DB Show - 1 - MadBum & Steph injured Friday, Suh to Rams, Sharks 7-gm win streak

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Monday, March 26th
Damon goes over the 'Black Friday' timeline where Madison Bumgarner and Steph Curry both sustain new injuries, we learn Ndamukong Suh is signing with the Rams, we go over the Warriors weekend, a win and a loss, all four all stars still out, the Sharks are on a 7-game win streak, and a tale about Stanford swimmer, Katie Ledecky. 

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Well welcome welcome it's great to have you here on a Monday afternoon. An awful lot to get into a final four is set. We have some injuries that we concede to and through the first round of the playoffs for the warriors officially now sat. Thanks to what I think we're calling. A Black Friday here in the Bay Area that was a day that came with the ramifications that are going to be felt. For a wild. On all sides of the bay. Madison bomb garner not pitching into the all star game at the least. Stepped curry nowhere to be found as far as the first round of the playoffs are concerned. And that is from his head coach maybe he's just trying to hedge all bets. They talked an awful lot of doubt about not being way you wavered by this not being concerned not having an ominous feeling. In that locker room on Friday night we will hear from the locker room that Friday night we will hear from. Practice today we will hear from Joseph Lago who was good enough to join us is studio not us but the afternoon delight. Would pop in Bonn take Joseph lake it was hanging out here for about an hour today. And it was really nice to see Joseph school that he got to see our our new studios. Not bad timing for us three really nice warrior jerseys. Perfect to be hanging in the entrance. We rolled out the red carpet for Jolie could today he was a fantastic guests for an hour. On the air and we will go over some of that sound will you two day. We got an awful lot to get into I'm gonna tell you right now. We got winners. We got south day. We got playoff hockey coming your way and the sharks are playing very good hockey that is good news more good news. Today's the day we are going to start. Qualifying finalists. For the golden ticket. That's. It's the best news a warriors fan is absent and pretty much the entire month of march don't you think Joseph leg of march is a disaster. But all these injury it sure is. March has been a disaster. And that way for the warriors. Mark she's been really good if your name is sister Jean Muir and nine year old nun who grabs the ball and pray for a Loyola. I cannot believe that Cinderella has been allowed to hang around this dance this long it looks like she's gonna try and and and make it to admit right Cinderella. Look at her. It's critical in eleven seed is in the final four and not since George Mason have we had eighteen. Doing this I think it's fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. There's news that the a's wanna actually by the coliseum will get into that little matier and Ross story for us to look around win today. We've got to the fact that. You know Kevin Durant has admitted as much that stepped curry is the system and right now the system is on the shelf with a grade two and CL sprain what is that we will get into. All of that I'll be playing a doctor on the radio for you today here on 957 the game. We joke for you bought in on Friday. Really was a fun day we wanted to have a really fun day is a matter of fact it was the day the Bay Area sports hall of fame. We were gonna play talk show hosts all day we were gonna play game show host Jian we're gonna have so much fun. And all around all around here. On a fine. We were enjoying ourselves we get prizes to give. Then all of a sudden you look at the timeline of how the afternoon Wednesday and when it was all said and done. We were a lot. Yeah yeah. Things. Got bad quickly and why. 145 on Friday afternoon here's little timeline of Black Friday for you Madison bomb garner gets hit with a liner. Off of his pitching hand as he begins the third inning and he had to exit the game. At 3:34. PM the giants said they wouldn't have an update on bomb garner. Until the game was over an ominous sign yeah how about this. Our program director Matt Nagy and fantastic guy we love working with Matt so much so that would every pops in we think it's so. A wonderful little pop in it is his rule it is his policy is this his style that he does not pop into the studio very often. He figures anything I have to tell you I will told you before your show began in anything that you need to know I'll tell you when your show is over. Doesn't wanna bother us while we're putting on a performance which is really cool way to go operate. Matt came in here to tell us that the giants weren't making an announcement while the game was under way. The fact that he came in here to tell us that mend some real world. Turned out he was right at 409 the giants announced that Madison bomb garner had a fractured pitching hand at 432. Was announced that bomb garner. Had surgery