DB Show - 2 - Bruce Jenkins, Redskins cheerleaders, Anthony Slater, Five before Five

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Thursday, May 3rd
Damon is joined by longtime SF Chronicle sports columnist, Bruce Jenkins, gets into a discussion on the Redskins cheerleaders, is joined by Warriors reporter for The Athletic, Anthony Slater, and Five before Five with Gianna Franco!

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Let's pause real quick though foray sultry. Station identification you're listening to 957 in the game KG and the FM and eight C one KG MZ San Francisco you're home for every warriors playoff game. Don't bought and six infants to pick your boy up I'm terrible reading the station ID so we just so I was like when he got to do this form he really after she did a great job thanks so much thanks to Bruce Jenkins for stop and on by he's been with the chronicle. Since 1973. And it's very good note this man is seen in all he's done it all he's been there he is the grand sage of the Bay Area. Bruce have you ever ridden every Muni line in one day. I know I've never written a as single Muni line and any day. I don't believe that since the. I no that's not drive I've only live in the city for for a year living civic rights that I just. Took my car down to the chronicle. That was a pretty adventurous this time it turned out pretty well. It'll cause it was great it was it was a very San Francisco thing to do I enjoyed to chronicle doing men Peter Hart lab and his partner there did a really really nice job so obviously Bruce would get an awful lot to talk about we'll start with the return of the prodigal son staff curry coming back in game two. That's an awful lot of drama packed into ORACLE Arena for one night they bring them off the bench and obviously Steve Kerr he played it perfectly. Well I mean there was so that a little bit comical seed. Nick young's starting to regain that. We're more than northern is ridiculous but. But you know after you've voted cursed before the game Matthew won game one easily it's easy to kind of let down and I don't know awful lot of the time that second game is totally different than it was you know world is little but more ready all the sudden they bring curry and it's like oh my god he. He runs around eighteen screens and hit his first shot he hits from 32 and the crowd go crazy and I just felt like our right to zip what's next. It's something else to see this team get its mode Joseph back at its best players back. Dream on greens got all of his slight playoff anger back in he's throwing in and anyone. Who wants a little bit of that now's the wrong time to be messing with any Golden State warrior Brusett I doubt you had any plans to provoke anyone but I now's the wrong time because they're on red alert they'll they'll take out Charles Barkley. They will take out their opponent they are scared they're looking for trouble they really are and it's good to see him doing that again. Yeah I mean you know talk about you know the playoff motivation kicking in it's been a little more vivid I think people even imagine you know straight month spent just completely ridiculous. And you even with with clay had ever very tough night duress. Long range shot it has meant connecting at all and then yet they still just look. Tremendously dominant that that's what happens when you're not rely on one or two guys like New Orleans Communist. You just look at the mismatch as you watch courier Rondo you know hook. Q what Mary pictured her dream on you want player through all the all the way except for the better in our if they davis' it's a story himself but. They just they just don't have the manpower don't have the bench. And I think it's that's obviously a big game for them did so I can you I guess Norris it would have an idea I don't see it I don't see the New Orleans winning any games. You know I saw you there I believe dame won game two I Saudia. And you know you've been covering the NBA he either from a good distance or up close for really really long time there are certain guys where you do see him in your like well I can't believe that we fall into the same category. And that categories humans like how can I be human and that person is also human. Anthony Davis Anthony Davis is one of those guys like he looks like he was sent here from another planet. He people at a point guard and it was a kit that you can see how that could be true he'd handle the ball really well for big guy. He's got the perfect footwork he's got a following shot he hit skin hit from three beacon mob Duckett for you can drive and donkey he's go he's got creativity. I just you know amazing to see all that talent packed and in one individual and I'd you know I love it because everybody says the other big man is dead and he kept. Dropped the ball into the post and all that work well you sure can't if you got the right guys who did not they don't they're very few of in the league right now. But did Davis do until MB there's it's it's still it's still alive that is alexion that. Bruce Jenkins here on 957 in game let's shift our attention AT&T park where. The giants I guess you're just bracing for bad news on on Johnny Kuwait though whenever you hear doctor James Andrews this storing. Very rarely turns out to be. And everything was great and his elbow was fine. You know you're his stick as soon as you hear those men that name. It would almost be too much. Even with all this baseball still in front of the giants to overcome bomb garner and Ben Quaid no getting hurt along with some Marge and Milan send. I mean eventually Bobby Evans and Brian Sabine has got to be like mercy place. Yeah I that's that's still play a logical way of looking at them this is tribal turn out the way bets you know at the same time they've had. Even before Credo means so