Damon Bruce Show March 27, 2017 - Hour 4

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Monday, March 27th
Damon & Raiders fans react to the Vegas relocation vote, and we take a break for the first time this show to talk Warriors hoops with Tim Roye

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It is our fourth and final hour on a day where we needed all four hours for sure to talk to you about the decision. The raiders of the NFL. All that happened today. I don't know if anybody expected this to be part of our very busy news day though. Jian I got a story that year just gonna love I mean you're gonna wanna make sure that you bring all your kids is close to the brand new Las Vegas raiders is possible because they're gonna have a real nice crowd around them. Turn the music down. I got I need silence for this. Dennis soft bunny ranch guy you know who he is now HBO if you cnet's sad show of trailer park or is you know exactly what I'm talking about. I don't even get there if they're fully functioning prostitutes the word or fits perfectly. Don't don't get offended. If Europe prostitute. That's part of it. And I talk about strippers and talk about fully functioning working in a brothel hookers. A Las Vegas raiders theme to pirate's booty legal brothel. Is to debut. With the football stadium opening. As a Las Vegas raiders football team becomes a reality receiving 31 of 32 votes from NFL owners approving the team's move. Two sin city. Bunny ranch brothel owner Dennis Hoff announces that he will open a sports theme board Dello. To coincide with the launch of the team's new Vegas stadium in 22 wanting. I've had a license. 37 brawl pool near Las Vegas for some time now in I was waiting for the right time to launch another house of debauchery. Then race. He's already operating to legal Vegas area bordello is in for more near the state capital of Carson City including the world famous bunny ranch. The raiders. Coming to Vegas will mean big business for me so my next sex Dan will honor the men in black in the raider nation. Nice job Roger Goodell and company. Nice job. I'm sure that's exactly what you wanna go out and write. My seventh sex palace. Will be called a pirate's booty sports brothel. Fred Garvin. Male prostitute. Pirate's booty. Sports problem. It will be the first brothel entirely dedicated to athletes and their die hard fans. If you're an out of town NFL on her right now I've heard owner. Not named Mark Davis are you excited that there opening up brothel is close to where your players will be staying to play the raiders is spot. Last October. The bordello baron announced it is to Las Vegas brothels will offer raider players. And staff. 50% on six hard these. But he says the pirate's booty sports brothel. Offer additional VIP amenities. That are sure to sweeten the deal. That's great. Raider team employees. Now got a Groupon. Put the walk down her brothel. World. Pirate's booty will have the magnificent Darrell Russell hall of Danes named after the late great raider defensive tackle. And well known bunny ranch patron. Offset the VIP section will be exclusively available to raider players and other high profile athletes. And staff win over when he cheerleader garb to working girls. Called either the wide receivers or the hope corrects. They haven't Dennis Hoff hasn't decided yet. Again the first woman to change your name to the autumn wind working at pirate's booty is gonna make a ton of money. Past tank here comes trouble. Hash tag herpes for every one. I mean herpes or everybody. You'd getter is like Oprah yeah herpes and you herpes. I just wanted to see a big play on third down you get a first down and herpes. This particular things I mean it's a sports well this is just that I'm I've never thought I'd hear the day that the in my that would be actually in an. And actually be a business in NFL team to brothel. It's an NFL themed Rolf will again here used to be the raider. Team. We autumn wind is up pirates. We all know where that goes I'll spare you would today here's the new thing. I do okay photos and zoo. Okay. That's right. I will go ahead and break out the revenge in the nerds party song on you know are you ready for the sex girls you are here. Going to be staying at the pirate booty. Now selling season tickets all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases. All your region now. That's classy. That's really be delicate touch this whole process needed today don't you think. Could. Little finger huge raiders stand Damon from the text line nice. That is really something else that's crazy. It's got a noxious it's got a nauseating. Roger Goodell. He set all sorts of words into a microphone they didn't hit my year in any way that I wanna share too much of them with you may her Libby shaft tried to say a whole bunch of things today. But I'm sorry I just do not think are true. I also want to be very clear that Oakland had a viable project on the tape. We had eight fully financed shovel ready project. That was made public private partnership. And we're incredibly disappointed that that was not selected. All right so now you got a public partnership I thought no there's no public money on the table then you said it was fully funded like the money's waiting in a vault right now today it's been voted on its ready to go or you