DB Show - 1 - Bat flip, run differential, Ahmed Fareed, HR derby preview, France wins WC

The Damon Bruce Show
Monday, July 16th
Damon asks if the Bay Area will ever recover from Mark Canha's bat flip Saturday night, talks about the importance of run differential, Mount Davis opening for Saturday's game at the Coliseum, why John Fischer has squandered the A's following, joined by NBC Sports Bay Area's Ahmed Fareed, a preview of the HR derby tonight, and France wins the World Cup.

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Welcome it's great to be wet. Gorgeous Monday after. Afternoon it was a beautiful Sunday spent an at the ballpark beautiful day at the yard and what do you know the Bay Bridge series opens up with the a's picking up. Two of the first three games at AT&T park and obviously you've got all star week upon us. And Henry get right back into the Bay Bridge series we have an awful lot to talk about the giants are definitely a bizarre O baseball team. The eighties. Look I talked to a lot of people. In the press box about the eighties and. He really Ari head scratching franchise. I mean here you wore guy's got a little bit a big contender to look at what will you do in the second half. To do anything about it. Mean I don't what I would do I know what I would do a file or an owner until my general manager gold debt mean. An assassin. Go get me somebody I can stick in the middle my lineup and hit thirty home runs no doubt about it to go get me another starter I'd be in gold get it mode. Will be a's go in to go get it moat. Martina flipped his bat over the weekend the question today is will we ever recover. God almighty baseball's got to stick up its own rear ended times the fact mark Canas got to explain away it wasn't even it. And obnoxious bat flick it was one of those tagged it back flips like I've got all that. I got a big heaping spoonful of that pitch you put it halfway up the bleachers. And then what has to go on an apology tour in the club house. Got to do feel sorry not sari which I really don't like on social media but mark cannot I'm glad you played the card I really am. People getting offended by about clips is so silly this is like I'm you know. I'm not sorry I'm not really sorry. Yeah as part of our game everybody does it if somebody's gonna throw at me because of got through I got thrown out in the past this season for about flipping. Clearly didn't learn my lesson so. You know if you're offended by the I don't care. March can't when the Major League equivalent uncle Matty girl. For him good for him and you know what he's probably right to be on point because. The giants are more likely to probably throw at you after a bad flip than any other teams nationally they had to completely honest. They do not have a very good sense of humor about that flips in San Francisco. Martina and I don't go change and is saying I like wait you did an old by the way that home run was legit. I didn't ever did you laugh mark cannon knows. It's. Off the bench remarks stand up. Daisy Red Cross the border at three on a mammoth home run against voting lots of Datsyuk. Our man. Of Vincenzo. With a call here on 95 set in the game. It really wasn't even though it was it was. Wasn't even. A back flip to the point where gets flipped like of a pond or anything it was just like a matter it was like a Mike drop right. Hoss kind of savage. Savage. Seriously outside of pointing into your dugout giving everyone the middle finger like I don't wanna hear anything about back flips anymore. If Martina is pointing at Bruce boat she would both birds you know like it's not that offensive. God. We got an awful lot to get into and guess what it's a perfect week to have an awful lot to get until we got full shows. Every day this week right up until Friday when we're gonna get the Bay Bridge series under way again. I've got some unbelievable ticket packages to give away T and I'll be doing that around 530 today. I've got a med for rejoining us from CSN Bay Area today we got Seth Everett is gonna join us from. The home run derby in DC he's in our nation's capitol my baseball buddy set Deborah it's gonna join us today at 430 we're gonna have a five before five. We're gonna have our friend Robert what's hull the managing editor and creator black sports on mine and we got some things to talk about including the amber rose stock report. Got to get that in stock down. Stuck down. It it it if you're going to sleep your way up the latter. You can't go from Kanye aid to tie Reid to. You're not even sleeping your way to the middle anymore you're sleeping your way to the deeply and we'll talk about that. A little bit later rob we'll have the perfect person to join us today to talk about it we've got a second wild card spot which is officially. Good for the business of baseball and we will talk about that today we're gonna talk about what jumps out so far at the break. You know the eighties. The Acer trying to find their way in the giants are basically trying to hang on and and both their noble causes they really are like I. You know. I don't mean bark up the wrong tree and tell anybody not to believe not not not to get excited because you know a school being at the the yard this weekend. It actually felt like there was little something on the Bay Bridge series wasn't just stated the trophy that they're gonna be given away for the first time ever like no one cares about that. These are two teams we've got a straight up fork in the road like seemingly in front of them as Yogi Berra once said she on a famously when you get to the fork in the road. Take me and that's why that's so yogi once said in in here we go. Who's gonna take the fork in the road. You got to giants