DB Show - 2 - Quinn Cook, Fortenbaugh Friday, This or That

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Friday, April 20th
Damon is joined by Warriors guard, Quinn Cook, then Joe Forenbaugh slides on, appropriately at 4:20 and they talk about how they would gain 40 lbs for a role, look at the NFL schedule, talk Giants, and play this-or-that with Gianna.

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You're listening to 957 game tape GMC NHD once every Cisco the radio home for every single warriors playoff game we have now seen Quinn cook. Test the playoffs. We've seen Quinn cook stepped into the NBA and pass a whole bunch of tests this year. Really one of the remarkable stories one of our favorite stories and he has given this team what it's needed. When they've needed it the most and now he joins us here on 957 the game. Warriors guard Quinn cook good enough to join us on the Damon brew shall thank you for your time Quinn how you do one man. On the Gerber or good to have you first things first. Like way to become the guy who stuck with the in worked hard. For everything that he like let guys get handed careers some guys work hard for careers. You worked really hard for your career man I respect the hell do you right now you don't need to do another thing the fact that you made stuck to it. I love I love that story man congratulations. Matt appreciate them being the world's. What does something dumb my serve well and still have these origin without polished. You know believing in something while returning. National and upload it and blah. When at what point in time this year did you really think if I keep showing my value it's gonna be really hard to leave me off this playoff roster given the circumstances these teams Iran did you start thinking about it. Before it happened are you kind of the guy. Who just lets it all come to you day by day. Yeah I used to be their guy you know historic soul. They'll start to anticipate being little dog Sparky don't miss this can Google this all black public while China can't change it. You know I have a good game with about start double weeks in Japan are. Still. I can beat this Sorkin today but this year we just moreover the understandable. Just in the taken you know every day. All we're trying to win every day at the practice traversed part of our current every game try to. Stay consistent and it waited to lure them all that's what I've dated now what early. You gotta order several cliche you know that you're just. So I don't like what to think about that all went out really. No weapons they can probably Applera so our it was just eight. On the shroud of all do whatever is possible for us to quit bogeys came in the option and that's don't. Room with a bit of a little laughter. Warriors guard Quinn cook here on the Damon per showing Natalia how you blended in with your new teammates really says an awful lot of value to. The unique relationship that you've had since childhood with Kevin Durant like oh let's be honest that can't that can't hurt your right because that's a. And I can't phone so Trevor focus that a Big Brother should be. All I ever since I was you know and even if not in place that's what can still work. So he wouldn't calls for industrial forward go back it up so close where. And and so I have a guy like that Shelby the waste and so you know. Home has been my virtual mosques session. He's like you know the perfect world probably the guy that. Oh he he does agree that ultimately do a better person. Russia my little mogul that you. So getting your first taste of the playoffs. I have to ask is it much different than the NBA's regular season. A little different how have you felt the difference between the end of the regular season and the beginning in the playoffs. Follow the intensity is. On another level Almonte they late in the season than ever to receive that. We were playing against teams will find that twelve. And then you know are so every game that we played against those and like you saw. You know why Indian that's why do walks he. All okay see replace Agassi came to a fight for the and there it was clear that they're trying to steal. Let alone is still hasn't managed to without a stern letter to experience just every possession. Is crucial browser. You know just playing actual hardware actually garden. And the crowd's always into their position. It's. Some condition or injury on what you care really the fact that they or we get disability plan again. You might be a little bit older than you that Tony Parker guy knows what he's doing doesn't it. There it's crazy. They'll be guarding him and trying to get channel could oracle wrote watching you know. Quite standard dvd call eight breakers and he had like a fifteen minute segment on our glue you know. Watching him out of have been and to be guarding him ever gave ballot. You know we we we battled back and forth. He broke out talk insured people who talks with charitable speak graduated or car church it. Don't talk a little bit of dirt gain during last night and Jeremy is sort of just. No big order but there is a guy like did he steal it though is north of the Gaza are based where he G. You really really good player. You have to balance being excited to meet an opponent with a competitive edge that you're supposed to have and I mean I. Oh yeah well you know what most of our global. Especially in my in my first year our work year. All these problems or science rather than just you know being a player but snapping up got over aptly be in all my idol stoplight there so now it is just they have just been playing the game. Not proud to have a relationship been. And it you have to back and sort without were not directly you know what what outplay that guy in do whatever it takes to win. Warriors guard Quinn cook. In your ankle breaking dvd who was the best ankle breaker. I don't know what we're. And Jason Williams out of our favorite to White Sox lose. Gayle white chocolate they way they did a segment a little bit we admissible or when he struck struck earth so. It out now about those concentrator. Grace and Allen