DB Show - 2 - Battle of Bay trivia results, Giants bizzaro season, Seth Everett, 5-before-5

The Damon Bruce Show
Monday, July 16th
Damon talks about how baseball needs more bat flips and more fun, Gianna shares results from her battle of the bay trivia over the weekend, Damon discusses the Giants bizzaro season, is joined by Seth Everett, and 5-before-5 with Gianna. 

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You're listening to 957 they gain KG MC FM NEC one KG MZ's San Francisco a radio dot com station. So I'd say it'll be awhile before back to Russia but based on that treason summit that I saw happen in Helsinki today. We should all probably start eating caviar and learning that alphabet. My friends I don't wanna go fiesta Politico on you but today. I've never seen a lower point in foreign policy analysts today that was the most disgraceful moment in presidential history. And look if you were with him before today. Whatever reason I don't even care there with him after today you're treasonous SOB yourself that was unbelievable. Unbelievable I watched the president the United States tell Vladimir Putin that he was his boyfriend today that he's breaking up with the FBI. It was disgraceful I mean I I know that I'm not supposed to get into these sorts of things but I can't be me without telling you what's really on my mind and what happened today. Is an abortion. Of logic. You must abort your logic. To agree with what happened today. I wonder if it'll change some people's minds. After seeing what happened today I'm curious the president of the United States declared the European Union a bigger enemy to the United States and Russia that's just I don't I don't know what to tell you folks. It's just staggering. That were at this point in time. At least we have the 20/20 two fifa World Cup odds to get us through these moments. We can recurrence or rolled up behind us and if you were really you know offended by what happened today in Helsinki did you see the market in a bat flip the whole. We need more of that. We do anymore best clips we need more fun baseball has to be the sport could stop saying hey everyone who plays our sport have less fun when did you to have less fun we'd we'd less joyful we need you to use less emotion. When you come to work. And by the way you got to be worried about emotion when you do get to work and that is why today I brought a very important to home. I'm not even kidding. Around 630 tonight we're gonna have etiquette lessons. I have the Emily Post book of etiquette is right here it's a big one. It's so thick my favorite though is whenever you talk about you absent that he dropped it on the table yeah. You need etiquette. There you go out. Here's your etiquette that's a lot of etiquette if there you go yeah animals. If there's your etiquette. How Cuba to fix the indictment your etiquette lessons you pigs 630 tonight speed there. When can you go with the European double kiss cheek greeting taught me off I have always wanted to know that. Take self confidence that off. Let's say you didn't you were uncomfortable that moment you wanted to cut it off there's a way to do it. Is that proper way. Right there. Or breaks something I'm gonna break this mouse by drop down. Just a what inspired you grab the book. I don't know I I. I never even noticed it on my wife's book shelf she has this book of etiquette that was given to her is like a joke graduation gift buyer pres by her parents he does that mean soul thick. It's ridiculous. Not including an you know including the index were looking at 873. Pages 870 basis that we can be better people 873. Pages to class it up. Right here we're gonna class it up a little bit later on today. We can use them we could absolutely some of this business before after the amber at segment in just under the B after the camera segment. Just wondering. We're gonna get all of our current slot updates out of the way and then we're gonna go deep deep into etiquette. I'm just use the word she uses. So he has a whole march she has a AT shirt Xia the whole thing around that she's very she was bullied because of summer choices and yeah. And. Amber and Gary got. So we're gonna have that for a little bit later on. Can we talk about bad ideas let's. Talk about bad ideas. Because we had an NBA bad idea happened. Have you seen the footage between Tyler you lists a bunch of guys in some Vegas hotel or elevator. And then Devin Booker comes out of nowhere. It's not that salacious or spicier the video it's not gonna get the forty million hits but I'm sure TMZ wanted. But what we have is yet another example of a major North American athlete failing to do simple risk reward mask that you have to be conscious of every single night you go out. Every single night you go out I really wasn't even aware of all this. Happening. Until nick who by the way is in for LB today sad news public loss is grandmother over the weakening had to go to funeral so. Al these can be out a couple of days is going to be back a little bit later on meanwhile nick is in this week villain in frau be producing the show gets up and on the air. Any show this video on TMZ. And basically what you have discourage free agent Tyler you Lewis who just got cut by the Phoenix Suns. Giving into a fight with three anonymous guy he's in an elevator. Did he buy himself. It's just from may of 2017 says. Old footage that is footage edges surface it it happened a year ago when it's footage that just came out. We're just keep were just seen for the first time. And it changes the way that I am going do. Pitch this segment because. The risk reward the Devin Booker math might have been doing a year ago still shouldn't lead you out of your bedroom ago offend anybody or fight for anything at 3 in the morning. But he's even got more to worry and and lose now some glad that is is in currents current. But