will have surgery he had it on Saturday pins are already inserted in his fractured pinkie knuckle. Four to six weeks before he has those pins removed officially. He has a displaced. Fracture. Of his fifth. Meta TARP meta carpal all not parcel. Carping from Newton. Okay. Bad news. Oh yeah. I think what got cut most of that. And with his glove hand and looking who knew what was. Knight who was looking. Yeah. Is right. Thanks so much to NBC sports for that sound. So the day ended with mean Joseph in Gionta spanning the last hour and a half we had together. Breathlessly. Covering this story about Madison barn burner which was officially real. We're a lot. Bad news remember we wanted to do this show. And the show quickly turned into real. We're world and we were not done because the warriors would tip off a little bit later that evening and at 9:10. PM. JaVale McGee. Landed. On staff Curry's leg. Now the labels Dallas got the worst goes up got fouled a shot doesn't Gillick. And now curry makes you glad that I period Terry Terry. You hear the crowd gasping. As jury lives around the floor down below us toward the right. Slaps. Hands with. Mickey and looks like you've left knee. Bad news. Bad news obviously staff was hurt you could see it he left the game limping and noticeable pain. At 928 the warriors announced that it was a knee strain it wasn't anything to do with the ankle which everybody pretty much thought it was one we saw it head coach Steve Kerr. Hurt I assumed it was his ankle. When he came up gobbling them. Found out it was just me and and you know we'll hear Jim Morris has tomorrow there's not a whole lot we can do or predict. Kind of a strange. Cruel twist of fate you know you are rehab is a golfer. Last couple weeks gets out strong and then that they need and egos so we'll see what happens and keep our fingers crossed and. That was a crucial crucial crucial injury obviously I mean what can you say. Bad news all around I'm just happy for Sox opera Trulia sake that it wasn't him because boy when he really been called dirty he's out there trying to hurt staff to. By the time it was quarter to ten we realize that it was an MCL injury and that an MRI would be needed on Saturday we breathlessly waited for the results of that MRI and it turns out a grade two and CL sprain now that includes a small terror. In this means that Currie. Will typically take four to six weeks to recover from this that will pretty much take you to and through the first round of the NBA playoffs and that is something. That today. Joseph Leggett was talking about on the afternoon delight will have much more on all of that. But a very very rough Friday on a day we just plan to have an awful lot of fun it turned out to being group. We need. Yeah. Now get a chance for you to be a winner again now time for our twelve K per day national cash contest your chance to turn around and win a thousand dollars. Just by texting the code word back to BA TH 272881. Text bath to 72881. For a chance 1000 dollars. Message and data rates apply. We've got an awful lot for you today again more from Jolie could since he was good enough to come in studio and answer a whole bunch of questions from bunting and pop up for an hour we'll have some of that for you Tim Roy joins me at 4 o'clock today Tim bon Temps is gonna join me at 6 o'clock. And what are you know the battle of the day pre season version. Is officially still under way we will get too little a's baseball around 630 tonight so we'll get out here a little earlier than usual Gionta but we've basically got shipped re full showed today were looking forward to that and oh. We also have to talk about the jazz. Beating the warriors who are officially Olympic there's no other way to say it you'd be formed in aligning yourself if you didn't say it. The warriors will be limping into the playoffs but I still like a limping warrior team. More than I like a lot of healthy teams in the NBA would it gets to the best of the best of the best. Obviously you're gonna want the warriors at their best best or best the temperature every you which every one a go width. We've got a story that says improves the NCAA just can't get out of its own way we're gonna have that for you today a ton of your calls are welcome as well. 8889579570. Welcome to a Monday edition here on the day membership. How can show on Mon 57 McCain yeah. I'm show after just broke this story. It's officially a big one for the Los Angeles rams who have just signed former dolphins defense of tackle Ndamukong Suh. One year fourteen million dollars he took less to go to the rams. And I'm just gonna tell you right now if you. Hard attacking beat Los Angeles rams you're gonna attack their linebackers because they've got a stout secondary. And right now their defensive line features. What Aron Donald Ndamukong Suh and Michael rockers. Why Powell. The Los Angeles rams just got a lot more intimidating defensively. They've already got the NFL defense the player of the year and Aron Donald you've put him next to Ndamukong Suh. Wall. Protecting Jimmy eagle rock below just got it