David Amerson live from Raiders training camp

Raiders cornerback, David Amerson, joins Papa & Bonta live from Raiders training camp in Napa!

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David Emerson. As joined us here on the afternoon delight with pop and bowed to hear and at a five point seven again targeted at CNN good to see too. Let's go to house practice today or DJ Carey Michael Crabtree got in the little bit ticket to see the intensity wrap up I guess two of the day. They do a good man is guys that they're competing you know you played in the play football and so we know at this time it's. You know I've I think is is good for the team no always means fearless on crests. You're talking to Shaun Smith yesterday and he was he to the word I would use is pissed who was genuinely that happy Italy played in the way the secondary played. In appointing me as anatomy excuse businesses you know you were here the year before you were new guy shot a new guy get a rookie Terrell Joseph you bring it Reggie. So just how much much more on the same page are you when that Beckett and the fact that you've all played together is raiders once solid year. Right I think does a very poor and I think. You know he's so there's been a second year everybody together I think you know will be more familiar you know how we work in how we how we move how we communicate and he knows how we Bob as a unit and so I think that's definitely going to help us and as as we go into this season as a seizing his longer. And like I said I feel like we're the whole year was being Steele was stealing each. And nobly I think is gonna be I think there's going to be a little bit we'll be on the same page a little more Morton actually. That's how how would you assess. Your season last year compared to your first year with the raiders when he arrived here from Washington. By I mean it is a couple of games I think a leg you get away from me you know so I think. Yeah I'll feel like I can if I eliminate those and I can be more consistent in. This is being more reliable in the as a deep before you know the guys that defense coached it would do that to me as a shutdown corner of you know and god vacancy we will she's taken not to game now he I'm just I'm I'm trying to work we did did it developed into into that rule so. When done compare them. As you question compared to my first season. Are we are really on on I really think a body not on not compare stats or anything like Abbott. I mean if you give parents that's I guess offers season was that it can't you know in when do you feel you played the same Lester though. I salad a couple of games that we have yeah I think that you to a settlement is San Diego there are yes San Diego San Diego for sure in. And Casey at their place here in I think they can away from me you know backing. I think you know knew where you really look back on the year yet come. Sticks out in my mind now what advice about back some of Persia I was and I don't think any games no I actor I. What were some I was just. You know iPad bag game you know so immediately apparent in fact some offers you. Had David Emerson joining SE a third year raider cornerback his second full years are catering industry or the Washington Redskins joining us here in Napa as we round up our week here and amp a with the raiders and any five point seven again and and Dante. You know you your quarterback Erik cornerback of size of Sean is really date after years that Randy Moss said it you know years and years ago was a big receiver every one of the match up with big quarterbacks. But now it seems like a lot of wide receivers Antonio Brown Tyree killed are running out of the slot and there's smaller guys that you bring up the San Diego game. And Travis Benjamin was a problem. In that game and I in the NIC rat what's in your new quote quarterback coach doing a lot of backpedaling and change of direction. Drills to hope you hope you guys help you guys open up your hips and change direction. As a longer a quarterback at cornerback if you gotta match up to Marius Thomas big guys as well you want your size in your length of your arms. But then when you're asked match up was smaller guys. Can you learn to open your hips up and change direction better or is that just the body you have any have to do it more with technique when you match up the smaller guys to. You know I think. You know not not to Mo Norman you know all hosting skills says four hours. Opening my hips welcome memo breaks a down to doesn't have been a problem we need. And now I think his moral win you know what when guys beat me on the plays more medium itself you know meet playing a game to myself you know. David is this that or whatever it may be so I mean. Does it go when we talk about match those solar bigger guys I mean I like going to beat you guys don't have as much wiggle. But you know when you go with when you go against a little guys and stuff like that. And I can deal with that too good enough of us are really were qualities he says opened up my hips and change in direction Nassau. In opera I've kind of baseball season off well so. Our own thing that's ever on matchup problem physically from the is more of minutes a game from myself. I was gonna say what he talked about the communication about a young guys Iran was is implementing nor'easter is what. Having Carl Joseph back Darren OB Mel phar woo how's communication you said that you guys were on the same page at times last season how much better has the communication bit. I think is better that a lot better because like he says he would call a dose of leeway in being in his second year you know to be more calm down you know start seeking faster and started communicating sometimes he tells me stuffed it. That's yours now lists and what to do you know in so I think that's a big Hilton in. And I guess it Reggie would be an event he is he's always he's always been envious that as being so. So listings that they come again in the I think would be. David Ken Norton is still back call your defense the chopper got a comes and a guy that you know you guys had to deal with and they decide