DB Show - 1 - Warriors Spurs Game 5, NFL draft, Garry St. Jean, Drafteros

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Tuesday, April 24th
Damon previews Warriors & Spurs Game 5 coming up tonight at Oracle, the A's have won 7 of 8, the NFL draft coverage is more than ever before, Damon in joined by Warriors analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area, Garry St. Jean, and Drafteros: A Battle for Draft Supremacy. 

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Welcome welcome it's wonderful to have you here Tuesday afternoon 48 hours still an NFL draft. Just a few hours until game five. Warriors spurs' playoff basketball at ORACLE Arena tonight Powell sounds pretty darn good domain I hope it sounds good do you. A's baseball happening on Q1 0:2 with this evening in taxes taken on the Rangers. Giants baseball game two. Nationals in town Matt Williamson. Put one deep into the center field bleachers we're gonna talk about that how much of a difference it really makes to a lineup that have a guy can hit a ball out of the infield up bottle. Not too shabby. We got three NFL playoff games tonight Gionta we still have. Absolutely no idea and a BA playoff games got trapped are ready on your mind if I do NBA playoff games tonight NHL playoff games. No idea. No none. Stricken ridiculous. I thought there was rumors of possibly Wednesday but it's Tuesday I figure we would know what I don't know weird if you look at San Jose Sharks you better be checked into some Vegas hotel right now because I wouldn't be surprised if Gary Bettman was like all by the way game one starts and a half and now he better get down the strip. Want to San Jose Sharks pouring out of the spearmint rhino the we got to go out hockey game and don's we wouldn't you are you know now. Get a Bobble led chances are you party you get down and it's a bubble tastes exactly mean he's. You can all sorts of it's an action star. We're gonna have ourselves a Tuesday trifecta today were gonna talk about how the NFL really does try to eat itself alive I am really looking forward this draft G on that anyone is going to be. How about this. We need to assume something. For the sake of today's program. Tomorrow sanity. And Thursday's draft coverage. And we have to. Assume. And this is would no disrespect to the greatness of the San Antonio Spurs this is would no disrespect to future hall of famers like Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker. This is it this has got nothing to do would mean throwing shade it San Antonio. I absolutely need this series closed out in five games. There's not that not a lot of times I say sportscaster Ben itself to my schedule. Whenever I start working. On a show that four days out three days out two days out a day out that's a show I wanna do because you know. Actual effort to the actual effort is being put into this draft show. I'm really looking forward to it it's supposed to be mean Joseph for Limbaugh. And Greg pop up. On a Thursday afternoon and if you work in downtown San Francisco you're invited to come and join us in Schroeder's. This is happening in the financial district we're gonna have ourselves a grand old time. If if this series is closed out tonight. Because if the unthinkable happens if the San Antonio Spurs win game five inside of ORACLE Arena. Game six will be Thursday back in San Antonio. And it will be happening at the same time as we would be on the air for the NFL draft. So none of that police. What does that have already started working on this. It's going to be fine ask me how hard I'm working party York I'm killing myself and god. A yes or not searched not true not true C here's a nice thing about this draft. Income wraps past you had to be very literate. Flew into in the first. In 1516 picks of the draft to a world where where the niners draft and where the raiders drafting we need to know we need to be original draft illiterates through those prick. Through those text. This is only the top deck. Like I'm I'm here to tell you right now I am not focused on a single picked it falls. After the tenth pick in this draft how the top ten plays out is going to be absolutely fascinating. We are going to see a draft it gets more attention paid to whip in any other draft not just in the history of the NFL. Not just in the history of television but in the history. Often wraps. In any sport this is going to be deem most covered the most paid attention to draft of our lifetimes. By the way. Look at ros tonight. It stands press that he does so it's great to lock in the NB ATV rises on NB ATV I like the orange pink color combo of the blouse and hair. It's on point tonight nice job ross' sex she got that network money. She don't miss the cut that make a partisan hairstyle and gotten network make it been cares what she's gotten good at times my guys very very good firms. Rises in Boston. One of three games tonight there are two series. Looking to close out the NBA tonight we all know that the warriors would like to wrap up with San Antonio the 76ers. Would like to dispatched the Miami Heat they lead that series three games to one and having a close it out at a home game just like the warriors do. Tonight by the way that tips off at 5 o'clock our time so something up for us to keep an eye on. In about an hour from now box in Celtics back in Boston for game five that series is tied at two something's. Got