who spent all this money in they don't have a lot to show for it meanwhile the eighties. Have an awful lot to show for a team that won't spend money. And it's just too bad they don't ever hold on the one of those difference making peace is there's a difference making peace right now would be pretty interest and now we're at the break it's time to do a little bit of an autopsy and it feels like. It really felt like when I was a kid the Major League all star break happened in the middle of the Major League season it doesn't it isn't that way anymore. Like two thirds of the way through the baseball season we got teams approaching a hundred games right now meaning that we are. Beyond the halfway point. So it's a really good time to take a little bit of in inventory like what are we got around here and to meet. I'm not interest in inventory that looks set its standings I'm only interest didn't run differential on the big believer and run differential I know everybody's got their stat usual word that they want a lean on that they think is the the key that unlocks the mystery of a team or baseball season and I don't think run differentials much of a mystery here. This. It's the one new age stat I don't have to explain I don't have done explain what Ron differential. Is that anybody who's listening in my audience right now. When you were talking for first bought it's I would for its exciting get into it let's go run differential. Too many if you're not looking at a run differential. Of at least fifty runs by now but the positive like I'm not taking you to seriously no matter what your record says. No matter where you wore in the standings for example the Philadelphia Phillies the lead the National League east. Look at the run differential plus eighteen that's it they're frauds. At the playoffs. And even if they do. Okay there's not going anywhere once the rim there. You talk about Ron differentials that you need to pay attention to appear baseball fan Red Sox plus 163. Yankees plus 131. Astros plus 188. I don't know much but I have a feeling Gionta one of those three teams will be. Our World Series champion this year. The Red Sox yankees and Astros do baseball things like scoring runs and preventing runs being scored against them. Better than anybody else could tax the name of the game. The cubs are the best in the National League dirt plus 114 the Dodgers are second destined plus 82. My friends that's about it. That's about it. Like the nationals the giants at Diamondbacks Iraqis the brewers or cardinals like none of those teams are about when the World Series. The giants are trying to hang on to try to stick around and it's a nice story but you're the facts they are minus 26. That's their run differential. They've given up 26 more runs than they've scored. In that fact alone. I can't take you seriously as a contender I don't care where you Warren relationship. Dear division lead to New York wildcard berth your minus 26 and run differential. The Oakland a's they've got to run differential plus 24 Kent are great story they are over achieving. In spite of the constraints. That they put on themselves. Like not only did the Oakland a's have to go out and beat the Houston Astros in their own division days we have been. Obstacle that is her own ownership to overcome. What a headache that's got to be. There might be a little something bear but just no way. Knowing what there. Their business. Operandi is there at their standard operating procedure. Is something that if you're not paying attention to it right now he you'd you lose you haven't been paying attention the last fifteen years. They didn't Seattle. Run differential. Minus two. Yeah watch the Mariners fall. Fall in the second half. They've ridden this heat wave about as far as its gonna take them in the summer they're not legit. Run differential means something to me if it means something new you. We got something to talk about I don't think it's going to be a World Series championship for either Bay Area teams but we got interesting developments. And we got an awful lot to talk about with both these franchises who are legitimately interest staying at the halfway point in an hour passed the halfway point a little bit more than halfway point. And we're gonna get into it. Aided 9579570. Is the number. Why Leonard passed up that god money it really doesn't make an awful lot of sense we get some other weird things coming out of the NBA Jimmy Butler turning down at. 110 million dollar offer over four years is just doesn't want to be in Minnesota that much longer Tyler you listen Devin Booker gentlemen we have risk reward equations for you both to do. Before you go trying to beat up a whole bunch of guys in Vegas elevator. So we got that coming up today. We got an Emeril a summer league championship. Game tonight. Cavs lakers. I just started all on a way we get the semifinals tonight the senate senate tonight tonight tonight tomorrow attention to our okay. T wait to find out at the summer league champion is I'm sitting on the edge of my seat. At a I mean I got a lot of stuff for you today we got a lot of show for you today we're going to be talking about the home run derby tonight we're going to be talking about the latest cover of Africa by weak sir and how social media made that happened and we're gonna talk about the opening of mount Davis. Yet another Mickey Mouse play in a what are you actually doing here Oakland a's moment but you know what if it means. More access. At a better price. For good fans. Give it to me it looks like mound Davis is gonna be open. When we get the Bay Bridge series back under way it looks like that's gonna happen what Saturday Saturday Saturday when did you all the details