DB Show - 1 - All Star Game, Canada Kawhi, value of sports franchises

The Damon Bruce Show
Wednesday, July 18th
Damon recaps the All-Star Game and festivities last night, which was actually more entertaining than we thought, discusses the Kawhi Leonard trade to the Great White North, sending DeMar DeRozan to San Antonio, Josh Hader's racist tweets sending him to "sensitivity training", and the value of sports franchises, topped by the Golden State Warriors. 

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Iowa Wacom it's great to have you here very nice dad's side very nice show planned inside and I say inside. I mean in studio this is going to be a good one today we're gonna have ourselves a fun time today. Yes free for the first hour which means we get open lines and funny it. Chance to talk to you dated 8957957. Now but at 4 o'clock the real fun begins. In the air Gionta. Tied game. This is coming on then they'd hang out with us through. We've got. From the pages of the San Francisco chronicle coming up Susan's lesser. And Bruce Jenkins joining us here today we're gonna have a little bit of a Bay Area baseball summit nice we are going to be talking to two of the longest tenured most respected sports journalists in. Really the country I mean not just our city these are two of the best we've got. Ink stained fingered news paper veterans. To talk with today really looking forward to our 4 o'clock hour we're gonna have video. Five after five today notified before five. I applaud after five is moving or 5 o'clock hour today were also gonna play. The name game is a brand new thing we've come up width is it that original an idea now. But it's our new idea and we're gonna roll out on Wednesday there an all star week 'cause that's the perfect time to roll out new ideas don't you think. Mark Medina joining me a little bit later on in studio is well he's gonna join us right here Robert Clem co. For the pages the Sports Illustrated he was just covering something there quo calling via. Cornerbacks summit that happened down and Paolo alto Richard Sherman invited the best to divested his position. And pretty interesting day of football study came out that we're gonna talk to Robert clinical about that mark Medina on all the things that are going on. With the lakers in the NBA the offseason edges never ever ever ever stops not lob it. All star game in Washington DC it happened last night and I tell you if you were looking for. Like a microcosm of Major League Baseball. Something that might explain where we are in the history of the sport. I guess last night. Pretty much was the perfect example of of where we are in Major League Baseball. Because everything was a strikeout. Or a home run. That's. I don't know if anyone to know leg out a triple again and a history of Major League Baseball it's a strike got her home run that's all we get. Ten home runs in that game last night. It was very exciting at the end it was great was it was good it was really really good it was as exciting. As the end of the home run derby like congratulations baseball you decide yourself. An interesting. All star game. Ten home runs. Erin judge Mike Trout Wilson contreras Trevor story jeans a girl Kristen yellow which. Scooter ganache. Alex Bregman. Horse he's spinning it. Holy. What dole. Also going deep. You know it's funny Bragman was any all star game MVP here so much about a two day springer Verlander Bregman might be apprised of the entire bunch. It guy's got a flair for the dramatic big at bet that went to game. I like affected the players were Mike dop we've got some sound from the all star game some interesting stuff for the players Mike up. I really think it's the future baseball broadcasting. Baseball broadcasters understand the rhythm of the game. I think players would be able to have an on field interview in the rhythm of the game baseball allows for a lot of downtime. Lot of time pick daisies kick rocks. Why not have a conversation with broadcaster. Like no seriously why not great idea why not. We saw that up. Commissioner rob Manfred basically said hey if Mike Trout is in is world famous as he should be don't blame me blame Mike Trout he's not a very. Look at me kind of guy. The angels pretty much clapped back saying that. You know what. Mike doesn't like to take a bowel onstage after an active charity he is also very much a family man he's a quiet guy. And he's just concentrate like like isn't being the modern version of making male enough to fulfill his duties about you making him more famous like. Rob Manfred basically said don't be upset at me that he's not more famous he should be more upset at him. Any angels are like. Get the hell out here that trust doing his job Trout totally doing this do you still what he's supposed to be doing big difference there. Many image shot out. Could be going to the Dodgers and I mean it's only that it could be happening not is happening because there is a look. Little bit of a snafus medical's they're