Damon Bruce Show w/ Roxy & Steiny Hour 1

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Monday, May 1st
Roxy Bernstein & Matt Steinmetz fill in for Damon Bruce – they recap the NFL draft, preview Warriors-Jazz, and are joined by Jeff Ratcliffe.

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And we are in for David Bruce on this gorgeous Monday here in the Bay Area along with Matt Stein nets Roxy currency with here. I guess we could be here under better circumstances now we wanna set her best to Damon who's dealing with and illnesses many you've followed Damon on Twitter know. And we wanna send our best and get well wishes to David hope he's back soon and don't don't get me wrong I love being out have public view we had fun filler for JT last weekend. But I wish it was under better circumstances than David was doing better. Absolutely well we obviously welcomed David back as soon as possible and what I thought of today and I know Damon's married Gionta but. He would have enjoyed today in the city I believe isn't he a big summer dress fans Sunday at standish I. That era and yes and Fiat probably the biggest problem today with him being out as he missed a great. Pay for that city. Yet he deftly pin for everyone who is keeping tabs on Damon he is doing much better that's great to hear gray will be sooner than later that's. Awesome but we are here we hope to keep you entertained for the next four hours and plenty to get to on the Damon Bruce showed today is Jeff right clip from pro football focus will join us. We'll talk NFL drafted him get his reaction the 49ers in the raiders. And weigh in on some of the picks and will get in this throughout the show but the interesting article that Peter King wrote today in a Monday Morning Quarterback. He was embedded. In the 49ers a war room for the draft any. Study I thought this was fascinating to read and it I sat I took the train up here from San attended that church coming here. And a whole train ride up that's I was reading and I was just locked in on this it was compelling. And it was really interesting stuff seeing. The behind the scenes maneuver rain which John Lynch where it is Kyle Shanahan pride rock day everybody was involved in. It really was tremendous article and. It's amazing what a difference a front office makes. It just seem like John Lynch was in total control I read the story to. He knew what he was gonna do and even though there were things. In front of him that he couldn't predict he had contingency plans for something didn't go to way he thought. It was definitely very impressive I thought you hit on something very important to before the show Barack Mariah today. He smelled like a rose don't think public enemy number two. Maybe three. Next to Jed York and tried balky. And John Lynch goes out of his way to praise. Amara today so. That was another interest in twisted I just think it was an incredibly positive drill for the 49ers everybody seems to agree on the. We'll get into that little bit but it was just interesting immediacy how intimately involved. Rod was with these two trades during the first round of the draft. With the Chicago Bears with the Seattle Seahawks because. We are always led to believe he was a numbers guy cap guy was a good to be influential with football decisions. But he was right there on the sport football teams Wheeling and dealing in getting these trades done. So we'll get in that little bit Jeff radical pro football focus will join us we'll check in a JD John Dickinson who was at. The warriors headquarters today for the warriors practice is also some news coming out of the jazz practiced today than at the warriors to catch a break. Is it Derrick Favors didn't go through practice today he's been in and out with a back issue. As of course you probably know the jazz winning game seven yesterday in LA to knock off the clippers and advance that's the Warner's opponent coming up next. To Roy joins us in the 4 o'clock hour as well in the 5 o'clock hour the rate comments from the chronicle. Our baseball sage if you will rejected the Jonas and keep law all join us also. In his 6 o'clock hour today with the giants NBA's having some prospects may be that are on the horizon the return of Sonny gray. But let's start that with the NBA we know who the warriors. Opponent is now they're going to play the Utah Jazz series starts tomorrow at oracle we know what's going to start tomorrow we just didn't rule would be. And the thing about yesterday's game that stuck out to me. Was how badly the clippers late in aid on their home floor in game seven. I think the game six win took a lot out of him I think the Utah Jazz are better then the clippers obviously without Blake Griffin. You saw. And that clippers the clippers had their number last couple years. So I think the Blake Griffin injury obviously changed the course of that series we'll see what happens of the clippers now I think they've got to. Do Centennial tool if you're a clip I would I would. I would make a decision either re sign Blake Griffin and trade the Audrey Jordan are traded Andre Jordan in recent herb. Or let Lee play Griffin go let TI so you figure out. I mean not not to get into the clippers are breaking down in and the autopsy the LA clippers but. You think they got to keep two of the three you could think they have to part with one of those big series between jordin Griffin and Paul why would keep Paul Allen I west. I just don't think that in this day and age it benefits seems to have to. Limited big man and the archery Jordan is obviously a limited big man and while Blake