DB Show - 1 - Warriors death lineup, death threat tweet, 4am texts, Tim Roye, A's & Giants sweep

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Monday, May 7th
Damon recaps the sports weekend! Warriors and the death lineup completely dominate, KD was incredible, maybe thanks to a 4am tweet from Draymond Green, Sharks sadly are eliminated, the A's & Giants sweep, Draymond receives a death threat tweet, Rajon Rondo dirty play on Steph on Friday, Damon is joined by the voice of the Warriors, Tim Roye, and a recap of the great weekend for Bay Area baseball.

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Really good to have you here a beautiful Monday outside I hope your weekend was good pretty good baseball weekend pretty good all things considered. Basketball weekend as a hockey weekend goes you know I've seen better. Today we'll say good bye. It's still hard to say goodbye. Especially when a bandwagon is rolling through your town you're having a lot of fun on and I'll tell you this though mind. Evenings have now freed up at least every other night when the sharks warriors were planet basically at the tell my wife. CN June. I'm busy yeah yeah in the lab and and now we at least get one or two nights off a week in terms of watching because we do not have to. Sit there hoping and waiting for sharks goals anymore their season is over. Cheers pose off. Long live the queen. Welcome welcome it is great to be would view it is even better to see the warriors. Unveil. Their doomsday device hunting and we have heard. So much about the starting lineup I know Hamptons five seems to be the agreed upon. Nickname on just I'm sorry I it sounds like movie a brow bridge. Starting. Dame Judi Dench. In it doesn't quite fit. Yeah I do welcome to the Hamptons I am. We prefer you win a good jobs. It just doesn't work for me. Like let's say the meeting had been inside a city New Jersey would we be calling them the site assets five. Possibly. If they'd done deal on Pacific go to be talking about the Pacifica five they go. No matter what you want a column called champs. 'cause they went out they played like their got to be champs again that is V best warrior performance I've seen them have. All year with the exception of the regular season game where they just decided we are gonna beat Oklahoma City like we caught on steel and jackets and I mean today. The Ronald Oklahoma City back in February they just for Ronald A playoff team in their building yesterday it was something else it was. A fierce performance there's just no other way to say it. And I don't know what to motivate these guys whether it be outside threats internal threats dream on green texting randomly. 3 AM getting the team fired up. Hopefully he's not snap Chad anybody any pictures are and that's not gone well in the past. But dream on green I'm telling you he really is the heartbeat of this team and when Mac guys up watching game film all night because he's angry about a loss. There is no safer bet. Then the warriors in the next game. They came out where that line up in in seventeen minutes. Of what's really did death lineup except they swapped Harrison Barnes for Kevin Durant. In seventeen minutes who that death lineup they were plus 26 in the game they finished that game beating the pelicans by 26 that means the other minutes of the game. It was a wash it was a dead even game. The other minutes of the game was a dead even game. But when it was that special five. Boom. It was overwhelming. Plus 26 they won by 26. Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant can get anything he wants. Against anyone he wants save but for three or four people on planet earth who could really guard him one on one. And we even saw one of those three or four people who could guard him one on one. Failed guarding him one on one yesterday in any Davis gave it a shot the pelicans rolled pretty much everyone wearing a pellet injuries he had him at one point. It didn't matter E'Twaun Moore. Guy like Jrue Holiday look a lot of respect for drew holiday that I'd been an over achiever his entire career. He plays bigger than who we really is. He is not a hold guards he's not a physically imposing guard. And Kevin Durant when he is shooting over. Drew holiday. But Jrue Holiday. Is it you Kevin Durant it's underwear. And he is playing as good a defense straight up chest to chest defense is a guy can play one on one. Endure rants elbow. Any shooting arm is over the guy's forehead. Drew Lance elbow. Is where his defender ends. I picked up he can get anything he wants drew holiday just had no shot against them like how do you want it would you like it. From the baseline would you like from the top of the key would you like me to dribble drive would you like me to pull up and shoot the three here would you like me to go baseline would you like it over the right shoulder. Spinning give it to you over the left just cause I and that was about as good. That was seriously is about as good. In individual Kevin Durant performance we've seen in a warriors uniform and collectively what inspired the team to do that's cook and with fire folks. That is the Golden State warrior team that we've been talking about that's the team we've been longing for