basically. Ulysses holding the elevator door open for one of his friends and there were other guys who showed up in wanted to take the elevator and saw instead of again he had the book of etiquette. Didn't know what to do if he had a big book etiquette. He would've known what to do he would have given up that carriage. It's for the good of humanity has suited given up the the the elevator. For the other guys were ready to go on their journey you're not ready to go you're still waiting for somebody come on man do not give up the dough. He didn't. So the other guys. Because Tyler you Willis is no big cuts in imposing NBA figure he's like a guy. So like these three civilians these three do us a just like totally take now. Outlook you so he is by himself he was by himself outnumbered and they did take him out to point of what all that's a physical beating of the first degree debate. You know basically controlled him got him off the elevator and then docket and to. And then US obviously got on the phone and was like a Devin Booker we got to go kick some ass because all of a sudden Devin Booker is put in on me. Don't identify me mask. But his tie and handkerchief around his own face. Which you probably shouldn't do when your out in the hallway with footage running you need to do that in the bedroom before you don't come on out. Why did your mask. Doesn't work that man if you put it on halfway through the fight. Well we need to show up wearing a mask death. Again etiquette you know that would've told you that. So we called his. It SO DeVon burger then comes down afterwards and then they all get enough not really because Booker didn't wanna scrap with any bloody he's more like 66. Visual deterrent NEA's. They all like left. Wherever they were. And all went down to the streets and that's last week got a hold them on camera no no arrests this story now not open to warning arrest us all day. Coming out and footage today bull. We'll ask my friend. Robert at all about it a little bit later on this afternoon. We do half. The Bay Bridge series in the books before we get to the all star game which will be tomorrow tonight's home run derby and then on Friday guess what. Boys girls were right back at it baseball second half. Is officially gonna start looking forward to that really was a great date the ball park yesterday beautiful day on Sunday. Fun weekend. It was a fun weekend it was. Gionta on Friday night went out to AT&T park in conducted two series of what trivia questions interview. As I did I had and we mean it was a favorite series battling the a's and giants I did my own little battle in the Bay Bridge rains ended a whole is vs giants fans fund you know trivia of their favorite teams did you ask the same questions to both candidates at this very similar questions to those sand fan bases but you know good ones yes yes very similar question and so. They were did kind of questions that you had to be diehard fan to sit down and study sports page every day to be able to answer is this just like casual. Information. I'm I would say it started off as casual many got a little bit more and got a little harder as the cry and run that right. A kind of gay gauge their level of fanned them in interest and information and knowledge and how you arrest it. Well rested. We will find out a little bit more about the lines of questions that you you know understand like you said a's fans ran away with the knowledge and giants fans can now look all soft in the middle. I had some good giants fans that will say that but there was a fear that it was slightly questionable by the highly quite idea parent. Site it's it will put it's a day he'll be up on my X and eighty from the sidelines late that sounds an awful lot like these social media cross promotion which. By the way Weezer apparently got right why have all that for you. On a Monday we're we're just sort of laying back and basking in all of that we got an awful lot of show this week we're looking forward to having an awful lot of fun. I've got. Unbelievable. Tickets and I'm giving away a little bit more than an hour from now not right now a little bit more than an hour from now we got on field passes. For little Bay Bridge action. When the series shifts over to Oakland so beat. On the news listening for that that's all coming up in right now. It's your chance when a thousand dollars all you gotta do is pay attention to lose dates. 57 victory. Gone on Friday night was over AT&T park and she gave a little pop quiz to anyone who was nice enough to stop and talk to her video coming down. Using social media to share at all wing view but it's. We have results. Well does did better than Jack stands. A lot color I mean a significant amount better there's gonna be a little adding to the what is it would be fun for both sides but yes Asean's crashed it. Yeah did you crested on there is in my. I was kind of funny gentle giants fans editing and things tiger did that yes but I wouldn't have the you know there's some there was some really fun thing and and they had some really funny answers so when he is ounce on the video. Sure when they're wrong now sap you know we have of course some of the questions Iran mean to. Ask. Arrested giants at at the members are what's at the science and it no idea. Ron Lotus is Allah. Once giants fan who knew I was respecting even follow up was you know do want to answer yes for a couple more current and follow up was you know who did manage to afford the giants Padres how many years twelve I mean. The couple that were it was pretty impressive but it. You know there was a few questions like what its name to the mascot. Seriously that's what it. For the most part though I it was a lot of but both fans are reedy re be really fun from both sides but ace and as far as trivia and knowledge of their team. Crashed it look here here's. The the facts of the