David Lombardi

Steinmetz and Guru
Thursday, October 12th

Matt Steinmetz and Daryle "The Guru" Johnson are joined by David Lombardi (covers the 49ers for The Athletic SF) to discuss whether or not Kirk Cousins will be a 49er next year. We also touch on whether or not the 49ers should really be focused on trying to upgrade Carlos Hyde and NaVorro Bowman. David thinks they have more pressing matters to be concerned about.


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Joining us right now. He covers the San Francisco 49ers for the athletic SF his name is David Lombardi David thank you so much for joining us and is there any other theme this weekend when we're talking about the niners. And Washington. Other than Kirk cousins and will he or will not be a 49 later in the year. Well I. What happened not just talking about what. On appeal bad I think that whatever bigamy focusing on but I didn't get all the really interesting habit or pattern there are visiting Washington DC. We got the vice president with a their game for about six minutes and in Indianapolis so that that that minority talked about I think that. Well we we don't know what's gonna happen around football this weekend we have all the Neil Lang and Jerry jealous yeah called probably. The president and the vice president have been involved but with the organic being that the thought of all that. I you'd think that they're going to be part of the national news cycle again but you have a couple. Technically get off the field thing at least as far as the 49ers are concerned because Kurt hadn't. Obviously cannot be their quarterback until next year as soon as if that happened and then obviously all of the political. What can you tell us about ruin Foster I mean how close is he death finally coming back so not a fans to watch him play. I think you're gonna play on on Sunday. I think he'd been ready to play I think it if you were better and if the 49ers who are good this year that will be in no way. A situation where they were competing for a playoff spot we would have seen him back much sooner or at least in my opinion based on. It on might provide an iPod and but first of all he wanted to come back into the game after getting carted off which I've never seen before in my. I like covered football which I think says something about about rumored off their. But to age he said that he was going to be back at Seattle game after that airline again. Doubt it'd happened out and equipment a little. And a little boot Barrett to make sure that I think it then wanna mind during all he heard he also got the US curtailed could be so energetic. But just a couple weeks after that you've already out of the boot. You online thing he was doing some pretty intense exercises. On the rehab ill over there at the 49ers facility. I think you're ready to go awhile ago but according Irish they've been really pay being him back they've been taking a close possible. Yesterday about got a crack at them and I think you look good to go will he order confirmation today probably. On his status. David Lombardi of the athletic SF joining assignments and gorilla on 95 point seven a game. Coming up in ten minutes we're gonna talk about exactly what makes a hall of Famer but right now we're talking football and Kirk cousins is obviously. A key to this game. David and I've I've been asking all week. To our guests what do you think you cousins and it it just seems like. Some people think he may he may be the answer other's say definitely he's not the answer for the 49ers down the road my questions this. It's Kirk cousins still improving as a quarterback. Oh no question. At this point that even eat a lot of bad numbers. And it over the court that it career I mean I don't know the rating of global equated metric but a lot of old seven point six. I like a look at yards per attempt either eight point three yards per tab right now that the bad but his career but. If you're looking for a number that. Really. What will tell you whether or not be fit what Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers that you need to look at Q what Kirk how does. Do not a play action and add a bit here on play action but it is Chan and the play action guy got. Corbett offenses is running up off that plate they manipulate linebacker Nick Clegg they beat. And all the while that Welker out on play action that's here is leading that well. At twelve point four yards per attempt. And you all the leading net well the 155. Point nine rating on play action now second clay in the NFL on play action to Alex met. He's always got at 130 point one thought Kirk how does old 26 point tired by inflate. Why can't that play action that then I think that all you need to know about it improvement. And is potential that with Kyle Shanahan who loved the play action. When you look at the 2017. And San Francisco 49ers to five games. The team is they can't win the close one in for so long you know for a lot of the talk kids are there devoid of talent is the players' fault but this is Kyle's first. Shot in the head coach. Is it fair for me to put the you know there is dead the microscope on him a little too to see if peeking Grohl. And become a cult they can win the close game as opposed to it's just the players is that fair. And obviously you want to be growth from the forty hired this year you're following this achievement that doesn't just end to end