DB Show - 2 - Fortenbaugh Friday: Kawhi wants out, who is Mike Trout, This or That?

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, June 15th
It's Fortenbaugh Friday! Joe from the Morning Show joins Damon is studio, they discuss Kawhi Leonard's request to be traded out of San Antonio, discuss what's wrong with baseball and why no one knows anything about Mike Trout, and then they play 'This or That' with Gianna!

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You're listening to 957 the game PGM CFM and eight he won KG M disease San Francisco the radio home of the 2018. And BA champions. It's Friday and you know what dad means at. I know. T care. Friday's cashing checks. Arts 4 o'clock on Friday afternoon and if we see Joseph on a Ford bought Friday it's usually the first time and only time. I see him during the week but it's actually the second Thomas on this week I saw him at a parade earlier this week. And it's good see now Joseph hi nobody. How wrong on powered again on that club. Option drunk on power. Just. Hundreds of thousands of smiling faces all clad in blue and gold. Looking up screaming Damon Bruce. Damon Bruce I would not still to come cause out there tell you bought it does one out there I felt like. Damon Jong-un really I felt I felt a supreme leader yeah I was only in the June it was really no it was it was amazing man it really was. In incredible perspective it was a beautiful day you couldn't ask for better weather and that's the whole thing was just. Just fantastic it really was I loved what happened I love that we were part of an outlook that the whole station got out there was a it was a ride it we were sold were so lucky to be going through this mean we could have. Would have broadcasting. In this town for years and never gotten one NBA championship. That's pretty much how it's done in this town since this town in the NBA band together. And then this. This is just and a gift that no one could have expected no one can be anticipated and anyone. Who doesn't appreciate it as far as I'm concerned too the like it's amaze you are pretty blessed to be a sports fan or anyone covering sports in this area I imagine. If you will. Being in Orlando. Or Milwaukee. Lord Detroit. Some of these other places San Diego San Diego weather is beautiful but as I don't have a whole lot San Diego's Cleveland with palm tree cutter track that the and like this where else from a sports standpoint it's Cleveland would palm trees in the egg as a good. It's a great time at every did you how many times you talked to JD your popularity when in Cleveland this past week at soldier. I just I know I hear you it's a great town it's got nice weather bikinis tacos lots of things I'd like from a support standpoint but from a sports standpoint it's Cleveland it's Atlanta it's Miami it's as bad as a major market debts you're coming. Often baseball dynasty and you transition into a basketball special. All in there you had a Super Bowl appearance from one team you had the raiders breaking through the first winning season and playoff berth in more than a decade the the hockey team went to a Stanley Cup final. The cup overflow the kind overflow it and it is important every now and again to look around and realize that while the rest of the world's claiming it. The warriors pro basketball. Or what have you. Acts. You get to enjoy this and everyone else can just suck. Because quite frankly if they wanna hate that's what haters do but you are not on top until you have haters and I think now that's what people are realizing speaking of which. I did quite letter to break basketball today. Anyone one ballot that's what what. I can't stand is he. In the lower third graphic that says quite Leonard wants out of San Antonio beat reason that is given in the graphic that I saw on walked past and red row fast was that. He's unhappy with the way the San Antonio Spurs are not handled his quad injury nonsense. Whole nonsense that's not what he wants out he wants out because. San Antonio has never been a free agent destination never has been never will be nodding with the power Gregg Popovich being the head coach. That's the way it goes. And this is a guy who now wants to improve his situation. So he can go out and win just like another. Top five player in a pretty good situation. Came to the West Coast a couple of years ago. Here's the key difference to rant was a free agent to rig didn't try to force anyone's pain and to raise it didn't try to do is honor his contract. I don't have a problem would look quite doing. But if you're gonna jump on the train and say to rant took the easy way out to rant Bruin basketball during that chased the ring. What are you doing with this this guy's got another year he mailed them this season because he wasn't a falcon unhappy. No one really gave them. Much heat for it he seemed to get a pass because it's the spurs and because it's quite Leonard he doesn't say a whole lot fine. Alleys trying to force a trade and everyone's thinking who's he gonna team up as he can team up with LeBron was gonna go. Why isn't this breaking basketball this mammal honor his contract but Kevin to rip Rowan basketball simply by doing what he's allowed and entitled to do. People pick and choose what fruit they wanted to check so that's really as they wanna pick on LeBron wanna pick on staff they wanna pick on the rant. No one's ever wanted to pick on Tim Duncan or anyone associated with San Antonio quiet Leonard Manu Ginobili. Popovich like. We like those guys respect those guys but nobody gets the blood work up one way or another over those guys even as they're drawn down about this. I don't know if it was a dynasty but they were very good how very very long time. So I don't if your San Antonio. Why would you do business to