team's on. It's a lot easier for the 49ers to absorb that. Ralph in Oakland Qaeda when Ralph. Are you doing well thank you. Drink milk to construct a particular bit anti Limbaugh. I'm quite certain. Government people that gave the contractor. Brent Barry. Got great. But for the year the public contracts go. Broke but yeah I think a black person gotten. They may be unrealistic to me edit and did what he the other players did an effective player. I didn't want to get up really well until he got a lot of Richard pretty well. Well and here's and here's a deal that'd be neat. Video film doesn't lie. And if Richard Sherman is out there and he is being burned routinely and they think that going to. Another spot on the depth chart would be a better chance to win. Look I don't think they're gonna have to do an awful lot of convincing of Richard Sherman and that's the way the cookie crumbles because Germans enough he Smart enough to know. Where he is in terms of rehab and recovery. I don't think this is a ticking time bomb because. Let's say Richard Sherman is. A pro bowler in all pro. Playing some of the best football of his career. Would you be happy to pay for that. Like I Jimmy drop blows now the highest paid quarterback in football until Aaron Rodgers gets his okay great if he plays great to be happy to give a mad money. Don't think twice about it. The fact that Sherman is buying into what the 49ers are doing. Is a good thing it's a good sign because as much as he mites have an awful lot of spike saved up to the Seahawks. He's not football dumb and I don't think he would just cast. His stuff look at it this way. Was he interest in the Arizona Cardinals. Didn't play the Seahawks twice a year. If they'd called him first is he attaching themselves to the Arizona Cardinals. Big questions and head coach and quarterback I don't think he does that he was waiting for the right opportunity in the fact that he saw the niners as the right opportunity. Little bit of a compliment to the quick turn around that they enjoyed in year one of rubble on Shanahan here's John Clayton. He's not gonna go to the community doesn't buy in for the quarterbacks so clearly he bought in to give me drop below as being a quarterback that he thinks is going to be very good and so that was checked number one. Check number two is trying to get the feel for what John mentioned is doing along with the crowd chanting anti I think he was happy about that he could recognize that things are on the rise from what he watched in Seattle middle of the matter trying to see. What he could do contractually and at least put the incentives that that he was able to get an incentive way to deal. It was better than they've got to get in Detroit or going back to Seattle or any other spots like Green Bay. So there you go Warren Moon by the way he knows a little something about corner C attack them his entire career as a quarterback he is also key color voice for Seahawks radio play by play. Here's what he said about war and Erickson about Warren Moon here's what he said about Richard Sherman. Unfortunately he had an injury like that in the middle part of this season the kind of putting up the rest of the year and that. That's cut of the whole thinking I'm probably the slopes being released is because. You've got to prepare an Asian as far as the bureau be around thirty years old news come to an awful books. Achilles tendon injury that we don't know exactly how is gonna bounce back from we also had a minor surgery on his other ankle. And it's a would jet. Questioned those are legit concerns from a player who understands we're real concerned should lie. You know what I don't think concerns lie on torn ACLs anymore you can tie those back together like shoelaces doctors are so good at that put. It's at least that's a big deal that is a big injury affect your stop start your ability to cut. What is Richard Sherman go look like. Is he still a number one cornerback. Can he play to the level or at least mask. What ever deficiencies he has. To appear. Like a shut down corner early in his rehab and recovery here. And if he produces the niners gonna be more than happy to write him checks. Because that's what they want they want that old Richard Sherman and if he's back OK it's a win win and I absolutely no Lizzy thing here absolutely. Someone emphasizes Arizona's Patrick Peterson they're not in the market for cornerback bought you for your needs are on the plane with a one this year. So says a Damon Sherman is divisive in the locker room he's not bringing leadership at least not positive leadership. You know what. You're wrong. It's not my opinion you're wrong it's the player is what they've talked about what they said about Richard Sherman what he's meant to them the proves you wrong. Coaches might have thought enough is enough. But the truth is Richard Sherman Richard Sherman doesn't play nearly as well in Seattle as he will play here. And let me just sit tell you from a topics that range outside of the sporting world they occupy. We're getting spoiled here in the Bay Area between Steve Kerr. Between Richard Sherman between the rant and Currie in it would follow all. All players who speak out on topics that are. Hot button issues. The the level of sports conversation. That we are gonna have a ringside seat for. Is really going to be something else in the coming years I don't let me add John rode into the mix true. This place went from raiders are moving so who cares. Forty niners can't get it together so who cares 20 my god. Look who's here watching and watching ads against today. Yeah it was again and now Richard Sherman to Jon Gruden and all of a sudden. Look Cooley is back in the center of the NFL map. The Bay Area. For a minute there it was the center of the NFL. And then it wasn't. I'm not saying they're ready to be the centerpiece again all things will revolve around the 49ers and the raiders. But we got two teams that had. Interesting interesting stories to tell coming up in 2018. And beyond that they play each other. I'm sorry my nibbles are now officially poking through my shirt. I should Wear Casey's. G ought to be ready to bring in PCs forming come football season he had okay we're in finance. I don't know my wife wears and sometimes. And they look like coasters. When they're just light in the bathroom before they get second looks like coasters my disorder to my drink she's like no don't I don't want to wring some tasty Cecil point. Okay I'm learning. Livan with a woman you'll learn things certain dresses were harm you'll learn things Greg in San Jose how are you going to Brad. Well ability if you called mini crash on the road are you wearing right now. No comment. Because it got better and Larry but I doubt it they it out and of course the chairman injury right now. It got adding I think it kind of multiple goal to think about getting an added a game called time but think of the way the fact that. You know there's so much lack of productivity and cornerback position. You know even if it might edit it out even as below the orient it but although that is game. But I thought there that we had overlapping here yourself and that that would take out over having. You know I don't want not a packer type. So let's be honest 75%. Of what's left of Richard Sherman's probably better right now than a 100% of basic Jackson. And that's just honesty no disrespect daisy Jackson. I like experience I like playoff experience I like former pro bowlers who got huge chips on their shoulder and something to prove and that sums up Richard Sherman. About as well and quickly as possible. 8889579570. Is the number at 630 next hour about a half an hour from right now we're gonna get into the fact the warriors have lost back to back games we're gonna be joined by the voice of the warriors Tim Roy coming up at 630 here on 957 the game.