DB Show - 1 - Towny, Steiny, Guru on Reuben Foster's arrest

The Damon Bruce Show
Monday, February 12th

Chris Townsend, Matt Steinmetz, and Daryle the Guru Johnson fill in for Damon Bruce (on vacation) - they spend the hour discussing Reuben Foster's arrest on domestic violence charges and whether the 49ers should release the young linebacker. 


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This week's going to be different. Oh lead like you've never had before. We have a brand new show debuting this week and called. SGD. Squared. That's right so my left Gianna frank go. Darrell the guru Johnson the great mass diamond's I'm Chris Townsend we're going to be here. All week taking your phone calls a triple A 95798578. I know I guess TV. Or may have to bring back deal train wreck because this could be. Three people actually four people doing a show together could be the ultimate train wreck I'm looking forward this week guys. But the pulse plot so I. Yeah we sell the pulse we did the polls throwing three months together I remember I. To listen to that line the good old days you're the one and hole always had one. It's like the fantastic four honestly and I'm just. I'm just happy to be here. There's like an all star I don't wanna go saying we all start changing its like when you go and everybody gets their way all different jerseys on the we all come together for more than one game it'll be just one week exactly. This is the you know not the way we really want to start out you really wanna start a show I want out of about Pebble Beach over the weekend it was grade of course was a huge game as Cleveland beat Boston with a new roster very. But this Rubin Foster thing is so disturbing and so many different ways. You think about this kid. And I will never forget doing the draft hosting a draft for the raiders. And Ruben Foster was a guy do you look at said no way easy dropped Oakland no way and there he was he just can't drop then and drop in and drop them. Now he looks the part. He looks like he's gonna be a great player if he can stay on the field. But he looks the part of what you want in a linebacker. I mean there are times last year where he looks phenomenal. There's a reason he dropped in the draft guys. There's a reason they knew stuff like we've learned more about him today about his family life how he grew up how scary yes I was father. Shot his mother when he was an eighteen year old that we just crazy stuff. Has been going on in this guy's life for a long long time. And from the looks of it. You know I won't even hold them accountable for the Alabama thing with the marijuana what is disturbing because. It's happening. Over and over and as we get the backdrop of those notes in his past I'm looking into right now I just go all didn't Smith because I believe this guy needs help. Any guess nobody did talk to and just talking to my daddy's Michaels and I was got to cut them they got too much good Mo Jo going and I'm wondering are we gonna see that. Or is he too good of a player. To where. There's no Wayne Hale who do you treat it like from Maine Brock who last season was cut the day after his transgressions. Are gonna see eye right now. Gotta let it play out. And I mean that whereas before. Nothing could be done anytime soon. You'll let all the facts command the 49ers said there are aware of the situation they're monitoring it. Gonna be an investigation in the NFL's gonna get involved to London get suspended. And I anticipate the 49ers will adhere to that suspension. For six games. And he'll play half the season. And if there in the playoffs so play in the playoffs that's the way I think it's gonna come down though Jew here Eddie it's. It's there's a couple of different things there's the business side of this there's a football side of this yet the draft coming up but it where your rice tiny is. Right now there's no games. Or practices there's no camps there's no games you can't just let it play out but G. It is very disturbing that this young man. 41 days into the offseason has our mini already been arrested twice in his first offseason as a professional athlete that. Has got to have alarms going off. Down in Santa Clara I guarantee you alarms are growing up but it's a case by case basis and we on how the NFL works it's who you are as a player and if you're that good you're gonna get more chances and the guy who is just okay. In that position that I feel kind of bad for niner fans as we were on such a high with Jimmy drop those new contract. They ended the season every Republican all excited for what listed common and here we go. Yes a tale of two weeks. To back two different weeks last week it was almighty god look at John glance look at the 49ers. This is has been an incredible year for them. They've got their head coach they've got their free franchise quarterback they've paid them they're gonna front loaded that's gonna help them now is a big thing about the contract. It's front loaded like 42 point six million the first year but the reason why it's front loaded is 'cause you're gonna have to take care of guys like Rubin Foster. So everybody was like this is a good deal 49ers when everybody's holding hands singing comb by yacht. And that was just at the end of last week and worn out here with this. While the other thing about John Lynch is. He's already