DB Show - 1- Warriors Spurs Game 3, NFL schedule, Sharks sweep, Steve Kerr

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Thursday, April 19th
Damon previews Warriors-Spurs Game 3 tonight in San Antonio, but with heavy hearts after the news of Gregg Popovich's wife passing yesterday, talks about the leaked NFL schedule which shows the Raiders and Niners will meet in Week 9 for Thursday Night Football, we replay Damon's conversation with coach Kerr from earlier in the week, and touch on the Giants win in extras last night. 

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Thanks so much for stopping on by today we got a good couple of hours to hang out before we get your two little warriors warmup starting at 5 o'clock in the game three. Opening round playoff series warriors spurs and what a different sad to. No. Do we have to strike before we really get ready for this one tonight the passing of Aaron Popovich is cast a Pall. Overall the basketball fund that we wanted to have tonight. I mean this is where professional athletes are really. Really early seeing their professionalism tested by B real world events. Passing tragedy loss it happens to assault. It touches assault hopefully it doesn't. Doesn't come about very often but this is certainly a life moment that is bigger than basketball it's bigger than sports and you know what we do here really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things for a man to of lost his wife for four decades. He stepped away dispersant be coached by an assistant tonight an assistant is not Becky hammonds by the way. But there are going to be. All of them with heavy hearts. Gregg Popovich has requested. That no moment of silence. Start this game he doesn't want. The coverage to revolve around the tragedy in his absence. He wanted to be about basketball. And that is certainly noble. But it's almost asking a lot of all involved who clearly so many people have compassion for this guy. That it's really something else and obviously this isn't one of those. Situations where the tragedy affects one team. And then not so much the other because. Steve Kerr knows Gregg Popovich in the spurs family. Very very well. His wife Steve current wife. And Aaron Popovich. Were very very good friends and that's something that Steve was talking today at shoot around about. Mean it's just so sad that all of this has happened. Here is Steve Kirk talking about the passing Gregg Popovich is wife. Devastating news Noah Aaron has been courageously fighting a battle with some health issues over the last few years but this was shocking it was like I was unexpectedly. Our whole organization all our players or coaches. We're all thinking about parent involvement and make you jewels. Pocket and Dan have two small grandchildren who love their grandma and it's a sad sad for all of us and not a whole lot we can sailors and offering our condolences and are supporting. Popped in my view the most admired man in the NBA for many reasons that there's an outpouring. Of support and grief from everybody around the league. But it's almost specially for those of us who were part of this its first family and have been so impacted by a pop and earned over the years so it's a tough day. Aaron Popovich in speaker's wife and like I was saying we're very very close your well she was close with my life when I played here apparently was sort of the balance of pop needed Jessica. I still remember when he traded me to Portland. 2001 he called me up to tell me that news is that I I don't think I'd go home. There's going to be so badly. For trading you read Margot and Aaron were close and and that's it intentionally uses its old Gavin should you choose part of the family. So what can we say other than certainly our condolences from everyone here at the station. To the spurs organization and obviously this touches the warriors closely. And deeply as well why anyone who was married anyone who has a life partner anyone who. You know his is experiencing. A lifelong love has to be grieving for for that kind of a loss and you know it's funny. Two days ago were sitting around criticizing Gregg Popovich just because that's the job we do you want to that's what we do we talk about sports and we don't. I have you ever heard in your life single peep about Gregg Popovich his wife. I hadn't I didn't even know the man was married I assume so but I assume all men and that Ager probably married rain. But you never heard about her I had no idea. Really who she was her that she was ill in any way shape performance of this new whose. Was so jarring because it was all about basketball up until that and all doubts early Gregg Popovich in all about how he doesn't like to go ahead and had a Gatorade bottle in front of this press conference now it's just joking with people woman do we realize why he's so. All over the place he's got to be a little scattered shot I don't know if this passing was sudden. Expected. The only thing that I think it's heartbreaking is that this guy in really what were the final days of his life's wife. Her out of my wife my life. Had to be out here dealing with this like it would have been better had the spurs missed the playoffs and he could have been home to really would have been sports means nothing. At a time like this. The president