Dan Dibley catches up with Jerry Rice at the Joe Morgan Celebrity Golf Tournament

The Morning Show
Monday, July 17th
Dan Dibley is joined by Jerry Rice (Legendary 49ers Wide Receiver).

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Like get no better than this at Joseph Morgan's celebrity turn it that's not to debate our previous death but we are joined. By the goat the greatest of all time Jerry Rice. Flash eighty former niner former raider Jerry. Great to have you out here every time I see in your golf here I keep thinking and maybe should that a golf for you to know that we don't know until well. No house meant to be a football later. Collision off edible golf game it's okay it's he comes and goes as one of those gains that you can master. And now you have to work it so I really loved the game. What's in it on television. The professionals totals. And I can only imagine at that time they have pretty and have success on the golf course. You've got to time it takes to mean you can think about in terms of run in the hill obviously and all the work you putting. In football if it tougher for you as a golfer to find those same drills and those same fundamentals to where you could. The path to that level of improvement mastery. No I think it's the same thing is that it's all about dedication and you know the muscle. Memories. Might be a little bit different because you use in different muscles by. It's all about commitment and it's always that perfect site that keeps coming back foot. It's one of those games that you think OK I got it. In the next day. It's almost like. So hold different language. That it didn't know what you gonna get on the next day but you know is that once that keeps you come in bag and you have to be totally committed to a just like now with to football and speaking of dead on the comports in step curry. And enemy. You know tournament coming up and I think he's gonna do well. Release it in the ball he's he's a great golfer and have been asked over and over and is there anything active pass on this step curry and note this beast of curry. As it so he has complied on. There's no wind in the average NBA arena and as you know you and I both know up it's don't break. The breeze can blow a little so make my advice to be taken extra clubs death yeah. You know but you don't just watching him it would be able to do in them Lake Tahoe because his first. Second round. I think his first or second round was not a good day and he just went crazy on on the third round and got up to sixty points. So that tells you that the guy guy game. Now is if he's going to be able to deliver bad on stage in front of you know. In front of a different audience. Because basketball is fast yes constant constant movement run an up and down the court. Now everything is on a slow down on the golf course. And he was having fun in Lake Tahoe is going to be a whole different arena. Not the professional guy that the guys that's trying to get to the next level from that we are back home. Deeply extremely slow. Now. I guess it gives them an opportunity where he has to be able to in that with excuse caddie maybe look golf into the gallery to see what's going on because. They do not. So elect a club went to be ready to hit the I mean that I hope all. So everything's settled now so much in and we know that stepped period so all the bugs me. Jerry Rice here on 95 point seven. Web.Com over. In Hayward both football talked year because camp opening up a week for the raiders you'll look at Oakland twelve to four. With Derek Karr now in the as a franchise quarterback if it's fair to start to expect to see this team. In the cooperative to gain if not a step beyond. I think this team can really go a step beyond but they got to have a legitimate backup I think much of Lynch's Redick on added dimension today. Their running game and he has not been approved because he really upset. With the Seattle Seahawks so he's going to have a chip on his shoulders. So I'm expecting this team nickel a lot while other but they got to keep their car healthy. That's absolute kiwi dollar happened last year for Marchand to come off beat out to be able to be effective is one thing but how much. It's an important that he brings that leadership in that I'd been there before. Sort of what you brought to the raiders when you switched to cross that may ease the bruiser. I'm via I would do is grab my popcorn and sit back in Atlanta run a run net football coach you know he's can be physical and and he's really gonna add a dimension to dolphins that really gonna help him they have the receiving courting Mediterranean. They can put up points together good defense so this team right now he's itching and and it's is going to be up to those players to block it and get it done it starts in training camp. And you Caridad on. Throughout the season. And you old dad. You know everyone stays healthy. But I'm expecting great things from though the raiders it's fair to say Super Bowl or bust then that's the mentality he should take donate if you're not locker room you'd look around at this fellow. The bar is set at the suitable. It vows in that locker room. I wouldn't say. We gonna go to some doubled this year. I would say is gonna start right here in training. Once you start building in training camp in you start getting the true picture but what your team is all about. And the chemistry and and how to gonna execute on the field. Anyone can say hey look you know. At the start training camp that we don't know coaches who global it doesn't happen that you have to put the time Meehan. And and yet the sweat together yet the fight together yet do develop that chemistry and you know. You know with tech team that. Jerry Rice or knife fight and the game just one more outing each of the not a question I know you wanna get loose your prep it's very important you're a golfer and I respect that you gotta have your routine. 49ers coming off a two week year John Lynch in the house Shanahan in. Bright spots panic there yes. I had an opportunity. Out down. And I was shooting like a load commercial spot for the niners. And how Shanahan John Lynch they heard outlets in the building. And new the last day of training camp. So they wanted me to come over and talk to the players. And when I walked in I was watching you know film on you know how they were working the chemistry and stuff like that. The atmosphere is totally different. There's a whole different type atmosphere atmosphere. They're simplify and everything where these players now can do is lively football. And and judgments made a statement that really stuck with me because he told some of the guys he said look. If you guys are overweight. And you come into training camp you're not gonna be here. And it their hair stood up on my back because I'm an M series it did the same thing with those players because. Is live in those players noted you know you have to stay in tip top shape yet the coming into training camp ready to go. Because if you are not. You gonna get injured being you know lose time then that's gonna hurt your chances of making the team. So. The atmosphere is really good in the and you know like those two and in I think we need to give them a couple years to try to bring that tradition back. But right now I'm very happy with the atmosphere. Jerry Rice if niner fans confused face right outside heap right. I'd bet to win undeterred. Jay Wright's spot on the ninth so good to see it GA they look at it in straight all right and we'll talk you always try Jerry writes on 957 game.