been asked about what he would do or what she's gonna do when there's an issue off the field. And it. He basically said it's a case by case basis some minute take a look at the situation. Determine what the best route is for war. The team and the player and then they'll move from there there's no hard fast rule that the 49ers have. They don't have to wait even today because of of these allegations. May be another team would've I find that hard to believe. But this is something that's going to hang over the 49ers head until it comes to some kind of resolution. With the league and then the team's gonna have to decide do they want to do anymore or they just wanna. And here with the league's gonna say and and it looks like he's going to be out for six weeks. Like death and Nebraska join us a little bit later and Andrew you know great career now at the athletic as you know a lawyer here. Gives you the business side of it since he was with the Green Bay Packers at one point and it is what we really don't understand right now. Is where exactly is Ruben Foster any eyes in the NFL when you have the diluted pee test that the Columbine. That's basically a red flag and they say you're guilty. You now have a situation where. He had cot with a lead back in Alabama. Now you have domestic violence. May be and you have assault rifles there's supposedly tool months they only found one. We don't even know if he's assault rifles are registered or not. The pitch around that he was to start you intelligent and yeah Cher and Sonny out here yet. We choose that you say it like it's just four match for him to miss six or eight games and come back John lived since its. Today want to act like there was a new sheriff in town to Seattle we see the world go on a different direction now to where this negative publicity and you're doing things did did are grotesque and in hidden women that the message I got from John Lynch and company was they wanted a tolerated so there is no nine lives. So MI wrong or being naive to think. Any day or any minute now it is new rules come out they can say you know what Rubin by in sever ties I'm not saying I'm no choir boy I'm just saying John Lynch was up there like I have the camera where the niners we're going to a different direction and we're not gonna tolerate any man's. After all didn't Smith and all what was going on what former players aren't quite afford to be four to come out and say we're done that nine Turks. Well they shouldn't tolerate it but the thing is we have to see how it plays out I mean he's was released on bail we don't know if there's gonna be. Official charges filed or anything like that so there's a lot of things that need to come together I'm sure the niners are I mean the urban clusters at the team facility today meet with niners officials. After this arrest and I'm sure they gonna figure out and do their investigation as well as the police department to see what actually. Happened but yeah if he's guilty if he's in trouble an absolutely. You cannot you kept you have to set the standard. Well we want to hear from you niner fans and triple A 957957. Because we've gunned down this road before. Terrific player on defense Ray McDonald richt always a big part of your defense that was one of the best in the leaks. The best in the league I mean. And I remembered going through that and how people are likely you gotta keep them on the field it's just there's a pattern Alden Smith there's a pattern. What do you how do you feel about you sought as a forty niner fan. That this was behind you know now there's a new regime I mean they're the stories via if you read this as a Mercury news in the Bay Area news group. There's a story that came out I think it was last year starting you and I are talking about it. Where. There's policeman that work for the San Francisco 49ers went Alden Smith got in trouble and Ray McDonald got in trouble there was this one guy that they would call she would show up before the police even though he is police he would show up. Before the undo the I he was an off duty officer at the time so you showed up before the on duty officers in the under Yasser showed up when what are you doing here. There's been an issue in the south they would the 49ers. Who lives. Mason the police I mean this is something that people thought was behind this organization obviously it's not. I. You can say that it's behind the organization this is a behind any organization I don't think commute every organization's got to be. Prepared to deal with something like this who's seen it in all sports. So I don't think you ever move past it I mean you hope against hope that. Guys stay out of trouble but you can't really safeguard against it my question is okay the diluted urine sample. Was there any penalty because of that war. Is he does he have a strike with the NFL off this. What came out of that the incident at the combined with the altercation at that at the hospital with the hospital staff for longer do we know about. If if there was ever meeting the air or should at least some kind of correspondence should say luck. Where we're gonna do anything about this but you get into trouble or more times could be doubled. Me we don't know anything like that and that's where Roger Goodell got a big hammer. And you don't always have to be charged by the police for