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The Chris Townsend Podcast
Wednesday, August 23rd

Towny sits and talks to David Lombardi writer for the Atletic


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Hello. David how bay Ayers. Are now gone lets. Us lead time. I'll I know it. But a couple of years normal but real. Girls heard it. May well look for the. Saw on the on and liners about athletic now I. Not curators eat it but now it now all all miners belt that Pablo Sandoval came back giant but not. And on doing a little bit of everything are now locked on the court niners. A great access memory a year scampered to average obviously what you did for your alma mater was not. Was fantastic so let's not about the San Francisco 49ers I have a prediction. And I know you're gonna agree with that or not but. I'm gonna compare Kyle Shanahan. And Jon Lance and I think what they're gonna do is similar to what we saw when Pete Carroll and John Snyder took over the Seahawks. Where they were just bring in people in and out they may be the most transactions. In football for like three years I mean more than anybody to finally find the right guys. I think that's gonna happen in Santa Clara do you agree or disagree. Well you know I think that great comparison. Just because you look at the scheme the 49ers guardian well. You look at at the deep and it's the Pete Carroll being sent to the one that he actually. Perfected in San Francisco under George Seifert and the coordinator. Back in 1995 and then to acquit him to Seattle won a Super Bowl and the niners are putting him out there to import scheme you know the Leo at structure. And that you know really free safety centric Earl Thomas obviously meant that position up in Seattle to the 49ers now all the personnel move. Our center around making. That Seattle like scheme works so I agree do you think that that Pete Carroll comparison. It is really get one or what religion Channing and I try to interpret that go. The six year deal that they've both got does that speak to the confidence level. In those two guys in detaining them or is it just Jed York conceding. That he's made so many massive mistakes it's gonna take a long time to fix what he's done. Yeah I mean the you look at what they inherited what John mentioned couched in an inherited and they had a he replaced over top of the rough there's so. I think that you know that in and of itself. That action but there are completely cleaning out acknowledging that I mean did this sort. Really really sunk ship last year that that that huge turnaround that for so I think they you can't expect any thing. To sue obviously I think that you know that they may surprise but they win it here but I think that. When you look at the reality of the situation for the 49ers probably as one team. Somewhere around there right here 2017 and the figure deal in place because. You know that I note the PR launcher that level by brick thing. I think they you have to take it one step at a time and I think that contract that. It definitely reflect the vote that because I think they're all meant that this franchise really sunk. If the workload. David Lombardi joins us here on the Chris Townsend Shelley's with the athletic and we're breaking down the San Francisco 49ers. You look at two guys that. You maybe surprised you may not. Two guys that may not be on this roster opening day Ahmad Brooks and take care dean what do you think their future on the defense and being on this roster we want it. Well you know it all a lot of that is contracts up to your you know when it comes down to mark Brooks Eli Carol Lamotte broke ultimately. I'd do to make a lot more money it's about I think that you know really comment. Into play here especially according matters are rebuilding but will opt out Shanahan about that position battle of the you know in other two guys salaries Egypt really want to make sure that they're both getting wrapped like there are at the last game and Brooke's gonna probably start that next week at that linebacker spot that you want the you know just look at this purely in football and send end and excitement gonna make them better at the and so whether or not whether. And you know that the contract is gonna become part of the decision making process. Eagle the first time dealing. With its front office so we don't really know how to. Treat these and another thing is different though cuts are going to be a week or the heat and where the roster RT. Doing in the endowment at this point in previous years cook going to be really interesting to see how all these are made. That being that if you got me personally. I think Brooke going to be on the football game because according on the part cap space. So it it's it's one of those situations where. I think he'd keep them because it's not like they're up against the law there. David let's hypothetical let's go to every week four of the regular season. We all know Kyle Shanahan is an offensive guru. And at week four. Just before halftime John Lynch defensive guy. She's something on the defensive side of the ball that he's been kind of biting his tongue on a little bit Nazis had enough. Do is do they have attacked her relationship where he'll go down the locker room at halftime and talked and not just Kyle Busch obviously the defensive coordinator. And say guys what the hell why why do we keep making these mistakes. Or will he will you know well enough. Address if you're gonna address it at all address it at practice not in the heat of the moment because I would imagine is competitive as lynch is. You wanna dive right in and get it fixed right now. I guess I. Get a stand up here for my alma mater. Stanford up earlier in two. Calm cool collected stamps for guys though I don't think that you would be gone down there and obviously the first. Well. The heat of the moment stuff does happen and you're not really sure he's going to react and the spotlight in this new high profile job I mean he's been brought up. Recently and ask albeit in a former player I think you saw. That you know to go back a little bit further about 49ers a former player and a running eighteen Jim Harbaugh well look only coach in. And and a lot of people criticize him her wedding is at a competitive former player like drive influence over the decision obviously it's a little bit different. But the general manager but I think that probably one of the challenges right to restrain one L one. What one when the time comes