DB Show - 1 - Warriors 3-0, Marijuana in sports, Anthony Slater, NFL schedules

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, April 20th

Damon recaps the Warriors win over the Spurs in Game 3, the Giants score one run again, no one is watching ESPN's Get Up, Matt Barnes speaks out on marijuana in sports, Damon is joined by Warriors reporter for The Athletic, Anthony Slater, and Damon discusses NFL schedules. 


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Yeah I know everybody loves loves a fortune money everybody goes nuts about it but not. Here in the Bay Area outside you're really like 420 should've seen for nineteen each stick around for 421 this. We call this Monday through Friday and here in San Francisco it is great to be with the U. A very pungent afternoon downtown San Francisco. People are very happy today. Yes they iron California's first ever weed is legal sports wanting. Lead we believe still the greatest name the dispensary not open yet agreed to make their appetite lead we believe is a great great name. Feel free to borrow that a moment asking for a 3% understate. Welcome to the Damon Bruce show does great to be here with you we got a good one for you today you know we didn't have enough time to really go over NFL schedules and here's an imminent doom and a promise you we're not gonna do that again today got terrible radio. Let me talk about a sixteen game NFL schedule with absolute certainty before I've seen the draft pick before anyone's been hurt or not hurt. I mean. How many people today tried to break down the sixteen game. Forty niners schedule what if I told you Jimmy grapple hurt himself in week one would change us over here is some of your predictions. So we're really not gonna get ahead of ourselves today we are gonna go ahead take a look at things in small small doses. Even though for Tony's not known as a small doses today they large dose day. We are gonna have ourselves some small doses. Of this NFL scheduled to talk about. We've got a very large dose of the Golden State Warriors now through three games against the spurs there's no doubt they are better than the spurs just like so many of us thought. Our concerns. Alleviated. Obviously the tone and tenor of this series is taken on a life of its own. Due to the passing of Erin Popovich which is really cast a Pall on the proceedings. Last night's. Game. Last night's game in San Antonio did not feel like an NBA playoff game last night's game in San Antonio felt like it throw it away it's February game. That's what happens. When you have any real human event dictate how the arena feels how people feel. And full credit to disperse in the warriors they went out there to try to put on a very good show. They did in some parts but they get it was a nondescript. Game that was about as boring a game three victory for your franchise and opening round. Is your gonna fine. C'mon looney. He played well that was good to see. We got a couple of injury scare as it turns out aren't that scary it all we saw both Kevin Durant and Shaun Livingston and just a few. Moments apart from each other have. Injuries. To their ankles well I injuries is probably an exaggeration. Little bit more of a tweak if you will Steve Kerr gave us an update on both today on Kevin Durant and Livingston. Think they're gonna be OK and Michael Johns who was probably a little worse and cabins. Both sprained ankles but I think of the earth. There's tiny boat those guys to be aren't that needs to happen no one else can get heard here until staff Curry's back. When does staff curry come back. Not until they lose a game I think that that's how they're gonna conduct business here. With their playing defense like this. They're gonna be able to make up for the greatest shooter of all time not being out on the floor they're playing very good defense we all know what's coming. We all see it feels like we're getting a little bit of ahead of ourselves with we start talking about how it's gonna be. Warriors pelicans but there's no doubt that's that's what it's going to be. The warriors have now won eighteen straight Western Conference playoff games and I'm bad. Golden State has won nineteen of its last twenty playoff contests overall that includes the NBA finals that's tied. With the 200102. Lakers for the most wins and it's one game post season stretch ever if they sweep the spurs. The new record will be Bayer's. Meanwhile. Speaking of sweeping. We saw the sharks sweep up the ducks thanks a lock workers thanks for the memories get out of here. And now it's the waiting game. It is a big time waiting game. When it is this series going to even start wouldn't even know yet against the lost biggest golden knights I'd seen a couple of different dates decade no one has any real announcement to get. I heard it might not start until wins next week. We don't dig game one until Wednesday next week is our telomeres and that's that's a lot of time to wait for the bandwagon and I'm enjoying. I'm ready for I'm ready on the bandwagon a pull back through my letter on top comment that was a lot of fun. Is a little more playoff hockey sharks' playoff hockey obviously we got other hockey to watch the sharks playoff accuses thing to itself. And that