just came up with it because you put all the right people in the room. And then you said shovel ready which means you have absolutely no idea what a shovel ready construction project is because shovel ready means we've parties on this land and we're digging starting tomorrow that shovel ready. Yeah now don't. Don't say that you know too bad this letter wasn't receiving more consideration at 11 AM because by twelve that day we were ready to start construction no you warned that is revisionist history. We competed we brought a competitive proposal. That responded to all of their requirement. Is very important people know that and if anyone has doubts about that I want to present to them. Our lease agreement army our term sheet. All of the materials that we have provided the construction schedule. Got a construction schedule. For the project that doesn't exist. We got a schedule. Madam mayor had a contractor that was about to build the stadium call my show I'd love to talk to that person would love you do announce who that company yes. Again here's what the last mayor of Oakland sounded like when she talked about the raiders stadium plan and how. Close to financing they all wore wasn't this term she did Libby is talking about now. It was remember Dubai and Qatar in the salt and Brian Schneider with a whatever the hell Jean Quan was thought amount. Our own primarily acting to do 1%. The company's State of Qatar they have very deep pockets and they partnered. Literally with the prince of Dubai and they have capital. So they are and negotiations that the raiders. Lies. Got anything other than total lies and BS and things you're saying into a phone right now that are actually tangible example here. Money on Emmy nonsense. She seriously thought. Sold abroad and I had this we got this subject Qatar here one that's no problem. Home I got. Yeah Tommy tell you what Libby shafted. Libby shaft. Told explicit but he explicitly. By the NFL don't deal Floyd Gephardt she dealt with flu again part. After that failed experiment which led them to flirting with Carson City. They said do not flirt with Fortress Investment Group we don't care who Ronnie played four. By the way week. Invited Ronnie Lott on the show a whole bunch of times to make his position publicly known never really happened. Now the mayor wants a whole bunch microphones in her face we've been inviting her on the show for years Mark Davis says he's wanna talk to raider fans who need a little. An explanation of what just happened yet mark won't do it on the show. Yes and either fake news at best or alternative faxed being worked. And that's all I can tell you. We said so much today 45 seasons in Oakland spat upon by all involved powerful parties. It's such a shame. Here's Joseph and Oakland Joseph Euro 957 game thank you very much for your phone call. It well. A that might wipe every eight cheap beer on the outlook now it is now that you know what no matter what your sign and that I'm going to be. On it review. They are eating in downtown Oakland but thank you Jerry Brown. Keep it noted that. Apartment and bring people you know clinched and that could. They know that eating. Out to upkeep the raiders here that Martin couldn't get. That the coliseum and toward the end of the news is spread and it would a cheerleader and starts. And you know to me when you know 53 years and I remember when I'm at the corner back. Spent in those days and the and took the ball to when the rains were against Green Bay. Each and I want them on rupture on the deck and I remember that guy when he came home when he got. I you know and and that's the thing there's nobody in Nevada who ever lived next door to John missed two's actor who's. Dearly departed wife she's buried anywhere near. Al Davis there was a a guy who said you know my. My father today's turning over in his grave that wearing eight Tim Brown Jersey which we've married him and you think anybody who stayed in the that is six feet underwear and a Tim Brown Jersey because they were buried in it. If there is someone that they moved the law's vague is from Oakland. Oral LA yeah. Jurist. She said. No other way to say you've been done. Wrong. Travers in Oakland Trevor you're on 957 again. Hey David actually. Speaking of Java as Jackie actually ask that my mother they want a couple page back and they say. I thought it was a really. Dumb decision all the way around and I really feel for the entire raider nation. I really do assert my condolences to all you because what happened is they passed it on a market that is. I mean that's the largest media market in the country vs the forty I think and my. TV show right it's a TV show for a markets and your selling at forty spots below where you work. Precisely. That and not only that but the real estate investments around here are worth so much more than they are a lot state it's. It really surprises me that the bank America could have partnered with the city of Oakland park to get that he'll go on but anyway. It's almost like an every inch Ryder explored it right now. What it comes across like like not one point in time during the last twenty years did any Oakland mayor sitting current former bother calling Bank of America when they were ready to play does he go all along. Thank you very much it feels like not everybody. Doubted