matter and a our resident is of course she does and and and let's just be completely honest it takes zero effort. The but all that's got to happen is a roll out of bed in the sun comes up really easy to be a fan of the team just won three World Series. Spends a ton of money whether they spend it wrong or not it's that son you know they did that the bandwagon is full of people who do is lob decision a beautiful ballpark. And they have one they're gorgeous ballpark exactly before you make fun of a full bandwagon let me be the first make fun of it and now I would rather be in a ballpark with a whole bunch and know nothings and have twelve people think they know everything. About baseball. And I mean and giants fans were incredibly enthusiastic. And meet you Ron they were great. But as far as like you know Jack Straw and a bunch of picks it. I want to pull in just sound and fury symbolizing nothing. Would say they're you definitely there are the fans that were just there to have a good time and enjoy the game and it was the answer obviously stupor and Q. You know the giants are winning the favorite series or the eighties when Davidson. In an easy DNA is and you got to put in a lot of work you gotta put in a lot of I did know they do they showed up and. They know their stuff. Yeah I was. Reading out a thread by a couple people on Twitter and on and you know credit as to where I really saw it might. Like there was also. Some that Rick totals set in the past resent it really bothersome to people who show up here. Yeah you you you moved you move to the Bay Area five minutes ago and RD Tony's page jokes like screw you buddy you're new here to. And there. There is a faction. A giants fans that aren't. Completely obnoxious when it comes to having zero sympathy for what the eighties are going through are almost holding holding a stand accountable for the actions of their ownership what's your fan you're nothing but along for the ride you can't do anything about it. The only thing you really can be the only power you have is a fan is to continue your phantom or cut it off choke it off that's the only power you really out. You'll continue to give them your interest or business or you want. The fact a's fans continue to show up with their interest and business. Is a blessing to a team like that that ammonium think the team really takes. I just think they take offense for granted so much the best if you did anything other than take whatever fans you have for granted you should show them something. And you did did you deliver a little something back to them and reciprocate the he'd get back. Reciprocating while. In the etiquette book. From the Penske knows he'll Zach contacts scientist and I wouldn't trade being eighties stand for anything don't care how empty. Our little dump it is. I think I would feel the same way to a point but Dan I would wanna start holding people accountable. And to mean the only people hold accountable and sports are the rich people who claim to be the owners now that's he really hold accountable. Like it's it's really really really hard to be a professional athlete it is man. Not only do you have to rise above the competition just earn your spot on the team then you have to be able to abolish soft through the best of the best in the world. Playing the same game you're playing. It's hard it's really hard to be a very good professional happily it is so easy to be an owner. It takes no skill at all it only takes money and the ability to get that hell out of the way of progress. That's all it to continue right can you sign a check congratulations. You two can be an owner. Just look you own something don't wanna to be the best it can be. I anything you do you should put your best foot forward right I mean if you have that kind of money. To make a difference. Don't cheer like I don't understand I would never wanna have something that's just met. I would want it to be the best it could. Possibly be. Why are you gonna buy a yacht. If you can't afford to slip. To docket it every day what's the point why did you do. Who were you trying to impress because you're not impressed and may your name your own rich friends. I guess the fact that you have the rare ticket. That is deep well I don't a Major League franchise. It's amazing. Those are hard things to come why are very precious resource is so precious that you think that if you actually. Given access to one you wouldn't squandering it. You know and I'm gonna do me trailer I'm gonna do. I'm gonna go ahead and implement the smartest baseball minds in the world. In Italy beat. Come up with all these ideas and then I mean give him no dollars to execute any. Billy op Hillary's got some great ideas here but unfortunately your budget is Groupon so good luck with that. Draft well and cross your fingers. A black. Meanwhile yes. Bizarre O baseball team here in San Francisco. Giants got somebody hurt every single day over the last two seasons they pay a ton of veterans a ton of money to under perform. The entire season is now hinged on no names. And young guys coming through. The biggest surprise is the one you gave up on after 2016. Pablo Sandoval went on this team forward today. You got all these bridge guys senior bullpen that are pretty impressive but can't figure out who your closer is even though you gave somebody 62 million to do just that. I don't know what drives me more mad. Spending. Money. Unwisely. Urges not spending money. 888957. 