DB Show - 1 - Donskoi & Sharks win, Ichiro retiring, Tim Bontemps, Whitten MNF, Matt Ryan $$

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Thursday, May 3rd
The DB Show is pumped because not only did the Sharks even the series last night, but our guy Donskoi chipped in with a score, Jed Lowrie continues his hot streak, the Jazz steal one in Houston and all of a sudden the Rockets don't look so invincible, Damon discusses Ichiro announcing his retirement, is joined by National NBA writer for the Washington Post, Tim Bontemps, Damon thinks Jason Whitten is taking easy mula street to MNF, Mike Francesa's return to WFAN, and Matt Ryan gets PAAAAAAAID. 

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When that happened last night I knew exactly out today show was going to go. How are you doing to hollow out very fine it Don school aid to all of you. Hey Sox fans learned a dunce like me. Got outscored ball boys to get back when we face down on us on April face. And they Coleman dancing down scores that's. Raised its parent. What do you know all even welcome to the bandwagon broadcast I am. You're starting goalkeeper Damon Bruce it is wonderful to be would view Jian a Franco on the Blue Line look at my cinnamon today. We've got nick run in the point we've got a whole bunch for you this afternoon it is so good to be here that I mentioned last night was fun. I yeah. If you're sharks and you got to be excited you are going back to Vegas and the Western Conference semifinals is to at a three who is gonna go. Continue to skate for the cup big big big. Big big quartet last night. For nothing Mark Jones 34 saves for his sixth career post season shut out again sharks fans very happy. Game five Friday in Vegas game six. San Jose on Sunday name. Yeah yeah. Gianna I smell show a road trip I agree 100% absolutely we might have to get ourselves as AP on Sunday and welcome it is great to have you here today. We've got Tim bon Temps at the bottom of the hour talking a whole bunch of warriors basketball in NBA action how crazy is this. Cavaliers and raptors tip off. Like around now now we app lets get underway. 6 o'clock go time East Coast now we're gonna do it our right so. The big series and everybody's looking forward to tomorrow obviously he's gonna continue in New Orleans. We've got our man boots on the ground John Dickinson. Is in the Big Easy I like that. The good road trip for John yeah. I I'm sure you would like to see the warriors sweep but in. This thing had to be extended for couple trips and Orleans. It's not the worse thing. I've ever heard of hopefully JD's have a great time there are no direct flights by the way Simmons has been in New Orleans is not an option you gotta go like to LA to fly to Vegas and get him the world's gonna. Get a jump somewhere so. Unfortunately it's not a direct flight for JD but he should be haven't any really really good time. We're gonna talk to him about how good the warriors look with staff curry back in the mix it's amazing you know. We had JaVale McGee on yesterday she revealing he said something. In our conversation with him that I didn't even really notice until I. I re listen to it listen to what JaVale McGee had to say about staff Currie. Many know that you might have got injured personally that we are sure that Coke. He's such apart producers and just know yet to do it where he can do so there's just like. A horrible brag or you outlook the bridge in court when he 245. Minute. I'm along the I missed that when he was saying. Stuff is so ego list but he's gonna go ahead just come off the bench and he's gonna do like a humble brag. I can still be a major major factor in this game mobs come off the bench and do it feel like that. The staff humble brag I love it coming off the bench looking good. Speaking of looking good when you need to. Have we mentioned. That the American League MVP goes directly through Jeb Lowery you know to loft going to jettison. I drilled it right senator Gordon gone bad. Right to the tracks he well watch yet live. Quickly they athletics have tied it up in the eighth inning on a line shot home run to right center by jet flowering. Days to win the Mariners to. Mark can I would make that a ball game and a winner for the a's in the ninth inning what strikes in the eighth by the Jed Lowrie. Stay hot Jeb Lowry he's hitting 3418. Home runs thirty RBIs he's got the fifth best war. In the American League is thirty RBIs are tied for the American League lead would DD group glorious who is playing. Out of his mind baseball for the New York Yankees right now budged Ed Lowery. Just Bal at the altar that as is that the point to Judd Lowry the guy is on fighter jet apparently. All things jet or 9% in the it is really good to be reviewed today we are going to have ourselves a fantastic couple of hours would you really few hours which will culminate at 6 o'clock Xian when we. Have to listeners stop on by Farrar fly away trivia contest somebody. Today. Is going to be winning a pair of tickets including airfare to New Orleans for game four while. Pretty cool right is very cool so we're gonna have our two contestants who've already been contacted already had been randomly selected. They are coming up at 6 o'clock to battle. Minds it's a trivia contest but we are gonna send somebody. Off to New Orleans before the end of The Today Show that