Damon Bruce Show w/ Marc Summers Hour 3

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Thursday, July 13th
Damon has a very special guest in studio, host of Nickelodeon's Double Dare & Food Network's Unwrapped, and Producer Albee's uncle, Marc Summers!

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It's a pleasure to have you along this afternoon. I would like you to indulge me for the next couple of hours indulgences. Really kind of define mark Summers career. From a tasty standpoint from the showed that when you watch it is it kid you couldn't believe there was something that cool on TV he. He is the host. Of the famous. Infamous double dare he is all over Food Network unwrapped producer of restaurant impossible dinner impossible he is a judge. On guys grocery games and we are thrilled to have mark Summers join us for the next couple hours we can dive deep. In two what do pull slime or something yeah it's. So good to have you and thank you for indulging us hi my pleasure left us out of this morning drove up and have had a beautiful time regularly city you know you never been come up here it's amazing. And I can't lead you army for two hours I'm excited we got an awful lot to talk about apparently so I got a question she's got questions as media questions the audience might have questions. And I figured that we could actually bother you for at least two hours because you have a family relation going on here she tin can we spilled the beans. LB in his attempt to finally book a mega star says I got one that I know I can deliver ice it really goes against Utley to see who it is yeah. I think URLB's. Uncle sister. I have been for many years Santa see it just can't glut uncle Mary Joseph uncle does that work yes oh well how bees and a brother. Our house ala Al because I get this right. Ali's father is the brother of my wife there you go Gary ago so cousin by marriage genie said that he used to be eight. Eight production assistant were awesome your adjustable ones an effort to do don't just restaurant restaurant across. So he's ruined your shows to. He knows what he's doing he's you know this is where he belongs because he is the a genius he's he's a you know the character from Nam I can at the of the Dustin Hoffman cared who played him. Oh my god what is anyway but I mean Jesus of bond and arraignment and yet Reyna I mean he comes up with a most insane facts it's like nobody in the world should nobody knows all it it is tells very very helpful he makes a sound good yeah every day. When I was a kid yes. My influences in from the broadcasting world were Bob Costas Bob Barker Howard Stern and mark Summers I'm not even kidding that's an amazing list quite honestly it is an amazing list there is all kinds of different talent there there is all kinds of different touch points of my culture how old were you. When you got the double geared. 34. I was 34 and focus groups because I was looked much younger than I have a blood it's folks troops on it was like 2223. And I was like a Big Brother or uncle. And so I was allowed back then to talk about being married having kids because they wanted to keep the mystery alive and I was on the today show with Bryant Gumbel. And opening Daytona Bryant do not talk about him being married do not talk about having kids and of course the first thing Brian says is. A mark Summers here is Sosa doubled their of course we know you're married and have couple kids first thing out of his mouth she's yeah aunt and so he sort of spilled the beans. And and the word was out in the you know it didn't seem to affect anything. But you know let's go back and talk about the people that you admired by Costa started doing I think play by play when he was about nineteen years old back in the midwest Syracuse guy cheeks is all right see you began and then he went to Saint Louis for 81 and done run with the Saint Louis NB AT entertainment went yes that didn't work out too much but you know what his dad is a known for. Gambling problem now and the number one sports agency which has been acquired by William morris' ING International Management Group and Bob's father started real young team one of the founding. Fathers of I am G-8. And that's where he got sort of the sport so stuff back and his mother Lila. And I worked on a show called a celebrity sweepstakes I was a writer consulates who takes against that was on NBC and Lila was a contestant coordinator. And I ice to have an office there. And Arnold Schwarzenegger used to come in smoke cigars and talked to his then wife who is no longer his wife and you know so way it's weird how when you start talking about this and then you go to stern who I think perhaps. A one of the top. Interviewers and all the broadcast ever ever I mean you listen to Steffi does I'm a huge James Taylor fan and I thought I knew everything about JT and and the stuff he got out of on the last time he was on the show was was absolutely remarkable and I did the show twice. And nothing is more frightening than sitting in the green room wondering what the hell Howard Stern is going to ask you right you know and my wife says you better not talk about her sex life. And didn't you know Iliescu to do was go in the other room and measure myself that was a bad as it got that but that was an amazing experience physical challenge if you let me tell I think the fifth and hit just got the divorce from Allison and it's one of my favorite tapes that I have actually turn the interview around and interviewed him. And because they knew everything about him and I don't wanna research on a and so that was a really interesting day. And barker was my influence because. Ice to demo from nursery school when I was going nine in Indianapolis Indiana. And he was doing and truth or consequences on NBC. And my first job out of college working in Los Angeles was as an idea man on truth or consequences. And I have a documentary