Dave Kaval

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, September 13th

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Dave Kaval (Oakland Athletics President) to discuss the Cleveland Indians passing the A’s for most consecutive wins, and the newly announced stadium location.


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He's a man of the people that stuff is on Twitter page and president of the Oakland days and he's been great things on here. David Campbell joining us and the afternoon delight in your home of the Oakland days here in 95. Point seven a game to talk about the news that leaked out last night they had formal meeting with the median David's been a busy guy so we do appreciate his time. Welcome sir creek puppet Vontae hill just telling first of all started jumping off point. Why the upper also plan was chosen in this situation this site that is at lake mayor. And I eighty's so why did you ultimately choose this site over the attitude that you had to that you had pursued. Well first about. So much in the I got to appreciated great preacher out for the fan thing and get poked perspective in your debt but as well. He broke the proper but a lot of really exciting attributes you know I think one of the most important that it walk bulked down Allan if you look at the ball park in Major League Baseball. Midway Wrigley Co. and in. Course yield you know with the chief and to the downtown location people live and work at fidelity huge consideration but the proper site. Secondly it's right next to a park station pretense that a mild closer than the coliseum. Current on. Ballpark to the actual coliseum Bart station and so that degree we have to read public transportation. Yet other acts that the eighty either it's quite get it. It's about each piece today. And it finally the view there are tremendous he dip Oakland it'll immediately merit. Yeah Pete meeting downtown skyline. It's really signature backdrop for the American past. Our that if there's a lot of things that have to happen before you can break around and we wanna get endeared to your timeframe. Is well the Perot also a community college district. Where the site is and has the headquarters there I've read that you've already reached out to them what what what are some of the the hope she gonna have to jump through David actually to be actually break ground on this if you're planning in 20/20 one. Well the next nine to twelve months are critical because we're going to be working which it. The property community college district leaving college which is one of their four colleges. The surrounding community and neighborhood groups. In the future we identify and establish a project's scope. That it's for everyone and that can include up to the ballpark the associated infrastructure. And housing equally affordable housing retail and everything that goes around it. It which were people feel like the plan to be successful for everyone and accommodate their needs. And part of that in the land acquisition with all and working with airport. And making sure that we can advance their educational missions about two really key part of the process but next twelve months. And once that's complete we moved in today environmental impact aid. And then on to construction in 221 and then opening the actual ball park in 20/20. So what what what are going to be doing in the ensuing years and we're talking you know for years before you break ground that you could that you could have proceed I don't have a firm idea of the architectural plan. If you already traveled all the ball parks in baseball do you have a firm idea of how you want this new ballpark to look David. Like that I. That traveled all the Robert accurate book on a public cover that they've baseball. And though I've I've seen a different stadiums and I think from that experience and also produced popular hands I think acute pieces of our ballpark of one. It's that he so making it smaller 34 out of each stadium where you're close to the action he does think that way secretly maybe in the end in Pittsburg and then secondly apple it's uniquely Oakland. That is characteristic of the local community here whether having local food vendor or. Had a creative ideas become out of oak land in music feed into making it feel like. It's part of the stadium not just AT&T park in Oakland he needs to stand on its dollar and that's really important aspect. President the open days Dave Campbell David Campbell joining us on the afternoon delight with the pop and Vontae here in the harmony is 95 point seven the game paying for the financing is critically important at. And what I've read this ballpark will be cut completely privately financed by the Oakland a's is that correct David. Yeah at 400% a dual private finance thing and so the public is not gonna be responsible for that like it were with not Davis when it built here at the coliseum. As do we think this is a really important part of project especially you also consider that can it generate just 2000 construction jobs three billion dollars in economic impact. And it happens really vibrant gathering space the ball park where people can come 81 date a year and experience is baseball so it's really exciting. Opportunity for the city it's privately financed and need to work at about it in a big step. Congratulations on picking a site Dave I think those ballparks going to be phenomenal but I need ASCII this has been away an army. Next year April 17. A's fans are gonna be able to go see game for work for forty. The public everybody you're free it what else is gonna be for our regular free beer it's going to be free hot dogs was born on April 70. Fiftieth anniversary week of the year that the big deal we need to