perspective certainly the hearts and prayers go out to his family that's a very tough situation to be in right now. Can I ask a tacky yet relevant and germane to the conversation we've been having question. Disquiet Leonard go to the funeral. I'm as better really weird relationship if this doesn't bring you back into the fold because this is not about basketball this is about. Showing up to respect the man that was he that is your coach who has just gone through a personal tragedy. I wonder if quiet Leonard and company he's group is Gregg Popovich is called him in his recap reached out because it's been a a stalemate there's been a lot of silence in between the two party so I wonder if this might. I don't know be the olive branch of that moment I really don't know and and honestly I am really doesn't matter right this is bigger than any of that. But we do have a job today you know the professionals got to go out play their basketball game tonight we. We wanted to have a job yesterday we reported for duty at three dead. I don't I guess I got to count that is no show no show for the very first time. In our entire. Run here in 957 game. The entire run of the day membership maybe this happened or another afternoon show but the a's game that started at 1235 yesterday ran through my programs running time to 7 PM. If its sister going to happen one other time here in an event seven. Technically the game ended around 630 but with all of their post game obligations by the time it was. Ready for me to come on the air my time had elapsed yeah. So I've got two days worth of contents for you and what's really ironic in this is the irony of the whole thing. I know a lot of you say hey how can we don't talk about BA's more Heidi huge Hayes show planned for yesterday but of course the Oakland a's got in the way of that. At at that. We had Dave Pavel scheduled as a guest we were gonna talk about what they had learned from their free night of attendance. How they're going to conduct business going forward it are things gonna change. What lessons that they really take away from that you know it was good news it here's the deal Gionta my whole point was this. There's a lot of things in the world that probably cost for family for about 2300 box. That if war made free tomorrow I'd still have no interest in. Like there have been some very depressing attendance figures for the a's this year rain but the fact that they did get that big of a crowd means there's interest yeah. Interest exist but business is not brisk how do you bridge the gap patty make this successful. And oh are you telling me that it's just a Celeste she'll call will incidents. That we're hearing about eight desire to bring a Major League team to Portland on the day. You were having free admission I mean I just unused and I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday folks. You're telling me that's just us the last she'll coincidence that those two events just happen to occur on the same day. In this universe by happenstance. Like I'm just a little too cynical to believe that I'm sorry. So. I guess we'll save that for another time another day a's got in the way of their own con tent yesterday with all of that baseball. Some content that we have for you today. Revolves around a little something that I know you happen to pay attention to. And you'll love it very very much. And names and dates. But it gives you excitement of them are. We've got ourselves an NFL schedule to discuss one of them has been league in its entirety we have the 49ers schedule I only got a couple of facts about the raiders and it's no. No no no sense of not trying and we try to find out as much as we could be here's what we now. About the raiders they're going to be playing at the 49ers on November 1 they're gonna be in London against the Seahawks in week six. What do we know about the 49ers. Well according cam Inman we know just about everything. The biggest thing the most important thing the most germane to the conversation that we have here in the Bay Area thing is this. It's bids. The battle of the bay. Reaches us November 1 raiders at niners November 1. It's going to be a Thursday night football game I wish it wasn't a Thursday night game will get into the reasons why later. Really doesn't have as much into the traffic patterns as I want this team a lot both these teams to come and full strength full game plan no short work week or anything like that. And there's gonna be circumstances surrounding them is. Red Sox this should about a Sunday it would sell the Monday night to itself because it really got there is that it would sell Yemen Thursday is a crappy night to play professional football. It doesn't make any sense I hate Thursday night football you hate Thursday night football every Thursday night football fan. There aren't there are not places no color arrests so no color rushed thank goodness. But what is good news is it'll take place in week nine which means both these teams are gonna have their 2018. Season legs. Underneath them by week nine you know what you're having this season you're gonna have. And less of course. Out of nowhere. Later in the year you know you do something extreme. And trade for Jimmy problems and against gangs Tuesday. Yeah it was again in which case in which case. It changes things a