coming out called on your mark which or premieres in October. And the opening of this documentary is Bob Barker introducing me on the stage of the magic castle when I was 21 years old it's just freaky to go back and look at that theory cool by the way we ought I've got magician question on. Yeah for you know I really do I have I am as prepared for this interview. Excited ever vanish in my entire life for anything I really mean I feel no way I put this much effort into a single collegiate class. That I did preparing for you to come out today and I you know I learned that you who were 88 page ship it's easier yes for a wife in Iowa and when you talk about how you transitioned. Into a young man looking for career defining a career as a game show host you literally learned from the best. Ever in the business Bob Barker was an influence on you know wink Martin dale was an influence on you he was my name. Or for awhile now that is so cool yeah the guy and and Bob I was so saw his work and my first. Introduction was that was a page on prices right and there it was you know it contestants row look at how could Bob thinking oh my god I've died and gone to heaven. That I get a job. Doing price are doing I mean the truth or consequences. And throughout our I've gotten many Bob Barker stories bad but the bottom line is he was probably the best ever. When it came to doing that stuff and he was the model that I hoped to attain at some point you know. He created a sense of rooting for the contestant yet and two Rama yes that no host of the price is right since has been able to create I used to love the price is right yes. You don't watch it anymore Drew Carey is the worst host of undies are not mark's words these are my drew Carrey is it could not give a damn. If a single person wins or loses a single thing you can actually see him trying to get. Basically his models phone numbers to go party with him afterwards he does not care at all. I I you know I'm not sure that it makes a difference because the ratings maintain near the question isn't the show's host driven or not people seem to still be watching is he has could host is Bob no I think whoever walked into that position it's sort of like Jimmy follow the talent. Walken in the Georgia etudes where Johnny was so it's it's difficult needless to say. The one thing that Parker and I know she's talked about was. Making the contestants the stars. And Bob and I always discussed the fact that the the model was Jack Benny. When we grew up. Jack Benny was sick comedian who had an ensemble of people and everybody else got the jokes and he was sort of the straight man. And that's how Bob looked added he said if I get one or two jokes in a week that's fine because it's not about me it's about the contestants. And I I remember that and I think that's one of the reasons doubled theirs was successful I never talked under the kids and every used to squeaky voice and every set you have a cure all free. I treated them like adults and with respect and by the way one of them to win every game and I I think but certainly was a big influence on that that's so cool we got mark Somers. And now with the since studio you know I look at. Yeah the Jack Benny comment. The bit the Benny brilliance was he used to tell people it doesn't matter who gets the punch line off because the very next day at work they're gonna say it to see the Jack Benny Show it was so funny last night. Exactly right I got history of the children I this is beautiful ally got to meet him towards in I was a page in the receipt and AF I dinner for Jimmy Cagney. And a Sammy Cahn wrote a song for Frank Sinatra that's a whole other story and say about end and mr. Benny was a working and a. Private club that night conceal so my job is to meet him at the door. CBS television city the next day and sit with him as he watched the recording of the James Cagney a unified tribute. And he walked in in the first thing you said to me was. Do they still have that all housing cafeteria here it's. A it was it was just so very Jack Bennett yes the fact I got to. I got the last in the real show business I got to meet you know Frank Sinatra got to meet Jack Benny. I think you know it was just the cool and that night at the applied to Arabs have been a page today and and you know I I Groucho Marx was there you know. I stood next to Don Rickles as he fond over James Cagney. It was an John Wayne was there I mean it just was nuts to the people that came in contact with. I worked on the Sonny and share show you know work on the Carol Burnett show. And and you know I'm not so sure that anything has really come up to that level from those days I agree with you look at TP. And it's landscape right now when you go back to you look at not only. Offer solar consume anything like that again because we now live in a 600 channel universe button and these stupid things here Brian Reich but you know everyone's like. Amy Schumer is the greatest female comedian in the history of television and I we sit on the Carol Burnett show yeah just for a moment yet Harvey Keitel and Korman and like it was just genius was. Absolute genius and you're right there. In the middle of I was I was and I got so lucky. To be apart I was on the set the last day of the Sonny and Cher show windy and announced that the force in Sonny didn't wanna get it done in. He was in the background playing football on the wanna get him on the set this year resented dressing room and it was just like the the the tension. Of which is go through would get it done and go home. Was so uncomfortable and yet sort of magical would be a part of that whole situation is that you know it's a moment in time no my good enough just enough saying. Seoul. You get the double there dig. I actually thought you were in your twenties to ions of price of I got X 86 and November you Wear it well thank you really really do successful had a beautiful and