taking a look I don't know if they're walking away from anyone. In this deal yet but it is not hammered through much out of the Dodgers not official but very very close and I can tell you is that the Dodgers the rich get richer. They're not worried about a luxury tax there that they're adding. They're adding an awful lot of pop by the way I thought made him a shot or thought the women in Baltimore beautiful wait till it gets away. I think why Leonard probably thought the women of Los Angeles might be beautiful guess what I got a great news that women of Toronto are. Absolutely gorgeous quiet. And you're gonna have to go north to the wall to see it offers. I told you this is gonna happen I didn't tell you is gonna get delta the raptors but I did tell you that there was no way to Gregg Popovich was gonna send him. Two of the lakers. Or really keep them in the west he was gonna send the mideast. And that's exactly what happened. The San Antonio Spurs have traded choir Leonard Danny Green to the Toronto Raptors for DeMar DeRozan. Yucca polka. And protected when he 191 round draft pick it is not. What cool why Leonard won it and there's already stored he's that what he's not gonna report. Mike Cook is he's not gonna report you can't. You can't play a handful of games in one year sit out have your loyalty question and then sit out and hire another season and expect to be ever taken series is a basketball entity again. Here's the deal. Toronto. A lot of people are joking and I even seated Stephen A Smith is like. You want it to go ahead and move yourself to the big city that is LA now you're getting shipped to Toronto. The only thing I can tell you is that Toronto. But warts. San Antonio. In cool. International. Metropolitan. Stylish. Architecture. Toronto's a great city don't let it that that the fact it's in Canada get it confused like Toronto is a beautiful. Really cool place as a great nightlife it's it's actually really fun if you offered me Damon merger rather live the rest your life San Antonio Texas or Toronto I've picked Toronto. And I don't even like the winner. Does it cold and snowing there I would pick Toronto though it's a very cool town like. Good chance that cool why might get there it's sort of like kitten oh by the way. Would never quite powers war in the Western Conference don't they grow tenfold just by going east. If quiet Leonard really is one of the three best players in all of basketball. Isn't the east open to him now in the same way. It was open to LeBron for the better part of eight years there. Area interest and very very interest and like us that a great chronicle our coming up at 4 o'clock will be talking about the pros or the cons and the cons. Of the DH in the National League I don't like it. You know I don't like it I told you about in the past I don't like it but there are pros. There are also cons I think. One of the biggest cons being messing with a rule book that stood in place for a 147. Years. It wasn't until 2018. Were by the way everybody's got a new idea for helping should be done. We want this entire time. A 147. Years. With pitchers sitting in the National League now it's got to change. Stop. It doesn't really need to change that much. We sort of before or say it again there's nothing. About baseball. That is symmetrical. Not the line ups not the budgets not the payrolls not the outfield fences. Nothing. Stop stop trying to make it symmetrical. One thing that's definitely never gonna be symmetrical as that top 1% that they stand out. All by themselves. We now have a hunger in sixteenths. Worth at least a billion dollars in sports a hundred in six teams. Worldwide. Are worth at least a billion dollars there is some staggering numbers that have come in. And we can tell you. That one of the most staggering numbers in all sports. Belongs to the Golden State Warriors Jolie could basically turn 400 million dollars in the three billion dollars over the course of the years. And that folks is in nice are ol' hi. Our allies stand to return on investment kids that's what she wants that's what you're looking for. And that's what Joseph wake up got an awful lot of giants' second half outlook a's second half outlook will get into that again 4 o'clock hour coming up both Susan's lesser. And Bruce Jenkins going to join me today. Talk about their careers. Talk about future journalism were to talk about the downfall of journalism. Saw very interesting thing that explain Twitter baby may be more than. Better than anything I've read nick came from chuck cluster men who is a frequent guest of Bill Simmons struck Costa incumbent. A contemporary you know intellectual. Writes about a tons of subjects. He's very interest in sports as well really interesting guy and he summed up Twitter I think in a paragraph maybe better than anyone I've seen try to sum up Twitter and paragraph. The gist of it. Is essentially use the Internet. Is not. The end of basically is no effect on the things. That I know look