DB Show - 1 - Warriors flip switch, Sharks up 2-0, Popovich postgame, Brian Geltzeiler

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Monday, April 16th
Damon recaps the sports weekend: Warriors flip the switch on the Spurs, Sharks go up 2-0 over the Ducks, is joined by Brian Geltzeiler of hoopscritic.com, Popovich was very Pop-like postgame, and more. 

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How are you. It's been awhile since we've seen each other. Now I'm not talking to use. The good loyal audience member not talking you would all we hang out together five days a week Monday through Friday. On set in ahead. Well how boring it's been a long time since Lee senior. To the Golden State Warriors. Sue actually looked like the warriors for the first time in three months. When an impressive. Checked off a lot of the boxes we were worried about win over the San Antonio Spurs defense what do you know does the trick. Did you lose ten pounds did you buy a new dress are those new shoes. To get your hair and makeup done. I'm now you're just playing defense and that's why you look so good tonight. Got it was good to see the warriors team that we've been so familiar with the we've been longing for. For its. I tell you I think they can survive an awful lot of basketball games without step curry when they get locked in defensively like they did. Disbursing coach Popovich were either gonna bring out the very best in the Golden State Warriors were they would expose them. For what we feared had become bad habits. One of those bad habits. Has been slow start after slow start after slow start. Time and time and time again we've seen it time and time and time again the question was. We gonna started senator the answer. Was JaVale McGee he was fantastic. He was really good breaking out of the blocks like he was. Regularly. As good as JaVale McGee has ever looked in the Golden State Warriors uniform. You know we would have trouble working up the ramp throw the lob pass to Aldridge low why left ventricle to the box plays like both Republicans block. Oh pumping pumping pumping pumping pumping pump fake. Try to say that ten times fast. JaVale normally loves to fall for that pump fake he wasn't half minute he kept his feet on the ground when he needed to to keep LaMarcus Aldridge honest. This. So which we've heard so much about. Looks like they did that over the weekend it was really good let's see if they can stay on the switch. Apathy is something we've seen befall this team all year long. Let's see if they can look is Gooding game to. Let's see if they go to Ghana game three to make a statement to end this bad boy before really gets under way let's see if they can maybe sweep in game four. There's a lot of basketball between now and game four so worry about that then just look good. Again tonight. Could got a guy detects one he says news flash spurs stuck. You're right you're not breaking any news but the warriors it sucked. Quite a bit over the last month or so. All sorts of bad habits that a team like San Antonio as much as you might be built to beat them. A team like San Antonio fundamentally sound. Could have tricked up the warriors not in terms of winning the series. But slowing down what we. Insisted be a whole bunch of check boxes so they looked good breaking out of the starting gates. In this post season how important is it to break out of the starting gates well that. Remains to be seen. I know the cavaliers are hoping that it's not important I know that the Houston Rockets are hoping that the style points are that important because they needed a superhero. Like effort out of James Harden. To get past the Minnesota Timberwolves in their first game we've got eight ton. To talk about after what was a great. Great weekend. For the entire NBA wasn't just the warriors like the NBA. Lot of good games this weekend couple you honors. What some really good basketball being played we are being entertained by some of the best basketball players we're gonna see in our life these guys are in their primes. And they're in the playoffs and it's time. Good times. You know it's also good times. Pan out yeah. How are you Gionta. And I were you like me stopped to your couch. All day long basically on Saturday while I was kind of really stuck my toughest packing my couch on Saturday. Big moving today. But. I couldn't help but take time to watch a whole bunch of slices of basketball. And a whole bunch of ships of playoff hockey the sharks went down Anaheim. You don't win every year on the road. Wherever you're starting a series on the road. What are you really looking for all the way realistically. You're looking to split right. You look at the split so mission accomplished in game one for the sharks they get the game to. And they don't let it. The foot off the pedal is a matter of fact first shot of the game Jones gave up a goal. Sharks would come roaring back third period gimme hurdle. This is good sure and watch during nice kid back for myrtle Beaumont turtles she did little bit. God. Okay. That made it 31 man. And the sharks who want to take it to nothing series lead with game three in their own a Barnett. Ten night the sharks are up two or nothing on the ducks four Stanley Cup playoff games tonight all of those games have to nothing leads. And the sharks are the only. Team on the ice tonight trying to defended two nothing lead at home. Series stranglehold night for all road teams but one in