that you need to. We're gonna talk with the giants pre game post game host a med for read a vase CSN Bay Area NBC sports Bay Area would have to call at this week right now. I've got a chance for you when a thousand dollars and all the details you need is next will be back here on the Damon Berkshire. Yeah. How he didn't even show on Monday vibes and in the game. Now Davis hasn't been on target for a baseball game in thirteen years and apparently this Saturday. They're gonna pull the tarps off and sell tickets for only ten blocks. It's gonna try to set the a's attendance record all wished him luck with that they weren't able to set their own attendance record when they gave away the entire game for free. But they had a nice crowd that night and hopefully they're gonna have great crowds all weekend long but. Would always makes me sort of roll my eyes on your stories like this is I know that they'll be right back down to it you know. 1510171000. Fans on come Tuesday when the giants roll out of town. It it just drives mean not sigh I see the eighties at such a squandered. Natural baseball resource and it's something that I talked about what an awful lot of people in the press box this weekend. You know there assume there's an awful lot of interest in this team. In what a crying and shame the state of the Oakland a's remained like how can you still be after all these years look at for a stadium and third chief ball the same time. You got an owner did does as much to eliminate you from contention as the Houston Astros do. Brew play under those it's brutal play under those those those scenarios and I'm just gonna tell you that I mean. As. As a resource of just being a Major League Baseball team you gotta do better in this. A resource to just in it in in the Bay Area but probably not figured out how to be successful here. He did it throw a rock in hit a brilliant person with a great ideas. Do they speak with now one can I mean is is is. Is John Fisher just using this team to push money thrown equation the benefits and yes. And it's very very frustrating too bad it really adds. What are they build new offices and Jack London square for ten million dollars like why why why. Why would matter if you'll run in this thing out of the construction trailer fans wouldn't know fans wouldn't care wouldn't prevent you from signing not a single person. Why wouldn't you want to build. Your brand new offices in this stadium that you're about twenty years late building. I don't get that. I don't get it neither do you know you can make excuses if you want to but you can't explain that to me. Why won't your office is being in the new parked your bout to build. Do you like commuting through the bear is at it. It's cooled and make became more affordable for people and taking the tarps off and allowing you know more people to come India ten bucks take even take your whole family. It does you know keep in mind the seats are eighteen others obstructed views in this and that but your going to based on name and that's cool. But it's it's like one little thing in the whole spectrum of what they should be doing you know and I mean it I'm not gonna make or breaker changed things. It be wonderful if you guys came up with a long term solution that lasted beyond the ninth inning of tonight's game. Not just one Saturday but every home based on game. You'd think. Or at least turn it into like every Saturday here adjust it it's for it's crazy and and and here's the thing the last thing that ballpark needs is more people spread thin throughout. Like what I would do if I was getting. 111000 real human beings every night. I would put them all right behind home plate all different I would put them all right wherever the camera was gobbling up. Pictures I would make my place you look. More crowded candidates. You need TARP off. Outfield sections no one sitting in in the first place we should probably do was TARP off the sections know when I sat in. But for five minutes all year long on the lines. It be great if they cared about winning as much as they cared about winning through a business equation. And that's the ultimate frustrating thing about this team. And they do have a talented young team. Matt Olson batting stance. That would be my favorite thing of the 2000 and an eighteen Major League season so far. His hands elegant club he's about to beat a seal wit. Not the beating baby seals is a good thing I know I mean he doesn't look like he's about to swing a club and a baseball. So he's about to go and down word chopping motion and act and what he's. Chop them logs. Why mohawks is in Fremont wants to talk about the Bay Bridge series you feel. On. On have been you know it's been you know about a decade now. Yet different on. The papers out and but. Is it that on. More have been mad at bat. I mean etiquette that I haven't made it but it is I mean it is is based on our legs are like in a while back and ownership I mean. You know at eight and they are. They are about it and what I like about it and they are the biggest battle. And I don't mean it let's say evaded. Figure out oh what they're all Erica I'll bet you never saw. As brief question and that and now an aide. And alt a break before the deadline. I really just want an aide pat honestly I mean it had to go get them you know black sheep battle and you know anything about that and keep building. We went out and only fourteen and yet I don't law oh. Like let's that are what you try to wait you are and right now I think that temperature they're building. And Forrest fan you know Brooke the thing I read. It's like he is talking and keep their players I mean. If they ever want to make this state name they. Christina in this year every