wasn't on the highlight tape. There are about yeah. Or you or are. There enough yeah. By the way I just on such a college basketball junkie I got to ask you Cameron indoor or oracle in the playoffs what's laughter. Oh cool new. Well yeah. They both have over. So. Austerity alone. They're both basketball experience. Me or you can you can tell where our are literally indoor stadium more air base just. You don't cherry or what they're seeing the Kroger Google. Though because they're the best player of the leader to what Robert stories about like Stephen Jackson. All bought tickets first dinner here. In Oakland they told they're the best part of it is time no clue what award will be saying that this. There they were pretty good days and it they were facing yet and but if that's occurred. And their two time champion there recently. Skirt. Or almost been like this you know ever typical member of the standard as are ridiculous are the future. A home. You know opted railroading have barriers of where the most ever know. Low blow loved basketball side Arcadia are you decide that they're used. How much Quinn did you talk to step curry. About being staffed Curry's still ahead. Like I do you have so much responsibility elect and what we'd like to do Quinn is common in duplicate the production of basically one of the greatest shooters of all time. And by the way you know I mean your 5049 the in the G league you're nearly 5049 DA in the NBA it's amazing what you have done given the shoes and how big they are that you have to sell. You know what can never palpable will quote current never talked about the only company in the independent and being stepped turn out of nowhere near that so. All the steps you just want to B to BB. Well you know conflict last night terms that I passed a shot he it'll be there he was just more help will be provided they have but he practiced. Commandeered or anything like that soak. Or home. Those got the big picture a comfortable extreme at all as you know he's gained at least he's still searching each old sheep around so what steps. You know he definitely didn't you don't expect me to do we we've is just. Or hip just he always was who played my game be as aggressive as I and those are your career. You know to have a guy like dead and everybody working person coach Kirk. All of distributed to be much so all. No it's tremendous base from our confidence. Aggressive RR give all the credit to the martini bar coaches and front office. Open they gave her confidence this year. Quinn cook warriors guard here on 957 the game it's a pleasure to have mind. We have a text line that is open here. Somebody's like mental Quinn he's got an amazing handle but he doesn't need to dribble so much because traveling is legal in the NBA doesn't know who. I'm on a young guy that's all he won't take those chances at. Probably the right way to go about it. Obviously news out of the G league that everybody is going to be getting a raise of about seven knows everyone's gonna mimic laying a minimum 35000 dollars in the G league obviously. I hope. You know that that's that's behind you now you certainly are an NBA player. Thinking back on your G league dates. What was that legal like where you were you excited to be there could frustrate you being there. How hard is it to live that lifestyle. I would never try to could be either home or are they until Clark also ordered to stand out as motivation. Also any parallels there and I want to be the best got to leave and not so you know since my rookie year. On two years ago every time those paragraphs of the best player out there and you know sometimes columns about situations where a certainty he's what that treaty and you know my agent or always or you OK are you good yup yup I was always our comes. Announced plan backed or a professional that's what we're even though you don't make him. Or 400 dollars and more aware democracy are valid concern about getting better every day and it's trying to be closely monitoring and I think there. You know what Alistair there are used it as a as a tool that uses that they are confident that compare what sort of an MBA in epic it maybe more hungry. No commercial. You know being a McDonald American and beat Oliver and at duke and win a national championship while we're there there. All that's underdog in the air are still have that mentality here of the underdog not a political backing and and I just know that alcohol and it gave for long term. It's national lookalike day anyone ever tell you look like Jay call. Knob there weren't there are some some anti Klein says it did you ever get mistaken for Jay call so I thought I'd ask. Nuremberg. Our blue route. A seal the medical I I get told I look like Seth Rogen an awful lie and I got to admit I do a little bit I really don't know I don't know that's a good thing for yourself but it's true. Give me one good coach K story. Although. There gimme gimme gimme coach K losing it in practice who'd PL at the most. Perot. Who did you yell at the most. More than you know just what sort of clarity yet although. Yeah out a ball though and detain collectively. Don't there'll be terms. On where you know we'd be up ordeal thirty. In the begat you know not get back on because we're not be that sharp. We should be used up like betting you'll get orders and Marco were thirty reporting with. No he's prepared us for the return of it and it always treat could have expo. He also. PEE he was very fiery very competitive rarely saw 0040. Our biggest barriers and but he taught us more about you know like the bat well also there's already stories. Are scared they are just more particularly want. You got a memo loan and maybe next time you'll have one for a square and I do hope we get to talk to again real soon. Because this is a pleasure man it really is an and I mean it's great. Two CU realizing your dreams I think it's. In a warrior fans are just excited that you've become a good player for them. I think warrior fans are very excited the youth realize your dream and we're Witten watch you do it and that's been. Part of the fun of this season