much has happened this seemed like a serial loser closer they lose a race suit or second baseman. You know as the market goes down. That chances and you know you're which had a broken all kind of stuff going on in there and they're playing this to play really good ball that the fans have a reason to opted. And believe the team's gonna win that 14 series in a row. They're gonna need an awful lot from Stratton and then block and and you know they the the young pitchers are gonna throw in there. But this kind of got something going just like the Dodgers really don't it's so funny how that happens you don't believe. Or or not believing. They can it's not your year that maybe it is your year those those things mattered I'm not saying that giant to get a win at all but they kind of feel like they've got something going there and nothing's gonna stop on I can't duplicate field covering your dad are a little above 500 all the way to the end. Well and that really is there is a mission that's job one nothing surviving just the bomb garnering injury you get you just just tread water 500 until he gets back in May be you're in position to look at that second or first wildcard. That's probably what the giants are hoping for and and you don't. Every two steps forward there's a step backwards Andrew McCutcheon he's got an elbow contusion now c'mon. Yeah I it's ridiculous it really is to me and they're gonna wind up. You know from them with a double a lot of regression AAA. Court trouble they don't. But like I say they. They refused to think that says that it has been a full day though they've already done that they've gone through that they they still have a bunch a guys who've who've been through it and and they can there's a there's a lot of belief you're there I'd I don't know I I just enjoy it's as it happened to market its forecast doom before it happens. Bruce I know you're no longer charged with the NFL beat by the chronicle but it's impossible to avoid. This three day bonanza of sensation that the NFL draft has become it can you believe that a eight you know idea a stadium in Dallas were a list of names is being read. Gets double the audience of elimination. NBA playoff games. Yeah I and you are really the big big attraction to me is the harvester road Roger Goodell skateboarding dogs guys like their blood brother back from the war. Dan Ellis some. Levy does this draft was really good because of the whole quarterback Taylor Levitt from the 49ers stay employed you know that they've got their quarterback who would have thought that you know six months ago. And they're just watch and all these other teams try to figure out mayfield and the Rosen and Arnold and Josh element. Who knows little happened that could be it could bomb out and you know they've got that covered which is it's such a big thing that. You know fight is that it seemed to have drafted well like I've followed ever washing out he's pretty close together our next door neighbors have a daughter up there at UW and what's that every game and good tennis is it is a tremendous player he's gonna help him. You know obviously returning when I think you can be as good secondary receiver to get the big linemen up front so. Yeah out there was it was a good you know good he could treated. Burris always a pleasure mended talkies thanks so much for catching up with a us. One of the best he's one of my favorites Bruce Jenkins are on 957. The game. Obviously we are going to use our time wisely today we're going to be would you do about 615 tomorrow. I've only got a half an hour long show that's when warriors warmup is gonna take over from that early start time. In New Orleans we've also got a game between the sharks. In the golden knights coming up from Vegas tomorrow a very big Friday evening coming up for Bay Area sports fans. And Ralston going to be taking a look at the giants were gonna get to the Braves tomorrow night tomorrow night the a's will be home from their road trip up in Seattle which concludes this evening. Was it show on the night against Wade LeBlanc tonight. Daniel mangan is gonna take on the Orioles when the a's get back into town tomorrow. 8889579570. Is the number I've got Dave in Martinez stayed here on 957 game. Kate Damon just recuperating from the game last tonight be sure to thank all of my god that was some knows your economy and all I ultra present (%expletive) Every time when he had the artistic ideal Don scored four. I appreciated I really do thank you for carrying the flag high above your head for all deceit. It looks fantastic man the tank was clock in last night to really wise. Glad you had a good time Albert calls from too weighty what's going on out. I love to shut Damon thank you Ghana. We're got to always. Don't want you know wanted to put a little input comment delegation we're hiring well it like this that we know we had a real shot at the Super Bowl. You know I had died I am on well done sir well done. Nobody ever outgrow wanted to say it would like our little likeable well warrior and shark I've never seen them play with such ferocity. But intensity. And such dedication. Well I mean look I've seen the warriors play like this in. It's good to see them play like that again sharks meanwhile get out like it hot keys really weird. You get into the playoffs you can win the Stanley Cup. Lake you can make that argument in the NHL where you really can't make it in other sports and right now the sharks are. Looking just as good if not a little bit better than the golden knights a in India lord for it look at this what sharks don't look like a team that lost game one of the series seven nothing. Like are you don't belong on the same ice you're not as fast enough skilled. Sharks have looked like the better team through while. Overtime periods. One successful one in defeat. They