one so the band that they aired in their political direction I'd been carbon whisper in the last year they owed little. Couldn't pay credit David crouse stated AKA. To basically you know what breed a five year deal. If you're Chris Davis so if your whole life you're Chris Davis do you really wanna sign that don't. Defense I'm independent but is you know basically you know all planned which. Eight is ownership doesn't really say there are no it stated that statement that report stated that in our school and became an oven Mitt thirty now I just bad luck that. So for now or agreement by al-Qaeda. I absolutely mentally fit to stadiums have it it it's amazing. It's amazing how you can be lost in the woods on one issue for so long no consensus no matter what you've got an owner. Who makes. Just thought everybody involved in giants' ownership. Look homeless. That's the money the Fisher cats. He's got the rest have you owners he multimillionaire owners look pork compared to me money. A's fans are so deserving of something that you just do not get no matter what happens. No matter what I got a really really interest thing about a's. Facts about is ownership these are facts Cesar indisputable facts put together by our good friend Andy dole that you used to work for the days. Since moving from Kansas City in 1967 the a's have been owned by four entities. Charlie O Finley thirteen years from 68 to eighty. From 8185. Was the Walter Haas Wally Haas Roy eyes and heart combination fifteen years. That was the Steve Schott and Hofmann aero for nine years from 96 through 2004. And then in 2005 Lew Wolff and John Fisher. Became the owners with Fisher buying wolf out November of 2016. But they have been the active ownership group for about thirteen years now. And it's thing. That there really isn't much difference between. Who owned them and what they're winning percentage Wallace. Finley 52%. Costs 51 point 4% shot Hoffman 54%. Fisher fifty point 1% well it's also close. But where the differences. Is having the talent to really get at all Don Finley won three World Series titles in a row. Cost one World Series title in 1989 with a legit team that probably could won a couple of general but you know things happened. Shot Hoffman no World Series or league titles. They did win the west division series in 20020012002. In 2003 so at least there was some some consistency and winning the division. Fisher no World Series titles he lost the American League Championship Series in 2006 which might as well be another light year are now. One the American League division series back in 2006 loss the American League division series in 2012 and thirteen and one loss while guarding 2014. And basically he's been. Ducking and covering since 2014. It boys. What a trip through Cleveland and Houston the past couple weeks have made us really lean forward to see what they're doing for the first time in a long time. In 1990. The teen set its all time attendance record with two point nine million fans they averaged 35. 1800. Fans per game now. Whereas the hot now what how is squander that. You had. Massive paying customers. At the process. Season low occurred in 1983 when they only drew one point 29 million fans averaging 151000 per game. There was one point during the Charlie oh era where they literally had 250 people shall watch Major League Baseball game. The only all star game ever played Oakland took place in 1987 it drew a sellout of 49671. Meanwhile the giants boasted three All Star Games in San Francisco the last one being in 2007. At AT&T park of course the All Star Games in the tomorrow night like you also a game out here in 2000 and sudden I'm like it. The giant's hometown star Barry Bonds did not participate we will have Bryce Harper tonight. And a home run derby. But it's just amazing to see. The resource is still good will squandered I mean I. I got five friends that in a sequence of emails could probably get the deal done that the stadium built by a 5 o'clock on Wednesday. Quick shift they should get it together make it happen any disarming the team I mean for sure at this is I and I don't know a's fans are so frustrated because of it. That's rough it's brutal it has been such a hot team right now to it's fun it's it's enjoyable the team's great. Too bad. And you tell me the you're gonna go ahead and open up mount Davis well April 17 of this year the a's gave away free tickets to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary in Oakland. They hope to break their all time attendance record 46028. Showed up for a ten to win over the White Sox. Still 2000 shy of capacity. The only reason wire 2000 shy of capacity. Is because of the lack of good will. The lack of credibility in ownership group past to have especially. When you compare. Compare it to you know another ownership group in the same damn parking lot. And every one shrinks when they stand next to Joseph wake up but the is a little pew ocean. By the way our good friend and you don't what's put this together look at some of the pictures included look out young and sexy and you don't what does that picture right there. Apple wicked bad. Andy not bad at all we're gonna get into who's in and out of the home run derby and just a little bit but right now he is York giants pregame post game post you can see him over on NBC sports. Bay Area Ahmed Fareed joining us here on 957 the game what's. Man how we know. Came out on I am enjoying an off day a rare off the year debate bulk either drive and make it around you hear them. Intermittent screaming. Go find that's okay that's just me because of garlic adult day he. It's the show there's intermittent screaming every afternoon on this program their wryly as it's good