so we're very very happy for you continued success. With your team and you end your career man thank you for joining me. So my. Absolutely Quinn cook Golden State Warriors. Guy's worked his focus off. Penn has pretty much working very well for him he's got himself an NBA contract. Very very nice. Are Powell Joseph for ball around here on out for money he's supposed to be and you heard about Ford's money perfect. A fort bar Friday officially. Rolls it up and lied sit next here 957 the game. 5716. I just look to jaws like hey you get the huge show prep female for today and he's like. Here are sure I did. It is important on Friday after all. Well follow a long haul first of all if you think you're gonna fire than normal introduction. Affordable Friday you my friend are sorely mistaken why are you don't you don't bump I mean for Quinn cook and then expect to just do the same old thing India. I did. Well here's what we're gonna do. I know expectations much like the vast majority of the audience that clocks at you right now 19535455. 565758. Folks it's 420 on the dot gimme my issue. Mean why. Yeah. That's nice candy holiday season high happy holidays everybody happy ports when he. It's just let it just gives you just look like and it's led spam and look at that. Great interview with Quinn cook thank you re fantastic to really you wanna talk about it. Kid who worked for it. Works for it worked for it was given the so easy way out when Europe to play basketball is easy but he was given the escape patch you know you wanna go ahead and make a lot of money somewhere else where you're gonna stand out like a sore thumb and be very popular locally maybe not internationally famous but you'll do well I I've talked to players who have gone over to Europe and said that some of the best years of their life. It's he stuck to it Mercury is at how cool is it that. He's going to be taken on north pelicans in the second round and they said thanks but no thanks to lump could be some very sweet revenge coming up for Quinn cook he plays fearless too. He does fearless I like the way of getting game one Curwood the went with the Andre Iguodala lineup. Twofold one you have all that length defensively. Experience all those factors come into play but number two you're easing queen cook into his first playoff series I think that takes some of the burden off your shoulders some of the pressure off his shoulders. And when he's got his moments he does it look tentative if he's got to look he's taken a look and that's what you wanna see from the got his in the playoffs is gonna be no time. To ease into the waters may be in the San Antonio series for a couple minutes short but certainly not the next round and beyond it's about the pick up tempo and everybody. It's all hands on deck mentality so you've got that shot knock it down by the way are your ankles to anyone sprained right if you if you are I'm not 57 the game at any point in time in the last couple weeks my sprained her ankle. It applies to warriors does apply to host to a higher ankle I Yana strong are your ankles gel coated but I mean did I am. Watching tax night they're cutting oil sand this week. Are just on your feet BF 48 minutes at the end of the series say in your feet noticing Patty Mills I'm Freddie balls taking some Livingston now there's always somebody common that a warrior. Who always jump off of their feet look at a land underneath them we all know that Trevor reason is gonna come off top ropes when they get the Houston. But in the meantime bill on the go ahead pick what song was that. Cyprus and that was lit up lying on reading from the penthouse of the company. You don't have to tell me. It's given us any guy out here so my knowledge and here's something you can't understand. How I could just kill attacks there. Is an iPod and it is a living Joaquin I I wish exam before their wishes Sam. And I have great taste in music by the way Joseph you are very similar tastes in music you know you can do you do remember having you in Julian over on the holidays were immediately quoting Bruce Springsteen the one Miami and into an all you have a lot of range a lot of versatility I'm glad you agree and it's because I don't wanna talk to about this. So I thought that that was going to be your your theme song today I thought that was going to be you know black. Out now that was not going to be in music today I'm. I think you know better than that I think you know come prepared to put a lot of show production to gather. I don't. What is the inside joke here no nothing not to. The maker I don't know I actually we're our time and I don't mean to the average adult championship and wouldn't say we are acting on. It's a Friday it is all sorts of random stuff on my board to play wit how about Matt Barnes Al Harrington and couple other NBA vets sick and in a Bleacher Report studio roll them up and talking about. Yeah you have to go where I go home from what we're doing. Thinking that these things because I feel right this is the most dynamic brand owners will be nothing to defend itself its. How beneficial I think mentally gloves definitely sure for benefits. What do you think Adam silver embraces first the concept of gambling being involved with his league in any way the league is also involved. Or the legalization of marijuana which which. Impossibility. Of my childhood. Will be NBA reached first it started to determine its wheat absolutely let me ask you this. When was the last time. And more player on the counter act it. When was the last time you read about any player in the NBA testing positive for marijuana getting suspended from marijuana getting fine for marijuana we hear about it NFL all the time. I think the NBA is already figured outlook. I'd like Barnes or other don't have it and he's 0% in the league. I think they've already decriminalized it from a league perspective and I think they've already moved on your packet to announce that publicly because that's gonna causing you know what's. So what you do is just behind closed doors say. I can enforce it we know that our employees. Actually barged Tonya 