the NHL. Anaheim which is slated to get on the board against San Jose who leads to nothing the Bruins dropped to nothing on the maple leaves that's tonight. Lightening up to nothing on the doubles that's tonight. We've of course got a couple of NBA playoff games tonight he'd seen six or as they go at 5 o'clock spurs and warriors it's a 730 tip. Our coverage starts at 6 o'clock warmup coming you from ORACLE Arena tonight. Kristiansen mats diamonds. Guru. Gonna be out at oracle tonight so they won't get you ready with a little warriors warmup starting at 6 o'clock. We are here to get you warmed up for all of that. We got a great show for today we're gonna talk to grind dealt Siler coming up in just a little bit he is a host for Sirius XM radio. And in full disclosure. Being completely is honest review as I can be as opposed to his audience. You know every now and then you gotta taped an interview to get it done. We like to go lie whenever the choice between tape it or do live we do live. We have to take wood Brian this afternoon. And we are going to have that interview for you next he could holes. Out cool why Leonard calls in the tower. And you know what he might not be too far from the truth this is a phenomenal interview I've got for you if you're an NBA fan this is a dial us in on your radio when rip the knob off interview if there ever was one Bryan yeah Bryant is really really good and he goes through the NBA playoffs as we've got them so far. With a fine tooth comb all over the warriors all over the spurs all over this weird cool why Leonard. Circulation. Which is really be I've seen anything like this you know normally when a guy's hurt can't be with his team. He's still there with this team my door and suit but he's Errol offering a little emotional support may be a tipper too in the locker room. Just like stuff for us. There are stepped curry. Kim played a night but the area is. Where is school wide Leonard Gregg Popovich even saying why and his group. No where to be found this is an odd odd relationship. For a team to be units. It in an relationship with with the its face of the franchise its marquee player. It is really an odd odd situation. We got so much for today. If you want to wind a whole bunch of baseball games down in San Diego you might need to root for a team other than the San Francisco Giants because they dropped. Three of four in San Diego we've got the Oakland days returning. To their second homestand of the season they've got the White Sox tonight and of course tomorrow afternoon. Is the fiftieth anniversary game and would just give everyone a fair warning is great as it is. The dad game EU's. First come first serve in terms of its free yeah. You have to you have shown up already on the Internet to claim those tickets if you plan on just roll it into the coliseum tomorrow 'cause of users can be a little free baseball it's not that easy. I still love what BA's are doing. But as usual it comfortable little twist that some may not know about will make everybody aware of it today you had to have signed up. On the a.'s website to have a free ticket with your name on it waiting for you tomorrow. Given affected all whole bunch of people could show up unannounced right I mean obviously good situation. When you don't really have often an Oakland is you're turning people away from Mays baseball but I can also see how that would rub a lot of people the wrong way so we want to make sure. Nobody goes out of their way to be disappointed tomorrow hopefully you've already signed up for the three game to commemorate the a.'s fiftieth anniversary. Tomorrow zebras and go to my very first sharks game ever tonight wilders only wanting to send it back. Phenomenal I hope you get a goal from. Somebody on. His line somebody wearing a Jersey shared by. And hopefully a three nothing lead in this series over the docs we got a great show for you today nick writes gonna join me Tim Roy's gonna join me but coming up next. He scathing interview about where this spurs are about how the warriors look like they might be the team to beat again. And everything else that happened in the NBA playoffs over the weekend coming up next Brian guy outside or I 957 a game. How can show on Mon 57 McCain yeah. I can't necessarily say I expected the warriors to use game one to right their ship the way they stumbled into the playoffs but that's exactly what happened in my Gregg Popovich said on Saturday. The warriors made the spurs look like a deer in headlights to talk about that and really. A fantastic opening weekend of playoff basketball Brian Delta's I would be founder of hoops critic dot com. Post on serious extend NBA radio and a guy who's contributor. Two NB ATV joins us here on the Damon Bruce show always good to have you Brian how you doing man. I'll do a great game and it was my pleasure to be without. So when the warriors showed their defensive teeth it's hard not to go right back to the default setting of that could be the team to beat they looked very good in their debut against San Antonio. It looks super. And and listen the thing is I mean I understand something in San Antonio was probably one of the better first round match ups they could get in the absence of Kauai Leonard. Just because you take a look at dead men admit they know how to put LaMarcus Aldridge and a pocket everything connected gaming JaVale McGee outscored LaMarcus Aldridge I mean at when you see that. But that's because