all year long it's been a team we haven't seen. Not even seen throughout the entirety of the playoffs but they've been coming Maybin showing. Suggesting. That they had this hand of poker ready to go and own. There are days. They Damon can you imagine if they had all met in Rancho Cucamonga. The Rancho Cucamonga five. The Rancho Cucamonga five sounds like the last movie Mel Brooks made before he passed away. But we mill brook is the witness everything's fine you know like the Rancho Cucamonga five sounds like but I was the last great Mel Brooks movie there ever was made. You see the Rancho Cucamonga five are so politically incorrect date didn't think they could make a map like that anymore but they did. The warriors basically made that basketball game look unfair they were just that much better. Throughout so much of the game we got to Kentucky Derby over the weekend hopefully you enjoyed we got streaking baseball teams over the weekend a very good weekend for the giants a very good weekend for BA's. And we gut an awful lot coming up this week to talk about a phenomenal read it feel like a good read Chris Ballard Sports Illustrated I might be a day or two late to the party. But we will talk about his column called the last huddle it was phenomenal I read it over the weekend it was about how. All these former 49ers went saw Dwight Clark won last time basically in Montana they got together for a big group hug. As Dwight is obviously. Battling a LS ALS took another life sadly. If you haven't heard we have the news to share with you did Stephen (%expletive) gotti's mom Gretchen. Who is only 55 years old. Passed away. They OS claimed another life. She passed away late last night in her home in Pleasanton obviously thoughts and prayers with the this Gotti family and BA's family extended. Very sad she was in a hospital bed of the coliseum washing her. Her son played baseball just a couple of weeks ago and she took a turn for the worse obviously. Very very sad. Very sad but when. You know if there was any sort of suffering and sort of pain you almost welcome. You almost welcomed the opportunity for to just come to when and and I hope that. She and he in the whole family is sound like the piece that you cannot have with this horrific disease just ravaging. Your body and what it's doing to Dwight Clark is very well illustrated in this poignant Sports Illustrated article. We'll talk a little bit more that about this weekend. As we move along here today on the show. Some people had some very good weekends around us and like I said good weekend giants good weekend a's good weekend all things considered warriors sharks weekend. Could have been a little bit better no more weekends remain for the San Jose Sharks we will properly say our goodbyes. In a little bit a woman who won one point two million dollars on a 120 bucks at the Kentucky Derby. Eighteen dollar bet yeah. I mean if you're gonna pick him pick six right is if she picks six races is that it will get into the details of that. There's only she is the only woman in America who had a better week and then Donald Glover who as far as I'm concerned hit her like the entertainment. Trifecta so perfect like the box to sue perfect. It was unbelievable this guy hit for the cycle. Not only did he host Saturday Night Live. Where he did an incredible job on the sketches Andy crushes monologue he was also the musical guest. He does a performance that sort of ignites. America artistically and now he's got over twenty million YouTube views from this is America which I'm gonna tell you right now. I'm not claiming to be the coolest guy in the room and I'm not the least cool guy in the room because I know something happened on that stage when I was watching. I don't even know what happened but something happened that was one hell of a performance. Poignant song. Eye opener video grab your attention at the live performance didn't for sure. He's talented. And big guy is the musical guest of the Saturday that why he is hosting and rushing. Telling it. The commercial break shows that he is window cal ricin in the upcoming new Star Wars on solo spin off like you're having a good weekend. Things are good you're having a good weekend toppled Glover. Outside of LeBron James. Got the woman into Kentucky Derby who turned eighteen dollars into over a million. Well bronze bank shot Donald Glover and that Kentucky Derby chick. Held a weekend via. They say so today I'm 579570. We got a great show for today Tim Roy's gonna join me Sam came make is gonna join me we've got to five before five are Al John Rosie will stop on by before it's all said and done and be done tonight for me around 615 that's when the aides dug out show the world champions are in town Houston Astros are here. And wanted to talk about there 8889579570. It is good to be here it's good to see you it is really good to see the play off nasty word here to destroy. Your city Golden State Warriors again I can't miss them so much. How different shelves on Monday by examine the game. Kevin Durant takes a three straight out. Fit down that number 35. It has 386105. To eighty story. I mean you got to get the ran out of there before his scorched forty because the warriors do not win basketball