were so much better they were as good in game four. Winning for nothing. As they were batting game one losing seven nothing. Good to see him skating I mean now Western Conference semifinals. Is two out of three. First tutored first to win two games goes to the next round I know who I would like to see in the next round. It's okay. Hair though yeah. 8889579570. Is the number more your calls are certainly welcome after the break when we come on back we're gonna change the subject just a little bit. It's a story that a lot of people are talking about it's coming out of Washington and what do you know the Redskins got more trouble. Not just being called you know like boo you gotta racist. You gotta get a racists nickname gonna racist. Monikers there. And that's to be debated for sure it's certainly harder and harder to defend the moniker Redskins now in 2018. And it never was. What they did with the Dallas or excused him with Dell's board Childers with the Washington Redskins cheerleaders is a very sinister as well we will get into this story next. I'm 95 cent in the game. 57 victory. By the way Tex lines says they dame nozzles and the other day my three year old daughter in the car she now yell. Don's going hats off on the off. Stevens in the way oh thank you very much Stephen. Yeah I get a a text message jurors. Somebody hit me on Twitter the other day saying that you know might my daughter walks around the house screaming bounced a consulate consulate don's going. Mike good reads shows work and the I liked and I really do. It's a yeah I forget sometimes kids who listen and we try to do a family show I try every day really hard not to swear on the air and the vast majority of days. I don't at a joke office that I accomplished that. I can't read the station ID anymore we learn that the hard way is now we just have Alain indeed and at the top via. Let's look it there are some things that unfortunately our topics that are you know bending. Towards adults. And away from kids and this is one of those topics as well Jian I'm very happy that you're here because. Obviously I want your feedback on this story about how. Redskins cheerleaders feel we used our earth and having to pose for topless photo shoots. And an uneasy. Night out in this New York Times article that I'm gonna share with you debt. Look at the Ed behest of the risk to my own in the audience liking me I'm gonna point out some of the things that I think are very unfair. In this article okay and some things are presented in a manner which are. Issues at all. Some things are absolutely unsavory. In this story but it is not one big pile of unsavory is a matter of fact. It is a pile of unsavory a pile of very normal and a very large pile of misunderstanding. And it's a it's not a he said she said story. It's a she said she said story because different cheerleaders are reporting vastly different experiences. I will proceed with caution. So the Washington Redskins took their cheerleading squad to Coastr Rica in 2013. Free calendar photo shoot. The first cause for concern among the cheerleaders came when Redskins officials collected their passports upon arrival at the result. Depriving them of their official identification. Okay I'm gonna tell you right now that is a completely unfair opening paragraph in a story that is all about sinister and uncomfortable. That act alone is not a sinister or nor should it be an act that made anyone uncomfortable. I I got a dollar and it says. That when the raiders went to Mexico City and they got there somebody who is part of the team's traveling party the traveling secretary. Collected everyone's passport. And kept them in a safe. Purely for safekeeping. You know the did biggest way to screw up a team travel is. While one person here lost their passport they're holding up the entire international flight or this person can't act so a lot of times. When a team is traveling internationally. Turning in your passport. Is standard operating procedures select not uncommon it's not uncommon OK and it's not. So to save it. The first cause for concern among the girls was that the Redskins collected their passports. Well that shouldn't have been cause for concern because it's very sick and no where in this article. Does it say will that's actually very common. It's very common but I digress and that's hardly the point of the story but you know we're talks when we're talking about by UCs. I think we should. Shine the light on everything. For the photo shoot which is taking place in an adults only. Occidental grand poppy I'll go resorts in net cool little bro today now by the way the adults only. Occidental grand puppy out it's not like you're going to any secrets which is basically advertising and content wise on the beach. Right this isn't just a place they don't have kids around wrecked it's it's it's not adults only worse swinging. It's no kids just kids so there's different way to write this story no kids adults only which is that. Ooh that sounds more yelled that Mike they chose to bury the Redskins with every buzz word they could in this article. There's enough to not like about the Redskins without doing. Just caught at the buys were icy. Anyway. Some of the cheerleader said that they were required to be topless though the photographs used for the calendar would not show nudity others were nothing but body paint. But you can go ahead and open up any Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. You know what they forget a lot of the swimsuits. Pictures swimsuits. Like the B a bikini bottom covering the private area but then the top will be like hand across the boobs or branch well placed. Across an apples or something like that can't see it. You know so like there's not a lot of the teeny in that the teeny if your only wearing the bottoms but that's commonplace. Mean