Damon on why Oakland couldn't get a deal done

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Monday, March 27th
Damon details why Oakland was not able to get a deal done to keep the Raiders. 

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We're gonna continue taking your phone calls at 888957957. No next hour we're gonna continue to peel the onion back you were gonna finally get to delay era of what is Oakland's future. What is the next step is there another step. Unfortunately. If there is they step from the NFL backs in to Oakland in some sort of hard to see future right now. It obviously won't be without raider brand you're not getting get the treatment that Cleveland got I've got a lot of people what can we do. To prevent the raider brand going to. Los Vegas and the answer is you can do nothing the reason why the city of Cleveland was given that opportunity is because Cleveland. Had a real commitment to making sure football returned where Oakland will never get its act together at that point there's just no way. The city of Oakland as it is run right now his disqualified. Itself from being an NFL city. And if you wanna say it's disqualified itself for noble reasons you Garnett. On its say that this mayor is not special all she did was what every other mayor in the state of California. Would have done. We knew that she wasn't gonna find the money so now you need to come up with a plan you need to come up with a plan B and then don't wait if it is the most financed ready to go viable option wait until 11 o'clock. On the day the voted 11 o'clock to announce it and share with us. I got a question about the letter mayor shaft sent to NFL owners today I'm sure. If you're curious you might have already ready yourself by now I will not waste your time by reading it to you. From. All of the letters were being hundred began with a deer NFL owner. And I don't know if that was a media example that she sent out or did she seriously send to that table a form letter. With the deer NFL owner written on a 32 times. Dear NFL owner what are we in fourth grade. Here NFL owner. I sure would like to be an NFL town signed lives. Cannot here. Go to Eric in Morgan Hill Erica around 957 game. Canadian and predict in my craw there wanting use origin really mean it out very clearly and all sides. But he is electric now. Classic Bonnie but you're like. Yeah man like it is the step child Indian. Out of business it in a complete match. Chuckled at that to make it legitimate. Idea. On him to draft. Helped build an organization that people can be proud but Asia. Automask. The different between the security. And Levy was last one. Marketer and when would make it wouldn't change it and now the raiders win our news we're going to be more. It. But Asia. Is going to be one can be used to be. In the bottom line is all humans land. And mark wouldn't negotiate. As you chose not to. The raiders so. It would get better and they never stepped to the table. And and it now. Allow them development. In Syria. It's. But at the same time. You can't call mark do you see it as a viable. A lot. A lot. I thank you very much for your call. You know I'm not gonna paint anyone is a good guy here. But hey mark needed money he said I need money. Eight what if I told you. Jian on drowning and I need a a life jacket. And the city vocal was like we got no I jag kids. We can't afford life jackets essentially we will not. You she she used should be able to afford your own after. You fell off your yacht and there's a part. That totally bag vendor at them but you are drowning in your motion your metaphorical. Mark Davis drowning how ocean. One city has no life jacket for you not only does the other city have a life jacket they've got to doctors and AM ET they've got the Coast Guard already to grab you. What option you gonna take. Clearly the element save your life yeah I mean there's apart where. Even I have to concede I don't like what you did and all Mark Davis. But I guess you get a nickel for don't want it like in you did it actually ditty you did something I thought you were incapable loved it I underestimate you. Yes just like everyone pats. 31 to one. Is decisive. I think mark the Dane got this done more than Mark Davis. But it's done. And it doesn't seem like there's any going back. By the way I love this one listener here who's thank you very much in the text on dissent pay Damon I'm really disappointed by your lack of Archie Miller coverage today. Thank you. Archie Miller I don't really excited I got really excited for some big day it'll Billy Donovan and was being now building confidence and Indians campus Iran. Give me Archie Miller. There it went on for. On the guy's been a lot of McDonald's all Americans. Much about the apologize. I'd Telerate as of today on the single biggest Archie Miller fan you're gonna talk to. Adam in Danville lat and your 957 game what are GAAP. Hey what's up man. When they're being. Marshawn Lynch is out of the equation that's my thought on that be. Yeah yeah I mean I. And bring a Mitt bring a man and let him be a running back but don't sell me a single fraction of like isn't it great hometown. Oakland matters like you don't get to sell it anymore you don't get this the raiders is a franchise are not allowed to use the word Oakland. Again is as far as I'm concerned. Yeah yeah exactly. What I am probably a quick disagree with you. On the back by a 100% believe app state. Hot dog is and which. No no thank you so much for the phone call again in order to be a sandwich your meat must be between two slices of bread. A hot dog is served in a singular bond. Which eliminates it from sandwich consideration. New the only thing that really stretches this theory is to cheese steak and I would even tell you that is more of a submarine and a sandwich in the it's it's it's a single roll it to grinder to. Different category unto itself we do not have time to go down this rabbit to deny. Much pick her have all of the mail that her second and then. We had the story last week about the high school coach up in Washington turned around British MacKey and hot dog gone. And the only thing I walked away from that story was still not a sandwich now. It's still months and now. The carpenter and Pittsburgh mr. carpenter. Hey David a gain of about two miles thank you think I'm gonna get up at bat but later deleted. Big eight advocate that the daughter got that they're living out there but that spoke at Abu Ghraib and elegant. Look dog days that gave travel was that the city whole race again days flag above it. It almost the stroke of relocation. Like what time did Abbott and almost happened at the same time out there running and a's flag up live up the flagpole. While the raiders are announcing they're gone. Thank you for the call yeah I you know all Oakland a is everything. Rooted in Oakland. What do Smart Smart campaign to have running this year. Larry taxi Larry you're on 957 game. Are your. So date debate area. I'd be there all. Day. It didn't beat it. Two years. Rightly. To about. Fault call rub that in your. A of the politician. Even. Try it supposedly. Keep you know you are tired all the law. Okay. At least outcome stubble. Yeah it only so. You've got me an accident are mobile and can be. I hope. To even because they. Are there. You have to ask you won't show eagle. And all believed you. Money you could care about it and that's all gotten so it. Are you our commitment to excrement. Larry ninety speak for a lot of fans today appreciate your call elitists in San Jose. Fleet is not the slack jawed your local of course from Simpson's fame another cleanest what's going on cleanest. And it looked let them all on. Albeit. What are. Arc de l'Alma Bible meant mentality. Of some of these redder Bob well all anywhere. Watch on TV all alt shall interest. But all apart to create an upgrade digit and another big law that it is very city. I'll show all of its well all the abuse joke. You get your opening. Indie director Indy night need to act like. Cupboard interpret it yep opening night many have well been married. Saying it would be due out a big guy. Back after opening her well. Knocked out in date. What lobster I'll put it. It's. Tiger tiger whatever was the coolest thing to do in Las Vegas this weekend 34 years from now it will be shuttered no one will be going anymore the only thing that lasts. Was. Oh with a two guys who with the tigers six everything right which by the way are done. So the only thing that never shuts down has now been shut down sure there was a line attackers tiger attacked but. That's gonna happen. And when tiger meant. It says Scott Bair is trying to get a sit down Reggie McKenzie we need to talk to him quickly so let us do that Scott Bair. Will join us and if he's got to bail to talk to Reggie we get it it's a big busy news day. Here on the dame membership.