DB Show - 1 - Dray techs, Jimmy G Presser, QB's $$, Anthony Slater

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, February 9th


Happy Friday on the DB Show! Warriors win, but not without Draymond picking up another technical, Damon recaps the Jimmy Garoppolo press conference, is joined by Anthony Slater (Warriors reporter The Athletic), and plays sound from Jed York from after the presser. 


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To be here. I'm just gonna come clean. About a 400 to 600 milligrams showed today wow yeah okay I gotta fight it in. I got a Valium. I got muscle relax ears and I'm feeling good for the first time all week it's been awhile I've had some serious back issues flaring up. Madison may be nice Rush Limbaugh got huge ratings and did some of his best work totally smackdown on oxy. I think we can get through the next four hours and we got a great show Korea and even if it isn't or can fake it. Got some really good bulletin is guest list today Anthony Slater at the bottom of the hour we're gonna get into warriors get back in the win column last night so wasn't that clean beautiful sexy he. A runaway win that we're kind of used to around here but that's gonna happen sometimes given to rant spoke to that after the game we're gonna go through a lot of sound there. It is a Friday Joseph four Boston pop I'm in at 4 o'clock today always love when Joseph stops by for low for embossed Friday. 5 o'clock hour can't shake a stick at this Steve Kerr 5 o'clock Jerry Rice 530. And bon Temps is gonna join us tonight also at 6 o'clock Jerry comes to us courtesy. Really have a nice little meaning that we had last night he was the honorary chairman. Of the guards in sports auction would we had last night it was fantastic LBG. Both in attendance you'll great last night by the way you look they still a fan Q hi in anti. I its warehouse about that if you can clean it up when he asked him out. My wife looked great last night she brought him cleavage outlook fantastic. I mean this is a really really good look at event it was a lot of fun we had a great time and Jerry Rice got up on stage and killed. He tell that he was so funny killed. He was so funny he was so loose he was fantastic talking about old forty niners stories Dancing With The Stars stories. I asked them what was a harder to get the footwork down bill Walsh's offense or like the paso boldly swing yeah and didn't and a modem to lose stars. He was just DH he could not have been nicer to the entire room anyone wanted to pitcher with a news generous gregarious it was. As fantastic. Aid chairman as we've ever had for the event it was a really really good thirtieth anniversary of the event and I really thank him for coming on out and he's gonna join us today were really looking forward to that it's gonna be a good one so the warriors recovered. From another slow start last night mavericks were up ten after one quarter. Game was tied at sixty at bat in your thinking this is a lowly Dallas team c'mon man this is our. This is something that's got to get a little bit better ending got a little bit better as usual when that third quarter started the warriors came out refocused after halftime stuff curry finish 120 point eight says seven rebounds. Kevin Durant had 249. And four assists also two blocks. Drain on green had a good line twelve points ten rebounds six assists two blocks two steals and one that. Technical foul. I mean. They're looking for they're looking big they're looking to blow a whistle I mean it's it's one thing. A sink to the rest have been out for you it's another entirely to know the rest have been out for you. Adrenaline I'm telling you. You have the shortest leash in the NBA a simple flick of a dismissive wrist is gonna picky while the T. Other players will be able to get away would that it's called Pryor's. I don't know if any view was Goodman bald no legal system. Chances are if you've got popped for something the very first time you might even get out of it right because you don't have breyer's. You got Pryor's man that's when they start focus in on you. That's when the authority looks for you. When you got friars and dream on greens got Pryor's. That he seems to think had nothing to do win the next technical foul but he seems to pick up GI was very tongue in cheek when I said that he would probably pick up just 3000 get suspended before Valentine's Day only two left now. It's only two left now. He leads the league with fourteen the warriors have 47 technical fouls so far in the season Bob Myers just talked to the team about keeping it cool dry among god finds fifty grand yesterday a total 149. 