Damon Bruce Show March 27, 2017 - Hour 3

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Monday, March 27th
Damon & Raider fans react to the news that the Raiders will move the franchise to Las Vegas - joined by Mike Silver. 

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If there were ever a day we needed a full four hour show today is that day thank goodness we have it that's almost an entire hour for each of the five stages of grief and that is what raider fans. Our experience saying throughout this afternoon we are now officially in our sixth hour. Of the reality that the raiders are leaving Oakland. Again. On N. What years to get your act together. Leaving our again. Not whether you have enjoyed the broadcast so far whether you're Singh in the praise is whether you're damning. Thank you Damon you're on your game today. Others who wanna offer another opinion reelect other not so sure Damon has to consume would blaming. Libby shaft rather than educating. His listeners about the reality of big NFL money while. You know I'm I'm not here to. Educate you we've been talking about the reality of that money lingering over this issue for quite some time you all understand. The value of 750. Million dollars. It is a greater sum of money than zero dollars there's not much of an education I don't think anyone needs there. And you know I wrote back to this person who said the two you know I'm not doing a good job here look you know you want the reality here's your reality Nevada had money. Libby shaft had a letter. What do you think wins in the boardroom. A well crafted properly punk show waited letter. Or nearly a billion dollars worth of tape here yeah ago. Again madam mayor is doing everything she can today east to save whatever political will she has left. On this is an atrocious day for her personally it's not all her fault. It's not all her fault this goes back several mayors were playing this each hour we keep playing and they hits. Do you remember three years ago here's what mayor Jean Quan was up to. Here's the clueless feckless idea she had. The groups that one and it is colony at the third largest real estate company in the world stayed. Our home primarily I think to do 1% iron at the city State of Qatar to they have very deep pockets and they partnered. Literally with the prince of Dubai and have capital so they are and negotiations that the raiders. Qatar and the prince of Dubai right there in negotiations. With the raiders that that you know what crazy lady believe that. Or was lying to you the very same way dismay here. Believe she either had an actionable plan or is just lying to you that was one feckless mayor. Here's another. I also want to be very clear that Oakland had a viable project on the team. We had eight fully financed shovel ready project. That was a public private partnership. And we are incredibly disappointed that that was not selected. It's almost like wind. They were doing interviews and Sarah Palin and you could tell that she didn't even understand the question much less have the right answer now. Madam mayor. To position yourself as a shovel ready financed. To go stadium is the biggest pilot who week you'll ever try to sell politically publicly in your career and it ain't gonna happen on my watch sorry but your. Day of business drifted into our territory. In my BS detector is a fine tuned instrument and that is the biggest pile of political BS. You're going to hear from anyone other than our First Act will be to repeal obamacare. Way to go by the way bang up job. Now Paul Ryan is he in charge of the raiders stadium. In Oakland. Roger Goodell. More words from him we work very hard and never once a year relocation of a franchise. That means exhausting our options and doing everything we possibly can. To get a solution in the existing market as you know there's been a stadium situation in Oakland that we felt needed to be dressed I think even. Our friends and Oakland agreed that it needed to be result for the long term issue of the teams and frankly the community. And this has been an issue. For well over decade. Our friends in Oakland you have no friends and anymore and sets up networks. Bob McNair who was on this relocation committee again I was telling you the NFL it had its. First choice had a say well. This decision we've worked for probably two years not just the last nine months. On trying to find a solution. For the raiders and of course our first choice was deprived find an answer in Oakland yeah. I error. Let's hear ye Yang lie year lies. We worked two years on this show me you're travel show me your agenda show me your schedules. You know that you got Roger Goodell saying they did everything they could how many times were you in Oakland with the mayor. And your owner in the same room. How many times mr. commissioner. How many times he was up there today trying to give you sparkle eyes wide and a ways crocodile tears of hundred dollar bills. How many times mr. commissioner did you bring your acts into the city of Oakland to sit down there with