the warriors understand had a blitz Aldridge. We understand how to get the ball out of his pants and up were being frank about this. Beyond LaMarcus Aldridge is not a whole lot to spurs have that really can hurt the warriors all that epic with all that's said. Watching the warriors take that defense to another level on Saturday at. And played really the kind of defense we haven't seen him play much this year I've a couple of times and I have to get so PC early in the year where they've really turned it up but we haven't seen that. Kind of lockdown defense all season to get a game one of the playoffs remind all of us that it still there that they can do that. Having a big key play as well as he did on LaMarcus Aldridge which is such a huge benefit not that have to put dream anonymous content and having somebody else to complain I'm all those things combined. What are the pretty good year I mean listen it's Pete we don't know what we're gonna get curry back MM they take a little bit of time. But nonetheless I don't see eighteen really skilled short of Oklahoma City who would go waited seedings go they wouldn't get in the second round. I don't really see team that could push the warriors at all the first two rounds and keep at a conference final without that car. Box idea if they come out of the gate like they did against San Antonio in game one. They were strong in the first quarter they didn't need to big third quarter to kind of correct the market that they were in that evening and another starting nod. That kind of no one was expecting was to see. Andrei it would dollar join the starting five I thought it was a master stroke by Steve Kerr NF. If Gregg Popovich thought that the best way for them to start this game bass was going through Quinn cook early. Well he didn't get that opportunity. They'll listen I I think what you've seen here which these governing understand something I mean. I listen this desperate we know how wonderful he is we know how important years to so many things that the warriors do. But he also and I and I got to keep it carefully as its content disrespectful curry and that's not my intention to. But I do think there are times that he's concerned defensively and that when she course putting a lot of what these guys it brilliant offensive player one of the best in the weeks. So they issued a really good question remains treaty games so you do you know he's got to play in baton and certainly sometimes when he's gambling successfully and be forensic evidence that Amanda war. But many times I heard a big issue defensively is having to hide. Steps Currie cup. Putting Andre would dollar in the starting line up there at the clock he's been mine he's hung in evidence that a legal struggle defensively either. Put in Andre would our meg gave the warriors from the opening kept. The best defensive line have to pick it really outlook on the floor. And they took advantage of that and I think curse and a message to his guys that listen we know we're going to be able to school we have wonderful offensive player you know you have clay it would 27 you have to wait what was politically eleven of thirteen from the field. By the six from three GE didn't get it done offensively that's what these group is still gonna target to be without steps Korea and yet incredible players. Defensively is where the intensity had a big and I think her putting problem what I think is best defensive unit on the war to start that game sent a message to that teen. This is what is expected to view we are here to keep took a lot of our own basket and to lock them down. In the best way possible and the smoke blitzing the ball pretty worked wonderfully I thought the excuse that game plan. Seamlessly and very very impressed with with know how the statement crummy Christine and how they responded. Prying dealt Siler founder of groups critic dot com here on 957 the game. We'll get a triple double Lotta dream on green clay Thompson just lights out offensively very good defense of Lee is well. What O'Brien is going on with cool why Leonard if this were a different city it would be a bigger story but San Antonio seems to function without a lot of screaming about how good things are going or how bad things are going at any point in time but we even got Gregg Popovich talking about how. Why Leonard's group is making decisions for quite Leonard that might not have the spurs. Best interest in mind are his days are numbered in San Antonio this is really really odd. That appears to be in the outcome that this is working towards to keep wanting in my last season LaMarcus soldiers left over trade and he wanted out there. And quick topic by the time training Campbell Brown give LaMarcus Aldridge his signature on a three year contract extension. So is the spurs have a way turning these things or ask whip that dead. It's a little bit different orders came to work and do his job every decade and certainly had a professional attitude. Frankly localized doing here is not all that professional athletes and he's been quite by the spurs doctors he has his own medical team that has not cleared him had. And committed and they are heat in Kauai and I didn't quite as representatives I mean he didn't hit it is all cool is really the league represented a woman. The very unhappy with dispersant don't trust them. Based upon a misdiagnosis. Of his injury last summer. Normally a lower leg injury and that now that collision would dug up