DB Show - 1 - Warriors Championship parade recap - joined by Nick Wright

The Damon Bruce Show
Tuesday, June 12th
Damon and Gianna recap the Warriors Championship parade!!!! - joined by Nick Wright

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Welcome welcome and thank you city of Oakland that was spectacular. It was really beautiful day. An incredible parade did smiles. I mean miles of smiles the only way to say it. And now I get to do a radio show wearing sunglasses the Hester tight you look at very. Do she did. Are you look at. Are you thank you I get to do radio show wearing sunglasses because I send my wife home when my normal glasses. So welcome to the Stevie Wonder Ray Charles Joseph it's great to have you here today an incredible day. For the warriors what a day for Oakland we are going to take you through the sights the sounds. From that parade we had an incredible. A place to watch the parade from the that was right in the middle of the parade the 957 the game flat bread truck rode up that parade route and we were greeted. Wonderfully. I mean just wonderfully. Odd people shouting for. Post in shows and aid could not have gone any better it could not have been more fun it could not have been better weather. I mean you can play in a parade which you can't plan the weather and boy. Did the warriors just go ahead and went up a weather championship for a day for a parade 90 last year was spectacular as well also. These are good times these are good times I don't want this to mean there's there's nothing to be negative about today. Nothing at all unless he changed subjects and I'm not about to change subjects because today's a day to celebrate what we just all saw and I would love to hear from you aided 89579570. If you were there are what you saw what you remember. What you took away from this afternoon we had a lot of sound the playback Korea. The one thing that I cannot help. That it went through my mind and Jian I even said turning how often have I ever ask you to film something. Once. Literally wants. Some never basically as we were driving through that I could not help but think. What are the raiders stealing. I mean to lead the Bay Area the enthusiasm in the Bay Area that happiness of the Bay Area the much as much as this. This Bay Area loves it's teams man something else really really something else and it was just a spectacular. Afternoon. Which left everybody. Smiling and and guess what we want in sports we always want more of the talk about more. Didn't take very long to get to the players obviously Kevin Durant way then well. Good discussion okay. It's no. Hell yeah we wanna do this thing again. I absolutely wanna do this thing again and Jian as we were pulling in as we're pulling off the parade route to woods and spot. Last block of people. I kept on saying everyone see you next year. I get it does is not or is still need to sit next year I hope so that was amazing. Yeah it was just it was one of the most special days I've ever had. In the position that we get to enjoy we really get to enjoy what we do Jian and I are very lucky to be able to come do you went on a day like today the fringe benefits of doing what we do. Are are greater than in on it look at it this way no you know you know people like for a a good job well done. A lot of people like a big giant pile of money to reward them and your optic a big giant pile of money your reward me or you can reward me. With a lifetime memory. And I'm gonna tell you right now that there is no price to be put on that experience. It is really something else it was great. If viewers dare I hope you enjoyed it we got a lot of people calling in will take your calls. 888957957. No go ahead and be patient witnesses Luis. Get your calls up in on it's been a very busy day act. I'm already raced in your life I we did we got here about fifteen minutes before the show started. We are not exactly prepared at. But the time that we would spend. Preparing to do a show was spent a parade today and that time was well spent as far as I'm concerned and I'm sure you will agree. One of the things I saw on social media was that the warriors parade which yesterday we even had some both phones calling in and say. All its parade light I'm not interest did there's no rally point. Let me tell you what really stinks. Jogging past 90%. Of the people on the parade route as fast as possible Seton get to an end spot or rally point where you put on a show. For 10% of the people. What we saw today I think is a little bit of rebirth. Of championship parades and how they should be done. That was in Iraq did. If you went there is that chance you touched a Golden State warrior if you got there early enough to have a front row ringside seat. It was a really really special day a lot of people got to high five an NBA champion today. The warriors I think really really liked it Stefan curry totally enjoyed the fact they were able to get off the float. And hop a round in shape people's hands and thank them and take pictures. And because of that Gionta. The parade that we thought would be over. And about an hour's time. Stretched and stretched and stretched and stretched dame that you got under way a little late in and it stretched because players wanted to stop. And look look at it this way if you warrant NBA player. And it is your parade. That date. You were allowed to do what ever you want to. All of those players hold up that parade route you go ahead you go out you reach out he touched the people yell problem. It was fantastic really really was I think the star of today when we really talk about who had an amazing afternoon. Jordan bell. Jordan gets