Griffin scores a lot of points he's not really refined player. He gets a lot of his points in garbage your own fast breaks things like that. And that's the way the NBA's donuts go to an opposite direction that's my number one thing when it comes in the Utah Jazz and the Golden State Warriors. Hint Derrick Favors assuming he's healthy. And Rudy Dover air play together against the Golden State Warriors I don't think they can I just don't they're they they can't put both those players on the floor. At the same time. And if they can't. That limits what they can do and then they're not as effective bit of a team so. That's what I would do for the clippers I'm just not a fan of of big men who wore really polished and skilled. In relation to this series now the warriors have lost only once since March 12. They've won nineteen of their last twenty games include the first round sweep of Portland that lone defeat. To the Utah jazz at oracle on April 10 now granted. The game meant nothing to the warriors they were ordeal locked in security as the once CEO had home court advantage. Throughout the entire playoffs of the game meant nothing and it meant everything the clippers worst today jazz rather. Who were still battling with the clippers to try to get home floor advantage. In that first round series. So the lawyers rested Klay Thompson of that game. They'd already claims that one seed. What the jazz yet there are missing some key pieces that night also favors didn't play that game Gordon Hayward didn't play in that game. But Utah ended up that's the only loss the warriors have had since March while also going into this series. With the warriors and the jazz. How do you see this matchup in particular because you Todd met Matt did good team on the rise snowed out excited to watch how they built. And they played their way all the way up to a five cedar now in the second round. Yeah they've gone from tour anywhere in the thirty winds to forty went to a fifty win season this year which is. Really hard to do in the NBA I mean you can put together two or three years but it's hard to continue improve over four years. I think the warriors are in great shape I realize you talk. He's probably gonna give the warriors more of a series and the clippers but I just like a lot of things about this match up. With with you talk for example I think Utah's best players Gordon Hayward test. The warriors have multiple. Players who can defend him and maybe have an advantage against him. They're gonna run it would dollar at him they're gonna run drain mud green Adam possibly here and there terrain that's gonna guard in clay he's gonna guard him. I think Gordon Hayward. Is it a really tough spot I would be shocked if he had an efficient series I think they're gonna turn him into a volume type shooter. And that in and of itself is going to be a problem. What about the temple that's that's what I think they come up because the warriors as we know play with that quick pace that op tempo they try to get up and down get as many possessions as possible. Utah's the exact 180 yup they slow the game down they try to grind it out because they don't have the athletes they don't have. The talent level that a lot of the other teams do their very well coached by Quin Snyder who's done a great job we're best team the coach and you talked about having. Revitalization of your career he was doing great the college level and he had a good run a Missouri but then ran into some problems did sewn. Illegal things as far as the NCA goes and got run at a missive. Then resurrected his career by going the having that connection to Gregg Popovich. And has flourished as they head coach of the you to digest. And he's got a niche and he's got a system at those players buy into. Now in this post season and in this series that how. How can the warriors speed up Utah make them uncomfortable to operate in terms of how they wanna controlled temple well. I think the first thing they have to do if you warriors is defensive rebound it's hard to take the jazz out of their half court offense. Warriors missed a shot Utah's gonna get the rebound they're gonna put him George hill's hands get a walk it up. And they're gonna use 161820. Seconds of the shot clock. That's fine because if they miss then the warriors are on their own in terms of trying to get into transition where they have an advantage. The one area where I think the warriors. May have to figure something out is they have to rebound defensively because if you talk. Is able to take eighteen or twenty off the shot clock take a shot myths go bear rebound kicked back out to. George Hill and now they're gonna wind out another sixteen or eighteen. That is where the problem may come in because then not only are the possessions limited because it's you talk their limited now because they're getting second shots. If the lawyers try to go smaller in this here's a city take Pachulia out root and NBD's off the Florida plane dream on at the five what do you expect you try to do. If the warriors go small. Well. I don't know and that's what I'm gonna be watching for ten straight mine green defend Rudy go bear. Rudy go where is not skilled offensively but he union wanted to go bear fan he's a little light JaVale McGee and Eddie can convert around the rim but he really doesn't have a lot of offensive game. So I think the warriors will. Put Trey by green Odyssey woody can do what everybody always forgets is well let's go we're gonna do against Raymond green that's the bigger. Getting come out of three months they had the three point line he's gonna