really it's it's commonplace by showed you. You don't like what would I told dude that died Gionta this swimsuit issue contains a pictorial where. The bikinis are painted on would you be on red alert. No that wouldn't surprise me it would what would surprise me is the environment these pictures taken but but the act itself is very common we see Allison we see it on the Internet going to and extra mustard mustard on SI UC those type of pictures that. Now where the uncomfortable officially comes into play is right here so the uncomfortable wasn't the painted on the teeny the topless bikini the adult only resorts. Order collecting your passport nothing uncomfortable as happened yet. The uncomfortable happens. When the Redskins invite spectators. A contingent of sponsors. And FedEx Field suite holders all of them men. Were granted up close access to the photo shoots now vat is a little leery and that's that is a little creepy. 1 evening at the end of a fourteen hour data included posing and dance practices the squads director told nine of the 36 cheerleaders. That there work was not done data special assignment for the night some of the male sponsors depicted them to be personal escorts at a nightclub. So get back to your room and get ready the director told them in several. Of the cheerleaders reportedly began to cry. Quote they were putting and gone to war heads it was mandatory for us to go. We weren't asked we were told other girls were devastated because. We know exactly what was happening. Now they're participation did not involve sex the cheerleaders all said that they felt as if the arrangement. Amounted to pimping them out which bothered them and the team's director demanded they go as sex symbols to please mail sponsors. Which they did not believe should be part of their job. All right Jim we'll talk about a cheerleaders job. Obviously the coaster Rican. Trip and the night club. Expands. The parameter of job description but their game day job description. Is literally to be sex symbols. Four straight men. Right I mean I look at him as performers on a football field right early gains but here's the deal stage if the Bosch crashed in the ladies didn't make it to the game. Every fan would know exactly when to make noise there would be no strategic goal advantage gained or lost like. Begin would still go on if the cheerleaders were there or not exactly is the players right. So to me I just think it's a little odd that you would. Pick and choose the moments to complain about being a sex symbol when in the job title is sex symbol. Like isn't this a little bit like David Copperfield complaining that people were treating him like a magician. Think a lot of these women know that you know they this is a very. You know for lack of better term a sexy job you know you're not wearing a ton of clothes even when you're on the field. But there is Illini should not be crossed either way and when you're on the field your protected when you're out about the community and random guys can nineteen year not as protect. So now I'm gonna invite. A handful of you out to a club tonight and I have made you uncomfortable. Why. Well from their purse it sounds like they were saying that they had to go and hang out with these sponsors and suite holders keeper we're giving the Redskins money. But indeed what if they didn't what if the choice was absolutely there's an all they had to do was say I wanna go and that would set OK I have to. But I think the problem is is some of these girls say that they can collect they have that option the problem is is that other girls who didn't go along say that they absolutely did have the option and they were never threatened or physically. Uncomfortable at any point in time like this is very much how an individual felt about the evening more than it is like. While the Redskins really went out of the way to make all these ladies very uncomfortable on a foreign land. Any one person's level of comfort obviously very different than another's but it. I personally don't think that they should be asking them. To make this mandatory don't hang out with these guys I mean if they want to that's up to them they're all grown adults. It's mandatory now it shouldn't be mandatory you should never respect forced to to socialize. At the end of a work day. Or not and that type of an environment right. Hey we yeah have you have you ever have you ever seen showgirls though. Show that's your shop like that's part you know it's a show you're probably gonna be top. None and an oil but there's a point showgirls were like a total boat convention a dance on a boat non compliance wanna take him out of course everything in Vegas means prostitution. This isn't quite that it's being presented is that. It's a little unfair and its presentation here. But I'll continue. This provides a vivid illustration of how NFL teams have used cheerleaders for four more than sidelined dancers. During games NFL cheerleaders have filed discrimination complaints we all know that they've been radically under paid for their time. Hostile work environments his band not talked about there were often dangled his sex sex objects for the titillation of male fans away from the games. Is this right is this wrong. It's just not right to send cheerleaders. Out with strange men when some of the girls clearly didn't wanna go that took one cheerleader said. But unfortunately I feel like a won't change until something terrible happens like a girl gets assaulted in some way or raped I think teams will start paying attention when it's only too late. Now Stephanie yoke and then. Is the longtime director and choreographer for the Redskins cheerleaders now she disputed much of what the women here claimed and before you say. Well of course she did she's a team employee. She starts talking here and she