should be really good time. You do not win a date would John Dickinson that is not part of the contest package but I'll just say this right now. If you meet up with JD anywhere on Bergen street you catch him on the right heater. You can completely take advantage of that guy. It hit a permission of David's permission to do so you have my full permission to find John Dickinson. Absolutely take full advantage of him mentally and physically. Whatever you gotta do to enjoy New Orleans is John's lawyer to help you do it by god have a great time. That's fantastic. Could somebody text JD and let him know that we have in that we absolutely put. It's only fair. Sexual favors on the table for any of our traveling listeners think they go to New Orleans. Shows getting weird from the jump he should be warned. Not you know what it's more fun if we don't warn them. It really is. You know we can joke about these things but other places these things are no longer joking items and certainly the National Football League in the Washington Redskins. Are finding that out the good old fashion way which is always the hard way. A very interesting story about Redskins cheerleaders. What their expectations of a trip work what actually happened. Where I think there's a disconnect. Where I think change needs to come. And where I think there's also an admission of what what are we all brought here to do today. Is sort of what is on the table as well we've got an awful lot to talk about there and luckily we got Gionta Franco here. Because your perspective on this issue is certainly one but I know what audience is gonna wanna hear because. In in Paul's women in sports and a very odd situation at a whole bunch powerful man may or may not have put them in. Where is the line of decency where is your work day over where is personal time. And private time supposed to be split up that it is a very weird story coming out of Washington and what do you know it has nothing to do with the Redskins name now no no they bit unfortunately for Washington this is an NEE. This isn't a race debate this is about taking advantage of women it's that everything's coming up Daniel Snyder. She GE's. Get your act together man. Mean how about some good PR ever like we ever gonna get any of that. Meanwhile PR. Drink mongering diddle little PR in the direction Charles Barkley is older and it is what it is that was after Charles Barkley said he wanted to punch him during a broadcast. And obviously this thing is taken on a life of its own and it's now been more discussed than the actual results. Of games one or two and it is almost hijacked. The game which featured the return of staff current. It's amazing to see the legs that are on this story. And you know I was talking. With nick before we got on the air today. But what LB my jet setting producer is. Gallup venting around the globe trotting right now he's just so glad he's he's on the G six he's on the show G six. Having a really good time so with. Nick is in today and are just talking about the sink what's ironic about this whole thing and Charles Barkley. Is everything that Charles Barkley has ever ever said this is what's got him in trouble. This is what's got people in his bosses telling him it's time to go issue an apology. By the way don't messenger and mongering the missile momma green either because they will both come after you. And as we've said time and time again it isn't it is the wrong time to pick a fight with any Golden State warrior. You wanna pick a fight with Golden State warrior you wanna pick a fight with a member of their traveling party their security team you wanna be stealing jackets you don't wanna be rubbing anybody the wrong way you don't wanna be rubbing anybody in the face you'd wanna be punch anybody in the face talking about wanting anybody in the face you don't wanna be doing anything to get under the warriors skin right now because they got rabbit ears. They are on red alert their head is on a swivel and they're looking for linebackers coming across the middle in every direction. They are on full Defcon one self aware defense mode. And I kind of like what the warriors to stay nasty and mean throughout this whole thing. That's what I want. The reckoning. Of the warriors. It was a reckoning of sorts on the playoff ice last night for the sharks they completely climb back into the series. The Western Conference semifinals is now a best of three with game five happening tomorrow in Las Vegas last night was an awful lot of fun. Down at. SAP. Now I gotta take it out on the road speaking of on the road hey you could plug and scoop. Rule. Look at yeah. Just Donovan Mitchell just put dom much to block a rebound dunk back last night all all all so bad dog he hung on the rim like he was angry at everybody in the city of Houston that was phenomenal we're gonna talk about the upstart jazz wouldn't it be amazing. If that best record in the NBA Houston Rockets team didn't even bother meeting. The Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference finals think about all the time we spent talking about that I imagine if it didn't happen here's the real skinny though. The Houston Rockets are still going to win this series they are better team in this series but the heat you talked got one last night. And if you are the warriors. You're thrilled to see that. That