out of Jordan bells rookie year has officially been turned. All the way up and you gave them there we are expecting more champagne that's going on here you know it was a millionaire life. Wow. I can't let you guys is good stuff I'm on the. And apparently expecting more champagne that's going on here. Why can't. Mickey I'm not stopping neither. The. Mickey on JaVale McGee the day I hated us at all. Yeah. There was a net there was celebration. And of course wherever there's grain migraine in the championship to talk about there will be shots thrown it there will be. Challenges. Met. Injury Ahman Green pretty much today. Even though the NBA finals has been over since Friday now. Decided that he was gonna dunk on Tristan Thompson one more time remember Tristan and dream on nearly came to blows. At the end of game one after Tristan Thompson and Shaun Livingston had a little skirmish after you're not allowed to shoot sportsmen here while while while law. We all know what happened at the end game one it was weird obviously it's been an odd a run for Tristan Thompson lately all sorts of headlines you don't Riordan really wanton. Dream on. Looked like he snubbed the man handshake line. Well it didn't just look like he went out of his way to snub of Tristan Thompson. Dream on green specifically snubbed Tristan Thompson. And said so today. There's just a moment that it's a real. Tristan and we ain't got the same. That's an interview today on NBC sports Bay Area will be getting an awful lot of our sound from we have sound. Live from the parade route to what live on tape anyways to share we do a little bit later Ron. I got the chance to talk with David West stepped curry Patrick McCaw damion Jones when the game was over when the game was over when the parade was over. And we got an awful lot to talk about today along with the fact that nick right. Is gonna join me at 330. We're gonna have Tony Bruno would for a clock we're going to have all whole bunch of player and player interviews for you today so make sure you keep it here. It is a day to celebrate if you are in warriors fan if you were there I wanna hear from yeah hopefully you had an unbelievable experience let's start taking a couple calls. This is Michael in Oakland Michael declaring the greatest success. Pay Damon what's going on. We're doing good would you think it today it was a successful black. I was an end of the main thing I mean I'm originally from New York City and living in oak land for about ten years now and I got to tell you game and I never thought I would be warriors dynasty. That there's. If this is remarkable you know think about it Damon just. Like 56 years ago they were all told they were un watchable and now you know you have. You have a potential. Dine at the mean if indicted feet but this could be like this don't into the sixties. Yeah and court ordered. It could keep going it there's no doubt about it could just got on Ellen. Yeah. Thank you appreciate it Michael it is an amazing time to think. There is no team. That meant less to the overall story of the NBA than the Golden State Warriors and now there is no team that means more. To the overall story of the NBA the Golden State Warriors really is special time this is Stephanie in San Jose how are you Stephanie. Then Ben Ari and I. Excellent we had a good time today were you there. Glad actually. It was mine are crying going. Jan back to build up on that statement and the fact that we need Clinton on. Matt yeah and I and you know I'll eat pray that we we came they went and I am telling you category. It was me being that player like that in fact it clay on an hourly rate down about it. Out patent of people banging not a rat then they came up if they did and and you know he went back to interact with the people it would get. They weren't that get that I came and and that is. What it felt like I went with my kids my panel and even they had they cannot meet that curry went liked them me attractive than kids. They loved it well and not integrated bury him and I don't know me you know we need new president that they only that. You know you'd think by now. Nice absolutely it is a very good chance to get I'll be doing this again next year in just being able to say that out loud. And and not really like have anyone listening roll their eyes like yes you're seeing next year and it's it's a very a small chance of happening now let's take a very good chance of happening that is Howell. Unbelievable moment in time this really is. Your phone calls to your celebration. Your parade it was extraordinary. What a day for Oakland we were thrilled to be there we were privileged to be there. And if you shared that experience with us we'd love to hear from you this afternoon eight at 8957957. No we got an awful lot to talk about offseason can wait for tomorrow. Play your acquisition who's gotta go who's got to stay gaveled we'll get to that tomorrow today's a day to celebrate. What happened the warriors are a dynasty and by the way the good news this. If you have to clean up that parade. There are already a lot of room there to do it win. I mean really really there's tons of handyman. And custodians who just happened to attend today's parade because I saw a ton of brooms fantastic. Day in Oakland. I how didn't even show on Monday by examine the game. And look out stand Jian a sled push him and I had a good time today. I'm gonna I'm on the parade how I had an adventure I'm. Otherwise yeah what about straight guy that was fun there was an awful lot of fun and what an afternoon and the weather was perfect conditions were perfect. The confetti. Kept. Shooting in the air the streets were