I just got to cut yesterday very well and good thanks for getting a cut for the radio cellular to oversee check. So. Tell us about the audition process because Nickelodeon is an up and coming network at that time him. And who did you have any creative control over the show was your baby did you come up with it like is a playoff truth or consequences if I came up and I would be Sidney with your in this effort at the soul so how did you get to job. It was everything that's happened in my career that has worked out has all been a mistake. I was doing warm ups on television shows I was working on Star Search and Webster and what's happening now in our magazine in. Making a pretty darn good Libyans started the comedy store in 1976 I started with Dave Letterman Robin Williams Garry Shandling. All those guys well started together. It's pretty lonely at the bottom there because you know how many times can you ask people where they're from. And David Starr to break through Robin Brooke through. And a friend by Dave did you work blue no I you know I didn't that was dealing with sort of the David Brenner I was very clean okay and you know back then as when everybody started saying the F word and crying and then and I wasn't into it I just wasn't into it. And and so a friend Mike from Indianapolis state garrison was a ventriloquist and Dave came out to LA to seek his fame and fortune about the same time I did. And he got just sort of fed up with the whole thing and he called me up a day and said I just got a phone call for some network I'd never heard of called Nickelodeon. There's some game show I'm not gonna go on camera anymore I'm given up to ventriloquism I gonna be a producer why don't you go to this audition instead of me. Ellen okay great so I didn't know he could even do that today so I went to this audition I sedate garrison was was the year 115 he could make it I'm gonna feel image that fine. They had auditioned I find out after the fact a thousand people in new York and did like anybody so they came to Los Angeles and I was the first guy to audition in LA. And I got out of the audition and I said to my agent. I got this and he said that would you think I had like nine other clients going good luck. And I did one audition got a second call back a third call back and the one thing nice to do an audition it was I would get the name of the exact producer and the a casting director got their names. Knew the show was gonna start shooting at September end of August I called Mike Klinghoffer the eggs exact producer and I said. What's going on you guys cast in this thing and he said we're just talking about you we got it narrowed down to you and another guy. You know into second place amateur one nobody has ever told me okay and they said doctor Terry peach how. They said we don't know if you guys ready go with kids 'cause what we did the auditions they had grownups playing the party kids and I said well I know I have kids and I did magic shows for kids these are not good enough so I came over the content I said once you fly as both the New York. Put us in the studio with kids look the best man win they flew was both there. To this day don't know who the other guy was we did the audition and a month and on Tuesday. Wednesday I get the phone call you got the job and I said after a thousand auditions in New York in 2000 LA one that I get the job and they said quite honestly you guys were about even but at the end of his audition he looked at the camera and said is that it two guys wanted to do something else and I looked at the Cameron said we'll be back with more doubled their right after this and because I threw to commercial. They thought that was more professional. Pointed out of the gate and by the way after growing up watch and barker and Jack Berry and you know gene Rayburn house guys you always go to commercial when you're done yeah that's what you do and so who would've thought that watching TV would have been the smartest thing ever did that's what led to me a job to change my life. Gionta note to ourselves through two country. First of of that amount. It's getting better I'm not kidding yeah we know we go we've got what we called the big segment idea any of every hour gonna go to 25 I'm not a time spotlight and Edwards had to keep going to mark Somers is here this afternoon. And is going to be hanging out with us today to talk about. We're gonna get to the world of sports in the stands that you Warren how he became mall that way and half but we got way too much for just at that don't wanna double dare you says it. You've got this yeah you knew you had it from melted very first what was the inclination why did you feel that way you know here's the thing. Nobody in the room noting about game shows I have been a brighter on many games shows at that point in my life and it started to announce some game shows and I kind of knew my way around the the territorial little bits Harlan and with tremendous confidence and I was also at that point in my life I was started doing more outside open up Leven and out of smoked salmon business. There was doing better them I was doing professionally in show business. And I thought well hell this is my last ditch effort if if this doesn't work you know I'm I'm done I'm going to be working green rooms and catering for the rest my life. And for summaries on when and with more confidence and I have never done it before we shot 65 of these things. And it exploded back in the day VHS or UH FTB was huge and they were running fax a life and different strokes get huge numbers all of a sudden the numbers start to go away content too good to take the bad to take them both in their yeah well thanks so I thank you and all of a sudden the ratings drop they can't figure out where they're going with a something research they found out wise to kids would go to the playground and say I saw these guys jumping to 4000 pounds