85% in the league he really when he gets strictly that enforcement. Just let it go absolutely edge just what happened players are obviously given it their all they're still working and it's still functional it's still happening. I just you know I. I can't believe that we're so far down this road is it. I really is amazing what I grew up thinking that this was never gonna happen and I know we are all you know we're here and severance Cisco in the Bay Area eye and can go commie liberal whatever is what we do but. I'm still shocked that it's it's for real and and I will leave him nameless but I yeah I do appreciate the staffers at. You know it's gonna be the worst going to dispensary on 420 this year. Let that would be like what you call. Nears safe in the image yeah I'd tell you go to the dispensary on fort want any. Anybody with any sort of savvy whatsoever would have already taken cared this he would already have your alcohol for your Sunday morning tailgate why would you be going to the dispensary on four point a Black Friday it was a shop on black friend and I. To me that people who do that why would you wanna go stand in line would you fight someone at a Wal-Mart for TV yeah. That was seven dollars. And you're on top budget that year yeah. But still I just you know. I hear is I'm people fight over that stuff every year there's nothing that says. Happy holidays in America like people fight at Wal-Mart and relax and pitch perfect. So let's let everyone know that we are we've got a very sports heavy affordable off Friday per usual today. We've got a warrior wind talk about we've got an upcoming series. With the pelicans to certainly talk about what an awful lot of the certainty. We've got a couple of baseball interesting matchups this week in the Red Sox are in town the giants are taken on no showing a Connie this weekend and the angels. We've got to playoff hockey we hope we got. Do what are we gonna have. Yet there is an artist that is but I don't we bring out a little bit and an unannounced would have won game one could be Wednesday next week gonna wait a long time before they take on. The and it's the knights of Vegas we obviously have a couple of NFL schedules to go over some quirks and things to talk about but something special I've been saving cost reports funny all week. Miracle and absolutely you're gonna love this question. We'll see about that now you're gonna love this question trust me. Joseph. For a movie role you'd need to put on fifty pounds is fastest possible. How would you do cut cut cut that I ask because there was a story page six New York Post. I was screw up or name. Charlize. Theron yes sure there on Ferran I can't I'm bad the first and the last man look at sharing my Charlize Theron Charlize thrown through the anyways her from monster. Academy Award winning beautiful blue line tall gorgeous actress CI a not even allowed to say that anymore but I'm glad you didn't think so she at she she's. Got a new movie coming out where she plays an overwhelmed the mother. And she put on fifty pounds for the role. And she said she did it she gained her fifty pounds by going out of the way to wake up every. Morning if she were sleep or stay up until 2 AM. And she ate all whole thing a Mac and cheese before she went to bed at 2 AM. She just rushed Mac and cheese the most heinous Hollywood story of gluttony is of course. Robert De Niro was asked to put on the seventy pounds for raging bull. He moved to Italy for three months and just hated his favorite restaurants for three months breakfast lunch. Dinner he just live life features and we just went for it in Italy and ate himself fifty pounds heavier full pasta. Joseph if you had to put on fifty pounds for a movie and I'm talking like. Got to do what's best how would you do. I cards and I eat like crazy red for a bad because obviously that would be the best way to get that now a lot of alcohol as well thanks so I'd be written about and take. Ott and calories down into where I live. Sparked food truck parked right there by Benny off Children's Hospital mission Bay Area giants warriors new stadium all that. Every let want to phrase we Judy's taco truck comes rolled through Omaha and now language like in just smack. Hash through their tacos just smash through those harness on top as they do the played for. I ordered two plates of 48 out of the small like double sultry style size but like Nicky will look at me because I ordered the eight and it's like. You don't meet eight I know I don't need it but why any enemy and you know the law of diminishing returns they tell you when you're if you're hungry you eat that cheese burger it's gonna feel great. The next cheeseburger you eat won't give you as much of a return right it's an economic principle. Every one of those tacos is equally outs and so yeah I just beat a team now. Action the law of talk on diminishing returns this nonexistent until the law of diminishing taco returns does not exist I would be smashing pot goes. And probably just IPA's athletic guy hey guys but. I mean that that's way to put it on Jian a yet to put on fifty pounds for a movie role. As fast as possible harness on a nod to us that as a part of the senate and the German chocolate cake there's a ninety ferreting them planet Beriault. Why on late night eating I think misty yeah Alia. Must app we cheeseburger lover from the they won like if I could indulge myself just be murder after murder of the murder of a burger he made me a phenomenal cheeseburger I'll last July 4 weekend tiger is outstanding simply it's the old day in your memory actually did not. Like that cheeseburger I thought I cooked a big did more than I grilled it was too. To meet low feet. I like more cross the mine murder on the I wanna I wanna second shot was of the press shot. I wanted to check and I'll pick the right at it but I. Star bursts. I'm Celanese star bursts Skittles. Like that's why had a stroke. And I didn't answer her phone got star were Skittles elected Damon why are you saying that. Odd how do you power ranked the flavors I'll 'cause harbors will actually lead in this