just lined with people who were climbing up fence posts and telephone poles and traffic lights anything they can do anything that climb on to win a better view and I'll tell you. I really thought. That the parade route was was well selected because there were some narrower streets that it went down it felt like the parade. Attendees. We're right on top of us you could reach out for Ramirez had you know flatbed truck thing and he almost touched the thing that is really cool absolutely their word during number times were fans were close at three could reach an out. And and touch fingertips I I I asked last night. Of our our program director and our promotions guys were planning to go to them what what do we have to throw from the flood like T shirts. Rally towels Hershey's Kisses like we gotta have something. This and I can't now. We're not allowed to throw stuff off the parade float into the crowd because it could create a skirmish in the crowd that could. I don't know get ugly fast I've seen it happen it's not too hard to. You know use your imagination can things go wrong answers yeah sure. But it's still bad because I was dying in and just like in Iraqi people and there were times of the parade would slow down. Just have conversations what people analysts of the station like the show is really really goal. Tom it was it was just an incredibly memorable day and for someone who is. As you know had been privileged enough to see a couple of these things. Watching my wife I was lucky enough that my wife out there today watching her worst seat all of that for the very very first time from that. Incredibly unique perspective that we had the privilege to enjoy. It was watching her. Watch the parade was as much fun for me is anything. It really was in the thing you secure going down the streets and his people are screaming your name either. Cheering for the station I mean it was and then you're looking up there's always ticker tape it was surreal at deathly was. A bucket list for me to actually be in the a parade like this and it is just so cool smiles. Everywhere everywhere everywhere everywhere you know we talk about sometimes to division. In our country in our communities. In its amazing healing power of sports in the way it just brings us together in unites us and gives us a common thread it. When you tie everyone together with one common thread it's a beautiful quilt it really adds it's absolutely awesome. Smiles everywhere an amazing afternoon in Oakland. Klay Thompson it's been three of four he says before they moved to severance Cisco let's make it four out of 50. Here's a knocking on some doors open championship. Oh we know we will be all young we're all hungry. We enjoy this would enjoy time off because you saw four. We'll be ready to go again next year there's a chance it was Austin, Texas. I don't wanna do some metal last night's NBA fans around me that's a lot of fire until they're notices us. Especially since the wars and you know the next shoe on the field and other great note to give them their fourth 75 years that's my goal. Klay Thompson today and I'd like to see that happen if nothing else. Then our next guest would have a connection alive on FS one now would be interesting to see what nick right here in just a little bit. Meanwhile it was bleacher days. Loyal. Loyal fan. Bleacher Dave who wanted to turn his back on the warriors parade it was a watered down version no rally point well what do you know the warriors. They got that right bleacher Dave's war using air did you go in did you appreciate what the warriors just gave the city of Oakland. And I wandered down here it is more and it's a get well being be warned stated an homage at the net well. I've made three B. Right down now crops smoke landed where Kevin Durant came down off the bus or walk up but it should end the rattle. The blue your maiden well it was appropriate everybody was Jill. And I got to walk home when you re entry it on my word fortunate to contemplate the Dade. But I look at the bus from not very park merely he would shoot you haven't seen the policy to Waltz or reassure. There Robin pears in killed this. They should have never ever imagined it mild out of Mosul we believe in a long haul mean all of this will allow. Four years ago mainly rye. There's no matter what ever Al Patton will always remember that there'd be able law I'm not a re right Dell. I'm glad that she went out to check it out it turns out they did a really nice job within after wrought by the honestly. Like don't the rally point at the end of the parade is a little bit of a bottle Mac and it's a whole bunch of goes nowhere quickly give speeches run on too long like today. It was perfect like I think the warriors really reinvented the right way to do it. I'm not missing the rally right now now. Knox was dead mean what would you rather have bleach today a rally point or high five Kevin Durant. Yeah I don't think I private jet Kevin Durant yell every. It is but the rallied forty you battle through Lou respective like you guys that day. That you received more but it easier on the day like today we knew like a little warm. I think the morale all crowd and not have agreed Matt. Quoting data he'd need for everybody did it wouldn't get all the red you slice it you know. Change is one thing that certain like it's a chain it all need to change that nobody won the net doesn't it about the wars. Thanks very much pleased today I'm glad you went glad you had a good time glad your commute. Was on slut and a good one Larry taxi. We were able to attention Hoover and get out of there are back in time Larry how Oreo. I'm gonna opt out there about