a big beans get a flag and then they went to space camp. And not everybody had cable back densely go to the home of the kid who had the cable think. And then all of a sudden it started to snowball and they they contribute actually the rise of cable to three people. Larry King. On CNN jerk Gallagher on showtime the and meet on Nickelodeon because it forced people to go out and you know order cable insert watching television. So we shot a total of 525. Episodes among his running series in history of Nickelodeon. And you know we did every version we did Stanley double there we did super sloppy double there we did celebrity versions. Started in Philly went to New York back to Philly finally done in Orlando. And I I gotta tell you I mean I can't believe they gave me a check at the end of the week it was the most fun Harvey are announcer Robin my sidekick. You know I and then yes I eventually became producer I edited the show. And it was a multiple. You know the sort of person who got to. Arranged select questions. Test physical challenges work a new obstacles it's kind of where I got the background. As a producer that led me to kind of what I'm doing today as well are you just swimming and con air telephones. Is he remembered and a half dollars a telephone that's hysterical I remember when my sister finally got one from what the CDS I said. Texts and phone differently and come up. I'm here and that word years and con air phone absolutely it was prudent to paint past cell phone and this went phones to let cord yeah snowing out there was a video. It was so cool that she had the con air telephone. When did you realize that it was a hits I mean you said eventually became a thing that. Kids were talking about and I mean is this sting went from. Popular. A bonafide hit. To touch point in this I Tyson a childhood to call sanity yes and it's it's interesting because so many people Yuri to grow up who are in celebrities who come in Simi and Mike. Go crazy out there I've got a bunch of those stories but. We date we got called to do personal opinion personal personal appearance in Virginia and a weekend. And you know. I didn't think anybody was gonna show up well 5000 people showed up with a small okay. Then we had when the next week and 7500 people showed them all that we did another one and there was 101000 people amounts of recent well. We should put this in Reynoso next thing I know for eight years we toured did forty Purcell here's your free yours and we were sewn up The Palace of Auburn Hills. You know and and at theaters around the country. 20000 seat arena so I was like a rock star for kids it was insanity and we do a full two hour show. So in the and then I didn't Alicia Caldwell other what would you do. Which was you know another crazy yeah program that it came out of Nickelodeon's. And it was right time right place they found that the kids were living vicariously through their parents watching game shows to have their own show. We gave prizes we gave money we gave computers we do you know cinema indications. And it was you know also a lot of this time and come on an identical credit for the steel. Nickelodeon put it on at 530 moms would say it let me finish dinner go watch your show. It was just the right place right time. You know if I ought to you know the story that I heard and to this date it's one of the few guys have never meant always wanted to and humans appear. The story I was told was the Dana Carvey was offered the show. Got the same offer for Saturday and by that same week took that instead of doubled their if that's true I've always wanted to say thank you because. You know it could change my life and and obviously gonna changed is how often because I know you were in radio and you are standup comedian and deeds dabbled in magician Marines just is that the right word for it imagine death dabbled in magic yeah okay. How often did a program director tell you like I can hear the smile in your voice how much do you think you are very sunny voice. You know what he was hosting your career etc. earlier broadcasters you get this. I think a lot you know I'll be at a department store and somebody will turn around I knew that was your voice I don't think I have a distinctive voice but apparently I do yes you do and the last time I did an unnamed -- -- no secret since he's nineteen years old. Lest I did secrets radio show is a unity pissed me off and I said Weis at you sound exactly the same now as you did when you were doing double there. And he said he almost treasury generally start to get a little creaky in this and that and but for whatever reason. I've been men you know able to keep this in a young youthful voice and nonsmoker like never smoked there ever been in my life I've never try to cigarette in me neither know you're either on any minute now I'm not. Don't worry savages that we don't smoke cigarettes. Yeah. But it this is so much fun I'm glad that you're here your. So it becomes a cultural touch point and now if you look at it. Who we are as a society it is to looking back. That provides you know the South Park just to the whole thing about member Barry's it is the men do what we remember about our childhood is pretty much now where we retreat to meant to leave for all our warm and Fuzzy is because everything else is available on the Internet so what was special B when you were a kid. He was doubled to it was double there and I'm backstage. At a Bruno Mars concert in Philadelphia and the aides who would you like to meet Peru and Ellis on gotta love demeanor is in jail amber and I'd love to meet him and he sees pianist and estates and he runs. Throws his arms around me and hugs me and I said you know Miami said. You raise me. Oh god you know and that's happened to me many times with many celebrities who. You know sort of are you know in which always makes me laugh and I'm just I just wanted to be working broadcaster that's