conversation OK so but. Cherry pit notes pink pink is one I know I would cherry one Pincus to me that I really do like it matters what's correct. Pink is correct as the number one so cherry as your number one it's just it's it's flaw it's like this'll Donovan Mitchell nonsense you were spewing yet and I get on the walk that back later today by the it's anything like what flavors. It's paying the players like that pink lemonade lemonade at the palladium. It's all at cherry and I'll think pink lemonade. Then I'll take the lemon and then I'll take the porch while orange last oranges to go books yes tell level orange but I know that I'm in the minority on that same thing with schedules or just current one. Red is generally everyone's number one in the power rankings. I always have red power glass I just I'm not about me well some person Skittles lemon lemon first now. One infer it yes. Lemon yummy I. Talk about the our way out there with a hot take yeah that's irresponsible take a seriously. It's like having known a fruit draft and taken blueberries number one overall but that's just. Different. They're couple weirdos governor and the like Tiger Woods got a couple of the credit he you. There's some in every bunch there's no doubt about it some in this room they're probably being hounded him right now considering what day it is so. Yeah exactly if you got a hankering for a little laws snacking it's a very good I order delivery does better on fort money then other days of the week. In the does it everything I've been led to believe America is wrong. It confirmed it whenever I like all of a sudden pizza deliveries are down today I would just be heartbroken to find that out so what I said here pink is not pink lemonade pink is strawberry. We got an awful lot of that coming on tax line and the tax line. Has this much confidence in a flavor it's usually true you have got to look it up right. We on the one last we need to what they're about NASA and Google but don't Goodell gonna use the global. And looked at up. So Joseph I know these guys went game by game over the NFL schedule we're not gonna do that here that is a a few tile exercise what do Jimmy rob blurred their car broke his right arm in week three. It would probably dramatically changed. What you thought of the released NFL schedules to mean there is one clear. I do not like it about the 49ers schedules and that's a fact they don't play the Seahawks in two weeks thirteen. And then they play the sea hawks in two out of three weeks we got away thirteen weeks to see Richard Sherman go have his personal blood feud against his former team. That's lousy I wanna data earlier in the year I opens Achilles has all time he'll and he would get a better Richard Sherman but still I wanna better earlier. Raiders chiefs even meet the week thirteen. If you start with the niners schedule. This thing brutal. This thing is absolutely brutal I went game by game last night at one of the things I do from my days in Vegas. Is paying particular attention to who the opponents are playing the week before the week after looking for the tricky scheduling spot strategy game strapped and exactly. And you look at this and it's just can't. You're gonna play three out of four on the road to open the season in those three road games. Those are legitimate playoff teams Minnesota you saw what they did last year they were seven and one at home during the regular season eight and want if you include that playoff game about the Shanahan verses that cousins. That's kind of an interesting match up the guy that might have been the 49ers quarterback of the future I'm like I don't really forgot he signed with that I got odd now. See let me put that together welcome afternoon drive me in the game on that you could. I. Yeah that's that I I have that one I mean if you're gonna start pagan he's now which is now itself for an advancement. I don't there are ready afford a half point dog Vegas release I saw one point spreads last night they're gonna be a four and a half point dog in that game I don't think that's respectful to Minnesota's gonna get three points for home field you probably wanna give them at least one for crowd noise. That's almost power ranking these two is even on a neutral. Britain raiders and rams at pick up we. One Monday night focal and you got you got that you got the raiders' opening his home dogs and a half point underdog you know what the rams and the raiders are given the raiders lack of offseason moves and the fact that the rams clearly won the Washington redskin offseason sweepstakes now. You know I. I'm not surprised by that at all that and you've got a ram team that not only did they like you say. Go out get aggressive in the offseason they were seven and one on the road last year seven and one here's the kicker though the total won that game is 49 and I don't see that being high scoring game. I think you've got Jared golf and that ram offense coming in they're gonna wanna establish the game on the ground what Todd Gurley you're gonna have to battle it. Crazy about a crowd noise at the coliseum Monday night to open the season. Please release the first game at extraordinarily hostile so I think the rams are gonna have trouble moving the ball. In game one Derek Karr trying to operate in Jon Gruden is new offense that might take some time there could be some hiccups against that defense. Elegant as a lower scoring game I play the under their policies were just from just the start week one in the NFL just got the under happy for Tony we've already got three or four bad flocked to theft can't happen. That's what would people don't understand is that you'll locker over under bets enduring segments. During four ball Friday I saw you banging why is understood this wind we had that they'll go to the news that Madison pump garner broke his hand which has few weeks ago. They're sitting there on air and like as we're talking about bomb garner go getting set to miss a significant maritime. But took a couple web sites and see with the numbers that they were moving the number I want to Geisinger making eye contact with