149000. Dollars on the season. Guys just before it. You don't even have to try to get attacked they want to hand you want. Now I'll just say you can. You can worry about what's fair you can say that it's unfair do you you can complain you can say you don't get it all you want. Look man. Feel free to participate in observable reality. Stop complaining about everything. You wore on the ref Rees hit list and you put yourself there. So you know you can you can either you can either get right. You're either getting better you're getting worse there is no stay in the same. Drain mons attitude. Is getting worse and it's all they're out to get me. There's a victim complex going on there as if he is completely. Not responsible for his own actions or how he reacts to anything. I've seen dream on green the last four years not agree with a single call the ever won against him he is never committed a foul and an NBA game as far as he's concerned. Never happened. There's never been ones where he's like yup you got me that was me on the wrist senate no line for two. When you complain about everything you're really complaining about nothing. Now this squeaky wheel gets the grease. And you're the squeaky wheel in the NBA. You're too good for this you're too talented for this Tom Izzo tried to have an intervention Bob Meyers tried to have an intervention Steve courage tried to have an intervention. I mean it's. Gonna change to get better. Or you gonna continue to release socket one aspect of your career on some when he asked to take responsibility because it affects every one at that point ensured us. Sure does this is bigger than just you. Jimmy drop below obviously. Signed that big deal yesterday he was introduced today with the 49ers in we're gonna. Have some of the sound and that press conference coming up in just a little bit you know it's a front loaded deal. To very Smart deal for the 49ers to put out they got a ton cap space this year yet Jamie is upfront money. A little bit easier to work with cap a little bit later run in the contract. There are all sorts of escape clauses in this contract to it's not nearly as loose as Colin Capp the next was but. You know worst case scenario. If it didn't work out forty niners to still walk away now will bed and expensive miscalculation because he got a lot of money coming up fast. Yes it will bend but it's the right gamble to take. Have you big poker player champ Asher. Has. I'll be big poker player a little bit. Alina you're probably dealing three card money in the hallway during commercial breaks out at some of the recent blackjack deck the so. When you're playing poker. You can play hand perfectly. And still loose. You walk away with satisfaction knowing that that was just hey that was a bad beat. You know I got caught on the river. Everything was going good the flop they did they turn the turn and then the river card trekking got me. I played my hand right go I was doing the calculations the odds were in my favor and collegiate sometimes get burned. On the river. The river is the last car by the wind comes up in Texas hold. And if things did not go well with Jimmy drop below let I. I don't expect that to happen I think they found their diet I think that this is going to work. If for whatever reason it doesn't work out. The niners can say that they played this right. They did play just right dead all the best intentions they really. You know days sometimes. Are really good bet. Can be a loss that's just the reality gambling man is that this is truth then and the 49ers. Have without a doubt made a good bet. And whether or not it hits. Or misses they played their hand correctly. No franchise. Get this guy in get this guy happy to get this guy comfortable let the entire locker room know. This is the star of the show for the next five years get on that guys page. This guy is reading rainbow. Get honest page. Lavar Burton got nothing on Jimmy the problem. John Lynch is no trend bulky Trent might step lightly here. 49ers made a huge commitment and we will see how it pays off Marty looking forward to beginning. Up next baseball are of more money toward baseball since I'm Marty looked forward to getting an ex football season I really am. We're not even a handful of days passes Super Bowl I already miss it started on do more. You know it's funny. A lot of people looked at Derrick car's contract when it came out and people weren't gassed then they see what happened with the Rob Lowe now. Even though Derek Karr had a stepped backwards a little bit season last year. His contract. Already looks fantastic. In terms of what the going rate for quality quarterback plays in this league. The raiders really played their cards right a lot of people thought that they overextended mirror. They are already. Getting value. Out of Derrick car based on the reset of go rob Lowe's contract on the reset Stafford contract on the huge deals that you know Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan are about to walk into I mean it's. It makes sense. What seemed like a ridiculous sticker price today is a Groupon tomorrow. Really is. Groupon still think I think so I get emails on this and still fat it is okay nice. It's like a dozen donuts friends someone with a good dozen for the price of that nice what a deal. We're gonna talk clue about Kyle Shanahan being their quarterback whisper how he needs to continue whisper every thing. Everything that he knows about this position and Jimmy's here we used to. Whisper to Jim easier don't call it San Fran it's a lesson that he hasn't quite learned yet we'll have that for you a little bit later on we gotta fund Friday show we're thrilled for you to be apart a bit aided 89579570. Is the number. The biggest 5 o'clock hour you could ask for Steve Kerr is going to be here Jerry Rice is gonna be here choice for the boss gonna be hanging out with us. Anthony Slater comes up at 330 will get deep in the warriors this is a good 18 on one that's good show Frida. Star vacation with. Us on Monday your boy is out. Two weeks it's gonna be good time Philly upon all the details. Joe's stone crabs is in my future's looking forward to that we'll be forty years from you welcome to the Damon Bruce show and if I said