little bit but we have the entirety of the 49ers schedule five primetime games in those. Week nine date with the raiders Thursday night is going to be a huge one around here by the way speaking of a huge one around here. Guess who's not in the next round and guess who's on the Las Vegas. Guess who probably isn't much of a raider fan. Because there wishing the Las Vegas golden knights. With four leaf clover is how hopefully the sharks. And that streak they are into the second round they had swept the ducks goodbye lakers'. Oh god. At this is god and 888957957. Always the number we talked to Steve Kerr earlier this week and obviously. We want a replay some of that for you talking about basketball tonight and we'll touch on why this NBA game doesn't feel like the rest obviously. With the passing of Aaron Popovich but Steve Kerr coming up next here on 957 game. How he didn't even shell on money not by seventy. And then seeing her brought you by Mancini sleep world simply the best place to buy mattress. And brought you by the bay club get more debate club more boxing will pick up games more laps in the pool there's a big club more. For a three day pass to get started Steve thank you very much for joining us and congratulations. To nothing looks pretty good over San Antonio doesn't it. They don't look good but long way to go obviously. Like a great way in Russia given that spurs are two nom played well played hard and Goddard who works. I I like our responsiveness and now. Didn't think the spurs were good enough to win game one but like you said I did think that they played well enough to win game two LaMarcus Aldridge obviously had a fantastic. Game. What did you think woke up the spurs was he your effort that Gregg Popovich tried to match emotionally in game two. Are you saying this is pretty predictable in the playoffs you don't you blow came out in game one they're gonna come out but much better game duke. Everybody you play going to be really good. You know that they're important team that has so much tradition and history and only guy who. A bit nervous swore Parker and Ginobili especially when the alteration has been a playoff for years so. It's just to be expected their effort was much better their defense was swoopes and passes in the first this is what playoffs are about. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr here on the Damon Bruce show. Most head coaches wouldn't announce that they were surprised by any aspect of their team in fear that someone would be like well why is any aspect of your team's surprising New Year's Day head coach. But you're not like any other head coach and I think you might answer this honestly Steve does anything about your team surprised you. Or have you really been expecting this effort to just pop up with the playoffs hall. Well I did expect to be plans to get dramatically better than it has all that's been. Really positive obviously that's the key role playing no matter who you're playing well you've got to make stops. And that every team we don't stiffer challenges so that we knew what the spurs routed duke committed just like they've. Prepared well for us well the biggest thing and I'm just I'm pleased to have our effort. I thought we are much better in game one. We missed a lot of box out last night we had more mistakes so. We're about to meet tiger in Bob and better in game three. Trim on grain he really is the barometer of this team's emotions and if he's feeling frisky the whole team feels frisky. And if he's not bolting doesn't necessarily feel frisky good news coach these frisky right about now. Thankful at the end part well. You know me you are not under it and are. Are just so good these sensible thing in the way they apparel. And it can lead this situation. There's a lot of switching book Koran out there are a lot of Reading circumstances. We've. You know when you got a whole group of players out there were so personal letters and KB. When a drain on our day made it an edge that makes the game so much easier and was scheduled to hold the job. So you told me all year long we ask you about this all year long are you worried about Andrei not once did you say you worried about Andrei and it turns out you were right. How would cut guy looks like he's front and around 126 year old kids legs right now. Yeah well it's and I'll play out bring out the best in got a great Andre who are. You know maybe nearing the end of his career was. Who then all struggled that you mentioned in the same vein from Ginobili or law or five years you know John Travolta and forty about it. Still coming into playoff games and making an impact. And Andre is obviously about what type pictures behind him. Bud won't just all the way that you get to a certain age you can't bring it traded chief straight terms of the energy and they blow and somebody I just like. The bastion and I'd like like Andre who grew Jews they know what to do what they know they've conserved some energy over the course appeared ready. Did you lean over to you throughout the regular season and to see I cannot whispering near like don't worry I'll be April. Noory in Beijing yeah. Yeah. Steve Kerr here on 957 the game curry seems to be in great spirits there on the bench he's going to be traveling with the team to San Antonio how vault. Is staff. During. The