DB Show - 1 - Slusser's A's article, Alex Pavlovic, CP3 recruiting LeBron

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Tuesday, June 19th
Damon previews today's terrific Tuesday show, discusses the very interesting article Susan Slusser wrote for the SF Chronicle yesterday on the future of Billy Beane, David Forst, and Bob Melvin with the A's, is joined by Giants insider for NBC Sports Bay Area on the worst loss of the Giants season last night, Alex Pavlovic, and DB kind of WANTS LeBron to answer CP3's call to Houston. 

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Welcome welcome what an interesting Tuesday we woke up to today he is very. Very interesting opening day part to her album. Bay Area Major League Baseball. I would call an off day for the ace but they are right in headlines things away slots bomb. Susan saucer dropped a bomb. I'm got us thinking about a future for the Oakland days that really we had men thinking about it all because there are certain things round here that are just cannon. And she is going to. Shake things up with the article that is certainly worthy of our attention today last night it was a rough loss for the giants to the Marlins they lose to the Miami Marlins again. Hunter Strickland brings his gas came. To go home stand as they opened up with his fourth blown save in eighteen chances I could see on Twitter last night. Off chides Janzen had a not happy with hunter Strickland at all. I gotta tell you there's a part of me that likes the guy I can even explain it TI don't even love what he does is a picture all the time but I think you almost need that. Got hot head make up to be an effective closer I mean some guys can go ahead and kill eel like in a trance other guy's gonna get all worked up to do it. That guy's a premium hot head. You know we've been talking about a baseball needs to allow itself to have a little bit more fun what bum burner hot Ted Strickland hot head. Wrote TV and excited that he's getting hits off you guys doesn't sound like something that should upset you as bad as it does but it did and giants got a loss. Another one. Against the Miami Marlins. A's are going to be down in San Diego tonight Paul Blackburn gonna try to lower that ERA under eleven he's going against rookie Eric flower. Blackburn just got back from the sixty day DL obviously got smacked around by Houston that was not a good go. So you'll hopefully get things back going tonight. Pointing in the right direction anyways. We got a Tuesday trifecta but I know you're gonna love that we're gonna have three wood 530 today Alex pebble bitch joining us to talk about what went down and AT&T park at 330. Our friend Tony Bruno comes up at 4 o'clock today we're gonna have five before 54 you around 445 Tuesday trifecta at 530. Slots bomb. So lost bomb today 6 o'clock and an awful lot of discussion. About her article until she gets year. Because it is a very very interesting thing even ponder to the point where I can tell yet. We haven't done much of it. What would life look like for the eighties. If they seriously turn the page. From not just Billy being possibly Bob Melvin. Maybe even David forced who feels like he falls up the latter not off the latter. Would everything that Susan had to tell us anyways but this is a eight an interesting situation that we're really you know we haven't thought about it. But here's something we haven't thought about what is wore your life get a look like. After a step curry wanna think about that what sort of think about that it's so long ways away. There's no reason to think about that. It is then preprogrammed that there is no reason really think about life after Billy beam because he's so much of a give him like. How can you have an eighties baseball game without Billy Beane. As as much as you get have eighties baseball games about the colors green and gold like doesn't it kind of come with the territory. But there are signs. You know contractual. Obligations. Contractual. Not even obligations. Gionta I'm gonna call it a contractual. Normality. It is it contractual normality. That in the final year of your deal that you would be approached. Before the final day of the final year of your deal for an extension and you go back and you look at. The behavior of the eighties with Melvin with Billy Beane. All deals that have extended them out to 2018. Got agreed to in my 20162013. Going back in time you know multiple year extensions. These guys are in the last year of their deals. And there is no traction. There is no sign of an extension coming. Is John Fisher. About to shake things up. I really don't know what to tell you about John Fisher other then I think he is now. The proud owner of the moniker worst owner in Bay Area sports. Worst owner in Bay Area sports guy who. Might have fit that bill. While he's about to go be the worst owner in Las Vegas sports right. So I'm not worried about him anymore John Fisher. Vista is on you. What kind of money do you wanna spend. What kind of investment do you wanna