their I's and cross their T. That Dennis Hoff the owner of the bunny ranch had a better plan for if the raiders moved and open ended up about a. Got a better plan. Damon mayor shaft is the definition of fake right now she is angry. Yeah I bet she's angry because she's about to go down in history as the mayor who lost to town she lost an NFL team. And an NBA team. Bang up job would be. What's your next move. Demolished Jack London square. Start cementing the bark tube like what's your next plan you're not in and out of the park. And unfortunately mark was a terrible dance partner. He didn't know how to dance just as much as you did know at a dance the boat he had nothing but left feet. And by the way Mark Davis mr. two left feet. Turning to Fred Astaire. Mr. two left feet. Turned into Fred Astaire. In the last. Couple weeks it he won about. Getting rejected by Goldman Sachs. And the biggest mover and shaker in Las Vegas who we might have intentionally got rid of because he thought that would have been a roadblock to him moving. Any raise them. I watch Mark Davis raise money twice in the state in the data that he wasn't able to raise here obviously 750 billion. Is an awful lot written. The maybe were nigh eve Jian I mean maybe I should be deeply disappointed in myself that I didn't insist that there was no doubt the raiders were a 100% leaving from the day we heard 750 million dollars. We wanted to believe in things like what traditional eventually matter in his book seeds that are raking over Saint Louis and San Diego they get to that two thirds city within a month and her a year and a half and it may be just may be a little paws on all the change and the old guard of the NFL will have a little something to say about gambling in Vegas and the ghost of valve but they still don't like it all they stopped them match. And it is the chargers. The Broncos. And the achieves. All blood Danish and a vote against the raiders if it's good for the writer isn't bad for you know. Over the unifil was a hole. Okay yeah. Let's go to Iowa coach Davis cone from Oakland coach. Hello coach Davis an Oakland 123 there. We move on to Previn in San Jose Previn what's going on you sound like gates. A guy you are named after like a pill that I take brings idea or something like ask your doctor about president. It. Implode it. Parents are nice very nice last year than me that's for sure. Where it is albeit raised and but that only raider fans. And he told me today that same money. I believe them twice such. They're Leven. That kind of emotional for me and I it's really that need to I think about what kid back. And I'm not gonna have that ability Q eight NC game and bottom of my packet might act. And I'd like that and one point. You people not realize that most these players have kids from. Poverty areas that Jack aren't rich in their twenties and movement may get past it seems like the rest be heard about it. Bankrupt big cynical. Yeah thank you very much. It's a good thing Alden Smith hasn't been reinstated because if these are reinstated in Las Vegas two and a bit it's just going to be over real fast with this. I don't know what happens to him next. Some of the least of our problems. Given what happened today. So many people vast what is the station's position going to be well we are still. Under contract. To be. The flagship for now and who knows maybe when they actually movie syndicated station if Barry is. An audience here that is asking for the product. You know I'd I could see why we would still give it to the mommy tell how I'm going to be covering the raiders. Professional. There will be no passion there will be no excitement. From a level of success it will all feel like it belongs to someone else like it doesn't belong to us certainly there and interest thing. Up and coming football team. Full of players who one after the other I really really like. Derek Karr his message to raiders fans today. Old and new was pitch perfect all the way around Derek Karr for president I mean my god he's just great he has he cares. And he knows how to land the message and he death. It's a leadership. And and and I'm gonna want to root for that guy but it's going to be a little harder to root for that guy the same way it's a little harder for me to root for UNLV basketball. Does a year. At a site at a mile and that's how it works. The attention span that all these old breeder for him it's all these two regional raider fan's attention span. Is officially the playground of the older. Attention span that the exist. Think of Elkins attention span two or three year old son. They expected it and adding more than 22 and it kid under the age of fifteen going to move on to the next thing smoke and immediately. I immediately. Rader she haters who cares while going another direction. If you're looking for rooted you you you you need a new team today I'm just gonna die there's one owner that didn't vote for this it was Stephen Ross Miami Dolphins. Stands up. That's what they did Matta. That's their job they suck at Gloucester dolphins fan of that to battle front fins up nevermind thanks for the vote Steven Ross but. Actually says he feels like we owe it to our fans have supported our team in this community right so you actually can stretch it's Ross also don't get me wrong it's selfish mode. Behind