games this year went to ramp has more than forty. So you gotta get a map there. I mean make it up is to go along when you're having a night like that you can pretty much do whatever you want the warriors were outstanding. Over the weekend when they beat the pelicans yesterday. To a bloody pulp I mean that was just a dominant basketball fought from beginning to end it truly truly was. We saw. The death lineup start for the very first time. Since curry Klay dream on pondering Katie came together. The very first time we've ever seen them in a starting five together was the last game and I don't know if you say that it's just a little bit of motivation Steve Kerr has been waiting you're known case of emergency break glass I don't think he sensed emergency. I just think he wanted to wake up his own team. I just think you wanted to shake them out of the doldrums which led them to their game three loss see the warriors are so good they're so confident that when they want something it's there it's. The only shot the other team really happens. Is that the warriors either played poorly or don't show up mentally. And nothing you can really do to beat the warriors. The warriors have to in some way beat themselves when they're playing. To the level that they played with yesterday. God they were good. Edit got a little bit sloppy at the end the turnover totaled Brutus something where we're not gonna brag about the turnovers. Curry had 23 points he only had two assists but he really moving very well again that's what's important. Dream on did eight points nine rebounds nine assists four steals two blocks he got his first technical but he was just a fire breathing dragon the whole way through. Law of the performance lump the whole game. Klay Thompson didn't even play very well thirteen and seven for clay just one turnover that was the saving grace the fantastic defense that he played throughout the game. Should never be overlooked either but come on clay. Way. The warrior is just absolutely. Pulled the wings off the pelicans and Klay Thompson. If he had hit. What took prayer for more shots in that game which Klay Thompson at three or four more shots is hardly an unthinkable task. Klay Thompson knocks down three or four more shots in that game to get the pelicans bill ripped off the bird to. Wings and the bill and ideas to take the heat in game five for the flippers are winners. This is something else masses what we've been waiting for this is beat. Low level of basketball we've been wanting to see from this team Tim Roy is gonna join us in a little bit to talk all about it we're looking forward to it some of the things around the game obviously some of the matter. Some of them don't know we never want to in any way shape or form. Take lightly. Death threats. OK a death threat is something that should be taken seriously. No matter its source. At all times. And because we treat it like that it prevents most people. From just popping off even when it's just popping off nonsense. From taking into that level and we got people who take it all kinds of levels when the protected by social media. But you still you know eight the death threats we can't joke about that is still a a rare thing. And should remain that way. So dream on green gets a death threat from some Yahoo!. Whose name was in name is Andrew Paul Kirk. And there's a part of me and says we really gonna dignify this with a response. I guess we have to. You know we we know the people love outrage and is something that people can get outraged about it's also something that should be taken seriously it's also something that has to be. I think properly assumed it. As come from a year hammering jag off three or four Beers into his afternoon on line. You know this comes what they real whiff of take it seriously. Also don't bother taking it seriously at all it's one of the is just weird story and went Toms comes to. Our nation's media biting at it like an apple well of course they will the story hits all the noise but all the notes. It's got guns it's got race it's got sports it's got fake stats it's got social media. We also got to know when to cry wolf. Dream on pretty much blew it off is nonsense and just put it on the other person's state of mind more than he is. Really concerned about any thing. The other difference is very early excuse me correct the wrong wrong wrong sound bite. This is the one I was looking for yeah. Her book no I don't know who truly need to do so let them about blood and Cuba. Out of service so I won't say this that suits and going to talk I didn't do what's your game. You know we can just start talking about life destroy that you're still nobody. It's. I personally know more and don't worry about it. Nuns who don't care how much of South Carolina Nevada tomorrow care that much and so of their and that you know we're in it. Every day or where there'd be blood sweat and tears in his that are today and it don't matter that much to you shouldn't matter that must have read so concentrated the Adobe need. In other words like take a chill pill and I'm not taking this too seriously and everyone take a deep breath put in you know let's let's go ahead and disarm this bomb instead throwing gasoline on it blah blah