the Chilean distortion ran the first game the Western Conference finals last year. He doesn't feel lately that there was another problem. That kind of generated out of that rehab that wasn't treated properly we never spurs will stand by the bigotry to properly so do you certainly have that rub their. And the decision wise may ultimately is gonna go to the summer with the ability of the possibly. So I'm 88 super Max extension pack I want to make sure that he doesn't do when he thinks. Injury wise to jeopardize that the problem is not stepping on the floor. May have jeopardized that more than anything he could have done all or. And that's the issue that he has right now this is it's a very tough situation he doesn't even want to be around the team and listen with the way Ginobili and especially. Tony Parker each turtle publicly a few weeks back I can kind of understand that but by the same token political life situation here. The answer was to step on the floor and play. And he's not gonna step on reform play and I know this is a collage style. But somebody's got to pick a microphone in front of a media group explain exactly what's coming down from his side. The silence is deafening you know gaming ever see the movie the American president. Double to Michael J. Fox. Michael Douglas at one point as she just asked Gibbs about -- lecture about the fact that you're not given the people any kind of message for them to know which are side of this is all the getting the other side and in the absence -- side that's all they have to believe this exactly what's going on local Y a letter to disperse litigation a PR war and there are additional rating and an impact on the other side and appeal our world one point or another somebody professionals gonna have to getting quite humorous or whether it's you whether it's your local weather is pure rage and whoever it is that's running your show somebody needs to get out front of this and explain your side of the story publicly otherwise it's gonna hurt not only twice -- earning power at an NBA player. But he's earning power outside as an MBA player in the speaker Marco war we know solely players get played big big money campus and all the what I want to go by issue of a guy that they believed to be a coward and unfortunately that's the narrative that's been thinking about why letter. While it's a very very odd way for a team to be treating the face of the franchise that's for sure prying dealt Siler hosts on Sirius XM NBA radio here on the Damon Bruce show. So riddle me this LeBron doesn't attempt to shot until we capture and a 25 to eight hole. Why. Well I understood. LeBron wants to make sure we get everybody involved around him and then he'll get involved later and that's kind of been his demo. The problem is the right used to play with just got a team can't do the worst team he's gadget he left Cleveland to 2010 is betting. I mean you got Kevin Love what you got there I think Georgia looks shots. Rodney hood to look he doesn't fit in you know I guess I've JR Smith what I mean is that a good -- the thinks you're any Tristan Thompson played two minutes and his personal life he didn't such turmoil at this point. Who knows what she can count on him fort. I mean he should see each and there's not. Up a lot of good. Players year granted the cavs shot the ball terribly from Drake and it certainly hurt them and it was a horrible offensive game and computers to think. They can't afford to complete this poorly offensively and I'll play some high loom and you know you need Kevin Love badly enough to you to serve running to profits to get a lot. This is the team that cannot afford that Kevin Love taking each out of 34 minute dumps are alleged shooting 60% from three wood everybody else. The offense got a rookie Kevin laughed at an endorsement took I think about this in 34 minutes. Two point shots can't disagree six foot nine. The low post player he took 22. Point shots in 34 minutes on the floor at. And something's got back. After America to get Kevin Love a lot more involved. And that can be centerpiece unfortunately I just opened the cavs have the horses this year but here's the thing you know what they do get the rockets together. It did with a defense stinks just the second worst offensive team in the NBA digital Timor's that would put Phoenix Suns got help dead at the dentist can be domestic deal warming thing for the cats. It's not losing game one the alarming thing is that dial in which they lost game one where they couldn't throw the ocean they couldn't even get shot. Indiana stymied get their offense can waste common goal which I didn't think you're gonna lose in the first round I didn't go gonna lose in the second round. I think they were gonna lose in the first round. But they're not going to be able to get their offense going at all and Indiana's going to be able to shut them down on the way to getting game one they won't get this series and so with so I still think they can win this series having it's going to be a long series in the end it's just one game and got sick or during Calderon of course it's still shooting better than what we lose control freak from great. To the shooting better than how they shot it. But I determining get enough stops and Indiana wrote in the amount of presence with a party that's an excellent defensive game. You don't LeBron here he hasn't been in this spot a long time there could go to war right now and I'll tell