it too I guarantee you he thinks it 20% of his stadiums attendants on any given weekend got there on an airplane because Miami school destination spot. And if you're a Buffalo Bill fans go to Miami game every year for twenty years and now they're scheduled to play the raiders in Las Vegas may be don't take that Miami trip this year you're going to the desert he absolutely had a selfless positioned to operate from but what he said. Sounding good teacher he's a businessman follow his logic. I guess in. Good piece of raider news the only good piece of raider news we have today other than not they will be giving discounts for watts at the new brothel is. Reggie McKenzie said to Derek Karr will be a full go for off season work out. Is he told that Scott beer so that is good news good for dirt car. We're gonna have our friend Tim Roye join us in just a moment Shelby north bay how are you Shelby Euro 957 again. I'm GAAP and our. Readers are in Oakland. I'd like. All little on that he actually learning to read. Our name on me. All of it yet all of you all and one day and down may break my bone. But at the end in oh. Thank you very much. People who abandon their home and now my kind of people people who turn their back on loyalty they think it's a one way street like you follow me your loyalty means you follow me. No matter where I go. Again. That's just reckons he Deutsche that I do not reckons. Matter or anyone is these days proximity doesn't matter. That's how you feel that I feel. There are more people who disagree and agree with that truth. 8889579570. We will take more your calls we do have in interviews scheduled that I have to be on some kind of looking forward to. For a minute per segment. For a handful of happy moments. We'll talk about a one team that is absolutely pointed in the right direction sure they might be leaving Oakland eventually to. But being gone very far you're not gonna need anything other than a Bart ticket to follow your raiders. Excuse me your warriors. Anywhere your raiders again and an airplane ticket. We're gonna talk to Tim Roy coming up next after all we got a couple of big basketball games coming up tomorrow at the rockets the day after that. They're at the San Antonio Spurs in the voice of the Golden State Warriors Tim Roye. Will join us for our first and only segment this entire or hours. It hasn't been about the raiders. We pause to silver and black just for a minute I need to I have to get it's still going to be my first question to Tim rowing because. He deals in sports around here just like we do all the time I think he's done games he's certainly Danny is games Tim Roy. He understands how important sports art of the east bay and out to a three teams look like they're now officially. Pointed at a town Tim Roye is brought to us by a portion of Fremont opportunity awaits a portion of Fremont wal reminded all warrior gas always sound better if you're wearing. JBL wireless headphones the official sound of the Golden State Warriors. In 957. The game if nothing else Tim a respite from raider talk but we have to get your reaction to that. Before we even hop than anything we'd be burying the headline if we didn't what do you think of the news today. Well it's it's really too bad they're leaving the Bay Area and it's. It's yuck it's it's. Period released at my outlook and it felt so now a little. He originally when we to even take a heated terror raider games so when are when they were trying to play the Boston patriots or. What we can. Us first born in San Diego charger games their rule that might that was a big. America football league fan and I know that you just beat crushed this year to see that all the raiders and the chargers have moved and and it's just that you know I thought when the raiders came back that's OK this is where they belong that's where their country and the I think it. It is 22 years the first tackle each year at tech it is it's it's just it's as early dad and just ire I feel for. All the raider fan and and I you know. He. It's one thing to you know have a team easily the airplane leave eyes are only advocate and that's that the bit of pain and eagle plane that they liked it. But they're still hear the still goes in the game and and there are still part of the Bay Area partly community and that's the other thing too that. You know all those guys who who. You helped build the raiders in the end and the India fell back there though they've got guys that you know they they didn't play for a lot of money in and they were part of it. The each state fabric back then and you know all this. I've been told by if you look back in the day's news news nothing like you know going to a game going out for some need immediate. It gave beverage after game in walk couple players and walked right up and talk to you and hang out and and yeah I know it's different now that you know pro sport to big business. But to have them leave it just sat there. That. The blue collar nature that define this franchise is going to be very very hard to find it feels like everything that makes its way. To Las Vegas is a replication they facsimile. Of very little authenticity. To be found in a pop up town like that. Meanwhile. Tim. Let's talk about the Golden State Warriors your flagship. Station of the Golden State Warriors by the way here. We