doesn't sound like she's talking just because she's got the team talking points like. She vehemently denied denied the club was mandatory incident the cheerleaders who went. We're not chosen by the sponsors quote I wasn't forcing anyone to go at all. I'm the mama bear I really look out for everyone not just the cheerleaders it's a big family weren't traveling party. We respect each other we respect our craft it's such a supportive environment for these ladies. The Redskins is huge statement saying that you know we're very proud of our cheerleading program and we really think that there is you know did not quite. As your presenting this is exactly what happened. There are those in the Washington Post has reported that when Daniel Snyder bought the team back in 1999. To cheerleading program. Was given a may go over he brought it in house C operated independently and its style became increasingly risque. Mr. Snyder was bringing. The craft closer to pole dancing with every season said he critical column in 2009. In Washington city paper. Can you honestly say Damon after reading that article that you don't see any problems with where some of these girls. Were in situations ever uncomfortable. Now I totally see. People walking around and being around them I am making them uncomfortable photo shoots a completely see that. And having me. If you work I don't know what to believe you know I don't know where the truth is in this story so I'm not gonna. Rush to judgment I know that it's very neat you know it in style to say we will of course your being abused and of course you. Like today have to go to the calendar shoot really forced to do that I mean you know YE got a trip to Costa Rica and like it good things happen their two right fun was had you weren't threatened the entire time. I mean I hope not I wasn't there I can't say yes or no but it. I had to cheerleaders both women who work at this thing. Raised the coaching they got say they never felt forced to do anything they didn't want to do they said that they thoroughly enjoyed their experiences. With the Redskins regarded the evening out. With sponsors in Costa Rica one of them said it was actually just a fun night of relaxation to get away from at all. Like it just like a one out at a party wasn't like if you come deny your signing up to sleep with Harry in marketing. And that's the problem. This year hearing to me like you're hearing with two separate groups of women having very different experiences. So it just comes to a certain point of what you were comfortable with personally. Pressure I mean think about you ear going to eat you wanna Jeter Johnny wanna be part of this and then you're expected to do things that make you feel comfortable. Mean that is a lot of pressure maybe some of these girls felt forced to say Yasser be apart of the S. And. Odd story we got people who wanna make some calls on it we will take those calls but added no war Anthony Slater. Who was gonna join us any couldn't join us is gonna pop on the list for just a second that's good we got plenty to talk about with the warriors down. In that. No what we knew were once is actually where they are John Dickinson in the final report this later rod he of course covers the team. For the athletic Anthony it's good to have you one man thanks so much for joining us where you're surprises the rest of us. To see step curry come off the bench I really thought minute restriction or no minute restriction man he was gonna start. Kind of arm iPod they opened the door. The couple basically before when curry. You OK with that and it was able and just put them to sit on the table very much and that you know that some a lot of guys would mean would be. I'll hear from you should look go to and KC right now but like a lot of guys just wouldn't want to approach that epic so. I've but like that nobody district and although when Kurt that battled like a chance to pop out thirty minute so. It actually you know when you're watching what the argument that makes sense that it like that that and it. I and it got him patent that I lots of an outburst app or to let that go in these six. Meanwhile if it's all about curry coming off the bench the pelicans really didn't get anything from their bench. And I don't know if they can count on it like they were gonna play great on ball defense and this. Even though they had some defense of moments and and frustrated the warriors state just they can't score with a steep. Well that this anatomy lesson the debenture issue right there. Memory I mean I don't want aggregate Clark he Clark wasn't eight apple ever walked right there orders last year. Product to scrap and I'll take that may have. You know Gary Miller who are you grammar yeah is going to go deeper like shut the hollow because are not an. I think we knew who were wooed a little bit too much inept leaders here that its origin is really make a courtroom book that. But. They've Portland they're just too then I mean their pitches and locate their guy according it's a pop that's great answers to date has 45 points a game to a don't rate a lot of what that Weyrich Toronto on couldn't what did you see that just tell you out there in the. You know Anthony wrote a piece about a bomb loony and the guy's been incredibly impressive the way that he stayed. Locked in and ready to go even though the years started with the announcement that he wasn't gonna get extended in terms of the team picking up his option. He never went up or down is a matter fact he kept on losing weight and get even in better shape Steve Kerr who I thought. Almost anecdotally was looking for something else to talk about would praise looney almost go out of his way to do it right now we're starting to see why he's done that this guy is playing a huge role on the team where. I never thought he was gonna be