blah. Any right to it but it's also something that is rights to at least have you know perked up rabbit ears over. They're going to be at security because of it what there's an awful lot of time where. If you listened careful not to crazy crazies gonna tell you it's about to be crazy nation proud pay attention. Steve Kerr today. At warriors practice talked about this obviously when it comes to gun play. Steve knows an awful lot of data from personal standpoint his father. Was shot and killed and when he was manager of the Phoenix Suns general manager of the Phoenix Suns this happened. It's disconcerting I had a different. I call from. Call that was made to the suns office. Our office alerted the FBI the FBI called me and somebody who basically call the offices there and shoot do you get. It's a hoax it's all part of the tiger my game. Very good. Sources I guess it's inevitable release that we lose them. A lot of people are able to now tell jokes that they would normally only think about and had we all think we're stupid thoughts where we live now. We immediately expressed those. Everybody else it's created. I tell you we almost need social media licenses the way we need driver's licenses. He should have to apply for and a be improved. To have access to social media you really should you should you should have. A certain vetting process. Because. Just saying nonsense and and it just it's insane. The Credo and. That we now have to pay. Two blistering idiot screaming in the wind. And even heard Steve Kirsch say that in my eyes is something that you and your heart you don't want everyone to take seriously but the due diligence of the crazy world we're living and means you. You gotta take everything a little bit seriously. Well things happen and I know this comedian said he was frustrated over the gay lover assault some point you know the you say comedian I've never heard this guy I don't either but that's what he's Erfurt and he's a good comedian. Slash. Did his Twitter can come to an end it's totally down did he shut down his Twitter account he only reactivated it to tweet an apology. About what he said and to drink mind and well Alex in completely taken off so he's from Louisiana apparently. At least. An apology was issued. Parade Barack. I'm it's IEA it was always an imaginary threat but one that you never won all Maggie here's a thing you never won all imagine. The outcome should you not take a threat like that seriously says led to take them all seriously. And just think the free tweet something and now here is any real life tangible threat to the basketball team we're talking about. In a basketball world that this conversation should exist and not the real world. But basketball threats. Rajon Rondo and trying to kick out staff Curry's legs on jump shots now that's a real threat. Forget this death threat nonsense. Does that moronic stuff coming from a standpoint even and building. Rajon Rondo is in a game trying to hurt stepped curry thinking about doing it in what may be pulling it back at the last minute but you know I'm considering it. I'm gonna put it in the back of your mind coming up next game aft do you see this footage that I could possibly do this to you. It's bush league nonsense and if you wanna know why Rajon Rondo is gonna graduate graduate is going to retire from this game one day friend lists it's going to be because of that. Did you say we attempt. I was ranting and raving glad we have ten tempting could talk some sense enemy. He's been the voice of the Golden State Warriors for the past 23 years and Tim and 23 years how many times have you seen the warriors come out. On fighter like they did obviously the death lineup was in effect and it was a effective right from the jump the warriors pulled away early and never looked back. If the what pelicans got close they had to burn so much energy getting close that they never had anything left to pass them out was. That was a dominating game you've you've seen a lot house pretty good. That was really good that's what the best performances the lawyers have had it taken in this magical run. Because they never let go of the game mania that that the pelicans got the single digits and they got down 66 point 21 point of order was. But the lawyers were controlled that game and you knew it and they village and and Kevin Gregg came out as. Focused and he was locked the end of from the opening tip. He was not gonna let anybody get his way and he got to wherever he want to go on the floor. In any way to combine that. Live you know Steve Kerr point out of step told us after game four. Yes death got his sea legs back you know to the game and half to two games in and the other is a difference between. Working out with the trading staffing getting it really good shape and they getting an NBA game shape that's a different deal. He'll all the quick starts and stops in the constant movement constant running and so he was he was really coming back the staff. In game four when you combine those two along with you know everybody else dream on and if you said the death wanna paint it's five what everyone would call it. You know it was say it was really impressive that the lawyers for really really good. All warrior interviews