Roger Goodell to use that have hired he he will decide New York pulled aside. Here's a question we'll take your phone calls in Tripoli 9579570. That's triple A 9579578. Last week you thought he was brilliant. Starting to look at the draft how you feel about it now. Shelves on Monday five cents. Surroundings dining guru NG here on 957 again. I hear it Bill Romanowski sand. But yet he you can babysit somebody Tony for seven years can't do that it's an investment why not the cowboys did what did you had all this history. Are you shot didn't what you're seeing it. Shouldn't be. I don't know I just ate it's a mean. Harry and I have somebody was oh that was between three I had you have. You're gonna have someone would them all the time gonna phone Alabama all back here in California. I don't know about all that but all these teams have. What they call mentors are ex players who were still in the organization. And they try to help these guys. But you're right I mean in the end. You really can't babysit and adults many just can't. And I remember the episode I believe he was with a teammate after a club. And I guess some guys the report was it was on the news at the Gaza might try to rob home. Rubin fosse are coming out of a nightclub and you just wonder. You know I'm not holding that against him but you just wonder of bad things. Sometimes they just have a knack to follow when some people and if we're steering it straight on in the face because if you wanna be naive to say you know what he's Jones he'll get past this. Man these are three or four things we can. Rollout right now. And this is his first offseason what happens in the future and the fact did you see a well thought and Smith Downey I'm telling you guys. I just think the organization would have a quick trigger in regard to like hey we're not going down this road we've seen enough. You seem Ray McDonald. Alden Smith. Yeah we've seen this before and he had this to say right here on 957 game. This scares me. I noticed or you're not marginally. About as well you know it Armageddon it got me out of any situation and you know I'm thankful for this oracle of but I think they're good always out there so yeah. And that's the thing football has gotten me out of many situations. And that is the problem and use sports all the way to college sports is yes. Guys are great player everybody knows it they wanna make sure he's successful he's got a scholarship to Alabama. If there's issues going on let's get this guy get through that we see and we see it all the time I and you get to the pros I am a different deal. Yeah and I didn't interpret it like that I interpreted as if he would say and you football's gotten me out of tough life or by. Where I've had some tough circumstances. I didn't necessarily read it as you know I've been a lot of trouble and football's. Junior way to weasel out of it maybe maybe I'm wrong but the when I first. You're right you're right it would it would this situation I heard and I went. The mentality is fought ball is always. Protected and helped me let's let's beat. Let's take you through the process so. Robert Foster goes to the facility and then clearly he's meet with John Lynch maybe even Jed York right. So. He didn't get cut today he's not getting cut tomorrow. I just think John Lynch. Said what I think 95%. Of the owners shouldn't NGOs would say. You really messed up this is a big problem. Would we can't we gotta now wait you're gonna be suspended. We got to think about what were gonna do is an organization if any thing so. You know you better keep your nose clean the rest of the offseason nor now we've really got problems you got problems anyway he really got problems if one more thing happens because. This isn't this really this second thing that happened on lynch is watch. But. The weed thing in Alabama. Is something in. You've got to take into consideration at least the severity of that compared with what happened on Sunday there's a big difference. No doubt about triple 89579578. 49ers fans how do you want this handled just you've seen this before as guru said you've lived it let's go to Tom in San Jose Tom you're on 957. Oh thanks. I think trying to you're actually wrong question and it according and you're thinking how do we keep this guy. And still look like before like like Gordon were. What difference of the last spattered all he had those guys. We got how do we keep Demps and and not we can't make any ultimatum like Hulu last chance sore or a mentor because how do we keep I don't know what are we what are we gonna do when it happens again and I'm not talking about domestic violence is talking about. Marijuana or someplace because if there's probably an addiction issue there and a guy young any. And that. And Derrek Lee are starting linebacker there's no way they're gonna they're gonna type the trilogy new crop or someone that I think is just. There's just no way they're gonna got a they want to because they want come out of this looking good and they want it even build him a little bit of room. Or whether it's driving change faster or something like that another domestic while staying. Dead men they might act that they might have been I don't know what they would do. The average starting linebacker bit. I hear something good I'll call EI it's it's. Yeah these things just don't go away. As