you I didn't feel like they're really go to finals before yesterday yesterday into anything more to give me warm because he's David. No I mean and Victor Rolla depot vs the world right now I might bet on all deep bow he was fantastic and looks like he's got a little personal motivation against Dan Gilbert fueling his fire I really like the way the pacers open that series and you know a lot of deep blow like the way the sixers opened. Up against the heat Dele great over Miami in the fact of the cavs didn't exactly look good and their loss. Sixers. Take the what do you think Brian met you know do you need to see Cleveland or Toronto get bounced to believe Philadelphia is ready to cut to the front of the eastern line. I need to see Toronto get bounced things for the sixers took some without and B do defense isn't good enough. Sometimes you gotta go through twelve force sometimes you gotta take your lumps a little. Little bit and know what it takes and be able to deal with adversity I know feel he's got some of your veterans day you'd Belinelli using your Redick senior really sold as I get old. But your main guys are young and in Toronto has been around the block a couple of times I would have a tough time believing still he's ready to be Toronto. Right now go to the finals colossal status if the raptors don't get it done this year you've done enough to d'isere is not going to a final. You don't get it done this here because by next year Tillie will be ready and by next year assuming carrier ring healthy and Gordon Hayward about Boston will be title contender pat. And Toronto would not going to be able to have an opportunity drug got a little soft spot here I really imports and aren't quite ready yet. And LeBron and Cleveland are starting to slide down pat this is Toronto shared the move up. Prying dealt Siler here on the Damon her show we're gonna wrap up with the rockets who we've been told all yearlong where the biggest threat to a dobbs three peat will they needed a superhero performance at a James Harden to get them past Minnesota. And look it look like when the playoffs a lights got to the rockets on stage. They eat city choked a little bullet. They nearly cost themselves that game if Thibodeau had beaten the low blocks with the advantage I thought he had I think Minnesota wins that game. Charles Barkley said it best rockets gonna switch every screen. If you're gonna switch every screen and you're not gonna find the town's admits mismatch more possessions than not. Find the Butler mismatched. They were not finding any at all there was that Colin no wing are so office which is and they need to take a call capital to be shot happy I get that guy. He's cute after taking shots at. Yeah I can't exactly hit with all that's daddy's theory is ultimately the concern I saw from the rockets yesterday. We've assumed they would now in the offseason can't. They imported. A couple of very good defensive players in Obama thinks hurt but he's actually got there PJ Tucker and of course Chris Paul is still in the league defensive point court he proved that this year. The other thing that they address and I talked to register Mike and Tony last summer where. Just listen to aid bill gold have a true shooting percentage at 50%. They felt as though they were exploited last year in the playoffs in the mid range. And they went around Chris Paul with the politics he's one of the best mid range players in the league and it on the wrong bad guys shot 52% last year in the mid range but once again it right. Did you run most of three point line was they took the receptive threes which is a little lower number for them they like to be well into the forties and I thought the timberwolves cool with that her worst defensive team in the league. Get a pretty good shot aroma wafting your content didn't use the mid range what you expect and he used in mid range. They defaulted to Harden you Opel. Now pardon is great it'll probably could not I think great enough that there's gonna becomes an ardent you'll blow he's good enough but that's good enough against. This her worst defensive team in the league he's the timberwolves. You get into a series against. Go from there if the warriors don't need to rockets at a conference final it's gonna be good result on the beat him it's good I looked on the driving maybe excelled at thirteen it's not the warriors defensively can be broke that he would sit at a pelican hit the other night defensively that's what. We're super on that end before. Minnesota's none of these teams. In the rockets still have the full part inaugural ball to win that game I gotta keep what they have in the mid range this guy reported out on the campaign. And I thought last night in spite of the wind. What they've promised justice he would be improvements to remain in their offense to have. Abbott adjust to the playoffs at least for one night those improvements weren't really up to smoke from what you're gonna have to be if Iraq which truly are the threat to the warriors that they professed debate. I love how much he loves the NBA grind dealt Siler. Here on the day members show you can follow him on Twitter and during the NBA playoffs why would you he has act who looks critic. Thank you Brian great to talk Jews always. Always my pleasure then we'll do it consume up. Really good stuff from Brian dealt Siler love talking when that guy. One guy who doesn't love talking much when nine NBA playoff game is over Gregg