David Forst on the A’s health – updates on Kendall Graveman, Sonny Gray, & Marcus Semien

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, April 20th

A’s general manager, David Forst, joins the Damon Bruce Show.


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Seattle Mariners are in town to take on the Oakland days and guess what they're missing king Felix again. That's probably good news the a's woke they're bats up a little bit in the series finale. Against the Texas Rangers coming hammered him actually to take two out of three from Texas and that should. Bring us to say well good mood. In dated for Stephen Lewis got some injury problems have crept up on we'll get to all those in a second but meanwhile David winning hitting that's good right. Yes and like a couple of days a couple threats are. Cute and the first leg in taxes let's like I thought spotlight plus it is the I think upper hand vote James Paxton who might look like he's that it isn't Felix is not something happens so frequently. Yeah anything that isn't the kings got a sound better really does Paxson might beat. A guy who hasn't allowed a run in three starts so far this season but he is pretty darn good no doubt about it. The Mariners come to town you're not gonna be they're not going to be facing Kendall great men no one's gonna be dealing with Markey Ximian for awhile other than a couple of good wins here he had a couple big injuries you're dealing with. Yeah we did unfortunately in the if I mean you know and united talked plot elements. Single player on the road doesn't item on. Court that they ought certainly in the next few days a couple extra gallon. But you know Kendall a little shoulder strain we're expecting a throw a side tomorrow and hopefully I'll tell us to come back here we'll let him. You know not a civil market obviously he's an outside this type. Which companies try to Clijsters in the spring in into the newsroom just despite that. How concerned do you get about wrist injuries for hitter I mean there's so much power and that's being generated right there it seems like even if the sixer even if the surgery were a success. To expect him to have last season's powers gonna be tough to do this here now. Yeah it's something that though we always think. We're power hitters particularly him you know much optimism mightily to also are he'll be up all that come back much. You know markets went ahead with the surgery Gupta can put an errant. I was one of the most. Aggressive thing to do so that he can come back quickly rapid straddle it just went out the work we're optimistic that he does you know he does sort of factual himself. David forced a's general manager here on 957 game we cannot have a conversation without talking about Chris Davis right now he's leading the major leagues with seven home runs. He sitting 321. I mean he's got MVP numbers that stuff. At this so what are what are we at this fifteen game marker whatever it is so well yeah in a long way to go but man what a great start for this guy. Yeah I regret it particularly when you look at how it started last year and you know for him to come out do you and I and other Rangers like to not see any sign one yeah absolutely kill them by. Now we relied on credit alive like to. It's a lot couple days this sense developers so what are. Hopefully he'll pick it up a little bit and we're talking about likely it is the Kodak Theatre but he jumped on courses back. How Sonny gray doing. He's doing really well he had come off for good performance down extent that you're he surgery and ain't got up to 45 stitches them. People doctor ordered to see your rhythm asparagus. Before Saturday night for about 45. Is the plural of asparagus despairing guy or is that the Cingular. I don't know I did somewhere somewhere in the central about it probably you sit back questions such. You know I mean quote straighten that green unflattering. Do they come in bushels or barrels a you're either not my department and ask me questions that I wasn't brought here. Yeah I'm well I'm sorry it'll look let's ask you a couple questions you're gonna totally hate and Shelly. That through our mandate is so it's in the hands down and burritos turn it up I mean I know it's tough to pick a time to start a Major League clocked especially when you're still budget conscious you don't want anyone run in in the super too blah blah blah but. No beret donor. Now that it is not about any of that stuff that's about the secure its development and you know what markets were down the other day I. He gestured uniter not in triple you know two days ago and now we're about 65 ourselves. But you know it it's only fair to these guys so let them learn what they need in the mightily of late they come walker he wants them today or. Franklin still a nice job. They'll learn and we think they'll play at second base and shortstop and there's no doubt he replied he's going to be a peculiar to certain going to be. He tells a little bit about puck in Chapman to those are two minor leaguers always stands one news on. Yeah so maps on the way back he came out lots of the wrist surgery. Sort of sort of about again and hopefully we'll look at any game this weekend so we we are still forward on now. And it is just pitched great and doc he's got to. Or toyed punch out now twelve and being only three walks 4005 yeah okay and you know done everything we expect to go Jamaica after it jumped Q I have right out drops little. It's fun to watch these great law. David since we're on the theme of the kids you got a local kid coming into town tonight with the Mariners out in right field. Mitch can anger right now he might be an early front runner for rookie of the year smash campus has. But he's run many high he's from Santa Clara was he on your radar as a college prospect. Yeah you know he was remote. We kind of want it got away Riyadh the Diamondbacks about it it was ferret. Couldn't couldn't make the deal a closet yeah at all. Figured out a way to get a minute he might just come back the I don't believe he's off to a great start and louder have to search and carefully. Less than two months away from the MLB draft this has got to be one your busiest times of the year here David tell us about what you're doing that. The work that you do in Maine. And early June scouting to get ready for. Get out the first it's a lot of fun for me in the army I love going out of these high school college players insist on. That's part of the job than America vote that is getting. Also good for two months already and we're trying to pare that list down. Through the first round option Bart saw pocket out he see a bunch of guys and again. The most fun thing about this job when your players an amateur. Watching content partly your tendency to see him greatly so everybody always get excited come terms of that drop. David always appreciate your time and I know you're really busy guy today so was thanks for joining us it always end let's look good against the Mariners man keep this good feel on an ongoing. I hope so I wanna make sure that we saw come off. A bout you re so during Q but I keep it up what might miss the streak right. Our game into targeted.