to have you on how do you enjoy the first half so far is it really feels like. For the first time maybe in a couple years we've had a Bay Bridge series that felt like it carried little weight to it I really enjoyed those last three games. It would I'm in big games have been good and you know it's an extra little blue used to mean I think. You know both and the rest in the dark side kind of like to say you know not a rivalry because of that drug in LA is the big I. I mean they live under your living next door to aid stand in the regular low and you have all went to eight good out you know local area connection spread across over on the giants side so. Absolutely feel like you're Mexican or one of the income and good so that that helped to. What do you think should take the credit for the Jews of this series either team's general manager. Actual on field manager or Brody Brazil himself for coming up the trophy. I think really ought to percent to recoup nothing until three days ago and natural it was prepared to. That has everything you Buick at them back you got a little out with the trophy that that's absolutely the number 18. You know here's a deal I know the people thrown salt on it I don't mind did I don't mind that at all to good little bragging rights thing you probably means more on the east day than it does on this side of the day but whatever like I don't care and I think it's cool that they got a little piece of the bridge. I mean that was the whole point of it is that computer act. Actually you know not part of the rivalry here that theory is that good you know Jerry Mika a broken you know on a leader. The championship trophies are more representation of what you accomplished or you're never file tropea about the accomplishment in it doing it but. I thought it was really cool a couple they'd go excitement so he's been displayed at that battle they are so that they really really cool to do it successfully for all sides art at the incredible work. It's been split eighteen keeper global political in your soon but. It's pink and couldn't run that thing you know we can get tradition and it's a cool thing to look at a cool and trudge pick up field. And who don't growing whether they can for every week. Never presented as like others and all you ought to just one little added element to a vehicle already. I'm mad Fareed here on the Damon Bruce show good to have money how about breast coaching where he sits. In his career right now there have been eleven men. That is managed 1905. Wins in the major leagues or more all eleven are in the hall of fame. Bruce boat she is to win shy of that number how about that. Yeah I mean I feel like every. Every off when I'm talking about the you can become a clock in the opposite the Altria manager Bruce that they agree world idol get mayor with a moderate previously I think he's already. Air. An and to be able to do it this long and I'm here talk at all with our great pitching can clear that you can dynamic within sports. The first vote you've been through it all in it's still well like. White players by the media by the front office. Good relationship with everything that we get the industry for Bob belt and get to prevent it in the area. I think that's the big accomplishment right that the stopped the group vote because. Has not gotten old because deep down you could that you the people person and he can manage people and when he beat down to it in the middle of bunker are part of it everything that part of what you do and field team manager. But it's about dealing with people I think both those guys do really really well. They don't have clubhouse is it too in the mountain when you think about it we're pretty spoiled here in the Bay Area in terms of coaches to know how to deliver a message to its lasting in people keep on tuning in for because. The success is proven between Kirk boat she. Bob Melvin. You know what look at Jon Gruden now with the raiders a lot of people are turning to him to turn things around I think to Kyle Shanahan had a pretty good debut with the end of the first half of his go around like what that's pretty good coaching here in the Bay Area. Edit the stability of acute right at the 49ers didn't have that stability so a part of it take to Cain that or how do you. Patrick Cote has its open behind them you know and ending with a team that you'd think. I. The giant said that he would. You'll like the 49ers. And raiders haven't heard the word that it welcome yeah I think that the big part of and it's why you'll. Here you gotta stick with you got a bit with the thirteen and hope you pick the right guy that would've bought six year because you gotta keep switching. They're the team unit to an amount because they are not going to be here a year ago. Ahmed Fareed here on 957. Game what do you think is the bigger surprise of the giants' season so far. It Gorky Hernandez turned into like an every day major leaguer after such a terrible year last year. Where the fact that. Pablo Sandoval has played his way back into the good graces and the lineup. Yeah I think that they're both the prize I think. And the fact that Gorky who Urlacher the integral and at the end of the year may be are okay compute wasn't 100%. Would have never saw that you have double digit home run by the all star break I mean that. This would never heard of it crossed my mind I think Pablo has kind of been situation where he had called Boston. Never quite. What is equally well maybe I think we're retain a last year you may get him back let go back giant he can't pull it back shoulders binding. Elite global outlook outlook orbiter solid big east you're in the league minimum to soak. I think you know Pablo with a little bit of