make in your French guys. I find it pretty curious. To see this article today. Not bad opening day part two electric blue when the current. We declared yesterday opening day parred two and look at this we got a blown save and AT&T park and possibly a blown up structure of eighties. Power players. Now a lot of this is speculation obviously a lot of it is looking at the tea leaves a lot of it is adding up what we could only count and tribute to. Circumstantial evidence and circumstantial evidence is enough to get to convicted and it shouldn't be because here's the deal. There is just as much of a chance although it feels abnormal. That every single one of these guys would get an extension at the end of the year there's going to be no turnover whatsoever. Put votes. Don't living item grungy about the business of the Oakland days is it'll always be a little Cokie. Right snappy norm business team. They don't do things the old fashioned way. Well I changes at the Hayes are trying to make. Basically rebuild it seems interesting that they would even consider making these kind of big changes when they're you know being enforced and our very big part of that. Right there is a rebirth of new blood on the field. You go further up to their brand new facilities and headquarters which Susan Saturn now look more like a tech firm that it does a baseball operation in the days. The easily worth the definition of baseball mom and pop operation in terms of size of staff. Reach of staff so on and so forth it was a very small group you could fit the a's brass around. A tiny table you know other brass. You needed a conference room to have an all hands on deck meeting. You need 8888. Table for twelve you know for the days basically now they've hired fifty. Brand new marketing box one where the other and all sorts of different things in. Branches in need to have operating to run a baseball team. What's really weird to me is that the eighties when mountain built themselves. Media. The ground built themselves a brand new headquarters. Right before you'd assume they were about to build themselves a brand new. Ballpark like why wouldn't you want your new headquarters to be in your new ballpark feels little weird to me. But again feel a little weird to me. Is the only feel and I've had about the a's three years it's weird. So we're gonna go ahead we're gonna talk about this sort of talk about how if these days really did. Sweet guys out of Oakland could they be swept just across the Bay Bridge. How many. Could possibly lead and in San Francisco Bob Melvin seems to be first on the list. Billy Beane has an aspect of ownership which means any transaction. Between. And leading the ease in taking another job in Major League Baseball. Would be a really convoluted. Odd practice that the commissioner will probably have to get involved wit and did did did. This is just weird. This is just not hunt. And it doesn't come out of nowhere. It's sort of dies. Now maybe it doesn't feel like an out of nowhere topic to Susan she's been sitting on this for a while thinking about it what connect contracts now contract been handed out the past. Now contracts are not being handed out right now she connects the dots and thanks but an interesting column right. And indeed it was really really interest and will be talking about that would you today. We're talking baseball we're talking about how Joseph couple was in studio yesterday. And I mean this in the best possible way if you think about it he is the modern George Steinbrenner. Of the West Coast in the NBA. Not the meddling cantankerous George Steinbrenner. Who was parodied in Steinfeld the very end phenomenon and now not bad not bad George the best of George Steinbrenner. The wants to win it all cost damn the torpedoes did and the budgets. And there's an insatiable desire to be number one year after year after year of two years there's no satisfaction. I like that about him. The fact they got scared so much in game seven. Of the Western Conference finals Lincoln himself got scared so much. Is part of the reason. We are going over to the facility. On Thursday because it's NBA draft day and what better way to cover the NBA draft from. Ground zero warriors headquarters were gonna be over there on Thursday looking forward to that. We'll be off the air long before they make their pick but will be poking around and seeing what information we get. What inferences we can sort of reach about where the warriors will go with the 28 overall pick. In the NBA draft coming up on Thursday we got a great show for you today lines are open eight at 89579570. Look the bottom of the hour. What happened at AT&T park last night Alex Pavel bitch and certainly what's going on with the Oakland a's. And there are front office what might the future look like in a post Billy dean world. How he didn't even show on Monday he's 57 McCain. I think you're blisters on time on all and I say you know. I've been asking the people who should be asked about what planner contract from the