but I think that would ensure that based on what I know programs so far. It on the demeanor and his relationship with Kyle Shanahan I think that that he's going to be good at at a putt. David it's funny you mention about all Stanford guys just being a model of come Portman me and my good friend Tiger Woods were just discussing that very fact that there. You know it yeah great. Tiger Aladdin despite everything you know openly gay. The main thing that he did it. It was are. Just Josh union. You know kind of piggyback on herbs not on the Tiger Woods served the naked pictures he's been making ours drug problems her any of that how easy Tammy. I'd sort of piggyback on. Shanahan. Skated. He is being groomed to be head coach we obviously know the offensive mind in the play collar. But the key being ahead coach. If you've got to coach the entire team and that's where we've seen great coordinator struggle because these stills and too much. Great coordinators have become coaches they spend still too much time on woods signed the ball. What we've seen with Kyle being at someone who not only manages the offense let me just the entire football team. Yeah I think that's a great point because. That's stepping to you. The head coaching world go to different picket you have to be yo EU. Delegate responsibility. And if you get too tied up into one player other. Then you know what very often that means to be neglected the job overseeing everything. That would have been real problem in this 49ers a break now out and hire competent court book. All that on his own I'd even like think there on that belt. With the young yet yet I think pretty crept up on the capital Kabul bank but yet the picture that you don't get too stuck in that world. Now I think that you've done a good job defensively where you basically mate Robert Pala. Head coach of in Atlanta this is what couch and I am told us he'd be you know he pointed out that we have opposite in Atlanta and Quinn was at coach but I was basically that had. Head coach of the opt but that's how we Wear light up the responsibility. To make sure that you know echoed what. Going back you know he went back coordinators about your bloodstream quickly control of but it's oh wait for him to be able to cut that back. And make sure you delegating that responsibility out guys just take to keep the current option and that worry about. Any normal on the defensive side it's kind of sleeper for you David that may be using getting a whole lot of pub right now but it but you see him quietly. Leaving their mark in. And have a lot of upside that we don't know about. Is that the guy that wrote about earlier we can rent doctor well which is gonna be really interest income mean. Undrafted free agent he'd come to Saint Francis little small school small town Pennsylvania which. Actually that a division one out yet school but beat it it it on known that John Lynch. In an interview on the radio shortly after the trot that it division three school by accident could he wasn't really even. An earlier report that around the draw play Piedmont now. And 1818 interceptions throughout college is tremendous in Danks. Of course we get much lesser competition at Saint Francis but I Olerud that around. Went to. All that up OP able yet to example of the game. So all of a sudden teams you know but we get really interest that but nobody drop them because they are very wary. That you know small school pedigree that yet. But ultimately what Coke or crack at them and it especially the last we quit that Jimmy war they'll hurt your own got the art. And unity grated out really idle at trick only Erika Reid greeted better on the 49ers defense. And it just look like the old ball players that belonged on the field he would hitting hard right spot. Jamie ordered back now. Jerome is not the starter anymore heading into week three but I think you're gonna hear that Pakistan. EUC Hammond and and you say hey that's football player right now people on on the Biehl. And you can contribute that picked agreement man roster one way whether it's not because. Imperial special. David Lombardi with the athletic joins us here on 95 points and the game it is occurs Townsend show and Brian Hoyer. Obviously as a relationship with Kyle Shanahan has had issues staying healthy. So far has had a pretty good camp didn't look all that great the last pre season game. For just you what are your expectations. For a lawyer for this season. Well. Think that as long that the ball and laid out in. On the way that we saw last Saturday and I kind of I think like me. Career. Make it but I think. You know being. Greater about the expectation surrounding Bryant or she doesn't out of you know kind of freak nationally bad turnover plays that we saw. On Saturday I think that you know we can expect him to be a pretty good quarterback and he you know eleven on Saturday. In fact eagle 05 for five on play action. The so that it and that people Kyle Shanahan Shanahan thought until. It was a running back the play action passing offense. Even though the 49ers were running the ball effectively so I think you're gonna have a guy who managed the game. Good luck you can deliver you know solid efficient football not going to be spectacular I think you'd be efficient. If secret of it. The back gas. That we saw on Saturday and only one of those attributed and though. It'll come out of turnover out of an aberration. In in that regard I think that we can expect. Or the equally efficient quarterback in the development system. What kind of broken play capabilities disorder. I mean he's not. You know lost kind of guy athletically that that. That's the thing I don't think he gave that there is the I think that the culture by quarterback. Is that pro style and a they're both from that they can if you look at that there. Order Arctic go to the 49ers wanted to quarterback not an order or your first obviously during the even though I mean she. Who has coached the runners before obviously the odd Archie had Johnnie L. You know two jobs actually ended up well where Kyle's anarchy it at the other one and I think the Shanahan. And all always want. Approach out guys do. It isn't necessarily you know going to be it guys escapes and run around a lot but he want the run play action on the medal and right. To make sure that that is the continued terminal on. David good stuff good job in the again looked gorgeous figure would you throughout the football season. Yeah out great talking to you again.