a lot more difficult. For the San Francisco 49ers. That is. In officially. Big deal some good Jimmy might wanna pay close attention to an existing ads against Tuesday. Yeah it was again yeah you tell everyone in the gang gang to be looking out of Los Angeles rams. Bubble wrap Jimmy G for awhile to put all our stars going down lately I feel like he did proceed with caution seriously. Seriously I don't want anybody. Anyone even read on this guy until it's football season. What that is something else endowment consumed. If he's now teammates with Aron Donald and that is one hell of an up front for the Los Angeles rams defense. While Wade Phillips is just got to be smiling ear to ear. Rams defense of coordinator. That's really something else. Why how how how how. The other NFL drama that's going on in the world of sports today revolves around old Dell Beckham in the New York Giants there's still a lot of questions about when he is going to sign a contract. Is he going again extension done. I guess it giants ownership basically came out and said look we're so sick and tired of hearing about this guy. We don't want to hear about it any more like we will take care of this business when we want to. Now when the media wants us to now when the player wants is due to the point where. Here it is that it comes to this are the giants about to trade O'Dell back on the answer is officially now maybe. So that's the answer what's the next question. Well turn into a Bay Area question. If you're the 49ers. Would you trade. The number nine pick in this draft and commit huge dollars. To O'Dell Beckham junior. I think the answer to that question. Is hailed yet. He is the most electrifying player on any NFL team who isn't a quarterback and he is a true number one. On any team in the NFL if he would join any team in the NFL except what may be the Pittsburgh. Steelers. You say you know we think we got a real number one overall receiver ourselves. That is really something else. I guess the Texans the Steelers who else could make an argument that now we have a with the true number one receiver here we don't need another. Don't tell me it's the fond digs at the vikings. Atlanta with Julio Jones. Maybe that would be it. Very interest thing. Giants officially got to put him on the block first the deck against the block it's gonna because he talked himself there. Before you get into the whole well if he's gonna be a distraction Barry might be a big distraction here I don't think so. It's not how the Bay Area media market works we don't invent stories to sabotage negotiations. Well that sometimes was done by the 49ers themselves. But hopefully those days are over and done with. Very very interest thing. So NFL news on a day were I didn't think we would have much we'd be talking an awful lot awful awful lot about just what the giants are doing to open this year without Madison bomb garner an obviously staff curry. Who is less every warriors fan holding their breath a little bit over this injury. Trying to take the positive approach stepped curry said about his injury. That's got started to slowly come back in our teams sources unknown give back to full strength we can use this sort of there's I think in coming out on us the team they really focused and was then taken to win another championship. All right OK that's your cell one I guess were desperate to buy something that sounds like positive news it's gonna galvanize the team Gianna. Step curry. Ankle injury. Didn't exactly galvanize the team but this knee injury is gonna galvanize the team. She UK. All I can tell you. Is that the warriors were out there were without their four all stars for an entire game for the very first time against the jazz over the weekend. The jazz were playing for their playoff lives in you to call 111091. All anybody could focus on was the fact that Steve Kirk before the game. So that it didn't look like Steve does step curry was gonna be joining this team. By the time the first round of the playoffs is over. This. Is that when anybody wanted to hear but the truth fits the warriors can probably. Still very much women opening round with Al stepped curry. As long as you know Kevin Durant dream on green. Klay Thompson are gonna be back in the mixing come playoff time. All of those three should be back in the mix but no curry here's what Joseph Laker had to say about Curry's injury today on the afternoon delight. I wouldn't expect him the first from the playoffs he may be ready he's certainly saying he thinks he can be ready who knows the doctors saying they were look at in three weeks. That's really all we can do but unfortunately the season ends in three weeks and if they say he's OK does that mean he's in a few days okay are a few week okay are two ways clear how much assurance do you want so I don't think we know the answer is. Nobody really knows on these things exactly day for day you know weeks in advance how someone's gonna recover. So I think the general feeling is hopeful. That he could be back. Sometime in the first round but you know Steve says doctor the end of her throat will see was great we don't know. So. You don't know if you're gonna have curry for the first round do you still think you can beat a first round opponent. No matter who it might be these are relatively minor injuries pretty much across the board even steps not great but not the into the world he's coming back. During the playoffs and I think we're good enough to win a first round without and to be and so on December company. I would agree to do Daryn I guess if you really wanna try and make some lemonade out of the lamentable visit that. Is Quinn cook is coming on in Andre would dollars playing some pretty good basketball here. And that is going to be a help to this team going forward by the way in the worst kept NBA secret there is. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind like I guarantee you're gonna look good and I guarantee it Quinn cook on this playoff roster. He has a 100% going to be on this playoff roster this staff curry injury now all but guarantees that it looks like armory cast beat. Really might be the odd man out but. I'll say this. The warriors how how delicate is that that balance between you could be champions your round of the playoffs. Nobody else can be hurt right now. Between now and the end of the year you know no injury. It's new now and I'm I'm got a feeling that I I know it's like don't hit the panic button but I'm getting close. Yeah. Definitely feel and it. You're gonna wanna know where it is in the room should you have to hit that panic button. We're not asking if it's time to hit it but we are asking more than but and it should we need it definitely Ahmed that's just honest. How can you how can you look at the warriors body of work this year look at their current situation right now and be like oh. I got to see nothing but green lights all the intersection it's no problem pedal on the metal. Yeah. It's just not going to be that simple this year I. And I think that they can still put it together they've got the experience they've got the talent they've got to know how they've got the coaching. They've been through this before. But the degree of difficulty. It looks like they're dialing up their own degree of difficulty by the injury by the game by the moment. They're getting further away from being a complete team and they are getting closer to being a complete team as the playoffs began. So this is something that obviously we got to keep our eye on. And we'll talk to you about it 8889579570. This is Charles called from American canyon I don't Charles. Aren't doing great guys drive back and I think you know not a an eight on our own in an iPad two. Break out there and re brain on and yeah I've got it like I. Well tornado 35 point one in January we are so it was an interest in me you know want to chime in order you like indicates. People think you know they keep it to come back in. I'm not on purpose but I am very athletic burst an actual all all now. Still very active. I don't know I don't upper national here like her do it or not we know we're not exactly compared. Charleston Charleston sell yourself short your true specimen and we all know it. I really appreciate that. So here's the thing about these spraying it deacon apple on multiple micro Ayers. And when it first happened. It is happening in January route snowboarding at the top of the mound and I still wrote all the weight down what we sure Alex Urquhart I'm really weird feeling. It's really god yeah you know I think I just try to tweak and it's not a big deal. And then what really ignored aren't that. You know this tendon got these little micro they're the police or an all the way through which make it be great pre order. Only four and you need surgery. Cereal like you don't need surgery but it. Yeah that you know like he could actually run and you know it the most repeated injury Il ever. Right yeah Italy and you've heard you know and I know this is an MCL sprain but you look at ACL and and a lot of those terrorists. You can still run faster solid straight line but it's the stopping it's the starting. It's put the brakes on being able to cut on a dime. When your knee is rocking to its left and right not just back in fourth that's where you really need. You ran CL Yury ACLU PC yelled hold the whole thing together and make sure doesn't. It just. Come apart at the seams. The good news I guess is this is not Curry's first knee injury he's injured his knee in the playoffs before he miss the rest of that Houston series before. And he came back to dominate the blazers and route to a series win there he didn't quite look like himself the rest of the playoffs is explosiveness. Absolutely cost in the step and that was noticed and was a difference maker. When the warriors tried to go forward in the play offs that series got a grade two sprain. Yes there are ten errors in a grade two sprain. 