Mark Davis ended may year. And try to big you don't go to probably brought a whole bunch of business leaders to the table Roger Goodell here today. Commissioner is hands on involved. With trying to save Oakland that's what the commissioner is trying to save Oakland does. You hands on involved there you just saying things now because you got. What. Tickets to sell. Fans to placate. And again Damon stop would they hate money's better spent on real city programs you a whole you tell me what gets better. Take a picture of the pothole that is your problem today and show me how quickly gets fixed now that Oakland has all this extra money that it never generated to ever spend on the raiders. There is she is to show me your improving school districts you're better funded fire and police starting on Monday next week. Will there be an influx of money all those services hers is just money you weren't willing to spend let me tell you got nine million left on. On on mount Davis many here Libby shaft gets zero credit for not spending tax dollars that only makes her. Every other mayor in the state of California. Again if there are 500 mayors in California. 500. Of 500 mayors do not approve public funding. If the wind had blown in the other direction that this had happened in San Diego she would have approved to do. There's no doubt. It said this is incredibly said. And I'm so sorry did this happen. 45 seasons in Oakland. The parents. Who were raised on the raiders your grandfather and then your father now you you're gonna turn around and leave this to your children. And there will be no passing that the time at the time has halted the relay race. Is over there is no more generational. Raider fans born in the city of Oakland atlas again and you. Wanna raise your kid also just from day one their big UNLV basketball fans to. I'm gonna raise my kid a golden night hockey fan why. Usually the teams we choose to have some sorted geographical ties to wise that's how this whole thing works that's how. Sports becomes us. Verses ma'am. Are there enough people. To conduct this grand experiment for the next in in the years in Las Vegas we're about find out. I'm gonna say within 45 years they're gonna lead the NFL and no show so sure the seats are sold but no shows. On use suites. And I overslept. Whatever the best thing to do in Las Vegas was this weekend three years from now the B shattering their doors people who moved on to something else. It is not a town that embraces its tradition. It shares down its tradition rich hotels to build up a brand new one that's bigger and better. To suck your money out of your wallet what happens if you roll into a raider game on a Saturday morning and by Saturday night your broke your pissed still gonna go and have a great time. Vegas does funny things to people on the plans that they have when they get there. There were all sorts of avenues to find a solution to find a cord to find business acumen do apply to this and it was not found. Mark didn't put it together the mayor didn't put it together again she's talking about her shovel ready fully financed plan. Like you do not know what shovel ready means. Shovel ready means. And construction and. Star it's now ready that's a shovel ready means it's not shovel planning. The NFL was like oh excuse me madam mayor what you're letting your letters so convincing if you could began. Construction tomorrow that would be great she's talking about the shovel ready project is if the gays were already out of the way she's gonna ignore the presence of the a's in her shovel ready letter so she's not desperately raked over the coals today. Again. There's a soccer signing up to be a soccer every minute your friendly host refuses to play that role. I'm no soccer you can't fool me. Lots of people are distracted by noises and colors and wrangles over here separates this show for the other ones. There's a lot of people who take what you tell them on the surface and like hearing your sound bites let's play them all in order and then they don't even delve into them or try to peel back the layers of root. Shovel ready. Got dancing cranes behind a retractable wall Jolie could spits on your notion of shovel ready. Shell ready. Not even rock autumn wind now. The first stripper who changes her named autumn wind is the real winner today I am autumn wind. Forty bucks a slapper champagne room starts at 110. You wanna get freaky wealth to launch. Take into the room where the recording equipment is broken tonight by now it's. Not from personal experience Gionta but I've heard stories. I'm sure. You know this isn't my anger this is that this is me being Smart enough to know that I've got friends could put together stadium deal for Oakland too bad that. Mark didn't have those same friends. I can put fourteen guards in a room and come out with a blueprint for you wanna see shovel ready I got back puppy it's too bad but they never called us and again whenever we called mark even. Have my on the show he's never appeared on the show mark now says he's won't talk to