against the raider offense and it was the DC and San Diego and those divisions so well. Or what when we're hearing a lot about him working with the secondary mainly in their communication between your level and the linebacker level making sure the defense all fits what. What is John forgot have been doing for your for your defense. Indeed he's at a you know a different dimensions on defense. You know he I think he he brought is some cause nobody he called over in San Diego. In the you know some of the communication our guest. That is safety you know you will react with the coroner is waiting so we get familiar with that in this agent brings a whole noted on that level of I guess. Genius to two I secondary in and I think he's going to go force. He sees a guy of his remembering him from San Diego a lot more pressure based eleven or double they get they have bullets and jokers guys walk around you don't know who's coming and a lot of then second level linebacker blitzes but third level. Blitzes. I mean I think it'll let you pay your way outside sometimes what's hard for you to come TJ mainly comes from the slot. But we could see more more secondary blitzes a mayday call and 29 to commit. He we definitely got a minute package what they call it in the oh with Seidman yeah he's he's definitely a broad he says all of those different things as you can in this Baghdad for disguised as a stump. No kind of give the quarterbacks and think about you know where revenues coming out. No Korean news in the early attack is like his talent you know McCain pulled the ball so he can. Our room we can rely on our operationally gaping give more time early in due to interrupt you would you grew so those guys in front so. I think he he's definitely he definitely makes it a shoe. It talk about the expectations for this season was last year. While due to say generators a couple of people you know you guys what's with seven and nine a couple years ago were in those games a lot of those losses in the fourth quarter you. You guys Lawson and lashes you go twelve for make the playoffs. Just tell me how different it is walking into training camp this season as oppose it is as opposed last season. He said as he takes is a high acting everybody knows that you know is been all over NFL network or whatever four as soon. You know possibly go all the way and I think we definitely you know have all the weapons in on that knows basketball fans in the fans we got pieces two and I feel like you know Israeli really come down to us all sellable defense I think thereby nosed defense wins championships. You know so I mean we're just working you know to get him to get this tight as we can you know because. I we I think is no doubt now offerings gonna do numbers and put points in. We we just don't wanna be an egg in a situation like sometimes and actually shoot out. You know if it's 34 retired deal done for the 31 games like that now we China you know if we can keep teams on their. 1714. Points things I think is going to be offering anybody's ideas and I knew what was so we we know with expectations on but the biggest thing is is denying here working. You know going going the word that the any any buys gonna give anything to us that it is going in is arguing games as the period. In a matter that we value teams so. We understand that and you know he's got to put in a working we we can't be looking. Super mobile down the field he gets it in the wind a wind training camp practice at a time one game and its pre season game at time and all into the season and so. It's a process. We've seen happen is. Should crater left cornerback David Emerson joining us from net raiders just off the practice showed her training camp and the afternoon let it pop and bunting and 95 point seven a game dirt cars going to be joining us. In moments so this is the time of the year this intriguing because it's not in the regular season we're choose goes against ones it's one verses one through talking to Shaun Smith yesterday. You know ripping and practicing against Eric in a Mari in my code says that Cordero. Tell me what you're seeing from the raider offense this year. I hated it definitely is splitting legacy weapons and where you know he is no time to relax and the DC's man. These these plans how's that right now. You know he's you can be right appointment guy you can be haven't got covered under the scene he just put the ball in places to world is receivers can catch. And I think you know that has really set original quarterbacks that we cornerbacks for no good quarterback and I think he's definitely. You know come into yet to be one in the elite quarterbacks in. So I think you can definitely see in his playing you know our receivers by and our receivers Billy you Mari Democrat. And ended with the addition of cooking. In March I'm backed is on the is as weapons out over the feelings so many parents and I think guys as best he scary for any defense. Give it the added weight to them arias put on and your guy likes to play press and he got a long arms and you know he's up on the line and out of the flank your positioning go on and get him. The the extra weight what how is how do you think that's gonna help Marty Cooper. You know I think is a big is go really have been you know when we gonna get just a ball after the catch you know oh when he. You know these are you are hard guy noted to bring down when he when he was smaller site they wind being bigger and still move guys moving is ready you'll be hard for guys in the exit to take them down when his arm tackles. Or whatever you really going have to put a body on this as a bigger a bigger person that. Karen in your body hold it up it's been a full week since she got here last Friday feeling good hot out here. I was cool most of the morning hey I'm Natalie that. This is John making this plan that you but thank you for your time and we appreciate it emigrated here. David Emerson rader left cornerback Shawn Smith and the the right side and obviously the hearing kindly. Situation counsel for hearings to get here and push maybe he could take the right corner spot David a lit spot.