Popovich and our very own John Dickinson. Found that out this weekend when JD had the gall. To ask you coach what went wrong. One more round for you guys tonight senate. What went wrong for us yet this afternoon sorry boss when they played better than we did. My dad champ. Seriously I deleted it that they played better than we did. As very Jack Del Rio like at the very end would Meehan jacket really was now don't tell me. You're not a jackass sometimes Gregg Popovich. I love I really do. There's a lot about you that I like and I likes earlier jackass three was of course is shown. So one of my guys that Kenya and JD's wanna mind guys. You know but this is just he was he was feeling frisky and even though we didn't have an answer for JB there. Somebody followed up and he had he had queue ready to go Gregg Popovich serving cute in the post game. Did you watch again yes I would you say it didn't it didn't work very well. So will wolf they're very girl 45 inches by Monday night Boone tell me jump higher and move quicker. Then we'll talk him don't be so good. C'mon. C'mon. Is that our expand their use being disrespectful towards the sound like are a little bit in the beginning there at least the voice of not sure who it was. I got that wrong I apologize. They're just doing their job. Matt so I don't think he needs to take that a consideration some time well he knows it and and look this is a little bit Obama. This is a little bit of a parody of himself like his. He is bad attitude with reporters as so defined his relationship with reporters that he tries to play up to it thinking maybe like. I gonna give you one if you want to Gregg Popovich is angry reporters show I'm gonna give it to be. What that is just. Like I wish there was a reporter. Who wasn't afraid of Gregg Popovich. Who would just say like so if you're basically. Already after 48 minutes of basketball conceding that and let's Dini green grows five inches over the weekend. And Kevin Durant forgets how to play basketball. You don't have an answer sort you dawn are you gonna get swept. Like feel free there's no free to have a jackass follow up every time you get a jackass answer. And Boris he really gets. You really so you're conceding this week you might forfeit is that what you're saying coach if you need. Beat physically impossible to happen to compete in this series why bother. I mean if if if were gonna. If were gonna have a who can go from zero to inject gas. In sick you know thirty seconds the last. Maybe I got to start go to a few of these press conference and maybe you did you seriously because I can. Put the pedal to the metal if were haven't raced a jackass. Think he was reported nobody wants to be embarrassed or have that issue back and forth with your interviewing or talking to but at some point. I think he kind of he's kind of opening yourself into that. Well and here's a deal would he is easy bullying the room you know how you deal with a bully you send in a bully. Are they gonna get oh now I'm not gonna not a I'm IA he's not worth my time tonight I don't do second round NBA playoffs. Not against it dead on arrival opponent but seriously like. Gregg Popovich when he wants to be charming. And injury staying he can be. He did not seem at left a massive tip one time for a waiter at a restaurant yeah no we can really blame him he is this in him today. He was asked whether or not he still enjoys this. Greg do you still even enjoyed this especially after a loss when you come off like such. York. And Miami sang. And here's Greg publish had to say and he was very charming and saying this you know Greg are you thinking about leaving the game any time soon. This is the easiest job anybody could have for me compared to a lot of things right. I mean they're flown out here a private plane you know charter. Charter. I can pay from the free. Who didn't live food on there and was very. And where did they put you know four seasons hotel. I didn't hit any free I went to a game at a front row seat. Got to watch the NBA playoff game. I even gave you tickets. So there you guys had a nicer happier Popovich in that moment he's got some guys chuckling. It really it's like remember the worst work day an NBA coach can ever have is probably nicer. And whatever honeymoon. You in your significant other went on probably. Did you stay at a four star hotel with chartered plane both ways you didn't go to your wallet not once during your hotel with the goods that's a work trip for these guys. Gregg Popovich continue. Afterwards. I hit on ovals. Through four restaurants. And in the end of my big deal about it. Witness a three or four restaurants so is he doing V were going hard. Cuisine lines tonight like he's Gregg Popovich going one place for a new moves pollution the second place for an appetizer. Like another place Dilfer is on trade another play still for dessert maybe three to four maybe Coffey is he eating for the cycle out there. Go back to Gregg Popovich. Afterwards. I could go through four restaurant. Good care of my being your ability birdied that night. This hotel still let me have been written better for you up this morning there's breakfast. There was fruit and now would go up and the worst part of the trip I'm gonna have to go pay for my watch. So I don't know what happened but how can he did show. So yeah I remember though the worst day you can have been professional. Athletics is probably even. Most people's best day. During a