DB Show - 1 - Richard Sherman a 49er, John Clayton

The Damon Bruce Show
Monday, March 12th

Damon reacts to Richard Sherman signing a 3-year deal with the 49ers, and is joined by The Professor, ESPN's NFL analyst, John Clayton. 


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Tons of bandits for everything your business does every day and an affordable price it's a small business owners dream yeah. Now I'm dreaming gig. Ruined ruined yeah Comcast is building the largest deep speed network in the country now more small businesses in more places can dream game. Comcast business and open for business. Visit dream Digg.com to learn more. Restrictions. May not be available only earns actual speed to carry him or not guaranteed. This is can the agreement. In your tune into 957. For the game. Here in Arizona that size preview is by the Genesis the fun of by the way coming up in just a couple of minutes on our flanks of station in the afternoon programming provided by. Damon Bruce on our flagship and then perspective. Drive time programming along the O lines of his radio network Kendall grave and we'll start to be is his surprise against Kansas City tomorrow. So the projected opening bid pitcher for the is that will be the first of three stories agreement. We'll have weaving into opening day it is or off on Wednesday. Then Thursday night that's telecast with the Glen and ray is in the Mariners a 705 PM. But here and hold him with is it puck getting the start he's been excited to now been limited this point released a realistic chance to. Open the season with the big club and then on Friday he is hosting the Indians with the annual meeting dinner at Mickey was stirred. Inactive for the is Paul Washburn will back up puck in the Thursday night game and in your trip scheduled. To pitch out of the bullpen on Friday our next broadcast will be on Saturday. When he is meet the Mariners right here and 105. And between now and then Donnie Barnes says the webcasting. And mlb.com. The is in the Mariners on Saturday to a thirty for the previous 1245. Ray has the warm up that's when news network joins our broadcasting in the first pitch if one. Whole fun again from the cactus league the giants beat the days by the final of 65 and that's arrays post game wrap up fourth today. These rap. Played here. Played the best. Joel concert live from. The San Francisco's skyline. It was all right. Is going to be when viewing a one day show at the time we have left until 7 PM tonight. It is good to be with the U have been dying to talk to you since this weekend came and went with the big news that Richard Sherman. It's been added to the 49ers roster he's a four time all pro four time pro bowler. 29 years old coming off of injuries that absolutely raise red flags. Lot of red flags raised. I people who have read this Richard Sherman contract saying that he got played by the niners. Look I don't think he got played by anyone even though we doesn't have his own agent and I think an agent prevents you from signing deals like this at times. It's something he wanted to do Richard chairman wanting to join the niners out of spite. Gets me Richard Sherman and I'd be a lot more interest today and then up. Richard Germany signed with the 49ers. Because a money money money money this is this is hate signing. This a hate signing. Richard Sherman not happy with the way Seattle push him out the door. I'm telling ya if you're the Seahawks it's probably the right thing to do if you're the 49ers this is a good risk to take and we are gonna get into. All. The details. All afternoon long with you free agency. It's gonna be fun for forty niner fans already has been I guess not so much for Oakland was looking at the fact they've only got. Not 24 and a half million dollars in cap room they still have to earmark a large chunk of that furcal legal Mac extension so. You've got to sign in draft an entire free Ager in the entire draft class and get them signed up for. Tough amount of money for Reggie to plug in all those players to what's gonna leave Jon Gruden in his first year looking to add with free agency. Just roster depth they're not going to be able to bring in an established star. The established star that Richard Sherman used to be might not be who Richard Sherman is anymore. Is he still a number one quarterback can he still played to the level. Oven number one quarterback that is the million dollar question John Lynch had to say this about Sherman joining the niners. So with Richard we had championship pedigree right away you know from afar as a broadcaster is a guy who admires football and football players I think one of the great competitors in this game in this era are we taken some pressure he's got one ruptured Achilles he's got a nether Achilles where they've done some work and so yes there's risk on our side absolutely. But we tried to make it says that if he returns to be and Richard Sherman he's gonna do just fine then we hammered it out in a day and really happy to have done so. Richard Germans gonna make an awful lot of money if he's this Richard Sherman again. But if these are not that kind of guy. If he's not the best corner in the game. If he isn't there on game day