consulate yet doctors gave apple has a lot of other people. The fact that they have not been in Iraq and and it's we're here in late June of 2018. That you know at some point at but I'm crisis because it's starting to get you crunch time. What I hope is that John picture looks that good at it he. Clearly calling out chop it states particularly what they you know now we will could go on then they cattle focused really pretty much primarily on the pop art. He'd keep if you want to keep these guys you need to get it but Gary and do it you should have done by now but if you want to keep them. It's gonna have to do something fairly soon. Susan slot search just drop in the truth about how John Fisher needs to. Sort of get on the horse. And ride it to Oakland if he wants to keep what is his power structure. Alive and well and thriving and the examples that she has that these guys may not be in the future plans of the Oakland phases. Is simply this. Billy Beane. In 2005. He signed the contract extension through 2012. And then on June 13 2007. He signed the contract extension that extend that 2012. Extension out of 2014. On February 7 2012. Another extension. To push him out to 2019. And that's where it's and that's worked and on January 14 2013 that's when Bob Melvin got extended through 2016. In 2015. He was extended through 2018. There is a pattern of anyone who is in V. You're going to be in the mix for several years here getting a your going to be in the mix for several years here. Contract several years before they would be ready to hit the block is like a free agent. We all know the a's are terrible keeping free agents the guy here on the Penske auto sales doc contacts on says Damon. Are you saying that John Fisher is the worst owner based on something that hasn't happened. When I think of the phrase hasn't happened I can't think of a phrase that better defines a's ownership. Hasn't happened. Sums them up very well look. I don't know John Fisher I've never met John Fisher. I can tell you that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and doesn't seem to be motivated. In the waste say Angel lake of clearly is motivated to beat the owner of greatness on a daily basis. Joseph lake it has an insatiable desire to be number one. If it appears that there is zero desire to become number one. Emanating from the office of eighties owner John Fisher. I feel like every single baseball. Owner. Is never allowed to complain about how much it cost on a baseball team that's just my setting it's not the setting for the world that's my setting. It don't tell me. About the pride of yacht ownership. If you're gonna bitch and moan about the price of the slip. Don't tell me what you either got the money to do this or you don't if you don't get out of the realm sell the team. To someone who's got the money to do this. Not to drove me nuts about you know the whole raider thing Hillary kept the raiders in the Bay Area. Mark Davis selling the team. Doubt it to the raiders in the Bay Area wouldn't you rather have. The raiders in the Bay Area and Mark Davis as the owner of the raiders like who cares. Was all about the death of the dads gone. And now they are and now they are. John Fisher is derelict of duty. I mean there's just no other way to say that's not it out and I'm not crucify the guy we're talking about just the facts of the matter as an owner he is derelict of duty he is not reinvested to the point where his payroll. Is something that is becoming of a normal operational Major League team he has. A stadium that is among the worst not just in his sport but in all sports on the globe. And there is no action. It ever makes you really think well we're on the precipice again this rights is gonna take another two meetings and spam and should all come together. It doesn't feel like today the eighties or any closer to being a viable. Daily Major League impact player in the Bay Area today than they were seventeen years ago when they needed all these problems originally. Yeah I mean it's like come out. Are you ever gonna learn how to walking around we'd love you too. Just imagine the days without Billy dean. I mean it's like imagining the giants without Breaux spoke she. It's hard to do. Well that day come eventually yes. I don't think anyone's been thinking better prepared for it yet. We're gonna talk about how the giants are very much sitting in the same situation. Brian savient Bobby Evans. Bruce boat she. Got to get filed under what have you done for me lately three World Series very impressive last one was four years ago. That means whatever house money in house credit you can add we're getting to it that were written we're starting to ask where will get. We seriously wanted to open another marker for you guys. Like at some point the bill for room service shows up. Eight at 89579570. Alex Pebble Beach coming up in about five minutes from right now this is Lional. Why don't Fremont what's up. I have gone. Zinc. A good show. Yeah I mean. I'll talk about. Been. Any in mark