walk up to these games either is at halftime voice. Pre your post game boys in that locker room how involved is he with the team's business. Beyond being a spectator as he waits to get ready to play. Well as much as you can be you know but when you're not playing bench you're just not they're not part of what you're doing you rehab won't achieve on the floor and so there's always this separation which. Is difficult to deal with as a player could use are used to being you know part of the action. But what you are doing who's behind the scenes you know each. He's talking to Korean and he's offering his advice I saw huh. Pouring blame on aside the CT something you know he's in the summer session or so little or something or shelved but it's just different you know when you're not playing just mile there's no course or the operation there. By the way and master stroke great idea to give Quinn cook all the room he needed to come off the bench and not put him in the starting line up which is you know like hey Gregg Popovich your look you're looking for a guided test Syria is in the first minute of the game like at really good move to go and Andre I think. Well you don't believe it was basically made. To put RD our best defensive line up on the floor and job under is obviously one of our best to try million. Don't quit and and so it was very good defender but he's six feet tall man now so he's you know he's vulnerable in certain areas so it just made sense to. Margaret court of a big range he. Whine about here. Rich and communicating and and cause some Havoc and I think so are the you know a lot of us don't really look. Steve JaVale McGee was close to not returning last offseason and now is one of the biggest reasons why you're 2.0 in this series he's been fantastic and I think is. Played his best basketball. Certainly in game one of this series is opening 910 minutes on the floor or were amazing. I mean. During a great job on Aldridge altered your heart's alone in this guy Kroger and difficulty and so. Good to have you they'll look what it isn't home to me she tried. Toward some of what LaMarcus and there are great England jubilant that he can just kind of you know he used to beat him leaping ability it. You give us or five groups and you know without stamped we need that extra scoring clutch so you got to hold the first few games Javelle and that a big factor towards. Who is better putting up a quiet thirty point performance Kevin Durant or Michael Jordan. She. Morally and category in the in that regard you know they just do it so usually lead to. Sometimes you learn just look up let's lecturer at last where they're never which. The origin seemed like everywhere you look up at the scoreboard and Kevin got thirty a that's. And it's the ultimate compliment when you could score that easily amount smoothly. Just shows what an archer. We would love you to get this sucker done in four or five into those six games. Can interfere with the NFL draft and I got a big NFL draft show on Marty prepping so we need is over by five coach if you could. Thank you very very much appreciate it to act Steve thank you. Yeah yeah. Warriors approaching this series with our draft day coverage in mind I do appreciate that obviously we always appreciate when Steve Kerr is it time to drop on by. We talked to him earlier in the week. You know I asked him about the atmosphere of game three. In this is before we learned of the passing of Gregg Popovich is Wi-Fi asked him about how. You know this as a fan base it is spend the playoffs 21 years in a row the expectations. Of excellence in San Antonio are steep. And they know that the run is coming to a dead you know this window is closing. And so I ask Steve about the atmosphere of game three in here was his answer. Most personable and on firing all the truly bizarre and I'll you know losing every road game I think it offered eleven straight road games Riviera may be wrong but he closed. They won like eight or nine straight home games so you're totally different scene there. And you don't what else are you win one game. And the momentum changer so let's look going to be your focus student you know will still go logged in one game and and that I have a home game. On Sunday to tie the series so it's important that all our mind set out to be the exact opposite won't go out get this first wanted to really you know. What are we went on to talk about. Creating your own energy and how the warriors are gonna need to bring their own energy to the table. And now we come to the reality of tonight's game. In a vacuum tonight's game feels like a meaningless sports exercise. After knowing the Gregg Popovich has lost his wife a four decades. It's incredibly sad. It's incredibly sad. And it adds appalled to the entire evening. We're gonna have Kevin Harlan on at 4420. Today. Kevin Harlan is doing the game for TNT tonight we're gonna ask you about oh he's gonna balance. The desire of the Popovich gambling to not recognize this moment to just play ball. Wins the actual human compassion and empathy that everyone has to have who's working mag game tonight for the situation. That this game is being played in. Very very odd. Very very sad. And I just feel terrible for all involved to tonight's one of those nights were you really wish you could do. You