the great and it Betty. We created diet history. We made the Cleveland cavs IST that's four straight and you a lot. We could pick a room at why people are well well well well look crappy given out. You realize that he Cleveland Cavaliers have not won as many championships in the city of Cleveland. As the warriors have. But at. The warriors have won more championships in Quicken Loans Arena than the cavaliers sap. That's pretty cool isn't it this is Alex and Oakland howry Alex. I'm glad I didn't like awesome thank you. Yeah it yet thank you so Damon went to this that and the parade it was the main event I work right now street all active and so. It was. Off some everybody would get hands on the current and look and everywhere it was really cool the part where you know Jordan Delgado but. You know I by the and pay day lap back you know. But I think you know beat the heat warriors are just gonna be amazing at me I grew up watching Michael Jordan and it that dynasty that he had to deal with the Chicago Opel. And then an out out seeing that with the warriors made. On one side note out nastier. Follow all of that question was what do you think about why we Irving. Go into that and Antonio's worse I know quite Leonard. It got that 216 million dollar contract extension win at the table forum but what do you think about that is you know Parker's died. AA you know here here's the deal Alex. I'm not thinking about any other NBA team today I really don't care what happens in the league today isn't today for the warriors. Wherever I don't think Carey's about to spend a year in Boston and then take off and go somewhere outside it's not that doesn't sound. Realistic to me at all but Yahoo! two hours putting today is about one team and that team just had a parade through downtown Oakland and it was. Absolutely spectacular. I know there's a little debate about what is a dynasty for those who like to keep moving that that finish line for so the warriors can never actually cross it. In our next guest nick Wright is one of those guys who yesterday. Now on his show on FS one had this to say about to go on sale or. For mortal being and if it was stepped clay drama but what upsets player is added midway through you have to reset the dynasty clock. And I do think it might be the most talented team I've ever seen. But back to back titles is not a dynasty. And three fours only done it seems it's the same people involved. Like they will be a dynasty ugly because I think they will win either next year or the next two years or they couldn't rip off an unbelievable run here. But you can't. At your best player midway through and then say but we're still we're what we get the credit dynastic Lee from the first. What I think is amazing there is the notion that they could run off an unbelievable run here. They have run off an unbelievable run here. Three out of four no matter who changed. I mean I know that the 49ers dynasty began before they draft Jerry Rice we didn't reset the clock for Jerry Rice it was the greatest football player ever. So we'll see what logic my good friend nick right. FS one has you of course can catch nick. First things first on FS one and he's always a good sport and comes on whenever we give McCall no matter what barbs we trade in cyberspace or anywhere else. Nick good to have you again a lot of fun and smiling faces today in Oakland it was pretty special. Or acts that of people oak land on the championship looks like today wonderful day in the Bay Area. Wonderful day with the parade at despite the owner opening the door inexplicably. Kevin Durant leaving it. Which would of course being that you would have to read that the dynasty clock I guess. You're on the guided the soul is currently this spot between eight to condemn it. Go back to that stepping clay title and act like these two years didn't count I gotta I gotta check I gotta check the odd document by. Other and it was a great day. How about this for Kevin Durant on his contractual situation. Okay discussion well. Yeah as soon. Let's do this thing again next. Let doubt get open they're out OK be if you Katie and we know Katie never got to change his mind you are obviously always very. Bright new conviction you'd never guide the guts were hiring out of nowhere. So every nine years me and I'm gonna make a move once every nine year. Terrible I have a once every nine hours because I do thank you opened the door when no one wants that I think it. That aren't on that are higher when I'm 35. And then that evening went on with Jimmy Kimmel like I did know what Carlos talking about. But at notre moral problem and today is today a warrior champion. I don't know why you look got goals so. In candy. Our belt would back that is its warriors he knew the titans beat the the first one ever only at their best player for two titles. But that I get older you know that the tomato model. It totally is and I think it's irrelevant to anyone who really talks and you know of sports and what's the matter like who is the best player. Is a constant ranking that is going on in your brain and I appreciate that that's the way you think. It's so polar opposite of the way I think like who is best who's number 1234567. At all times like never mattered to me. In the concept of team sports because it really is five guys as one and the crisp right pass is better than any amount of talent anyone has ever brought to the court and. That's fine but it is an act like I'm the anomaly rather than you were foolish to win. Every league we care about awards and in BP. Every week we care about award is very well these in or finals. NDP. Old that thing on which players all time