vacation. And oh don't cry too much for Greg cabinet papers on one she's got a Purdy and I'm sure I'm sure he's doing just fine I'm sure he's doing just fine. 8889579570. I hope you're doing just fine I hope that tomorrow the days are doing more than fine when it comes to getting a great crowd. Out at the ballpark you know a few days fans knowing that there is a NBA playoff game might even stay away tonight knowing that that is going to be Armageddon getting in and out of their efficacy so I don't want the east have a bad attendance figure tonight and have a great one tomorrow. I'd like to help their attendance tonight. So I've got a four pack of tickets LB caller number four right now aided 89579570. You're going diamond club now for packet tickets and parking. Bring your friends bring your family bring your pals bring your kids whoever you want to bring you can bring them to diamond club seats tonight I'll be caller number four. Aided 89579570. You're gonna tonight today's game courtesy VA's and I Sera not a 57 again. There are doomed them. It's one of my favorite sitcom themes of all time. Oh my favorite sitcoms and I was a little kid. John Larry Kantor was hysterical when it. Night court and love night court as if it's on so when they were. Well when I was in school. And I know that Bob Knight had a big thirty to thirty out to get started again now that. Like they'd be playing the fight song they'd be getting ready for an Indiana basketball game and then all of a sudden it be like why. I music. The band would start had to smuggle. Night would come walking out on the court the basis would stand up and do that in the whole band would play the theme for tonight on court. It was great it was a great entry. I think as Bob music. So why are mind. Going so much towards the direction of night court. It is what they very heavy heart. It's my duty to report to do that we have lost Kerry Anderson. Best known for his role as judge Perry stone in night court he received three Emmy nominations for that. Has passed away at the age 65. A young. He's passed away the ages 65 police were. Reportedly called was home this morning where he was found dead no foul play is suspected. Terry Anderson is one of those odd rises to fame. Where. Like his New York was known is like in the use of a magician. Really like a three card money guy like a little bit of a con man to the point where he had a re occurring walk on rule. On cheers where he played a con man named Hillary. And his real name is Hillary and anyone on the play judge pair at least he's like one of those guys that got away would being. Like he. Perry he was so famous who never had to change his name or you could make the argument that he was not famous enough so we could keep his name and everyone just thought that was the character's name but he was always. He was always really good on that show. That's too bad. Damon Barney Miller was better. Barney Miller was a really good show Barney Miller had a great theme. Deep rose. Marquis post Ariel marquee post back in the day. Very Q. Very very cute face get marquee post confused with the Mary Hart of Entertainment Tonight fame I cantina. Yeah they both of the big blonde hair. What I like least about this Major League season so far. There is a new scoreboard. Behind home plate of Dodger Stadium that extends out to Mary Hart seats. And you can no longer see her famous legs just sit there a giants game she's covered up by an. Archos I don't know. It's a crime against humanity those play concerns heard everyone loves those legs straight man gay men and straight women gay women everybody Mary Hart's legs. Are for us to enjoy. Thanks Dodgers. Q dot Cooney who scoreboard. It's not even the scoreboard it's more advertising. Is good it's home plate advertising. She used to sit in the two seats right next. What's his name. Larry King it is to Larry king's house. MM customary hard seats and marries seats weren't behind the original. Advertising. He did see your legs. Disappointing. World. Class flags. We got an awful lot for you coming up in the next few hours by the way we gave way those four pack of diamond level tickets so congratulations. Indeed. Go enjoy a little baseball tomorrow if you're an a's fan going to enjoy a little bit of baseball but if he would signed up for it. Would be a good way to go about enjoying a little free baseball tomorrow I feel like we need to let everybody know because the a's have made such a big deal out of their fiftieth anniversary game. Being a three game tomorrow. And it's great the people are gonna walk to a baseball game for free but you had to have already signed up for it and that tickets. Are accounted for. So it's not like you just take Bart to the stadium walk off walk into game tomorrow it's not going to be that simple. But I'm not discouraging anybody from going out they have a massive crowd tomorrow it's gonna be a tough crowd tonight with the warriors and a's starting almost at the same time. But there we know to get to the box office tomorrow. In the online tickets are closed like it's done yes by the way speaking of sad things and we just got this. This Harry Anderson news during the commercial break that I just talk. Also passed away over the weekend. I mean one of the greatest. Single breakout performances in the history of movie. Our lead. Earning. I played to drill sergeant. In full metal jacket. Basically he was the the poster child for the Marine Corps. And