what's gonna happen next whether the female all. Whoever this woman is who called 911. Girlfriend Fran whoever it is. Whether she's gonna if he's gonna get charged with a she's gonna play ball or not as if she does and then you don't have a case but the NF LG can still commenting go wait a minute. You've had XY and Z done this has happened. And I think they're gone thing is. It's you know it's so she's mad and so on the how he's gonna play ball whatever number is called she alerted the the police that there were rifles in the home and he seems so here's a thing he entered the league I as part of the substance abuse program I mean there because deluded sense because the delay we have found that I can correct any also had an altercation while he was the com I'd come by which is why he was sent home early for arguing with the hospital worker now we have the arrest an Alabama. And then this alleged and reported domestic violence incident. And then assault rifle allegations the list keeps growing and I think it is the rule in the NFL is if you add the domestic violence at six games. Right off the bat and then your second offense you're out. So if he does it again he I mean he's not playing football anymore. Question is with Dez Bryant. The woman never pressed right. You're correct and that's why he ended up fighting the lead. Because she said I shouldn't be suspended if the woman either recant later decided not to press but. He ended get suspended at the end of the day because the collective bargaining agreement is so in favor of good no right there Elliot he's out there and say hello. Ilya Dez Bryant on sorry there's Cantwell and had his own issues there right. Yeah fill gaps are about pathologist for the negative press. Z got six games and nobody went forward. The young lady who recanted everything and didn't wanna testified that's why Jerry was use and everything in his book. Hour to offset that has been told what how. Happens is like with Ray McDonald what should balance is I don't think they were married to their children together. The there is evidence. So the NFL can see and find out the evidence and even know lol the guy doesn't get charged. The NFL knows that. They should police showed up there's either markings on the woman are so they know that so that's where they can go on their own and do and I just think about John Lynch. I think about this draft let me think about how we were just praising John Lynch was a Friday we did the show this happened. Thursday or Friday you and I did yeah it was Friday Damon was out right Friday. Garage no press conference I think was sure isn't there a press conference on Wednesday so as of Wednesday where like. As we feel when Damon at that event I go to bed I was there saying yeah. So here we yard sign Arab oh my god John and the nice start to look at the draft and you wonder so he had two picks in the draft. Solid Thomas murky here at Stanford and who liked him at Stamford in his first year know anyone in. Kind that was the third pick in the draft and I'm looking here at and results of last year's draft 49ers trade up. With the Seahawks to get Ruben Foster says John Lynch isn't scared. About foster's off the field and medical concerns he traded up into the first round to get one of the best defenders in the draft. The 49ers are shaping their defense was some talk that nasty players. Great pick. We still seen as that. We see Reuben Foster as a. Great pick I'm confident in saying now. I'm I think the ball is rolling down the heel in this is just the start. Of bad things to happen. And with which already sticking his neck out on the line to draft this guy. I feel like that's part of the reason Downey did lynch won't come home because then he'll have to answer to circle back. Why do you want a limb already in so I think he's gonna give this guy non lies but I just think Jim and I keep our wanna sound like the Pope. I just think if you wanna send a message. And all that happened with the niners. And all the off field stuff. You would just the NFL world would be on its feet in probably applaud the niners if they were to get rid of this dude is at this juncture. What else do you need to see a. Murder I mean we got they got an assault weapon which I showed you come I didn't god. Okay he's beaten up his girlfriend allegedly. It was the. While that's scared that's also the AD were called out to do a welfare check which means that somebody had. She called the police because she feared for her situation they wanted to make sure everyone was okay without that help. Think if I think let's wait and see you always is when we hear about the assault weapons too because they never hear measured they'd better be registered California we like to gamble odds I do. If you had a bit of money right now daddy would you think those things are to understand how I got death or not yeah. I am I choose not to bell Canada back. Fact but that all of us all of it. Is gonna be looked at you have multiple offenses. That that business where this kids in trouble with the leak. We don't know the legal like whoever this woman is who called. And this is she's gonna play ball they're gonna charge and that's one thing. But the league has all of this information as you said gee what happened at the com bind the deluded. I year and I would hate it would save red flag