can take them you tonight's one of those nights where you wish you could ask the business of sports to push the pause button sure. When we come back and do this on Sunday afternoon when a way I want everyone take a few days. But the business of sports does not allow that to happen and they're going forward. With this game tonight will be talking. To both Marc spears at 4 o'clock and Kevin Harlan around 420 about the upcoming game tonight warriors warmup is gonna start here. At 5 o'clock game three warriors and spurs have chance to put a stranglehold. On the series chance to close a series last night for the San Jose Sharks and what are you know that's what they did. Powell about dat. I minute I want every single period. Every single shift. All four games. I was on the bandwagon. You know that I'm drive and that's why I'm Rodman and I'm competent I. I'm tune and adopt. I'm under the hood fix and it. I love it sharks bandwagon is godly. Not only in my riding it I got a disk a Wimbledon I had gone. To. Let's. Golden knights. Pay you're really darling amazing expansion season. Is gonna come to what end. It's going to be at the shark's gonna do it. It. Don't sharks. Game Shiites. I love it busy and errand and was five love playoff hockey. Sexy hockey was fun. The energy in the think there's nothing better than the team at. Home old model one goal lead everybody in the tank is a follow. Every single. Jones was awesome in the pipes last night do we really want you stopped and every big moment. Every opportunity that the ducks put on him but for one that was fantastic Sorenson got everyone going. It was it was it would it was a fun game it was a fun night I wish it could have been down at the tank. Radeon was on fire the coverage is great and they do a great job covering the sharks they really do. So awful lot of fun I had fun and I'm ready for game one round to absolutely Vegas. Bring on the can nights. Let's do this. David you know host your draft shows somewhere for us listeners to come join. All all all I am so glad that you asked because. If you plan on being around downtown San Francisco financial district. On draft day I'm inviting you to come on down cius Schroeder's. Schroeder's is where we are gonna be doing our draft they show from meet Joseph Fortin ball I believe. We have schedule an appearance. If not a straight up co hosting collaboration. With a one and only Greg pop days Greg's got a show to do from noon to three but I have. Right at the Booth again lag I believe Greg is gonna stick around the only thing that would appeal Greg out of Schroeder's. Would be if the warriors birds c.'s game six. I think the chances of that happening are. Are slim to none so I do hope we are having a full Bork. Out now. NFL draft day show by the way you see who opened the doors for the sharks last night. In the background there you had Kyle Shannon Hanson in the sense tonight did you see how the sharks are like yeah there's the base football team. Again. Raiders. Deride with a golden knights. These Jose oil and you know if Natalia. I mean. Yeah you look and Vegas good for you now to tell me all about how great the strip is when you get there. You're already rooting for Vegas teams over Bay Area teams shame on you how easier for every conference. Talk about for you know and so it's a whole thing Billick man I loved the Marshawn Lynch never forgot where he was from. The Oakland Raiders are still two years away from movement may have already forgotten where they're from they should scrub the word Oakland of that franchise right now it's called himself the nomad raiders. The wandered the desert. Oh by the way it'll be picking tenth in the draft were really excited about that. Let's talk about the fact that we now have pretty much the entire year. All the 49ers schedule. This is something else three of the first four are on the road cam Inman got all the T he seven the 49 are scheduled Tea Party. He's got all the news. They. Chances against gangs Tuesday it was. And was again. Sorry that's only for Jimmy Graf below we can use that for the Shanahan as well. Week two. The Detroit Lions are gonna be Levi's stadium week wonder in Minnesota and what are you know it's gonna be the shot I'm vs the cousins you. That'll be interest staying the guy that might have been and the 49ers quarterback will open up against the guy that is now the 49ers quarterback. Whose name is. Yeah against gangs Tuesday it was. Yeah it was again. Five primetime games the raiders will be at Levi's for the first time ever November 1 what I really like about that is that it gives. Both of these franchises especially. Jon Gruden who's in his first year back is a coach a little chance the walk into the season it's going to be week nine before these teams meet each other which means. They will be you know that the B in mid season form won't be those first 34 weeks of football where you know flip a point you have no idea right. The B and in. I like it. Of the seven teams would new coaches. Five of them are on the 49ers home schedule believe it or not the raiders the Arizona Cardinals and Chicago Bears the Detroit Lions. And the New York Giants all come in Levis have new coaches. Their strength of schedule right in the middle tied for fifteenth most challenging it's the easiest schedule among NFC