trade him to a place where you can triple over him. This whole quite to LA against San Antonio was in control of this transaction why would you give him to LA could you think. Other franchise. That Mary's more poorly. With the ball the big bowler brand in San Antonio yeah I was listening to you would that are leaders fantastic to listen and I lots but I also have a complaint. Jeff. Gifts are really asking over and it's a motto I know I know it is not a tomato to motto now. Someone once told me it's a proper analogy someone once told me it's gonna get creative and again. It is the gift with the hard gene not jets like the and that by the waged yet. And it was like a Friday broke the Internet everyone was just fighting over everything it was a great day for social media because there was a fantastic slew. Means or men means if you Bryce Harper. Fantastic slew of just pure comedy gold that was just pour it. Poring through social media so why not JIA effort Jeff wide wide GI am by the way true so my wife. And the woman that I worked with on a daily basis both have soft to geez I can't even tell you how often I can use their names. Never in the moment it's not a suspect but we never in the moment of truth Gionta who. You're welcome America they're welcome back at what stick it to you and your young mount the amount of people who see my wife's name and call her Gilliam. Is amazing to me relief it's amazing that the concept of the soft G. So many people up and that's why I'm not apologizing for gift Jeff I'm not only asking for apologized I wouldn't you know people call my wife Gilead. So it's if that is clarifies it. Six father that I skipper. Get a from Gilligan's Island maybe that's got to be the playwright and Patti come for a there's social conditioning going on their some. Concur to your question on Leonard. The reason you're going to make some sort of deal with who cool I want you to make the deal wins if it's LA or another big market team is two fold number one. You are not gonna allow the best players in the NBA. To walk away at some point without getting anything in return if you're not gonna get him long term fine but you're not gonna force in the play if you next season and he just walks and you walk away now. Too valuable asset. Number two no one's gonna wanna give up being nice package for him. In exchange for a guy say this is Detroit Charlotte a place he would never wanna play in exchange for a one year rental before he ends up bolting to LA. Or another high market team anyway. So this is really how this works the same thing with tiger and I want out and these are the only places I'm willing to go you gotta get something in return and you've got end up. Meeting Leonard's demands for Ireland what now but Leonard can't just say. Here's my list of demands lakers that's the list the Smart I was quietly behind it seems to do with so you give them an opportunity to create a market for you when you act. Act like a baby like this and you go out and immediately leaked it and say. I'm not coming back send me the lakers the lakers sit on. Addict I see what we're doing here. We're not gonna give me the best possible deal 'cause we know this is all you've got. Right let them create a market for you and let them get the deal dot it's just. That business by the way text line coming through huge year and we are in the right location to get this type of information. Did with the G-8 stands for graphics. Interchange. Format so that's why it's not. It is GI after as the G stands for graphics nice I'm blown away yeah you have to weigh in on this program eyebrow jeans around here it's just these shows just dripping with entertainment value I have to accept that at. And a better person for this enough I don't know the now I know I'm glad that I know I am I'm glad that I know here's an. So sarcastic and and you try to pretend to be and if you cared you tell me how her book was just like wow guys. She cares there's a dog she cares she's she's curious. Curious mind stimulated by information we didn't but this. We have. Christiane. Our I'll I'll just scored another ball and yeah yeah. I. Can see. Sacks. I series. Asked out as a do we do we edit that we stretch that out using the digital now that's real that just happened. That one didn't just happen happened earlier today. Port to gong. Espanol are as Espana. It's this onion Spain and Portugal played a a actual soccer game that had goals and excitement and it today what a concept. I would watch more of it if soccer looked like the game I saw today what would you do if you could spend one today as Christian at all. I'm probably not playing soccer had to be noticed but not working out about it but did it with him how have a much better and bet at at that. So how about that jet I don't have any Christian ought Cristiano Rinaldo experiences to give away but what I do have to give away right now. Our 38 championship prize packs from the Golden State Warriors who will do that our newfangled taxi line 41540. To 6865. Is the number 41540. To 68651. Three callers when the three prize packs. Here on 957 the game it's important off Friday we got Joseph Whitner touching on the headlines. Cool wide Leonard certainly make it headlines Cristiano Ronaldo making headlines in baseball needs to find its way back in the headlines especially for some of its. Unbelievable young talent how does do that well simply. By just changing a little we're gonna get into that next year not 57 game. 576 team. Hanging out here a joke for you ball was called for an off Friday on the day members show good to be with the U. We have an awful lot to get to today obviously we're basking in the warriors this NBA offseason it's gonna be phenomenal and obviously why Leonard plans on being in. A big part of bit demanding