insane and the Odyssey you were Dylan something that's a violation. You got being arrested. I mean you got the cops coming out your house of these guys are not me the league is gonna take all of this into account and you're the 49ers and you have to start thing again. This kind of changes he you have that you know have these huge expectations going into the season people really think the 49ers are going to be able to make Iran we're talking playoffs so you're gonna have to figure out OK this guy is not going to be here. L this is change how you draft does it change your free agency. And one of the NFL does command say OK you got all these offenses it's your gone for the year you're gone for half the season. That is a long time to be missing a guy you're going to be counting so heavily on. It is but I also think. Jed York. Asked almost take priority over John Lynch shares. Because lynch wasn't around for the previous regime Jed York was no we don't know how sick of at all Jed York got. I'm sure John Lynch is telling Jed York. All right this is bad let me you don't try to figure this out let's try to get this kid some help. We've got it we've got to. You obviously discipline him. You all that kind of thing but it generally just gonna wanna try to help the kid it's whether JU worker or not is gonna say I don't care. Enough is enough men enough is an absolute not so we'll say let's get a tray and loyal good afternoon drank. What I value I don't today. You know I think the reader why he hasn't been cut again and would score probably. Bringing. Issued and figure out what the are trying to pull one. Would you make it different from the right right situation if you go back ever bought forty cut right right right away. Hillary what ray Wright got connected that big Eagles are based actually it was keeping him around right now let Lee welcome beating okay. Because of England videotape yet you are. And that only let's keep it open ought to around and keep him still relevant provision okay. Footage on its ankle of actual guns yeah you're right though doesn't Pakistan discount each code under. So tonight at an organization they have the job alleged right now averaging yeah. You have to put content right now that the as far as later starting to drop ultimate deal what we look at and compare weight of great right now. Thank you for the call cost me what an assault rifle far. I mean that's. Prejean leg crazy weapon right now I'm not a gun expert but. What do you need an assault write what you know. Hit one of our top sales guy is here. Is a former San Francisco PD we're talking about earlier today and he says you know I understand there are people who are gun enthusiast. And there are people who take these types of guns and they'll go to the range and this is what they do it's their hobby they don't play golf they don't shoot guns. And it dance what some. Some people do. But he goes it's really scary when you have a young man like this is from a former San Francisco police officer and I say his name former and but. In jealous saying that's a scary when you're talking about someone with a lot of money. Young who is somebody who obviously. People are gonna eat their targets still. And the fact that he almost got robbed it the club or without the club and you have guns like this like you said there's a silence her on this thing I mean this is this is. This is not the kind of guy and you go honeymoon. There Scotty mentioned. Splits and I wonder if now Dayton organization has compassion forum because they didn't confide somebody around him. 24/7 coming into the lead and now they lifted this like maybe we sampled. It's possible I mean it's possible I just know that. Let's face it the guy is considered. An unbelievable. Talent. He's good he's the 49ers collegial Mac essentially. Only younger. So. We know how this is gonna go we just know it's good. Lynch she's gonna wait to see what happened. He's got to get this a player but he's not go anywhere he's not going anywhere at least not soon yet there's no zero tolerance policy right now. I guess I put on yeah it does. All right I see you're you're going but front of their eyes. Innards to deal with this situation this is somebody that this is a big investment we take somebody in the first round you've made the investment in this player. And your job in the end as a general manager's head coach and as an owner to win football games. That's how you're judged. And I knows as is sad as that may seem like this happens to one of the last word on her own death but this guy the players. You've got to have good players to win football games. And in the end the 49ers wanna get back to being in the class and being in the conversation. In a they've had they've had a tough time event a space that they haven't had a lot of good news. Rob Lowe was the first good news they had hat that was for late last week. Last week yet one of the press conference on Thursday intersect there so we work Sonny and I were on before warriors talking about it. Sand listen. Now let's talk about it's too hot. At Levi's hey you know let's talk about the parking no one's talking about how expensive. Owns complain about the C Liza you're fired up for drop below. This was finally some good news it was up finally a way an eight PR win for the 49ers. And then here we are not Denny