to are down. And ros gold on woody will be there to give it to we have from the sidelines she is there tonight. And like I said Erin makeup look and on point. I love. I love and I love a draft alone playoff games I love this time of the year I'm looking forward to the sharks get back in the mix. Like he did win. The warriors play like an earlier timer you get an a's game in an earlier time. And when that wraps up. Like you're done watching sports right about dinnertime I would watch sports a about 111130 myself I want. Either pull even in actor and I like it I like sports blanketed from about the time I get home to the time I go to bed. That's that's what I've got to come out my happiness. They're at seven to eleven that's like your prime dime that's it that's all amassed informally asking for like five to six uninterrupted hours of sports on a nightly basis five nights a week for my own personal sanity. I'm feeling an awful lot of you were like that. I don't want my supposed to do go home park my wife battered de La god forbid you. We got sports everywhere it was supposed to just both just keep on doing Matt. Game five or goal tonight. We all know that no team has ever won a series which it trailed 30. But the spurs know they were able to stay alive respect to want. They forced game five with a 1039 B win over a disinterested warrior team Communists say that again. Eight dis interest did warriors team when the warriors are interested in closing you out that close you out. I think the warriors felt they were playing with house money in game four and didn't take their money seriously. They certainly didn't value possessions. Five ways to win game five we're gonna get into that tonight. I gotta admit watching yesterday. Clot Utah Jazz and now. Really until they meet the warriors I make closet Utah Jazz fan first bald Russell Westbrook displaying his own team. Right out of the playoffs so we can. Bend. The storyline of this series to his own personal agenda Ricky Rubio put in on him hard. He guaranteed that wouldn't happen again and even though rubio didn't go off quite to degree he dating game three in game four they. They took control of the series. Remember Paul George is on us all about playoff Pete like you haven't met playoff. Well. Paul George. Is the least of the thunder problems to be totally honest with you but playoff. 31 hole right now. Stephen Adams might be the single best player in this series for Oklahoma over the last few games. Rubio. Is fun to watch man. Ricky Rubio is fun to watch she flips the anti passes all over that court he's really got the ball on a Yo-Yo he's funny and Donovan Mitchell. This is a significant rookie. This guy is already I believe scored. The fifth most points in rookie history in five NBA playoff games are four NBA playoff games it's really impressive what he's done. I I've been told I have heard that it is day to complete that it is going to be Dan Simmons. Then Simmons sits. Sits in so much better of a situation. The Donovan mental bust Simmons is surrounded by. Top draft picks. And valuable added for this year veterans. The Utah Jazz were supposed to miss the playoffs because Gordon Hayward left. Don't remember. They're about to knock out Oklahoma City. That's gonna happen by the way I hope the cup cakes taste delicious. In Oklahoma City little bit later on this week should they use cream cheese frosting on honest. That cream cheese defense. That's being played by the thunder they are awful defensively Carmelo Anthony washed up. What happened to that guy. Mentality hasn't been a complete top flight top tier NBA talent for a couple years now. But the fall off is prolific. He's like a whole earth kicker Nick Young right now neither plays any defense. If one guy's hot he's gonna help you out. If he's not hot he could shoot you right to hell out of your comeback attempt. You talk put it on. The thunder last night that was an awful lot of fun to watch. We got Gary saint Jean a little bit later on this hour richer really is gonna join us at 4 o'clock we're gonna have five before five at 445. The Tuesday trifecta and before you know warriors warm up will be underway from ORACLE Arena at 6 o'clock in the meantime it's you it's me it's us were hanging out together on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. You're not a 57 the game. How he didn't even show on Monday he's 57 thinking. Welcome welcome good to have you here and how about the fact these days are one of the hottest teams in baseball ought to be absolutely no where they've turned in a very good stretch here. They've won officially seven of their last day they're now game over 500 she couldn't go it may now stay hot breeding don't. Do what do we do it. Soon matier and Ross had some denounce Annan yet and others circled back to Howard terminal as a proposed site get lark I I don't. You know there's talk about gondolas. Howard and get people to games and like I said before you could have a catapults. Rocketing fans into an A stadium I'd be cool with it sold most a's fans. Didn't something shiny didn't something pretty dim sum them boutique he'd given some been. That they can be proud of given something that rewards a stand for the time they talked to bother to show up to your game with a nice atmosphere in all of that. Gonna have yourself a winner Tim Hudson and you'll have something there. Dave Campbell post actually send