have to do and then he you know he's clearly not gonna guard Iran right. Now I mean honestly if you're quince and later and you're looking ahead your saying OK well dream on greens gonna guard dope there and vice Versa. I'm sure we insiders telling go bear. You can't go that far out on the perimeter if Tre Mike green is gonna take threes were actually got to live with that. So maybe drape my dream takes a lot of threes this series in the when he makes in the wars are almost on beat. And and that's the thing that you tell have to adjust to if they're gonna live and die and let straight month shoot threes right and if go Bear's gonna sag off they go ahead shoot it. Does it look it's in their best interest to let pretty much shoot those threes as opposed to staff as opposed to derail supposed decline but he's hitting all so. That forces the hand of of Quin Snyder he's got a tickled they're off the floor. Yeah you would think so unless you're just willing to. Essentially tried that the entire series. Just try to. Make jury mine green shoots. Five threes a game maybe five to seven almost. And if you're willing to do that. You have to be willing to do it a little bit long term and realize that maybe you're gonna do it one game entering Iran's gonna go four for six we know what. Yeah to suck it up you have to do it then game two because chances are he's not gonna hit 46 which you can't. Allow Dray mind to shoot the three. See him have success and then just say well we can't do that anymore you're gonna have to stick with that sometimes for to pay dividends. And eat you talked about this last week who we're on about the impact of not having Steve Kirk well it clearly didn't affect him in round one as they were swept. Right through the Portland trailblazers when he got four. The effect in round two of not having Steve Kerr who's who's been around it's not like he is. Gist out there resting somewhere they're not seeing any has no touch with a steep. That he is there he's been involved with preparations watching film he was at shoot rounds up in Portland so he's been around the team he's just not on the bench during the game. How's that affected series sixty curry doesn't return a sideline to which it does not appear in the short term he will. It's going to be as big of a deal as I thought it was let's say last week because I really didn't. Understand her I didn't realize he is around all the time and then he makes a distinction between. Coaching and practice and travel. All that stuff from the actual game itself I guess the game is a bigger problem because of the noise. Because of the lights. Because of how intense it is and that's when he maybe gets uncomfortable doesn't feel like Keaton given his best. But also. OK so he's back in the locker room immediately text his assistants if there's something that comes up that he wants to deal with strategic gets. That message out of it because he's he's got his son nick who is sitting there watching big games have them in Nicaragua right out to the bench and into it it. At worst comes to worse deliberate note of course to one of the coaches sitting behind a bench so there is that communication that avenue is available. To the lawyers again they start tomorrow night gable one. The Western Conference semis of course right here noble borders and a five point seven a game arguments to seven thirds are about that are you. You view this series. I think that. It's it is a must get more difficult match up day and the clippers would be I think it was the clippers of this to be a walk over it be done. That is before borne out. But I do you top present to stiffer challenge because they place a two different style yeah. And it's difficult for the warriors to get rolling and get it up and down get their big momentum going because. But the way that you top puts the clamps down now not Sadie we talked to win the series and I don't think they can't. I think that you talked him getting game. I'd be surprised at this series goes long and in five games. Could have ended for I could see it ice I think you talk gets a game in a series Matt but I did the war is a close it out final. Yeah that sounds about right to me. Think in that maybe just maybe. They can get it to six games but I think that the key to this series. Is that the jazz don't. You know extract a pound of flesh from the warriors while they're losing to him. You don't want and a rough and tumble six game series you don't want it to be overly physical. For an overly long period of time you don't wanna lose any players to injury and that's the one thing that I think. We've already seen Roxy it's possible that guys get hurt now they either don't return they miso. A week or two weeks ago the warriors right now are healthy as any team and if they stay healthy I don't see anybody who can beat him. I don't either but that's again staying healthy food funny step curry they asked him about okay what do you do your off day. In Utah well here here's what step had to say. We heard it snow let me so much further than. To the slopes. Who looks no word. On Laguna. And I hang out and altitude now longer they're by senate. It's about them. And I don't think you need to worry about step carry on gun deck now on on either when it's funny in a lot was being made the wars are talking about the lack of nightlife bill and a lack of fun. In Salt Lake City I think they're wrong. I'd ask you look I'm not saying it's Vegas. Where they're heading to Chicago or New York. Funny Salt Lake City I love Salt Lake City I love going there. One of the things about Salt Lake