whole air of invincibility. Which for a timer to Houston got to enjoy this season. I don't think you can enjoy it nearly as much would you drop the game to the Houston into the Utah Jazz on your home floor with jazzed and even have rubio. And we're going to be talking we tend bon Temps. Talk about all that coming up at 330. Tim bon Temps later this hour 4 o'clock Bruce Jenkins we're gonna have a five before five John Dickinson is gonna join us our pal Anthony Slater was also gonna join us today. Anthony had to push back you'll join us tomorrow Dempster break sometimes are gonna go to an a's dugout showed 615. It's gonna be pays its gonna be mariners but it won't be each row and we'll get into that next 957 game. How have been given shelves on Monday he's 57 thinking. Welcome welcome it's great to have you here this afternoon what's the weirdest things about the whole Charles Barkley dream on green saying. This Charles Barkley complains all the time about how you know players are just too friendly players are just the very interest didn't. Get in the game out of the way and then going to the club where the real competition's gonna began for whatever woman. This detention they're vying for a light you know there's there's way too many. Clicks in friends and and Powell's in the NBA and I've heard chuck make that argument time and time again so when there really is a guy who is a disrupt her not look to make friends. Looking to actually make enemies in the moment if not extending them moments after the game because that's cool would dream on to. Like you'd think that drain money would be everything Charles Barkley was looking for an employer. Think he keeps on going after the guy it's very very weird. Maybe it has to do with a hole ten not liking the warriors is a franchise thing it's just odd. This story still has legs two days after the fact and we got an apology out of emperor. Just. Odd reasons odd apology I'm not here to judge and say your apology is not good enough we need a second one now area to apologize for your apology. Or anything like that I I'd just I'd I don't care this is like. Lunchroom cafeteria stuff it does if if the sophomores all wanna give each other wedge geez why Adam. An album cares. The first time they've had issues with each other PC this is the first and partly it's been like contentious with other people think it's out of this thing he loves it. That's think of all the chuck has ever done how how was this. What got in trouble. I'm pat and I don't understand that I really really don't something don't I don't understand in the world of sports today just took me off guard you know when I heard that teacher was coming back to the Mariners I thought to myself how would he like. 45 years old he's he's he really is he's looking for that eighteenth to seventeenth eighteenth season in the major leagues. Right Thomson. Phenomenal sportswriter. And espn.com. Did a profile on each row. We shared a little love a couple of months ago before the when we're still in spring training Jian I shared a little bit of the story about how Ichiro. Hey it is almost bin. Opinions. Under the pressure of baseball liked it he he would he would like to walk away but he can't it's an it's an obsession took. It's an unhealthy obsession at this point like Ichiro. No longer finds any joy out on a baseball field it is a thankless. Just just. You know joy it was pursuits of a discipline he knows he can never master. At least not as good as he used to and as his skills declined in eroded. He not only dislike the game he disliked himself like it was this rarely interest in layered piece of how. She's Ichiro like just can't find happiness. In what should be his. Lane and on the top of the dugout step tip in your cap to everything and you see in every city. Goodbye to work. If that's your feelings and yet it's time to walk away Ichiro apparently doesn't want to good bye to work in about 45 at bats with the Mariners. He's 200 which for Ichiro is like a solid hundred points under his career average guy rolled out of bed it 300. Ten time all star 2001. AL MVP. They say he's not retiring they say he could come back next year on the tire right now the sky is done. You don't tiptoe away from the game by in geez you're either in it or your out of and Ichiro is removed himself from the game of baseball he's gonna go upstairs. To the mariners' front office will be providing input on outfield play base running and hitting while serving as a mentor to players and staff. What ever that is. Whatever that means so he's going to be like they're yogi. He's going to be their care bear their my little pony he's going to be a good luck charm. Their trash heap their oracle. The go to him for any and all worries and concerns side. I don't know what he's really going to do or why he would want to stay around the sport which is clearly. Something he's trying to get away from what you're not going to be out there playing why would you wanna be their coaching. It's weird the article this move. By the way congratulations to the Oakland a's who officially broke Ichiro spirit. With a win last night mark Kana big home run. And subtle. So comes to an end. Without any fanfare without any good bye to war without the hug. The long hug that a lot of fans want. So and teacher rose career they said that he could come back next