9570. Is the numbered Jake is in Alameda I don't Jake. Get a great show in and I you know the you know. Mr. root you don't have to you know I bet mr. owner of the eighties and you know. You don't all the chairman at Fairmont we don't we actually got a lot of money and you'd get it you don't hear that the bar is copy he needed some water. That they get myself in you know it has a he owned the hotel over the bar. You know snapped his fingers at the bartender locally given I ET on aura. Whatever you want to get even a water in the hotel art like nine dollars something like that they beat got so much money. What do you want to tap water is you know tap water that it myself. At that energy and water either you know bottled water not well okay. So you think I know little or five billion dollar quote kill all the bar at that. Pocket boot cast do you still want to tap water. Scare him over EST Unicode now I would injury it's a quarter EP. Pitching. I gotta be honestly I think I could be 88 I could be worth 700 billion dollars on go on tap water myself I'm not a bottled water booty guy never had and will be. I'm good with tap. I'm good with tap anywhere but in Phoenix. There water Sox. Go bottled water when it's spring training anywhere else in America pretty dead and your partners here I'd even consumed. Albeit unwillingly. And kind of an emergency situation. I've drank in Vegas bathroom tap water. Looking you lived in them and I'm still here. Still here. Still here to tell a story but tonight a new dead data step. And an interesting night. Needed for so. I don't have a problem with a guy want to tap water what our problem is a guy who. Never worked for a penny he earned only never earned a penny that he is being get it. But you were born ridiculously wealthy. And all you gotta do. To be beloved is to turn around and throw your best effort. In two. Building a stadium that will create the revenue that so desperately needed to make you irrelevant Major League franchise and he watched. With a pair of binoculars. The giants laid down the blueprint how it's done. And yet he still is ignored at all. Or is I mean I I just I don't understand. I do not understand. And here they are you know what thirteen games over 500. What it's supposed to at some point you wanna turn the page. There is no amount of success. That doesn't come within faster it's a doubt this franchise. The different things a Barry Bonds that gastric guy not really be the a's are the Astra franchise like what might have been what could have been what wasn't. In what aides. Big gaming you wouldn't drink. Flint, Michigan tap water that is correct answer that's a that's actually very sad that is a very very sad story that's in the schools that are scary. Nice job. Trump's statement. 8889579570. We got a ton to get into today we're about to get into a little home run derby. We've got the the channel on let's see what happens tonight I see there's an awful lot of pomp and circumstance going on out of that field right now the all star game looks like the place is packed. Pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat just to get to go. At a home run derby without the. Have you been to an Ulster. Which went through dozens are rare. It was pretty cool I bet it was really cool Ichiro insider way nature or that inside the park home run. And. Well it was it was cool it was great you know who sat. Cook so. When there's that much media in town. For like a World Series or an all star game. They start pushing media up around the foul pole in left field and exceed that all those upper deck seats that are around the left field foul pole. Are turned into an auxiliary. Means media section. So I was sitting their for the all star game in 2007. And in front of that section there is still. A line of seats that are right on the the yeah you're you're you're you're sitting there you're on the edge of the balcony that's still pretty good seat. You know always sought. Now is like. Pretty cool cause this guy's got money to sit or every once but he's just here when this kid do enjoy the all star game. They just what's taken him like a fan didn't need to be bush you've got to see. The dying. Who was in the it to show the west wing and he also played. The the guy who Adam Sandler. Goes up against at the end of happy Madison Bradley whit bird I believe is the name of the actor. Bradley whit for. I'd rather effort yes. He was just sitting there at the all star game this kid way to hell up in the third deck right from the aux box and I was walking past moment what do you don't hear. And I'm just enjoying baseball that's cool. That's a nice cool thing to do. And you Joseph will be able to enjoy a little bit of baseball I guess at this Saturday. On that top amount Davis. Because the days. I can't figure out a stadium solution but they'll give you two dollar. Not chose this Saturday on top of mount Davis. To try to make it up doing. Want to I want BA's debate in a way that doesn't make me think that the ultimate game plan as were moving to Portland. And oh by the way that brings me back what Rick total same time one of the things I saw. It happens at AT&T park. In shame on you giants fans if you were among this group the giants fans look you go ahead and drug drop the let's go giants let's go Oakland all over you want. When you start chanting let's go Portland. Huge Espionage Act as. Like it the gaze moved to Portland it wouldn't be because they're fans. Had anything to do that this is because date they've squandered. All of their opportunities to be something right here. Then I. I don't understand they can have a team that interest thing that young that school year in year out not wanna invest more in the match in the proper home that didn't. A real real real chance to compete. Dana second shooter and Gavin no it wasn't that's not shooter adapt Bradley went for another guy. So every one of our good friend she's a sports broadcaster radio TV guide you can hear him on sports. With friends in the hall of justice podcast he likes a little. Comic book. Super hero every now and then will be the superhero at the home run derby tonight we always like to check and I feel like we've been able to talk to Seth of the past couple home run derby east as he's always there. We got