emails back and forth to our good friend Indy Deutsche. I told me he's like what is it about this gondola much I don't get used kava bowl he's like would be called Dave Campbell bowl. Again as slick pretty good. That's why it will be made acacia. Right there. We got ourselves in NFL draft coming up in 48 hours are really looking forward to that what I am not looking forward to Gionta is the one thing. The NFL. Does to itself. Every single time. Whole. Chances again it's. It's over exposure. I mean that's what Thursday night football and Sunday Night Football. Those are the nights of football that ruined the Monday Night Football wasn't Monday Night Football all of the sudden became ruins. Just came over saturated we got Thursday night years. A Sunday nighter on Monday nighter a false latest Sunday football. ESPN's got a Thursday night game Saturday night games a college football all over the place some watching. Dave Fleming du BYU games on on Wednesday it like I mean it's just it's too much too much football. The NFL draft used to be just one cool little thing. Set in a corner reserved. For the geeky ist of DT NFL fans. The NFL draft never had. Mass appeal. It was a cult sport. The NFL draft. It's for people. Or not casual football fans of your interest in the draft you are no longer casual football fan. We are going to see this draft oversold. Bloated. Rolled out to watch on more networks than ever before. ESPN NFL network fox ABC ESPN two ESPN deport dance this thing. Is going to be thrown at us everywhere you will be able to turn on TV without looking at the NFL draft. It's gonna be like the person who overstayed its welcome at the party. We don't need this much. We don't need it on nine different networks. Or gonna get it in you know what we're going to be interest did not forward in a check it out. No doubt. The curiosity will get the better of us because we've been watching the NFL draft on ESPN and NFL network all of our allies. Now foxes got it. We see blow VA did promises of days two and two of three of this draft. So for those who don't know. Thursday as round one Friday's rounds two and three and then rounds four through seven will be on Saturday. In order to get you to come back as a casual fan. I mean luck. Let's be honest it would be honest in sports anymore okay what the hell disinterested in the fourth through seventh rounds of the draft. I know why I am. But I would junkie and I'm addicted. But the casual fan. That's tough. No way. My mama's gonna sit down to watch. Brown's fourth through seventh of the NFL draft you are high. She won't be there for around one. But I mean it's just. I don't understand why they're trying to have mass appeal to something that is cool rarely eat. Just. For the darkest more this is an assault. A base at. They sold it that's my I mean right it's all about money they want people to come back and get those commercials line. How viewers ratings that's what it's a ballot. Madam. You are brilliant. You have absolutely. Hit. Then nail on the head this is about money. This is about a eyeballs. This is about stoking your curiosity with gimmicks I saw an article. Written today by our very own and a Colorado Rockies. I 957 game dot com. Anaconda got ideas. Says to spice up this yet let me ask you right now did you ever say to yourself you know it is fourth round needs. You speak spice up a put up spikes now we need to spice in this round. It's like an office space where they're trying to convince Jennifer Aniston to win more aware more flair. I'm not comfortable talking about my flyer I just I just want footage of draft picks. I wanna instantly feel good or bad about other teams' decisions I want overreaction. I don't need a lot of pomp and circumstance it's a list of names read me the list as fast as possible. Without is many moving parts is possible. And the NFL says now. Yeah true. Let's slow this thing down to the point where we have droids. Pronouncing draft picks are not even kidding because. They wanna include. Those who would not normally be interested in later round picks they're going to be goof being up this draft Dave three. To buck up are too deep to some storm troop Ers run how word. Will be making draft picks on behalf of the 49ers. Andrus is silly on a tip this out early. That. Is going to announce. The 49ers. Fourth round pick. And with a 128. Pick in the 2018 NFL draft the San Francisco 49ers so lacked. I mean. And it's a easy go to that guy I thought he was trending in the right direction I knew we were gonna hear his name. Oh is that so you're gonna send. A fictional character. Obama let me be let me be good to our to. Our viewers you're you're gonna send a beloved fictional character yeah. To the podium to use a language none of us understand to announce a draft pick. Feels gimmicky I don't I don't speak our DDT a year feels a little gimmicky I'm fluent android and I still I still stumble over this. And what amongst those like. Well that are too. Are. So I didn't Arum. Yeah don't get an out Khartoum. Thank god. These that the NFL draft. Up. And a judge is gonna be enough to keep the casual fan interest and it's some I appointment television. Let's tune in at such and such time on Saturday to hear. It's like wolf thanks a lot. An immediate interest steam it's different but I just. She on at the very least you send to the protocol Droid everyone knows that. Well exactly. Know