846 week timetable to return. We've at least three weeks here of regular season remaining and a first round entry into the playoffs. Like when it comes to. So what they have Kevin Durant here that's why why is Kevin Durant on this team. You didn't need Kevin Durant it felt like overkill. It felt like you work without a doubt stacking the deck. Well this is why you stack the deck. It's not just enough to have the most money sitting at a table. You gotta have the right cards sometimes don't get dealt the right cards. This is a huge moment for Kevin Durant. We see him carry this team the way. Currie listen moment before and he did it. Phenomenal. He's gonna have to do what again. We saw this team won playoff games without stepped good they need to do what again. If you want. If you want. Just a little bit more drama than you're used to. Pink here NBA playoffs you have come to the rights the war. Also some NBA news today mark tell faults. Is available to play tonight for the Philadelphia 76ers. You're saying. With a postmark or false don't forget he was the number one pick in the draft he's been a disaster he's shooting 16%. Outside of three feet in altitude. Apparently his shoulder is back. To being. Well. Not ridiculously bad. So he's going to be back on the court tonight we will take a close look at that when it happens. 8889579570. Is a number. While all of this panic is under way we do have a little something that we like to call. A seven game winning streak for the San Jose Sharks. Robin San Jose's excited about that aren't you rob. And you guys aren't there now that the game on Saturday and this hard in that category under the radar in the at a college you're you're better and burn out for help you blasting. And some of those guys couture here of his younger group was in a buyer have no way not all there. Like you're being good players sitting in their role within their lying and getting pain on the third one you can tell that they're something. Kinda happening here the trucks are marking down in that. Cook and eat them and then I think they're going to be atop in the playoffs and in the work and Lorenzo Neal and this year that starts in. This is the fact that if I thank you very much to get that one big fat. And wolf thank you for giving us a call they play tonight Blackhawks they do play the Chicago Blackhawks tonight what do they just there are. What six points behind with seven left to play I believe the Las Vegas golden knights that your they're right there. I can tell you this. Look at the last good handful of NHL postseason it's the best team is not necessarily the team that wins but the hot team in the playoffs. The team that was pointed in the right direction right before it all started is done very very well lately that be good to see the sharks go a little bit assault them. It was really exciting when they reached the Stanley Cup finals. Couple years ago we'll see if they can do it again. First you gotta get there he got a knock on the door you gotta be denied before your officially led in. Sure the warriors. They blew up that model rate in front of our own eyes but. We'll see what happens. We'll see what happens world war won't we are monitoring sharks hockey at this point in time and here I can promise you that. I hope you're happy. Warriors slowly but surely getting healthy. Our our our league we definitely using the word surely. Surely can't be serious. I really hope your right. I really hope you're right in a dream on grain he was supposed to be. In that game against Utah but came down with fuel our flu like symptoms. Imus had fuel like symptoms. He had flu like symptoms so they took them out of the arena didian brother agreement to sit stay home. Stay home relax. Put on the breathe right strip. It's good. I'm still confident the warriors. Are going to pick themselves up at some point here right. When everybody gets healthy. Even if Seth Curry is in a 100% they've got more to beat everyone else don't think. Don't they. Better hope so. They're hoping so. Tell you right now to Houston Rockets couldn't give a damn about the warriors problems they're sitting back and probably laughing about the warriors problems. But there is a very very real proposition. That we keep forgetting. There's no guarantee. That the Houston Rockets will be there waiting for the warriors in the Western Conference finals. There is no guarantee that the warriors are planning on meeting anybody in the Western Conference finals of things don't get a lot better. And a lot focused real quickly with really no advanced run opera practice work. Harbinger of everything's about to be OK the warriors are gonna have to simply. Snap their fingers and everything's gonna have to be okay and hope that they stay healthy. That's how good they have to be. Can you really truly flip that switch. Can you really sleep walk through an entire year. Have every important player on your team injured right before the playoffs began and still it ain't no thing. That's what you're cell announced. That's what you're telling us. Got to or hoping for that's what more your kids have to believe and and if you don't. You gotta officially be worried. I wouldn't begrudge a single warrior fan right now for being officially worried this is official worry time. It's not panic time but it's time to worry. It's certainly not