west teams is this is the right time for the 49ers to think that there are sending a little bit. They've got a comfortable scheduled to negotiate. This is going to be pretty interest thinks we are got here is the 2018. Regular season schedule for the 49ers again the raiders. That has not leaked in its entirety. The only thing we know about the raiders is that they're playing at the niners November 1. And the raiders are in London to meet the Seahawks in week six that will be able lost home game for raider fans. That's the one thing those are the two things we know may be something has happened wild in the last 36 minutes. Jian. Is to refresh between third and see what happens. We have any more news. But here it is week one. 49ers wrapped in Minnesota Vikings he got jet McKinnon going back you've got the Shanahan. Verses the cousins. September 16 the home opener will be against the Detroit Lions the lions first ever visit to Levi's stadium the lines of lost. Their last twelve trips to the 49ers at Candlestick Park. At the Kansas City Chiefs September 23. At the chargers September 30 that is going to be a very interesting match up. October 7 against the cardinals October 15 will be a Monday night border I'm a Monday nighter at the Green Bay Packers in Lambeau. I don't know at a Monday night footer is I don't know what just happened there sorry what is the statement at the stroke. Some adjusting and be hosting the rams on October 21 October 28 at the Arizona Cardinals again the big game with the raiders. It's gonna be a Thursday night later. Off traffic's going to be. Yeah and it's going to be hard if you wanted to be in your seat for the kick off Thursday night football he should probably get Wednesday off work. Might get 24 hours. Earlier when a half day that definitely to get down about a week and what's crazy here. Is their plane Thursday night football and the may wrap around and they play Monday Night Football against a New York Giants hosting the giants on Monday Night Football. They're gonna be at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At the Seattle Seahawks. December 9 they post the Broncos December 16 that's the Seahawks. December 23 so they play on Christmas Eve eve against the Chicago Bears. Again the Chicago Bears won the first ever real regular season game Levi stadium. Of course Jimmy garage below won his first start at Soldier Field something's gotta give its existing ads and Tuesday. Dad was again second year in a row. The year and in the Los Angeles December 30 at the rams and that is the entirety. Of the 2018. Schedule for the 49ers again when we have the entirety of the raiders' schedule will talk about that just a little bit. I got a little bit we got a little more to me a little bit more this is our reportedly these are reports so nothing official but weak floor apparently September 30 a browns at raiders'. Week five or raiders at chargers. We know week six they're in London a week nine of course there at Levi's. All right so we have two more games that we now know about that is eighty that's a solid quarter of the raiders' schedule but now leaflets we get. That's nice that's nice I like that an awful lot. Hey Damon word to the wise never type Monday night footer into Google. I you know yeah I'll take your word for that. I I don't wanna do that and thanks to your advice I'm not gonna do that. I really don't lenses is there something about one in ninety that I need I don't know what that is cells. And out that is either I don't politicized and take one for the team tonight if it's a bit later grabbed it you know. Grab the voodoo doll colder tights. Grabbed the voodoo doll wrapped mama voodoo. And Google away and you tell us if you don't get fired immediately by HR for inappropriate not safe for work behavior and yet I was just Jessica sell adult do auto company laptop computer you use your own greens he's gonna take on the team menus are all all alone. Probably Smart you don't want that on the old. Html line was that that this search lined in gold why oh no we don't want an an athletic but yeah. A curiosity a curiosity is there ain't gonna lie and Alina super disappointed so. And really really. That's fine okay whatever text line was AMOCO it was a good here's a thing if you promising smut to the Damon Bruce show we want my own deliver absolutely deliver the smile what a let down by the way we have a whole new segment coming up today at 530 call deliver the smut the adrenal dobbs. What I did not at 530 today warriors warm ups gonna be on at 530 today warriors won't starts at 5 o'clock today which means. We still got about an hour and fifteen minutes together we're gonna spend it wisely with the U when Marc spears joins me at 4 o'clock the one and only. Aren't. You and I have heard of Kevin Harlan is gonna join me and before we tip our cap and say good bye we're gonna have five before five Korea. Warriors warm up starts its five because on the broadcast right Philly days my broadcasting buys. Sort of have ever thought I did set at 5 o'clock in that war is war Bosnia started. I have set the down. Now back to the demon can get on 957 victory. Marc spears all over the NBA coming up at 4 o'clock Kevin Harlan. Who's doing the game for T and T night game three warriors first. He joins me coming up around 420 this afternoon by the way tomorrow is for money. I thought yes it is it's a Friday it's 42 money. A staffer. Who shall remain nameless. Staffers hump is staffer you're not advise them in the game gave me great advice saying a you know. You wanna run into a crowded dispensary go to go tomorrow for its can be the first to weed is legal for twenty in the history of California. Matt you little nutty. I'm just saying did drive slowly minute drive carefully everyone make good choices okay. Not too slowly it it's a game and prepare for tomorrow will be occur at ten. Usage to be prepared like the Boy Scouts. 