what we understand him speaks over 101000 language. State's perfect that you docket is only speak English either so bound class still an incredible Iran. About my favorite. And of course all of this is to promote the movie solo that's coming out I've got I'm holding out hope that that's going to be good to prequel in the Hans solo I hope so again you can just put. The millennium falcon and IMAX for half an hour and I did twenty dollars to go watch it. We should be clear too it's not just the niners during the stuff like there's other teams we ID gimmicky like the Buccaneers have a parent names on I believe. Yes announcing their pay. At some point senator. Not gotten out of our paired gaga look at it this way. Who's gonna get more minutes. The Zaza. Pachulia in game five tonight. Or the parent announcing the Buccaneers fourth round draft pick which sobs I was gonna have a bigger week. In the ultimate slap in everybody who still lives years face the raiders are inviting. US and high school football players from Las Vegas to announce their pick on day three those selections will be made from. An air force base. In Vegas. Bay Area air force bases screw all of you and your air force Bay Area children. Screw all of you Bay Area youth football children. The raiders are more interested in children from elsewhere than they are the children from here. That's super duper. Seriously. Currency and. Just already forgot where he came from you know they're they're they're gone yeah once you go way up the door watching go ahead and root for the golden knights against the sharks. And have a whole bunch youth football leagues from the trailer park your moving too tough. And now on I'm on now now I need someone to make me happy again and boy do I have the right person to do just that. They warriors analyst on NBC sports part of basketball hour right here on 957 the game all over game five tonight the one and only Gary saint Jean joins us here. I'm 957 the game good to have you back Gary how are you buddy. I loved be argued. Well thank you you're always gonna be on my good side we got low or ignorant you gotta love. Well we're gonna have rocked and I compartment take care of business. And it is open and look forward to the next series that this beautiful sunny day in the bay. Yes you know really seems the same story all year when the warriors won a game they can go taking game one they're a little disinterested in my trip over themselves or their opponent. On the way to losing that game and and that's sort of what's happening game four. Having said all of that supreme respect to the team that dies hard. And you know this and really easy really easy for the spurs to just say will we don't wanna get on a plane and go back to Oakland in a series we know we're not gonna win. What's the point. And Manu and Tony Parker refused to give it up and they played hard. Gain you know one of in both words. In the NBA probably all the sports is culture the culture of your program. They changed with the spurs have established that over twenty years. And it starts with pop. And the relationship. That he has with his players. Natalie Cole Chisholm. But he really. Buehrle hugged somebody cares the bottom off the court and but they're all about this people in the training of police and all trying to drag and because they know how much he cares about. He didn't can ultimately what you say hard way he can beat demand what do you want on the floor offensively. Because he's done everything at the thirteen hundred million right now about. But yet they they put forth that effort. Because that the San Antonio spur away. They played hard they play it force they laid down hill but they defended the war your term debt worries me some. We wanna say internal worked at were called by the defense but. They want him possibly being in the first half and that carried over yet orders made great run had a chance to in the game. But it was too notably it was Parker. And these guys and that. You know in the I had a pretty good basketball gods are looking down and that was the spurs came to take and I look speakers. Response about BK you know he bishop Eddie you know. That's Mandel I played with a guy he's he's older daughter Hala yet he goes out there. And did hit that we're eighteenth in the top it all off that we'd now like in front ST I'll speak English ma. You know when we talk about European imports were watching Manu Ginobili cement himself as one of the greatest of all time. In another series were finally starting to see Ricky Rubio pay off all Royce. Up his entire career on the little bit of a closet jazz stand right now certainly until they meet the warriors. The way rubio whip some of those passes around the it's beautiful saying. Game out of luck you know public jumped on what. Eric and there's great James tonight we're that even last night. I just look how hard they played it out together they played on the offensive gaining and make an SD card would say. He passed I have a good shot but you've got a great shot I consult wished I'd keep the ball. And geeks actually really hustling they were OK they were commuted eighty. They they played a cryptic basketball game and I are there yet I go back a long long time when that jazz crowd. Believed they got a pretty good team. Oh boy that's pretty well placed an even at Mitt Romney stand and cheer if you tell us. You know it would