individual like a piece barge got. Or act like there is not the current debate that got you an evolution. If it be an empty place but nick if MVPs. Are you working definition of who's the best player on the team. Curry has more than Durant he's the best player on the team what are you talking about to ransom bass player got out of halfway through curry got more babies under wrap. Right but it is not a it's not about who has historically the most it's been called the best curry Arnott that they can you're ready the expert. Curry under it have that same number of in BP didn't they two teamed up correct. Ander and got two in the finals right I have that correct I'm sure it. It like it right this little really thing. That and only I did it. All they like New England patriot band they binary and the content and they'll refer to it when they're not. What you won three out of fort title would it not for an all time gag job you win four out of fort title. I understand what you are trying to wrap it people were doubting you but enact clip you played. I don't believe I said it. You might be the most talented team ever. You did concede that. Which would any anything else would be incorrect. It might that you might go on an unbelievable run now you turn that into a hole well. Maybe we haven't already Norman on them with war within and yet of course story out of fort title is great. It's not on Pratt and it though. Or in a row in the modern NBA history would be on our been in I would states that Leon partnered. Russell spell which when they're eighteen and their one around what else or art or mystery with bad things changed a bit would be. This would be the most impressive run our united Ian B eight. In modern American sports history again assuming that you know. I mean I read today during Norwalk that super Max didn't you all are working with they have been meet David and I didn't clay it can notary signing with a human China at least I think outlook army ordered in the athletic proper. Out of my door about that anytime soon I'm glad you're finally onboard mic with how good they are because I really thought you'd gone out of your way to actively not miss. Are actively miss one of the greatest shows. In the NBA we've got nick I joining us Doug I had neck. On start I reminder audience something bad like mine amid not artwork I don't know. Well for you guys won your work site. When you and I were spurt actually coming into each other orbit when I was doing local radio and Houston and your obviously picking at a radio in the Bay Area. I would catching so much crap. Because that you are you guys began to create governing everywhere in the year ago at wonder personal for you to write the line thing. What I was saying it was. And revolutionary. Way to buy back all. A team that potentially had where you all of they were on it because I thought grandma already is being best. Defense the player in the lead because of what he did. And I I didn't win that title as much due in the next year I thought it was. Rated the net I I. I don't degraded being that ever been put together. And in the greatest player ever looked beat and then there were a bit of a warrior LeBron rivalry and you can be sure audience by eight he'd. I don't know early in the global action but he but I always respected what they do on the court. And their ability to manipulate everything and at Kevin Durant what not to shabby. I do appreciate. You conceding how good the warriors have obviously banned for four solid years in a row it's great to you have nick right up. Let me go ahead and ask you this are you now wearing a sympathy cast. To help LeBron pretended he broke his hand in the NBA finals. Yeah yeah. Croc rock backpack I seriously they've stepped Terry came out wearing a cast on his hand after not telling you about a broken hand you would have done and how were thrown up on your sat at fox sports all. First off that Kurt wouldn't have been because we don't know the rules with step when he played poorly used her when he doesn't beat LP. Those have been a role in the 2016 final there in the 28 team playoff. I did miss thirty aims right before the playoffs started neck a minute did happen. It was remarkable to me that that I mean it's crazy right. Like he was in the Houston jury did help wit quarter by quarter in the NBA final game you know you would clearly endured a quarter want to. We were recording got out here not yield border are you saying that. Not saying that all who are your vote and said Matt you. No no what the war warriors in Spain is flawed he stepped out to be that. Being an illustrator Cogent that Allstate mine needs these aren't. What did LeBron gets no pat. For breaking its infinite self inflicted injury I gate and no apple at. But it now knee injury in the Dow photographic evidence that I will give beat computing network credit. Sports hernia at PN did a great job is at the screen shot or spill shot all right lots and paper it and go on it dips. Side by side from game four there have been obvious. Slowing of now I'm all though you and I and all revealed but added I did not reveal even on my television show after game four. I had a meal oh wait. I love people like it people very very possible or Matt doing a word and they were. You are you're wrong work. They were very upset that this got out. I know you're gonna find that hard to believe are in however one week you go and it broke the story worth up and down LeBron people didn't wee bit. What Brian was more comfortable in the air of being he got burnt out and despair it was broke in the rapid and an air of being. A guy who restore our ability is arguably the single