a trade at a San Antonio today we were just talking about that few other things that we wanna touch shot we wanna get to a little NFL today we have not they had. We have not talked about the NFL basically two months on the show Jon and I'll fix a touch here is a little bit more. We've been so focused on the warriors and whenever our focus has left the warriors it's scratched the surface of baseball. We haven't talked about the NFL so long we're gonna remind you about a few things that are gonna make this upcoming season just unforgettable here in the Bay Area it's gonna be eight. A great one. But I wanna tell you a little bit of a story. Before we start talking about what were about to talk about. Wanna tell you about Mike Trout. Mike Trout is probably the best player that has ever played the game of baseball you don't know an awful lot of doubt which is really weird because he's not some old time player it's not black and white footage. You didn't literally reach out and touch him in Oakland tomorrow if you're close enough to the fence line because he is among us right now. And he is right now on pace to post the single best to war in history now right now the single best war in history is World War II. He's about to be better than that. Okay that's how good he is he's about to be better than that he is hitting. 314 with 56 runs scored 45 RBIs he's got 23 Major League home runs that leads all of baseball right now. This is his seventh season in baseball. And you don't know Jack about Mike Trout if I play just sound bite. You wouldn't even know with him because you don't know what he sounds like. You don't know what Mike Trout likes for breakfast lunch or dinner you know all of these things about Tim Tebow. Why. Why isn't Mike Trout who is clearly Joseph. Among the best in a sport we all decided we like the long time ago wise and Mike Trout. Capable. Of garnering a nation's attention it just can't be because he's not a Yankee it can't be that. Could we talked Ichiro he wasn't a yank what he was a Yankee but we talked about it before he became a Yankee. We talked about Roger Clemens before he went to the West Coast or the East Coast I should say. We talked about. We we talked about players that were on teams at war marquee teams and now this is his marquis young man to talk about. And we don't discuss him at all. I am partially to blame on the talk show host I don't talk about him enough. We're not conditioned. To talk about him enough not to. That's sad it's stupid. And it's ridiculous. Baseball is not a national sport. Baseball is a very local sport you care specifically about what you're team and your players are doing nothing else. The difference between baseball and basketball baseball and football is that. It's easier for fans and other markets to keep track of the stars in other markets. A weird though Joseph because it was like that when I was kid man it wasn't like that when I was a kid like it didn't matter that I grew up a cubs fan I knew everything I needed to know about Mike Schmidt. Who was with a you know with the Phillies you don't know Jack -- I'm quite familiar familiar but that's insane like even though I was a cub got a Mark Grace why timber Andre Dawson WGN every single day when I came home. Religious fervor following the cubs I didn't only followed the cubs I didn't. Why would why would would more information do we do that now. Let me ask you something back then when you are following. Mike Schmidt when you were following the 'cause we are following players out of market how would you rule. Pro shoe or a movie that just came out for rent. I have to go to blockbuster that's go to blockbuster now all these years later how do you procure a movie that just came out for rent them on Netflix push a button. Bush won maybe two buttons. That's the difference. Baseball hasn't changed all that but here's the deal you know what that means means a watch more movies now not less movies in baseball is the same thing but we're watching less based. In Egypt quicker access that's what it means you have quicker access people now baseball. It's still baseball and baseball is going to have a Renaissance if he continues doing what it's doing there's going to come a point. My guess is in the next ten years. Where this awakening occurs it's already starting but on a very small scale of what social media and all this time staring at screens is doing to us. And at some point people are gonna realize that and there's going to be a movement towards getting back to. Just enjoying simple pleasures being able to go outside and look at the sun and lay out the grass. And go to a baseball game. And sit there and enjoy the nuance over the course of three to four hours right now. That's not necessarily what people want that doesn't make baseball bat that doesn't make it baseball problem. But people aren't necessarily interest did in keeping up with this stuff every single day there's too much of it. Well what drives me nuts is that baseball has always a Bob Costa say department wants to set every other sport is Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick detect. Baseball has this soothing. Pendulum of a grandfather clock that is how time is kept in baseball. We would never invent baseball for more on meals we would never invent baseball for the modern world we're living in. What drives me nuts about baseball is they're trying to cram it into the modern world by making it symmetrical shortening the game making everything the same. There's an awful lot of talk to date last 48 hours about. Getting rid of the DA teacher earned adding the DH in the National League excuse me. Getting rid of the national and American League concept tab every one in the same league and you your two best teams rise forget about league