Dave "Softy" Mahler

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, November 21st

Host on 950 KJR in Seattle joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to discuss the Seahawks loss to the Falcons on Monday including the decision to go for the Fake Field Goal with 7 seconds left in the half and the floundering of the Seahawks defense. 


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He's the host of the Dave softy Mahler show on Sports Radio 950 KJR in Seattle you can catch him every weekday. From three to 6:30 PM you can also follow him on Twitter. At softy KJR. Dave softy Mahler would Jolo and dibs on 95 cent in the game. Good morning softy and as always thank you for your time what's the reaction in Seattle this morning what are your top story lines coming off a game. Pete Carroll an immediate. Big chair all is an idiot. And Pete Carroll is let me get in Haiti it out. And three jobs story lines coming allies let's get for at least from a fan's perspective. So what's the sixth and then he Jerrold we run them off at the end of the year after. School tenured all those are these cry about a failed field goal the fact in our kicker can't bag ones from fifty plus softy what I do is a twelve man. Limit your question if you watch a game last night. Let me ask you question did you watch the game last night I watched every second out at all I -- questions your Mahler yes I watched it. Not just about global Smart guy ballet they got a challenge in the third quarter. I Doug Baldwin play. Did the falcons sideline that was obviously an incomplete pass. I mean thirteen seconds that's a player is over I'm going back to watch in the he had ESPN broadcast that they're showing the replay. On TV which they coaches in the bill would have access to. And it's obvious incomplete and for some stupid reason thirty seconds later. Even after seeing that at all I would think simmered in the boot solvent called. They decided to throw the flag and they launched a timeout and they ended up with no timeouts on that last drive which is part of the reason why. Where Walsh had to go for a 52 yard field goal which he inexplicably left it short. I guess that you're committed 52 yard field goal that mr. why do visit the mr. Wright mess it left that. For a guy of that caliber I guess Florida got kicked her to miss a 52 yard field up short in his boggles my. We complain. But part of the reason why it was shortage because they and every timeout because they blew one. Earlier in the game and a ridiculous challenge that never should have happened. I looked at this team was down to what they broke. They were down camp chancellor they were down Richard Sherman they were down Michael will avoid ever doubt Gerry Reid they were down Shaq gripping you're talking practically. Six starters. On the on the defense this side of the ball and by the way a guy that looked like a legitimate running back for the first quarter gave Mike Davis and the pulling the groin leaving you with two healthy writing back and Eddie lacy and JD the case particularly he's been a bombs so far was so. After all of that after everything that you had to go to Peru. In this game last night yet still had a chance to win if you blew it in a lot of ways because of bad coaching college. Salty here's the issue though even without the timeouts late in the game after Russell Wilson spike said all you've still got seven seconds left if you lineup for help marry based on Blair Walsh is. History. Atlanta's gonna bite on that which means you could run a quick five yard out get out of bounds and six seconds and then come out kick the field goal instead of 51 yards it's fifty it's 46 yards. Have a timeout just start the drive they might be working in the middle of the field a lot more than they were earlier in that drive that's the whole point. They started that drive without a timeout it's not like they begin that drive with a with a timeout and about to blow it ended not how one once they cross the fifty. If they have an extra timeout with a box for you go whatever it was a buck fifty on the clock. Their play calling attitude in their logic can certainly change and can be different and they can be more aggressive but without a timeout GAAP. Have to worry about despite gaps the worry about the sideline. He can't work this team the way you wallet Jimmy Graham and Doug Baldwin so. It does change a lot and looking and obviously we got that play we got the ridiculous fake field goal the end of the first out take the damn points for crying out loud they never know the way to game would have went down and I guess they can the end. But they were beaten because. They did not have their best personnel out there that's number one and they were beaten because Ichiro I had a bad night that's number two. So RT. Russell Wilson Houdini and so I mean he's the reason why they were behind an ad game fumbled stripped fumble game right touchdowns. But he also the reason why they were in their game right Russell Wilson and he has did you too much if he doesn't scramble he's getting sacked twenty times. If he doesn't run with his legs and get two yards India as your key guy cute guy I think he had 71 downs on is on. How good is this team looked out Russell Wilson that's the million dollar question softkey what does this guy. Hi is it seemed just an average teen and Russell Wilson pastor put on a Superman cape every single night he's playing any game what tick doesn't want to own the legion of boom what's wrong with the defense what's auto mode the