ball raider fans or mad at him. If only there were an afternoon show on his flagship station which would have him in here for four straight hours. Explain what just happened I doubt very much he's willing to do that. Would've loved him to do that. Feckless look it up. FEC KL ES and it's not think there is no word in the English language that describes the power players that beat in this equation. Everyone but Nevada by the way Nevada was not feckless Nevada was aggressive. And they got what you did a Al Gore ration matters in football. Passive that he gets your ass kicked. I appreciate you writing that but the whole point was to give the audience load of homework assignment yes checklist does mean lacking initiative were strength of character. You're responsible. Deal autumn wind. Was feckless. Blustering in from seat to seat do you bluster in. To the middle of the desert from the C. The autumn wind rented a car and drove from the port of Los Angeles. Who. Knows had done. All the tradition. All the blue collar. All the generational love. Wrap them. Damon you're so mad at Oakland. How about your beloved San Francisco. The day called the raiders once about the land at candlestick again it's tougher to read anything dumber than that and. It's. Now I don't like what the 49ers did. At people like they would know the 49ers did does not look great kid now not two wrongs don't make a right you shouldn't let San Francisco the same way they should've left Oakland if you don't believe me look at the 22000 they had the most their home games this year. It took. Three years for the novelty of Santa Clara where off how long do you think that happens in. Las Vegas were novelty acts coming go as fast as carrot tops next rock. You are the carrot top of the NFL teams. You're the Siegfried and Roy of professional football. Penn and teller. All illusion. That girl really doesn't like dude those boobs aren't real this DJ is not playing your jam for you it's all coincidence. Too bad. It is really too bad this is all happened you do have my sympathies and I at something you say to someone when someone dies pick what you have my sympathies. You have my sympathy traders fancy really really do you deserved better he deserve better from all fronts you deserve better from everyone involved you. Lived up to your end of the bargain and unfortunately that loyalty was just spat upon. And I am sorry. If it were up to us there was anything that I can do. We would have done it. Again I would have gotten Dubai in the prince of Siam and who are on the line we would have nailed this thing that we are not there is soccer out. I am so so our organ have Mike silver join us at 530. This is an incredibly. Awkward day for us all involved in the question and an awful lot of people have is what will you do. On 957. Game. Well I can tell you that our contract to broadcast the Oakland Raiders runs beyond the end of tonight show so we will continue. In the meantime to broadcast the raiders on shore that business agreement. Will be either fulfilled. Or at some point reconsidered based on the fact. Out of sight out of mind is about to come into play again five stages of grief we are here at stage one. Out of sight out of mind boys and girls is real. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that this happened. I'm sorry that your family history. Means nothing to the NF now. Sorry your tradition means nothing to DN felt the same way chargers fans meant nothing to be NFL they Houston Oilers fans meant nothing to the NFL that St. Louis Rams fans meant nothing to the NFL that. Saint over the Los Angeles rams fans meant nothing to the NFL until they just turned into an equation that meant more money then we're. Lobby go. Instead of three great California cities San Francisco Oakland Bay Area whenever. Sid of the Bay Area instead of Los Angeles instead of San Diego. And having the entire coast dotted with these great teams. You now have two to play in the same stadium which by the way completely reduced U. Curiosity. What's going on and no IC tell me that. No matter which rate to which team I go to what route four in LA it's gonna be the same stadium doesn't chargers moving here and get this thing built parent or not Disney were up that fast. Stead of being all been down a coastline now it's like. Two teams in LA neither is the raiders beat you draw a straight line to the desert mayor you war. Doesn't seem like they're spreading the wealth in a Smart way. Oh they're cashing in on the wealth in every way spreading it news keeping that's with third. Robby is in San Jose Robby here on 957 game what he got. Iberia. Agree you know Herat about Asia and spending public money you know nobody now what is it we're about that. Barbara market that no respect for tradition it is what is the Annabel. He obviously does need to know the boundaries of human beings but he you know these people. Including me at like one raiders fan we're armed Serb was devastated. And you know are well up there and in Vegas and in Nevada you need to start out hitting