brought you by JB LB officials sound of the warriors and Tim. You know lot of Rondo. Was flirting wins. You know what what is we all see is a dirty play. Underneath staff Currie. Obviously he took the foot back but there is a message being sent their he's trying to plant the seed of doubt. He has been trying to plant seeds of outrage and Graeme on Rondo. Is AHA basketball jackass he truly. As well he's he's. He's. He's also basketball genius but he also he crosses the line once a while and he loses cents. What's right what's wrong you know Lynn Rick Carlisle got its case in Dallas what he did he come up comes out a playoff game to its three straight Allison and and Carlisle says to sit down right away. You know he's just he's got a little that many genius if you will. And I think that that yet either across a little bit there he was trying to get the people's heads that's what he does. And he's a little bit like Fremont that way to drip mud does it verbally. But her cry this trip might just talk cheated death you know it's is that you know he just. Talk you into the NC and sound but he he but but be you know I respect rod it was competitor deputy crossed like yeah I crossed the line here. It's not like you know what what does that. Undercut Kauai that's risky disaster does not he doesn't do that either he's not close out guy he's off balance he's not he's not you know. He can't stop but he's he's come at a local mall once he gets going to takes a second stopper so. And it were a guy like Rondo he's got quick feet and so yes he did heat across filed a bit but I'm not gonna make me a blanket. Statement about his career over a batter over the Dallas and so I think he's a complicated guy. Tim let's talk. Overnight text to ram so apparently he is sending a whole bunch of takes out to every 11 poignant one to Kevin Durant not happy with game three. And I don't know if that's what lit the fire for game four or not. I did dream on text you anything at 3 AM. I don't know it wasn't great month it was a somebody from the IRS but other than that it could that it up. It that note templates funny you don't Fremont has that sense. Of wind to rally you don't remember it's go back to 2015. Agree with straight month after staff have played poorly in Memphis. They grabbed it late at night took them out to dinner and they talked out everything that they need to talk out of the basketball floor. And the lawyers cannot change the year defensive assignment with Bo regarding Tony Allen capped a gallon ride out the series. And and the lawyers to want to win that series straight month has a sense of you know it and sometimes you know sometimes you sizzle too much else will too much but but he does have a sense of what it's time to it to rally the troops and I think. You know maybe. In a few years when someone who's seen a much better than I did skin chronicle this whole brought Libya Marcus Thompson or someone of that ilk. Can write about all this bill maybe. They'll be at chapters there about these little incidents that kind of turned series and turned momentum the warriors way and I think. You know this so late night text to New Orleans in the dinner in Memphis will certainly be mansion. So to him the starting five V Def lineup was plus 26 the warriors win the game by 26. They were 26 points better than the pelicans in seventeen minutes on the court together the rest of the game is obviously awash in often plus 26 and you win by 26. But those seventeen minutes they really were special they really did pull away why has it taken so long do you think for Steve Kirk to get to starting in game. Win this lineup. Do you file it all under break glass in case of emergency logic. No because I think if you look back look at the bill won loss records they have had the last four years starting a legitimate five. That's a pretty good record and I think the other part about it is too is that what not you know 100 comes off the bench and I agree with that group of Livingston and west. Number early in the season right early season have been the middle of the season. That group had an incredible defensive rating when they throughout you know you when he added clay. And drape Montenegro it was like on that defense or raid like in the seventies. And it was a lock down unit and that's also something that you know I'm sure Steve would love to get back to at some point. And I think you know the pit if the warriors who want in this series and they play Houston or maybe that lineup changes maybe they go with this start with JaVale put. To work with a Capello oracle bear you know or certainly against Cleveland. You know I don't know if you want to start their line up against Cleveland recently because of you don't Tristan Thompson or against Boston or who knows there at Boston's going small right now and Al Horford. At at the five easy easy he's a legit five but he's not a dominating five so. I think every series every year matchup will be a little bit different but there's no question in this series. And with the pelicans top heavy in the starting unit they don't have a great bench group right now it's it's getting it's gonna get better because they've got some young guys on there. And an end deals if they