right. I'm glad you agree. Very good day today. Lots of fun to be had will see what goes on baseball wise. I know we got Crist announcing coming up we got to. Eighties Red Sox tonight. Over at the coliseum recently released it'll be on a Friday night you Chris counts and unavailable on sports wanting shocker but the one chorus but. Yes so you know it's going to be a fun night hopefully for a a's fans out of the coliseum the tree house would be a very cool place to be tonight. But it kind of estimates are announced so why not. Yeah well amid a good time to be high as a kite want to based on and I would think the treehouse. Just calling you know calling call when you. Meanwhile. To trip to Disneyland for Jim guy on days looks like Mac Williamson. Is going to be in the lineup tonight is going to be really about it in the lineup tonight. Hunter Pence is not. Probably gonna find himself in the lineup now he's found himself on the DL it's pretty good assumption. The giants didn't take very long to admit what we kind of knew at the beginning of this year that they're gonna have trouble. Creating runs in here we are that didn't take very long at all they got. Oats honey mania. That's going to be going on in Anaheim tonight I'm guessing he's. Can. We are talking about just topics for today's show what we had talked about what are we and get into. I'll be asked me how much more interesting would it be if the giants actually signed a Connie in Stanton. And I was like more interest and like that would get them to interest thing now would be nice. Look I don't mean to rip on the giants here but all of their problems were spotted. A season and a half ago. And they had the exact same problems from a season and a half ago. And let's be totally honest about what this team hats. Buster Posey is the least interesting future hall of Famer in baseball. Brandon belt is mind numbing Lee predictable with his plate appearances I could simply be actually hit a home run last night the sort of surprise me. Crawford feels like the coolest guy on this team Hunter Pence is now like a parody of himself like all the goofy nukes was great until he became. Self aware of it tried to marketed. Just on Al beads wanting to have your scooters stolen. Another thing to try to make a Bobble head about it. McCutcheon is cool I I guess I wonder if he's ever gonna top his six hit. Walk off performance against the Dodgers is all downhill from there Longoria is hardly must see TV I can't believe I'm saying this but panda. Thank god you're here. Source did the giants can match the angels over the weekend they've yet to win a series so far this season. Everywhere you go everything you click on all the stories around yet. Tall about 420 howl. And see how his weed in sports gonna find itself together in the future. Future. On the future is now the future is here. Got Matt Barnes and a whole bunch of retired NBA players get lit up for Bleacher Report. By the way this is a show idea I had two years ago. Joseph fort ball's going to be joining us what are you don't perfect time for its money this afternoon Joseph Ford bought come in and for little four ball off Friday you would normally join us right at 4 o'clock but we've reserved 4 o'clock today. For warriors guard Quinn cook who's gonna join us. We're gonna have the eighties dug out show coming up 48615. Anthony Slater all over the warriors. He's gonna join us at 330. Look I don't wanna say that I sort of know what I'm talking about when it comes to. How to host a show whether show I think is in a click or not within audience but done. Remember how I told you that. Spent a fifteen million dollars on Mike Greenberg Michelle beetle and Jalen Rose was may be the single worst investment ESPN has ever made. That show showed up dead on arrival. And it's become. More debt. Really each and every week they are losing. Audience by the show. They didn't have an audience to begin with wow it is a dead on arrival product that I predicted and it's really simple. If somebody's been talking to you. Every single day for twenty years. And I leaned over and say what's the one memory what's the one thing that person said the never stuck with. In your like. You just gave eight million dollars to the wrong person sounds like at. Mike Greenberg get out of here Michelle beatle trying so hard to be the cool next door neighbor girl forever that. Then kept out of the bag now. Jalen Rose I think it's best that shout. And he's making the least amount of money. Fifteen million to 315. Million dollars for a show that isn't being watched we could put too. In terms. We could randomly select two or 957 the game interns just put an ESPN camera on them. Have them remain silent. For a solid 22 minutes. And it would probably. Get more bodies. Then they show's been able to generate. From its. South street New York City super cool studios like you got it absolutely kept this crap in Bristol and no one what do minded except for the hosts. Who. Have zero connection would your entire audience. We're in. Again. That entire show for fifteen million dollars Jian and I would've been happy to split a male right down the middle. 