days away on a Monday gone okay. Should view its itself if you see enough evidence what should the 49ers do that this player is still about when and football games. Or do you need did. We knew there was a problem once with the old roster annual old regime you want to play like that's not gonna happen anymore any real again. But in this guy's going down when Alando McLean street you tell me from being unfair with that and we saw how that how tragically that he indeed this is bad studied this is not just one incident this is like four already without discipline and what what are we talking 68 due to calculate Iraq didn't get nobody knows this that's got to be unsettling for the niners. How about yes. I mean this kid you're talking about an ice. I mean you've been arrested twice in 41 days in your first off season you have even been disciplined yet he's gonna get to a point. Signing that. He's going to be Seoul on Roger Goodell saying radar. And goes back Dalton Smith young people ask all the time in my body Doug Anderson is is Altman's agent Crabtree Marshawn Lynch. And. Almost done all does not coming back. This is old and can't stain. He's just mentally not healthy he just can't stay out of trouble you just can't and there's some people like this. And that's where you start to worry from the investment standpoint. Like OK let's say the girl doesn't play ball charges are dropped he's gonna get suspended for some than. But he does think it's going to be one more thing after this and where is your best don't want this guy. I hear yeah I mean I I I hear ya I think the 49ers would be banking on. I know what point does a person turn around his life. May be never maybe this isn't it so how do you ever really know how many chances you give a person. I don't know the answer to that I really don't I. I just think that John Lynch will probably. You very. Deliberate right now on what he does. I think you'll wait to gather as much information. As possible but it certainly looks bad. But I'm not I wouldn't be ready to tell they hit the bricks just yet let's slowness because read the 49ers doubled all the Smith. Even after he was suspended they said all were still gonna have somebody. With this guy even though he's not gonna be playing and because we care about him and everybody kind of snicker a little bit I wonder if you don't live shall try to go that way. And the thing that I didn't like about that especially when he was with the raiders. Was OK you're suspended you can't come to the building. Like how is that gonna be good. Good for a guy like this these campaigns McCain needs to be in the building he needs to have structure in his life he needs to have these coaches these coaches put their arms around him and help them by by just shoving and if someone's really dysfunctional. To send them away don't you can't be around here no one can talk to you I just I never understood how is how is that gonna help this young man get better. I totally agree with you I feel like he needed to good examples he needed the deer car in his life to kind of say hey. Let's stay on the right track let's make something happen you've got a lot of talent. British concert has a ton of talent that's why this discussion about him potentially just getting set suspension as slap on the wrist will probably happen. He's probably gonna just have doe probably gonna keep them because he's special he's a good player which is why there's exceptions like that in the NFL for good you go far. But what isn't seeing him. What is that telling him that it's okay do this to gauge your suspension over into the back on the film and the next time it happens. Another sixteen it will keep you mean since an entitlements. Let's go to Stephen Oakland good afternoon Steve. Greinke guide great topic and an important one. Other than the perfunctory he. If he was the 45 guy on the roster he'd have been waived by now but I. Because these are good player word and I do what we can and so there's no principle involved in the decision making. One observation I have here and I think it. I kind of interesting and worthy of discussion is that. You know people from the suburbs tend to say. You need to sit this guy down. And talk to. And you know read it and Wear it then and I'll let them people on the inner city like I am from. We all know who'll fight did. It never changes. They didn't keep going and it's that Doug leopard doesn't change his spots. If you're just going down the road to be inevitable. And the inundated don't turn it around Beijing could simply don't get it which one day and say. Almighty god man I got there religion. I'm dear friend to all gonna be good so you can either cut them now or cut them later. But it not cutting it changed. Well I think he Steve I. Yeah I agree. Sample it and dealing with a lot of Bill Parcells. Because of the two bills on tight about dollar check and you think back of everything he did to try and help Florence Taylor. He tried everything to keep Lawrence on the field to keep them honest patent arrow. And large is one of the great players of all time many jazz couldn't stay out of trouble will fight sells these hills to this day. Still to this day. Lawrence Taylor is still having his issues and insists you know and and from a football standpoint you don't want a bunch of choir boys you on the meanest