a surprise that they core that is the bigger surprise than. I'm just happy form because you're the guiding Kagan defeated or what kind of role was being OK with that fifth outfielder that occurred about that ad. Kind of the big guy that was on the roster too because Tucker was good enough it could come up that can play in center field. And all the thirty come up and played lights out and take this job but he's going every day so. I think restored she really liked having him on the roster irked because he didn't care unit that at the plate and not only was. For the first month either because he did it in grind it always one of the better hitter in the lineup so that that that's a little bit bigger prize to meet and I'll. Mark Canas bat flip will you ever be the same. It it changed me especially. Our guys are held a market like such a great in genuine I called him a couple on the current congress notably good. He could and I audit guy he could tell would be interviewed needed depth after the game. I mean right. I think I'm part of a growing trend of a great. Golfer and there'll be particularly younger reopening its growing trend all across the spectrum. This that it you know they're like crap going on in the world looked up component or you know don't think that one out of work you know lord add on. What an important though. I was I was OK with I'm I'm basically you know it would any type of authentic emotion on a baseball field. I'd even gone on record saying if you wanna what Gordon on May be it's okay and or not appear real like real life but. Portland separate sport while you card competitive you're going to get you get you. Home like it don't mean. I'm never gonna get my feathers ruffled over art and the only thing I will get my brother dropped Bofors. Not showing enough emotion out there litigated a fun game and look what celebrate. Amen and look I don't wanna ditching trouble with the mother ship by an earlier talking about the giants before and after an awful lot of games. Don't you think the giants are among the worst in baseball taking things a little too seriously they do it over and over and over again. I totally expect candidates catch a code red at some point in time the next three games. Remain in May be able to cook a little you heard from what happened with. With Lou at Princeton and Miami Marlins. There. Home to some baby that that woke up a few people got on picnic what what's important here because what happened that after it is. That giant skeptical on May be one committee would be hit Britain with their rhetoric that they don't. A resulted in the ulcer go to ticket won the little altered in any event. And it's really got thrown out right after that we hear all star reliance on border Eckert took one on the body. And it was indirect. Retaliation to what they did previously the war so. It was the back report is not that are written authority at their pressure PL I think that a little but it wake up call will never completely and you know they create a way I respect that there are people like you showed we're gonna have a different opinion of me. And that's what you know makes baseball baseball ultimately is that you know might get out the right way your way at the right way to bring it to quit Italy. That makes up despite the per game. Ahmed Fareed here on 957 the game so a lot of people said this Bay Bridge series is like a fork in the road moment. You'll know whether or not you're a contender pretender at the end of it I don't know if it's gonna give us that much conclusion but let me ask you straight up you've got to go on that next week's paycheck on a playoff appearance on either the giants or the days where you put your money. We'll let articulate you know from what we've seen so far you know I've. Wondering about as all of you starting pitching. And global scorer not to put the ball and play. If the ball over and you know the formula to win and a whole lot of ball games that matter the young young starters is that when Jack and you'd be able to hold on it. Brady Anderson it. Be part of the rotation. And depth and so. It would be eight to articulate count them question did you like that are young and oh all perhaps. A little bit better on the guardian giant plate big eater detention for that it is a little bit lookalike got. Well that's up because I think if they're divisions were different eighth grand left that. It could be blamed on gays but yet the Mariners in Houston Astros in the same division that. You might be the third best team in the league in the third best team here in your division they'll if I had to put a thousand dollars and more than you make in the playoffs. Good scientists and these guys pregame post game and I don't wanna get in trouble. There you go fair enough we'll get in trouble and another way. Which guy will eventually. Be worth the weight of their contract. McCutcheon Longoria hormone Lanston. Well I mean look the cracker McCutcheon is only. You know a year. It fourteen million were halfway halfway through that I think he can have a lecturing. You know July 3 and our blistering August it's. You know was great for him good it was a lot of that you look what we've seen all year are in power yet six run multiple loan. You'd been hit your bank and hit the ball hard all wall you look at. Negative below them in the Arctic contact your collection named in the top twenty Major League Baseball is that the early. Haven't been all important that they entered in the general Paul happy in 2018. I think isn't it that tactic you've got the shortest contract at all. I think he would have been better chance at the hot monster too cool yeah you're the guy you spend your OK with the contract. No luck oracle