500000 each pump up a daycare and daycare. There are. Look at this what ESPN's new morning show nationwide audience their lucky. If they have 250000. Viewers at any point in time they're lucky if a quarter million people are watching a nationwide. Show. In the morning. There are at all times about a 120000. People listening to this show. And it's broadcast in like seventy mile radius pop this in perspective while carried out. So are 130000. People a seven mile radius at all times listening to their show. Or 230000. And your camp this is the United States of America and your being delivered by ESPN. Dead on arrival is sort of like an autumn talking about us and it. How can they do show on Monday he's 57 McCain. Didn't. Good news. Good to be along with a unit and forks. One knee and Matt Williams and Dave you're giants fan just got the new lineup he's going to be hitting seventh. Tonight it's also the season debut for just a margin so I guess it's a reason to pay attention at night here at home on your couch. Tomato slices for eyes looking for some the stare at for a few hours. It works. Baseball great sport it. Really is really as. Austin Jackson Joseph panic Andrew McCutcheon at third Posey and cleanup Longoria five huh only six. Williamson sitting seventh and good for him he's being protected by Gorky Hernandez who's in the eight all LB Donald citizen in ninth. And some larger is your pitcher tonight. So there you go so they got DH in post he's gonna DH tonight yet with Conley Americas that makes sense skip Posey off the out of the squat for a night and makes makes a lot of sense of really does. I guess it makes more sense for a tonic to be in the American League and nationally but certainly does make things more interest and around here. It was good to see. No interest thing is going to pop up in this warriors spurs series it looks like the warriors pretty much beat back any shot at interest staying. The spurs are going to have I. I don't blame the spurs actually admired them for coming out and playing with a little bit and gusto last night they could knock down their shots when they were doing a good job playing. The warriors more knocking down their shots warriors stating control that game but planned all whole bunch of defense and obviously Steve Kerr was very happy about that aren't you. Fans just. And consistently over the game was a difference you know neither team. Shouted out well from three obviously. You know they missed some that they've they've. Colleen would normally make. But I think over the course of losing the game our defense. Who was excellent and that's that's the main difference because if we can defending its stops obviously were got a lot of guys who can get out in transition and score. Warriors spent an awful lot of time looking for their first three of the ballgame that's their big weapons without that they are not bringing. You know those are right weaponry to the fights and it took a long time for Klay Thompson to find a bottom of the net from downtown. Katie jumped up with a hit a three two flights I play sets his feet Atlantis flies. So afraid but Reuters first of three and a half. Comes with a 206 to go in this jacket and it's a 4843. Lead for the warriors their largest. Advantage of the contest. Stories should keep that up they would go one to win and again are just waiting to close out the San Antonio Spurs who are they all pack up there belongings. Before game four even starts and get ready for an offseason I would hold anybody accountable for that I wouldn't be. Angry if I were spurs stand at my team's desire. To just wrap this puppy up and let's move onto the off season it could be really interesting offseason for the San Antonio Spurs obviously Gregg Popovich. As a whole and his heart. He's going to have to figure out and and there's no doubt in my mind the Gregg Popovich is going to be eight. Buries himself in work Connick guy sound and it really looks like that's the that's the way he is wired to do this. I expect him to continue coaching I truly do. But. Kauai Leonard might not be a spur they might go into a much different looking. Franchise altering offseason. Then anyone expected I mean their window which they've held open for a really long time it feels like it is officially shutting right here now. So why Leonard's either gonna come back in helping to try and prop that window open yet again next year or are you better off looking acquire letter. And saying is this the peak of his value what can we get back because San Antonio doesn't need one more superstar they gonna need to restock a team. They're going to be losing and turning over quickly. Lot of turnovers coming. So that something is certainly keep an eye on not that it matters much to warrior fans what happens to the San Antonio Spurs all your attention is on the hometown team obviously all the attention and sports being paid to the topic of marijuana today and how would help the NFL and how drug testing in the NFL started today there's a lot of different articles and think pieces GI no doubt what. What athletes have been ruined by drugs would athletes claim they would have been helped by drugs. The OP Lloyd addiction in the NFL you or four times more likely to be addicted to when OP you Lloyd in the NFL they knew if you are just a regular civilian. And we all know what sort of an OP joint problems there are in society. Or some big issues with big time. Big time. Hands. You know there's an awful. And I. Totally honest with the when it comes to the whole legalization of marijuana I'm sure that there are some pain management. Numbing. Appetite inducing. Aspects to wit I mean when my back goes out sometimes I get I don't wanna be old old beyond my pills. I get dopey the old fashioned way in a provides relief it really does I don't know if it's. Actual physical relief for your mind just goes away from it for a minute I don't know how it works. But there is a medicinal aspect to that I believe is absolutely undeniable. However that's only 10% of the immigration. 