given a huge role. Yet it's very needed right of that Gaza Pachulia took him you know he decline this year because they got doesn't quite equipment at this point. You barely thought we speak live Dave Webb can only probably your backs of but 1214 minutes Jordan electors to ankle sprain really are the rookie you're seeing you and court. The whole center. And suddenly had magic of allude aren't aware. Really kind of spot. I would be right kneecap in my term traders. I'd just keep get off that ought to spot basically they were our own in new art teacher and stretch out or telling that they put their part team next year. But you know he he's day within weeks Kerr loved the longer personal defenders of I think you get too big moment is here warned against the winter members in October right before he had just opt in the primary. Premarket tot he popped up the bench hit it great clothes and they get three don't laugh a minute. So the first time. The lovely you look like European and declare remember that that. Like I've ever seen a player or commit that. And then later in the year in use in the only with adding the rocket. But he defender Chris Paul really well and pectoral. You force that you midget got knocked on the pal Paula now. The aircraft within a rocket site game that you couldn't Iraq respect and you sit in the modern NBA not suddenly. He may be too expensive for it and this upbeat. What angered the Golden State Warriors is a team more this week. Disappearing jackets. Or Charles Barkley threatening violence. Well this week it was the Barkley you know we go to the bad guy gets its two weeks yeah were. I'd say it jacket. Angered that seem more the common angered grave marker more directed at him are also what looms over our become an Italian street meter orders. Religion and at the start becoming a collegiate title contender. But Europe I would dump that are on the scene eight when we are in San Antonio that was all anyone wondered how are currently jacket that the opposite. This started right superstar talk about a product and I've dated a bit more Barkley or spirit that is a bit more interest in the cursory look weird action news about somebody you need to I don't create drama around so. Anthony Slater of the athletics where he going to be in New Orleans. All right amateur Reno into the being open practice but I know shootaround tomorrow. I am kind of my choices about where Wal-Mart that take it I'm going to dinner we get it figured out who knows why aren't don't go but I don't give it. Gonna to get him. Yeah I got a lot of suggestions I'll share a few you know what one of the best meals my wife and I were just in New Orleans a couple of months ago. We had brunch at a place called our chief ally yeah. Go to go to arch a full life for brunch you got friends give you all these dinner at things that you're gonna have tomorrow off and you're going to be looking for little brunch. Go out to archer full lie yeah it's right on the edge of the Garden District you can walk around look at all the mentions when you're done it's a lovely afternoon. I think it's much better Africa between games period or. There you go arch a full lie you can catch him there he is Anthony Slater of the athletic thanks a lot man thanks attention and urge second yep yep interpret that and think we're gonna catch up with Anthony today look at that just call went in because he and we told. He had a whole the whole close below the hole opened he ran right through it. A lot. Good stuff. 888957957. No we have Mike in San Jose holdover from when Jian and I were talking about with all. Redskins Mike how Loria. Excellent thank you woody got for us. I just such Ottawa so spot I mean I didn't think we ought to come out on a straw and unless our assert some. So that would ever had enjoyed themselves thought it was a great trip where other what we're not. Oh what you get it now you are. In other Redskins did not handle this ride and you know the Redskins. Put people or situations in which there were. Probably pretty deeply uncomfortable or compromise in the sense out of I don't wanna be here that you like about to be Eric so it will be here why you have a right here. This doesn't really feel part of the job description. So. In utter disrespect being made it yeah I'm glad it can go either. And Doug kind of par for the course for a general Snyder operation. Well it's another reason if you if you if you didn't like Daniel Snyder to begin with this makes you not like him even more. And really look for that piece of evidence that would make you like Daniel Snyder more like what would that be. At what point will they be like OnStar and be a little bit more reasonable middle acquiesce to huge. Huge concerns. But he's just you know when you're when you're rich and wealthy when you're insulated. From you don't care about other people's opinions and you really don't. Yeah and I think it's no secret a lot of these cheerleaders don't make money at best they can hardly make anything they have jobs a lot of immerse students it's a steppingstone for maybe careers with. Other teams and things like that are even and you know. Hollywood and being an actress and things like you know there's they're hoping for more I'm sure at some point. Look back in the day when I was so. When I was at the other station I was invited down to the gold rush girls auditions and try outs and like I went in there. Stereotyping. What I thought was going to you know who the type of of person who walked through the door and I thought you know maybe part time dancers I don't know. Did it was. Premed pre law over and over again completely successful very very well educated. Journey. Is this is just a professional choice to add. Another avenue in which to grow professionally it wasn't like hi I am here to just make money off my looks