nasty human beings on the planet playing on your defense. It's. You need to guy to be able when he leaves when he leaves the facility. To be able to turn it off with. I am a quote from draft night. I NS quote says a lot I don't know if the guy who's set will still feel the same why. 57 game presents the Bay Area sports hall of fame all star fly away experience. NBA all star game in Los Angeles roundtrip airfare hotels days and say gets to the all star game plus. You in three guests we'll get to play golf at the Olympic club's lake course lakers were they. Play the US open great course Betty Currie embers that are like. And I got the hot Diana and Australia also. You're gonna get to play the lake course and you get to have dinner with a hall of Famer ray. Fairy. Bidding starts Tuesday February 13. At 7 AM all proceeds go to the Bay Area sports hall of fame may shock. Held being at risk kids for more info visit 957. They game. Dot com. This car just. Asked them to help the wolf I mean so help me and just playing golf at the Olympic club hanging out and brick. And then nearly all star game suite. That is that scoreboard right there. Hurry back your phone calls a triple late 9579570. Let me take you back. Is this night because I will never forget this sit there my suit was linking Kennedy or the famous theaters the raiders draft. Really what we're pick in the 2017. L draft. The only real. Jerry yeah. Let me why that didn't sound Goosen and there the whole room it. Lots. You mean the kid that's frozen is no rape charges sets you continue. And Ruben Foster fell right to the raiders and they said no and then this. The San Francisco 49ers select. Ruben roster. That's thruster didn't comply. John Lynch had this to say on April 27 2017. I feel really good not only because we got a great player but because I think we're going to have a great plan for the young man both on. And off the field and we care about the kid. That was his quote about Ruben Foster. I mean we care about to keep gives them wiggle room when it gives them room to try to help. And what the problem and then see if they can somehow get over it mean. I think John Lynch is gonna frame this is what is away this is. What what's happened here is completely unacceptable. And beyond I mean you gotta be honest with the men's hockey Ruben Foster and I'm invested in U. And do this better real life changing event and if it isn't. And he got to get rid of them. But I don't think this is the end of it means the youth you look at all the Smith and he got more chances in this. Catches a year after the quarterback mountain that in Afghanistan until it was Donnie so now I'm thinking. Maybe the next guy doesn't get as many chances. Ray McDonald is a big part of your front he can't didn't chances. Here I know you look at our money espn.com. Here's the title forty niners Ruben Foster faces domestic violence. Assault weapon charges after. Geologists mentioned the go rock below signing and how it was euphoria. Champagne. The new nine or. You know regime. And I'm just I hope I'm not coming across as the guy that wants the niners to give up on the kid but there's no one man bigger than the franchise Gionta and us being in the Bay Area we know about the reports when it was just steam rolling with niners didn't busted for all kind of stuff I almost wanna see them stand up to be key it is send a message for the ones that are not on the team it will come like or don't and. I mean think about it we're all parents when your children do something bad. Multiple times each time they do it your Gunner ia school them a little bit more first is a warning and then it's timeout then you're gonna take something away that they love. Right I mean that's what I feel like they're dealing with here this is multiple things and when it will be right out of the gates when the kid went to the come by and there were issues. Prevent sponsor issues from the beginning and they knew that they still take a chance on him. He's on the team now arrested thirty days later 41 days later arrested again and it's far more serious we're talking domestic violence. And assault rifle allegations I'm looking at an article on Mercury news.com that. His girlfriend is alleged Jeanne and that he physically drag turn during an argument at their homes Sunday morning. I mean do you live there full time it doesn't say it's just that they've had as I hate caddie history they've been in a relationship or on an offer. Been involved with each other for several years. And a it was so much so that somebody called 911. And that he owned multiple semi automatic rifles. They recovered one firearm that's according to Mercury news dot coms so that it free heat situation that's very scary and as a woman I'm kind of like well what example are we setting. I mean I know the NFL has its own rules and as a society we're expecting entertainers. To get at their jobs when American you know cut their sexual assaults against them and they situations so why don't we have the same standards for. Every aspect of our society. Arrested two times 41 days. That's a bad luck. As a real bad luck I mean you just Crowley had this conversation with a Stein. Remember after that you know. I know for us in California Louise Gary upon what we did cares and using the idea that but still you had to have the. You had to