90% a year or just don't want it to puff puff pass. People enemy. Conic con artist. Amid the health benefits of the deal lean. That's a verse is taking pills left or right would actually benefit some of these athletes and send Iraqi city do it's not fill loopy. What Bill Maher had eight years ago when he said the only problem marijuana as far as US government is concerned is is doesn't have Axl or Eli Lilly. Tattooed across the plant. You know when they figure out a way to make money off a bit it's common and now they figured out a way. And believe me I'm gonna say what what is its 2018 yes give me ten more years Gionta by 2018. America. Is new Amsterdam I twenty's when he by 20/20 eight every single. Every single state. Will legalize marijuana I believe that's gonna happen New York is about the next to go I think they got out Chuck Schumer working on a bill right now. So I mean this is a huge change and when it changes legal leap for all of us obviously the way. These leagues that we watch. Are gonna change the air thought patterns about it. It's already happening. Today Matt Barnes I guess who's on the rich Eisen show Matt Barnes also starred in a video cranked out by the Bleacher Report. Where he and several other retired NBA players a visor twisted up to swisher sweets was so minute and they're just sit around. Pass and l.s talking about their careers and how old you know marijuana helped and and Matt Barnes basically admitted what we've all suspected this entire time. He was side before the game during the game after the game at practice after practice before practice started during the chalk talk during the whole thing is basically high. Matt Barnes was high old time and he was really got other ways that Jackson pie though whole time captain Jack blunt it. Pretty well installed on the NBA. Has always turned inside a marijuana. And now the rest of the world is starting to do the same thing. By the way just seen on not. Telling tales out of school year Matt Barnes on the rich Eisen show today. Talking about as marijuana use is an active player. He thinks it's part of the future of the league and Matt Barnes said and I quote. Before. After games and practices it was something I did regularly. Bleacher Report again a huge thing today eight Matt Barnes Al Harrington Bleacher Report Pearson video sound. We have to go Tug home of the joint thing and everything to prevent heart felt right this is the most dynamic brand owners will be back into the third it's OK okay. How beneficial to be mentally graphically show for benefits. I mean I love the last at the end of that. I inheriting by the way has zone minus canvas product yes I have this is this is not just. A way to spend time playing video games anymore this is for guys who have money to invest a huge business opportunity it's like everyone wants to run to the gold rush. I mean the idea in a lot of it's a pain management anxiety insomnia and they act they aired patent that all has to do with how they perform on the court. Well and you can take the high. Out of the marijuana. You can remove the TAC which gets you all like damn him I'm. And eager to set the CBD hazards it's it's the oil it's the pageants I mean and out to me like him it's like why why why would you do that. At number one why. I is like drinking decaffeinated coffee what's the point why we even drinking coffee. Some people like the taste Manuel gets its way from week. I distinctive. You know times have changed I've said this before we say it again the two issues were the pendulum is a slice of society is swung the biggest in my life. Gay marriage. Marijuana. Be hard to regulate something T that is legal. And you can it's legal here in California. Like alcohol to dairy hard to regulate when. You're I don't know when you're not allowed to do I know continue to work I get that but I know that's that's a difficult once hard to make that argument. My wife and I moved into our house written about like open and double block party here are some don't just introduce herself to the neighbors we're neighbors is a top these Greg I hadn't even met him yet album over. Smoking a joint my backyard guess what. And are now bonds are trying to run Alice basically San Francisco up front cool about it anyways. Anyways. What impact all that just a little bit again Joseph fort Barr coming up at 420 today how perfect is that. If Denise later all of the athletic. Covering the warriors obviously they're exactly where they wanted to be in a 30 lead against the San Antonio