add a piece the offseason maybe bring in E'Twaun Moore off the bench that's gonna get a lot better. Yelled that so I think Bob by matching up. This line up against that starting lineup of New Orleans and when you pit gold plus Swanee. Against that lineup that you're basically you know when the game because I don't think it won't has a strong bench to come back to back deficit. Tim Roy on the Damon Bruce show you know one of the big themes this weekend around the NBA there are plenty of themes this week and that bank shot LeBron that was really something announced he's pretty good. Are you the robbery in Philadelphia the Philadelphia had their game stolen and no doubt about that a low laws saying you know bend Simmons is playoff learning curve is certainly the talk of town. A bomb you know we're watching Donovan Mitchell another rookie relief find an awful lot of success individually in his playoff learning curve and I thought that this pass game for the warriors. We saw Quinn cook really negotiate his rookie play off learning curve he had his first real good playoff game myself. Did you know he did a thing it and I think that's natural and I think what's happened with Philadelphia's is totally natural. You know the guys who have been in playoff situations probably are Belinelli Ilyasova. And erratic right also mole hill five of their their top six or seven players when you add Covington that makes they're not playoff. You know savvy this is a whole new experience for them this year winning games and getting you know they they had been in this position before they've been. Been down in the dumps when some of the worst deal while the worst for your records in in NBA history. And so why have no problem with with Philadelphia doing what they're doing I think the fact that they're there in the second round is is a testament to their talent. They're just gonna get better Boston just bit Boston a couple of years ahead of them. But the Philadelphia teams getting better for quick cook. You know he has the advantage of playing. With a team that it has championship medal championship experience. So his mistakes can get a little glossed over as opposed to maybe a couple of guys on on Philly. But to but yeah he's comfortable and and the other great thing about quick cook right now. Is that there's no question his mind all the doubts of whether or not he's going to be an MBA players or raced at with that comes with confidence that we saw. In game four. So game fives. Obviously was very dominant for the warriors they play like that again their will not be. Adapt our game four I should say there will not be a game six back in New Orleans at the warriors play. Like they played in game four and in game five coming up tomorrow what do basically trying to say something you're going back to New Orleans stamps did you eat everything you've got failed there I'm Obama let's come out. I'm okay what's the best thing in New Orleans are not going well man. We have this stuff in the locker room the other night that that the warriors had brought and then it was like at. Go. So don't come crawfish. She might cheesecake type thing it was really really good that was really good had some grilled oysters. Really good stuff. Yeah and and some some. Some some ski seared scallop on scalps on the Carville ice scalps on top of garlic result so that was the move. Look at that yeah. I would Dion I'm thinking that way when you go cage but that's just you know it's either you saw it all down there it is it's you know I don't I would recommend living there for anybody because they you know you would be would be like eating out every night and he'd be broken and they going to do what's right excrete mile and a half. It's it's unbelievable that the food is a good down there and it's. It's it's a real. Pop cultural. Mix down there there's a whole bunch of different cultures smashed together and that's what produces New Orleans and immediately or other thing the great Lucia Newman who worked for. The shower the Boston Celtics Charlotte hornets now he's in the world he stayed there after the arts Booth there. And he works for the team he's also one of the beat. Guys helped run the World War II museum if you have any interest in history at all it's great it is on the bull legal. It's they've got 45 buildings and there are incredible artifacts great video and stories so it's great for little kids to they're not gonna get bored. It's it's really an amazing place so. I was curious enough to ask why is New Orleans home of the World War II museum you know there are an awful lot of a lot of cities that had there you know skin in the World War II game why is the city of New Orleans the city that the World War II museum Joe's well became a whole bunch of guys who raise the money to do it but I found out even further. It's where the PT boat was invented encouraged and that is the pro that won the war. That's right it may actually have one. But you can goal ride out the old PT boat and accurate not PT but wanted their pretty power the powerful forum for the size that they are. Hosting their those things could really move. And yet of the PT boat which is which is in obviously in the India. Pacific theater was used extensively