in the game. On my team myself. At the risk of sounding callous and or try to Gionta. If you what is sold. Only two stabbings coming out of the Super Bowl celebration in Philadelphia to Philadelphia PD before the whole thing started they would of bought it did twice the price. Giving that was 300 like they didn't. There there should have been more pop only do stabbings tears stabbing you in one officer was assaults and that's nothing that's golf Thursday where I'm from. That's no big deal some of the video coming out a feeling I mean it's it's it's exactly what I expected hard. Did Al he's scared to separate out he's got this video that he got off a bar stool that we tried to figure out how we can play it for you the answer is we cannot play at forty not clear it's just the most. Still see thing you've ever seen and it's glorious in its spectacular in every way and it's just so old. It's so. East Coast media had broad testing here really is a lot that I love it I used to know guys like that I got really I used to be that guy. That's crazy if you think about Demi doesn't really exist but it is and there are so many. Oh yeah. Going nuts. Here's attacks on Tuesday and is in excellent free lawyer on vacation I know Chris Thompson's life and got all next week after that we did we never look further than a week down the road and in radio this is how the business goes up it's Tony week one week to dvd video all Jian all the time. Yeah I'm good at that nobody's got hot box club seats and today church that day. Heard nothing special about the CD could well show right there. I have all been told I needed for enemy you really don't. Don't worry I got I I will hold down the floor lawyer not well look at it this way I really don't care who's hosting you know your insurer drawn god damn right I'm. Hello I'm gone John is in charge to Glasser. Good news I think for raider fans and leave it to Jimmy garage bloating and raiders fans good news an interesting story written by our pal Scott Bair. Over on NBC sports dot com you don't Condit. Comparing contrasting the deals someone will say how do you pay a guy he's only started seven NFL games more than this guy who read before it broke his ankle looked like a series MVP candidate and then. Obviously regressed last year. His fault not his fault coaching fault offensive line all receivers fault there's a million excuses into why the raiders didn't go well last year Derek is part of them. So Scott broke this down you know it's a five year 125 million dollar deal for Derek forty million fully guaranteed seven million guaranteed for injury and car was fine wood good all day you know we got paid he reset the quarterbacking market. And that is a favored every one is hit in his position group and obviously Jimmy garrote blow was able to take advantage of the new market the Derrick cars deals at. It also left a little wiggle room for the raiders to go and sign Gabe Jackson last off season. Cars 25 million dollar take was last season's highest title that impacted his perception. During a season that didn't go well for the raiders a lot of people thought ought he's choking on his paycheck. That wasn't dirt problem. I think Derrick is thrilled to be getting paid like this but money is not as motivate her and I don't think it'll ever be anchored it drags him down I don't think Derrick is the kind of guy who thinks about the commas in the zeros in the dollar amount analyst he's standing in the bank. It doesn't define you and it's not who we is I don't think the weight of the contract crumbled. Derek Carr I thought it was the weight of a poorly coached offense and team was coordinated wrong it didn't go well and we all Saud we all we all know what happened. So we got paid a ton last summer and there's little argument against it. That is now the going rate for NFL quarterbacks. You know contract values are only going up and just look around the league. Evidence is all around you Alex Smith just signed an extension that had us do two hours laughing and it when he did it. Couldn't believe it the 49 issue of pay go Rob Lowe king's ransom five year buck 37 and a half. Our 37 pass in new cool way to say a 137 and a half million dollars I guess. 74 million in guarantees ninety million in cash for the first three years why. Man you can absolutely almost ranch in San Mateo get paid like that almost almost. For guy with seven NFL starts. Kirk cousins you know he's about to sign a big deal and you know the Green Bay is you know but really pay Aaron Rodgers huge. And our friend Scott bear makes an incredibly important point at the end of this saying you know quarterback pay is not related. The league's best. It is nothing to do with where you even are in the quarterbacking rankings what your quarterback you might be. This is all about leverage in timing. And by the way so much of what do you do in business it's all about leverage and timing you know this you don't need an agent to know that when you're. Boss is storming around the office angry about something so bad time to ask for race. You gotta timing. Is what life is all about if you have poor timing your life's gonna be harder than the person was great timing. And that's what this market is all about the timing and the time. Was perfect for Jimmy drop below. And the situation he fell into was perfect for him. Are Powell. Scott bear goes on to finish saying even if cars played drops significantly. Which it