City is. It's got a very seedy underbelly diet what she ripped off the veneer once you rip off the cupboard of Salt Lake City. A little shady and you can find yourself in some very interesting spots that you wouldn't think are actually at Salt Lake City but they are. No Salt Lake and site is is. From my understanding is mightn't by vast research on this and people 10 equated. To relationship with the LDS church and that's why they perceive there's no not nightlife in salt like city. But solid city's only about I believe 12% LDS. Soul. That means there's 88%. That are not part of affiliated with that your dry so did not say an 88% of them like to have a good time. But there has to be a good percentage of those 88%. Liked to have fun in Salt Lake City and. I I got but there's that do you go downtown those there's some bars and restaurants by the arena. There's some other places to go there's great food and Salt Lake City Echelon to do so size it's got a lot to offer I'm I'm with you I'm with you and as far as the two middle aged white men are I don't know exactly move. And I'll tell you what are bit of irony about America it's booking their ticket yeah right now to Salt Lake City. No I I'm I'm with you on Salt Lake City I really a liking it. Got a bad reputation. And dessert exactly and if you're sure it's 12% in the ass yeah the other thing is. They're sort of OK it's 12% LBS but there's also a faction that is. I don't wanna put it rebellious. Or you know they want nothing to do with the quote unquote church and those of the people I'm talking about in terms of I can maybe get yourself in a little trouble. And do what we had a samurai on we'll given suggestions to get him some. Suggest is how he can out funny name or show about the ways. Of Salt Lake City longest traffic lights in the country though and so that's true grit that's and the guys it's to messy deal whites why you know numbers wrong lights but those long flights take it can be frustrating but I want what think it's a great about would mute. I'm Travis only city air through a due to game the receipts are. It's really convenient in terms of the airport's location to downtown you about ten minutes away as the rental car you walk across literally then. The bridge any drop jumper right there at the cars all the hotels are down at the arena's right within walking in and not those hotels. It is really easy to get around Salt Lake City and that is a town the other than the stoplights. Were because they slow you down. But you can't get around Salt Lake City pretty easily there it's good pit exits. And if you're skiing here. I'm not but part series only about a half an hour one I don't he had from that I you can't and the hiking and he does actually gorgeous so great run on trails in this outdoor activities for sure. And it's funny is. I had a conversation I get a fastball game in solid wood Brevin Knight. Am Montel and India point Garnett has a TV with the grizzlies of course people right here know from his great days at Stamford where he was an all American and one of the the best players in Stanford history record low played for the jets he loves living in Utah. Employing thirteen Jarron Collins I talked to Jared about it wars assisted chair played for the jets. He loves Saul exit. And look win for our ears he thought about Karl Malone John on the does Carl's got a red neck Rosa and Antonio's got big truck very. He still has a car dealerships out there but. Everybody loves for the most part playing in Salt Lake City OK Dennis Rodman left out with a bulls are playing. The jazz to go to Vegas and hang up that's Dennis Rodman had told him for. Think about Utah's it's great franchise still. They treat their players well that's true and they see the fans love them because they're the only game in town in terms of a great support big time professional sports team. And it's it's a small town. Atmosphere but it's a legitimate big city. And if you're a warrior Fran and your. Go out to one of those games and may be easier to get tickets through game out there that game here. You'll have plenty to do it will be fun. So the warriors get it going tomorrow. Against the jazz game 1730 right here and 95 point seven gave it all starts with 6 at 6 o'clock with a pregame show borders warmup. Leading up to game one between the warriors and jazz tomorrow night also a couple of baseball notes to get to UBS the giants do have a cut a big game tonight after a miserable April. With the giants are nine and seventeen as it turned the calendar into may. Just a horrific month they play the Dodgers tonight but it tremendous pitching matchup Johnny Quaid joke who's probably been the only giant. Starters it's been consistent pretty good although CRA's up brown five. Takes on Clayton Kershaw deny it but there's some panic right now the giants' clubhouse. And this was after the game yesterday here's what they're new clothes or mark want to medicine. Well we better start tanking because we don't get their act together as a priority over us to make it teams out there that are. There you go after us and this energy level instigate gone we need to pick up four. Throw quality strikes. And now. You know he's here now. So it's he's already hitting the panic button Isa the giants. Who could this mark bullets and think he is but he's walking into oh. Clubhouse that's won three titles in seven years he's gonna tell Buster Posey target picked guy that the panic button that here a look. How bad they were in the second half of last year's dining and a miserable lives the first month of the season was this