year I'm telling and the ways game works. When your 45 and stepping away could you vote a ridge skills have eroded to the point where your 200 hitter. See you next year is not exactly the battle cry anyone's expecting to hear. One of the game's greats. A huge titan of the figure in terms of expanding the game globally. International and Ichiro Suzuki collected 3000. Major League hits. After basically destroying Japanese leagues first for all lose your means it that the guys an amazing story. One of the greatest throes of all time him posing Terrence long at third base at the coliseum I and that it was it was a rope. Was amazing. Maybe it is a new role will reignite that love and passion. I am Z I don't know why I mean I. I I really I don't everything that I read that story would indicate that it's just it's too much. He he wants he wants to be away from it now but he still gonna stick around. By the way this move to go to the front office precludes him from there there is no going back. There is no going back. A week from now I can't be like forget I wanna play one more time. Now this is gonna be it if he's gonna play it'll be next year and I'm gonna tell you right now. There's almost no chance of that happening so without fanfare. Oral law Ichiro. For a minute there. That was awesome crew literally was for a minute there. You were one of the most exciting players in Major League Baseball there's no doubt about it you were worth the price of admission and shark short the price of admission last night if you win and I think some people obviously took they perceive think and our right. Here it comes this is going to be the game where the Vegas gold knights take a 31 series lead and it's gonna be gone back to Vegas facing elimination. The game started no goal no goal no goal and then late in the first sharks erupted. Marcus Sorenson start flying again. So animated one nothing and and one nothing's pretty good what can make you better than one nothing. How about two or nothing at. Because of the school. The sound courtesy of NBC sports network Don score I again would just an eyelash left in the first period made it two nothing sharks and what do you know for the first time really all the series are in control of a hockey game. Is it nice to be in control. Not having to play catch up. Not every single shift being a peeling your face off this is too much pressure for everyone to handle. Sharks to nothing to nothing hockey game means at the other team still when it the only way to really separate is would that third goal and what do you know teenage mutant ninja turtle. How. The only thing cooler than 30 before I'll. Ford nothing is your final in the pipes last night Mark Jones is just fantastic. What do we have 34 saves at 26 career post season shut out he ties. If Denny Nabokov for the team's record for most saves in a playoff shut out so great night in the pipes. Very good night for the sharks offense for the sharks power play now again in the Western Conference semifinals. Is a best of three and look who's back out on the ice forget about stuff curry. You've got. Yeah okay. C'mon he brings a whole world together the United Nations of don's go hell yeah. Dated 89579570. Robin San Jose rob what do you got. Then yeah I'd edit that factored out I think you're older you're all of our best lineup that we are out there that they. So we're having a look at Ryan how are finally healthy. And placed Paul Morton who they are really ignore the art and a lot of Martin couldn't eat up. What they're being and then you put on going back into the slot there with a golf game. I have all four lines better George Weller. Looking good want Kevin O'Brien what bank it on on that their mind work out on the remarkable finally healthy. Played like it did reported near an injury in a big physical guy we were we out hit them lap we outshot them. Did everything right in the king has been you know a lot of 30 lead into the Stanley Cup finals they are at it. There ever figure skating in Vegas I think you're gonna panic in here. It is and it is an eight crash early season for the golden knights who really has vented they have been the Belle of the ball nobody expected him to be here they're playing with house money they'd. Lose game 550. Sharks take the next game they are going to be feeling all the pressure in the world and the sharks would. Possibly be able to wise head to the Western Conference finals of the game six win game six Sunday back in San Jose. If necessary and oh yes. It will be necessary and Tim. Bon Temps one of my favorites love talking basketball with him he joins a series of national NBA writer for the Washington Post. Formally New York Post staffer oh yeah. Proud Bonnie a llama. Good to have Tim bon Temps here on 957 game Tim thanks for joining us men were obviously. Gonna get right into defected to the warriors got there at the prodigal son he returned to came off the bench who's fantastic. But EUR in. That is a shocker. Yeah I mean I was I am I am so there I was over at a over just ability today and they're they're confident in it there you know this Utah team I think has been underestimated. Earlier a lot of the seat and I mean in a radical premise 26 games and listings so one. 48 inch right like if you told them for the season they won forty games they were controlled that you told them. They