Spurs a team that. Feels like it had an awful lot of its gusto taken out of it about the tragic news Greg populist. Excuse me of Gregg Popovich is white's passing. And this series. I think his won the the warriors just wanna wrap up and I think the spurs might not mind about that either Anthony it's great to have you want thank you very much for joining us. How was that game and its atmosphere. Last night didn't feel different did it feel like a playoff game or did it feel like again against the spurs in February. Because at times that's how it felt on my TV. You know I accidentally the game have a trip of a crowd behind never. Surprisingly probably know even mention of even eat all you could see obviously topic what they're Brothers that either the election of air popped the journey been like that. It felt like kind of like what in order to electric crowd or an expert in auto orders but the order recruited spirit team as far as the tragic death of his life. You could really feel that when you were down in the tunnel spot in the players and coaches but there is very much a somber I. Around the team that the practice is that they afford shootaround. I'll put our game play it just looked like wanting to play better in the other that's sort of looked like quarter to. I didn't think at any point in time would be circling this name. Combined Maloney a really good there last night. Shopping season he's at right now came to camp I've ever seen him to have good yet. Dropped thirty out of it whoa you know what is that that's cutting interest thing and they can despite his value a little bit creepy in the trader could not gonna have you know take his sport your options out there and it looked declining as we expected that. Slowly slowly if surely cannot forces were in the rotation. I got to credit speaker all year even can't talk about Jordan balance on the other Geithner how did they mean you know they'll call Lou great can't get credit yeah. Type Roy here I like up eight we introduced it in two years he had proper perhaps I didn't I in the sound like you never really thought he would. Be it NBA rotation players spoke about the order but he's now puts himself to the point late warning that the game one corner workers get too according to bring it to agree I hate I clicked senator and he really in the at center. I didn't outright continue to be glad I mean he's probably in the truck morning. I'm in to say that he's been the best Saturday here arming him in JaVale McGee has been pretty good in certain stretches in the series two but I agree would you. Loney really has stepped up and spit the bit. How much of this do you think is Steve Kerr planting the seeds of confidence in the guy. I mean to what he did that's a dud like that's what's that's where Steve skull Doug Murray comes about like he breathes confidence into his players. Yes I think you've got to kind of pick and choose what's got you you have a group with dirt ballot the probably back an epic battle that is cute or boats you're a dirt about the lack competent well not back sport and still sell its icon under strain on Greek wedding. And it speaker will come out almost like it comet or certain about well you know that don't like the rookie due value on the speaker the coverage here. What would you look the other way around where the only skill that you'll look that deferential personality. Our shots like and I even make it in the Lee typing and I think you're really good job pumping a mop and and continually Elena how good we've been doing it ought to Wear in the cracker. The fear we didn't really believed it. He showed it where it shocked me is defensively and I never back on Liu speed and will I urgently and it seemed a bit too slow it. Not really going to be athlete but each at the count and now he's out on the burger. He didn't jump but it heat pump fake. And yet he's of these super long term you know what the reach deal last night just in order to do is go forever and all of this team. I never really fit into over Atlanta but it Iran train on top yet they're that tipping into collecting about alternate back at the moment that's great good or just lethal. Anthony Slater from the athletic here on the Damon per show obviously a very weird ending to game three where. Even though sort of Waltz for the warriors. She had finished the game were a little bit because all of a sudden. Golden State's favorite body part was betraying them again we got ankles it looked like. He'd eat like gave himself a good little tweak Livingston I thought that was a knee injury turns out it's ankle. I know Steve Kerr said both should be okay Livingston's is may be a little bit more serious but. I mean come on is there ever been a team a tad more ankle issues stuffed and a ten days in this one. It was super weird lit. Just see how it happened has backed the back play. And Patti Miller who's involved in both thought scramble loose ball where the word out on that a pick it up. And it with a history obviously that you said that lead up to that little seed Nicole trouble it was it. You great benefits and we derail went down like he'd better get out start up the court of record into my bank. Or just get everywhere in the locker at this point it