concerning are sure because last year was its worst off here in the league average and worked up at the year. Player or anything like that you entered thirty or thirty sports signal the end for for a lot of guys in and Merck Malia and the fact that they're continuing to be very cautious with him I think is Smart. But it felt good concerning in the fact that you're obviously concerned long term it but it will be a guy that. Go back to back to back days. The I think it. But racquetball and guys have long Richard -- that that market turning it could could well with a couple. Good to talk real baseball would you then have been on too long and joy you were well I don't know if it's a week off for you but enjoy a slower week of your summer I hope you do. Yeah I'll always have to check Twitter like once they're pretty our Q is that code once every twenty minute that that door it. Enjoyed the break thank you very much cement after reading here on 957 the game you're giants pre and post game post over on NBC sports Bay Area good stuff with him. We do have been Major League. Home run derby tonight let you know who's going what you know when it starts rushing to check in with my buddy Seth Everett around 430 in this bad boys gonna get under way around. What's 5 o'clock her time zone time we're gonna see this thing go off. We're going to do this once again without job apartment but I'm not on our back and you know what he will be missed at one point in time you're gonna miss him just a little bit admit. We're gonna have all that for you are also going to celebrate the course saw. The bag gets. All we we we have a World Cup they shall be all. Now back to redeem include John. 57 victory. Welcome welcome it's great to have you here on 957 again. It lower about. 45 minutes away from saying hello to Seth Everett he's gonna join us live. From DC where the All Star Games home run derby it's gonna take place tonight who's in the home run derby you ask well. We got eight guys go idle snapshot. Carried out here the eight guys in the home run derby tonight. From the Milwaukee Brewers. Asus U Lar he leads the National League with 24 home runs. Got home run rate of seven point seven point 6% that leads the major leagues so we'll see him. Very exciting player from the cubs Javier Baez is gonna be and he is tied for seventh in the National League with nineteen home runs. Ranks fourth with a 571 slugging percentage he's an electric player who loves to step up. In a big moment he loves the he loves loves attention lobs it. Perfect form it is but away. ESPN a pretty good breakdown of all these players. Here's all facts. About hobby Baez. He's the 142 baseman ever participate in the home run derby. Eleven of the previous thirteen were eliminated in the first round but the other two guys they want it. Robinson Cano in 2011. And Mobil one Ryan Sandberg. Hall of Famer 1990. Alex Bregman at the Astros in there he's become one of the best all around hitters in the game he's in the top twenty with twenty home runs he ranks fourth in extra base hits. He's a dead pull hitter you've got to like pull hitter and a home run derby it's a consistent swing to get off. Sixteen of his twenty home runs. And go on the left field. Freddie Freeman of the Braves could be an NL MVP front runner sixteen home runs ranks fourth and NL OP asks. I don't like him to do it though. A line drive guy you're looking for guys would fly ball rates he won a lot of fly balls here in the home run derby line drive guys don't do so well. Bryce Harper. The hometown hero he's tied for the second in the National League with 23 home runs. He's got the largest. Average home run distance in the field. 415. Point six feet. He does have the longest home run of the season. 473. Feet this guy when he hit some he really had some. He actually lost you don't assess buddhists in the 2013. Finals remember that I believe that was a Citi Field. At New York or that was. I don't even care you and needle that. It's several different the Google. Rise Hoskins is going up and comer power hitter eleven home runs in his first eighteen games sure whatever. Max Muncie the Dodgers. Guy spent all last year AAA basically started this year there is got 22 home runs rank fourth National League. The guy he's having a breakout year maybe. He'll break out again once the all star break. You wanna talk about. 543. Triple A at bats he's got 22 home runs in 225 Major League at bats. So special is. Don and I bears astonishes. And I got my Mac guy I'm going to be bullet for no not a hobby Baez. Or Gabi Baez he's a cub. But he was never in Indiana Hoosier and title sure war Burke wise. That was before that became the home of bend so this is the you all know how that turned out I think. I must become an awful wind decide an awful lot more confidence puzzles suspicious about short to play that again formulate a. Yeah yeah I deathly given their risk unit had a little bit more of like your belt to voice coming out you know I mean that stronger sound technically have a little bit woody. I think we had CES or DS and see yes that was the difference or division series. Championship series more at stake would reverse did I tell you that I was actually in the human league. So yeah I was a back up synthesizer player in the human league in 1981 that's why I know these songs inside and out how did you. She wore herb. As the Max exit velocity whatever the hell that means now 117. Point one miles per hour. That is the highest rate of all the guys she's got sick raw power we'll see what he does swore Brad the right meal he could win this thing. If you ate too many burritos may be now. The buy out the rate of three Hoskins though for the Phillies. Fourteen home run. A