out. But the Internet has a great effect on the things that I don't know because it's the only place I'm getting that nugget of information. About a subject that I don't know much about. Not only does the Internet basically reinforce whatever belief you wanna find reinforced. But it can also Fiji to win. Information. That is the only time we've ever even thought of that subject so you think that everything you're reading is is gospel as Canon. And that may be is where the danger lies really fascinating stuff we'll talk to people write for a living and how really. We've seen the gatekeepers. Be removed. There used to be a gatekeeper in between just anybody writing anything they want to be consumed by everybody. Like that was a newspaper's editor it was your ability to get a job at a newspaper was your ability to earn the right to be published. For mass consumption people who have never earned that right. Can now publish for mass consumption. And some of it is brilliant and illuminating. Much of it. Is nonsensical. And toxic. And here we are in 2018 so. A couple of great writers coming in today with an awful lot to get until we got four hours it's going to be a fun when I hope you do a great 8889579570. Welcome. Into the Damon Hersh. How different shell on money not by examined again. Don't know what all of the. And that would be your final of the Midsummer Classic won by the American League once again a couple of Astros going deep and extra innings sound courtesy. Of course fox sports and very ago. We got ourselves another all star game in the book. What my man Jeb finish where it doubly jet Larry was all for to you got a couple ipads on audio walk. Good eye jab. Good guy. Like that. So by the way to mostly the most interesting thing from this all star game other than the fact it. Josh hater. Had a whole bunch of tweets that I don't think anyone wanna be out in front of a public. Released while he was basically blowing the all star game. In case you EU were under Iraq this morning worn on line last night. Josh cater. Came into pitch in the all star game. And while he was basically on the mound. It was released unharmed line. That when he was seventeen years old he unleashed a string a tweets that are again tweets he would never want. Introducing new on the front page in New York Times. We got disparaging things against gays we've got end bombs we've got all sorts of things that. You just can't say. In public this is seven years ago and obviously he thought so much of these that he never went back and deleted them I don't know who is agent is but lousy job on your part. I see this. The world saw it. He was asked about it afterwards and I'll give amidst. He faced the music he didn't duck out of that clubhouse he faced the music stood there asked and answer rip ass. Answered those the questions asked of them. John just played a little of him talking about his tweets here is even more. News or we'll send and I'm deeply sorry for what I set I didn't and you know what's been going on. My business isn't reflected in my who leads don't know whose members of the economy where. I mean I'm I'm sure there's some lyrics. In rap lyrics here and waited. I really don't know exactly what's so let's go out there. In other words. I did you really know you talked about what tweets do you have and the Internet never forgets in the Internet that thing it is. Is not a place a lot of people have ever felt comfortable parking. Overt acts of racism in phobia and maybe like you were cool would that. Even if it is here's a deal. Can we talk Turkey can we be totally honest here can we just be serious campaign just for a minute let's let's just get down to brass tax. There isn't a single person. On this planet. Who hasn't dealt in spicy language. At some point in time. Words that are unspeakable. In public in 2018. Have Parse. All of our lips. Conversation rolling anecdotally. Joking I mean yeah. In an unbecoming an act of anger. Who knows. Who knows. I do know this. I'm really fortunate to editors and a trail. Of bread crumbs backed up all the stupid stuff I said when I was seventeen years old. We do do dumb things rumor kids but that's what I mean that. That's the problem again salty language is Parse through my lips but at no point in time at any time in my life. Was I comfortable using that in a public domain. Now maybe it's because social media wasn't a part of my life until I was an adult in my thirties so. Thinking things that are very logical and obvious to me like. I probably should use that word on line. Might not be is obvious to a seventeen year old schmuck kid. So what are you supposed to do or his bosses say that this kid is now. Be up modern face of racism in America I don't think it's going to be that rough on him. I think it's a guy who Major League baseball's gonna send a sensitivity training. Yes punt attire right now there is no bigger waste of time and your sensitivity training. He's gonna get lectured by some school my arm about. Being