won't. Or even if he doesn't mesh with Jon Gruden which by the way were all betting on he will. The raiders can still get out of his deal and 2019 for just a seven and a half million dollar cap hit. The raiders have budgeted well under Reggie McKenzie and they're fully prepared to pay colonial Mack a massive extension which is clearly earned it that's likely after this off season. So pretty interesting stuff there how these whole things really you know they're not connected their independent of each other but they're very much connected. When you look at just the landscape the market price. Getting into the particulars of Jimmy Caan Jimmy drop blows contract. It's stunning. John I've never signed anything in your life and someone just hand you a check for seven million dollars now but I am looking forward to that day signing bonus next contract had happened. His roster bonus. If Jimmy is on the roster. Like his chances. 28 million dollar guaranteed roster bonuses based salary is six point two million dollars is work out bonus of 600 grand. His per game roster bonus. Is eight K or excuse me 800000. Dollars so in year one when you add it all together. He's getting paid 42 point six million dollars. Isn't 192019. Salary based goes to seven point 2000007 half of that which is guaranteed at signing. Roster work out bonuses 600000 dollars per game roster bonus 800000 dollars. For 2019. He's gonna make eighteen point six million to two years total of 61 point two million. Ten million more than he would have received if he had been franchised. Two straight times. It's a staggering contract. It their all our little bits of exit. You know he's got roster bonus is guaranteed being on the roster they can they basically at the end of three seasons if this doesn't go right. They can walk away. The price tag of what will cost them 86 point four million dollars which is a huge price to pay for a mistake. In year three if this is going well. 86 point four million dollars is nothing for a franchise quarterback. What what you think the average quarterback is gonna get paid. In 20/20. And 121. In 20/20 two. It's just gonna go up up up up up up but there's no going down a solid movie tickets get you whatever you paid today to get into the movie you're gonna go see is the cheapest ticket you'll ever body get to a movie for the rest your life ticket prices don't come down. Your favorite band isn't on the big tour. I bet you cost more to go see him this summer than it did last so I'm sure that's just the way it works. Tex lines says you know I wish they could pay teachers firefighters cops stupid money like that for doing a real job. And there is no doubt that would be utopia that would be great. Unfortunately there is no teacher firefighter or cop who can draw. About fifteen to twenty million to a television sets. You know I it's just it's it's the reality. I think big rock blow. Is gonna live up to this contract. I really do. Because this contract as much as it seems like today it's gonna take one Aaron Rodgers signature could take one Matt Ryan signature. No I don't we've got Jimmy first home. That SO when expensive. I'll tell you what will be expensive for Jimmy. He doesn't learn the jargon of the land we tried to help on and we talked a lump when he signed with the niners. You know I'm excited for the opportunity come into San Fran and the other senator Claire furlough overweight now. I'll get more more acclimated to come like that. That's good agents to help you reclamation. It's always San Francisco it's never San Fran and I'll ask you early yeah YY camp or not temporary. Well it's just it's it's a city so pretty that it deserves your full attack is solidly and like no wouldn't know Boston local ever called it Beantown you know. Darker part it's one of those I think more than anything else there's a debate whether or not San Fran is acceptable I think no under it let's say you met Saint Francis himself you wouldn't be like. Yeah okay. San Fran what's up. Unless you are and unless you were absolutely tiger right about that. That's who does pretty good comeback and get facility and lesser title with a Saint Francis in which case may be your first name's Fran level. Very good very you know what can you do there but say Touche. Touche sir. Damon if prices don't go down. What is happening in baseball. What baseball. And football are two totally different things different economies. Once a cap sport the other has no cap. Yeah. It's just it's you in one neat isn't like the other. There will never be. A down market for quarterbacks remember there are a whole lot a lot of baseball players. There are. 32 professional NFL quarterbacks and of those 32 you're lucky as twelve are really good. So this is always going to be a high price premium position is the most important in glamorous position and all of us. And all north American sports it truly is specially the niners QB especially. The niners quarterback position. Today everyone was very happy to see the Penn go to paper John Lynch. Says he wants everybody. To start looking at San Francisco is an up and coming team and a team you should check out lawyer taken freeagent tires. Portfolio where all the work that we have. This is a big piece. But one of the reasons this was the urgency if there was something for us it's and then the free agency is a big deal. It's 75 degrees and sunny outside to get this guy who won. We wanna become a destination where