forget it. And it just drives me nuts Joseph because baseball is about tradition it is about romance it should be more like the sport was a hundred years ago that it will be a hundred years from now. But it can't stay that way culturally. And I bring this up to share you this and I'm sure you heard this and. Yeah. And amp botnets small. I could keep on planet it is an argument between Terry Collins of these New York Mets and an umpire. And it was audio from two years ago it was leaked this week and it was the most interesting piece of baseball. Slice of baseball culture we've been served in a really long time and fans can't agree on anything we universally agreed we like that we want more of that were interested in hearing more of that. And baseball of course used the rest of the week to scrub it from every possible social media site and take it down and get rid of it it's on becoming. Nonsense. Four year old swear like truck drivers these days don't worry about the language. I thought there was real emotion in psychology it's fascinating. The problem with baseball's its most fascinating moments are moments it doesn't let this happen. Or moments that the game isn't built around like a bench clearing brawl will lead sports general walk off Grand Slam probably woman. Blame the unions be a. Hired union the players' union. Blame management because. Some way shape or form for baseball to start allowing these clips to be all over the Internet like we see with the NBA this is the brilliance of the NBA spreading its product. You have a poster is Asian taking place in Portland someone grabs it. Puts it on Twitter worldwide lob read tweets it puts up himself and boom now you got a moment NBA Twitter is gravitating to. Baseball does not allow that. Because some way shape or form one of the entities is gonna say we don't want that information out there we talked to John Murrow see MLB insider this morning. That's exactly we sat great question Joseph. He said the yes and things can expect. Gives does very well I'm not gonna try to motivate try to do that but. That's what he said in order to these clips to get out it's either going to be the players that say look we don't want this this new one getting out their that we Celek idiots are gonna to get empires they look you're embarrassing us people are ready hate us now that you were blowing the call on this what we say to people. Modern commissioner steps in this is why rob Manfred I think is her biggest. Dead on arrival. I'm supposed to be excited new commissioner though I'm not excited about are all like the way he goes about thinking baseball needs fixing or things that baseball does need fixed at ball. A bomb. More attention on your players more attention on your stars don't worry about pace of play that is not what's killing you baseball its lack of recognition. If Mike Trout walked in took most rooms. You'd be unrecognized. It's unrecognized. Mike Trout who was it the other day who said Mike Trout. Is more famous for being an Eagles fan Vinny is for being. In Los Angeles Angels look bad I'm. More famous for rooting for the Eagles and is playing for the angels. That's absurd your failing baseball and so like I said. A simple two step fix needs to be adopted immediately by the game of baseball number one. Stop being the league that instructs its players to have less fun. If somebody wants to code red someone for having too much fun. Really suspend that pitcher not five games do it five weeks. I don't weeks five weeks he missed his five starts not one start may. Punitive. Damage a reality of these guys and that's gonna stop the head hunting when they think they're getting embarrassed. Do you think that. Old time baseball fans are going to be OK with that the bat flipping in the show boating that that's going to your gut it out Arab blind baseball fans. They won't be the York. Baseball buying customers twenty years from now all time baseball fans are gonna die soon. I don't care about them anymore you need to market to the youth not it you know it. The direction of commerce doesn't approach the nursing home it approaches the nursery school this is square peg round hole. This sport is not built to fit with the youth. The youth don't want this sport the youth doesn't want to have to sit and wait and be patient have you ever watched. A fifteen year old John I weigh in here I know you are quite familiar with this how interest data is a 151620. Year old. At sitting down and spending four hours watching something of that. Case that's been out looking at their found yeah I know I mean that's the problem I think a lot of kids just don't have that attention span like they used to so. And based taste Lotta patience it's one of those games so it's very hard. For kids to sit down and focus on something when Muster playing obviously. So I think I think in order for them to kind of move towards the younger generations. Pace of play may play into it. OK so we want us all pace of play I'll do that for you right now you tee it did one minute less commercial every inning I just bought even nine minutes and you're dying to shape like 45 minutes off your pace of play. All know could you gotta make as much money at every single corner of the game. And in the game has just been sold down the river by profitability in every single way shape in form. You'll otherwise sometimes I go on to YouTube beaten other than the fact I'm really lonely weird man on the money. So the Google and YouTube and I'll watch Mark Grace highlights Ryan Sandburg highlights Andre Dawson highlights I swear to god I'm not watching for the at bats. I'm watching for the old Rick it used to be at Wrigley Field just a brick wall behind them now. Every single inch of my baseball screen has been poured out in sold to some advertising