more courteous in the workplace and again he said these things seven years ago when he was a teenager. I think hearing the comments he knows. It was wrong absolutely Lorenzo Cain said that he talked to Peter about this issue. A little bit this sort nonsense situation now. Authorities don't know who else this occurs you know nothing. That's one reason not only also commuted his. Things like it's always been pro for more things you see him you know excellent. There removal from him to prison is what it is on donated you know as an ago. Then we agree it's an excellent. Myself I'm fun you know they're they're going to be OK we'll move on from. Retiring now Lorenzo Cain is a stand off dude. Lorenzo Cain didn't need to get on the train tracks to get hit by the train of how dare you being nice to somebody who America wants state tonight. Will rounds of Cain did Josh hater a real solid breaker. Incredibly did did he did you can either help the bomb go off faster than me. That Vento the Barbour expected or you can defuse the bomb. Lorenzo Cain did everything he could right there to defuse the bomb. Josh haters should go on by that guy dinner. I really mean thank god that there are not a true there's no electronic trail of bread come proms back to my stupid teenage years. I will say this. You go back to my stupid teenagers at no point in time. Mean any circle of my friends none of us not robots. Would have been comfortable. Putting. Horrific glee colored racial language ended the public domain like that like that is a little weird like. Sure seventeen year old kids come when dumb things. My seventeen year old dumb things though came. After just a series of bad decisions like a dumb seventeen year old none of them drifted into the realm of much of a racist. I not you are now calling people names her. Now discriminate against other people are doing things specifically because you hated someone. Exactly yeah I had dinner race if I was not happen if I use that word when I was seventeen it was because. Ice cube and NWA I was playing on a constant loop in my head for about an eight year period. So you are doing more things like still on a six pack of beer at your fridge. And can aid. Along those lines a rating on thing that kids do read the liquor cabinet on more my speed. The bottle but all of a Kevin Mamie. I think god every day that no social media existed during my teen years and I really think we were talking about this Jian was. This GR a nice not to give the me a ride home this week. Into the Jian app ideal. And I don't carpool a great thank you. We were talking last night on the way home and can you just imagine can you imagine if your teenage years were displayed like spread eagle for everybody to see all the stupid thoughts and things that you. Said in joked about it. Or heard I think we were the last generation that really got like a shot at a childhood yeah. I can agree with that. I was watching comedians in cars getting coffee I can you remember who Jerry signed till I was talking to but he was saying. You know our parents. Signed belts parents is what did you have childhoods they were just young but they don't put the work right away. We were the first generation parents his generation the baby boomers that raise their children with the intent of having like a real happy childhood. He spent it outside with your friends and doing things you weren't like sucked into an iPad or thrown in the boomers became parents those are parents are parents went way out of the way to give us a good childhood. And now. We're raising kids as you like. Every single one team. It's a special little gift from the universal unicorn. And all of you could be president all of you can be movie stars all of you can be professional athlete's dream big nothing that needs. You know and and and like that's a great message but at the same time the truth is not all of you are fit to be president not all of you are gonna be rock stars not everyone's winning an Oscar yet there have to be an. Just a percentage every reality driven into that converse Russian. But we got bona fide childhoods don't you mean have a bona fide childhood anymore like if you're a seven year old. You can see the most you if you're seven years old. And nurse repaired over your shoulder and there's electricity to the computer in your house. You can go see things that a seven year old should never ever ever ever ever ever ever be exposed to and not under any societal. Circumstances. Not ever things that even if I had I want to. Good to see them there was no ability for me to see your consume them anyway and it's it's so easy to get access that's very hard as a parent to sort of kind of monitor that. And your seven years old you just seen something that you should absolutely have never seen and it stays with you and knees are talking about in your teenage years and I started you're talking about things you shouldn't have seen in a public domain just like. It's a recipe for disaster. And