if he can't take all the snaps if he isn't it true number one corner who's making pro bowls and all pro teams. The niners got a lot of wiggle room to get out of this deal saying whatever you will about rod Marat today. Who let's be honest rock Ron Dayne is one thing and really working against him at all times. His momma gave him a name that sounds like a bond villain. He really does he sounds like James Bond villain Barack Marat today I CEO golden gun mr. Barack today. And and he has hooked up the niners with a a couple of contracts here that have been. Unbelievably. Team friendly does Richard Sherman contract the Colin cabernet contract you wanna talk about being happy to get out of something when they were able to get out of it. Varity is so watt snaps indeed to put Rogge moron today speaking of championship pedigree. Guess who's back. Hello. CEO I AM I'm glad to be back happy belated birthday faint Keogh and more importantly you sound really good the laryngitis not Europe but downs for week. Did you have courage yet to slow over a week it was tough I'm I'm not I mean my voice is still little scratch here and there but I am back tar and ready. Scratchy voice just makes little sexier is all right 'cause I said I think in sound fantastic it's good that you're back. It is good to that. Were or were accurate full strength as a well you know Al b.s out today heed the crud finally got him instead really hit everybody at the station and now we fend it off getting the flu longer and better than anybody that finally succumbed to it. But we got with the home fix on what you know with at least pushing the buttons helping us out today we really appreciate debt Wii bowling one interview for you this a black to make that to excuse me we're going to be talking an awful lot of Richard Sherman NFL free agency coming up and under an hour from now with Adam Caplan an end NFL insider. And then a guy who is pretty much a warriors insider he's their play by play voice Tim Roye is gonna be joining us. You know the warriors have now lost back to back games we don't say that very often we know that they were shorthanded. And we know that they lost to good teams here's another thing I know the NBA's got zero mercy. Zero mercy to be offered to the Golden State Warriors. And with the NBA's absolutely showing the warriors is teams that are playing with a little bit more urgency than their plane with a right now teams are hungrier than the warriors are. It is obvious I'm tired of saying flip the switch. I know I'm not expecting anybody to flip the switch as soon as they. You know don't you know don't have Seth Curry Todd that would Dalai your missing important pieces and that's gonna change the way you play for sure still you got Kevin ray exactly Thompson got. Dream on green who got took on the low block and bogeyed up a little bit from Carl Anthony talent to a great game. In Minnesota six point win it just yesterday. I'd like to see the warriors put some. Some fear back in the NBA and I wonder when exactly that is going to happen. Again I don't know the 49ers secondary is gonna put the fear into the NFL without Richard Sherman put wins him it's a little bit more interest in just look at this depth chart right now for the 49ers. Who better. To be. The guy who takes young cornerbacks in hand to teach them the league beat ins and outs to how to study film how to prepare for opponents. Then Richard Sherman who if nothing else is a vocal leader on this defense fully young guys and I see a lot of upside. With Richard Sherman being a game day barking presents for all these young guys all the time I like it an awful lot from that standpoint. Will he still play to the potential of a number one corner. Will he still be able to rotate and pit stop and start a busy keel he's. He's also had another surgery just in January to clean up a little knee I believe will talk about that and what that might mean for Richard Sherman. The keel Witherspoon. Lisa Jackson. Intoned X some Donte' Johnson. Jim whiskey to heart Adrien Cole bear call Juan Williams Leon Hall. If I am any of these young corners I am. Asking Richard Sherman the launch is soon as humanly possible. Forget about NEC BA that's gonna prevent him from talking to coaches at a certain time or anything like that if Richard Sherman. Was named. Co host of the morning show here at 957 game would be to want to lie ask Richard Sherman out to lunch. So if on the niners young players and that's secondary I am. Biting this apple as soon as it's polished in front of me I really am it's offend nominal. Leader I mean Richard Sherman. This is a guy. Whose ranks first in the NFL in both passes defended interceptions. Since 201199. Defended 32 picks since 2011. He's played ten post season games he's won a Super Bowl he's lost the Super Bowl he's had 42 post season tackles. Ten post season passes defended two interceptions and a partridge in a pear tree. This guy he's done an awful lot for a long time and I gotta tell you. No revisionist history. If you've been recording Damon Bruce show since back to 2011. You'll hear me say this time and time again in niner fans who would frequently call. The talk about how much they hated Richard