year what they're dealing with. In terms of your ace bomb Gardner's out at least probably until the all star break. Serious question marks about left field. Miss Rick Crawford has been banged up Buster Posey missed a week. Posted hence just not good enough I mean they're just not productive enough for the giants right now. They don't I mean they just don't hit enough. To support that staff right. The Dodgers haven't been necessarily world beaters either now did they are over 500. They are. Fourteen it's called going into this match up tonight but the Dodgers haven't had a great shakes either and then the other side of the day some good news for the a's and it was a tough weekend. In Houston going up against the Astros will be dropped two out of three but the return of Sonny gray it's happening tomorrow. As the open of the series against the Minnesota Twins a's manager Bob Melvin this morning jumped out with a guys. The morning show Jolo and did they talked about sending Grey's return. Yeah I think the first time I'd certainly keep them to probably around ninety minutes that kind of or looking at probably and not how we get there and how many innings. You know you can count normally under low low grip and it does not not too much less that so here. You'll be good to go yet to really good outing cleanup has to comp why did you eat or get out there. So Sonny makes his first start Bob Melvin said about ninety pitches to expect from grain has returned about a target field tomorrow night. Against the Minnesota Twins and Ervin Santana has been as good as anybody Major League Baseball 40 with a point 77 ERA. As the days after that great series that it took three out of four from the Mariners but they've lost six of the last seven ball game so trying to turn around. Tomorrow night but all but dominated the news over the weekend. Was the NFL draft. The niners the raiders won't break it down next. As we're gonna be joined by Jeff Radcliffe from pro football focus what did he think about the niners and raiders draster. That's straight ahead this is the David Bruce show along mat status Roxy Bernstein filling in for Damon. 95 point seven a game. As order comfortable relationship you know being with jumped four and Clausen get a normal little bits I was in the classroom as a role model there. It talks will withdraw mark Oscars for devices and you know now and for it and Q what's alarming in the platforms and I'm really excited. That's niners top picks Solomon Thomas. At Stanford who is a one time classmate. John Lynch at Stanford when John went back to finish his degree after his playing days. On the farm and then of course John won on the NFL but solid Thomas the niners top pick how did they do in the draft. How did the raiders do. In the draft destined that the topic it's dominated everything has a blade. And as we welcome in chip Radcliffe from pro football focus a joins as he could follow on at jet Ratcliffe within. Jeff appreciate your time. First up let's start with a forty niners and John Lynch going through his first draft with Kyle Shanahan. What did you think of a hole that they brought the 49ers. I think John went bitterly good job that was one that they were talking about courts of or is it Friday Saturday in Philadelphia. You know solid comic dark dot in there that kids who the outcome Michael Bennett. Q and the way he played the iniki kick down the interior. Play on yet to be county could become rush albeit one QB got versatility. We saw what he did become bind at extremely well and then again. Yet Rubin author at the end of the first round not the concern he but on the heels. He indeed the Lawler and he played became very similarly to Patrick Willis so I think that that. That's something that will certainly a perk up years of forty niner fan. John Blake said he had to him number two on his board Rubin Foster do you believe him. I three queries two or 33 I'm sorry they had three. Yeah I I do I had me on my board I could I certainly can eat at you that quite a talent where. Yet the ability to stop on early downs he has speed to cover. On patently a lot of people are saying you know me Gigabeat line. Leak equally. So yeah. I'd certainly by the huge victory on board. Crackle joining us from pro football focus here on the Dave Amber's show a night five point 72 games of the niners. Hit a home run jets it appears in day one how do you think they did the rest of of this weekend's draft. Well there were then there was one and it scratched her obviously he Uga Florida. Why the quarterback and pick a date Q at the Greek I understand. You know what what debt there at the liked about him. In fact you know at least it is completion percentage so low that yet but the out purple ball look at today. Because the receiver relief or help him now look at equipment shut and please respect the Rio all lose to drop pass it. I eat at that the gap between did you creature percentage of actual increasing percentage in mr. strap that. What I'm sure about that you know ground floor I really liked Joseph Williams a little strange story. Once he got back into action for you taught. Was impressive the pastor tested out there well as well. And that it is indeed George it'll not that. I didn't option to act the mixed Trent you know a little bit of a slot receiver tight well you know to just continued to. That bring in players that crop circle obviously at work especially while he. Worked with. Host Chip Kelly. What you're saying that. The far about thirds receivers didn't catch the ball so then why would they take a tidy George tittle out of Ohio