is and is this guy's pitching condemn all star game last night he's getting steal word on so. Number one public enemy of America. Pitching tonight in the all star game. Does not. Really really nuts. I get a lot of people here who've been asking me since I sat down at 3 o'clock to start today showed Damon. Can you tell us about the Greg pop up situation. The Gregg Popovich situation is he just rated quite Leonard north of the wall. The Greg Papa situation. Is that it looks like his days of calling raider games have come to an end. He'll be back on Monday. He's on vacation will be back on Monday I want Gregg to tell you about it I still don't know the details what happened who initiated the break up why. All I can tell you is. Is that there's zero to this is zero to do with the man's performance. Greg Papa is. The most state of the art NFL broadcaster you can find on the radio he is on the mountaintop of great NFL. Radio broadcasters. Period end of story. And I think that it would be. A fool's errand. To let gray go a minute before yet had to. Especially. While you're looking at so whatever. Seeds of goodwill you have left to sell locally. While you're here is a lame duck franchise for one to may be two more years. But it looks like it's going to be Brent mosque Burke. The only thing that I know is I don't know about the news. The way to Greg knows about this and this is Greg's topic and career and life. And he should be the one to address it. Noon Monday. You might wanna be listening united by seven again at noon on Monday. Greg Papa shows going to be up. Believe you could call fire emote geez probably. Epic. So be listening to death for sure. The only thing I can tell you is that it never makes me happy one act of good broadcaster isn't being used correctly and if Greg Papa. Is. Is not doing NFL games this Sunday. The NFL got a little less fun. Every single week next year. Zach has greatest job. Is incredible. 8889579570. Is that number an awful lot to get to an awful lot to talk about coming up in about a half an hour from right now in studio. So is slow assert. And Bruce Jenkins from the San Francisco chronicle are gonna join me at the same time right here in studio we got an awful lot to talk about over the course of an hour. The state of baseball here in the Bay Area. Their careers. Writing for newspaper in 2018. Their influences how they got here we've already had a request. For Susan. To come up with her. Fantasy rock band. She gets male and female lead vocalist she gets to lead guitarist of rhythm guitarist. A drummer. And then she gets a flex player where you can either bring in now famous horn section the power power you can base player you could bring to the bat you could bring a backup. Singer's view will bass player yeah I would absolutely based on your marriage to bass player of course. But the manner that I that I skip base. To get the bass player to today's but yeah of course just in your starting five billion flex play let's go. Ron is in San Mateo what's going on. Howard Iran. You're going to barrier to thank you. Hey there yet we're talking about picture from last night I just think that in general Michael idea on is that we need sort of the standard. On how we talk about certain things and again I'm that would not common complaint of mean the bashing anybody or anything like that statement to say be careful of his job and duty do we did great in the twelve but we'd have to have a standard and it's kind of weird when one minute we'll bashing certain people in Hollywood and spoke about you know what they do with women and then Dr. Dre is that a I have been talking to the warriors won a record that you hit a woman in the past that a party in the can never been spoken about that. Well well I mean there's been literally hours of documentary footage about that there was a dark matter an HBO where he'd. Talked about in addressed it directly all I'm gonna tell you run as you're never gonna be able to get tomorrow if all you look at as yesterday. I mean if you're gonna go back thirty years on everybody for well here's a nugget that I don't like this is a panel of the flower the didn't grow right you're never gonna like anything. Ron everybody's got skeletons in their closet. I'm I'm I'm talking about in terms of how we react I don't think there wouldn't do that in terms of going back a bit and for thirty years if it's about these efforts of people would be bad beautiful everyone on the and the standard. Whereas this did shouldn't it be given a because we will all it was kind of should be looked at. What did he say what they know that jokingly I I agree with you and I've been their book work myself when we all picked up. I've never really said anything or come from a point of what I read almost twenty and I don't think that we can document that he didn't think it. I think is towards his. And had setting are they going to work on mom home on the back. Yeah thank you Ron Brown plays bass. Rod appreciate the