only ever one would do the fact that need to step actually work was pretty darn cool. And so I'm just you know and I. I hate when people don't means it. I know you don't wanna talk about this and I know you're probably tired of it's like no no and I'm happy you remember the hell I am so you know I'm always happy to sit and talk and sign autographs and take pictures of whatever you wanna do because I'm just. I've been lucky I've been very well I'm glad to feel that way because it's 7 o'clock we were done we said that you meet everyone wanted to know you bottom corner need to -- sun still objects only was mark Somers is here with us in studio for the rest of the afternoon we haven't even gotten Food Network as a matter fact we haven't even gotten to the physical challenges yet who came up with the Booker in the nose thing that is. Yeah that's a or I 957 the game either like that. We have things look up here probably what they're calling would you mind if I heated up this season would you like this. I have megabyte unit signed my card and we're going to carry on with his next physical challenge to do something. Like this he'll play soccer baseball there have been in the cockpit before. Never seen a grown man Nagin doesn't love the ball was caught by his father's. I don't even know make plays the race. You're shark Alley you know. My standard. It right here. They're clearly one of the best wrestling matches of all time. Super bug. He does have a lot of money put away the good guys. And thousands Alvarez there all right well it's all right we've lost control we're cutting great thank goodness. That is being radio. A bus rolling out the red carpet for you well it's a superstar or media one that we do with Bobby the brain Ninan. Since gorilla monsoon was one of the most thrilling days of my life. There's nobody was funny or him and he's still alive he's on virtually very sick but. Body Keenan was a genius and he came on and he knew how to play this game and. And gorilla monsoon. As they missed you know Murillo. Had like three degrees from college but these guys were comedians and knew how to play the crowd and they were geniuses and they said to me. Do you mind if we do sub entry at the NS to do it every one they pick me up and I mean a big fan of chocolate. And you know it was great television and they were the sweetest guys and I'm being ahead. Great friendships with these guys and then we get super slow up a media to anyone they we had. When were those celebrity version on fox. We had weird Al yank evict. Against Lou Fareed no I mean you put thinking tourists just written did very little. Yeah whenever you can get free no V yanked affect you gulf war I mean that is ratings. Gold. We kicked off the Fox Network at 8 o'clock nobody remembers that was doubled and kicked off the Fox Network on weekends will now. Now wow and then the sensing guy came along and asked him Tracy omens were crazy aren't an idea. Mark Somers is joining us that very familiar voice you hear is actually with us in studio today welcome back to the show it's great to have you here. Someone says and by the way that you your reviews are through the roof on the always. Almost miserable tech's linemen that we have going here. It's the tax line is loving this right now says Damon I hope you're taking a couple of listener questions. Why wasn't the go cart. The top prize. Every damn time it was the best possible price for a kid that's what my son always wanted to he won one of those cards yet that that was cool it was a two seater go cart Azeri and Derek yeah and you know we have space camp trips to Disney before Disney Channel happened. And computers but I I will admit that go Kart was probably the course than we ever get away did you remember that movie space camp which I think. Helped people watch doubled to her because like if you could get a trip to space camp. After you were just seen the movie I mean that's like a kid Ghassan that you don't tell leaving containing excited as of their general were probably shouldn't use that word again I'd be totally honest with you Diego. Clue. Worthy contestants where did you find kids this. Is the best part about the show people's enemy why do you think the show is successful and I said one of the reasons. Was because we use real kids from the Philadelphia school system New Jersey the as we go to Delaware and we're dizzy had perfect blonde hair blue wide. You know beautifully coiffed kids which kids with pimples and there was little messed up. And they were real and they were nor markets and I think the kids at home could relate to the hard part for me was the Philadelphia accent is unusual to say the least. And if they if you're going away for the summer they would say that's who would do the semantic gunned down shore. Well I didn't go down sure meant it down the shore which means they go to the beaches in New Jersey but it took me about five times before that went down short meant. In a Delaware to new York and that mommy went to Orlando and we had all of America. Standing in line at 7 o'clock in the morning to get and you know you could head back then come in get an audition and be on the 11 o'clock show. And you know they just the one the biggest mistakes including Ian ever made was close in the studios down that has kids were flocked. To go to Universal Studios to come to these live shows we did what would you do and did doubled air and they did you know guts and you know a million other programs. And they were sold out you know we change the audience. Fights X seven times the data were so many people how many episodes Fujifilm today ready for the six. And we do thirty shows a week and it was breezy we reduce three upfront games. And then three obstacle courses break for lunch three affronts real obstacle courses one hour. On day it was exhausting lot of mopping for all the consecutive ought to obstacle course and it's a