everyone wants to be. We've got a long way to go. It is a nice day he's right about that it's been gorgeous. By this week Israel against wrong from the entire Bay Area beautifully at fourteen days of no rain I'll take it sold. Absolutely sold. Hale or your interviews abroad to buy JB LB officials sound of the warriors were very how Peta was happy to welcome back. From the athletic and Denise later here on 957. Game got back into the win column last night but you know what it was another slow start they still have sixteen turnovers. Even with the wind it still feels like the funk that this team is in right now Anthony. Is sort of defining moments whatever was talking about when he gay men's these days. Yes you know in the second half what date they won the game by making wishing they won the second half by eighteen. Any you know they're scripted strike a blow it now they are explainer incursion portrait will they couldn't yesterday. I'm delighted I think you gotta be encouraged. By the defense in the second half by the fact that Furrey who I think had he called lock up incredible January he was good to rent was good. But he had a purse Sapp put 5060 into bad member team they were. Minus ten in the first quarter yesterday which means they're now I get in the fourth first quarter on feet which is great young you gotta start on a barbecue for all sorts. Supposed to have a deep bench and they're getting outscored in the first quarter this year the Al wild but. You know wolf we'll know more tomorrow from the Fed defeated spurt team coming here that you know the spurs are going to be. You know they don't quiet but they're going to be focused in that prepared it and how to order a. Straight month played well last night he filled out the box score like he normally does Anthony but his wallet is getting lighter by the day. And he needs to kind of like. Just just. Detect which way the wind is blowing. And a wink or smile. At an official might get him teed up he is playing in a different rule book then the rest of the league and it's time for him to acknowledge it or get suspended. Once he hit sixteen which could happen before Valentine's Day. Yeah oh look he's not gonna acknowledge it because we've seen climbing get your picture during war and beat these I don't between it. I think of him against rafter really can get the NBA Inky you band to weigh in the decision maker. Just have almost reached the boiling point. And it's not operating he's gotten a lot about the check you're gonna get rejected a couple time but I think the pushing it. After the first technical so. He's got to get the better out there words are really concern himself for the registry economic he should connect picnic being checked for over 200000 dollar structure that he get to fifteen technical making actually over there a lot more money but. Actual arrest there are the warriors are concerned that that matter. Where I think you need to be worried he's had good ride in the playoffs you'd think. I only get harder for him to keep his emotions come playoff Tommy he obviously had a history of you know. Pushing mid delivered too far in and you're coughing or draw awaited title back in picking so. They're they're concerned. What seemed look at what happened complex geometry got a truck and group argued it thick mop the cork. Alec you can knew her anyway Brooke you know he definitely have to let it cool at some point naturally humble out. It's it's just. Tell you what we talk about his basketball IQ all the time and how Smart the player he is and how he's like a free safety out there calling defensive plays running everything. And for a guy who's so Smart about the NBA and how to play basketball this is a major major. Think in his armor I mean if it. It in the history of the league Antony in your history covering the league player X. Vs the NBA player X is never one. Yeah except great archival bullied at trump makes him good in beauty tried to bully people lit you know. Can't really be bullied admit that like you can't fill out their goalie Rick reed in trouble again get that day at the end of the state that you're not playing game three tomorrow. Are you a beta that we want to do it he did. He doesn't seem to want to you know all of mine and you know there is very respectable all about back but the problem is at this point. Can they don't got to persecution complex about it worked. Everyone against them and every technical about called strip that there had been questionable tactic seat but he had brought a lot of it on himself. And a lot a lot of had a feeling you got away we're technical probably probably should've gotten this because if the rough recalled everyone that he argued you have what like 35 this season so. Eight. But you try explain to me I'm sure you know I can't wait while I'm not sure curt fired into it on him and we're gonna have to wait and see the maturity level there where there are a race you. Anthony's Slater of the athletic you're on 957 the game by the way we do it Steve Kerr joining us at 5 o'clock and we'll talk more about -- on in the tax and the whole team is just paying way too much attention to officials. Here's a few questions that Steve Kerr won't answer. When he comes on with us and that is players who were still part of other rosters I saw. Marco Belinelli bought out by the hawks today is there a possible reunion with Golden State may be in the works I've heard his name kicked around