a little bit of a tradition here don't we set I remembered to dilemmas like two or three times we talked you denied the home run derby I don't my friend. We had a bright restarted at that Beckett when he repeated that he B I'll I L I thought you that here are epic. And a happy to be out here at our record which you crawl during the regular B. Not to be out there. Well here's a deal the regular season really did need to start until this weekend because we had warriors bringing us right up basically to the Bay Bridge series. Which is like a lot of people started leaning forward and people leaning forward and looked into this Bay Bridge series on seems something interesting for the first time in a long time. I understand that and I thought I I think it was a great commercial for the sport. You know I'm on record saying that. But they're not if you could have been better way in the orbit or having a real rough go in my opinion and there have been really scary now or are decrepit. That it really show where but I think on the order of a crisis and I think that. You know is much that we are celebrating home run tonight I think home run they're one of the problems that they are. And I think there's that immediate availability. Anytime I walked up to a player I probably it tidbit that we are. And heard a conversation Eric to get ready you're my auditor he could probably go. They are talking about a reporter it about the same thing pick might strike out all the great. And it Perry because it seemed like they are going to be a hundred different article. From speaker publication are all about the same thing and it's the doubt that based on doesn't wanna talk about. And I just look at where baseball's efforts are are focused right now or its attention is focused and and it seems we focused on the wrong thing like pace of play. I don't care about that I've never heard anyone say I gotta get out of here faster this afternoon this is ridiculous I think baseball I think baseball needs to go ahead and allow people to share their videos on line people need to be able to. Make fan tribute videos people people need to watch a game C a guy flipped the bat and go all of that was fun and not. See him get cold rated the next afternoon. And I'm an airlock at a lot of character under that you know you know not talk to our audience here by. You know about that the campaign that says they bought their media turnout Eric bring it or not why India that can happen you know a spam. So that's why they have no problem with he program Ritter and although other you know ordered eight. That that problem for me Arctic could be you quick that battle area. Baseball has 500 well or strike out then it. The people for the first time in baseball it. The other number and that the current date start our expo. But tickets started at a Memorial Day you projected the rest of it the pain and it kept the current debate pitted under now. They follow pat and out that last ball in play it 2000 and not. So David we're not talking about 1985. Or not based public rhetoric that it be dependent -- man they get up our law. This report that had changed dramatically. I can I kept Trevor story today and he talked about how hard addictive opiate on defense. Because they're so much bending around. And they're so much waiting but he eight aren't at a cricket bat that would result in walk strike out or all right. We blocked he spent a lot base running and David I know what kind of a baseball where you aren't you know what kind of a bad I have bit. But I have a major issue where it I don't understand how they get out of and I made that. I have talked to a lot of media member if you could take over or commit to protect the money big money out of it. Would you rather they have rocket belt problem or rocket problem. And down to repeat itself. And the reason it is because outside it could cut. Which I don't have an air report. The NFL problem are mostly technical. Whereas baseball problem no one has. Right a little bit more tact a little bit more diplomacy. A little bit more PR heads up and the NFL. Has fixed an awful lot of its problems baseball is sort of going the way of the dough go I was talking about this in the press boxes weekend that. You know just look around. I was looking around the Bay Bridge series and I gotta tell you it was a lot of older people who would seemingly. Drug and there are almost reluctant to be their kids to the ballpark. Well in a minute at the Buick back now I you'd I'd like to compare the NBA. Because you know when we talk about the NBA we talked about the personality. And how to personality. And a great job becoming an effort reality show Carriker. And that port radio and television and there are better at benefited from it. And the fact of the matter is that if I walk around the ballpark. Everybody Notre Dame auriemma. Brought. They opened to refund if you go to a wire right Blu-ray on every pertinent building a note he played basketball. If you after they left it about quite Trout only the best player or. Be accredited people here do not know about it. Unbelievable Seth Everett talking about what is wrong with the baseball. Tonight they're gonna try to put on display what is right about baseball what do you think. All of this home run derby field when we got Arab world are we got by as we guide dubbed Bregman Freeman. Par. Per she wore her husky in weeks months. He who ultimatum is an editor got a mall there. Rocker under. Notes so what do you think is happening tonight. Packet pick your credit be it could be a copy it we aren't directed at the consolation prize. The all star game if you act ever occurred in Europe had Beckett tonight. What if you what was the target we are trying to buy a ticket people either bought our whole group. Or are they couldn't get paid a lottery yet. Alternate picket the bitten the consolation