most grab that thing on his resume that he hurt himself in a bit operate. Q did not walk the information out once they got out there. I don't think he minded people knowing how significant of an injury or what but it would not LeBron or his people that leaked yet the broke into. His hand didn't look broken when he picked up his purse after the end of game one I'll say that my. Ollie electing Daniel lived in the Bay Area I know you're not eight non. Exorbitant fashion that's European man bag out here is an install that I'd seen the pictures of view. And you know what is barely ever built originally what whatever it wobbly right who. Need to be a tremendous woman I assume with some type of genital all right failure he's very patient very patient whatever. I'd seen you guys stir around town going to Catalina wine mixer. You error. I'm supposed to grow like you're not out on the awaited those back. If you are an unbelievably human being I love arguing sports review and that's all we love doing around here thank thank you very much you now have to leave my show on warriors parade day. You have no problem thank you sorry we got a little side we now Porter yes sir always what you David more than I do very much nick right joining us series. Finally on barred. He's willing to concede they're not a bad basketball. Damon Ed that that's like another win for the warriors right there that's almost like. It's almost like they've won five in a row over the cavaliers now. 8889579570. We got a lot of people wanna call and let me tell you how this is gonna work. We're gonna come back from this short break taking your calls and then I am going to bring you the star of today show staff curry coming up next. Exclusive. One on one interview the you have not heard yet would yours truly that's coming up next here on 95 cent in the game. To redeem include. 57. The team with the best record. In the last four years over the four year history of the NBA. Pad itself a parade today and it was spectacular. It was billed as an interactive more touchy Feely parade and that's exactly. What warriors fans got if you were there today. We'd love to hear from you your critique what you thought you review of the afternoon because all the people that we had been in touch with the have reached out and touched. Us so far here at the station. Have told us stories about paid today I feel like I met Kevin Durant are feel like I met staff curry I don't know how many people went to Eagles Braden feel like they met Philadelphia Eagles EU. If you got there early enough to have pole position on the fence there's a chance that someone. Gave you a high five. Who plays for the Golden State Warriors today I thought it was a unique very cool interactive afternoon that left everybody. With a really good feeling in feeling awfully satisfied. We. Wrote the parade which ended Jian a near the Oakland Museum there. And then all of the players. Started to funnel in. When stepped curry was funneling and he was supposed to be funneled towards me. To do one on one interview. He got funneled towards Stein it's Tony in guru. A part of me wanted to grab step shoulders and and and and and and and and now you're supposed to come here but up part of Stein it's Tony and Goran. Would've been completely in their right to hit me over the head with a steel chair if I'd done that to death. You mean staffers about sit down with us Interpol mop Elway or no way they don't they would've they would have beaten me senseless and rightfully so. Stuff was so cool that when he finished appearing already once live on the station. He gave me a little one on one and we'll have that for you here in just a minute. Jian has a corresponding social media picture of his shorts see you understand the story that he tells that she'll be sharing in just a moment. 8889579570. What did you think of the parade Robert Emery bill thanks for the call Robert you're on the day members show. Hey David what about what's. They note that got afraid I don't say earlier you're loud gasp try to rein and are grateful that we bought. Explanation of what the lawyers really are elected they went Hoosier a lot of talk about wars are at it it's called out he put them. Deep. Try to look up some today and it wouldn't just happy being an average player but I. It was a very interaction. In a million a lot out there. Just a different walks of life people with all kinds of different story. How long they've been aware that many of them like. That a lot car that you're out talking about going to be games watching purpose short. People all over the country it was just really neat to see how many down Al there. Love sports and now this skiing out the joys that they have brought to the Bay Area. Has that have brought them together it would just celebration of the worst but it so operation out of the community a local. Well I'm so glad you said that Robert because it's actually almost. Exactly would step curry says that the beginning of the interview that I'm about to play for you were right basically said they stepped thanks very much for the fun afternoon and he's like. Novices in me this is aux this is a community of warrior fans and Robert thank you I'm glad you had a good time today are really really am it was. I don't know who had a bad time coming into the parade it was. So much fun but the one thing that I got. And when the players went through it very first championship everyone is just like bouncy. Child in a bouncy house electricity. Overjoyed. To do not know quite how to celebrate. The second championship. Came within a very. A feeling of validation. Like a lot of guys got to go up there and say