David Carr

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Monday, January 22nd
NFL Network analyst, former NFL QB, and Derek's brother, David Carr, joins the Damon Bruce Show to discuss his brother & Jon Gruden's new QB-coach relationship.

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David Carr NFL network analyst brother of a guy that you might have heard calls the Bay Area his home Derek someone or other. Joins us here on 957 the game appreciate having you back on David how are you doing man. I. Excellent thank you very much so your brother's got a new head coach what do you think it Jon Gruden coming back to the game of football. I don't know I'd personally it's Draper. But all in general mean beyond a doubt it on the sideline a great coach. And knowing you're enjoying it might netbook boat gig but band. You know some guys just can't doubt the Brian I know that you loved it he loved that respect I had multiple conversations with them and that. You know decade or so. And just about the game in general. He's excited. No it started to work with the Oakland Raiders that that this that this thought I know you would get. And they did their thing their butt. Judge you belong to the raiders of the dugout and back and and Derek Baltic. There's no doubt that his love for the east bay is real he was the only guy and that press conference who bothered to use the word Oakland which I thought was unique and pretty cool you watched your brother. Have a year where I think it's easy to say that it didn't go in the right direction he regressed a little bit it it was just not the year that we were expecting. From a guy played the position for a guy who knows Derek so well what do you think was the key. Of last year's unraveling. Oh man and you have a a year like that no expectation that they at you have that a lot of people unfortunately and you know well first off I mean all due respect it all the coaches could look oh how I don't know how hard it is let. I played a global watch Derrick play I've been around again let guarded the Doug game plan game and beat men and it didn't think that they went through. But I'm a big believer in coaching repeat there's no salary cap you know that we got that one that didn't miss street and yet well it's. You can pay your your player you player you played only so much you can clearly hear your coach whoever you want to go unplugged about go to W. You know look for the owners that are willing to do that he mr. David. I doubt that that he he decided you know what younger and so what under the gun ban whatever they. And the money is inconsequential to me I I really think that you get a winner yet he got a can bring people back to Oakland before they leave. It and go do what you're gonna do they know when or if they get. You know the next decade and we know it along a little longer after that I think it's this fight but it's like everybody good quarterback. I mean how much you look they go to the develop I'm on the network 02 quarterbacks were. You finally an apartment. So I think what we saw this year was a little bit of that you have the right coaching staff. Jackie. Although I'd love to guide I'd like to get them in Jacksonville. Yeah you had brought in. Is that a deep into coached let's just be blunted ebitda in the decrypt didn't play at the that that it really that it let that lower Manhattan success two years ago so I think that really helped. But they're eager to been struggling the last couple years and you've brought into. They've fixed that and he got it I think what would give it looked up instead by bought that down mother got a look a little bit of time around so for me I think it was integration where they struggled this year off in that particular barely speak on the B at the other they got better at the end of the year it might be and let out about a moderate but lack of discipline a lack of you know just black and white. A lack of guys doing things the right away the drops are drops that go out. The ducks have been basically it happened at the rate they have been catching the ball also Gil got to work edit you have to be willing to pay the price. To go out and make gadget thing K. Most in the jug machine or grab a quarterback. Jerry Rice dropped the ball. I'm old member of that Elijah they'll build talking to guys rather know where it ducked out of all the route you're came back in don't really thought about that that though. Yeah the discipline of that I think. Getting a guy in certain position wide receiver room. Most most of guys heard pretty good shape but he really need to have a guy like you know. Again the magnetic on Boldin or Larry FitzGerald that I've gotten have been around it and done it right. That you know it yet you're burst onto the crowd debate if a guy like that that drug but the ultimate thing that you got to have that guy to show those guys. What to do you know you have a Mari young but they could really benefit from democratic countries still too young for that I think you'd still. He hit talent level. It hired then you know I have to work at this level so they could eat that well everything's black unit Dexter over here. To make sure we got to make up or. And an unlikely that we are hoping that you think they got it still basically great accounted for you you still need that guy another receiver room the old look at cal bull. Org you get fired coach like 200. And you put the doubt around. Those guys. Where where that that is that that the focus and they're hoping that debit got a good luck in that locker room I don't often cited either side. 800 bringing in brief urging that they got there there are afraid to bring back guys they were expected ex coach of the raiders. Don cable Kodak multiple coaches I think it tactic. And what they're build up and down all the old guys. Have been brought in bill Derek played better not a word right from 200 to hear it all the guys that everyone that we bring in. It all there Albright being brought in to make you better and so when we hear quarterback in that situation. You have all the Derek. Has taken a leadership qualities Eddie Gilbert did that game until the went said that he had and they did it at all when you were all your mate you better just watch great global play good you're good to go to the ruby didn't go to Israel just in the stormy debate that he that was done. It. That problem. You know I mean obviously they'd like to talk even more than they're allowed to right now new rules which I think is not like pro football if Derek Draper did they wanna get a studio apartment together they should be allowed to right. I don't which I completely agree outlook gotten their due date they argued a couple times but in India and they think it could. Other plate Dubya waste that you get in their purse at at the facility with them and we've ever done they could be an everyday they would be up at the roller pledge for for the sake of their stamp went about it done everything it. Now that's awfully nice I know that both those guys would