prize I brought it that bad about that day and I think that's the reason why. It it'll continually be reinvented. But it'll never go away and what I have challenge and I've had a big thing that shouldn't happen. Is they should let it putrid game in the afternoon. Way when your dropping out going out of baseball. And on their grip the MLB network. And let showcase the hit that are going to be the future that they played that they get 3 o'clock yesterday on the east coat. And I've seen Major League game. I'm cardiac tribute yesterday if you want me to pick a speaker came perk period late you have a play where we all corporate keep going on. You have toward me you know. You're right that you could play the putrid game. And I think Batman really get a kick out of it but it they're beat to beat or to pick a day. And I have said repeatedly gave an act that that you earth orbit echoed. If are not at a home run derby what under. Seth ever here on 95 cent in the game how about baseball incorporating like a skills competition to its all star weekend when we do some sort of without the NHL skills competition who's got that. You know who hits the ball artist who concur with the furthest who's got the fastest fastball lets out an actual game Fung go instead of banning fund now let's put. Ryan let that you get a get a short about competition where it got that guy. You know let gladiator when they're put on a showcase for everybody I got to a bicycle that I director of fight over their expected to be a vigil at LP Erica. Nice that there were that today. That day Rebecca when a guy they treated and a home run highlight in a row. And I expect you've got to be joking. Some shortstop much hack took on a there have to be some kind of an at a new. Where there had been a big help in baseball that I'd all right that big island and I would not be that because it. Back at bat but I think it may well. Biggest problem it is that all it sure OK is that they are trying to Monday. I tell you what one of the best highlights of the Bay Bridge series this weekend. Was a play that Matt Chapman made on a foul ball down the line and what do and a M play it was the other. But our reverence of basically said the umpire was like forgets a foul ball needing to get to make the throw to first just a fact he made that catch was amazing and the irony to highlight. I respect greater error like that that there are great aptly vehicle Iraq there are great athlete Erick great young where are not George springer that it. A reactor it better be honored the got to vote rip curl regret the world credit about it like boat current debate tactic or neat story by. I I think that baseball live better known bubble. And I think that everything at it or through it they think they go about. And I can't think back. I don't know spoke at current RY but I did pick a sport that really needs but look at a demographic and looked at. What people are wanting because it's picked spewing your old at it now. And it you don't like it a sport that Britain literally in it right to vote. That is a fair assessment looking at some of the numbers again attendance is down. Ratings. I respect that they did you hear about it David artwork but at least from 108. I used to get on base opera they are at the Buick product record about it other and it are. That gushing all over every. We reseller or truck at all Albert Belle but every year promote 108 that I worked for MLB radio. We made an independent record every year and expect it and record every year or twenty irked me. But thumping at eight and a lot of people attributed the ship. A lot of people think that is if it. Earth or had direct capital crime. If you're limited partnership that he an imaginary line of portable like regulate better BO. Or the picnic broke right the other the current pay back across the left the other the third baseman short you're crop. If you can't back you would pay thirty batting average there's been battling back into it by. Accurately net and I think that's the art and what I never thought they try to Blackberry habit today. I want her hit the ball high because it could or could get by hit a line drive right back and he's absolutely right. So if he bought ankle which created because they kept their base while abiding can't we get rid of that cockpit here. Who would've ever thought that the savior of Major League Baseball might be the seen icing global leader. I make a minute that they're crazy that. What has happened I I regret I would bet like respected member Eric Bailey detector. Sure he's read it out now and yet you have it out Brett and one of the outbreak elaborate in the media they were outweighed it probably eight. But he got Derek routine that either aren't at their scouting. That keep him on a date her a minor league level. That launch angle. If you're number one priority equity after the batter. Contact is number troop. And her back then pick up after. That mean the arc in which the black crop and your body. It's more important whether or not cut the very well it is very surprised you or Erica. Seth thank you very much always interesting never dull moment. And oh by the way go and try to enjoy the home run derby after that my friend are. Bank got a epic grab BI about. Good stuff Seth Everett. Blown panic whistle a little bit. And again these tea leaf reader he really did see that guy looks at the numbers and says. Are you were does this project and it really doesn't it's a theme that we've been onto a little bit this year. I'm projecting. A future for baseball that isn't nearly as glorious as its past. And what do they do how do they correct it how do they bring the interest back. I think there's some very interesting stuff to discuss your aided 8957957. Al what did you think of Seth a little too chicken little sky is falling for you or do you think he's on to something. That's