would it weird but at least it directly at any apple went yesterday. Close game in east teams with 800% final collect living in was. Icing it a bit post game locker he's definitely on what people o'clock with a bit more the gate. And they been careful with them so I won't be too shocked out of that it became a late tonight or tomorrow night. I could see it made up plain as they're gonna have and practice tomorrow they have cooperated it although more about it but don't be surprised that eke it out. Anthony I know there's a not everyone wants to be the first to the correct date of staff Curry's return. How do you feel about this theory as being the sort of deep fault setting for his return. Whatever his rehab said it's obviously dictates his return. Well we're not gonna ceased after into the warriors drop a game somewhere I think that Tom framing it I don't think we're going to see staff. If he's ready to go game three. In New Orleans next round if that's indeed where this all goes and it certainly looks like that's where this is going. Let's say the warriors step in that series two nothing outside we seeming game three game threes is get back date. I'd say you know optical pushed back a newbie is being able to go and a client to go well. You know he's he's. I don't buy and chop and to get back in and eight Kiki in the crater so he's really aggregate backing or are you look I don't want you to back. Could look at there's enough there to blow it or leave it. And they're gonna wanna get in a bit more written but they've finally been beaten gave it away from there and act in being if you can really get a week off to practice in between meant but I can do that want it to maybe not our program back being. Given 35 minutes and give them super paper or report that injury in the early two duo. But the flip side of that. Which is kind of what you're talking about it if they say are we can't play game one than they dropped game one out but they are back to soak it is going to be interesting dynamic give and take a you know in until they looted game. Maybe that'd they don't feel rushed to get back but at the pick up key is going to. In a comparing can compare and contrast society that we live and we kind of look at the trail blazers look to the warriors and we said. Obviously Doran is a unique match up opportunity and mismatch but the teams are similar. Looking at the pelicans make such quick work of the thunder what are your concerns based on what you're seeing when you start applying the warriors is their opponent. Or interest thing you know there are no longer is David beat David. Everyone else that doesn't matter true holiday has been operating below the street that Colorado here I don't go to laud it for all eclipses. Seen this year and a second team a potent idea every year at the union that properly healed it isn't guarding quick hop in the start here and he would have if curry got a back. At some point that you think you know he did. Curry to Anders as could be can be Rajon Rondo. At that could game opera in for the second straight Peter look what happened he had great looking at the rendered. On the murder book pros who are very different than alert column to worry about height of the Carter. It this time for our score on them to that kind of an increase in the backcourt that I think they have the perfect front court Perry. Right now with Anthony Davis probably he would do everything we eat suddenly had a lot speak to meet Arafat. They play currently play electricity and over they can Hud and that times. Like it it was just like its clock lane in David Kelly drive and a delight is actually the body. Now we've got near its spread before it despite current three. I mean side oracle couple weeks government came in I think their kitchen kick the region the culprits are under according to court on the warriors. Mayor it is kind of street though he made it you know great numbers you're horrible pit for her but just that threat. Just spread the court would have respect or that they get David Robert breed her a lot done in. It's just there's a way that body part of the deal with an. And he turned himself into a legit top popular illegal they can be shockingly suddenly out of nowhere look like a wake up about that Portland ever. Anthony Slater of the athletic and look you've lived here long enough and you've heard us talk enough you know that were all in the Bay Area. Economy paying go liberals and that's just kind of how that little area works and and we look at new topics in different light than other people other regions other parts of the country do. As we further discuss the legalization. Of marijuana and how that applies to the NBA. Are the same discussion being had backing year old hometown of of of Oklahoma city's is that. Are are they looking at this is liberally as we do or is it different places different thoughts. Different places never thought for sure but I don't think it. And it it's looked at with this big muddy they would eat. There are maybe some people would think it would be just gonna obviously that are state are crucial Republican traditionally conservative. I'm marijuana is really loosen up. I think across the country and not to call it out there. If it was