and it's also the boat that. Four or a person dead JFK served on and he's PT boat got cut in half by a Japanese destroyer. And they had to swim to like a deserted island to be eventually risky. You get history you get basketball. You get culinary tips PT one on nine and the blizzards and then a few so much always great to talk anybody. Thank you reload thank you what's against her letting me go off course to employ we love it when he's off course. We always love talking about on PT PT boats and and gold stay warrior runaway playoff wins with ten point. When we come on back though it's time for us talk a little baseball a heck of a baseball weekend for the Bay Area if you get any Bruce pull amount we got a little sweep to discuss. Now to the demon who should not by seventeen. This fall I mean why not we've seen both the season the giants have pretty good weekend what the eighties is now one what is it three in a row the giants won four in a row they're both sweep in over the weekend good good good good good what are we got coming up 1098. We got a's and Astros coming up tonight we'll have dug out shows starting at 615 and obviously we got the world champs and town. But the Yankees have won four of their last six the Astros and actually lost five a seven man you got to their brains beat in by the Yankees who were. What our hottest team and a planet right now the Yankees are what fifteen and one of their last sixteen. Yeah I airplane and it really really well the next cycle tonight it's of the a's got Brett Anderson vs Dallas Skype call. Cycles haven't really weird season and his weird season began when the a's beat his doors off. Number that's from earlier in the air they really tagged him Harvard. He's then settlement cycles pitched very well. He's allowed three or fewer runs in six of the seven starts but he's tied for the American League lead in losses. Gonna ERA under four. I think one and five on the year. You said four total runs of support. It is five losses so Dallas Michael. The tough luck loser extraordinary in the American League right now. He's gone up against Brett Anderson a night who is always know with a 284. ERA for the eighties so why sometimes Galarraga we'll see what happens tonight. Over at the coliseum. Giants are in Philadelphia. Giants are in Philly for four they have won four in a row they've won seven of their last eight their five and one against the NL east of Biden okay Iowa must keep that no one. We get a little Gabe cap or. Injected into our season. It's guys that an entire career like thirty games so far in the bigs as a manager. Gave cap learn in one weekend was hired by the Phillies and in the opening weekend. Philadelphia fans wanted him fired I. Did cap alert is someone that I used to have on as a regular guests and I was hosting the ion baseball show for CBS sports. Weekend show that was the one link yes and I had cap moron like 45 different times great guy. Like really really good guy he was great talking baseball with he was funny and good personality. Of course you know. Got to think about baseball player with a shirt off for a minute there you want that player to be Gabe Kepler urea. I'm sure rated argument there. So I always like Gabe GAAP worm was to aid I was supposed terrible to see him why can't fall on his face right from the get go. And then all of a sudden after everyone wanted to run out of town after five baseball teams. Phillies go on a little bit in the terror. They are one of the surprises there eighteen and fifteen which is a lot better than most anyone thought that they would be. So your game gap we're to talk about the next couple of days he's in the group may be mended any. By the ways since it got borders an eighty's tomorrow night. Oh yes iPods said please Jian a public service announcements yes so we diet lawyers playoff game and that's a tough at 738 game is announcers at 705 it's gonna be madness karma again yes at the coliseum so parts gonna be a great option or leave early carpal whatever you can do. Dad's going to be a busy parking lot over the coliseum tomorrow for sure. So. The Kuwait no news is also good news for the giants which has been in the pitching news effort outside that they got tonight. Suggests a margin is gone for the giants tonight V Phillies. Absolutely owns so Marge I don't know what it is with some guys see certain uniforms and they forget how to do it. Is ERA and four career appearances only one of them starts he has played the Phillies much that is ERA is over fifteen. He's got an ERA. Of eight point 18 against the Phillies in eleven career starts in four career appearances. At Citizens Bank Park his CRA's over fifteen so he's just never really pitched well against the Phillies. They've got a kid named Zach F when going tonight now hi guys got very much Major League experience but one Major League experience he's already had three starts against the giants so. He's seen them before their lineup before Woolsey would goes on tonight good news for Johnny Kuwait oh I guess that's part of the story. The giants fans have been waiting to some sort of good news he got a little good news on the field to playing well actually hit the ball Brandon belt have a have a star went entrepreneur