Philadelphia it was difficult because the studio was about the sites of this studio but when they built the knicks studios to an Orlando they've built drains into the floors Smart so these guys who come on where these massive squeegee and just put it into these strains and you know worked a much better than what was slime. Well here's the thing. So. You were telling me about your daughter my son you're always damning look that is assessed with silently watch YouTube videos we make all the time but they don't think Tony you get glue Hossa okay here's what we used on and doubled. Miller putting. Applesauce. And green food color isn't so as credible everything SE insurance wise if if the food got and the kids mouse and had to be edible. So that was part of the deal and if you have saline solution and Albers glue that and it yet amount that's not real Simon consistency that we have is totally different than that step by CO mine so that that was the real recipe and anime it yeah other ago did you ever have. Parents. Mom's still rolling themselves that you doing whatever it took to get their kid. On the double dare I mean the highly mold wild can grease the host a little maybe get my kid on how often did people try to bribe view cult on behalf of their all the time okay. Lewis' view of where it lived that there were people knock on my door 24/7 we had a we literally had to move. At one point into a gated community community yes nice because they that was 24/7. The weird part for me okay. You know this is about you know when I used to work at the comedy store. All the girls that I'm backstage and wanted to hang out week week beast to reverted and his GO keys okay and and there were women we would do meets greets and every year we were sponsored when you're signed his one year. Reebok every year's different sponsor and we do to meet greet for the kids and the moms. Who would throw themselves at me. Was freaking OK I mean I have one stressed take up the air but. And then it. Cannot pay your good. Yeah. Yeah yeah this woman it would she's a do we take a picture with yes that your absolutely and as a think the picture takes her hand. Slipped at the on the back of my pants and grabs my asked and it's like well what was that. And as she's leaving she has been a little known and she says here's my phone number my husband's a cop he works the midnight shift give me a call and it's like yep your husband's like cop he's got a gun I'm gonna give me a call at midnight makes regretted it by the way I'm married I have two kids. It's like Floyd thanks very much for the offer that's the fact that he comes a bulletproof vest and when Hillary. Now it's yet it was it was kind of a regular thing that moms thought you know because I was closest thing to show business when you go to Saint Louis or Kansas City. So that would that was always an odd part of show business to me you know and and that's when mark got his first professional Goosen. From a mob won and their kid on double journalist cute though I must say that we're gonna do next hour we're gonna get into Food Network we're gonna get and it Ted talks were gonna get into everything in its place a lot of the questions are. When you ask mark about talking about OCD I have both CD and him talking about it made me realize that I had this is stuff going on here. We're gonna get and all of that we'll talk about documentary on the mark which is coming out and now October October fantastic. One of the first rules. Of show business is never work with animals or kids and let you obviously. Work with kids six times today yeah. How often did you run into the kid was either awestruck by the moment got nervous without mom or dad. Was overwhelmed by the TV setting and you had to call a timeout shut the whole thing down almost never. Which was fascinating because I would make a point of going into the make up room in introducing myself getting to know them so they didn't want to know as the show grew. Exponentially and we became bigger and bigger. I didn't want him to be intimidated so I wanna do cozy up to them and proper weight as the host so they didn't get nervous a Taylor got nuts when we did Stanley double there on fox two we're giving away cars right of parents. You know the kids did it for fun the kids didn't win and get the up the course etiquette is when he gets messy okay. But the parents were intense and a couple of times one time apparent. The kid who missed ops commemorate the flag and you know two seconds left and the father grabbed Kim by the neck and threw against the wall and said yeah it'll sell and so I need to that cardinals hope we had to pull them off you know so that those things happen from time to time and you know it's a game we're here to have fun don't take it so darn seriously it's like a Little League game leave it to the test is real and yes yeah I coached Reid is believed in all about that. Did that one of the other things it was happening is. One day we each each obstacle had to be tested by our insurance company to make sure that it was safe. And so we have this thing called the sewer shootout hero America climb up a letter economists small sort Plexiglas box. The kid flipped over I could've sworn that kid was dead heat look like he snapped his neck okay and I you hear me sing and the rest of the course are you OK are you okay I'm like I'm one to stop tape in the you know. And so we dig is style obstacle number five and you know sorry OK you know cinema on double there. His father was an attorney any came out too was afterwards and goes you know that wasn't very safe and the big screen TV was obstacle number six. Here's the deal I won't see you guys if you give us the large screen TV and we went. When every once or die. Acknowledging this out of court that's right we don't wanna do not die hat when doing the tour was crazy because. We would do two shows a day I get offered in Philadelphia to