Sherman. Yeah I hated him because he was great. Yeah hated him because. When it was time to go to war he went to war against you and not for you I've always said any baseball fan base who booed Barry Bonds. I understand why are going Darth Vader but if data were on your team hitting cleanup you'd be standing and cheering too. Richard Sherman. Really was. Darth Vader to the 49ers for a really really long time I have for some of you you're gonna have to see him in uniform to believe it and maybe I will too. Put it may have. It is just really interest to see this guy. At. A in a dead this is the fork in the road of his career right he's forever Bennis seahawk. And now we are waiting for him to either show us that he can. Come back and bounce back from injuries no problem at all linked to be split. Or this is gonna be something that is going to linger and make you say maybe this isn't the best deal in the world maybe this isn't the deal. The 49ers should have entered into after keyed to lead said thanks for the interest but no thanks we're not into it. I mean. It's one of those no risk all reward deals. Set up by Barack Marat today. Always tell you. One was working and one people. Wonder but fans thought there was a guy working against you from the field another group of fans thought rob was always working against the niners from the inside out. It's true. It's true it really adds. Well sure it's gonna have to get out because his contract is very dependent on his him being ready to go. And that's what I like about achieve on this guy is a chip on his shoulder type of an athlete that chip on his shoulder to. Did the Seahawks he'll whopper. After they say goodbye and thanks for the memories. He is incredibly pride full he's got rabbit ears you can't tweet about Richard Sherman without him knowing about it. Like there's no doubt this guys all over his own timeline he cares about what people's opinion of him are. Even if he also wants to say nothing affects me on the other hand he's clearly in ears up aware guy. I've always said. What more could you ever want the make Compton bread Stanford. Educated. Guy who's got a chip on his shoulder the size. Of the salesforce building. This is. Perfect. In terms of is he set up to rebound with the 49ers look at the body says yes there's no doubt his mind will say yes to. If his body says you still can all he's still well. And Jian is right it is such an incentive Layden contract if he really wants to see. The bulk of this 39 million not only is he playing every game not only easy out there for 90% of his snaps he is and he's in pro bowls. He's an all pro corner again. Whoever thought. We would be inviting. Richard Sherman. Over to dinner. I'm Turkey on the fifty. Act weird. Look anyone who wants to tell you they coined the phrase Turkey on the fifty dead isn't meat is lying to you. I coined that phrase that was me Turkey on the fifty is now it you know what. What is your contribution dame into the Bay Area. Jargon landscape. That's it Levi's stadium being referred to was Turkey on the fifty because of the infamous. Russell Wilson. Richard Sherman. Michelle Tafoya Thanksgiving dinner. That happened on the logo at Levi's stadium I still to this day do not know how the niners agreed to about one. They'll tell you that they didn't agreed that it was supposed to happen on the sidelines on TV producers said. They. Whatever I wouldn't let any opponent eat on my field ever period that would be the rule. The niners. At that point in time. Were poorly led slightly crazy and absolutely out of their minds when it came to what was normal in football and what isn't normal in football. The niners. This is what's amazing about this. The niners were is dead in this town as you possibly can be since they left in 2014. And no it wasn't just the move to Santa Clara. They had lost total football credibility. Since moving down from horrible. Total football credibility. From a from an on field standpoint column Capra nick and I know that a lot of people only have short attention spanned an even a shorter memory. This is gonna it's gonna want to set people as I jog your mind and impossibly uncomfortable way. Do you remember that Colin tapper back from a football standpoint was to spy. I eased. By his teammates by the coaching staff by a lot and I. Niner fans right up until we martyrdom self and recast the conversation in a light that we did not expect to see. As much as we didn't like. What he was everyone could agree he was better than Blaine Gabbert used better than Brian Hoyer. This Jim Tom Sula nonsense like they actually ring and that past few as a real idea in charge double the price tickets than they ever did it candlestick. Wit dat. They had lost gore they had lost Willis they had lost ball men all of this dud fan favorites were out the door jet went from the young prince. To the desk spot king. Bulky. Whatever fastball he had he lost it quick and his blind spot offensively. Haunted him time and time and time again with bad draft pick with AJ Jenkins with bad signing that didn't work out. Everything. All of it. Went to crap. After 2013. It all went downhill so fast. And then what do you know. Jed York decides to go way