me when am I doing wrong to be this. It would be irresponsible for me to not be taking advantage of that information which show Larry Vera I saw him walk in along we have mark parted. Oh my god has right past them nice Hillary's head into but it looked for first I can. And it what what about third anyone. What out here seriously I would numb jumps and shirt off you ma'am would. What are you doing today just how quickly can you get to Anaheim did you hit for power or for average Matt Williams since coming up in this giants' lineup and here's what I want. I want him to take an oath for five tonight. And remain in the lineup for another ten days in a row like the giants just such a yell real franchise if the guy who got promoted isn't it. Ty Cobb in his first three games they lose confidence like give this guy a little room to breathe please give. I don't care what he issues he's gonna be more than whatever Hunter Pence got laughed. There's nothing. And it's unfortunate to say it always comes across as negative to point out that you now he's in fact watched he's hit 172. He's got no power he doesn't move well in the outfield there's nothing left. And it's tough to hear that. But a lot of people have been in relationships before we realize. Got a break up. And you buy of the individual but it's not. Gonna go the distance and there are always gonna be the good times and memories and not last forever but for right now if you obviously are trying to contend that. If your Odyssey trying to stay in this thing. You have to make a move there you get them up and out of that position and you cannot of war. To lacked power at left field you're not gonna get power from second base we know that you're not gonna get power from a lot of the positions under on a on the field. Left field has to be a source of power at least some power and you're getting none yet none. Shut down for a little while maybe if you bring them back in a spurt yeah he catches fire for a little bit but. It it it's tough and it's emotional but you gotta look past that you really do Williams in. Has been banging down the door at triple. I mean he has a 600 on base percentage he's bashing you you cannot fill out more than I'm ready resonate and that writes I mean bonds' numbers down if you look as though PS nobody else is doing it by he had to an extent. The next matters of courses like this rolled back. It. Support one is going well that he expects that by the way to our primary and it it is strawberry to our but I. The pink is strawberry as we can confirm yes we can and our needs a second source second source the reporting all precincts are in pink is strawberry thank you very much one other thing yet throughout their for today if you're looking for. You buy a nice doesn't mean Tupperware right and you take the exiting of sour patch kids you dump it and you put it in the average. Our pets kids out of the fridge and you put it in the tub quirky and clean obvious because you don't think it's warm before they go and get messy. Just the opposite sensation of V. Sour patch kid all warm in your pocket the offer someone I select for. I guess so this is I basically it cold chill the sour patch kids yes tenth grass height charts arrested on ice you know enjoy it. I know that. I'm not gonna discovered it but I finally found the discovery putrid frozen grapes are outlets like nature's candy OK I don't know I'd written on the planet I had no idea. Blueberries to stop it but he was just knock him blueberries have minutes ago. I really why are you anti blueberry. First of the free draft if he could have used the entire spectrum of the fruit world. You'd have any ticket number one overall you go to the podium for blueberries now well rounded antioxidants. Hands down a fantastic I mean you seriously could have picked up blueberries in the second round sort of athletes. It's not draft valued yet topical is not about the right pick it's about the right value it was it's good. Little I disagree go grapefruit. We'll group. Okay I really really aiming not even a Renault now really don't yeah I mean first ball. We think yeah how can you miss out on apple orange banana apple and apple you weren't sure apple is. I did get older and tackle Joseph Montana the fruit basket. The apple as the dime a dozen everybody can get an apple Apple's take on Barkley up and say god I love seat while Barkley be you can get running backs and later rounds you can get an apple anywhere. Where he get a great grief why do you think you can get an apple anywhere mass appeal. Will be back with more on the other it's. Just. I don't you think about John first got some guys standing donor cat and dog beat her Twitter Twitter yeah well I catch your heart. Xbox or PlayStation place position in my friend does this or that. Show. I. So typically we give five of. Or five or writer on here about because just hear of this important offer I have format right SA we got a definite pelicans on the verge of first round sleeves. Curry really up in the air for the second round. He's out big in the clear tree joy at practice on a modified basis tomorrow movie re about the the reevaluated in a week so this sort that. Curry plays in a second round regardless or. You hold them off until they is holding out until they. I think all the mentally lose there's no reason to go to Defcon one. If Defcon one is coming back from Maine. Knee injury so I mean why why rush it why push it if he's ready to come back on Wednesday by I'm 48 more hours if he can. I don't think we're gonna see step curry until they drop a game that includes the Western Conference finals boys and girls. Jerry I don't see the reason why you would bring him back isn't that why are we so fixated. On doubting this team. Why are we so fixated that was a big coming into the playoffs can switch my god they might be image beat war. It's not their time as soon as it started it was like idiots why do we even consider that now. How it's what the pelicans are dangerous look good into how. The elegant matchup with the warriors try warriors match up with the pelicans come on right nine and I