and my ability to shape my rump like it was really really impressive. So obviously this is a very very ugly story that a lot of people are talking about but. It was just written in a way that I think is almost even a little unfair in a world where it's so close to suit you so easy to say. Everything the Redskins this sucks. I don't know if everything they did here sucked. I think some of it. It's a little like street smarts that you need to have for yourself like. Don't leave that up to the Washington Redskins to protect you protect yourself at times too you know Internet. Keep your guard up at all times is what they tell you in a boxing ring. This is the day membership. And on those areas I was so that's good news is there my my big islands and every game you know and I didn't score again for send him on ethanol clearly good. Good morning. We just started to flare name. He started getting Judah the intention of the details it I think every game we've gotten better about. Series on them. Bandwagon. And minds and Don it's just odd. Yeah yeah I'm excited we were there and I don't want the right to be over but bandwagon is still driving right through the middle of this program. And what do you know. The Western Conference semifinals is now best of three. Game five tomorrow night in Vegas game six. San Jose on Sunday I gotta get down there for that one. Sharks scored twice in the final five minutes of the first period to finally being controlled the game here play from the front instead of behind. Martin Jones was spectacular once again 34 saves that his sixth career postseason shutout and he ties it getting a buck off. For the team record for most saves in eight playoff shut out could not have gone better in game four for San Jose and one more time that there in a bad four goals but one of them. Really is you know it stands out from the rest that there's just one of them it's not like the others. Good times. Good times let's keep it going forget about Curry's return it's all about. Yeah. And have a little conflict of interest who got warriors on we're gonna have. Don's going on at same time is to serve two masters there really do. Someone just said here on the takes on a Damon what is your ads say to tomorrow's warrior game is at 330 tomorrow it's listed at five web apple I'm glad you asked. She our coverage starts at 330 tip off at five and that's how it works you know it's also how it works fives that before five let's do. You can now do some things you want to. Hi yeah. I said. Let's get to him too Aaron let's start with number one number one. Cowboys tight end Jason Witten officially retiring he's headed to the food hasn't analyst ESPN's Monday Night Football. Getting paid a lot of money to do it few people all mixed feelings about the whole feign a tight end may not be the sexiest decision. To be that next rule for ESPN's money ninth full plus cell Damon if you could hire that position if you were in charge you're the executive producer. Who would you pick who I news. So I can take anybody any active player current player I'd go back to DN dear Doris can we go back to Dan beard or this may be made. Make American Dere door again. That be great heavier kick you know I just I. To me a color analyst I'd like I think Collins worth is actually pretty good at it I think Tony Romo always really good added I I hope Jason Witten is gonna be really good at it. But if it really doesn't matter to me like it really doesn't like I never thought well I am definitely not watching this game because the broadcasting crew tonight. And I loved broadcasters like I'm pretty person entity about broadcasting. And it doesn't bother me them much like a really great broadcaster. Can enhance a game really bad broadcaster I just turn the volume down I don't want to ruin my night anymore so. Who would I choose who would I choose cycle was stormy Daniels I think should be the most interest. Issa curt Warner saying that he was eased tweeted out earlier how he cease specifically Jason Witten but he certainly. Made a point to say that you know it's not about race or gender Ager pedigree but it's about gaining experience with in a position right what period of time and then. Kurt Warner tried to get that job the old fashioned way he tried to work his way up the chain. And that's not the way it works anymore and some network executives just taps you when you jump right to the front of the line in the way ESPN's been throwing around money for broadcasters these days. Let's hope this one works because the three people they're paying fifteen million dollars before 10 AM to as not working at all. Number two speaking of millions of dollars stock is extending that right with five year deal record breaking deal in fact a 115 million and total thirty million pre here. A hundred of gearing seed. Aaron Rodgers. How much is he gonna get paid he's next okay so what's the hold on now it until 115 million in touch and totality battalion per year a hundred they guaranteed. Five years. So he can he can tacked on another fifty million. A 200 million for Aaron Rodgers 35 a year for air an average salary wouldn't blow me out of the water at all wouldn't be surprised by that. I wouldn't I mean if if it's Matt Ryan's words that. What's Aaron Rodgers were coming to mind and yet 35 million it's totally gonna happen there will be in our lifetimes. A fifty million dollar your quarterback and before you say never I won't ever happen. I remember when baseball went. Out of its mind because Ryan Sandburg was making seven million dollars a year you got guys may got to start these mean like. It's crazy we are going to get Mike Trout is our first 400 million dollar player and then. It's gonna take another generational talent we will have a half billion dollar contract in our lifetime it's just not us but as Matt