do three shows we don't like at 1001 and four is exhausting. And we would bring parents of a station of the kids play them in if they didn't hide in the way I thought they should be on it I would say no less than I need to decide what that would really get the parent because it would be good in the via audience would laugh and we hear twice dozen people laughed critical thing. So mom I get a phone call late Wednesday after we do the Philadelphia third show either mrs. counsel for Viacom suggest how I am disappointed. We don't Philadelphia over the weekend it's just been effect there was a did you do we show what 4 o'clock yeah. Due to bring in a mom and a kid he has met affect did you throw upon in this monstrous thing said was like I did NASA winer sits. They're suing us for two million dollar she said she can have sex whether husband anymore. I said watts. She said yes it was a nuisance suit and they gave a 25000 dollars to go away. But that was her thing that I IE was somehow distracted her brain that you could never have sexual there has anymore because of the way I hitter in the face for the pies dramatic high drug act vying in nine you know what I tell yourself you know add those things really happened and you kind of expect her head but you know. When a company becomes large like people figure on is gonna assume mansi what I can get out of it she got 25 grand to go away. While. How you came up with the physical challenges how you basically kept its sloppy is something that I wanna know about we're gonna get back into that next with mark Summers here on 957 the game Damon today show is amazing yes it is and it's all because of mark Summers being good enough to come in and hang out witnessed. Not just this hour but he sticking around next hour too and that's good we haven't even gotten a Food Network yet. I promised myself I promise you we would come back talking about. Physical challenges us we would who came up with them up. Alan Silverberg was our head right to discovers a genius and you had a right into my sense of humor but also new on QVC so he. And Byron Taylor who built all the props. Every night at about 7 o'clock they would bring in about twenty kids from the a local school systems and we would. Try these things out in if they didn't work three times then we would never put them on the show. And the classic one was there was a mailbox someone side of the stage and they had a rove paper airplanes and they at twenty seconds to get one paper airplane into. The the mailbox now it did not work at all during the rehearsal. But Mike Klinghoffer arcs that Purdue's I don't know I really like this I'm gonna put it on anyway and said Mike it's a waste of time to get hit him he can't do it. So recent Warren doing it was the next day for physical challenge comes out there brown put the mailbox there. And they lined up ten paper airplanes assorted here's a deal we have these ten airplanes over here we got mailbox over there got twenty seconds first one that gets right back into it. Gets the airplane into the mailbox. Gets forty points in continued control and the other to the cameras that can gonna take SM. We tried this in rehearsal it did not work. If anyone of these kids gets. The plane into the mailbox I'll give you my house akin insulates it. On your mark get set go the earth kid picks up the first plane boom right into the extreme close up on me every boat that got to do homeless Ebbers also sits. The fun stuff that was the shtick that we did it look we want to. Frat guys. Playing games for kids. And we got away with that because Nickelodeon which is start to build the channel they never looked at anything we get onto an insult impressions and things get Xena ballot was talking about. And yet they were laughing and I used to do that and you know at an arrest for the Ethel Merman impression that you guys in Manila Palmer yeah. All. Sue and kids in the audience goes hey mark I can do Ethel Merman as well like it was like ten years old so we came out of commercial and we both did you know apple or at the hell would do that okay. And I did regular things I had my assistant Mary Dudley and I'd bring her on every day and she you know what's the Yiddish word of the day and you know she'd say the stick is it up she would say yeah Michigan and as a thank you tell what should be enemies crazy thank you Mary Dudley. I just made up stuff as we went along and for wet ever reason it just worked into. It was fantastic again it's it's I'm literally being wrapped like in a blanket of yeah a childhood memories in here when it came to the obstacle course to Syria and did you have a favorite obstacle would you rank after everything you've seen is the easiest to hardest which stood out TU is this even a little unfair well you know you can never depend on kids do what you want to do and you we had it figured that there would be two wins and an optional course. In in a five day week. Had to stay on budget so sometimes we have three or four winners so we were trying to make the hardest obstacle course we possibly could and if you saw the ant farm. Onstage she knew we were over budget is it to the kids an hour and a half to get to the freak and amp pharmacist. But certain times they would still go through it and then we go like two weeks without a winner and we build what we think was the easiest course possible and they couldn't get through so you never could predict what was gonna work of what was it going to work the Gumball machine was in my favorites it just was cool yeah it would throw those balls and and at the bottom and that was cool certainly pick that I think is is I mean that that's kind of my deal is gigantic knows. We we we do drunk double there in beer week in Philadelphia review we just don't like uncle there and we call it to uncle there and on what we bring Upton and the knows everybody goes. Buzzer and what it is about that deal