The Chris Townsend Podcast
Wednesday, October 11th

Dan Szymborski ESPN baseball analyst gives us insight on the rest of the MLB playoff picture. 


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So. Fans Boris Steve from ESPN. Joins us here. As the Yankees are moving on and day and it just seemed like a couple days ago be able to iron about Joseph Girardi could be losing his job. The Yankees get off the mat they were down 02 now their move and on to the ALCS to take on the Astros. We appreciate the time and I think shows job's going to be safe. Yeah it was good timing for Joseph. It wasn't looking good after game until he is getting all the quests and they had just. Lost that game with Scott and include early. I I thought that was going to be a deflating game for them they had to win three yet to regain the rocket that but that's what they did itself. They feel pretty good Girardi feels pretty good. But a united Cleveland you I'd feel pretty good. Dave did you feel like the heat he took after game two on some of the decisions he made did you think it was justified. I don't look a little too much odd because I know the replay. Question got a lot of heat but it's also the book waiter rolled designed. They have video guide their year of looking at the things quickly that they'll have thirty seconds to make a decision. I think baseball should work focused again the call right rather than it didn't kind of regain out of mixed. So I hit it in that short span anyway they pay you never could get worse call later. But I thought I'd be a little too much seaport and you know he stood out he apologized for it. He did more than he had to Rosemary don't apologize when they when they make poor decisions. So at this point of pro water under the bridge. Bludgeoned think about earlier today the nationals tying it up the NL it was the old Strasburg is knocked in a pitch tonight all dusty don't make that kind of moved always felt that he might be a little billed as Strasburg came out strong tonight and the national shutout and cabbies five zip and more now tied 22. Yes Strasburg didn't change it must be powered by the mold spores because. The big very a couple of powerless against the changeup all afternoon. It seems like. Every national get injured or sick and then made picture their bad. Games of the year because sure there or coming up a sore hamstring and he third it third of a noted game. So maybe they need to get chipped invalid sick for game five. Do you feel about Clayton Kershaw and here is that the so called black mark against his career I think everybody acknowledges. He is in this generation. Perhaps if not the greatest regular season pitcher I mean the consistency. The dominance but because he had a couple of bad playoff games. Early in his playoff career this thing is followed them around and it's not like he's been dominant as of late but. Are you kind of as a baseball fan are you would mean I'm hoping he can put that to arrest this year not because I dig the Dodgers because I don't I take the Dodgers. But I love pitching I love Clayton Kershaw I don't want him to have to Wear that. Yeah it's tough I remember Barry Bonds early in his career I had the same thing and that was kind of forgotten of of course there were other allegations that. Bad but a body heat. But he played very well on the play out the second half of his career. I think in the end you have to carry on the great players eventually coming feral because there are talking a lot of games any player can have a few bad games here and there. Kershaw is. The best picture degeneration. I think in the long run if he keeps getting back to pull out eventually. He'll have that crazy run battle though pushed the memory that side because memories are short sometimes. El Zain only. On 95 point seven a game as a Chris Townsend shell. I used to look and have that the bull pens we still have. Come b.s and nationals to be decided but. Where do you rein the Yankees pulled playing compared to everybody else at this point does that typically gives them a puncher chance. Prefer yes can't afford to play out by rank all the bull pen and I had the Yankees just a hair behind the Indians. But now the Indians are gone and the Yankees and that people tan and they had the big board the delta people that you don't. Then sell it get all the products like each agreement you're bitten as pitted anyone in that bullpen. Admit they're they're pick up some of Tommy cabling came weight has been terrific in New York it's a very deep bullpen and they showed that they can go. That that this is their target market out early they could cover the rest of the game. It's CC sabathia is playoff resurgence for real I mean this guy Eads is incredible tonight I think she went to get pulled in the fifth or in the sixth. Purdue are terrible and that is I know he had nine plus strikeouts. Earlier in the season I'm here and she's she may be done and now all of a sudden he's pitching in the biggest game in Yankee season and come thrown a big way. And he would you have pulled in the fifth after that developed Iran's. I. I I I he had that had a resurgence the last we're a year and a half. Because you've you've become more of a cutter pitcher than a than a pure fact articulate he wasn't some sleep was glorious. Yeah up and his command of that pitch it it'd aged kids have perfect I think not only did he reestablish some of reputation he's probably. Can change the trajectory of his career back on the positive path because he wasn't looking good out the last Beatles. Dan really did Abbas and Red Sox and John Ferrell a guy had a record of 432. Wins 378. Losses at Southside 33 winning percentage. Want a lot there are now out. Day don't brows ski obviously. A running the show there how do you feel about the Boston Red Sox showing Ferrell the door. Well I I guess that's kind of a life of a manager you get you get. Credit when things go well and you had nothing to do with