want forty games every opener didn't play in twenty pixel. You would said there are you know been quite what this game there was that you're on your mind so. Nobody they've done a remarkable job developing their talent option not a habitual story there but. You look up and down their roster whether talent virtual church were so you know. But it stop they actually coming back late in the year to date they've got a great job of mixing and matching pieces in Queens letters done. A remarkable job amnesty ready and look. Mean after what do they can't let I mean this series is really interesting I mean I think. You know I would not be surprised at all if the jets win one of these games it would not shock if they were all beer and really make it interest. I think you know pre you'd produced in the coming and it solely to win a couple games are graphically really really well in this is not going to be need to put DeWitt. You know I like we Utah did against Oklahoma City but then rubio is injury was enough for me to you know come hop off that bandwagon right when I wanted to drive and had by. It's amazing to see them winning game without rubio and you tell me that they could have more wins in them what is the latest on rubio might he be back for game three or four. I don't think he'll be back but ironically I think actually the loss of rubio could wind up being a speak positive. Are produced not that are for you to rush is not that there. At the together batter without rubio who is really government jobs group is sort point shot at a credit quint better stacked on top of him become a little bit more a threat but. If you look at despair at their matchup with the rockets like what is the one thing you walk and you think it. Utah can't keep up which used to promote scorched airport right and which would repeal not being available that's opened up a lot of minutes out perk up the bench a guy who's really been banged up the last couple years but unhealthy. He's he's the one guy on the team beside Donovan Mitchell put through a book all of war and score off the Alps and he eco etiquette seventeen points off the bench eleven game and came to argue that huge shot late in game six after a real rough hurt but help them win that game and I think. You know the way this series lined up having another guy what can you come into the ball to. Well Mitchell and on court could wind up being you know a sneaky advantage for you to. Tim bon Temps here on 957 game. Let's get to the warriors talk about so little scoring coming off the bench not bad break that curry our bench. What do luxury Steve Kerr has not just in the talent but in the eagle this talent that he has can you imagine. You know having to sell to. To staff curry coming off the bench and encourage just like yes two great idea let's do it and then in the EE here. Carmelo Anthony give him press conference is why things won't work out he just wants to be a team player but coming off the bench forget about your your minds what a contrast. Well I mean I'd I have a little bit deeper Carmelo that situation as they did do lose a beat there see that the tape or. I am I pretty annoyed before a lot to do what. That being said you know I don't Steve came on your share aspirin but he back off the bench in game three I really don't like property into Ottawa and I had that. Stock when they carry starting lineup a lot of that struggled again in game two when nick without their bye I mean look. The bottom line is you know staff looked great. I think he showed you everything that you could hope to proceed from a health standpoint from a activity standpoint deemed too. Having him back out there and start clapping game three. I mean to me you know the warriors explains all like displaying their best lineup or from the jump. Mean I think the odds are there and the series four games out of interest payment they could win these two games and get in north all week. You know especially with the with the Utah argues Jews look like he could bureaus walked past. Look it up all week to get staff. Completely integrated again distribution of all the way back that everybody else being rested or ready to go for what should be a top course a cup final either way at that point. Arm I think could be huge of an accident so so what they did you last winter to make sure they lock into these two games when you know they were correct or are also owners should be able to. You know usually don't see Klay Thompson had back to back off nights he had an off night in game two. They made up for that with Kevin Durant who was pretty much offer the first three quarters but close like a freight train and hit big shots when he needed to. There really is his modus operandi let's forget about what he sought a Durant the first three quarters you could pretty much bank on him delivered in the fourth quarter. Whether he was Rolen or not. Yeah I mean look it is at the war I mean you look at that game right and the book pelicans got great performances from. Our doctor holiday from Rondo. It Nikola Mirotic played much better Davis was great again as usual and you know it didn't matter because the warriors had enough firepower to overcome that. You know that the difference between warlords like Portland Norris lingle state is that. You know the world to do zero AM I'm TJ but Colin Damien lowered against