be great great game and I. Did they let you talk about war that. These are teams that just guard got hitting them access to personnel. And I'll ask you this when rubio was traded critique. Did you won't read old hat India this week you see this in the tank. Now I thought that's the beginning of the end for rubio moving him to a fur or outpost in the NBA further even out the Minnesota. And it was just going to be a story that we told ourselves you know. Ricky Rubio was supposed to be this transcendent guy but he never really learned how to shoot the passes were great played zero. Right now he and Donovan mid shall make up one of the most formidable back in the NBA. It's. It is a beautiful thing because they look at the matchups they've let one or the other initiate. And a little bit like Philadelphia surrounding Serb and shooters. Well you got into Macon shot to get up and George's place which I love and that I. You know then that favors it may be play him Arkin did the best he's played all year long. We'd love. It pop would say the French rejection Artest Eiffel Tower we love legal there. And you know I just I look at it thirteen minute may shed even got me some. But the way yet that you've been hacked but I like kids grow older and it's just good team that it gels with the right hind end and give credit equate slider that trademark on their defense. But I loved they're they're unselfish and their willingness to play together. You're right I'll bet that was that was a fun game a lot. Talking basketball our friend Garry saint Jean what do you think of Westbrook getting lost in a personal battle and giving up on him because of that. I loved it I absolutely. You know. Play on the court you don't you don't stop and then to pick up four file. You know like I like about. Butter cream or chocolate cake. And network frosting on the case when he picked up this four. I could well. Serves right. You know you you can't what bolt are some but yet you don't just say aren't gonna get more physical and so he sees them in the back court. Ninety treaty away from that. So called. And the entry pact comes in people over and check box them. The rat like a back and call so you don't bury it down yet to the bench with four and that. You know this game as the teen getting into the bulb we he and spots it's not a bundle IE and meet. And he makes it about him. And just scroll goal I I don't have any title equity debt ceiling saying Ole liberal Casey I don't have that at all. Now no sympathy. Will be waiting for cupcake city should they actually don't. Sanity Utah Jazz are out Garry saint Jean you know Klay Thompson had a rare forget a bull playoff game and he knew he was not good game for a game worst minus plus minus. How does he kicked it back into gear in game five it really seems like ball movement. Predicates his night more than anyone player ball's moving around. Finding and opening catching chew clay clay can have a good night ball stops moving. Individual agendas being addressed if you will I clay could have an off game he had an off game in game four. Well you you know I very close friend of coal or professor pop. Yes and she shared with me in the crit I am not an analytic. That the first three games. Mount you've got to help me your game he had. Property patent like over 300. In every night and the number was over 300 in the lawsuit was under 290. They've been we were under. The tactical okay. Did that tell you why are we shall. Efficient because when you evaluate this rocker. I can easily that you do we have fixed a ball at packs. Well if you had. That you got to move the ball. If you are one shot right. Against that team. They were walking and help from the weak side take away that driving thing you'll played right into their ranks. Could you move the ball and old people. You're going to be in a good. Position I love the tort machine that he should lift that order 29 in the league in pick and rolls. They do it wouldn't rule that of people and movement on the ball that's what makes him so tough to guard. That didn't happen the other night for Robert way. This late. We came back but definitely since he's we don't have anybody really going here. Net run pick and roll but KB and drain bottom up top which happened businesspeople. RT. I don't want effective or one away from we'd be in the off. I look at tonight on the defense. Part of my problem adapting we are solid maybe that is good in the first but double double B hit staple. The key will be. Ball movement and assist turnover ratio. In that first already we get close to thirty hit hit every game the last game what are we up nineteen. Nineteen points and seventeen or eighteen turtle. That doesn't win on the road. Hopefully they're gonna come out with a all the energy that they came out in game one way of JaVale McGee was right in the middle of them playing well hopefully. Shows itself again in game five tonight I'm gonna give you three options Gary choose the one you like the most. Single digit win double digit win. Fifteen plus point. Win for the warriors which one you take it. That it is easy I'll I'll take a single digit would be fireworks. After being. It and I look at that we're gonna hear a lot this. We need your news the crowd is going to be big. It really it that there as with the beauty of going to war you being at war well all about I watched that you were talking last night they got