David. You don't like Christmas the basis. But and I mean. This year. And it and then you're you're right on with the ownership of air you actually get what we don't want a number there I mean yeah the I don't and it again. Mark Buehrle and being out. Hey look when you know Greg edit in a year ago our parents about apart and out though it did it did it or ought. Market Romeo I mean it and act grew. Up in the air I don't leave racket it would it. And more likely that are now apparently Colin maybe it's the diets we're gonna do. The big implosion which they stayed at not gonna do maybe that's what you I don't mind in Albany. Are there and that arm you know of arms and from what we ya and it. Back in more of them now. I don't know vote. You know out bombs in it fat. How about how about this final or. Like the look what do you think Bob Melvin might one as is pitching coach Curt Young we're seeing these days. Exactly exactly it fit more from now and it quits but it's there at all that they do like a page. I mean overall. It is it's it's another story within it. Which may think like you know I mean it. And it is. That in order bat bat and quietly let it's that it's set up but it it would it'd all in the band that Goldman and other David. Thank you line all appreciate it thank you very much for the call I got Stephen Oakland one to talk Billy being. Steve Litman it putts. And I I hope you'll give me just the little latitude. On this call are gonna pay any yours since you were at nighttime I'm in New York. And I made huge banner of yours and I know there are rated him the colts. But this one is big for me. Bailey being. And I'd decade long. Ordered that in land owners. It's twenty years as general manager won the grand Ole all of one point out here. This spirit to lock it in a way and it just. Went eight beyond anything you could ever meant to point number two. I check in you. Name and room. Who is one of the most and it's in sports and hurt her my idol right. Like Dick. And who gave Billy Beane will be seen wrap. Or absolute. Popped pretty. Dirt. They didn't care not to wrap hitter. Who's eight. I. Viewed it we don't eat cake that I am one night with a beer in hand. And watch and just look at all the crap and you'll see know all our. Own name player. Yeah Steve I see by I hear you and in a show me what you have done in terms of winning a title. Billy Beane hasn't done much. But Billy Bean's never Ben and I'm real position to do much and there was a point in time. Where Billy Beane was the best at bat you had as a franchise and his creativity. To manipulate. His payroll or lack thereof is the only thing that prevented you from being the bad news bears a Major League Baseball. And like I I I think it deserves a little bit more credit but in the terms of a pay results show me the results. Your call speaks loud and clear Steve it really does but I think it's that that Billy's always had his hands tied. By an ownership that is more married to the idea of being a sheep ownership than a championship owner of ownership outfit. Steve I appreciate your call was outstanding you hit the tone the rhythm everything that you're going for you buttered up to the host in fine fashion. So could this mean more that Billy Beane is set up. I don't know I I don't know it's Billy Beane sped up with the situation. The situation set up with Billy Bean's. I don't know it's very very odd I tell you what what's really interesting about the Susan saucer column. Is how it really links both baseball teams on both sides of the Bay Bridge to each other which means the giants are a little bit of her column. The giants certainly were all over. Basically every column you get from Alex Pavel did choose good enough to join us to talk about all of this that happened last night. Yeah. I'm gonna ask progression the little boy let's. It's kind of said it just looks in the can you write more performance and handling this. And you think you're okay job he's done there's no reason. Definitely shown he's really. Pitched well and the numbers showed that in a the only fairly typical of pitching coach and I'm sure. You know you have studio on these guys especially when you do a great job and William Shatner in the morning yeah. Senator like to matchup. And discarded on the right field line. Come into smooth that's unacceptable it's worth one up there and did an extra job to help Sammy came and picked him muffin he obviously let them. So closers don't trend on Twitter when they get the job done right. So hunter Strickland trending on Twitter which means something went wrong in that inning last night where he took the ball. We got hot heads involved we get another win for the Miami Marlins involved against the giants and Alex Pavel bitch giants insider for NBC sports Bay Area. Is here to talk about at all and I appreciate the honesty from Alex who even tweeted last night like I. I don't recognize this team at times I really don't understand what I'm covering. Is this a team that is over achieving in spite of