offense why isn't Russell have to be so. Superman yes. Well first of elevated 360 yards in the game last night okay total Russell Wilson at 34460. Mean outside of Russell Wilson. I've become a hot right I mean how can you function like that when one player is that to do that much are you actually. What is this football team without Russell Wilson well there are six support football game. What Russell Wilson so well Russell Wilson ten games I don't know there are three and seven game. There to win eight football they've reported six football game. But sure enough section sport there's no question about that and that US what is happening at the legion of boom. They were playing live tonight we talking about. They were they ever it was the first time since 2011. That the Seahawks did not have to look up Richard Sherman came chancellor oral comments Earl Thomas was the only one out there last night German doctor the year they can't can't first career might be over so you actually what happened BL OB there. A lot of don't they and so it's indeed taser name from legion of boom to legion of doom because isn't doing very good. I was that guy. This is a good look there are Derek they're relying on a guy like Jeremy lane okay. We got to remember two weeks ago they try to trade there's Skype for Duane Brown. He sold his physical and now he's back in Seattle and he's getting picked on the entire night by Julio Jones of Mamas and then you got a guy like Byron Maxwell. Blue. A month ago was let go by the dolphins was on the street the Seahawks could have brought him back at any time didn't do it and then finally brought him back when they had no choice now he's the second option because shot Griffin got a concussion and who knows how long that guy's gonna be actually a play with spare parts you don't have a full complement of players out there ever look nobody is gonna feel sorry for the CR this is the way the league operates people get banged up. And the calendar of that is if your defense is unproductive because there are. Then let's go bottom let's see this offensive fire and rescue them run the ball and let's see them put up a big number of points what they did that last night. They probably could put up more without these ridiculous coaching decisions. Beat look at the biggest problem with this football team besides the injury which is an obvious thing that nobody can control. Is the fact that they're running game sticks to promote running back perspective OK going in the life like game and that was one week eleven that right of the NFL's Jesus. They're leading. Still healthy running back. Was Eddie lacy not a 128. Yards after ten weeks. That if I mean. Okay an elite team many thought fondly the Packers last year for all the problems. They get the boot time and got re start running back. They want even though apathetic. Running back and it's like this kiosk at this issue a year ago which they did it. And they did nothing about it over the offseason. The answer is Eddie lacy they're answering a little local press Carson a little bit and answer I think but he got banged up on the called game over a month ago looked. Carson had been played in six weeks. And promoting match perspective these double leading rusher on the football team in week eleven it's insane. That's unbelievable day softy Mahler here from Seattle on 957. The game. So big one this weekend the big smaller V did bolt annual road out softly. Owners Seahawks picked themselves up. Off the deck and get ready for the juggernaut it is CJ dad's third. Yeah I'm I'm concerned about he did better then he's got his poker player for one thing out of that job in San Francisco you better show up this Sunday against the legion of who the hell was that on Sunday afternoon it looked at this is that this would like to bombs fighting over red diamonds. I don't. And honestly it's embarrassing I mean Bo provides you and I did appreciate our I reporter from run from the rest of the NFL football gap but it just we can rivalry. This idea that days like you know nine and I'd be on your show and you say what's a prediction did not say niners five war. There's thousands out of. No they're in the NFC championship game and how I mean. If I would've called you if I would love pie back the minute that Bob from capitol nick leaves his hand the and right before Malcolm Smith knocks away into the arms are rich Germans the court applause I'm right there and say hey Peter was gonna happen. You guys are gonna be unlike your fourth coaching for years now. Okay this the auction block and out any running game whatsoever because Mardy John Lynch is gonna be inflicting Oakland for crying out loud. Colin can put it won't be able to get it she thought to be another battle. He's very bad third going to be the starter Kyle Shanahan is going to be your head coach got that nobody would have bought this. I would slap dissolve the nine you know I love you and I would never do that. This of this of this of course being. So all I won the snow that is supposed to be at 910 years I think in the NFC between our Monty can go to college athletic and Russia will serve them. Instead it turned into a big alerts there which most of law that inspired by you guys doubt America. I loved my check or national section forever shot. You can follow him on Twitter at softy KJ our host today softy Mahler show on Sports Radio 950 KJR in Seattle softy Mahler we Jolo and is on 95 cent in the game soft the awesome stuff is always man we appreciate it have a happy Thanksgiving I. Saw day.