a computer from places when it comes to returning to warriors. Yeah eight not gotten you to mitigate got to go after maybe even go perfect future tech route pick four but. You know I guess. Yeah that it can't they never pre but it Marco Belinelli joy just. Apparently rumored to be a lot of in that community spurs he might a pretty good fit that under really in the market for another winning. Whether that Joseph dark and Belinelli had I heard their rumored to get be you know work for Tony Allen. To maybe that takes them off the board but. The rockets I know are out there looking girl weighing I think Joseph Johns who'd been liquor into the picture with my debt only but. You know I think the word go get somebody in the buyout market now think it's gonna be a winning score tied Bono is quite a better shooter out there. I'd like Joseph Johnson if you wanna come there but I'll Woolsey and I admire that it is the choice of big guy who suddenly has become a free agent and the warrior while they can get there I think we probably offered a better chance at a title they may not be able off of the playing time that are under rocket can't combat in Iraq. Yeah I forget about the all star game draft that we all wanted to see happen live on TV. Because the Cleveland Cavaliers just basically hosted their own pick up game on trading day. It's the LeBron invitational who's been invited to come play with the kings who has been asked to leave I have never seen a roster turned Dover and rebuilt like this on any trade deadline day. I doubt you had either the what is happening in Cleveland is sort of unprecedented don't you think. Yeah I think that that the last team to trade six players on trade deadline they want the cavaliers back to go to eight culminate Kirk desperately trying to keep LeBron back then. Before you want to be a blessing to do it like this and they basically. Undid their entire summer I mean Jae Crowder had their Thomas were in that. The Boston deal wade was obviously one of their big pick out. Cheney cry from the other guys I mean it's. It's wild but I mean at the end of the day can really paid. Hacks that video pretty good job you know. The only way that third in new disasters of what they did was open up out by taking Jordan crop art should contact maybe reopen a pathway for LeBron to get one of Max contract from the lakers this summer. But I think in the short term. That he was a rotten from the inside out. It would be it's becoming clear they're GM you and so you actually hit Iran must slow march towards death. I don't really felt that way and united comet. All the stuff he was saying publicly. I can just such a bad Clayton were nine and trying hard. I didn't don't think these new piece is common in promote the dot com uninsured get not eat. But at least we know when we walked the cavaliers tomorrow Larry Nance who don't refinery outage 25 years old righty could be kind of interesting piece on the wane well bronze probably going to be a lot more motivated and some of the younger guys around them. And there are a lot more interesting in it I felt like it was a 10% chance they came out east yesterday and now I'll be right back got a bit. So and Giuliani was Lou what lured them better going through the hell that they're going through right now. Or keeping eight wish I got traded carrier ring against his well I Medicare carrier ring trade is is one of the worst I've seen looking at what you know really they turned higher rear earning ended Jordan Clarkson. Kind of. Yeah I'm meat while they I mean I think. It need to be judged in about five years if you would they do with the Brooklyn ticket I mean it's James Harden deal. I was terrible for the underwrite way that The Daily Show you lamb who turn out terrible. One year Kevin Martin and they also the twelfth overall pick which you know that's not good right we get to dig out twelve overall pick Stephen out of one of the best center in Little League so I that book and they can still. Make that carry Irving trade not just caught a complete disaster but that it currently looks yeah I would terrible but at a credit to Kobe Altman. He realized his mistake yesterday and he didn't try to take this thing that their client they you know I got out of the atomic and I got Crowder and they're gonna work out. He kind of said hey that was not there to build those were not the right players they have not fit in here at all. I looked at least turn them into something else. Andy Slater from the athletic. He covered the Oklahoma City Thunder before coming out here to cover. Kevin Durant the warriors and is a guy who knows okay see inside and out. If you look at them now till know against the warriors win loud wins this season over the warriors. Are they built. Better to beat the warriors now. Then when they were up 31 in the Western Conference finals. No because Kevin Durant and on the other side the market you know that was. That was the team that probably should be awarded about you know there were better than them in this period that they led the exact. Ground that work up on how deep they go and out that would happen which is when one of the first few. I angled debate pounded them against your former up big in game six about take that they own or quite content just erupted. This working with I mean this standard team. Without derail an obvious to Paul George seven in the rebel warriors they were still be not the favorite and regular