outside of the box and hired John Lynch name that we didn't even think was on the the GM. NFL radar boom boom he comes to town like all great guys never done it let's see what he does. Well what do you know another Stanford guy seems to be one of the smartest guys in the room he completely purges the roster. Kyle Shanahan. Gets off to an 09 start but dare I say 019 wood from stick it it felt like it always nine waved home. The greatest only nineteen ever assembled in terms of how many games did you lose by sleight of a margin how many weeks in a row. For a minute there the niners were the best worst team in football while also being un watchable lead bad. No talent to really feast your eyes upon gaming game out it was bad it was ugly. And then. Look who shows up. And putting ads and OK okay and never again. Jimmy drop below looks amazing as an early adapter to Kyle Channing hands off that he is running this thing better. In two to three weeks and anyone was in 23 months picking up this offense. And and don't. It's like a rocket ship taken off here come the 49ers again all of a sudden from dead as a door nail in this town. Two you've got a quarterback and he got hoping you gotta GM who knows what he's doing and you're being aggressive in free agency. Let's see what happens. I beat between the years 201516. And seventeen. Let's see what happens was not the way fans were walking into the 49ers season beat. How're we gonna embarrass ourselves this year was a question that niner fans were asking I hate the stadium I hate the roster I don't like the coach I. I don't like the GM I don't like the owner I like to drive I don't like the big and hot dogs and maybe that was me not you but I didn't like either by the way the niners have. Re opt was another catering company. Maybe they won't be as big and as the last one. We can only hope. By the way during the conference call which unfortunately sounded like the whole thing was recorded and attend camp. Richard Sherman actually talked about Turkey on the fifth day. Or are there were recorded as a contributor you require very well what like we're a direct remember a third federal building may do because it was pushed to eat the Turkey. You're just started at Purdue and in Jordan moment played pretty well that they're. Didn't see those already there and do our own book out and stated they they want. Wait a minute Richard Sherman the king of this might be disrespectful didn't think that was his first. And Hamas are any sorry. Here's the deal Richard German kid never claim ignorance. You can never blame ought just you know meet at athlete wasn't thinking he's brilliant that guy is. A Stanford. Educated. Student of the game. He knows that chomping at Turkey leg afterwards is a little disrespect woman feel you know what he loved that he relished it you know what. God bless them. To the victors go the spoils that's how this all works. He won big he's one huge alike in an awful lot it makes an awful lot of sense you want pedigree you've got some there are days. If nothing else. Richard Sherman. Through OTAs. Through training camp through pre season through the early part of the season just his voice in meetings just him getting in the year of young forty niner players. Is. What I'm most excited about a fund John Lynch. There is a library worth of secondary resource is just between a song to god this this guy's ears. What Richard Germany's crazy like a fox guys. So let's see what happens it is a move. That leads the niners in. Zero financial ruin if it doesn't work out. It's a matter fact pro football talk put out all the specifics of Richard Sherman deal it's so complex. And there are so many moving variables and and I won't even bother reading it all to you but I will read some of it to you it it. It is a deal. That may be only a player who was representing himself agrees to you wanna know why I have an agent. It's because I am convinced I am really good at this. So any criticism of anything I do I take very personal. I take very personal. This guy takes things personally to. I personally thrilled to just pop on here with a man I didn't think we're gonna get to talk to today I haven't even promoted him. Because I didn't think we were gonna be able to hook up with the legend himself. John Clayton is joining us here on 957 the game he's a hall of Famer he writes about football better than anyone else in the world in the history of the game John thank you for joining me Howard you know. Excellent thank you very much Richard Sherman and 49 A uniform a look most people would have to see it before they really believe it John but it's gonna happen. Did you think that the 49ers were gonna go after him aggressively. I thought that they would because it made sense particularly knowing that it's the same defense that. The Seahawks have and it is obviously trying to get some young cornerbacks and and ritual would be a nice fit because again he can help teach a lot of the guys. What's going to be there and he knew that they were going to be trying to bit heavy I think country remain Johnson so nice start to think okay. Can they get a veteran quarterback that can also be a teacher for some of the young corners. And