gotta get that instance who knows what goes on whether reflection of his shoes and seven game winning streak and guess would also has left town the what's wrong with a warrior conversation I'm glad to see that. Lauded in India it. It's partly. To a couple of the coach is to name Earl saying you know it is eat it takes time to learn to play with a new players issue of the data Kevin Durant. And then he goes down. A little while the lawyers to kind of learn how to play without. And and I think that that the that they really good sign that they've. It kind of got an actor who they are you know start on the speaker today and you know what are the best of that game neatly the other night that was good enough and hand. They note we better during this stretch. Elegant Houston twice and grand colonial in Washington. So it is great to see unity really bode well you know when JP can back. You know rain and get to play a couple games and I think you know organic act playing with confidence now and maybe work before. And and I think you know like I thought time period he didn't payment. On a lot guys defer a lot that the captain not a bad. Let me now they. Gotten account but going to play going in knows they can make contributions that they don't always have to law. Her step or clay or Kevin that they can go to another direction maybe take a shot at the plate and sell that that'll help team. It may not be revisionist history to say that this blasts that does does the ran injury and crazy way to be a blessing in disguise more reps for. Guys that'll put payoff not just in the playoffs this year but down the road you know Patrick who caught on an awful lot of on the job training with the Ford greatest teammates he's ever gonna have this year any year where no one expected him to get that the same can be said for. Ian Clark and a couple of other guys on this team is is there any concern that they'll have to re learn playing with the rent because it's like. The adjustment was never his to make like debris was the most comfortable warrior quiet minutes into being a Golden State Warriors brought. And I think that it is not starting at the top I think that Corey knows that he now can beat himself and Katie will be OK with that number one number two that that the ball find him directly at times he's going to be just fine. Need it today. Doing at some numbers play plan out your game and you know like steps such a shot dancing it's slightly up about seventeen something eighteen now. And plays right seventeen point five and cover up seventeen all year long and Durant because of that game he went out where he didn't yeah. You know shot he went out early in the game but don't count the game played it shot so like sixteen point six against Intel. He's getting about the same amount shots per game and I think it Koppel learned that the course has beaten that it everybody on the ball which regions going to be fine and you know they're going to be okay and so. Yeah I I think Kim coming back the second time now that they know who years and and you know what cap plate they brought for him and and how they liked it in get the ball till I think the transition this time other than maybe giving. Yet Iran in the NBA game shape I think it's going to be a lot smoother then and think quicker than maybe before might I think it can be better. Tim Roy here on the Damon upper show if you tuned in for raider relocation we did that for three and a half hours give us a minute to talk about something it's working around here. This is a big big back to back really doesn't get bigger in terms of a four game stretch nice job getting past Memphis which has been cast as a nemesis I think that's. Little bit of an over exaggeration it's just difficult match. Getting out defending the perimeter against Houston is going to be huge. Packing the paint defending that in the lame is gonna be huge against the spurs the very next night. In terms of styles. In going through the trial of fire in the gauntlet of can you play different ways to play fast can you play half court. This 48 hours coach. Yet and they're going to be immediate threat for them and I think it's going to be you know that a lot of attention should be paid these two games and they rocket her. You know when you've got James Harden playing as well he can. You know I think debt. That that dollar challenge you know that you have to. Keep it off the outline where possible and make key you know running to those three point shooters in a peak comfortable out there. And then it in the conversely on the personal issue increased to but they also have guys like Aldridge complaints not a quiet letter to complete anywhere and the plan. And in so there and they're much more about this gold paying your rent a chat defensive teams so. So yeah it's going to be up to 48 hours to very high level basketball games hopefully. And open the lawyers and get a couple in Newark a catapulting it weekly would help out tonight but I don't think that's gonna. Now now looks like the spurs are sitting pretty there there were 24 and half for goodness sakes thought Tim Roy joining us here on 957 game on a very odd day for the station for for sure. I like with the warriors did flying in that family from Atlanta trying to take care of the fact they got duped would season tickets