time to beat your chest declare yourself King Kong before the dance even starts and say combing give it. And that's what fans got used to around here. That whole like rip your shirt off. And just you know asking the entire bar to fight chip but that's the warriors and then. Taken on all comers. Any condition no holds barred foreign objects apply bring it you're gonna need help to beat us. Now it feels like the warriors have done an awful lot of help to beat themselves. Let's see what's gonna happen. Penske auto sales tax on says David do you think that other than Korea they're just faking these injuries to get axed arrest. I think they're taking advantage of the extra rest these injuries are gonna bite. I don't wanna say faking. May be exaggerating. In an instance or to. Remember so this guy's got to get healthy C could start rests in a few of these guys who would be resting right now if everyone were healthy. Like Iguodala like David West like living stand these guys you wanna burn and both ends of the wick. Right before the playoffs start. But just like to see them all get back in that rhythm before the playoffs start it's it's it's so I'd I think we got it just agreed that. That's not gonna be an option distancing likened this whole you get practice dances together you know it's eagle straight to prop you better know the chop job before you get better. Which may see a little bit beyond just the nervous state I'm almost at the panic state. But they've been a prom before as a matter of fact they've been crowned prom king and they took home the hottest chick. And she made them breakfast the next morning like they have done this before. They really have done this before. What they haven't done it this year. And everyone's been recorded under the guise of well the dance really doesn't begin until the playoffs are here Sylvia don't wanna come out your tuxedo best. That's cool cause we know that when it starts. You're gonna be addressed to the nines and ready to go. I hope they're gonna be dressed. Nines ready to go like oh we've been taking dance lessons were set I just. I hope they are. I don't know how they're gonna ever sell regular season to a fan ever again. There really doesn't matter what happens at all the regular season everything can go wrong for an 82 game schedule that everyone can get her what about fifteen games left to play. And we still think everybody's ass and our NBA champions. Like if that happens. It's good and it's bad all the same time like there's a point here where they need to struggle just to show us where. Some of this matters some of these. Actual regular season matters just a little. Good news is that Quinn cook like I said. Wedge from. I don't know if he belongs out there are took only belongs out there real quick. He went from no confidence can't hit a shot to he's got confidence he's hit all kinds of shots. Andre Iguodala knocking down all kinds of shots that's good news. But no news really matters when you've gotten this much talent. Sitting out of the game because banged up and injured. We will see this we will see this. AD Bruce no girl makes breakfast after the prom you go to Jack in the Box Jack in the Box out what are the York. Maybe no girl makes you breakfast after the prom night and making it may Breck without the brown my eggs were ovaries the year. Eat breakfast and hopefully not Jack in the Box mean offense Jack in the Box but you know it's prom. Believe we can go a step above that writes for one night I mean I like the tech executive order or number I got to wrap this up at the O'Connell lodge. A. Not a big glass anyways. By the way it's as saying that I do not like it is a moniker that I've never applied to the Golden State Warriors but I know that. Someone has called this collection of talent the the Hampton five. The Hampton five great line at a Tim Roy introducing the game against the jazz the seagull that they Hampton inn five. They Hamptons in five that's ready and all the value can shake out of a bench. Hampton owns five thanks very very good Tim Roy lever genius. Dated 8957957. All more on this coming up I can promise you that. And much more on the NCAA. Once again proving itself. Out of touch and out of context. When it comes to what a sport. And what a student athlete really want need. Latest from the you've got to be kidding me NCAA file coming up here on 95 said in the game. Now back to sixteen and. 57 victory. But when it comes to crowning a Super Bowl champion. Normally go out you play game the best team wins but NA one game anything can happen scenario you never know what could really happen so it's. It feels like even if you have without a doubt the best team in a Super Bowl to save the you've gotten more than a coin flip chance. Is a little bit of a wishful thinking mentality. I don't think that there is a single sport Jian where the stars need to a wine more. Than in baseball. In baseball all the stars all the gods need to ban appease everything has to happen. Little intricate. Moments need to come together to crown yourself a World Series champion like the stars