he passed away over the weekend. I mean it right now you can watch any movie you want any movie in the world find me a better opening 45 minutes then full metal jacket. The first 45 minutes while they're pit it basic training a full metal jacket is like the most intense. Movie in the world it's like one of the greatest representations of what it's really liked trained to be a marine in the history of cinema it's amazing. Stanley Kubrick yeah he was really good. Really really good. So I wanna get back to Gregg Popovich talking about cool why Leonard in the really weird absence that is defined quite Leonard season. CMA Mick wrote about this for USA today. Saying that it's quiet loner comes back to save the spurs today then consider this mystery solved but in the meantime. That's sort of dramatic comeback tale. MVP caliber talent who missed nearly the entire season with a quadriceps injury reappear as. From remote rehab session in New York City to stun the warriors in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Well. That would help explain why he wasn't with his team a tip off at ORACLE Arena on Saturday because he was just going over the final leg of getting right before. Although I don't check score in order to is that they're fine. As of now right Sam and make that doesn't appear to be the case. And to see the spurs struggle without him in game one falling 113 92 while Leonard is believed to be on the other side of the country. Was reminder of just how strange this whole saga is dead. This. Is not normal. It is not normal. Leonard is the spurs' franchise centerpiece he has 26 years old this is small forward he can play both ways almost better than anybody in basketball. Is odd handling of his help this created quite the fork in the road for his celebrated franchise. Do they get a five year 219 million dollar extension on July 1 that seem a foregone conclusion not too long ago. Or after this season in which was cleared to play by the spurs but stayed out at the behest of it outside medical team. Is about to get traded this summer Saturdays absence was the latest indication. That that may happen. For all those general managers who want San Antonio to put Leonard on the trading block their ears picked up every time a new report surfaced about the growing divide between him and his team. The game one scene was everything. Other GMs could have hoped for. There were no signs of unity on the bench. The two time defensive player of the year could have cheered his teammates on while making it clear that he still emotionally invested in this group. The contrast was there all was there for all to see is two time MVP Seth Curry was vocalist team's sideline. Even though he remained out with a sprained excuse me strained and Seattle. There was no Leonard in the locker room. As Popovich said all along may need to keep playing with the assumption that Leonard is done for the season if only because. It's the right psychological play. They haven't even seen Leonard in weeks. What are hasn't spoken publicly very much he's downplayed the severity of the situation. He swore that he still wants to finish his career with the spurs but like we were just talking about Brian don't Siler. This is odd. And with the spurs so publicly saying that this is odd and cool why remaining silent. This merger. Absolutely in control of this conversation. In every single day quite Leonard is reported to be healthy but doesn't play his reputation. Takes a brutal hit. That's a brutal hit. So what could this mean. One about the Los Angeles Clippers right Sammy make. They're one of many tabs keeping there what many teams keeping tabs on the situation landing Leonard who grew up outside the beltway. In Moreno Valley he hails from San Diego he's known to be a favorite of clippers consultant Jerry West. He would be well worth the hefty price tag it would take to get them maybe the clippers' offer their first their 21 round picks. In this year's draft for quiet wondered. If that happened to the spurs. After all this odd behavior you'd you'd you'd kind of have to listen that. Even though Leonard is a seed change type of ball players if he is not going to return. It's gonna be something else. Really good article by Sam naymick. It's just an odd situation man. A very very odd situation. What was an odd it was to see the warriors look like the warriors it'd been a really really long time since we've seen them play up to their caliber dream on green. I'm aware chairmanship book slogan no we know what it takes his time here in order to win this. And then you know we wanna get back today regardless of whatever wanna say and orders lawsuits they're not together. They care where what else they're not saying to me. Blase Blase Blase blah blah blah. You know we know we're capable of and so in order is being gay is there we've while without stuff series. Say it was Kevin myself you know we're going to have Roma so we want there's a place we want gays are their coach you know so. No more confidence than I think a lot of people often forgot oh were capable we know we're gonna show that. And I loved that. Dad but you know what that needed to be said all year long. Dream on green finally says it. After a game one win in which an awful lot of our concerns about the warriors. Look like boxes we just checked off like Tony to be worried about that anymore don't need to be worried about that anymore. Don't need to be worried about that.