Portland and if you shut. What are all those guys now you were going to win the game regardless of what else your got it. And when you look at how. These matchups are quite topical state. They've got you know it was already talked to stop claimed grand idea quite an inch tapped yet trademark green played out it might get doctor Nadal playing great. Mean it it it's a number of by. But the number of advantages that you just can't keep up with the your. Then. Nobody they've data related job adjusting about to back into by. I think what you said back he could have you know considering according to expert seventeen the first three quarters lingo. Why pursue actions scored fifteen points in a sport court is kind of sums up you know the amount of firepower orders applicability to tactical game dot camp. Talking hoops in my pal Tim bon Temps here on the Damon Bruce show so game two got chippy after game one was sort of a rollover and die game for the pelicans. I think shipping this is the only way New Orleans is gonna get back in this series. And drain monster never really good job not taken the bait him in had a battle Royale with both side Anthony Davis and Rajon Rondo we've heard right extra curriculars. He got Charles Barkley looking to get them all fired up until didn't he he does not take the day in this is like a maturing in more dangerous than ever dream on green I love. Warpath dream on green I really do. Yet drama drama has been unbelievable through these first seven game as the warrior I would I would put back a little bit though I think. You know watching game two spot you know that tie up would believe it. He's he's he's played out yet wrestler might slurs. Like that that they accept that that's the drama right like what he would edit that steps were still. Right EE on the edge all the time and you know it's you're trying to you're kind of always play with fire there you you want him play it like that at least play with the edge. You've been there about whether these are sick for these first seven games and our Arctic not a question. You know the way he's dominated the game at all Anthony he's he's been remarkable by. You know again starting up or later upward for the first round and and I do think it. That is something to watch it you know can't eat especially go on a roll right hostile environment you know they enter into it. Arm you know what you wanna to be fired up in and get into guide him in beans being intense by. You gotta make sure you stay at a rate linebackers. Guys everybody saw a couple of years ago you start at built wake up well school are in and that things can happen on the road. So if Toronto doesn't beat Cleveland in game two with a series which is underway in the first quarter right now the raptors might as well just contract the franchise and sell it it it's it is just sell it off for parts I mean if they don't beat Bradley outcrop. Plan that they got we should not plan on the fears grow much locker or buy it but it was it. Amen you're right about that. I I wanna ask you a little bit about the next series it's coming up with a 76ers. And the Celtics but I also wanna ask you. What I thought was the single best basketball question that I've been asked this week. And it will allow you to touch on that series as you ponder this question Tim you can you have the next five years. Your mandate is to win a championship in the next five years and you have the number one overall draft pick but it can only be between two people. Who would you rather pick to win a title in the next five years yeah honest opted to combo. Or Brad Stevens. I would rather have got it. I mean at least I think about it right now about sex I don't know like it I have to think about it but not the question I look at at. I'll tell you good at feet. I figured out be it if I'd rather be a particular result they wrote it right right right right. All right well look I preppy it is an unbelievable call right and you know key he's not about coach to lead one of the top three or. I just if I have a chance to get a top five player. I'm gonna take a top five choir and then go from mayor but that that's not that that's not a knockout rat he's been remarkable. What bet you know not you know hijack the show where it was just couldn't speak about traffic which are wrapped. Sixers sixers Celtics is what the all time NBA robberies. Oh yeah they met more time in the playoffs in any other two franchises right. Right in it if you look at if you look at the way those two teams are lined up with Ben Simmons into old beat and you all remarkable trip himself right. For the six or what you got dark arts Iraq comic and that now they have more high picks coming they have the technical side of well. Well Paul George or you know maybe you'll rod or somebody preaching this year. When he got the Celtics were corporate Irving in our court they were in Jalen brown adjacent Tatum and more high kicks and terrorist here come off the bench you know now he's starting playing great and it. There's so much how those two teams and you look at you know the older of the two teams that should be you know poppy east for the next 567 years and I think this this year. Is just beginning of what should be a really fascinating. Robbery between those two franchise been like he's at a party that or edit in NBA history. So how much trouble do