them and you also get them. They get a credit on the flip side when things go bad. Tell me I wouldn't put them in major mattered Terry Francona week. But even okay with that Red Sox a lot of probably read part had nothing to do which Ferrell he did not injured David Price. Before this he had been. I'm eating Karen Mitch Moreland at the first based Lennar Hanley Ramirez who could be aged kid getting things heated fired publisher have evolved. So I figured. It when it comes out there and see what it really big number out cute guy. And when it would it when that team is disappointing that ownership. A team president don't look well I can nod to get rid of the damage there or are to be the next head on the chopping block. So that kind of illogical to wish him know what to replace the manager's cell. That's it it's a wide lead manager in baseball. Did dig her glorious snapped out of I think use one for thirteen thus far in the series before and I mean it's too early bombs. Off court clue Burke. That kind of you know that understandably it took the spotlight I think here and judge and oil is glad it took the spotlight because. If its on air and judge who we know as a propensity for punch it out. Like left and right he went to an absolutely horrid stretch this regular season. Struck out five times forced four times while going on for five tonight. Any set a postseason record with sixteen strikeouts in this series. I'm sure that look everything that happened about a New York is gonna set off alarm bells by. Is this beaten in just from your opinion you think this is something. They were gonna see hear and judge finally get overwhelmed by a big moment this could potentially carry on throughout the post season really hurt the Yankees. I I think it in the India and he'll be OK yeah it looked very rough at times in Cleveland but it is that you can't stricker played them before. This just isn't really the best time to have one of those. But you know. Bora player showed their mettle is when they come out of the slums not where they have sponsored not so yeah he had to be fact offered for DD zero run tonight. And any can look at that as an example to Stevie was slumping pretty horribly two armies no error in judgment do you was one for thirteen commences tonight. Yes so redemption is very. Closer to have believed that one big game and again memory is assured. Kansas more skewed from ESPN joins us here on 95 point seven a game NC Chris Townsend shell and look at Chad Motorola split the two innings you know we don't worried about strange no amount. Especially after what happened last Jewish Chicago let. How big is that if he gets into a groove for as well we RD admitted it was a very very GPA he bold plan. Oh what what what what the media about chat men it is another example that memories are short thing. In August when he was getting hit hard everybody was piling on what's wrong with the rolled us. What what's going on with them and then he did it allow write in September. He looked great tonight. If it if you can go two innings which she had trouble with with the cubs but it didn't give back. It makes big yankees all they did that make deeper that they can afford to take someone actor or five meetings when they don't necessarily have taken that have to take sabathia out. Can anybody slowdown the Astros and realistically. Are they just gonna roll to the title like Sports Illustrated said there were five years ago. That's gonna be it's it's going to be tough to stop the after the did you look at their offense from top to bottom and I just frightening empire state out to make. All they have to degrade he had been in college career without fear it might be a tube player MVP race between the middle infield. You look at the guys around him. But the supporting cast doubt Bradley George springer Josh Redick having a legitimate star level seen them and I just been brought whereupon the ball that I. Bat third are going to be very hard to stop they were first in the league in runs scored. But irritation as much healthier and stable than it's been since early in the sea and then I'm still taking Houston but New York show that you know the underdog will win frequently. Well I was swelling the trade happened it was like I was Verlander going to respond he's had a resurgence what do you see what the right hander. Other commanded been incredible from comedy is that it would and eight at one strikeout to walk ratio. Which is that a bad start a little earlier because he's the kid a chronic tinker with his pitches. He does which is much better than he did at times early on with the tigers where it's at this he had just spotty command issues. But now he looks like the picture he was when he was winning. The Cy Young award. How bad does it hurt to be Cleveland Indians fan right now euros so close last October of two wall near the high. Hottest team in baseball with a apologies to the Astros cumin and to this post season it just everything looked lined up for the Triad bureau tuneup and on the yanks. That's got to suck. Yeah you lose three what you lose your 31 lead in the world there is geared to not think it's stopping Cleveland. Because they they look at their team and had to be happy with the team they can't say hey we got beat by the better team like now you were you were the better team than you did get defeated. Against those so this horse were trying to figure out is that the longest World Series drought now is at the Indians. An Olympic 1948 if I'm not the skin is. That we can't let the longest span and that they did at the second longest so. So I guess at some point to make it become the lovable losers but if that's not quite as much fun. Well they edited seamen and they're going to be back next year and of course they got a Diebold then and we'll see Dan thank you so much for the time let's talk during the league championship series there are. All right thanks for having Danza more ski of ESPN. Good.