went against childhood memories missed Alger. And you know and at the end of the night afterward when a two hour show were real keeper liquor flickered up. You see grown ups throwing green slime and getting whipped cream to to death and just like you know these are not think about it if if you're twelve years old you know 42. A game. And you have a real job and kids but for some reason. You bring up mark Summers alcohol and physical challenges and you know you know pull the borrowed that you know all. All doors are open and anything's possible in its fantastic you know and and everything that is old is new again I'm and I know that there have been incarnations. I know you tried it again in in 2009. Let me stop you are wasn't letting you. They couldn't decide if they wanted me to do what they thought in 2000. I was too low to send so they said we're gonna get a new host but we want you to be the executive producer. Okay so. I selected the kid who. Was to take my place and he actually was very magnanimous well he was very good. The problem was calm some of the behind the scenes action where we had you know too many cooks in the kitchen so to speak were. They had this guy I never had a nine FB IP is for those listing as a of the little thing in your here in the producers are talking voice of god yeah I never had that. They were tell the sport kit everything to say now we hired him for reasons he was Smart he was he was good at what he did he didn't he deny a beat. But the producer at the time. And they wanted to add something to make it different Sony edits on the call the triple their challenge which took an hour and a half to explain and then if you didn't wanna do what it did move the game forward. So sadly from it it didn't Jason here's was host and he was really good at it never got the opportunity deserved. And you know for whatever reason I'm the guy who is you know most remembered for the program but nothing anyway Jason as he he's had a great career he's like the the top which severed and country. And is brilliant at what he does but that for whatever and didn't work out and that is not Harvey announcer now Harvey still dear friend and I he still does to uncle their lesbian Robin was opinion Philly last week Dolan and India where also ethical thing about. Everybody in that cast from Alan Silverberg our head writer demy Klinghoffer. Were all still friends we have dinner we hang out tens it was fantastic. I've got a note here from Al be himself saying. Asked him about forgetting to stuff the flag in the tell. This particular started parading around with the flag and not put it in the hello. Here's what after the very first episode you know once again we don't know or don't. So get a tummy ops are corsets and markets ago and it was called nightmare there was supposed to be a. A north flight in the pillow well somebody forgot to. Put the orange flag in the pillow and markets ago and she's sixty seconds and today ahead of an overture really by the time as there's an and we can't do that far for ship missile it's go back and so now they put the flag and and the kid dumps it. And out of the pillar of the flag which should come out first is now on the and so another sixty seconds. And so we did at three or four times before they finally figured out where and and it basically they had just sticking out at the very end to to move and on but. You know you learn these things along the way if you go back and look at the first episode prices right as good as barker always was he wasn't as good on episode one as he was all right you know 20001. And we sit up for all of a censure you know did the show you do now is better distributed five years ago and certainly I'm much better as a host now that I was when we started I look at the first 65. And I kind of wonder why they ever kept me around I was so bad but you know if you're given permission to learn your craft on the job then you know we're lucky and hopefully turns out. And a nine union got to have the support from up top as yet pulled her yanked her all of a sudden there's another person that is trying out did at any point in time you think. They're gonna replace. When they went into syndication. They almost did. Because the X cable show has done so well and I was making a ton endo at the time was personal appearance of the prisoners of that. And data like. What my agent ask for and they were getting ready replaced mean we have 24 hours and finally Jerry Claiborne thank god please post asked for less when you're going network if you thought. She said. It worked with him on Archer's gonna were without. Give when he wants to stick with them and so there was a turning point. Now here was uninteresting story. I find out through the grapevine that they're doing an adult version of double there I'm okay. Why did you tell me well you're a kid shows we would never ask you to do so here's a trivia question for him who did the pilots of adult double this year. I know RD line no clue Bruce Jenner. Know what hey Bruce Chen at wound up one death there ego and it was pathetic and never saw the light today. And now known druthers it. And I now I don't know what it was our best and there is a known for other dads so let's see I believe that we have thoroughly gone over the oral history. I'll double dare we haven't even made. Career transition that you did to Food Network which is where I rediscovered view Aurilia as you helped really put another. Young fledgling network on the map twice I've done that yes you have the little look at what you're doing for our show. Three guys aren't yet so. When we come on back we're gonna make that transition to Food Network was there a Playboy grotto mansion period in between. Was there a bottoming out my card was there a drug induced cocaine and mark Summers on a Bender error at any point in time get to all that behind the music would Mark Summer. The net I 957. The game.