itself are they under achieving because themselves it's just a weird season. Of odd 500 baseball from this giants team so far Alex thank you for joining us how you doing this morning to take two Tylenol and sleep well. How I didn't agree with that freer recap there. Do it all right and do much better but it. So. I don't think hunter Strickland to bad closer yeah. For a loan opportunities and eighteen saves is not the best conversion rate I've ever heard of it's nowhere near the worst disguise not Armond oh Benitez. But he's a little bit of a hot head we've seen him blow up we see him get an on field arguments and it feels like a lot of giants fans are reaching their patients with Connor Strickland. Although bruised vote she is not. Yeah I think he's on the door rollout Brandon you took that are already kind of an awful because of what topic you don't porky and it would happen last year approach our current audit that they're at it forget it ever wee bit. He's a reliable reliever I think that you do look it up there today and you look at our reputed to forgo what you are. Entering and I'd been a lot better yet it's fortunate that opportunity to say that the error. Well it really that big I think yet it's well but he's not gonna get the benefit of the doubt it it would be go to other ditched the weight it great. And then try to make desperate group that I can add onto it with. With what you did with Brit and I just think it you know it it just kind of bring back a lot of feeling for people. And that that's why as you said Ian that trending pretty IR Twitter Google which either quick carpet because that I think you are deterrent here and there are pretty quick turnaround closer than. And especially with with the guys that had the they issued that yet had a really yours. Alex I think one of the problems would Major League Baseball is that major leaguers take themselves way too seriously. And they police. On field enthusiasm. And an overprotective. Away and it's always the hot heads involved in Louis Branson is is is a rookie. And if I got a game winning hit or a big hit off of either. No hundred Strickland I get excited about that if I. If I got a big hit off of Madison bombard our I'd be a little bit of excited about that I don't know maybe you can tell me that prince and has a reputation the major leaguers field they need to keep in check. But to me this looks like giants losing their cool more than it does bring send over celebrating. Yeah so let's recap what was written he's a rookie I think is probably Tony you were only three. You can be one that any kind of the time that might be the big that it required for all Largo. And that he had that started with a 95 proper route that it had. That could have in the dirt so he goes out there it is excited not to buy up the moment but I think. About the fact that Strickland to repair job but it added he got it back. Right yeah that's that's winning an at bat as much as possible hate. And embarrass it you know. I haven't talked of suitable wars or the warrior spirit at a farm that curry that sparked it love it I think. If you're Marlon Trent Lott right EU law that UT beat the young rookie but I hated it and you can retrieve about what he might beat Carmen and the fact that. Big game to keep that we need to get him and where you do it I don't have a problem. You have circled get up bad it's a certain way it is if you. Response Ortiz at thirty was waiting for the media we got an air but the fact that the player you thought after. Other 200 so credit and we we we watched Sergio Romo here for decades you're not after Gingrich circa. And these guys were in the dugout lot bright yellow brick road or eBay and it makes you that we see incredible epic but in the book pitchers Stewart and they. Get upset when hitters react I've never understood it I think. They're kind of you know it's bad for the future of the game and in terms of Eric keeping guys down a little bit I don't think that the next generation parent. Want to be watching will look the last generation of Austria I think they want excitement they think they're trying to are what are the right way. And Britain what that would then return younger it was a really bad. Well set Alex tablets I totally agree with you and I really do think that baseball needs to get out of it sold. You know angry old man shaking fists the crowd mode it really does end and it's preventing. In interest in the game with a new generation. Of kids who really aren't here first strict discipline and unwritten rules as much as they are a little fun. A little fun of their sports. And what's Reza one other thing and in it's it's not there to do that jelly out of that. We won't retreat one of the very few African American players in baseball and somebody that they so great. It's like that they should be you know promoting two bit or two before baseball strike direct an I just think it's you know that the fact that. We do the supplied players do that they did have wherein and that it gets. He was