call. I hear is sane man like by seventeen I what I I think I knew better but I didn't have to tool to shoot myself in the head like kids do now. That is Twitter. Com. Maybe he's a volatile in his thinking and went in knowing that he did he did something wrong any I think I'm admits that. So I'm and I would like to think it's not like you're given in the past but there's some people who stand by what they say. I think he is that he's admitting he made a mistake and it was a. Also. He wore it. Each piece he stood there he faced the music. And I just think that like where would. We got a lot of other things going on. That are cool clearly overt acts of prejudice and racism. And this is one of those that I you know if it. If if you're willing to move on I think we should all be well on the move on to. Because he just looks like a dumb ass pretty much. And we can put him in the category dumb ass and you can spend as rested his career there or you can let him through his actions work his way back and review. That guy and that guy was a seventeen year old dumb ass and I've grown up from and that sort of you know to move on. That is learned his lesson. Which are not so. Again I wouldn't want anything that I did when I was seventeen years old on my permanent record. But the permanent record is what they threaten you would all high school long. It's just got your permanent record. I did abs are. I underneath you know what that meant when it my permanent record whatsoever is my records the permanent like. I think it's I think it's a light went to get into college is there a folder of mean in my high school right now sitting in Schenectady new York and locked drawer where they keep the ark of the covenant like the biggest apple older Damon. It shouldn't be that stick it really shouldn't but they've stepped permanent. Record. Wu. Because in high school you're working towards trying to get into a good college. Years you know you he'd have a goal in mind. The want anything bad on your record. Like funk and out of ASU who we just didn't happen to anyone on the show. That putt putt putt putt putt at. 888957957. Now. Again money money money money everywhere in the world of sports I really urge all of you to be the owner of the professional sports franchise pick one up today. On line was Amazon day. Could probably say yes yes Al playoffs you're due to the seventeen do you miss your chance to buy an NFL or Major League franchise on Amazon prime day which is really too bad because. If you picked up. A professional sports franchise say in the past ten years it's really paid off well we have the very latest from Forbes. There are a 106 teams that are now worth at least one billion. Dollars well now. Three of the four top most valuable franchises in the world soccer clubs Manchester United. Four point 123 billion. Rio Madrid. Four point 088 Barcelona four point 064 billion. Seven European soccer clubs are among. The fifteen most valuable teams in the world but despite the massive global following. These clubs cannot touch American football when it comes to franchise value standings. The Dallas Cowboys are the world's most valuable sports team for the third straight year. Four point eight billion dollars. There's never been a better time to be a top notch pro sports franchise owner that. Get one if you can. TV contracts very owner friendly collective bargaining agreements. Causing record sale prices in every major US sports league for example the Carolina Panthers just sold for 2.2 billion. The NBA's Houston Rockets 2.2 billion. Florida Marlins. One point two billions. They were all just sold in the past ten months that cut off rank among the top fifty sports teams. Everyone in the top fifty. Is worth at least one point 95 billion dollars. That folks is the Cleveland. The Cleveland Browns the poster child a professional failure. Is the fiftieth most valuable sports entity in the world sitting in have to win. Wait do you see how little you have to win to be valuable this is amazing I'm getting too. Again there are now a 106. Franchises in total. Worth at least a hundred billion dollars that's up from 87 last year so the number was 87 club's worth a billion last year. Twelve months down the road the numbers now one of six. That's good that's that's good inflation. The New York Yankees had six baseball teams in the top fifty would've value of four billion that is the fifth highest franchise overall against George Steinbrenner let an investment group that paid eight point eight million dollars for the Yankees. Back in 1973. New York also the home of the most valuable basketball team the New York Knicks again in New York Knicks couldn't find a W on a typewriter. The New York Knicks. Three point six billion the number one ranked valued NBA team well. Eight NBA teams are in the top fifty but you will not believe the numbers on the warriors and some of the. Other numbers a revolving around the NFL by the way the last thing you need to do to make money hand over fist in the NFL is actually win big. Chris all of the top ten. Pretty much what one team hasn't won. And are really really long time and we'll have that for you and next. Here on 957 the game at 4 o'clock a very special hour gets under way we're going in the pages of the San Francisco chronicle what Bruce Jenkins. And Susan slots are both will be live in studio. 