series start mark. But they are built well let's argue look around the league you'd say what what kind of team. Give the warriors struggle look at the physical team that hasn't been announced. I'm not pound the black what were obviously a point guard he just a dynamo the kind of control. An apology or direct get ten field and do you know to get the warriors just fine how ideal standard by cornerback picked up those lady borders after he's been the -- under rent not the patent no longer physical defenders who want to get direct trouble at times. Then in the rockets in the right now it if either of them are playing their Koppel watching both whom we give out the word pretty good series come out come that. Follow him on Twitter at Anthony V Slater the V stands for victory of course thank you very much Anthony goods aren't you. Yeah. Always good dad Anthony Slater on from the athletic. I tell you man with a Oklahoma City really being the team that looks like it's a threat to the warriors all due respect to Houston. That's an interesting synopsis of of who they are and what they got now and look you know obviously the team that has Kevin Durant feels like it's better but this team feels like it is negated the fact that the warriors that Kevin Durant at two games they've played. This year. And there is no doubt zero doubt. That the Oklahoma City wanna beat the warriors in the regular season more than the warriors wanna beat the thunder. Something's got to change come playoff time obviously a that they will 889579570. Is the number at your calls coming up Joseph Morton ball around 4 o'clock today we're looking forward to that. And how about this thanks to our man. John Dickinson who at his boots on the ground down in Santa Clara we got some Jan York sound. About Jimmy droplet assure you next you're not if a sudden the game. I just a little bit our pal Joseph foreign laws in a pop on in and hang out with us for little fourteen ball Friday. Yesterday we're talking about stuff. How the best thing for jet and the best thing judge Bjork couldn't do during the Jimmy arrival of press conference. Is attendance. Don't participate in it. And he didn't he wasn't on the dais I mean give it here's the thing what we're word. We're not crushing drain money Greenville were angry dream my dream because he's not learning his lessons. He doesn't. Learn from past mistakes he doesn't file that into a little like okay. I see now that's gone in the past maybe I need to adjust where my who were I am. Jed York laying in the reads. That's good. It's good that he is an up front trying to victory lap everything even went as far as to tell our. Pal John Dickinson and a little media scrum after the press conference. Not part of the TV show not part of the day is not part of the announcement but he was of course they're. So of course people in the media goes talked team owner when you can. Here's what Jed York had to say. And it's a different sounding Jed York. We can't celebrate. Today I mean this isn't the celebration there this is this the beginning of a lot of hard work. Okay and that's what I'm a better bottom instead we get back to working OK here we have a chance to the world we wanna go. But it's only gonna get there if we put in the work and all of these guys would. You learn and Lauren inject your three years ago is celebrating today. Maybe the downturn that the 49ers talk maybe the silver lining in that cloud. Is lessons have been learned. And if if jedi these. Not waiting for results now instead of declaring. And the best organization you know before before anything is even happened. That's good that's good this is a man who is learned. It was Eaton is humble pie. You know I'm out in public places his work ethic and his leadership ability to get it on anybody a lot of good results. We don't have as all right now we visited and even they didn't need to get better and needs. I think you have a lot of guys are willing to work every single day. Yes. Yes that's the right there are. Correct. That's good. That's good general went on talking about how they didn't wanna put Jimmy in a bad situation. Yeah we didn't see him play and I know a lot of people wanted to you can place sooner than what did. We didn't wanna put him in a bad situation early on but we knew that we need to have a quarterback if you wanna have sustained success in this league. Yeah yeah. You know you can get it had been here at the franchise number that's what it's going forward we knew that we need to make sure we did everything you can get that position right. Next thing you know people are talking about our show when when they played rock blow when they played rock look he can't be the person who buys a pretty designer candle never buys it appears the type person who buys it expensive bottle wine and never drinks it never liked the whole point of getting a new big cool thing is you hit. And so they threw Jimmie did the walls and and Jimmy the walls. The walls canady Jennings. What more she Jed York. I wanna make sure that I have people that are around us that they feel the same way that I do about this. Then they're gonna happen everything that they have in this condition and that is where we need and knowing Kyle and knowing John Nolan. We'll dig around them and I feel really good about this group. Again there's there's a lot of work on. John Lynch meanwhile he was of course on the dais and he's talking about. Look at that