company I mean there's a dot com in this corner there is a pair selling product in this corner. There is in airlines and that corner during the World Series pick up trouble just go across the screen as the pitchers getting said no this pitch is brought to you by. Toyota right I don't I don't need that I'm now inundated with 25. Advertisements. In just a whip around panorama of the damn camera. Looking around the ballpark like your making so much money you're really worried about how much time we're spending here today. Our shells out. You know I Oda yeah to be able to do that and you're not gonna be able to do what they really need to do in order to generate more interest. This single. The single most important reason why football is the preeminent sport in this country by a mile. Is its sense of urgency. Every single game. Is due we're dot every single game you build up to Sunday or Monday night whatever it may be. You've got to win that game because of god forbid you start with three to seasons they have advantage of scarcity of product that. But there's also this sense of urgency that comes with you cannot lose you have to win as he got sixty minutes. When I watched Ford giant games against the Marlins. Or but that that's the thing though it is beautiful that this game all blows in Major League game happening right now if you drop it today your season and over the net net that I sing about baseball's there's another game in going to be coming up tomorrow and that's the beauty. Of the game it doesn't need to match the tempo that that football sets here's what I think baseball can do to attract due to a game or series. Horror. Something that is less then marquis or interest thing you know. Church giants Dodgers would you wrap our mind around that giants Marlins a little more ho hum well Michael player Mike and outfielder. Crude can type talk to the guys. Dar in the game in some way and that this should not like the center fielder rallies out like they have a daughter Kansas and laughed talked underpants like it there's a cut conversation the mound. Not bad how about this this is from a spring training game ESPN was doing they were talking with a multi bats as a ball was hit over his head in this is the coolest piece of audio that baseball have right applicable Terry Collins thing that it scrubbed from the Internet. That the idea that all you saw immediately what it does go that way ball was Taylor that I've got notes Nancy son he's on that immediately. That's why don't you miss new. He's got into the trap and missed pact which I did not. Find it a successful drop me. I give myself on the back there. Even the ball was hit. All over my head I'm gonna die I played it perfectly but that was a great little exchange that baseball needs moral of not less don't tell me that. Every single moment in the field is so precious no distraction can happen the game is built for distraction. The player can talk. Into a microphone into an earpiece. I think Manny Ramirez used to play with your buds and a amusement parent game. Like these guys need to be more approachable more open baseball needs to have. More inclusion through exciting things that bring you closer to the game not alienate you from the stars that you don't know about even though during the seventh season and putting up. The types of numbers that make the back to the baseball card explode like Mike Trout should officially. Be more famous. Then Chris Weber. Doing bad NBA commentator yeah. At an idea as morning here microbes for us yet what does Mike Trout sound like yeah. Yeah and as OCC get better or I was a defenses. It's going to be big issue for me they're working on first steps and valued at about half of. Name cat fish Trout. I don't know even had a southern droll. If you take out the word outfield at the end I would guess JJ watt and it's hard to tell. The unit of said that it you can play that again and just eliminate the word outfield and you be like oh did do what he's ready for defense is one more time on your in my trust sounds like. Yeah and as those things get better on obviously defenses. It's going to be big issue for me they're working on for Stetson you know get the most out of. Not knowing how little school or in his war this. Is just downright charming and makes me even more marketable as far as I'm concerned what back at the exit from major and patronage of the New Jersey wise talk like. Pakistan and I have a net that is nothing close to it sounds not so good jerseys is gross cross between Philadelphia and New York YH do we not all now know why this man from New Jersey talks with the southern to roll like that should be something we now. That should be something we know. That's it's crazy what was the public this Brandon McCarthy tweeted this morning. I know the plots and punch lines to like five bad news bears movies. But I know nothing at all about Mike Trout did gram Wilbur shine a light on the stars and stories of our game. Very good player and he's totally right someday I'll tell my grandkids about the greatness of Mike Trout what else can you tell us about him. I feel like to whether I think if not even good or bad what did you see like whether it. And they're good and acted. Brandon McCarthy's completely right. When we were growing up. One of the reasons it was easy for our generation to connect with baseball players outside of our market read newspapers you read newspapers and when you woke up may before you went to school when your reading serial you have sports and sports center back in the day. Actually went through all the games that happened right you could sit there towards the end of her school year and mag. And that fifteen minutes you spent eating breakfast you would get highlights back back back gone. All that stuff in the