8889579570. Is the number. We saw last night. True Bay Area baseball games go to extra innings one of them was an extra innings for a really long time as a matter of fact they could have stretched. The fourteen Benning along with the seven Benning. And it was eighty long long game over at the coliseum to the point or for the very first time in a show's history 81235. Afternoon. Start. Wiped us out a Damon did it like 635 yesterday. Meaning they had about 25 minutes of post game to do and by the time 7 o'clock came around. As my allotted time here on the station had reached its end. So. Didn't get to law. Didn't get to talk too much about a thing yesterday. Extra innings baseball for a's fans they go home winners. Extra innings before the giants last night in Arizona. Now they're Sosa thing is a big game in April right well now I don't know if they've gone Arizona and gotten swept there have been eight games back. Today they look up their only. Was six games back right. They're only six games back now on this point in time to play but there's a big difference between six and it really is. So all. Brandon belt wasn't looking to draw a walk in a big moment after a hawk he actually swung the bat. Yet the keep it up. Feel free to keep that up. Yeah I really don't wanna hear much about the the small sample size of this season is great that they won yesterday. It really is. But the giants problems. Remain even though some of the faces have changed. And yesterday even though you walked out of that game with a win. The problems were just as easy to see in victory as they are in defeat sometimes. Maybe some of the faces that haven't changed now become faces that are part of the problem like Brandon belt shirk home run last night but. He is who we is and they'll never be who you want him to be over at first base I know that. Let's really looking for a guide you. Always draw Ole walk. I'm. Letter rip Brandon. Hunter Pence last night an error in an O for five. You've got Cortese you've got blonde go yet a lot of guys can hit the ball out of the infield don't spend much time in their careers hit the ball out of the infield you know Kilby Tomlinson that guys soft theater. The giants have been playing bad baseball. I don't care that they won last night I don't care what the record is this year let's be honest they're gonna have troubles Warren writes. Period then the story. They're having trouble scoring runs and last night even in victory wasn't much of an exception. The giants have been playing bad baseball since the second half of 2016. I don't wanna hear anything about eight small sample size being how you look at this season. Yeah sure this year small sample size the sample size of the giants' offense under performing goes back. Our season and a half. He really does. Bullpen failures. Led the giants being bounced from the playoffs in 2016 their answer was mark my Lance and mark Blanton is a grand total of eleven saves he's on the hook for four years 64 million. He recently had a stem cell injections throwing arm. Has a great baseball pitching story Gionta ever started with. He had a stem cell injection in his pitching arm. And then went on to win the Cy Young. I don't I don't I've never heard that story I've never told that story. That's weird. The giants had no answer in left field. From the start of the 2017 season. They bring back Mike Morse to compete with Matt Williamson and Jared Parker Williams and injured his squad. He's retooled swing well more on him a second Parker. He crash and AT&T park left field wall broke his collarbone Michael Morse was can cost in the harper Strickland brawl by the way Strickland blue disable last night. And was forced to retire after being hit by running on the field. Dad and a game of patty cake. Elie sandals back. Giants got a Y out of ideas that aren't exactly inspirational ideas out there. They spent a lot of money it is time spend it. That well. We do have NFL schedules. Feels a little bit justice coach just a touch like a football holiday. Love having schedules. Let's start agreement lets you start bank and battle of the day. The very last battle of the bay as we know it the last battle of the bay that we see scheduled in the future. The last time the raiders are niners are ever gonna is gonna have to get on a bus to play the other. Franchise. November 1. It's gonna be a Thursday night game. Shirts and have a national stage all to itself. But that stage sucks. I hate Thursday night football I hate that this is a Thursday night football game I hate that both these coaches have a short week to prepare for the other. I do like the fact this games in week nine. Both these teams are gonna have their identities pretty clearly defined. By