with a fifth in the fifth round. You can't touch. So that not past. Yeah I think they elected him at that that each packed tight I occurred in the creek school week. Though I'd be there are a little bit it's in connection there aren't that they have they've been what was going on it'll. Let's let's just let's jump over the raiders now the raiders who took a gamble in round Wallach Darian Connolly the corner out of Ohio State. People probably are aware of the rape allegation he's dealing with right now that would Ohio. I investigators today in regards to this story. The raiders and Reggie McKenzie Jeff they had to be pretty shear and not just pretty sure they had to be. But a 100% or close to it that Jerry on Conley would be exonerated and is that he wouldn't be given at any ramifications from this. What are you hearing in terms of Gary and Conley now. He's a top. It team talent but he was falling because of the question marks do you think that there'll be any issues for Gary on Conley and the raiders. You know I really don't. Don't know how the orbiter all I really hope that that year in this situation but as you said they did their due diligence here. And is that and out that is quite about it target good value on day one that value because. All year and it addresses a position to eat Wear them. You know very well could hit the ground running. And deal we want starter that you can't count him atop the depth chart croak all book stock up now. Obviously Connecticut's a team that sometimes under the radar in football or can you tell me about Mel Fon will. I can tell you that you put a freakish numbers that the cop bind you know anytime it took over 42. Per. That certain perks my answers are piqued my injured and dead heat did that I need forty. Or suit 119 which took the bat at number. No it's very rare we see guys go 116119. And they can actually play well not just these Greek debt numbers he's got that side he's the been able cool clothes on on runners in the open field. Strong tackler. I capable and coverage. Nose for the football though all around really good player and other guy you know iPad in it 28. My sports another guy you could they got it out. You think although in the third round and I. Jeff I do a lot of pac twelve games were for the tackle networks I've seen a ton at any better goes over the years. He had a miserable season last year and as a bit overweight. He was coming back from the knee injury but do you think the raiders reached Foreman did around three. Yeah I mean my court. 109. Though eat in the awkward bit reach. You know you can in note that these auger right at the crop. Major again where tiger Ruben wanna do it guys. The give him on early down there that. That's something that they eat it does need a lot of creepy enclave but. Heated so. I understand there are indeed but yet well a little Ricci and the. Ask you this about the forty niners. Obviously. Balky and Jed York could run the drafting in years past. Everybody seems to be saying that John Lynch and Shanahan just did a remarkable job is there any of that do you think that. He's simply. Given him the benefit of the doubt because it is their first draft and if if you know hypothetical world. Balky would have had this draft would be getting praised as much. I think you're probably on something merry you know there there is that eight little speck. Are you keep calm and you know her brief period I'm not over until now. And be. Would fully enamored with Chip Kelly and he could you absolutely no wrong and years later needed every. And so certainly that that part of all the does it see it people have and are now for folks but I mean day. You you look at what he did though all around really fault them excrement. National. At all in back how quickly the draft you know just simply the first move alone. Was pretty much you can say aren't you guys in the great job in the continue to act out our courts mr. Jeff great stuff preceded jumper ominous and filling his Zandi giving your thoughts on the niners raiders draft picks a much. Jeff racked clip from pro football focus in they also there's a pro football focus colleges well. Which market for pactel now we have some access to that and we need to Celia I did some great breakdowns just. Like they do it I know a lot of people find it. Vary it in trusting in the NFL level details of the college and that's why Jeff was able to pick stuff up right away and tell you what they did the collegiate level we get it and helps us a lot. In a game prep for the pac twelve network but. The raiders the the one guy that jumped out to me they they took a Blake and but I'm not saying. That he's going to be. An every down type player and he's going to be that a Pro Bowl type player but I love the pick in round seven of Shlomo on. The defense to back either safety of Washington State played some linebacker also in college. And he's a physical player he'll bring some depth to the raiders secondary. But study the impact they have no he's a ball hockey picked up to top eight passes last year. But I think he's that he's impact the raiders and special teams. Well that's usually all that's your money answer get yet call from around say yes I'm gonna I'm going out there early wish to low Lawny I gotta I gotta tell you I'm not. You have to only a little familiar with his work I'm still waiting on some of the game tapes city college of several just guy stuff I don't. It doesn't take waiting for it if they're tough again but take it on that right there and commit and that's the line. And then at the niners. They're really excited