so purse they reach out there Aqib Talib and try to make that trade me he says no so he ends up going down to the rams and then now the next move parliament on Friday. Return German POP3. And so it's like OK let's work on now one state makes the beeline to get down there so they can have dinner without Shanahan on Thursday and you kind of say okay this works for a couple different ways. One I think Richard the most being on the West Coast he gets to come back to the LA area where it. He was and college that worked out. And then secondly it's a chance to play twice against the Seahawks. Special little bit of vengeance. I think spite and anger are valuable chips on this guy shoulder he plays through them. I think his vocal presence surrounding young secondary should be very very valuable for the 49ers do you think he signed of them out of spite. For the money or do you think he really fancy easier to Oceana handing rock below is a future playoff decision. I'd taken to understand that the main key is studies things. As much as that I've seen any other player he's very Smart in how he does business and he's very Smart and how he tries to do things on the field. Because again he's gonna be one of the most prepared guys out there. And so I think that you know one he had the first make sure that he's studied a lot of things that he could do the right thing in his mind and a contract. And then secondly he had the study now one thing that I can tell you from knowing and so well. He's not gonna go to the community doesn't buy in for the quarterbacks so clearly he bought into Jamaica rob below. As being a quarterback that he thinks is going to be very good and so that was checked number one Czech number two is trying to get the feel for what. John Lynch is doing along with the count Shanahan I think he was happy about that he could see it's a team that's on the rise. And so he and he could recognize that that things are on arise from what he watched in Seattle so that's checked the box middle of the matter trying to seek what he could do contractually. And at least with the incentives that that he was able to get an incentive way to deal it was better than he's got to get in Detroit or going back to Seattle or any other spots like Green Bay. And so tell you look at it and say okay let's get this thing done and now he's happy to be a forty niner. The hall of Famer John Clayton joining us on 957 game John of all the characters you've covered. How much you gonna miss Richard Sherman being in your own backyard. On a lot because of it that tell you how much you're gonna miss them at that I wondered what was that the key Jackson award for broadcasting here in the Seattle area. And the first guy that demand the one guy I wanted them to have my present her with Richard Sherman. Richard Sherman did that and he did that for me that's how much I respect them into one of the most respected players I've ever been around. I have been doing this stuff for a long time he spoke they would at a press conference like said still at the awards banquet. Is that he's smarter than everybody in the room I mean were you can't requested the people. That aren't as Smart as him but it also greatest that the media and a great player. What are people saying in Seattle about bringing to end the legion of boom. It's hard because again it's like I'm sure the same thing when the 49ers started to break up after the Jim Harbaugh era is that. You get used to the success and now that it may not be in the air for whatever period of time that they may be a short period of time. But it you know it it's kind of breaking up to look at again he's been involved in some of the greatest plays in seahawk history they've been able to get this team does suitable for two years. And so that becomes very difficult. For everybody in his count the kind of justified but unfortunately. Things happen like this and time moves on. John Clayton joining us here on the Damon Bruce show so if you're John Lynch what is your next move now I look at the draft that's coming up I look at free agency and if I'm John Lynch I'm just think it meat and potatoes meat and potatoes. Protect the quarterback may be indulged in one wide receiver somebody to be in new Lamborghini or Ferrari in your offense but at. I'm bone fat and sick in the middle fondness on clay as Hamas if I'm John Clayton if I'm John Lynch the rest of the way. Yet but the what now happens is that does the money they say could I think they were gonna probably get crew main jobs and without going to be a battle between Cleveland. Oakland and the 49ers. And so by eight paying the nine million dollars this year. Purse Sherman that gives them more of a budget to be able to go ahead and maybe taken a little more dollars for a wide receiver whether it's going to be Sammy Watkins Alan Robinson you name. Receiver they're gonna go after but I think they'll come up with one there. And then clearly the try to do something on the offensive line. Trying to get one spot there. And we'll see what else I mean I don't know they're going to be able to get an edge rusher that's a possibility and then they have to decide it's going to be Carlos tied or another running back