the time they need each other they'll know what they're good at I don't know what they're bad that the military strengths and weaknesses are. So they'll be a lot of footage. Shanahan will know exactly. How things are clicking with the gruden and Derek Carr Carr will either be. Returning to form were still struggling to find his identity. By week nine. Quotes. Bye week nine next season Derek Karr might be right back in the conversation of best quarterbacks in football. We might still be struggle. We know the expectations are going to be. 49ers are gonna step in this season. With a big expectations. And reminding everyone to be patient. It's a really. Really fork in the road season. It's going to be interesting to see it all play out what a fun game we're gonna have too bad it's a Thursday nighter. Put it is good that we are going to have. Our own little Super Bowl. It really is gonna feel like our own little Super Bowl. Little battle that they be fund raiders in niners raiders first time ever in Levi what does a Houston day. I'm really. I don't want this game played under any parameters that affect how the crowd gets there. I want everyone to have all the time they needed to get there I don't wanna while trying to leave work at 5 o'clock and try to get through game. You'll never make it they'll never make it you could be just a few miles away the traffic is gonna be so bad going to be tough it'll be tough. I wonder how many raider fans are gonna make it in order from niner fans are gonna go out of their way to make sure their tickets don't go to raider fans. Invading Levi's is not bend a monumental task. There's been a lot of niner apathy about that building but drop below changed everything that building had a little life and if they get off to a stark. That there are proud of what every cites people now that's going to be a fun one man it really is. Absolutely love it. Marc spears is going to be joining us in just a little bit he's a senior writer for ESPN's the undefeated obviously is weak. Think about tonight's game three for the warriors playoff basketball everywhere we got. Marc spears coming up to talk about the playoff basketball that's going on everywhere not just the game that's happening in San Antonio tonight. You had both the what you had the rockets taking it to nothing series lead over the timberwolves and looking very good. That's the Houston rocket team that we've been talking about all year in game two they weren't very good in game one they were pretty good in game two. They're up two games to none just like the warriors are on the spurs. How about new warlords go and in the Portland. And taken to know from the trailblazers. This is not what dame Willard had in mind. Jrue Holiday played great. Rush on Rondo played rates. We got the 76ers. Tonight Rolen and Miami to take on a rejuvenated Dwyane Wade. Six there's gonna feel rejuvenated themselves by the way they got him beat back in their lineup tonight. I bet he's excited to get don't. By the way. I said this on the air. I'm sticking to it I understand that I am flying in the face here of NBA logic but I think NBA logic is a logical in order to be rookie of the year I think yes be your first year in the NBA. We've already done the show I'm not about to do it again. Ben Simmons Blake Griffin when he won it I don't think should have qualified for rookie of the year qualifications are candidacy. The the advantage you have over rookie class by taking a redshirt freshman year in year and in your professional year I don't care you're nursing back from injury or not. Your sitting on. Sitting on the bench you're getting an up close in person education every night you've got coaches you've got practice you've got film study you are round. The NBA to the point where. Halfway through your rookie year you pretty much knows how this works even though you haven't played a game. Donovan Mitchell is a one man kind of doing it on his own doesn't have a collection of top draft picks around here like Ben Simmons does. And he is made the jazz more relevant than anybody thought they would be in the year where Gordon Hayward said that's good memories. I'm out. Scott I've been unbelievable. And you know what happened last night after he was fantastic. Got a big win for the jazz. In the Oklahoma City up. After all that happened I went on and tweeted that Donovan Mitchell really should be the rookie years of bush called cops to the crime has been committed if he's not. All like Antilles and I've been picked up by somebody in the Philadelphia media and then re tweeted and I am in my timeline is a mess. Like RIP my timeline. Because I got 76ers fans inviting me to commit suicide to kill myself delete my life delete my account deleted everything. It's insane. Philadelphia fans are nuts. And I'm really happy that don't work in Philadelphia to a good deal of those people at all out our current 80 my god. In saying I feel very strongly about Simmons obviously Bob don't wanna hear it. I mean what what what are we what are we make a difference between this guy's a freshman where this guy's a redshirt freshman what do we just call them all freshmen. Because there's a big difference between a redshirt freshman or true freshman I hate the way the NBA chooses rookie of the year special in the taken sophomores.