peppered with. With our other teams around the game and introduced Arabic speaker voting every part of the game and and a lot of times spiritual authority. Not baseball really gets it wrong so many times. When it looks at unity unity unity you don't know more about pace of play what do you worry about pace of cool you're really falling behind that based. Major League Baseball our pal Alex several Pavel veteran NBC sports Bay Area. What's the latest on some Marge what's the latest on quite a. They're about to blow us to market advocates on Thursday for sacramental I think you'll probably hear five days after that they. The reports after the last darker than that template for the first part of really all your help he would. And then hopefully at the guys that can give them an important thing happen vice president Al equated with the kind that. Well you're I mean you look at circled its 34 harder than that that's just 34 aren't that big Tony Watson the 33 Marat says that thirty something. So it it is a problem for these guys go forward because of the fact they're just not getting. 67 inning that other starters at all it and that's been an issue in a way to get the pit somewhat so hearing those two guys expected and the marker. Even if he he can't try to duplicate what muted last year and turn Erica walks the getting back their gold seven indicated regard is that going to be huge couldn't go. Alex Susan's luster dropped a little bit of a bomb looking at what might be the next chapter for the Oakland days and she tied it into. Obviously the giants on the other side of the bay bridge and how contractual situation sort of mirror each other we got a lot of guys in the lame duck contracts. What would the giants look like in a post. Boat sheet post CD in post Bobby Evans error if they worded turn a page that radically. Would Bob Melvin. Obviously Billy Beane who you know actually working with a war chest of money in a budget that's like a Major League budget for the first time. Is awfully thought provoking. You know I'd. I can't really particular ethnic estate you make that movie eventually there Hewitt. What people have done around the league and some of the big money team that they put Chicago normal apparently is there. I think the move it to go a more open and get a right big speculative or debit force might be that guy every year it's certainly in rebel I think. They would probably go somewhere like they're cute they're like the Chicago. Find somebody who if you food and Qian a more or maybe did you ever baker president of it's our operation. And let him do it frequent that let him do that he that are. And what Jeff we know with better at Houston and and just what book Garrett. Rebuilt all baseball ops department and think. Going to propagate to meet them make a whole lot of sense and for all that they'll get it years ago army and their track record recently is that much in America and other game. Without resources that have done pretty well I think if dejected make a move and and it you know maybe it'll be talking about October developer. It's probably agreed to start scratching go right start and let him take over. Giants' starting a very important portion of their season they're finally home after being road warriors in the first. Third of their year here an awful lot of home games coming up and the homestand meg not a gotten off on the right note due to Strickland last night but they started introducing their first pick Joey Barton be perfectly named Joey Barton. This first dude that the giants have never really put impose these rear view mirror kind of interest or Earth Day this guy's just a hitter of course they took them. It is kind of adjustment because that in both certified long term and that you are. We're talking candidate to vote forties so. If this candidate and I've looked at reed remembered you pick guys took about a call it two at the pedigree he didn't at the very culture editor. And they can be here than next year right we the year after a year perhaps though you're talking potentially. Did the idea ready arriving back September. And they're nowhere near baker met with buster despite that nagging injuries here and there is that a pretty good job well. Stay on the field defensively he's it's still. That the topic that gave him I think you know the power are probably gonna conservative. Its future that will with our a year ago it was probably garments are on but you bill good hitters so there are battered and a lot of that stretches belief that. It's fast break they are at Joseph yesterday. What kind of experience she has. Playing elsewhere are because he had a big kid and somebody that you could. Imagine maybe putting your first little bit maybe putting a left. Are you ready you really look good at oral acute eleven or twelve or is it Ehrlich spoke about urban gorilla go down there. Hopefully it's way out but it can be fascinating. If he has what they think he has speakers at W well before or are tracked there. Whether it would bring him off