me fired up. Cannot predict the exact start gonna look star guy you're you're gonna see your secret by the. Or you got me fired up Garry saint Jean joining us here on 957 in the game always good stuff you can see him as the warriors analyst on NBC sports Bay Area. And of course you can hear him right here. On the basketball our thanks as always my friend have a good time tonight. All areas Garry saint Jean here on 957 the game when we return. It is the battle for draft Eros it's like west Ross except it's a draft to stick with me it'll make cents. Now back to the demon from jail on 957 victory. Welcome welcome we're about to get into this NFL draft and now it's got to. Polarized us an entire nation. Real quick from the Penske auto sales doc Comtex on hate Damon Manu is not European. He's Latino is in from Latin America you've got this wrong a few times now. Well thank you mr. helps a lot on the explain this to you mono is European as far as the NBA is concerned I don't care that his. Origin. Is from Argentina. He became part of the first European wave in NBA history. When he came over after playing years of professional basketball in Italy which is in Europe last time I checked. Yes you are correct tease her he doesn't go citizenship Argentina and dual citizenship so yeah our Mon two. May be from. Latin America. But for the sake of an NBA conversation. He is a European player which is why his signature move is the Euro step seriously Tex why don't try so hard to prove your post wrong it does not go well for. It does not go. Lot of people got big ideas and I saw skip Bayless on TV says something this morning's they've got somebody aside. I mean to say we got some news about a shark he's. We got good now yeah. And that's. Yes we finally got a game one Thursday. Scheduled Thursday 7 o'clock and at and seriously. And HL you almost can't get out of your own way of course you're gonna have the sharks start during the NFL draft. But why wouldn't Disco dark is a league that night if you're the NHL or why wouldn't you admit that you cannot beat the NFL. Why are the games on the Golf Channel. It's basically constant. It's unbelievable. We screen out on Thursday 7 o'clock in Vegas sharks and ninth golden. What is this what is Damon always gets so upset. Sounds Michael little girl constantly please get him off the show. And you know what thanks for listening. And it's not that I get upset it's just I hate people who present facts. As absolute certainties when you're dead wrong. When you're dead brick and wrong about something. And so we're just sharing information to make sure that you was a listener aren't dead wrong about the things you talk about a sport so you don't seem like a a yak off. Any. And casual conversation or the water cooler here to help. How do you got Iran he would isn't so so you don't like thinking takes time we admit to when we get things wrong. Doesn't happen often. Look up I did don't match and very. So here's something I promise you we're not getting wrong about this draft. It's about to be the most watched draft in sports history. The NFL is added multiple television players for this year's draft. ESPN. NFL network fox is gonna cover round one on Thursday night rounds to win three on Friday. ABC picks up the national network coverage for rounds four through seven on Saturday. ESPN two is gonna have a special college slant to full draft coverage. ESP and deport this is going to be broadcasting as well. The draft will be streaming. On the NFL lap on nfl.com. On fox sports and on ESPN wow. Now there is a joint agreement that no staffers told tweet any picks ahead of the podium announcements for rounds one to win three. Independent journalists will be climbing over each other. To try to leak the pick before it's actually. Announced by ESP and boxer and a phone network to the point where somebody works at one of those three networks is gonna get tired of getting spooked. And they're gonna break down and they're gonna start leaking the picks who will be who will be the first to start leaking picks. It's going to be amazing to watch this thing happen it's gonna be bigger than ever. As you well know. We hear. Are going to be covering the draft. Yours truly Joseph for bought Greg Papa come at you from Schroeder's the coverage will be deep and sensational. Never really really good time with. I decided to have a really good time would it right here and now looking others hoping sets up it's almost like these different networks. Our great houses of west Derosa battling for draft supremacy. In the fictional land of draft Eros. And that dummy thinking. I'm excited now. Denying things Damon. Isn't their client any parent. The battle for draft Derosa the battle for draft supremacy. How's ESP. They're central. Is a sign that says please watch get up mornings on ESPN we spent fourteen and a half million dollars on this talent please watch. That is house ESPN's syndrome. It's a promo for show that's no one no one is watching. ESPN's draft day John Snow was Jon Gruden who was gone beyond the walls he will not return. So who'll defend ESPN's own castle black. And you're probably saying wait a minute why wouldn't ESPN BB king's landing of the NFL draft me that simple because. ESPN was the first to defend the wall when the NFL draft what's the furthest outpost of sports interest ESP and was better. So ESPN. Has castle black who will