Ryan if thirty million dollar a year QB he is to the falcons. But on the open market now he wouldn't put the falcons. Pieces Centre of everything they do so to them yeah. Number three. Western Conference semi finals so we guide the lawyers and now pelicans tomorrow night 330 coverage here at tipoff at 5 o'clock. As this progresses. Better storyline for the Western Conference finals rockets in lawyers showdown or the jazz with another playoff upset facing off against the warriors do you wanna see that Cinderella story line with the death I would. Minded only because it would be funny to see the rockets fall on their face on such a national level everyone's been previewing. The Western Conference finals and you know even though it would be a little funny and you talk is absolutely. Like the NBA team that is most deserving of winning a title for its franchise having come close but never really done it. I still a lot warriors rockets are really do that's that's bound to be even better series a more competitive series. It's what we've been talking about all year and and I wanna see it I still wanna see it and and by the way the Houston Rockets. With all due respect even though we lost that game there's still a lot better than the Utah Jazz and watched him get. Back in control of the series. And and we just a little bit yesterday about the slogans for the for NB eighteenth for the play out the Utah Jazz is take note take note meant so much last night see Donovan it's all I thought I think about. I can't believe that they won that game in Houston without rubio we said Tim bon Temps on new. Said that that probably helped them so I'm OK whatever confidence. Give me warriors rockets still number four. Right that's under my need a little bit on help here's a story that. Broke today Paul George of cleaning his daughter out of school in OKC is this a sign that he is move mean. On gas. You have probably is I don't know why you would pull your kid out of school if you were. Doing any sort of like. Planting family roots for a long stay in the city you don't do that you don't pull your kids out of school to stay where you're living. Our reading too much adieu let you pull your kids out of school to move up you don't put your kids out of school stay right so there so where he be the most effective. We've already said this he is going to delay could Sears from Southern California he's gonna go to the lakers. He's gonna sign a Max deal with LeBron to play in Los Angeles unless of course LeBron has another idea. And says hey Paul I'm not gonna take you to LA with me anymore I'm gonna go there with quiet Leonard. And that conversations already been had. I feel LeBron that I game against the raptors under way captain leading 9681. We're there yet. I'm telling you right now the Toronto Raptors should either band to break from ever sitting courtside just fold their own franchise mean like if you're not going to it the best you've ever Ben you're not gonna run into and beat the cavaliers at the worst. They never Ben shame on you. You. Your your fraud is a franchise did the Toronto Raptors. Are basically. Signing up to never being taken seriously ever again. Number of. I and it is final street here is a weird and kind stat. So early this year Kevin Hart with caught up in a sex tape extortion attempt. And according to TMZ it turns out his longtime friend and Jonathan Todd. JT Jackson is facing two felony counts. So he is a apparently appeared in several films of heart isn't really close friend of his most recently recently he was in Marlon Wayne's next. Think the movie called naked so he's been charged with one attempted extortion and extortion by. Threatening letter of course can parties shocks. And and Amy almost speechless that is but. This is really good close personal friend yes that's or trade him looking to blackmail him looking to releases sex tape. It's different for years like they person David hang around for awhile there's video footage of them back in 2010 party to get I mean they're pretty tight. All 20108 years ago must be best friends on time did I mean to know someone so. So this would be like huge turning on me Hamas is to be like you releasing my sex tape. Do you have a sexy but yeah I do have sex tape it's phenomenal it doesn't overstay its welcome it's 88 is that let's say in the name of the tape is Damon Bruce gets inning gets out a look at it yes I I don't wanna bother your entire evening you've got things to do I got things to do so you know. If I sit here and Christie it's hitting it's happened sold on the open market right. Not cool not cool will not now no one of those like I was gonna put it out on the open market but I'll give you chance to prevent that if you give me twenty grand I won't release and blackmailing me. But so. Yeah Tom. To be betrayed like a friend like that that's even worse than having sex at what kind of sexy about is no big deal anymore like. Have a sex tape is like. And I haven't purse and it's like every every everyone in Hollywood has it right just hours from. The there's the sex tape thing is is common the betrayal. Of a trusted member of your inner circle like. I'm sorry that's still an uncommon thing that's it was a sex tape of him having an affair on his pregnant wife at the time so. Is not cool again if you're gonna pull the brass ring you go for you go free and Ozzie if you're gonna end of friendship in over a it's good time to strike come under no idea Damon you have Moscow ordered her sexy is safe thank you very much did you enjoy the least. If they do you think I got yeah. Yeah preview that thing before you just put it out the general the general public like that humble and Tom Brady edit the death by the way you. It's not in 3-D it's not an IMAX but you're adding that it's officially time to start at 5 o'clock hour.