of cancer will be built to the outfield or whether this trader. Where there look at splitting are virtually at the park the moral circuit at the big there's. Could this kid named Bart. Put buster on the block cheap easy to talk talk about future and things we don't think I mean I'm not read. The Arthur Libya I don't think but several new but I do think. Maybe eventually broke the person and try to figure out what to do with spell if that's become total rebuild but it is going to be. You know it editors think they're bigger they're not like it out there re portable but left fielder. And maybe where children put apartment either you better go out there though it's going to be a decision to make. Here's a harsh way to end the interview when we got to run Hunter Pence washed Yasser now. The numbers you know I think speaks for the and so you're zero Oman to Tokyo around 450. But I do think you mentioned that hopes they have a report that a for the team right I think. That to the old stand for some better that that is really important for that attempt to keep their job they appear here. If they keep playing poorly and it'll take the fact that they've eight point six. And hold 123 of 29 in the Bay Area coming up. Their ethnic groups are going to be in desperation whether it's going Europe Europe Europe later or something opened the north we are prepared you'll get off trajectory of Cory here and I think it's probably our. Though it is a very important couple weeks of the. It's been awhile since we tortillas is a spicy one thank you very much Alex our record. Alex babble that you're on 9570 game when we come on backward to get out of baseball and take heed the NBA would the story is that right now Chris Paul is recruiting LeBron James to Houston. More than he's addressing his own free agency a little while Joseph bomb to talk about next. Now back to redeem include John. 57 big game. So again the NBA it's never too far away we got an NBA draft coming up on Thursday. We are just an NBA parade on Tuesday and we always good golf from today. Things move fast things move very fast what I remember most about last draft day other than. The warriors buying in in getting Jordan bell when I remember most is we got to the facility last year. And there was Kevin Durant fresh off his first championship full out there working out by himself in that gym and I just thought. Are right repeat my debt write that down that's why we UN write that down that could be something to consider. Here's some of you to consider we got Tony Bruno coming up at 4 o'clock this is something that. Our pal nick right. And wrong does not want to consider. Because all he would have to turn his back. On his personal hero LeBron James. Did LeBron James did exactly. What Kevin Durant basically did. There is a story right now Chris Paul is recruiting LeBron James to Houston and it's more. Oh priority. For Chris Paul than his own free agency. While Joseph bomb. We got a load Joseph bomb. Paul will return to Houston but right now. His focus isn't so much on his own free agency he's trying to look recruit LeBron James to Houston. James can opt out of his contract this summer the lakers are the odds on favorite right now the rockets are coming and an 821 that's only the fifth best odds believe it or not and it's probably because. How good they were. And the way that Kevin Durant got burned. To the state. For joining a team that had just lost in the Western Conference finals. The speculation for LeBron James according to Vegas odds. Lakers sixers cavs Celtics. All have better odds than signing. LeBron James in the Houston Rockets do. There's part of me that wants this to happen for two reasons. Number one. Like. I'm totally ready for the warriors to just accept all challenges like all challengers. Step forward. Trial by combat Golden State Warriors LeBron James. He can go attach himself to the single best team the single best team that they think they can attach LeBron James to them like bring it. The ring it for real Harlem Globetrotters vs Golden State Warriors bill. Given to me. Make it as hard as possible Megan is big challenge for them decline in if they passes that too well then everybody can shut up. I'd love to see it I'd really love to see it at Houston team that was really really good basketball team you put LeBron James on that team. Let's do that. But he's having a confidence in the lawyers that they can handle I told John Ryder dye your writer and it's true. The man LeBron James that was a test series against Iraq it as it was. Com. And that's it and I am. Gonna vote against the lawyers but it would certainly. Not. It certainly think about it pig we got ourselves series and we got ourselves a series on paper ball iPad that would sound pretty darn interesting. The other part of me to wanted to happen just wants it to happen to see Micky nick right. Eat every single word of criticism he's ever directed towards Kevin Doran. When it starts applying to his personal hero LeBron jets. If that happened. I