next along with five before phone. Here on 95 cent in the game. Entertainment Rochelle. On 97 to gain yeah it's just. Good to have you here on 957 game along the Damon. Show we're gonna have a wide open 5 o'clock hour for you we're going to be talking. Bay Bridge series Libby talked about what jumps out of the range here are going to be talking a little bit about the home run derby and the effect mountain stages will be open. For Saturday's game that's all coming up here right now Andrew is in Fairfield thanks very much for the call Andrew rule yes. I think Bradley mean. Calling. Kind of bring out maybe that probability that it. The region that were in like you I lived in New England. But wrecked our game. At the feeling of being there. Was completely different I like to have the reds are day games where there was no hitter. And I don't like barely any expand those more red than it is now. And if you're like. Even when the red are losing our people there early 2000. There was more bad in the band and there is here in the area and keeping that follow. There isn't there are a lot of baseball bat. There. Not her time baseball fans in this area I think the bay area's decided baseball area but I also think the you people who. The sacrifice so much to be here. Like we don't do second class very well on either side of the bridge this whole notion that San Francisco Wheaties. So much more expensive in blue this year than Oakland is an old wide scale that's not that way anymore you got to really. You did good garner last year. You had your act together to live here and the ride successfully in any way and the one thing that is shown it was over and over again. Is second class citizen doesn't do very well sucking class business does not do very well second class. I was them that was the Mike by the way that was just me standing up here is nothing unique about two. How is it. It second class restaurants don't do well second class trucks don't do well second class bars don't do well. Second class NFL owners don't do well. Second class baseball owners don't do well. Second class baseball stadiums. Don't do well. Sensing a theme here yeah. Good. Damon there's not another person in the world it feels like he has more knowledge on this matter in the god you just talked to know that was that was Seth Everett by the way but he was bitten some truth. Baseball turned into one giant chess match. Nobody watches chess. The point is a pretty damn good point text line. Absolutely it is. Baseball's one big giant chess match. Nobody watches chess. Are arguing that they Gary. And now. It's time five before five. You can now yeah some things you want to. Hi Phil yeah. 95 cents. But there's Jian a man's a beverage sounded worried now I'm worried the decision to do it in and is it couldn't be accurate it was and it was interesting create a little panic wildly. I think it's some it's well founded concerns it's it's it's all his concerns are well founded concerns. And on that now. What he'd number one. Plus since it is the all star break we are gonna start the home run derby tonight we should be an array here shortly Bryce Harper it's like three home runs pays his angular 24 home runs the birth. How sure is not Bryce to win in front of a home ground crowds nights it is in DC. Dad always comes with the territory but I think Bryce Harper's one of those making love to pressure guys I don't think it's can elect weighed down on memory gonna be the reason why he wins or loses this. Yeah you're the guy I mean you're gonna get the most an analog you're gonna get the most amount of expectations Ron thank you everyone wants to see the hometown guy do good. You're gonna have a lot of people root for it like and I'd like Bryce Harper and about a half an hour from now this sounds like a fun thing I think since it. The senate he sought his youth is served up in this year's home run derby so the average age of all eight participants is. About when he six ish years old when he six point 39 you be specific. That's the youngest field ever. Not the eight players were born at windy first home run derby at the all star gala held in 1985. Wow wine now. While is creep me. So your telling me what what year did back to the future come out I would use that as a delineate in line like who if you're not older than back to the future you're still here on out there so. Would it bad deeds cannot what are 8586. To tell me deck eighty I so. Every single guy in the home run derby tonight is younger than back to the future. Now that's crazy MAC and tempered some perspective. Number 260. Formats is a 169. Go. And 49651. Passes World Cup is overeating only kill only one Argentina. The let it play that's so France beat Croatia what all the highlights of this year's World Cup does really one of my favorite goals. Plan. And was at Andrews can't hurt the steam for the I loved it curry is called South Korea's call. All those are fantastic I don't have Mon my Broward and immoral but that might I think my favorite audio moment from the World Cup was the Korean goal review. And I was and where we had to sit with the Korean broadcasters and feel their anxiety and panic in Korean translating it perfectly knowing that. We speak fluent instant replay review even though we don't speak to drop a Korean rent was it was fascinating stuff there was a there was a segment to be had and I believe we had that segment and guess so yeah that was it was a crowning achievement of the show congratulations by the way. To the French yeah. Okay. Good stuff that is good stuff Mexico beating Germany causing richter scale measure that was thanks that was seen as I was good was that I also like when Kariya went ahead and knocked out Germany with a win an every single Mexican just went started picking up any Korean they found that was beautiful that was fun that was. Celebrated Korean de