are her excuse to do with counterfeit tickets. The day ball when the team was happening there is much I loved that line in this team from Atlanta it's probably happened. You know a hundred more times to families in Oakland. Obviously football what they do about that. Well they've they've got the most basic they had the people that. In fact last night at the people who who have gotten locked out of four. And it had contact the word about that they Adam. Epic game and let Google Hewlett they would Jerry West as the game and and in that packet separate room so gather they're trying to make effort to it's it's early out there you know you last year irises. We played in LA and then. And we stayed over at Seoul we're at the hotel after it to her and the four people would bought fallen down bought tickets. And got to people and then when that event does tickets were were fraudulent and. They had spent probably all were brand on the tickets alone could they are only really good seats and then. The plight of tell the whole bit and I mean it is out there yet we really care and again you're you're state at a funeral were not count the other trying to do. You are met as much as they can't the people that. You know that this has happened to him and for that you know for the little kids in it properly and it was great. In the intranet the people who got a believer lockdown bought in game. They have brought to those people in last night you two acute pain in the game last night so that. You know it is that early he can't do it for everybody can belt that they're there's an optical brown but I. Certainly want Lynn when applicable. You know to try to make it. That's good it's good now I get that message out click enroll. Warriors done it all be out while a message for rock. And I doubt she coupon and outwardly arrival at a good time out eight. A great time out. I remember when the timeouts were the show and it was just like you heard the debt actual basketball was killing time in between the entertaining stuff. Nobody difference. I was reading it today outline about you know there's there's a that will be of a power struggle going out Blake or challenging but something humanities the us. Eight keyword all the headlines are about to oppose the war on Wii's. The actual game and am and it's just you know on ten and again and not take a beleaguered they're going through tough time right now and and but about it and we been we know you know that we all people who lived through those times. And the other c'mon on the other side the way we. I mean it's. It the other. Do it in the work today in the game and that were the first team in NBA history when the road games over three here. It's the thing is actually. Named Eric. Yup we talk they'll lecture to recover the four TO entry into okay what do we should grab the 32 without KD org your belt before. A week while that your two entering it on the current trip. Yeah so. I would not losing three games in a rose ascending to panic about losing three games 089. Years ago is called Monday Wednesday Friday schedule that's all that ice Tim always good to talk to you it was a real nice break to just get away from the relocation raiders sensation just a bit today thank you so much. Always look forward to hearing new especially tomorrow in Houston. Wednesday in San Antonio we will be set you up Purdue. For two knock it down in both of those things. Mullah will give you a couple of our struggle route on next connector for the game did you get your picture effects and that they the a lot to talk about these two games. Indeed thank you brother. Emeril or 95 cent in the game great talked to him. Always good to have much. Zach awry in town meek are coming up in just a moment at the top of the hour we will take your calls. Until the conclusion. Of the relocation show. Here on the day membership. It's our final segment it's officially been a long day not a lot of days here ever feel like work. That's what covering the raiders will be now ought to be a little bit more work then labor of love never again when you leave town you leave my spear of love ministers on how to isn't. And a lot of you feel differently I'm never gonna tell a single one of you how you should or should not feel but this is atrocious this has happened do you twice now. In your reader phantom. And it's just crazy because the raiders spirit is the Oakland Raiders they lost their spirit a little bit even though they won a Super Bowl in Los Angeles the talent. Was able to overcome the Los Angeles move for a moment but then they came back. I was looking at this do you realize that when they're here the first time around they had a 634 winning percentage they moved to Los Angeles swallowed there. That 59 B winning percentage and now. In the twenty years that they couldn't get anything done. You know an awful lot of that is on them data for eighty winning percentage since returning to Oakland. And no wonder why. No one wanted to do business with the came back here would not them but uniforms and losses. We wrap up when your calls today let's say hello to ray in Fremont ray you're on 957 game. They did and I don't. Paid him and saw that and older the ten years now on thirty years old and that he would with such from news. You know I got my daughters that age where I couldn't buy