course tends to do that you might see every game needs he quotes from players diving catches all that good stuff. How often. And I know you and I live on opposite ends of the radio spectrum but wearing here in the morning and we had these TVs on you can put fox you can put ESPN. There's no baseball they're not showing me baseball highlights it's generally a debate about LeBron James or a debate about. Something going on with Brady and the patriots Tebow or a fight that have been a Major League Baseball or this fight at giants mini camp where they were swinging helmets at each other. That's what they're getting into hard hitting debate formats a no one is actually showing Mike Trout going four for 42 home runs we were young. Are we see that it can't look at Mike Trout there's no sports in my sport senator. Ken Griffey junior I remember my family was driving back. From Florida. And we were at some hotel in Virginia spending the night on the way back to Pennsylvania. And it was when junior was on that street trying to hit like nine home runs in nine consecutive games. And people were breaking in with coverage of his at bats but this is Ken Griffey junior in Seattle which. Anyone CO Seattle's playing this year we're not that far from there the Mariners are killing it this right and the ten yours having a huge year acknowledgment any Collins for jeans a girl off the only story out of Seattle is that Robinson could no got popped for an eighty game PED suspension it's one. Negative story and the Mariners are like the third best team in baseball are now behind the yanks the Red Sox that no one knows. We don't see any of those highlights back they used to see Ken Griffey junior highlights all the time so the you know. All these. Wasn't just. These Starr at thing that we see so much of these days it was like eight you'll get highlights from Ava. All the other guys like they wouldn't you show you like yankees A-Rod yankees' Aaron judge yankees India all superstars like you get a Scott Rocha is highlighted he did something. Though based on not feel as glamorous as the other sports at times I think that might be an issue which is. In the how'd your Saturday night go been in the Major League market those guys are living it up. Yeah I mean girls money and guaranteed fame I don't understand why that doesn't have mass appeal like it does and. Every other sport it's crazy clean good shape and missiles on hand on the face funds bonds everywhere. Bonds my favorite injury of all time Marty Cordoba couldn't play heavily for the Orioles because he fell asleep and it tanning bed. And had to scrap a couple games greatest greatest injury ever that is pretty good that's pretty I was wondering if he had the recognized disease weren't I don't I don't. Yeah and when we come on back you know what your calls what. Can fix baseball 8889579570. I bet you we update you on this US open cut line and give you the list of all the former major winners who are on the wrong side of today's US open cut line don't we do come on back. A literal this or that for the first time in weeks here on a four ball off Friday and not 57 the game closely and I don't you think about. Doctor Scotch and I'm standing dog or cat and dog pretty average what are you what are well I cast your heart. Should Xbox at least he's. Please position without my friend does this or that. Joseph. Yeah. Hey we got a lot of people who wanna talk a little baseball Weathers who were on hold but we've promised you a disparate data and we wanna live up to our promises Gionta. You have the floor mat was out. Nine I have seen this or that questions are ankle islander making big news today says he once Tilly the San Antonio Spurs OK so. Quite the lakers or polite to the fields this or that. I don't think I will and it's a great question I got Iowa I got to take the field to check mark John morrow seek. I got to take the field only because I don't think San Antonio is gonna wanna trade him. To the Los Angeles Lakers I don't think they wanna make wise dreams come true here I think they're. Greg Popovich is is an angry man and will law it would not make this. The wish list that cool why I wanted to be idol I don't think he's gonna get traded to the lakers I don't if if I'm San Antonio my business is going elsewhere. Popovich and angry man but also a very very Smart man he knows that an eight. You've got to move quiet Leonard because he's got one year left on his contract and he somehow try to force him to play for you he's gonna leaving you're gonna get nothing. And you're gonna let one of the great assets in the NBA walk away for nothing. Awful business decisions and a matter how angry you are you can't allow that to happen so you need to move now where do you move. Orlando knowing that he's not gonna sign a long term deal with them. How many assets would Orlando or Detroit or Charlotte give up for quite Leonard on a one year rental that's never gonna get past the warriors of the Celtics anyway. So moving to where he wants get something in return the only thing Leonard should've done. Was not a gone public but his right giving CNN's loaded chance to least build up the market. Among the right of all the way but on your concern among the pieces among the pieces that you would want back. You would think that Alonso ball is among the prize pieces you would want back I just don't see San Antonio wanting the ball family within a mile of that franchise. And that nicks is the deal if your best young player is someone on the uninterested and why are we doing business. Who says no on this Lou well banks got to be in the deal can you gotta get rid of that contract you also row. How coups men and Arizona and then it's either ball or Ingram now you would probably prefer Ingram because. It's Ingraham it's not