really do need dual line. For the NBA normally talent wins out. Massive upsets in eight taking out a one a a team coming out of nowhere to get to the conference finals. Usually doesn't happen. You can count against it happening. And beat very accurate data pretty much all the time. Let's say this about the warriors. When all hands are on deck and healthy they have the most talent in the room and normally that's enough to carry the equation. To the point where there's no reason to be worried. Talent outweighs woo all the stars are aligning. You could say the star reserve. Really aligned for the Houston Rockets. Their systems intact at the running it perfectly everybody's healthy they negotiated that schedule of death they're playing would. Gobs of confidence they are stars together are essentially unbeaten when they're all together. Like the stars are absolutely aligning for Houston if you can admit that you have to admit. That to this point. And it looks like now. Moving the finish line you know toll that the finish line when the warriors are gonna be good. Was always at the end of the regular season and now we have to move that back again it's going to be. After the first round that's one steps can really rejoin this team no one could argue. You can't argue that when healthy the warriors have the most talent no one could argue the stars are aligning for the Golden State Warriors. So I've got a guy here on the Penske auto sales tax I'm just saying. Paid Damon are you little worried about the warriors this year. The point where the stars are not even close to be in the line yes. Yes luckily for them and they do play in this shortened in the tournament where enough talent he's usually. The tiebreaker in all scenarios. And it carries the day. But. The stars are not even close to looking like they might be aligned for the warriors. It's not even. It did it you can't get all the stars that they have to will line inside of one constellation yet. There's a lot of star alignment that needs to happen. So from that. We go to this indulge me for just a moment because. I'm gonna talk about College Hockey in College Swimming. And if you'll stay will me I'm gonna bring it back to how ridiculous the NCAA is. When it comes to doing right by a sport played. By a majority of minorities. A majority of minorities that sounds like counter intuitive but. I'll say this. If you're playing hockey. Chances are you're white if you're playing college basketball or college football. Chances are. You're black or minority. It's not it's not an absolute truth but that's just. The majority of the ponds were swimming it. Local story. And certainly. Local girl made good Katie live decking. Is turning professional who is Karen Katie looked Jackie well if you've been under Iraqi below deck he is one of the greatest and most decorated American swimmers. Out there she is a five time gold medalist a fourteen time. World champion and she's the most marketable swimmer or an American not named Michael Phelps. By the way this is a story on Yahoo! Sports dot com. She is about to turn professionals a matter fact she made that decision today. And in doing so she's gonna be allowed to tap into the considerable endorsement and sponsorship opportunities as we build up to the 220 Olympics. It could mean millions of dollars to her you'd be crazy to not capitalize. On a millions of dollars opportunity. But it was a struggle for murder reached this decision she didn't necessarily want to she is a 21 year old just completed her sophomore season at Stanford. Where she won two individual college titles one relay title to help the cardinal to consecutive team championships. She plans to remain enrolled at the university. You'll continue to BA student athlete that Stanford the student part of the student athlete equation is true. She will continue to train with her old teammates her coaches at the Avery quad X at her she wants to continue to be a student athlete in to compete. But she also can't pass up all that money. Which begs they very simple question. Why does she have to choose. Why did she have to choose between the two. Would that he isn't giving up on college athletics as much as college athletics are giving up on her. In any sport. Let alone one desperate for star power and a draw for fans and media you'd think they'd want to have make like. White knuckle grip around the attraction more than they'd want a white knuckled grip around the concept and word an illusion of amateurism. What is it really bad if Katie wood deck he is such a standout performer that she gets an endorsement deal with Speedo. Is. Anyone else gonna be like on not gonna swim another lap in the pool unless I get an endorsement deal to what a difference between me and her. Well she's a five time Olympic champion that's the difference. She's got fourteen. World records. How many world records in Olympic medals do you have swimmer XY and Z in the pool. It's crazy. Why would anyone wanna kick Katie Lewis Dickey out of their organization. Gotta be crazy NCAA. And then it gets into the whole concept of amateurism