hear about that but. I do not feel I'm I think I saw you give Dan grief for picking. Warriors in six a slap in the face some warriors in six tool only because irresponsible re not my husband was there are spots. Good journalism I think it was looking at realities and the warriors back into the postseason they really did it's did this. Teams even great ones develop bad habits and I thought that the warriors might have a bad after two that it could take a series or two to shake out of and then I didn't. Think the Gregg Popovich was gonna run into personal tragedy in any standpoint which I believe is greatly affected the series. I think San Antonio cannot wait to lose game four insert its offseason they want. There without question her latest six and a half yes laid the six and a half they're gonna laid out and I came there's no reason to keep going you know you're outgunned we didn't travel all the way back to the Bay Area to get beaten game five. We can't come go to the islands and myself it's time. RA never accused shocks a moyers cruise into their first round this or that playoff hockey playoff basketball. Playoff hockey if you're just asking what is. You. Clean look playoff basketball. Gear forward for sure we're for a third year now on fourth gear up playoff hockey is the difference between walking and this is light speed. So I mean that that the drew the difference is so dramatic coming through your television. From the NHL I gotta get playoff hockey my vote. If you live in Wyoming and you have no allegiance to anything right any state we are just out there in the middle of nowhere and you're gonna tune in for something. Watch playoff hockey. Leaving here however playoff basketball because we get to watch the best basketball on the planet we get to watch some of the best basketball that's ever been played in the history. Of the plants a playoff basketball for meat but I'm living in the middle of nowhere and I don't have an allegiance I don't playoff hockey. The plan hockey Elsa and her Wiki on the Sunday in. All right who's more valuable to their teen met Madison but garnered to the giants. Seth Curry to the warriors this or that. It's definitely staff curry more important I mean one guy changes a basketball team more dramatically than any other one guy changes to team in any other team sport. Bomb garner which has been in play four days a week. And look. That's no problem on I get no staff they continue winning the giants are lost without mad bomb but the answer is curry Kurt curry is. It's very important curry is the most important player on the warriors frost. He's the most important player and you see it without him in the line. They're averaging about nine possessions fewer per game without curry he is engine. For the offense that they have design and they put together and that's not any sort of intended disrespect towards Kevin Durant or anybody else they are all unbelievable talents. But curry is the most important player to this system. Tried chasing him around. And watch how it opens up the floor for everybody else they've slowed down just a bit without him and actually that's gonna happen he's a two time MVP for crying out lap. But he means far more to this team that bomb garnered us the look at it this way if things don't turn around for the giants punt. Absolutely talking about trading bombardment this year there is no scenario. Where a discussion of trading staff curry. Ever happens. I point. And the schedules are out raiders' schedule vs niners scheduled this or that which would you take I will take the team not leaving for Las Vegas niner schedule. Doubted raiders' schedule is fantastic. I can't believe. How well that sets up for that. Honestly there's gonna be a lot more pressure on gruden that I think originally anticipated because that's schedule. Where's the pitfall. Where's the football you're not going back to backs on the East Coast you've got three home primetime games if you're gonna play in London to get it down on their luck Seattle team that's been decimated on the defense side of the ball. And it got no offensive line to speak out. The raiders' schedule is phenomenal. The niners schedule is real total brutal some of the scheduling spots on their I'll take the raiders' schedule I'm gonna find a way to ten win. It's the Amy taking niners Jerry and I raiders okay. The week talked about this earlier which reported an article stack within abuse affects our athletes smoking Canada's. And they talked about doing it before games even Matt Barnes talking about it that he would do before games as well sell to legalize it elaborate ties. This or that. Smoking with its new. Boom car. Lol why would you do she. Had so I mean because it's so disrespectful for whoever you don't smokeless. The and snoop I and other snoop it ever really gal takes a snoop gives you the better story I think you know snoop gives you better store I mean Willie. He's walking around he's walked down more roads he is seen moral life there's no doubt in my mind that would be an incredible conversation. There's also no doubt in my mind that hanging out with Snoop Dogg smoking weed for about an hour would be news about a schools and hours you could spend in life so. I'm Hannah I'd it's like if that was an auction item how I would you bid. Rob how I've added that's I area you could smoke with snoop right just the opportunity to do something like that could you know wouldn't be disappointing you wouldn't come off it be like and that's not he's not cool but I hear that if you just patient enough we all eventually get that opportunity like everyone does get to smoke with snoop event. At at at at some point get to probably be how about this. Meant so deep I'm gonna have to change he does. I'm gonna be changed. I'm gonna have to change my answer. Only because we got money and time to get high with snoop I feel like Willie's on borrowed time. Think Tina will end up there you know he's had to cancel some shows not that you know recently is so. I don't really just for that reason allowed by the way our connection our connection to the guys broken