the players. Go to coaching that you wish. Not a couch and a and that it across the board I think is remarkably young and inexperienced not that they that they're they're not capable. But then called operation at the 49ers at all this year. In really building from ground zero does this look trash operation including the coaches they are out on top of the coordinator for Al Shanahan. And offensive coordinator spot are in effect operated by. A young guy live obviously not a lot of head coaching experience get that coordinator scare him but you also lavandera. Divide up some of it attention obviously to run all PM the defensive coordinator Robert Sullivan has its first here. Doing that kind of work and analog out by bank is that they'll look younger guys screwed up or down or be or. Really bright coaching mind who are going to be great investment or does he not developed but. That being that they still are young they're billboard at the Helm made media out scheme here and there IA guys got them around the block more than one. And that all part of the growing profit for the 49ers. David seems like there's a perception out there that the 49ers. May be. Moving on from. Navarro Bowman and Carlos Hyde first of all do you think that's an accurate perception or is there some truth to that. And then secondly if that's the case. What does that mean for the last. Eleven games of the season. I think the 48 iron out. Problem. On their raw nerves that are bigger than the problems they have a Navarro Bowman spot. Am at Carlo type spotter and I actually think those other two of that commission to work. Met but you Herbert Bob welcome back I'm on are OK with. While the outlook mating up the debt and as much at linebacker but. I ate I really think that. The 49ers have. More important things they're dressed right now than worrying about upgrading Navarro Bowman a score card core car look I position that being said. If they are going for that you know. All all prelude movement and that thing. And mid may not double down on that again that upbeat made your data up draft picks maybe they have enough but you know out cap space that. That that could to get rid of you guys and just you know go younger and I younger and attract younger at those positions. I am but at this point I wouldn't read. Too hard to that. Navarro Bowman obviously is coming off of two should be here. Lower body injury he's not the same player. That used to be so that's why he is getting a few more serious thought but I would reserve judgment agreement thoughts are coming back this week and I think the horrible and I look a lot better way to get the play. Along fighter faltered and he could rely on him. Can make a lot of those pass coverage glades and and the ball Obama and focus slow but more on the run. And for that I think that he's still on good tool that god has at least a couple more very productive years left so. I'm bad why I would reserve judgment because I don't think we've had a very accurate sample. Well what the Bart Navarro Bowman can do about forty and it will treat them while Ruben fosters that and I think they're gonna be like that matter up here. Men and their playoff of each other well. Speaking their judgment I know we're just a quarter two this season. How would you assess 25 games the jobs that. Kyle's done along with this coaching staff. All I I get a look at it in a very long term. Kind of pitcher obviously you look at fight game BEL five you get on an but. That that's not how they're being graded nor should they be great at eight RB I game they thought secure contracts were even. Allen the late. We know was. Totally decimated by. Track ball PM and all the drama that it happened over the happier than he tried gore for tried gore bettered himself beat the bit. I try and let that teenage Campbell I don't know what the back all want but please let after the the 49ers played the coal and I think at the very well recognize that. That but you did you machine here in Italy and Chad Channing and inherited a situation that that will really devoid of talent. So they spent their perk off even. I mean especially over all of the rot there we have it in a rookie there now which is a very I have now they have a guy who. Quarterback who made it very widely recognize that he's not there long term solution and that's the most important. Position on the football field so everything is pointing pew. That fact but poured out her applying the long game here and if you're gonna judge them in the context the long game then you have to look at the fact that. Thirty and brutal while the worst and NFL victory last year. All I've got a lot better at it beat them about progressing. And I think they you also out acknowledged that. Yeah all although the offense sputtered. A lot of that at all on inconsistent quarterback play and if you look in the long term Brian Hoyer is clearly not the guy's gonna be there in the long term well I think that. You're not gonna really be able to judge this coaching but that's unpopular. Until they make their move to get their quarterback. What they do that and you could start talking. But it's just such a long term process right now that there I just think it did it too early to say that the return aren't back yet. Good stuff David really appreciated and thank you so much for joining us. That's David Lombardi. The athletic assets he covers the San Francisco 49ers.