operate and at that door and in the community. Were having a three day you know no parking. No ticket. Caught he would discuss under the ball bark at an experience that I mean evening celebration our first fifty years here at Oakland. And four world championships that we've won here so it. I think you'd be released special days were expected huge crowd in advocates as can be celebration you'd per party fifty candles on the case. There are many days moved here from Kansas City they RD of the nucleus of what would become one of the great dynasties in the history of the sport all those guys playing together. And the miners and Reggie and cat Joseph Rudi and Generali and sale day and on all of Canty and that you know they want you know obviously aware when he won the 75 when the American League west every year won three straight World Series titles. The question I have an issue as you look at its future revenue streams verses where you are right now and where you'll be. Through 20/20 two and when you move into the new ballpark. Annually issue is your projected out 223 and beyond. How much more annually do you think you'll be able to generate as far as a revenue flow in the new ballpark verses where you ban. Well it's it's profound I mean it is it that you ballpark allowed just put it on par wit. You know like a giant you know not propping up the Dodgers though like in a record eighteen. But definitely you know in the top quartet Allen team is we have a big market here. And there's the ability generate revenue and make sure that we the have the revenue to spend on players to sign our players to long term Contra. We acknowledged that not only did you do we need grief and experience to the new ballpark we'd contending team. And so it's important that we establish. Who are good young players are signed them a longer contract. We usually don't have a problem to Indian players that the big problem keeping up. And our ballpark is a way to actually created new era we applicants for a long time. Yeah I elected to use that term it's a big market today sick here and it's a small market it's not any that you shared with the giants and there's no there there are some disadvantages to that. But you do have a possible yards at large revenue flow is it is it possible to quantify at this stage David how much we're talking about an additional revenue flow. Just from having this ballpark verses being a 66 and anger. EA it's hard to the exact number especially in the united you know we're back in Ambien. Right away but I mean like I said it's the substantial amount. If it means that we can be in that top area of the top court I'll in terms you know investment in players. I think when you couple that with the except beat at a identifying young players. And you know growing our own talent and our farm system and being portrayed. Can be recipe for success and more world championships. NN that's the reason I asked the question and we heard Billy talk about it for a number years and dated as well. How does this change your your business model where you guys have had no problem identifying the best young players. In baseball and building up a strong farm system and bring an end Oakland and they develop an overtime. You know once they approach approach arbitration eligibility inning a year to they become more costly they move. Are you confident that when you move in this ballpark. All the great players that billion David can fight you fight for you you'll be able to keep in green and gold throughout their you their careers. I think it it's a model similar to what the Indians did an early ninety's and that the Billy talked about several times com where you know establishment that war. Of great players are and kind of the longer term contractor arbitration to free agency. And making sure that you actually build your team around them and about the piracy he dies especially position players. So are they didn't know who they are they grow together as a unit. And an exciting thing about the players right now the young guns we have like. You know on all land it and you lead and Chapman is that they'd been playing together are a lot of one title on the Texas flea and so. In theory he does except he can have on players have got to. Chemistry and there's a rookie work. And so hopefully we can continue that forward and back to be at the new ballpark is Canadian people billion David to have additional resources to use. In the back waiting eked it in ordered it to build the team. First access without young nucleus. And you say the model as the years ago in the early ninety's and John Hart in the Cleveland Indians routed then Jacobs Field now Progressive Field and they you know McCain the best team in the American League and a great offensive team. Speaking at the Indian sister thought you know I did the a's games in fifteen years ago only one incredibly. Twenty consecutive games a record I don't think their receiving broken out decade and a half later. The pacers second longest streak in the American League sister Dana what are you what are your thoughts on watching the Indians whenever. Find it shocking that a team can win amity and irrelevant is going to happen in baseball. And so which is on I thought it would not be broken as well as such in the modern era but I think. Exciting about baseball and a player like games that these things happen to get it collector find the hadn't either run and might suspect does great. You update decree run that we act here and the excitement that comes with that and that. That's just a great. All right David cattle big day for the Oakley days congratulations sir on your choice of of a new ballpark guess of the future visits enhancement like thank you sir are. This is David cattle.