defend the wall who still fights for house ESPN. The greatest draft assortment and all the land. The next dark of the NFL draft. No clapper junior. Joining milk Eckerd junior on the battlefield for draft Derosa. Is trait lingo. Who was the heir to castle Berman. Kirk herb street from the house buckeye will be there and show after Chris mortenson Tommy. Lady Colbert will be at the podium interviewing draft picks lady Susie colder. The coverage doesn't stop there. Sending ravens from all over the NFL map will be just seen Anderson. Diana recede neat Sal pal Antonio and Jeff Darlington. How to land all this well I read. A column by the spider in the master of whispers Richard die each of the athletic. This is what they're no sugar coating this yep they'll put the screws to ESPN by adding fox to the mix. Last year ESPN averaged nearly nine million viewers for round one which was a 7% increase over the audience from the year before. That number now that fox NFL network are both in the game is not gonna go up right. It gets divided. Let's be honest. We seen ESPN covered this draft for years now the NFL network to. So we're all gonna be a little curious about the media explosion that fox throes of this just fruit picker to write we're gonna checking out. So it's time now to look at fox. And the NFL network. Basically this is like the Landis thirst taking king's landing them. By the way in case you're wondering beat box how essential. Is it naked Joe Buck riding a dire wolf. The NFL network syndrome. Is a thirty yard pass interference flag on and unread CTE report. Partial yeah. Sitting on the throne as lord rich Eisen he sits on the iron throne Mike may doc would be then the hand of the king. That makes Ian Rapoport Syrian why well he could end up becoming the most important powerful winds are on this draft day. Daniel Jeremiah I guess he's brawn them. Stanford head coach David Shaw will be there no one really knows why. Deion Sanders the first of his name protector of the realm of prime time will be there and believe it or not Jian a week actually. We actually get a lady start. Doing stage interviews and Melissa stark a real lady start get a real lady stark. Troy Aikman playing the role of Jamie Lynn mr. he'll be the captain of the night's watch captain of the guard. Joseph Platt Chris Rose Pete trigger all members of the kings guard Steve Mariucci and Steve Smith junior will be representing the interests of the iron bank. The old may stir. Charley casserly. So who is covering this stretch well ESPN two was like the Dolph Iraqi heard. Parents send jolt is basically. Desmond Howard on a horse drawing a Heisman Trophy somebody. Reese Davis Desmond Howard Lee Corso David Pollack bugger MacFarlane and Joey Galloway will be broadcasting on ESPN two. These ESPN to broadcast for not beholden to showing Roger Goodell make every pick but. They're going to have fun. ESB and deport desk. While that would be adorned. The signal is Sergio depth reporting on a Broncos game. Sorry apple this sorry it has today. The thanks all this streaming around. Thanks all the streaming around we will all be the three Ide raid and we can see it all we can look anywhere. And at that point. The caffeine wore off. That happened what I see see what you do and went on I came about that's pretty amazing and I well first of all I really miss game thrown sitio retail. And I really miss the NFL draft to say they monogamy miss the NFL draft because I wasn't around for this last year they'll struggle logo now. I had my stroke on draft day. And I meant I could not take part in any of our coverage I am so happy to be back for this one more happier here all thank you very much. By the way speaking of the NFL little breaking news Rob Gronkowski who's been playing owes so coy about his return to the New England Patriots just announced on the ground. That will be playing in 2018. For the New England Patriots so I guess that will quiet the gronkowski trade talk. For a moment or two we'll see if they'll go check. Wraps it back up. When it's all said and done. ESPN is castle black very dead thank you like Ian Rapoport as Syrian yet everybody could be the breakout star the whole thing you really could be a the ticket to buck up and Dunkirk. Nick Joe Buck and a dire wolf has to be house until the end ethic thank you. We've got so much coming up for you today we're gonna be off the air right before 6 o'clock that's on warriors warmup is happening fine. I've ways to win game five we got richer really joining us in just a second. On the give her a fast five ways for the warriors to win game five tonight number one. About shooting better than 38% for the game. Better than 25%. From three. That's what they did in their game four loss. Five ways to win game five here's number two clay Thompson just be better than your minus eighteen performance from game four. There's no way you're gonna get another minus eighteen out of Klay Thompson at home. Forget it. That's not gonna happen again. JaVale McGee. Com with another energy game. Show me that you're that guy again Jim Delgado also had a great start in game one sort of tailed off since gimme that start again. Fourth way to win tonight fewer than sixteen turnovers that's how you lost the last game and oh yeah fifth thing oracle. Oracle you Bea oracle like Garry saint Jean said we're gonna get an awful lot of wall or Rio or is coming up tonight.