blowing throughout this because there Oklahoma State. On and ice. Go Catholic army didn't go round and orbit every advocate. It isn't California but it also it and like. Oklahoma 1980 Sumpter and as far as marijuana goto. I think it there are other topic there a lot more Paterno not only a bishop or see that I needed just reflect. They're more and more states as we don't want it to be legalized and at that any state that ever expect to. Always good to talk to you Anthony thank you so much appreciate your time man over the weekend. Anthony Slater always great to have Mon from the athletic thanks very much by the way. You want more warriors fantastic so weakling colts gonna join us at 4 o'clock. He might have any really really interesting match up waiting for him in the next round first who assume this is going to be. Warriors New Orleans and it feels pretty safe to assume that that could be a tough match up for him. He has had some tough moments in this series the playoffs are a little bit different than the regular season and I'm sure Quinn cook. Will tell us that when he joins us around four clock looking forward. To talking with him. When we come on back though there is one major. Major flaw. In the 49ers schedule and uptight what is next. Now back to redeeming. 57 big game. Gonna make you promised today. I'm not the middle of up to this promise. Not to disappoint you I'm not gonna go back on the word of this promise. I promise. At no point in time today in my in an attempt to go through. A sixteen game NFL schedule with a win loss predictions of any certainty whatsoever. Before we got a draft before anybody's out of practice before anybody has or has not gotten her yet I mean come I'm. You know loud Naomi where's the raiders easier day and then well what Derek car breaks is right and left arm is in training camp and. Then why they would book what good was this. Why bother. Worst radio veer is. Well yeah there's still federal loans don't own name our Gary Moore moved. Thoughts terrible radio I wouldn't do that Syria wouldn't do that to me wouldn't do that to our show well. How clever little more information. But I can tell you what I noticed about these schedules. And there's something about this 49ers schedules that I on this entire right now African hate. Absolutely hate this about the 49ers schedule. What for the 49ers. To feel like the 49ers again. They gonna get their rivalry with the Seahawks don't want again I know that the rams are supposed to be the new hot Nissen blah blah blah blah blah blah blah San Francisco northern California LA let's say. Let's say. 49ers Seahawks for just a minute error was. The shining light on the hill. Now was circle it watch it game of the year stuff. 49 Ers Seahawks don't play into week thirteen. And then they play the Seahawks 23 weeks. You'd look at the 49ers vs Seahawks. Richard Sherman angle alone we want to get them. Get this up in in front of people early in the year. What may be this is good for Richard Sherman does that it Hercules will take a little while to get right. So maybe he's happy he doesn't see them to ladle and later in the year because we know that games can mean more Richard Sherman. The man's than maybe any niner game has ever meant to what niner player playing his former team. It's going to be a big one. And we await. Thirteen weeks to get it. One of those teams both those teams need to be totally out of it by then totally and it I mean now you tell me. And we thirteen you got two teams sit at 1030 my god all of a sudden these games we've seen what problems now organ and incredible. But were not making predictions like that because that's terrible radio we promised we would do. By the way I don't think there's. The 49ers are going to be tenant three. Through thirteen games. Just giving a mathematical example. Looking at the raiders' schedule the thing that I notice the most is that they're moving to Las Vegas so I don't really care anymore. What I I will say this about the raiders' schedule. I want gruden vs Kansas City bright isn't that going to be a big match up well we don't see that's. We don't get gruden verse Casey. And don't wait third game. No they wrap up with the chiefs. In weeks seventeen. Which way the thirteen weeks of football for bold period teams to meet their largest rivals in their own division. Go Sox. I'm glad they're playing. High stakes division games later in the season. But if you're gonna make the schedule. To feature that. Feel free to give us an important division game some more earlier in the year to get so excited early on by the way do you know what individual in the world. Had more control over the NFL schedule as one individual. Then any other person on planet earth. Eddie Sharon. Ed Sharon. Is doing a huge North American tour. And he is playing an NFL stadiums. On eight different Saturdays. Which render that Sunday night you gotta be on the road so that dictated. They yeah they were some of the placements per and the eighth games the last her home and sharing summer tour. Did is much to dictate this schedule as any. Actually had more to do to dictate the schedule that any sort of desire to see your game early in the year later in the year or some match up anything like