57 became. Welcome back the Damon Bruce shot straight to be a long way yes how about this Chris Haines who was. Covering this very fluid cool why Leonard getting traded to the Toronto Raptors situation says that what hasn't gone. Unnoticed by some players who south there's no statement in the rafters press release thanking DeMar DeRozan for his contributions. For over nine years with a franchise. So the raptors. They're gonna make good on that right they said they got to make it. A press release images should start with sorry guy. A golf thing all apologies Acadia. AA in Connecticut and video and how to land all apologies 1980. She's SI got anybody a I about that. It's a major exude enough for them he did that crazy and think you DeMar DeRozan bird. You know being a six year in Toronto forever. Nazi officials of Canada. This is the official. Son of Canada you really is. So I told you that winning. Almost has nothing to do with franchise value anymore and it if you ask me what's one of the worst financial developments in sports over the last few years and that is that you. Do not need to try to win. To make huge money. Hasn't we could ticket right now out of the Oakland a's couldn't with. People do that at 4 o'clock with Susan's lesser also joined today by Bruce Jenkins were going into the pages in the chronicle for an hour. At 4 o'clock it's gonna be a great great hour radio make sure you stay tuned for all of that. How about this NFL top ten valuations real quick Jian are you ready yes number one Dallas Cowboys four point eight million to patriots three point seven. Giants 3.3 Redskins three point one niners three point 05 rams three bears two point 85 Texans two point eight. And jets two point 75 Eagles two point 65. Now the Eagles just won the Super Bowl and they beat the patriots who won a lot of super balls recently accents. The rest these turkeys I don't want anything so long it's amazing. That there worked as much as they really are ten cal would show off from ESPN. Just waited a little handy dandy guide for your NFL top ten earnings that Condit interest thing. So number one the cowboys and number four the Redskins. Ever been to a Super Bowl twenty years. Number nine the New York Jets. The Super Bowl in fifty years. Number five. The 49ers. More than twenty years. Number seven. Chicago Bears. More than thirty years. Number eight the Houston Texas and into an AFC title game. Winning and money are not related in foot. Ball. That name though I mean cowboys doesn't surprise me being first right out of the gate I mean that's pretty. Recently that I look at our teams cowboys Kettering supreme when it comes to. No one in the Bay Area wants to admit that dal Scott was the biggest brands in the National Football League but they all they are issues you know. Like you but I don't and I did you know not to like him but it's the truth it's the truth. And it's just stunning enemy. That now like cowboys and they hardly ever win. But sell a whole lot emerge and we all know what Jerry Jones has built the death star. The New York Giants new stadium that they share with the jets Redskins again just dragged through the mud for all sorts of reasons that society. Wherever you wore on the debate about the name obviously hasn't affected the franchise now at all. The 49ers again leads San Francisco to move into their ATM that just prints money for them now the rams relocate from Saint Louis. But home now worth three billion the six most valuable team in the NFL. Again Chicago Bears African law view you do not think. You do not think since I was what was and night out since I'm ten years old you've done nothing. Houston Texans just got here at the New York Jets are relevant that surprised me. But you know. Football is everything in Texas and it's and they got a stadium that is yeah that's true brand new expensive and print their own money there to. Really really interesting how. Just that the economy around sports now works. It's all about the TV deal. Everything else is irrelevant like it took to own a baseball team in the past how did you make money while we got to sell a lot of seats so single seat any more commitment did kicked. Checks were handed to you mailed to you. And then you look at what. Has happened with the Golden State Warriors. There is no one. In the history of sports. Then made a better investment over the course of eight years no sporting entity other than Joseph Laker Peter Guber their ownership group. They turned. A four million dollar investment 400 million dollar investment excuse me a 400 million dollar investment. It is something that is now