lizard and super troopers would also opens today you when I saw the good amigos CN if you like super troopers one. Your analog super troopers to. If you're going to do anything but laugh at sophomore humor you're getting it wrong yet know this is just go have fun and be goofy like I I was. I'm really surprised today Peter Hart who I love in the San Francisco chronicle big fan of Peter. Peter and I usually I agree with what he writes today piece a land super troopers to and basically saying you know these guys have matured at all and eating a lot of chart on a girl or a is like day obvious sitting getting notes about political correctness in 2018. Some I wasn't looking for their version of Schindler's List now looking for the same movie like the hangover the second hangover I wasn't looking for a complete overhaul rest do the same thing and put in another locale that's what they did. Worked for May make you laugh frank a ballpoint make me laugh at it. Are you ready for the lightning around yet okay focus boys. They saw shortened season or shortened spring training shortened spring training. Walk off for buzzer beater wasn't Gator. Pie in the face or Gatorade high high beyoncé Rihanna Dionte Johnson virtual reality or the real world a world that's come. Love Armani La La. Money or fame money in money I'm looking guys that love the form and we eat of it just makes my heart all night (%expletive) Bizarre one of our lives is listening and she'll tell the other one if we don't answer that properly so it is more political than truthful about it picked money all the way I sat up Pete I guess the good doctor or the Walking Dead. Doctor do. Walking Dead only because I'm obsessed with it won't now I'm I gotta be honest review. I'd probably seem a five minutes of Doctor Who in my entire life I doubt out of Walking Dead halfway through season one. Didn't watch enough doctor wrote I did I didn't even let any walking you can even get in any I mean it's jumped the shark night in Miami are you still want it I I I have to see it through if you don't explain to me what ha. I was like that would loss I took that all the way I'm an Angel Walking Dead I I want doctor material in it you're not tell me why the whole world's gone zombie by the middle of episode one and outs you I did that early Y eight feet. I'm so you know what it was HBO's the departed silk. 8% of the world's population is disappeared and will never tell you why like I hate shows like that Nicky and I got halfway through that first season and we were not intimate and I looked at her and this happened to friends of mine in Vegas 'cause I talked about a few months ago and I looked and said look. We have to make a decision right now. If we stick with this thing we're gonna end up seeing it through and if it doesn't pan out we are gonna regret it or we can jump ship now and we believed in each other and has long relief debates c.s while we like. Will jump ship sound its I did the same end up working out because I what I heard it net that they never paid off anything and not at all okay Jamar label Sony Sony Tex lines saying Rihanna. Guys is the clear choice of beyoncé come on none out on you and how do you Romano queen B 100. And art and oh yeah out of your mind borrowing yet and by the way it was the leftovers not the departed are that's that's a lesson Jack Nicholson Leonardo DiCaprio movie. But we know what she met Matt Damon yet we know which yeah which united thank you very which is weird panda is a whale pandas whales. Here's our big noses. Dig in and provide it just all on a person on the summoning your bracket you may be on yourself he won big ears a big noses pig which means English MacKey. I don't know I got a goofy knows big is and knows she knives. Better bloggers to pack you can correct that you probably panic he adds up plastic surgery for here even more difficult. I don't like it does that undermine intelligence has been your lobes we call them will be one can OBR. It's a. Sir is it likely invoke it. I. I don't know how he's your friend your mean dear friends that niceness default setting yeah I mean are you all are the closer you are piercings tattoos. That's news. Yeah and no piercings because you can remove them at least for a minute tattoos you look like trailer trash your whole life. Allow I have three iron about oh what a slap in the face him in the invisible or been able to fly. My wife's one underfoot by Owen visibility without doubt the ability to know what I had to fly out at Yankee BT SA great. A huge advantage for them cynical buyers visibility could come in Aruba everyone I'm gonna get there today you'll be Jeffrey daisy. Great last one last night earthquakes or tornadoes this or that which went eleven to would you like us rather be taught and if you attitude. Well I mean based on location oh based on location you got to choose earthquake right you can't see a common now I would say tornadoes in Illinois felony use seconds there you get a mile and a few seconds on the warning beer when you get a warning yeah I was out CNN for their article about San Francisco the other day. San riches goes do you know what don't write the article wants to read that. The ministry that technically yes every place is due. You don't need to write irresponsible aegis striking panic and everyone. Which is trying to relax but that's what they like special unfortunately true we have won more national lookalike day would you rather look like Seth Rogen or Ben Roethlisberger. Such round. The greatest line ever from the sky and only known of for a month we at the Super Bowl in Arizona came in gulag come over. And were all having dinner and he said that he just an issue show morning showed in down their drinking all day source it Ned Davis is static discuss. Smart got one more person comes up to being asked me if I'm Seth rose and I'm an expletive losing candidate with a lot on radio routed notre. Asked if after it's great it was a lot he got snapped an odd way I don't have a choice I I'd Seth Rogen is my. I think uttered by the way it's officially time to welcome you here 5 o'clock hour.