scene in Philadelphia we want one just like it. There was a parade in Philly yesterday and that's where we wanted to be. And so we have a lot of work a lot of our players back here and you know I think when you watch those things understand. That we have. That's where we wanna go we have a lot of work to get there. But we feel like this is a big piece from day one when Kyle and I started having conversations. How we all know this positions he if you don't have one you looking for more we feel like we've got our guys out. Said so you have your franchise quarterback to never ever stop looking for your franchise quarterback and even when you do have franchise quarterback you know how quickly everything can change mislead everyone is one corny CL away from missing a big amount of time. Any hints you know. Eagles are perfect example of that. Carson once they found their franchise quarterback and they went out still hadn't. Nick Cole says they're back up plan. Who worked. And one of the things Jerry Rice spoke about last night. And you know greatness recognizes greatness Jerry Rice who has played. With quarterbacks who have had some of the greatest Super Bowl games of all time Montana Ron Amadon. Rich Gannon was no slouch she's not the reason they lost that Super Bowl you know and did come up in giving a speech on on on our day is went back to his seat and then got back up out of his seat to talk a little bit about the Super Bowl and how. Truly. Great and perfect a game nick full played. It was very cool to see Jerry Rice. Acknowledging that I can't even imagine. What knicks bulls would have felt like if he had heard that. Good compliment from some Yahoo!. That's nice to hear boy what does that really mean a compliment from Jerry Rice I mean got a phone call from Jerry Rice left Randy Moss in pierce. So. You know that guy has a bouquet of flowers Fauria you you take it when you smell. It yeah definitely a big compliment for thankful. Meanwhile. You John Lynch talking about how he wants at Philadelphia parade. I got a guy saying they Damon in the niners won where would the parade beat O they would have to come back to San Francisco like tourists. To have a parade there's no one's going to Santa Clara for parade what do you do. March past would oracle headquarters. In the lead by stadium. There is no parade down there nor borrower jab that there's no assembly there's no gathering points. Santa Clair is more of an idea that is an actual city. And no disrespect Sinclair your wonderful but there's still called the San Francisco 49ers right. So they would ought to hop in their movers are either Greyhound buses are good that they. I think they figure out and get a map you're pretty easily cal trans Lara I was beaten cal train out they get up here. Maybe just cavity SFO and hop barred from there you go onto tape parking in the city for a lot of guys. Smart there is a greased polls on market street joking here that I'm not gonna tell. Because I'm classy post that would be an 800 milligram joke only on 600 milligrams that I. How do and so far. You're great I love I love the fact that you're feeling better need to. Need to first time I hadn't been like. Gritting my teeth level in pain in the week. I actually had all my muscle relax years and everything from the doctor yesterday but because I had to go emcee that event I didn't take any third power through Damon Caro. Her. He plays hurt. Now he plays happy. They're somewhat rocky McCormack called me America every. Ready to go god America. 889579570. Is the number. And whatever comes to helping kids who need a little help the mall about this Wyman Guardsmen on the senior guards in the now African all night just Garza and a senior Guardsmen. But not 57 in game. Presents something that is also fantastic when it comes to helping out at risk Bay Area youth net is partnering with the Bay Area sports hall of fame. I really liked Bayer sports hall of fame today show off auction is now on 95 cent in the game and an all star fly away experience is gonna be one of the prices that were offering. It's an NBA all star weekend in LA roundtrip airfare hotel stay tickets to the game plus you and three guests are gonna get to golf at the Olympic club. On the lake course for goodness sakes followed by dinner with Rick Berry. Hamas and bidding starts Tuesday February 13 at 7 AM all proceeds go to Bay Area sports hall of fame helping at risk kids for more information. You can visit 957 the game dot com. I like that's good that's a good partnership right there absolutely helping kids man helping kids can't help themselves. Kids were born in the bad situations. Are just putting the bad situations. That's why wanna help. Helping with the Guardsmen and they do a lot of suffered sure do GAAP. And then based off to sound decision here one of our keynote speakers to kids from mom. From Russia. Got up last snow told the story about being a shy in the green struggling with the language in going out to can't Mendocino and the Boys and Girls Club which guards and always partnered with gave him. Leadership skills and confidence and it was just it's wonderful to see that the effort you put in. Really changes some kids licensed it's its tremendous. Tremendous stuff some more about. Yeah it did this power when you see it it's powerful you know you wanna do it more when you see it you really do. It's gotta like Joseph foreign ball when he sees you just yard Demi Moore that.