that wow. I guess he Paxson and African pop stars woody and I don't. You know packs a man Joseph Ford bought. Broad packing one up right now how high do you think Joe's going to be when he walks in here for wanting. I saw him on my way in series and it had a long day so. You should be peddling over here and Kabul please not. PW wide. It's sleepy to you after the fact it's way to ask questions like you have no personal first yeah little personal firsthand knowledge. Easy culminated on time did the right you feel tired and hungry look depends on what you're smoking senior marijuana cigarette guy MRI. Rabbi I'm just not as. The me mad hit now with the eight. All the time out Durham I don't need anything out nothing to do with me being a mother is just the mere fact that I really I don't need anything else extra to make me. Mean I mean what you mean your functioning alcoholic is it is so would I had a lot of. I'm doesn't have time. You are. You're delightful. Why aren't are not happy all the time. So sometimes I need something to shift my gears into. I support it. Weiner I get happy sometimes a slightly. Sometimes and milligrams show up sometimes I need to dull my senses. My highly acute spite he senses. And get tingle and at that angle. When cooks gonna join me at 4 o'clock Joseph fort Barr coming up at 421 in what have you got two little a's dugout show Rick that night at 615. Ritz aux in town. Laser show. Are right. On and off I was gonna get to this this week but this has been bothering me all week long. As all of you know. I got a little bit of a historical personal connection to the Chicago Cubs. It. Broke right today grew up ru forum I like cubs I like cubs players I like Chicago Cubs and Aaron I think that speaks for my for itself and that explains Ed thank you for capturing that forever. On I said Michael. I'm. So Anthony Rizzo is a total study Anthony Rizzo going down a Parkland where he went to school to talk to all the kids. After the shooting was just another reason why like Anthony Rizzo at Rizzo and Chris Bryant doing there. Obtained calmer delivery terrorist commercials those Promos are funny. Com and I think you guys could put up MVP numbers this year I like Anthony Rizzo over that's what a first baseman looks like giants fans. And in case you're wondering if if if if playing first base is all about like a really good guy in taking that called strike three at critical moments. You're wrong it's about mash unit. When it's anywhere near the strike zone and Rizzo Mattias. An appearance on ESP and 1000 this week Anthony Rizzo. Said something that to mean. Means he needs a huge reality check. And to meet. Actually wants it Gionta I wish I had the power. To snap my fingers. In strip someone of all their athletic ability. And I would do that Anthony is really he doesn't appreciate what he's got it drives me nuts. I think we play too much baseball quote. I'd be willing to take a pay cut. Are we playing this game for money or do we love this game I know it's bold but in the long run. It will make everything better now I'll give Rizzo exist much he was asked about all these. Postpone games and he wasn't making the argument. That we need less baseball. Because I want to play less baseball he's just saying what we've scheduled games in places were inclement weather is waiting for you 80% of the time. And it's just too long and so on and so forth. But I never wanna hear that. I never wanna hear that from a major leaguer make millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars I don't. I don't. Two of the cubs. Games last week were postponed due to frigid temperatures in Chicago. And so Rizzo who was basically. Now just talking about the frustrations. In that that he's got lower back stiffness in the cold not helping in. You know after a season wore a 130 games. You could put it all on the summer warm months cut back all of the EU spring training time so on and so forth. I mean. And there's a part I mean just I I hate for small. I never want less sports and you're never gonna get less sports these owners are addicted to their revenue streams. These television contracts Dick dictate more about the sport than the rules of the sport to more games more people in stadiums. More money for owners that's right can I just ask a question to bring this all back to reality just for a second and show you really where my ire lies. Just ask you question Jana how long is doctor season. It 365. Day coming months of the year is doctor season via a point how long his lawyer season. Well the thing is about doctors and lawyers at least make him nice money right towards teachers season. Hello this teacher season seriously. Public construction workers season. Joseph how long is radio host season. Well let's talk for six months of the year I go to Aruba for the other six months. What do what do what I live in emblem on the Italian. With these guys do complaining about Demi did it he works half the year making huge dollars he exists in the world of opulence that would be so unfamiliar to us we wouldn't even know what to do with it. Until many law honesty I mean he looked what is he saying well mom I just will get back to this in a little bit but it drives mean knots. It really duds.