mean seriously what what would nick writes. Show look like debt morning would you just be hugging a trash can and vomiting into it for three solid hours. Like Chris Carter did all the talking that day because there's nick right. After you get into a black get. Another look just say. But heroes that all. Of the great. I'd love to see my friend actually have a nervous breakdown on live television. A tape that is the ticket. By the way speaking taped episodes set that DDR two nights it's Bill Simmons courtside at the NBA finals. Yet. I I don't know what time it is but I'm guessing night right 9 o'clock our time. Not yet 9 o'clock sweet. In your voice that again. I'm interested because. I am part of the teaser trailer a debate that days to come on the very first part of it is in perfect here it is. Yeah. You've got the single greatest collection of talent on one side. You've got the greatest in. Yeah. I hit. A tube in I'm gonna get paid for the kick stand like odd check please. Big daddy got remodel the kitchen by the now among. Hey let gag. I'll just take the simmons' interview about that. But I'm pretty interested. Seeing this up. Now oh a week away removed from the parade let's see how it looks through the eyes of HBO when there. Just cracker Jack documentary crew a to do the best in every. HBO sports does some of the best work in the realm. Of sports documentaries. Two really good stuff. I'll look forward to tonight. Really really looking forward to tonight what do they got to spend basically salt it's an hourlong show what I got to spend 55 minutes on game one and then the other. Five minutes or like all by the way and in the slot the. Is that it feels like that pretty much be a good way to. So mop. What just happened look very hard to tell a story regarding the ending to sell. It there's no drama a good job with that you typically there's no drama to sell we don't know how it ends. It. 8889579570. Is the number our pal Tony Bruno is going to be joining us in just a little bit. Marlins giants tonight at AT&T park did in Australia but that fertile Powell. Against Derek Rodriguez. Apologies kid giants are one and four. Against the Marlins this season the eighties at the Padres tonight Acer 36 and 36. Paul Blackburn going against rookie Eric last hour tonight Blackburn. He just came back from the sixty day DL he got smacked around by Houston eight runs eight hits two walks and an ending in the third it was ugly to twice ERA is over eleven. So the a's basically they they can't win games in the American League west let's see they can win a game in the National League west. By the way this is a yacht. Change your underpants homestand for the Padres to change underpants on sand is Deanna what it's a homestand where you'll anti change underpants. So let's change underpants on stand for the Padres they just got back from a ten game road trip. They host the a's for two games. Two nights in your own bed ginger underpants that in. And the go out for a seven game road trip. That's a quick turnaround. Time for rubio is fish taco you change your underpants to play the a's and back to the airport. Reviews that. Thank you try to work locally very good thank you thank you. It is good fished out. Very interesting article about the possible. And although Billy being era a possible end of O'Brien CB an era how they're two were connected today. Susan saucer with a real real interest and real interests that. Column and we're gonna have Susan join us at 6 o'clock to talk about with so we have all we got the won't bomb. Well Joseph Hager in Georgia now asking the crew DR Chris Paul recruiting LeBron James more importance on free agency we got what bomb. We also adding slots bomb. About the Oakland a's and their ownership and how could all fall apart due to contractual obligations which come to a close. Soon. I've been hearing what verse for a long time on all of and I you know. I've been asking the people who should be asked about what planner contracts can be tackled it yet activate capital at tackle a lot of other people that fact that they have not been in the offing. And it's where you're in late June of 2018. That but you know at some point but I'm afraid that because that's starting to get to crunch time. What I hope is that John picture looks that good at it he. Clearly Colin not a chop these states particularly with they you know now we will have gone and they've cattle focused really pretty much primarily on the pop art. ET if you want to keep these and he needs to get it but Aron and do it you should have done by now but if you want to keep them is gonna have to do something fairly soon. Terry go John Fisher you know do something fairly two very soon I mean we got big big ball mines who have shaped your present your future. Who were all looking at the end of their contracts. Pretty interesting stuff from Susan we'll have more on that again she joins us. At 6 o'clock tonight ahead a's baseball Acer at the pot trays are you ready are you ready for a sultry station ID.