but I think you'll they're gonna. Need to try to come out of this with three or four starters they've already got one in Richard's German so that put them down to three but I think it's still makes some very active. Could again they have the draft they can help things out and then of course now they have free agency they can also help some other things out but they can really do well on both. Alan Robinson you brought up his name I think that's a good target for John Lynch also brought up Watkins watched it's always been a little bit of an under performer Robinson and over performer coming off an injury if you're the GM which liberty you pulled John. I don't think I'd pull the Alan Robinson because when you really think about Sammy Watkins. You know he. We need to give it the ball doesn't come to him he does tend to complain and I know we're doing the sidelines. On a seahawk ran games I want you want behind me probably six times. Frustrated that he was indeed the Balkans is just going to deepen being at the quite and then of course remember this is about a week after he apologized to buffalo fans. For complaining about not being the ball on Buffalo's what does he do after the game he tweeted out how frustrating was not getting the ball with the and so it's like that. Yeah we gotta wonder. You know can he handle not being as active as he has a lot of receivers are like that. And important a sideline to get to see that but that. They don't like about Alan Robinson and a similar vein. Went. Which result with Richard Sherman is that he radioed committed a little bit of a discount. Count because he's coming off an ACL and it may be more of a one year deal structured. At least for a little bit more money that Richard the structure is similar type away. As Sammy Watkins a means it looks like which Jacksonville kind of wanted to jump in there that number's gonna probably sore but I think they can get Robinson's and they get reasonable number. Ndamukong Suh gonna show up on the radar or is that just too much of a cap hit you would wanna we re. I just don't wanna be dolphins part two where your spend way too much on a deal line. Yeah capital I think remember they got somebody first round investments in the defense of lines they need an edge rusher more than they do a deep sense of tackles so. It's who's gonna come on the West Coast speed it either gonna be more Oakland or Seattle. That it is going to be the San Francisco 49ers. So the rams were obviously very aggressive tweaking their defense and if our defensive player I'd wanna go play for Wade Phillips to I think that that really. Led to leave it to want to go to the rams markets Peters is obviously got to be excited about that too how much if any. Where the rams moves contingent on Jimmy Rob Lowe is now presents twice a year. I think wake up about is that the way once a defense as. Good quarterbacks like he had in Denver can remember he had three stadium Chris Harris junior develop into Pro Bowl caliber corner at all what Aqib Talib and Ed Bradley Roby. And so the idea wade defense is that you have two quarters they can shut people down which he had in Denver now we have what the rams. Now it gives them an extra guy that he can use to blitz and so they defense that didn't have great stats last year. Is going to move up because now it's gonna be hard for anybody to troll on those two guys because they're so good. So no I think more than a matter garrote below it was a matter just trying to get that much on defense the satisfied wade. Forty niners have a ton of money to spend here the raiders really don't and they'll have even less to spend. If an extension for Coley a Mac becomes realized here in the next few weeks so. Having a draft class to sign and little money to play with what do you see Jon Gruden and Reggie McKenzie looking at or four in year one. Well first we go to C about the running back position if they're gonna keep Marshawn Lynch and obviously the biggest thing is what didn't happen last year. It was concentrate more on defense because your reverend free agency the only defensive player that was signed was killer Lonnie Jenkins. They've got one year one Millen didn't even make the team so they need to really get some things in on defense right now. And there's somebody needs it was good that they were able to get just an Ellis resigned that was encouraging they've got to make a decision to see they're gonna be able to keep Bruce Bruce Irvin. Don't active against. If you're right about the fact that not only just a little Mac but I have to get a deal with and you're gonna be a Mari Cooper has to get another deal another big dollars I mean you're talking. I guess sought to with the. You'll get the deal that was done with Mike Evans and it's gonna cost 16% to sixty to seventy million dollars to get something done with Cooper so in the end I think that that's. You know they've got to try to bargain shop but they got to be Smart about things in the attic and they've got to do more things just accept a defense. So if you're John gruden you've got to be happy would both to leave in Peters of moving out of the AFC west that's two less a leap cornerbacks you have to deal with. Absolutely