the ball scenario but if you can get bald Deng which Deng's again this the contract includes my. Now you play and play them with there's not Amory suddenly him. So good or something most reports out there or that lawns and will not be a part of any sort of trade to disperse. LeBron might. Sway that yet and that would be the ultimate get back on Lamar for talking all that trash. Coming to his city. Taking his team and kicking his son out the door let it would be and Bryant LeBron singing Cleve limit or the field this or that. I'll got to seal there he killed this field is where it's it's wide open to guarantee that I just I don't see him staying in Cleveland the main motivation would be. I can make the most amount of money money will not commander plays LeBron makes this decision. At some point someone's gonna make a big deal about this and every one's gonna find an interest in but no one wants to talk about it yet. Remember that jordin Clarkson mayor Larry Nance deal when they came over to Cleveland and joined LeBron midway through to see. And while the level lock up part of that deal was a first round pick. The kicker was that it was a cavs first round pick going back to the lakers. Rather than the lakers throwing it to the traps that illustrates doesn't Jordan Clarkson who wants him right who wants him. Who thinks that behind the scenes LeBron had some say in how that deal worked out because obviously he was running the bombs like Shumpert out to get a bunch of new players and but at the same time thinking to the future where he could ship that number one pick to help him. Once he eventually arrives with his new team that's once it gets hot bat that's as hot a hot and I'll walk out David you can use after rescue showed you might ask for dimensional chess right there. RA NBA draft eligibility could shift fights when he 21 they reportedly looking to eliminate the one and done rule it's under review keep the one and done an exit. This or that. Well I'm gonna I'm just approaching this from what's best for college basketball standpoint and I and the one and done is side not. The friend of college basketball. Whatever whatever brings to an end to the one and done rule works for me. A little bit like if you're good enough to go to league right out of high school go to the league right out of high school. Guys that made the decision to test going to the league shouldn't be penalized with. Away you'll never be able playing college like to. The testing the NBA waters should not eliminate you from college competition interesting how long would you be allowed to test the NBA waters before you had a chance -- back and playing college one year you can have as many meetings with as many agents you can go through as many practice and work -- is possible what you cannot do is be signed by team in practice with the team I've -- -- I think that's I think that's reasonable that's meeting people in the middle for some reason that can never it's like we can never have -- easy solutions that they just eliminated about this cannot find his emotions to get rid -- you're not penalized for being on an NBA team until you're cashing in NBA paycheck. Art got to work for me I like that I would say by the makers get rid of it it's the most un American element to professional sports there has. You have this deal so what's the pace of that scale. We're gonna force you to go make money for someone else while giving you nothing yes I know free education at my table but they only stay for one year so they're not getting the degree anyway. Only two classes Kyrie Irving went right the earth is flat. Yet that's I'm I'm Jeff I hate could go ahead and keep that down we have a reputation to uphold it snake on the flat yeah. Are you guys are talking about making baseball more exciting make it more interesting for people why are we losing interest and then I think Jamie brought up the whole football. Celebrations how to kind of letting players now and he does and since celebrations are right so. This or that back flips or end zone celebrations. Who can't we have both I think I I think I need the end zone celebration. A little bit more I really do because the bat flip is it did you you could see 23 bad flips a game. What maybe you'll only get. Two or three great. End zone celebrations amongst that are really standout celebrations side I want to creativity put towards I'll take it I'll take a touchdown celebration that flips. I love the fact of the NFL allowed these guys to celebrate and I loved it choreographed celebrations they came up on is all said and done it was nice and made them watch a couple times we've moved on they didn't make news. Netflix make news that's what's in Toronto when shall we bats a couple of years ago had that ballot in the playoffs but here's that they got we get it done for our. I didn't hear that I argument you can name at least six different ends on celebrations that the Eagles did alone. You're back flips list has won on it. Tony that's yet and it's the football buddy list but the list Jimmy threatened as a race or so list to generate Major League back flips has won back. Flip on this that's a baseball needs a little more spice teen is to it then maybe we'll get more of you know when he won a guy like flip it over like I don't know. Humid and yeah. Yet I don't know nets up you were railing against a few months or does he just chuck it all the way down the side you know and I was ready to throw it directly at your owner could. What a time at the parade on Tuesday so that a little different no rally championship rate at which rally or without to that or that. As he's got this song operate day. I'm pulling for there. It was seriously everywhere I am more everywhere in my era when that song was allies. Did it give me the parade