low for some unbeaten derby home theater. Everyone got eighteen. Yeah no there's this big guys you really wanna see in the derby and air and judge and Carla Stanton I know they declined but in it sucks. They declined one why did they decline this whole like well you know one night is swinging could ruin your swing and is at a year. I'll believe it. I just. Baseball you need more star power tonight tonight where you show off your star power do it. So it. So it how about just going up to these guys insane what it was it was what's gonna cost you don't make enough money. When bonds didn't participate in the home run derby. In San Francisco. And I thought I honestly thought that night. I bet you this tax on another ten years to the will we ever get a statue conversation. Like what a bigger weight is spit in the eye of Peter McGowan and Larry Baer yeah. Then to have the whole like here we are it's going to be the splashy just all star game home run derby ever not a single ball. Not a single ball went into the cold. Not a single. Ball well. The gamble All Star Games logo was a ball splashing into the water that year that just happen Barry. Come. A game and you were on the coding back then. That is yeah you as you're probably right and I don't know why you're probably right there was at least an 800 milligram performance it'll of those ads. Someone who beloved song to another here on 957 again Moscow. Our Croatian friends did not win the World Cup now. You get a Baghdad and you get a Crist sought in you get a crawler and you get a Dari a duck caller on Ashe. Upon freaks. Steak creates. Yes card opts for everybody. Did you wake up on time to wash your lifestyle and AM did you really Sid did I made plans I thought to myself I will rise. Sunday morning to watch this. For quite. Like the dog catch any of it. Like I woke up would maybe fifteen minutes left in the game and I I grabbed my phone like everybody else does in the wake up and I'd check Twitter and. It was 42 and boy it was nice and warm in my dad I wasn't with him. I'm guide honestly this feels like a French victory forever was 142 insurmountable right so. Congratulations. Via an awful. Would you already like your odds to the next World Cup. Yes I got employers funny years from now who who does a better job covering the World Cup all of a sudden and they membership seriously who would have ever thought go to bed on that right. Do you like a loan Croatia a loser goal obligated to you just have thorough coverage a lot of Wear little hospital site. And. I. You can. And I'm not. Fortunately no I don't image towards his. So they need. Tourists. You silence how that. It's bad day occurring all silence now. We're very sorry did you see dozens are still like burning flares in Croatia they got a bonfire and every intersection but to have people on fire not a I'm an angry bonfire proud of their team happy bonfires. But. Meanwhile Sean easily say. They have to clear about a million people off that were. The Tour de France which will be a role in ending what another two weeks or whatever that I get back to pairs of we are now thru nine stages I believe the toward affronts and we will have a toward France update a little bit later for you because again. Who's got more international flavor than this program seriously. We're gonna have so much international flavor we're eventually going to get to the continent of Africa and I think sort of difference Weezer. There are going global and it's a mix up global program this afternoon yeah it is whose favorite for an effort for the next Olga. I'm curious I'm glad you asked are you ready Gary's. Meet the new boss same as the old boss. The French are listed. Five to one favorites to win the next fifa World Cup in 20/20 two followed by. Brazil boy to go bang seven to one in Spain. If I'm ya. Hard to do. Germany 821 Belgium eleven to one Argentina on. Is going off at twelve to one. Italy eighteen to one angle and twenty to one Netherlands twenty to one port the golf 28 to one horrible weigh forty to one and what do you know look who is at eighty to one. The red white and blue. Really. I seriously don't they don't make it again next next World Cup. Leo for years I thought warrior there's no doubt that I enjoyed this World Cup more than any other World Cup I've ever watched in the fact that the United States wasn't in a country mile of it probably added to the excitement. And not that the watch these bombs lose. Hope on Japan's Europeans. It is I feel very. I never really paid that much attention to it just a little bit but I was very entertained by this World Cup it would no doubt there is a lot of. Moments always has as far as a concerted and watchful and telemundo you didn't watch any of it I did flip back and forth. I homer game and the segment that we did last week. About how the coverage is vastly superior do you did you get that feeling that you've compared and contrasted to do things I see it on telemundo I think what about after the first couple times that OK this is pointless going back to Fox's coverage I'm seeing on Tillman because they did a better job I can you more excited I can't even imagine how much better the coverages and telemundo if you have any idea what they're saying there's some boys held in the you know getting into that hasn't with happening it's happening yeah arrested bits and pieces so I understand goal. Oh look I understand but look up play out hail ball that's by net it's good start Damon did start to doubt it. So the next lookup 20/20 two in Qatar. In Qatar experts and so did a great place to have oh World Cup in the middle of the desert have fun without everyone. By the way it's officially time for our Salter station identification.