bill Johnny qua though does not have a torn ligament in his injured elbow no surgery will be needed what do you now. He's gonna miss six weeks though. Quayle met recently with doctor James Andrews. Told him he didn't need surgery. It's not as good news is you're gonna get from doctor James Andrews six to eight weeks of rest. So now the giants have to tread water through that injury. Through. Some bum Carter's injury. Good luck with everything. But they're doing they're treading water in their building a little bit of the banks to regress towards 500 at that you know there eventually. Baseball's a streaky sport four games in a row one means our games in a row lost eventually. So are built a little bit of a bank right now so considering how hard they've been hit with injuries I mean yeah do I expect and tread water. That's all you need to do until you're ready to actually go compete would your would your best players ready to go again. Tread water. Panics are still gonna on Sunday ago little baseball update for you world champs and down. Giants are on the East Coast quite doesn't need surgery. Everybody should be. I'll be. Right right everybody upbeat. Everybody I've never did bring Britain have been well. So we're looking for. Make people happy that the baseball happy with India that make the commute to the game from the game a happy experience gonna leave early tomorrow got a really plan for a lot of people and a parking lot tomorrow got warriors playoff began days. World champs. Plan accordingly. Proceed according. Stay honcho Larry. And. Now usually replaces our smile. Paul I'm sorry I was there yesterday to you everytime I can have a great time and a lot of fun a lot of fans and which of course. So. Like the old saying goes Giuliani you know it's better to have don's going in lost to then to never have don's going at all like favorite saint in his truth. It's the truth of. Spattered pattern just you know. Just just to. Have a moment yeah even though that moment mostly. I actually got any. We'd over the weekend from our program director he's like. Woody and dill. What do you do with the drop now headed to season's over the weekend good by Don scored. I said no no no what you don't know is now we doubled down. Since it's a patient the next year there'll be now more don's going to than ever before here on the show in preparation for next year's celebration of all things on court. Not the truth is we we do have to say good bye for a little while it's just the way things go. Remember way and say goodbye. Thanks for the memories. Anatolia. And I know this might not sit well with sharks fans but but hear me out. Hear me out. I got a jump on the golden knights bandwagon why I think I got a jump on a gold knights bandwagon. I think I got a good I think exhibit JD to bring him on the shelf. Of if we explain this one I think they're gonna Jumbo. The golden knights bandwagon. I'm not sure is a matter of fact I'm pretty positive that winning. The championship. In the first season would eventually be bad for business it would definitely be bad for the raiders eventually go to. Sports that you really think about it Jian at the core sports were all about selling. The future celebration. You're not ready to get there yet but when it happens you're gonna wanna be at that party beat bear when it happens. That is really the promise we sell to fans and it's a promise that stands guard. Very personally. Beat try to vet out V bandwagon jumpers that just got here fans. You know I've been suffering your whole life like the rest of Bonser did you start suffering recently in which case. My amount of suffering trumps your suffering which means I am the bigger fan that is the logical bouncing ball. That many fans' minds follow. Can you imagine. Just let's take this golden knights experiment. To the extreme what's to see it all the way through. The Las Vegas golden knights are Stanley Cup champions a handful of weeks from now. Benoit. Only seriously. And watch. You just bought. A brand new team. Build them a brand new stadium. Got all your fans excited and bought and delivered the ultimate prize within six months of V. Dawn all of your franchise. Dream come back next season folks for another it's all downhill from there is what I'm trying to say it's all downhill from there are too much too soon. Exactly and by the way. You wanna talk about just ruining the market for the raiders before they even get there. And this is I think why am I hop on the nights bandwagon because I am so angry at the raiders removing. I will never forgive them I don't know how you're rolling the that's how I roll. Zero forgiveness. Do not like it can't change my mind. I hate that they're leaving. And when they do leave imagine if they got to a town where you are not the first professional team in the market. You're not the homegrown team. You literally the carpetbaggers. Who just took the money to move there. And if there's already eight championship. Parade. Up the Vegas strip you don't get to be the first offer that they're either you are aced you and you you're you're a junior here the other team. That's a that's traders that at its most raiders thing ever. If beat. Golden knights go on to win the Stanley Cup.