about DJ Jones deep into tackle from old miss they got around six and it seems story. There were two DJ jones'. Other Mississippi team. So the 49ers had to be sure which DJ jelled they were drastic. And I found that highly entertaining as well that also came up by the way. In into Peter King onkyo coming up wanna hear from you what did you think about the niners the raiders draft. Triple 8957957. He's a number 889579570. The Penske auto sales dot contacts line always open at 95795. Along with that status Roxy Bernstein in for David Bruce Europe next here on the David Bruce show and to five point seven again. We are in for David on this. Spectacular Monday here in the Bay Area along with Matt Stein attracts he bursting with you Tripoli not 57. Not 5788889579570. The Penske auto sales dot contact cited died 5795. You can tweet mad at you want at Stein Mets NBA could tweet me if you desire to add Roxy Bernstein. We just thought let's Ole man there's there's I was giving you the spot to go to for meal only does it give it never like want to I just a detail when he joins his little bit. Plus a real lot towards your friends making the trip to Alex cities and is Janie and also we set a JD I don't think so. Now and I have no idea until later he'll go later added to get it's it's round to woo woo. What we're Seibu western converse I get it again. And their divorce which we have. Yes act and the lawyers black like they've been there before too. Let me ask you this down the 49ers had ten draft picks they drifted ten players then. How many of those players would you expect slash warned to be starters. And then how many of those do you want expect to be contribute. Yours okay let's go nonetheless Erika Solomon Thomas you need him to be a starter from day one be taken third overall he's got to be a starter for -- aren't great. If Ruben Foster is physically ready to start in his shoulders are okay because he's gonna be limited I think until camp right. He needs to start. And he needs to contribute and play because he is a difference maker on defense the any good down the list. I think the corner they took from Colorado the third round tell whether Spartan. He's got a chance to start he's got the physical tools. And especially with the releasing a two main Brock. There could be a need to Weatherspoon to start from day one he's a big corner of 63200 pounds. He can play physical I don't think musicality is his strength writing is a pretty good cover corner. He's a guy that fits the bill he looks the part it can be a starter from day one is CJ better starting from day one you got more process it's funny girl yeah. That that's not happening. All right Joseph Williams now has Carlos Hyde will be the running back the Joseph Williams I think he'll play into your early held its entirety and you get down the line George killed a chance. Tartan from day one. News. In Trent Taylor around five also the receiver from Logitech now. TJ Jones I think can be a player I don't think he'll start around six. From Utah. Right I've probably the only guy that can say it is surround here in Disney correctly right there had a W targets. He's not gonna be starting and I think he can play a little bit but I wouldn't. He's adept to act where and then you get an analyst agent Colbert in the seventh round just because corners that you need. I think there's a possibility there. The guy for Miami. But until others will have the inside track on that I AAA died 57957. Wanna get your draft thoughts. Niners raiders they do good debuted bad but to be a dumb better. We'll start at Oakland Kate OK OU leading us opted David pursuant to five point seven again. How to borrow want to that I think the second round pick in the drumbeat and I'd arm back there are a lot or lack there. I don't know Mexico. You would think in the according competent Ali had been put on about ten Italian count these as a hitter and regret that. I can help them put on ten to fifteen pounds a problem he hangs around me long enough that might not be the good way to put on. Got a that's where are you guys are good and then our secondary could be. A little while doing with Conley in and telephone with you think you think both those guys have it's answer they want. Yet the irony let's move along this go to Napa Levi Levi here on 95 point seven again. On oh yeah. What is a Colorado hello Witherspoon. Yeah it will be a great addition to a second and he the main. Well what part of what he's Bernard Jewish week. He will be what we need to get. On. Well he's got the physical tools and I some play quite a bit I think I had. To card games last year. I can't remember Omar. I'm terms or how many times you were bolder. Black coach in boulder I was the best college or there is a great college down I was in boulder for one game at Arizona State. I'm trying to remember if I had. The buffs on the road last year well. I don't need judges have no one time the boulder is a great college town no question. But would it with a kilo Weatherspoon. The F lettuce isn't the size it's there and he was a lockdown corner part of a great senior class. He's in northern California guys from Sacramento. So he has ties to the area knows what it means. To play for the 49ers. But he would make plays his dad played football collegiate league. Is. His grandfather actually like this would study his grandfather Jimmy Witherspoon. Is a famed blues are are yeah that's his grandpa and are thinking of another without can actually. But I tell Weatherspoon came up some big plays for Colorado at a game sealing interception which is all of the highlights