Laporte it's state money did. It yielding Obama care problems were happy and alt country is that for all that money going down that you know. Robbie thank you very much Robbie saves for anyone who gives a damn we certainly don't not today. By the way everything you said about trump was totally wrong it's unproven support now wait until the Russians come get him to. There's only people holding onto that belief for just drowning in their own lunacy nice job everyone. If only we warned you we did. Jermaine east Oakland howry Jermaine. A man. Yeah man now. On the record Oakland raider nation. Rate. It's common with Libby said. From a long time ago from the beginning he was put out is. If we don't. Know I can't. And let it come out now. You and look at what. You. Call. Those awkward. Is it. Don't say it's as you. Get well. Companies. It's copy content awkward. To comment. And. In it and yet they did what's the other partnering that they did Bank of America. Like America was started in San Francisco Bank of America could not. Plus this not an all it. I look at. A bloke. It's eight years and deal and you got company in the policy also. I'm Libby in my in my. Well Libyan mark thank you very much again as the owner didn't need someone else's money to secure his own future he wouldn't have to mow this is a matter of I need other I need other people's money this is an other people's money. Problem Dino Rochester New York real quick what he got Dino. A lifelong raiders fan and new York and I've been to total on the numerous times she's the raiders. Have been on the road to see him. There's nothing. Absolutely nothing like the bond between the Oakland fans. And that pain. It's the most unique. Thing actually not been a Romney and higher until this seem so my heart is broken for example one. Well what I keep hearing it. The greater national trample the very important that tell you right there that there aren't enough and in Las Vegas sports team if they need the nation the trample. I mean. I I and so you're gonna have a great new stadium Mets saw no need to compete but said that their all great. What I think in the long run this is gonna turn out to beat Rommel switched back outlets like quiche that I agree with that. It's gonna die out and they should be and should all week then the Oakland Raiders. Tina thank you very much for the call again people cared an awful lot about Oakland. Even know enough from. Too bad the guy who had a team in Oakland. Didn't care enough about it work. They'll still out of love with the mayor's inability to get anything done to do anything to even use her political will to come up with the other capital not exits. Other capital. She has no political again since there's there's an. Atlas is the word. Mike's over. Never feckless sees all over the story for a national network today we're gonna talk to him in Morgan Coles after that here on the Damon Berkshire. Welcome back it's great to have you here this afternoon a sad afternoon for the city of Oakland Raiders fans who. Think that geography matters. When it comes to who you root for. Not a nomadic. Enterprise. That no matter where they land Don and you know June I'll raiders I'm down. Would have been a Juno raider fan. Okay I guess how you're raised. On the West Coast is officially a little different than how you're raised in the midwest or East Coast is this wouldn't fly in either one of those places. I got someone here saying you know. Damon you stand to called a stroke your ego you're not from the day you're not really here you could care and she stereotype people from the east day. I've said do you have a second class. Stereotype about you you know you embrace that there is a second class being served nature of the east bay fan and resident you know they feel like you're totally dwarfed by the shadows ever and Cisco must say right now that shadow grew today. Shadow group today you're less of the city today than you were you woke up with a stereotype. You're less of the city today that's a way I feel. It's so sad you deserve so much better. Mike silver he. Videotaped. A love letter on NFL network to the good raider fans in Oakland he is from Oakland. And we are thrilled to have them on your Mike silver joining us on a very busy busy day Mike. What I what do sat afternoon for tradition for families. Third generations. Of grandfathers and mothers to. Fathers and mothers to kids and now that that line will be broken the relay race of handing down the raiders in the city of Oakland will eventually. Come to attend. And it's a very very sad day. Howry. But something a lot to team about the save you. Look pitino loves it the most right now's a Golden State Warriors are gonna lose them to. And. Like you know this city with which your identity is inextricably. For better or as a team that he could go. You know a lot going on here but it. You know. We'll take a lot of a lot of that. Pro usually from people that'll live there. It's crossroads we couldn't regrets the error. Suggestions. For a lot of reasons but one of them. I'm proud