geek the I already for fruit from Mexico was incredible clue. Team that had the best dance was a team. That dovetails off the car setup on CNN dot Dell's own. I have another place I know is Jay-Z and beyoncé are on tour in France and prior to their show they did it live stream of the World Cup but we're Francis to Dockery said he went to the concert you've got to see France. You know take accretion with the thousands of fans in their stadium that's now and daisy beyond San that was critical. By the way if you Jay-Z you're sitting back there like it better when you're right yeah we don't want it don't wanna walk out in front of 60000. Angry French men and women tonight so. Yeah I watch the throne and get that W no doubt they did where differences are France's Jersey as well number three high end wagons. LeBron walked CU NBA's summer league weary lakers shorts which for 500 dollar Laker shorts by the way. I he walked up and gave tiny little hug his former coach when he themed basement and other game. Those are some nice shorten. May be I mean if if you're. If you're tied Lou would you welcome to LeBron you probably elect what do what do tonight with the way how to how much supposed to win basketball games now. If your LeBron. Did you see the short she was wearing is very much bite not to shorts his staff curry war for the parade and that is it looked like he had had this short of a former Jersey or it. Jersey yet reject the former Jersey was converted into short yeah. Is that what's going on we just LeBron lakers are shorts. I'm not clearly specifically made for him but I don't know I I just I'm very curious as to what went on in that brief conversation I had. They cut it out of the nice moments. Instead. I don't think LeBron left Ty Lue he left the other bombs in Cleveland left. What Dan Gilbert there there's the embrace that would never happen and I would tour sort of like to see public. 500 dollars for shorts 40000 dollars on a hearse I just. C'mon man you like you. Likes the fashion statement. Get short stuff. Let's just shorts. Does fashion statement can you make like here's the nicest compliment you could hit a 500 dollar pair shorts are you ready now. My shorts. I suppose there was someone else seasonal once and get a pair made as well and you can give them what we're excited then my shorts. That's it that's 500 dollars hurt my shorts. It was just first time Nicky was wearing anything lakers. And we Siemens you know pub the first screening gold citing her and bring the purple Obama blames. Interesting number four. It's not about another NBA player we love here Seth Curry loses a bed and takes a dip in Lake Tahoe did you see this I did so seven dad Dell they both competed in the American century championship golf tournament this week I believe that is a golf tournament where. Trump and stormy Daniels meant and I think your right I think your right. Well do you all make ace I'd bet the lives having to jump in the lake not stepped it gives his dad. 820 point handicap and even scoring system but only finished eighteenth went ahead self stepped loses the vet he has to jump into the lake which is apparently cold right now right. I was never great so the water's freezing just jump since late. It just started out he decides to get further and jump off aid boats. Into the water you imagine watching that video is bigger I don't break it over Bob Myers don't let guys are on. I doubt about it watch those ankles at all times. Don't land flat footed in the water no god so this is cleared cover a step. Hello China cline the re still got this thing was not as exciting as. Last year's doesn't matter I didn't see any 360. DJ Booth move. I didn't see field dunk attempts and 360s as well. I get ya know I gotta I gotta still go with the original China clay. It's like it's like glow. I loved good well on you I'm Netflix the first season the glow as its phenomenal the second season still in a little ham handed at times and. That's like comparing China clay and Thomas staff not Tom comparing China played a part one part I check my eyes and one more here and a number of hot humid cinco Robin Williams. New documentary premieres on HBO tonight exits it's about Robin Li as it's called Robin Williams come inside my mind. We advise me on nobody took his life in August 2014. Yeah we're adding Eric Berry today era on the year that afternoon we were very very sad. I've been huge Robin Williams and I'm very excited to see this and kind of learn about it but it's got an abuse of Billy Crystal David Letterman is rare sight on HBO or even watch it yes yeah are you looking for to CNET. Is brilliant. And off the cup spot navy comic as ever hit the stage and now I'm Robin Ames was. In eighty so bonds when it came to making people laugh he. I I I absolutely adored Robin Williams when I was kid I loved it more and Mindy how come none none. And of course I'll be watching that and you know obviously Robin Williams is forever beloved here they named to be renamed the Waldo tunnel after him which I did not life. Yes I mean Robin Williams is a really good comedian out a comedian you you go ahead and look up wall those history basically opened an invented the state of California. What commander we got to get did the law that tunnel that's what connects Marie into the Golden Gate Bridge yet. But. You know Robin Williams is is. Beloved for all the right reasons and sadly missed for all the wrong reasons and it's. Another example of like hey how's your mental health you can be laughed and on the outside trying to on the inside really can so. Very very sad I will certainly be watching that documentary and it it it is my dad you know this is your life goes to like is comedic mind which is. I'm really looking forward to and I got that already set on the DVR to take its official. We now are 5 o'clock hour and I like that if you look at.