and it's gonna make it good for him to know getting. Equated with Derek Carr and also trying to work with these receivers and because now you're right that's stick tight coverage. Is not going to be there in this division like it wants. Always good to have you on Jon and integrity remain able to hook up with you today so appreciate your time thank you very much. John Clayton. The hall of Famer joining us here on 9570 game. Good good stuff from him and what is next. Where does John Lynch gone now. Win or the raiders can start doing a little something the truth is the answer is right now. All plans are being talked about and dealt cards on the table right now every agent. Every single guy involved every name on their chalkboard is in play right now. The league year obviously doesn't start until Wednesday no announcement. Can be made official until Wednesday I wonder what they are working on what is going to be the next move for the 49ers. What is going to be the first move for the raiders. 88957957. Always and number 8889579570. This is Roy and Martinez Roy how're you. I'm very imminent welcome back Q gonna keep. You know listen ever since I heard the news on Friday about Richard Sherman. I couldn't wait if you call because as you know you did and the dirt the other fifty. And I got there I was waiting to ask you this question. I just want no doubt that Richard Germany before diner. Yet the board you know hired by at Thanksgiving. And they went ahead and argue kick in the prop bet that merger German release another Turkey leg out of the yard line. I mean on Thanksgiving if nothing else they have to give him a Turkey leg like one of loans that they sell in the concession area and just let him sit cross legged on the logo and eat it right even if it's a planned thing or not yes Richard Kinney. Is much Turkey on the fifty as he wants now it's no longer huge insult it looks like a tasty reasonable borderline healthy snack yet now would make sense. Thank you Roy for the call. Let it happen. You can have appetizers. It's stick around for dessert now enjoy yourself. A hundred yards worth of snacking in both directions to blacks it's fifty yards in both directions if you're sitting on the fifty. As this is good stuff and by the way I do agree. We'd John Clayton. Alan Robinson. That's the guy that I would go and throw some more money I mean you're signing guys with the injury concerns he might as well signed guys that if there are no injury concerns after all everything's okay you get real big plus upside you'd get with those you really do. Guys a bona fide red zone target be really really is. Mar keys Goodwin so far is John Lynch's signature signing to date. Of course Jimmy to Rob Lowe is gonna be his biggest trade I almost don't care what he does between now and how long he's the GM. If rob below really works out that is going to be his biggest deal Richard Sherman. How was he set up to now be the second biggest move of John once his ten year I we're gonna have to see whether or not. He is still Richard Sherman when he hits the field. Not sure it's gonna happen. Watts is staying healthy needs to happen. But I like the fact that he breathes fire. Anywhere in the locker room pregame postgame talking of the media casual encounter I mean it's just no matter what Richard Sherman. Is a fire breathing dragon. And I like that. They're young on that side of the ball he is a leader it makes an awful lot of sense. And if he cannot play. If he cannot go. If you is not to Richard Sherman that your used to seeing. Total oh. No mosque no fuss easy cut hardly. Any investment to worry about. A brilliant brilliant contract for rog Mariah date to a put in front Richard Sherman for Sherman to of agreed upon it. Says an awful lot about what Richard Sherman thinks of his ability to bounce back from these injuries I think being cut from the Seahawks is gonna kind of were put a little feeling that fires well at all. He is you know I there's so much money being thrown around these guys loyalty. Goes as far as the next zero we'll take loyalty. Can be swayed quickly with a comma. Here in the air and a paycheck. This guy. Just signed. So he can be in position. To haunt Seattle. For the next three years. I really I'm sure the appeal of being close to Stanford. Has a little appeal but ultimately. Not that much right. Let me tell you it also has got to be a little bit of motivate her for a guy who uses spiked like fuel. I can tell you this about Richard Sherman. He did Jim Harbaugh he did. Haiti Jim Harbaugh hated playing forum. Hated the rumors that par boss spread about him let him becoming a fifth round draft pick I believe for the Seahawks this Harbaugh didn't know if he was a corner really a wide receiver he didn't give him the oh yeah draft Richard Sherman high endorsement that I think Sherman is looking for when he was coming out of Stanford. He was bitter he was angry about this if Richard Sherman can be part. Of the 49ers who returning to air quotes glory or no air quotes you don't you won around Super Bowl champion. If he can return the niners to debt and Harbaugh couldn't. It's spite into the factor of two. 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