Dan Rusanowsky previews Sharks @ Edmonton Game 5 tonight!

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, April 20th

Voice of the Sharks, Dan Rusanowsky, joins the Damon Bruce Show to preview Game 5, after the Sharks breakout 7-goal show in Game 4.


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He's soft left side of the talent cracked the door again. Now Steve can't cry at shortstop could still. Yeah plus I'm smiling at you yeah we're going to preclude that we took the. Fortunately I guess I want to. We've ever again Costa. Oh man this defense of life. Relentless pursuit and all three zones all the ingredients that make this a beautiful night tonight at seven nothing to do it again on Thursday and the church should be able to. Three Julian mr. And Jose sharks they are back alive. In this series instantly dominate its earnings performance. In game board to talk about all those are as he is the voice of the sharks the one and only voice of the sharks did Andrews announced. I he is joining us here on 95 cent in the game at a game five tonight in Edmonton hey Dan great to have you buddy how are yeah. Great great paper are. Not now OK so the most impressive thing. About game four wasn't the final. It was how hard the sharks were skating with a five nothing lead the fact that they poked into more up five nothing. Is exactly the kind of on nice attitude changed this team needed to get back in the series. You're exactly right gaming you know every single player contributed hit or no that's. A really wanna have. An effort perfectly before they can no passengers especially in goal. And we we remember all the goal they scored about the factors at work but that year old in the the Edmonton's score sheet is really important Mark Jones. And for the team's psyche heading into game five is a great job. Off the score sheet and continue to do a solid job for mine itself apart checking our. Jim Talbot is that us fork in the road or is that just a bad night hockey for him. I I predicted that net a hockey it's a blip in the time capsule. Kind vehicle through the playoffs for the first I'm apt moment. I think the big desperate in his into the sea as the according to BC how we respond by I think debt that they can for him but that we can expect it will be there. Dan I'm sure there's an awful lot more analysis that can be put into what was wrong with the sharks power play but the what. Does the talking point that I've been settling on throughout the playoffs was. They're so busy looking for perfect they pass up very good way to Lofton. You know I'd love to see in a lot of you know that the over passing I think it hurt him at times. And then here comes a franchise record for power play goals when he needed them the most what unlock that. What did yogi buries the same when you get to the port and take its stake well we see that shot opportunity you better take you have to. Shoot without hesitation. I think is that something to the sharks were doing quite a lot during the course the first games of the series and really a lot during the. Try to be too perfect if you mentioned and try to execute the exact. Perfect plate is not something they need to do we need to get it to the net make sure that they go look for the elections look a rebound they're going to be there. Voice of the sharks did Andrews announced key here on the Damon Bruce showed Joseph Morton. Looked much better in game four after his game three return how does he feel and what you expect going in tonight. I just think that what you're seeing and the guy is remarkable right now given the fact that he's 37 years old. That he's dealing with an injury that would normally put a baseball player on the 365. ACL. And you know this is something that is that you really got to respect them and and the fact that when the team leader at the most important time he wants to be on the ice. Any crap in his body weight can play and be effective. I just think what he's doing an amazing. Logan Couture two goals about two teeth left in his head. What what do gutsy performance from the act I mean you know it's it's not the Erie hear the phrase that's a hockey player an awful lot but man that's. Hockey player. Yeah I probably shouldn't say it might 365. State the outcome at all insecure because. This guy put together in the evening courageous effort that you number 42 gold cross checked in the seat by economy is but he was getting frustrated that second period. And you know they say well he wasn't wearing all these protections and maybe adapted or. If that's the idea that. He really really cute is that. I'm at and want to be here at the most important times to I don't know what it is about the one that Ontario area. We're Logan could cure dual Barton grew up is something in the water here but bacon cup hockey players out of that area because these guys really yours there. Martin Jones has been spectacular unity talk about Libyan air outside of vote goal that was given up by that turn over from slam co which got must not slept all night. He's just been huge in anatomy Martin Jones is starting to look like the guy who. Pretty much stood on his head all the way to the Stanley Cup final last year. Yet Damon we saw some signs that near the end of the season that he was freaking inning that want to eat there or not. Too much opposites game back. But I think you probably had a few contests down the stretch that that that he would've liked to sat back and he's he's the air he dialed in right now he's making all of the six eighths. And sparse Wabco is concerned yeah he was pretty upset about the once quiet but at least he converted the extra point and the touched down last. Can he bring you guys. Jerry Rice about to us throw open the doors next to agreed to sharks. What we we had Kerry right and we believe that Rickey Henderson. But that. We got a lot of great celebrity opening up the doors at peace. I tell you what you win tonight he god you bring out the big gun little Joseph Montana for what could be a close out game in game six back it SAT at places Rory that might have been one of the best on ice games that buildings ever seen. It really is one of the better ones in recent years and certainly maybe you could put up against some of the best and all I mean that's just because score. Because the intensity because of the fact that everybody was contributing that I mentioned Martin Jones all the way through the fourth line. All of the defenseman I I I just think if that's a great setup for this game. Thank you note it's different and you payment and certainly different atmosphere and that the challenge is going to be huge. It's obvious the winner of game five takes control. Can the loser of game five win two in a row laughter. It happened before there's no doubt you can do it but it makes it a lot harder the good news is that if that would occur. Sharks with apple might for game six. And that's why that happened a number of times because that almighty scene just pulled out all the stops with. Together the effort that they need to forcing game seven what often happens in the best to seven in the NHL though is that there's sometimes dramatic gat. All the efforts to put it do that. However been done many times over the course of history where he can come back from being downed tree and it would. And and go all the way to win when the best of seven series every day but got. I think the sharks were rather err on the side cautioned that game by chance that is here. Do you see. The former coach of the San Jose Sharks as you're watching. The Edmonton Oilers coaching against the team he knows the DNA however is that a big storyline going into this series that has kind of fallen into the background. I think it's more the latter more the story for us but it is where I could tell he basically said that much. At the start this series you know a lot of these players that changed of course since he left the game. All the guys that are here that changed the players that they won't from their experiences. You know certain aspects about them but. I think he's probably more focus on trying to get the most Connor bit eight bit in Milan Lucic. No Don scored tonight why the scratch. I think it probably accountability he just hasn't that been able to produce the way to the coaches want until. The same thing happened in DeKalb biker in recent games and so that's why aren't going to probably out and I think that the coaching staff has done a great job. Never hesitating. To remind the players that they are accountable not only to the coaching staff but to their own teammates. And it nothing especially wrong doing in terms of the effort we just need to get more results and I think it. Taking the thinking about it probably good thing it'll probably be a good thing for Mickell biker to seek input biker tonight. Because he needs to show something if you want to get more right side and a great talk about accountability. They've given him every chance in the world try to produce it needs to do starting now. That's idea you know we're spoiled one great play by play talent here in the Bay Area Dan. And there's no doubt you're part of that conversation the calls the you've been happening get these coughs up by the way before it all starts tonight. It you are one of the best I love your calls a Lovett got ice. Are more than anything else we're not gonna get any of that tonight unfortunately but you really are you're one of the best I love hearing new and you. Are having a spectacular playoff run through this first series so I hope it keeps on going. Deep deep into the summer thank you so much for joining us all eyes on Edmonton tonight. I appreciate that very much Damon looking forward to the game and they're looking forward to a big effort.