worth north three billion dollars that's impressive. Are alive return on investment what does that seven X seventy ax Saturday and I and drew ridiculous so locked. It's a lot they're doing really really well. Nobody in my Bush's attacks are about it the relevant and don't worry about it and they're Smart enough to figure all. You would hope so. Such really really amazing. Yeah it's funny. Quite Leonard going to Toronto's got a lot of people confused and I think a lot of people just got. It's got Canada jokes Susie hear about it but I enjoy most jaw. I really enjoy Winnipeg. I. Prime awesome I its button Toronto is awesome got to go on vacation for a week you choices San Antonio or Toronto go to Toronto. Toronto fund. A great town Toronto might be the only city. On our continent where it. Someone forced you elect a sidewalk he wouldn't get sick it's still Clinton had ever notice how clean Toronto is. It is very clean every in every once friendly doesn't Texas differently tube it. I vice had a great experience whenever I've been in Toronto. There's very good chance that quite Leonard who told you everything about going to the lakers is all he wanted to is gonna show opened Toronto gonna see that the east is now wide wide open is gonna see this year. That LeBron James and the lakers are gonna struggle to be a six or five seed out west as the competition is so nasty and thick. This guy's gonna go to the east and he gets to be the beast of the east. Now that all the talents on the West Coast not pleased to me not a bad place to be at all. I I betcha they can sell this it. If Oklahoma City can sell Paul George. On the concept of you staying in Oklahoma City there's a chance. There's a chance at Toronto Raptors could absolutely so why Leonard. On staying in Toronto. Toronto's gonna be able to offer Leonard a five year 109 million dollar contract next summer. That's tough that's tough to pass up even if it is all in maple syrup is out they pay up there. They got money to spend still it's not all maple syrup and Bob slides. That's a lot of money. It's a lot of money you're gonna really know a lot of money on the table just from a tax standpoint leaving the state of Texas. You're gonna get that Canadian dollar rate but whatever Manny that's in the team that's generational money like me you're not gonna have to work your kids aren't afterward to kids grandkids aren't gonna have to work. By the way we're all gonna have to work out a little bit later on today it is national. Hot dog day. National hot dog day it's amazing. I don't know this is crazy like a fox brilliant or a huge swing and a miss by the national hot dog council which I assume exists the national hot dog council chose the one day Major League Baseball is dark in the summer. To have national hot dog day. So is that either a huge swing and a miss or is that brilliant and why dared the national hot dog council and we just talk about things on the radio because instead of finding a one day dip in summer hot dog consumption. They still have Elvis playing on the night he thought the theater was dark. It's I don't know the hot dog people or the next level all the hot dog people coming from the Ivy League MIT guys. Who track the impact it. CM IT crowd run in the hot dog council of America. I may be doing something that we don't understand. Yes I was having coffee attack X are you okay yes I you I just treat you modern wood down a pipe. Often wrong and I happen this is an analogy says no no I accidentally and him run type situation. By the way nothing scares me more on like on air I know right. I do every now that I slip by a simple little water and then like on aren't gonna need a 32 sound bite on choking over here I am I happened to what can I find what can I possibly fine. I ketchup or mustard both why can't it be golf. I ate it too it's you're hot talk Damon they can be whatever you want. If it only had to be one or the other I'll take the mustard but I'm good I do like both relish and onions. You know loaded up V ten I'm not afraid. Sauerkraut Chile. She also are not a whole lot and now you're getting the meat to bond ratio while wacky I wanted to be really sloppy hot dog and I saw us makes little soggy yeah. Ha yeah back. When I was kid growing up in upstate New York there is place called Albany street hot dogs may delay the special Greek sauce. You know what I'm talking about a waning you know the Greeks saw each one don't know it's not that it's it's like a meat sauce on the hot on the high. Hot dogs have meat sauce that they put on its most bitter but so good at works with the onions and mustard. Sounds and a good thing. It since it is national hot that they there are a ton of places doing hot type deals just so you know if you want one you can probably find comic we have such a sudden eleven. W ticket free hot dogs out solar beat him 75 chili dogs for five bucks which is what everybody needs of all America needs five chili dogs tonight. Go get your five chili dogs.