where amateurism began and will get into that a little bit later on in the show. Because now I wanna commit to another story. About how when. We stopped. Think apply a little logic in the concept of fair to the equation the equation works out a lot better for some of these student athletes. This is from a couple weeks ago. Ryan did not know. They've just finished up his Harvard hockey career their season ended in an overtime loss. That happened on a Friday and by Monday he was skating his very first professional shift for the Boston Bruins. In less than 72 hours he went from I'm a College Hockey player who unprofessional hockey player now how did that happen. While the Bruins. Drafted this kid did not go back in 2014. But unlike. Basketball. And the NFL which as soon as you're drafted means your amateur status is revoked and you can't skate again you can. Still continue to play College Hockey. The same way that you can get drafted by team and still continue to play College Baseball. This is not uncommon. It's a system and it works it sounds bizarre when it's viewed in the context of basketball. Like imagine the Andre Eitan. Getting drafted in 2017. But being allowed to play year in Arizona anyways and now the wildcats get bounced from the tournament he immediately joined the team that drafted him. Late in the season to start developing him. Like why wouldn't that be allowed why shouldn't that be allowed. It certainly works for these kids playing hockey. It looks like these kids warplane in the NBA in in the NHL. Or in the NFL. They don't have this opportunity. And it's ridiculous. What the NBA is renewing its procedures says this story including the elimination of the one and done rule for draft eligibility the problem is age old. This is a sport that far too often eats its young talent. There are different rules for different sports though. Not merely in how the NCAA in the NHL do it but even how the NCAA does it not every student athlete is treated the same. Do not was drafted by Boston in June of 2014. When he was eighteen. It after your prep school and another year in junior hockey he enrolled in Harvard where he played for his father. The Bruins retain did not those rights all along meanwhile NCAA rules allowed drafted hockey players to maintain their college eligibility. As long as they haven't signed a contract which he didn't. Additionally hockey players are allowed to reach any sport agent to negotiate with a professional team as long as they don't receive any of the benefits from the agent. All the been valuable career advice and potential contract negotiations. Imagine if this were available to college basketball football players. The entire system would be radically different and certainly more fair to that kid. The NCAA comes in and screws up everything. Yeah like all the time it really does did not know got to enjoy a system that was open upfront and honest. If you are kid playing college basketball or college football you get the opposite of that. You get a system that is built to pounce on. And destroy you should you've taken a bad advice the wrong advice made the wrong choice. You get pilloried. From making a leap of faith where and other sports there's no penalty at all as a matter of fact very standard. It's time to do something different. This piece in Yahoo! wraps up says. This isn't some theory that needs to be tested. This has been in practice for years. The NHL isn't as big of a businesses the NBA in the NFL but it's still big business. Did not know is about one of a 109. The NHL draft picks who are playing College Hockey this winter. That number includes 101. Round picks. It's working fine. And it they're right by those kids there are minimal problem trying. There is zero scandal being attached. In its time. Officially for other sports to do this. So you don't have to take. A true bona fide student athlete like Katie wood deck he can throw her out of your DM university pool. So you can pretend. That she's not. A gloomy global brand. To leading capitalized on in the capitalist society. Think when you won that I Leahy would want her to stay there and swim forced to bird look let me let me ask you quick question. Name a single swimmer at cal name a single swimmer at another school. In America. Name a single person man or woman in the pool right now. Thank you. And Kate feel the deck he's got to go now. Seems backwards. It is so stupid. It is so stupid. From the Penske auto sales dot com Tex wants is Damon is get country doesn't care about kids all it cares about is old rich white guys getting more money. I'm not gonna argue with you. Your painting with a really big broad brush. But I absolutely look at this and have to nod my head someone says Damon does race have anything to do with this. How about this would be naive to say race had nothing to do it. Not when you look at the differences of baseball and hockey vs the NFL and NBA means it's pretty obvious it's crazy we'll have much more on this. As we roll along through this afternoon by the way you're listening in 957 the game KG MZ and HD once every Cisco.