hey this wasn't just a one time occurrence. We won another one of these two championship one championship validates you a little too championships validates yeah a lot. We're very happy that we all are getting validated here. Today eight. The overwhelming. Message that I saw on players' faces when they were accepting an end remembered. The NBA finals of one on Friday that was five days ago these guys are at the end of a five day party. Players were a exhausted and beat I think more than anything else you know they were relieved. If they were relieved that they got to do this the way that they promised us that they would do it. And then for a minute there it did not look as assured as it was this absolutely was the first time. The disc got really really hard. And when you're as talented as they are indeed what you had to rant you don't expect things I think acted to get really really hard in the way of the really really hard nature. I think might surprise a couple of the guys even though they always say all the right things about how. You know it's supposed to be hard and we know tartar and another team gets paid to. Yeah and that's all true and there's truth to it by. I do think these guys were relieved. That they got to pull this one off. Joseph lake up talked about how much more difficult it was this time around. But winning a championship this really the most important thing right that's that's what. That's what we're trying to do. That was very very special. I was second on the electric getting Katie on the T. Pressure of course we'll know that you do that. This year was the hardest at all. Who is just sent these goals. These dreams to begin with and they just do everything you can't and that just speaks to the perseverance of our players our coaches and our entire organization they were able to. Because that's really what it was like this year it was hard it was really hard. To do with these guys did and I'm I think you all right we're also. Yeah and end the people on the Internet who want to let you know that there is no level of pride to be attached to this because it was. Such a foregone conclusion that it was almost an effortless exercise. That's not true. As good as you can possibly be in the NBA they are teams out there who can still beat you that's what sports is that's a pro sports is and the warriors. Were with what they were not lucky. They didn't come out of nowhere that's what lucky news they were built to do this they told us they would do it. It didn't look like they would and they did anyways. That's why we're Ryder Diageo and that's right that's why we're ride or die we go to Max in Walnut Creek Max what do you got. Damon Macs are great call you sir like to hear from yet. I just wanted to I thought you guys all look well in return enough early in the morning are really appreciated that. Period made it absolutely wanted to raise them. Then I saw select BP turned from flag BP to Latino. And JaVale McGee becoming peer through time. And I'll put him go eat nothing but hold on you're that the championship create and then open penny. Going into the crowd apply when he. And at that time flipping. Me you know newcomer with a veteran it would dole went into the crowd get bought. That's all that is a veteran move there really is. And the fact that Jordan bell went in the crowd that bottle a penny it's funny because I saw that guy. From the float. Eddie had a big one Eli I mean he had to handle I mean he had a big bottles of Jordan Belle hit that again hard. This day is going to be a long one for him it's already been a long one is that right Jordan's. Compare that we are expecting more champagne that's going on here. Good thank you sound courtesy of NBC. But Max yeah whatever no matter who always eating or pouring or snacking. That whole thing was an unbelievable day happy people everyone given each of. Or I five which was awesome. Now lets you know the family is just a bunch of justice all kinds of people haven't needed time together it was great Max thank you very much for the call. I told you that I had a little steps curry for you I'm about to give you that 81 on one exclusive with Curry's soon as he got off of his. Parade float but first Randy in Oakland it was their Randy when he got. They're not. Art and I called yesterday and I told you are now. How about it was a pretty sure it does matter are calling it I don't upbeat first is being out on outline. Outlaw that would operate once a lot today. And it couldn't have been any better any better. Like everybody says it was all about that it. And the experience your party together and I just wanted to call you guys immediately let you know how long out how wonderful what. And how wonderful you guys are and adventurer article show you guys are great. All right Randi thank you lot die a lot of people really really nice guy so I mean guy. I was at first thought it was a blushing. That's somebody getting sunburned and that's what was happening to me today. But there was no doubt some things said by fans about today show about us about listening to us every day that really made me blush it was very very sweet. I always expect to get a huge sock no matter where I got. Buckets just you know picked is part of between aiming exactly it's a par it's part of the price of admission. Not one use Sox thrown at me all day today well I mean that's a real special day it really is. It's it's humbling when you hear people yelling your name and how much they love the show and appreciate the station it was very very cool and we thank you also much Phyllis name. You make it what it is is well. It was great he really was somebody on its