in the are ignorant games and that kind of ripped away from the you know which which sucks. You know oh in this field the racial but I can never ever and ever bite EP Moxley's raiders or attend the game and use all. I guess you call me one of them out. Now you know it just it to truly. Does it feels that way for sure. Thank you so much I appreciate your call ray this is Fred in Oakland Fred I do feel about today. It get a game light slightly with I think you're totally right about the warriors and that it was good for them after rent out for a bit. Back to the raiders struck I think as a couple stories that really getting. Coverage here. A lot should not often should people and Asia is. Because you know the hostage for so they do anything with the traders and number Q what. The witness well this year or next what they're still in Oakland and then it. Worked out how to look should be in order chain. I don't think the NFL leading cares how it looks anymore I think again about the NFL knows that it is so won the PR war that they can lose it a dire to hear there. Everyone shows up for the next season anyways. No matter how angry you are that Monday he'll be back Sunday for the game. And that's how the NFL does business and I think that's how they're gonna continue to do business and the raiders would probably be Kosher enough today and planning parade in Oakland saying. Yeah. Oh and yeah. Think just forget you one more title before we take this totally interest in Austin young team out of here and pretend like you never existed hey it's sick thank you. Dave in San Leandro your 957 game date. Dame and Iowa the engine look viewed as soon as this is terrible mired by analogy it is. The merry band my wife whether they'll go offer fifteen years and now she's just been in the gym grind and super hot and she told me she's gonna leave me for this rich guy in Vegas. And I'm exposed to stick around per year. Maybe it's a nice intimate night. Eight times a year while I know he's gonna lead me for the Skype. It's kill you broke I have my nicknames for twos because I was born in 1981. And he I didn't get my heart ripped down. When they moved to walk fan view Los Angeles but now it's can only game. I'm I can't I can't take it man Mark Davis go pick your dumb and dumber Erica it took Vegas and leave me alone. Look we didn't. I love you too David I'm so sorry this happened to you today. From the text line and you mentioned once that Mark Davis is refunding season tickets. No it's what he said. Let's see people start get their money back before we start here is do I don't carry any more water for any thing now that's you know sorry. They wanna get a message out that its way to dig do whatever they want. We will now interviewed Jack Del Rio we will talk about the game after it happened we will preview the next game before it happens. But this is no longer a labor of love on my end this is going to be a business partnership. I'm not gonna allow myself to get too excited. About the raiders ever again and I wanted to depressed about never again. I like the players I like the team like them an awful lot. But I live here. Shoulders to. James calling from Oakland to James you're on 957 again. They take our call. A just absolutely disgusted. Well. Bulb. Close opening other interests. So Stu. But account but it hasn't anybody shot so to people so. Out here more so. Kotsay and it. Out. I mean there's a big big. Big dared them to go somebody offered him not just that lifeline. They offered in the jackpot. Let's forget the lifeline like an if you get the next twelve questions right after use your lifeline you walk away millionaire the lifeline was the most amount of money ever given by the United States anywhere to a team to build any thing. And of course he took it. Of course he took that money. That's what you have to do when you cannot. In provide for yourself you have to take what is offered to you he took the offer. You know he's drowning he says he needs a life jacket he says. The mayor had a letter about how they're offering swimming lessons. City of Los Vegas threw him. Not only a life preserver but then set out yacht with a drink in a hooker on it forum. I mean just to set up as you can get. All I can tell you raider fans is that as your team leads on going nowhere. Not a 57 game is going nowhere. We will be here we are not like the raiders we are not moving to Las Vegas. So will be here with you to help shepherd you through what could be some really awkward years of football. But I want you to know if there were any confusion if you feel misled in any way know this at the end of this program I am on your side. Oakland. That's the only side among. That's what I care about. The people that are in my audience. Give me their precious time I never wanna appeared disloyalty used swine never wanna work anymore it's this is where I am happy. Thank you very much for listening thanks to Jason Cole Scott there. Mike's over Tim Roye Gionta LB booked on its own thank you so much everyone did a great job today running very difficult day. Much more coming up Zach Ryan Tony our next here on 957 game if Iran hold stayed there they're gonna talk to you. Thank you so much for tuning in I'm so sorry this day turned out this way. And boy. 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