as wise it really was fantastic I think. Up listening. To. Jordan bell. Get on the Henne is a lot more interesting than listening to Patrick when caught at a rally talking about coming back from anything you know what I mean like to give me the fun. Did mean did that give me the yak yaks did meet the high fives all take the parade as the ones I don't think this comes down ops I think in reality this comes down to the team they have done so much for us and they have grind it so much over the last couple months of the season. That if they're at a gas and they don't wanna sit out the sun and that I totally cool that we wouldn't be that we've seen enough for a moment. We'll hear from him if they wanna ride it enjoy the parade and then go home or would they wanna do let him do what I would say this super gonna make it change them. We as a flow we as a team we need better. Yeah we like we need a pre party we need a post parting of loan we need that being catered we need to do a better job you know. You know people. Very quickly you'll know someone that you're talking duplex apartments and believe it or not this station has a lot of people who like depart. Think there people you get around words like this Gannon market data is really part year there are a lot of people that party and a lot of us wrap that thing and it was like. What's going on here but we're celebrating these championship. Since the warriors gave an ID 57 all they've done is win titles they only win titles on the radio station. And what kind of like Hank you know with this aren't rescind it and shaken hands like no resident along. We need is going to be thrown away like Percy Hershey's kiss is really be thrown out T shirts we need super so you're not allowed to throw winning at all I know I would really that we need. Drugs. Rick I think. Okay partied malice do it my biggest regret is that I didn't climb on the hood of the of the cavett right and do the stone cold Steve Austin smashed two Beers together and she found him in the shot commended the stance I think down and cooled hold like the I'm I mean like. Lotus. Yoga pose in just trying to like get your own muck on the entire race. Proud of our eyebrow at this time ready here we go ahead here's campaign give it to me champagne panic Jordan bell on Henne or Jordan bell on many. Yeah Jordan on how to please tell the lawyers the lawyers without need to learn wears down nick young and everywhere and can be kind of like it was fine. But they've got to find a way to upgrade that's look at it as late Nick Young has crescendo we've seen the zenith of that they can't. Just like champs I can't now Trevor Ariza or Michael Beasley. Trevor reason yeah a reason I think the these leads a little bit more interesting but I'll go with a res only because he's playing big stakes flat. And this is big stakes are against the warriors can't beat them join them what about Anthony Davis circle islander. Anthony Davis all out of love with secret doesn't that Anthony Davis either way you're getting an incredible player but I need is gonna show opened worries. World Cup US open. US open. Well World Cup every four years to the woke. The. By the way I mean it's ID right now telemundo on fox or unnoticed on it yet the World Cup the World Cup. On fox is meant. World Cup on when it is the only good stuff phenomenal so there are watching and down yeah I don't need any underneath and eat any of it to me the language of sports is the all we went over this the other day. Okay. Sox yeah wait what I've seen it he beginning to data get the title card about giving him against the top of who once yes time. Tied. Ox. My dad lives in Florida it was bulge Natalie once Sox tenure has stocks you like them you know I looked so still but for dad Naimi you don't go tie yeah ties in nicely hit a nice ties against as Paris axis like banks where the draws ads don't show lost socks Daschle lost guys. The Sox my son that they aren't aren't I'm proud voter plane. Brick or wood I didn't engines and I sheet motor plant in Canada like. Writing or flying or driving what how my experience or donate you're not allowed to get any more details at Pitt ones are okay plane. And and I don't like the water and I don't like flying but. I'm on a much I guess I got parties I think part I think is a better chance of me drowning in there is a plane crash and how that a trained would you would you like a nice locomotive Bart only. What it's north beach festival or stern grove of both starting this weekend starting growth and other growth mr. gross Austin secret best dog park in the whole city by the way OK clinging not cheated or talkies. Talkies I don't know what ties our there's so good he got any good does it work to get hot she doesn't talk he song by the way. It is on our last when Jurassic Park or drastic rolled onto the top is currently. Yeah Jurassic Park park. Not dress girl you know looking for even known address of the original is he ready more than that you know known to many kisses the Pratt Hemsworth Annan's. This too many of them so now the original cast and the original movies. And I Kamal got to get this abomination of a T Rex raptor hybrid but how realistic is that everything evolves joke. Sometimes. Cops moved. Sometimes. Life fines and I. Did juggle it. Thank you. Very very much we got an awful lot coming up we got cool why we got what we got what what it would move to we all you want championship dear to give away let's do that now they would get a brand new contest line 415426865. Is number 415 for a 268651. Three listeners where oh really get warrior champ swagger. Not this wag champ flags. You get warriors championship so wag. First three callers on our new contests line 41540. To 6865. And speaking of five it's time to start our 5 o'clock hour.