excellence a sounds like Randy had that Henne a little bit too I think everybody hit it a little bit I gotta tell anyone know why we are so ready to go at the beginning of the bread. We did turn it up a little bit before I parade started when there is still in. Staging area. Let's just say. A big fan of some of the decisions the morning show makes up when the morning show gets off there. Well they know how to throw it into our day of work is done do you wanna have fun mode. Shout shout out joke shot out Dan shout out low shot out optics. Was good time and it has a good time get a shout out and a Q&A our shout out and a pass announce who flock he if you ate like a six course Greek meal today. That was Amanda she let it wither in her pocket. Amazing. Mike is in San Leandro how Loria Mike. Hey don't find a great parade he would do great job but I got a little complaint they had the bulk of the players spread out way too much I was rallying the morning history we had a thirty minute delay. Between the second book in the third but you know who's not an and they have all these random. People who knows who they are on these cable cars in this and that's so that would just he would be as some department batters. It should've kept a close together like they've done the last couple years big delay between the spot. I think that the reason why that happened is because guys kept on getting off their buses to interact with fans so the parade scheduled keep unmoved and but guys got out just started high five and and you can't yell and a champion to get back in your damn bossa parades got to move fast thirds of the door away. That would now want now but they have these random people who would be people on the cable I know but I'm not that people would they had these random people in these cable cars or whatever you wanna call. Now my I mean here's the thing they were there random use their probably random to me but they want randomness somebody who is obviously involved in that organization that's. Family those are kids those are people who work. In tickets and parking out singing sessions you know and and and the warriors try to do right by their entire. You know if you work for the Golden State Warriors I bet you were given a chance to be at that parade today to either walk in it or six net or be part of it or get a VIP spot it somehow some way. Like there're all at the parade is for. Not just thank you the players it's thank you everyone thank you ticket office thank you marketing thank you everyone who made this happen. And so those are cool all those other random czar and on one of those all those who the hell are they were wore us. Exactly Nino like you have to appreciate them the patient and you take your tickets in the one in the endeared Coke when you're at then at oracle and everyone has a job to do and they deserve to be celebrated as well. I you know Mike I hear you too I'm not bashing your complaint or your observation that it got spaced out a little bit too much. After about 45 minutes so high I was sort of ago I was really does like incredible but I've I'm like I'm I'm I've reached my wave. Quota like I've weighed as much as possible is it dead I can't stop smiling I'd like stop now. And and like I'm I'm it's like at the net like I do what I didn't wanna do was beat in authentic at the very beginning of the parade the energy was real. The adrenaline was a real. I was simulating my adrenaline and energy for the last 600 yards of that parade like I was ready dumbed down all done jumping now I am 43 years old. You know like I can't jump for two hours without being completely lit up. This hut and I was melting a little bit but we sign and I'm shirt you know. Pay it we are fine we we had the one of the best seats in the house another sign amazing things get loud he had led through special. The staging area were all the floats are together you got all the flood too they're competing sound in their competing songs. And they're not. Driving away from each other incidents all in one space and it's just it's a lot. I would mega phone next year that we can actually. Speak louder is that my voice heard as you can tell yeah you bring your little bit hoarse and your so here's what we need we need a megaphone. We needed DJ. Now we needed DJ and agreed that he with the I think I'd I think we need to stripper pole and I think we all need to take a spin on it. OK I think we need do I think we need super suckers. Definitely could let their people appreciate it I think we need confetti. Definitely Kim Betty like shooter things you did not I think we need snacks. I just next person has ever asked how can I just I can use a snack at the semifinal snack. I think that we should have snacks and Hershey's Kisses to throw out to people but we're told you're not allowed to throw stop know that we could have a promotions people walk by and he even being an I didn't think I'd I just think next year we dare them like what do you what do you do arrest this at the parade. Is that through Hershey kiss to a person from San Leandro get out of here I would it be okay get out here there's no way they're actually in a slap the cuffs on me and homey off his matter back. I think a minute darom to do that next year. And we need it cooler with ice so we can keep the beverages flow and nice and who. I think any my own car next your gonna be totally honest with you can go with the course if you work on the show on yeah yeah yeah I do we need our own car. And it's not that I. It's not that I'm I don't wanna hop knob where the riff Raff. Talented. Insist you know. Lot of people close spaces. Sweaty. Could use a little lacy.