you think you can get into a new Todd beyond us. But the man I want to say about that try to get into trouble at any doubts our boys Timbuktu and the lies and applause. You go Tehran Salt Lake City buddy good talking it. All right Damon a practice Dubai. Thank you very much Tim bon Temps here on 95 cent in the game good stuff and get to hang out Utah maybe should go to the I was opposed the safe room the break room. They want to call I'm yeah that the panic room panic or whatever does that maybe it may be can go do that me and have a little fun there. When we come on back we've got more. Adversity. Between. NBA teams in Utah Jazz since we sought a display again jazz fans are prickly and maybe that's weather team is playing so very well we'll talk about that and oh what you know a little lesson we shared with the union passed may be didn't believe me we have another example. Dads moms. You're gonna raise that kid to be a professional athlete you raise that kid quarterback we'll explain next. To redeem include. 57 victory. What's it all the Willie Nelson's song mama don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys. Unless of course you meant quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys in which case. It's not bad it's good work if you can find it. Yeah apparently feared Dallas cowboy they have a broadcaster retirement plan that can apply to you as well do you see the Jason Witten is indeed hanging it up. He is going to step away from the field to get into the Booth and like. Quadruple. His salary. Alain what if I can tell you it would what do I told you this hey we'll pay you a quarter of what we pay you now but every day you'll be in great physical danger or will quadruple leaders salary. And the worst thing you might run into would be a bout with laryngitis. Like that is all you really need to worry about would you take that deal yeah cool the laryngitis they're gonna take that deal I think we all I think so it's you. Well I know a lot of people trying to burn down Jason Witten because he's stepping away from the game in August oh boy here and now it is good it's better to leave the year before. Everyone's like who he needs to retire. That's exactly what this allows Jason Witten do you know would also it allows Jason Witten do. Besides quadrupled his own salary and give his body a full lifetime awful ball. Monday morning aches and pains now he never has to worry about that again. Was his seats little cramped and business class. Podcast it's going to be the the Genesis of most of his knee pain millet Ollie had a flight from Miami to Seattle. Think about the guys who get their the broadcasting gigs. It's always a pretty boys to always glamorous positions to always quarterback. Always running back wide receiver. Corner maybe. You know it's it's it's the sexy positions. You don't see. Nearly the amount of offensive linemen defensive linemen tight ends. Get jobs offered to them like this. Jason Witten turned this job down at this point his life he would have been nuts. Maria absolutely nuts because there is may be no job waiting to be offered to you when you're ready for it these broadcasting gigs. Come about and when someone fills them generously filled for 1015 years. They don't leave very often like it don't think Tony romo's gonna be holding down that number one analyst job at NBC for the next ten years now. Now he's back on and you're so I don't care who retires in two years from now that job is take it. Now the number one analyst job on ABC can be yours as a tight end if you take it now say yes. Easy street is yours say no easy street might move on from you never to return to your driveway again. Jason Witten no brainer buddy congratulations. Hope your good broadcaster. Will be auctioned. Will be evaluating. Will be critique him. One of the stories. That is fascinated me. And I know it doesn't fascinate my audience a West Coast audience a San Francisco Bay Area audience. The return of Mike France sensitive WFAN. It's a very inside industry story. Like I guess you'd have to work in sports talk radio to worry about it or think about it from the angles that I think are worried you know look at things and that's why care more than I'm sure have my audience does. But there's been so much buzz about this and so much talk about it said. It's a controversy and people are fanning the flames councils into a podcast that someone did with Chris Russo about. You know the whole. Situation. Might princess stepping away this that the other thing and it was just fascinating. Absolutely fascinating to see them. Basically. Lay out what they thought you know aren't. This is what is fair when you step in in my world this is what is fair when I step in your world Chris route so. Was criticized. For criticizing. The show that Mike princess a retired and then replaced him it was. A got oh. Was not Craig carton he he got investigated by the FBI but. Carlin. In the afternoon would Maggie gray. And Bart Scott. That's it and his whole point was. Tiger put Bart's gotten afternoon drive on WFAN. Like the guy might be interesting the guy might be. Great at football but he doesn't know baseball. New York city's very much a baseball town you can have an afternoon drive radio show on WFAN. And policy can name. Every Yankee every met for the last twenty years. Like you really can't you you