and knocked up orient. And that's what propelled him to a great season. Tonight is getting a big physical corner that can play contribute immediately especially now considering they have a need at the quarterback position. I'm sick about this as it relates to John Lynch and all the praise he's got. Can always liked the look at another point of view what does milieu to look at it half empty I get. Look at played a very possible worked Robiskie turns out to be a star Vinny does it and do you have a problem in the forty niners passed that nobody gonna sit back. But so all I'll say this let's. Hold on hang. Odd but what the whole that he got from Chicago right he's just what he was able to accrue in the deal. You Donald you traded down one pick and you got the guy you wanted all along. You got an extra. Couple of third round picks. And you got to fourth rounder. What's not to like about. He flees the bears now look at traders Robiskie had to beat a pro bowler you got more than enough value by moving down one pick can still get in the same guy won it. What people are going to be talking about missing out on to be risky worse than they ever talked about missing out on air Rogers. Because the thing about Rogers is you can draft them one bit. Nobody else drifted for twenty plus spot that's true that's so I don't I never really hold that against the 49ers they were just one of several team. Scared and I erred I've been friends for a long time now on China. Pedro opener but I was texting and parent that day. He while he was sitting in the green room as he was falling and he was just getting. Pretty despondent and frustrated and embarrassed and he was taking note of every team along the way. Debt passed him up it started with the 49ers and moved down the list. And he's got. Ridiculous memory and he remembers everything and he was making every team pay along the way. For not taking him and the frustration that he felt he's taken down around the rest of the NFL jotted Oakland John you're next OpenId five point seven again when. And ultimately do. Well. Well you know Democrats on the garbled things been a point and election basically almost were things have been on on lap publicly. I would think that he's not the part if you were the picks. Are the whole lot about Mr. Big economic impact in games and that type is not meant to meet all of that would not need to focus on what they need the problem on wood but not. On seven and in integral piece of them Eric arms stated. Board Buckner. An awful lot like decided they. That I think even you know what bout you get a lot of bad things that they Lance is that was particularly bad as that agent. That got Robert it probably. I think the real a compliment to repeat the look on seven. Outlook does blow out that's what they need on on the edges they need the compliment about it and I'm glad to me black on you with a bomb. I mean he knows like. The army where do you where the play makers on this team yeah Internet radio network play makers on this to. I'll tell you and on defense. Our profits on offense well blocked. Okay negative they're heading in the right direction right on the contrast sends them in the right direction no one on defense build the foundation for a football team. Here's the other thing about. God you don't wanna be too good this year. You don't. Because that franchise quarterback back there for the taking next draft that franchise quarterback was not in this draft. Well he's going to be Watan the rights to quarterback possibly three franchise type quarterbacks in this neck strap on who are there. You've got. Sam Arnold from USC that's the dude I if I do whatever I can't get Sam dark I think he is going to be phenomenal. Josh Rosen can be a franchise quarterback beat you from UCL a nets to both an Allah. On the guy's name is skates maybe the quarterback at Wyoming. Not drawn a blank right now he's another one that's in that realm. I haven't seen as much of him as aunts and I decide just frozen packed over the weekend into the UCLA sprint football game on TV. Won that game on the white people who job that was a must win for blue yeah they're giving seven and a half point today and cover. Today it was at three Ford road losses borne. Nothing better than spring football dressed me that's another call bullet was they gave a lock on scholarship at halftime. That was really cool and then they had to national championship coaches. From the women's sports the Olympic sports coaching their respective sites to do gymnastics coach coach the winning side. And Andy is soccer coach coach the other side and it was funny it made for a great event and they are able to have productive spring crap you know glorified three hours on TV. Kind of like when Antawn Jamison and Gilbert Arenas coached them to media team Mary knows it knows Larry you that's right it was it no but you I am still disappointed in some his substitution patterns. Harry news Larry Hughes came rob debates to give me a high five after a territory. Larry hughes'. Claim to fame will not claim to fame but one of the little tit bit about it yeah. Biggest walk up crowd in warriors history was for his debut against the Boston Celtics they come into an exact sliding. Your Josh Allen's a quarterback in Wyoming thank you for the 415 down to triple 89579570. Coming up we'll check it and lawyers practice. John Dickinson who was there talk to the players will hear from JD next what are they thinking about the Utah Jazz in around too that's straight ahead. Welcome mat status Roxy Bernstein in for Damon the night by point seven again.