bring him back. Paula talked it was agent you just had this conversation so when they had brought an end today. That's the second time in 41 days you've had to have this conversation. The problem with the we'd arrest. Even though it's not a big deal is it's now a bigger deal because of what has happened. But even as big a deal as it is it's still not as big a deal is what he did the other day on Sunday. So. I don't really know what I'm saying here but the other the other thing is we. We got to try and also remember I'm not listen I'm not. And the dog in this hunt I could I can see different things happened but there have been athletes that have overcome and overcome drug issues. And gone on to have productive careers. They hit rock bottom and they. They. They work on their problem I mean Chris Mullin is a guy now you have domestic violence issues I'm not equating the two at all. But knowing a little bit what I know I'll bet there's some relationship there between. Alcohol and drug use and violence. And so. You know maybe. I'll say is a 49 you're gonna try to. Help this kid. And you can be cynical about why but I think they're gonna they're gonna try to help them let's. Jack and Palo Alto Jack welcome to the game. Well all I did not Jackie and you know felt better today but what's got to tell me. I'm on the game a lot calmer retired military guy. If they don't voluntarily get ahead of us immediately by Valentine's Day. I'd come out with a statement that like I'm trying to prevent the death penalty from the NCAA. But 49ers care about this guy. We're gonna take the money into our way. He's not gonna play the first ten into the peace and not a voluntary thing we're going to be we're gonna get him from helped. If not in October this has got to be a death by a thousand cuts. You're gonna have hash tag 49ers need to you're going to have every organization. Nationwide. Saying why can't this organization police itself. They're going to be you rightly or wrongly referrals to cap and economic control them. Are what the 49ers get ahead of this guy. And I've had to Tiffany's better sports related in the Bay Area in the first round was if Barry Bonds would voluntarily retired one home run short of already game. You get all saying today. I'd get my capital legends I don't have the great fellow baseball. I had a tough career armor voluntarily get ahead of this thing. You know anger and the gang had a great run he would get a hall of fame today. The 49ers need to get ahead at I'd love to take your calls files there on hold doll listen wall you guys park district. Just keep driving just keep driving and I think. Yeah I don't agree that a lot I think bonds. Whether bonds retired at the Merrill when he retired I was going to be a whole different deal now but that her entire Jersey. That is very interesting normally it's like gag diets and all they ruler retired Jersey that we know that that they may never come. So the giants. In odds it's it's the right time for them from a standpoint of business wise you know someone will get a ton into today put. In now after losing 98 games in you've had the worst record in baseball since the all star break last year that's not what we call a small sample size. You're hoping to be duty hoping and a fan fest everybody was talking about this team's gonna change is not who they are good. Bring him bury around retired his Jersey jewels to give people lot of good feelings around the Sampras is energized because. Giants fans remember quite as great as those three World Series were. Was there any more exciting when Barry Bonds and home runs so there was nothing like it was not send like it I covered it I lived it it was un believable. This guy turned into Superman. And would get one pitching that bad in deposited into China basin. It was crazy. I mean. If you wonder what it was like to watch Babe Ruth play this was what it was like. We're right. I mean the most feared guy in the history of the game was Babe Ruth and all the Sunnis are look at the numbers and how comparable numbers were when you start looking in on base and certainly a slugging you start looking at home runs you look at the dominance mean Barry Bonds. Super various I like to column was the greatest baseball player we have ever seen there's just nobody just look at the numbers you just cannot compare to anybody. Just get back at last caller I do think he's on to something though if John Lynch right now if if you do the math or whatever in your head you're thinking we could get six games he may get another two for the marijuana whatever. Why don't we just hit them right now with a team suspension of ten games. And more comfortable that that's gonna be more than the league is gonna give them. And so will be seen as giving a harsher punishment then the league in other than the league comes down gives an eight games. But the 49ers make it to hand so they can save face spice and what we've actually. Kept him out of our line up for longer nets so. That might be a place to start and then and I guess who pride in the next 810 months is try to help the guy. We're having Andrew Brandt on from the athletic and he knows all about the front office in the CBA I'm not sure. If what you're talking about can actually be done. Any team actually go out and suspend a guy I'm sure they can but I don't know the CBH.