sacrifice their families to get back to the playoffs and I think that's why they might work out well together if this skeptic in me has to creep up here and say one thing about gruden though it's. Nominee knows Derrick fits the the billing of the young quarterback he's been pretty experienced in this league so far but. Well he's never really developed a one quarterback the young quarterback like he he good he brought he brought DNA in the into MVP form any got a Super Bowl would Brad Johnson are you worried. That he's never really done that hands on grooming beyond the ESPN show. Yeah I mean either be unknown they're absolutely it. Like I can't turn my dad and Derrick learn the same thing and I think younger now that there's no substitute for our work. And I think they've done it also in talking them over the last decade but even Q would that change is not saying that have been happening. But he yet fired live cattle don't forget playbook. They're don't they're basically gave the ball so much. Since then I think because they get he'd get involved in that until I think he's been around Eddie watched film Monday night game maybe you became I know it got beat them. Because it and I really geeky been speaking about this time of going back. Did he slept a little big idiot Greta planted about OJ forever. I hope to beat it. To get good. And those are you dropped out there for a second so I thought I'd feel it and we lost yet bully dizzy just dropped out for heartbeat wrap up please. OK I just I think they've done it. It's been looking order that they belong don't let it also been preparing himself for that moment you don't know what political base of hard work and been done about Derek India. Yeah quarterback to be young guy I agree it. I think that they've done this in this sort conversation in the people not gut on Derek don't treat another veteran quarterback. Even that good things like in there I've never had a quarterback is now on YouTube doesn't work where he beat appreciate that that that it's great that he's dead. Buddy Guy walking into a situation like it I get sued by the much like. Rich Gannon wrecked up and I that you know they're not. Org I'm delighted that guy that big John you and I got it definitely that they did it's hard below. They think every guy that year only to make you better shortly as that young quarterback you try that it. Derek keep this thing pretty much to the job. And I think that they're gonna have a great what should I don't have heard a little bit about no doubt they're gonna react dunk style I think it's fantastic Derek is. Concretely in the packet you'd like do we like the work he enjoyed that side of it not a lot of guys enjoy I don't know that I can say I enjoyed that out of it. Again it's ejected we're gonna have a birthday party for quite get it. In Bakersfield. And it's been that big barn area kind of like art Jim guy hangout area. Over the quarter doing what we're trying to block Brooke they case and you want to update he enjoyed that aspect of it I don't John I think you're gonna be great. There you go hash tag never skip leg day moved David RI. NFL network analyst David Carr here on 957 the game. As a former quarterback what impresses you more affected Brady is in the big game once again or that mix holes stepped into the backup role and brought a team to the Super Bowl for the first full look like a ten year pro yesterday. Yeah I honestly think while they grin you appreciate Brady's great it. Until after until he's done and we got to look back at they they did what the what salvageable but that's going to be some never have to get away from a little bit. If you go on about how great he would furlong ball. Like about it nick holt. Because having been in that situation starting and then also being a backup quarterback I can go to that now do you view of getting toward a situation like that especially when you're replacing. Ami softer here or MVP candidate Carson went they're playing great third of once seated culture nick cynical outlook only started. He's gonna be the reason why they moved the football game and art are able to take it straight game and gender don't get an accurate Carson come back so what he's done. No doubt that what Doug Peterson doesn't imaging unit and go read it. Yeah the new evaluate our POs in the run play run pass option that they did read the bottom and get 31 backer. And got a little bit of a rhythm going. And then built in some competent to where they shut down the field in the college. For protecting the forty yard and I. More than two for fifteen in the first four game that he played well. Didn't start that figured out what they have even read them early. Games and completion. He's an accurate quarterback you can keep it brought ballot got a big arm because why not put the ball to. Well it ourselves that would double move up Newman so. Yes and ability it's a bet that you can bet that this race regarded to be about quarterback you know read it or go to these guys that they eat. It loading on the quiet you go over the course this flat. Month the wedding what all the debt used to be it and that he could be bestowed it got to gradually Europe grow and I think it will make for great people get a real chance to win that. Why can't elect Eagles plus five and a half I'm not to know why I I don't surprised to see the patriots win this game. But five and a half feels pretty good to me it really really does. It's been a a wild year. NFL network obviously been covering. All of it is there a theme that you think goes from this year to the next I mean it's been so much about anthems and ratings and it sounds like we've lost our real love of the sport what would you like to see covered more of leading up to the Super Bowl more of next year. I'll bet more Obama let them do not that nuggets of it and being out and ever did not that it Ricky penalties you know they GoDaddy be cleaned up too because. Great the great thing that happened yet that they would let me know anecdotally that they gave the ducks know. Why don't even patriots only had one against them once I know but it's Jacksonville Florida. Very much I entered the little bit Stalingrad inserted into that you put the bat in the back but now I mean that would got denied the seat included. Just raw Obama had people come to it sounded good at developing great teams sport. Ever invented some golf and they'll they're really is that you gotta get eleven guys. And really more not featured argued by the one they've all gotten beyond it if one guy would conclude it's a great team sport but Elmo lunch. Let's just get back in just that stuff though and they don't get it on that took a political ought to be bloated. From our tax line Damon I always love it when you have David Carr Ottawa's big sand from his Fresno dazed and now as a commentator he's always canned did an in depth and I would agree with that and thank you again for joining us we appreciate your time. Thank you very much David Carr NFL network analyst. Here on 957. The game.