will not survive. And Chris Russo. Was burned down for saying you know how dare you someone who's never been a professional athlete criticizing professional athletes for wanting to talk about sports. Chris Russo basically football thing on instead he said. Go back to Bart Scott's last year of his career. You'd tell him that they just hired Chris Russo as his team's strength and conditioning coach. Even though he's the you know he he has lifted weights but he's never done it for real but he is now the NFL team's strength and conditioning coach. Bart Scott would have been apoplectic. He would've flipped out. How do you bring in someone who's never done it professionally at such a big platform. And that's a Chris Russo how do you bring in somebody who's never done this before on such a big platform you don't start your sports talk radio training. Afternoon drive to WFAN. No not at all that is not where you learn how to hit the curve ball. Or any big market know so would Jason Witten and taking this position of having any experience person as a broadcaster. He'd better be really good instantly or he will beat. Eviscerate it. Like you think people were upset about your dropping a pass that last Sunday. Be the guy who screws up Monday Night Football and now I actually think he's gonna be really good I for Jason Witten. In you know and and like he's in play good related bull kind of down home guy like it should it I'd be surprised if it didn't work unless you're just tightest house. Throw it ever Tony Romo it's really work announcer Tony Romo. Smith here and hey maybe there is they grew mean broadcasters course they take and the current point. They Damon did you see that curt Warner's all upset about Jason Witten get net job on Monday Night Football thanks Lisa. Yeah because you got guys who retired and went about trying to get that big broadcasting job at the end of the rainbow the right way. You know they went ahead may work to the fox CT. That is Tynan. Right if you look over. And you see the your play by play guy is what Spiro date this or whatever his name as well that you're on the C team. Make your being groomed for something bigger may be that'll be worried topped out but at least you're going through the minor leagues so we can see who you are Kurt Warner has been. Dealing with the broadcasting minor leagues that you know he was think and Bobby up for a big big game one day not another just plucking them. You don't even need an offseason of retirement we'll just take you right off the field put you right in the Booth. We'll pay you four and a half million dollars to see if you're any good at this. Not bad. To good gig didn't get it. Like we said mama delay here. Babies grow up to be cowboys. Quarterbacks is also okay. Matt Ryan just got paid big time Matt Ryan is the new man a top. The quarterback dollar dollar bill yell mountain. The falcons. They franchiser signal caller to a five year. 150. Million dollar deal that will make him the league's first thirty million dollar a year quarterback that means he is merely making two million dollars per start. The NFL network's Tom Ellis are reported that the contract includes a 100 million dollar bump in guarantee easing gives Ryan's contract. Keeps Ryan under contractor now 20/20 three. By the way. Derek Carr. Jimmy garrote blow like they make money like we breathe oxygen. They make big cake. They're doing really well. And when you're making money like that even here in the ultra expensive Bay Area money like that goes really far no matter where you war. That kind of money that Matt Ryan is making. In Atlanta. In Georgia. Like if you want to mode with the dragon he can have one. Pitch it out if he wants his own medieval jousting pit. He can have one. Let's forget about. Forget about Michael Vick and hold dog fighting thing that was a that was the other Atlanta Falcons quarterback this guy could be into full on jousting. It would be no problem. You don't need that much room for jousting do you. If your into jousting casually or professionally would love to hear from you dated 89579570. I Damon. Kevin from Livermore on the jousting hobbyists to. Sheila Cole works. Yeah you gotta have your own course and lends it some space for them yet you got to have your own let BY a well if it can be your homeland snapped. If you're jousting. 8889579570. Is the number it's really good to be would you we are gonna have. Our good Powell. What do we got we got to Bruce Jenkins coming up here in just a little bit we're gonna say hello Bruce Jenkins we notified before five scheduled little bit later on today John Dickinson is gonna join us from New Orleans. We're going to have our final trivia face off for our fly away to the playoffs contest coming up at 6 o'clock. A's dugout show it's 615 the night he's won last night look good do when it marked cannot late. Big time. Tennessee for three years that it's my views in a deep right to left Ichiro back at that track he will watch and the ads that stick in the way you. Mark Hanna still levers a leadoff home run in the ninth off Edwin Diaz in India is lead 32. And before that he tencor act with the call Jeb Lowry the inning before stayed one of the hottest hitters on planet earth. To get DA's back into that game may end up winning it and what are you know I hear our pal Bruce Jenkins is standing by fantastic.