of they're like oh court ruling could go tell toward the decided to direct it. That would the company started to try to get used to it you go. We have other priorities and giving public subsidies. To. Bill to their normal political leaders who ought to beat. To secure an Olympic and non critical so bouts but for example are proud of that there's. That goes to the British so anyway Rick that the. May I offer counterpoint mail offer quick counterpoint that the mayor of Oakland doesn't get a lot of credit for that if they were 500 California mayors. All 500 wouldn't have allowed it she's no out liars she is going with the flow of the state. Yeah oh okay so I'm not sure what to but. And frustrated because. There are many many people with lots and lots of money would love happy for the raiders. With some sort of toward ownership but it wouldn't go to court and you know people are allowed. Entered in those of us in ID from what I am told they could go to college and Oakland without requiring. Public subsidies. So that frustrates me epic campers themselves. Well Roland. And the you know we we are built it feel like that was the majority. Oh remains in order for five use the Baltimore. Shot the at a exercise because the option to buy out we'll tell but it goes throughout. Like he was able to still you know. I believe still that try to keep achievement come around and so elk if you repeat that I picked bark. Would have been wise to consider the deal for about proctor to. And then the third thing here and I want or you know pulled a stoic. Particularly proud they've Korea. Remember out of trouble against news. What are we doing man you know we got rid relocations of cryptic but who bought Fred vehicle market and they'll market. And you know just gain. Else I know they the party and that heavily talent at the gavel fell as terrible optics when. Or worse over to him. So. You know I I don't picnic I believe he. Very mindful. Overall what's happening to open it. Took the team out of Oakland the team at a San Diego you put two teams in LA the LA doesn't look like he cares that much about the fact that neither one of them is Oakland. Where the raiders landing in LA means this whole thing is a chair is a game of musical chairs where nobody ended up sitting in the right share except may be the rams. Maybe but that felt like it was a very. Hollow wrong bell about five games in the this year the sensation. Of the Los Angeles round oral. I think I've I think you're respecting their picnic there. Eventuality. That the round up beautiful stadium it probably put the way to a couple of pot and who finds so there is that temporary. Saying that it's frustrating cute so what you have. Three terrible temporary arrangements. Yeah the rams played in the coliseum. Which is awful. But the chargers playing out now page that'll you know they're the go on about that I think it'll find what they have the stadium by October would rule on that level worst ball. Came back. And has now announced a week Newton Rangers lost to play out about your orbited two. Orbit three. So it's a very emotionally complex prison for each the day. Coinciding with the raiders finally. Started and quite possibly have the hope tote Euro our show original route and pretty soon. You know the particular wrote the book it's a 200 that are on their. I said the other local network earlier pylori I think man should probably appropriate way to put it. That they elect to. Today I would bet that they play what. A local culture of some crappy year. They give up what Tolbert and you know just get out and it's you know. I get the thing that roster boasts. When I'm mark him say. Well over the Oakland Raiders or greater and greater page. And I couldn't garbage for decades from mark late legendary father out from mark as betrayal and agree there it all mean. Percent outside the lead in the raiders. A picker based solely because they did play there. The Green Bay pass. Hackers are much bigger than the raiders reliable beat Chicago Bears New York Giants did Carcillo is a Dallas Cowboys. The fact that then travel game span. The whereabouts you know. Do well but it's real Oakland Raiders have worked real well now they'll have it sent the very good work record out by. You know about that. Hard working. These residents are just gonna get a plane any time you're in special the Reagan and and spend that money at that time commitment. I know we there now with their lives like coming up about it. Little bit quieter day it's too. You know the stated view and tickets weren't that you. You know the Rick so rude people. That might wanna do it on both bouquets. The river. We know it is changing. Rate nation Tuesday. That it would apple statement or in a war. They're separate Israeli and so let's not pollute ourselves that we are using the plates. That love them. The most and the most purely itself and I understand the business because we weren't gonna do. 700. Billion dollars well what they outlook coming from. Our state legislature. About it. I would. You know again I'm waiting for the day win the money that they're not giving the raiders is raises for police firefighters. A better hospitals. No potholes. Again I money gets spent and wasted so much government only trying to even counted I think it's like a fool's errands. It would have been great article say the raiders. I think I. Can it be better but you know you look at seven million dollars right or lose we. Without human. You know ignore classroom that in more crowded and notes it oh I'm sorry it would be it would be you know responsible but he. Yes I I I agree they should have never given the money but I think good leadership lessons feckless leadership on both sides. Of this equation from the team from the mayor could have found owned it a solution you were just talking about how that solution probably. Could have been found to we have got Mike silver talking about what happened today. I don't but I I I don't agree I believe that it last mark David. Markets are quote my partner was quoted as well. They were not written in Oakland because Oakland like given them back at a deal. Right let me ask you about the significance of the 3121. Vote and how much influence Jerry Jones had over that tally. Titled it yet and you put I don't think that the division two because. He's been physically different and so there there probably. Fourteen months ago to help their program that the auto charter public option. That it has died at an apartment which of course operators. At the chargers and other help or you know it. Probably you know he's been so. Odds are in a provision to. Knock at the rabbit. I think donors just. Date look art market fell. You lost Salmonella in the even not gonna build a stadium so they're popular building one ahead. This. It is now we will know we can't really tell him. Not to take that now erupted. You know it's on the Ross. A little while after an apple look you know I joked that we are right now to a writer Oakland. Bhutto supporters out there there there may not realize. You know in our world but it. You know I I committed throughout currently. The principal say. You know we have to do this now and you know there opted out or. Them to delay of the vote and to you vocal more time out of the woodwork and you know received very very. That through. It's certainly did its a shame. We thought this day might come we hope for all the other reasons there would be a road blocked it appeared that prevented it but. Here we are Mike thank you very much big busy day we appreciate you joining us as always I love arguing. All right so people will still great but I let it but he noted that it is the they rule. We will all find the way who have to degrade. Thank you very much Mike's over here a good note to end on at least for now when we return. Your phone calls right up until 630. When we're just gonna take a breath and talk a little bit about the warriors since we are also now be if you don't mind me saying the prioritized. A flagship of the Golden State not going anywhere except cross the day. Warriors. Raiders. At the Los Vegas raiders of Oakland. It's going to be weird. This is the diamond should. Dame in the raiders are always blaming somebody else they couldn't get it done and LA so they blamed LA now they're gonna blame BA's Mark Davis. Just. Don't blame anything other than the fact his wallet wasn't deep enough to do it here thanks Jim Altamont thank you Jim. Thank you very much from the Penske auto sales dot com text line. 888957957. L I got a doozy of a story to kick off next hour the first. NFL themed. Awful. Is now being planned pairing close to Los Vegas is a brand new team this is exactly the image the NFL wants a raw awful that will specifically target football fans and athletes who are traveling yup that's super. The autumn wind was a stripper. Spinning from pole to pole. Albert Albert is in Santa Cruz thank you for holding Albert you're on 957 game. But they got a and I might. I'm back from work and excellent. One out there there you know. And this would. Would you want you to say that missing years. Car and who did. Is how everybody. Whether. Or not. I'm. A fan I've told them I believe the root problem but the game you know. They've gone too far this time. You know what they can be paid to come out there but what he'd G-8 years running into the ground and is. It. Right. You know its list in. Aid in the Eddie. They can cut. Trade or whatever. But they shouldn't take the later. Thank you very much unfortunately. That's part of the deal it's not the Cleveland deal. You know the NFL reacted to what the mayor had to say in her letters in her last ditch effort may basically said. You're small potatoes. Small potatoes in the NFL do not. Do business. Richie in Santa Rosa Ritchie are not 57 again. And yeah today I mean you'd recommend them if I know that you use an initial report you'll have a shingle tattoo on your body now need. I have been in taxes and age of fourteen they took fourteen. And and every time it will probably hey are you argue like do you regret it you're tattoos I don't know today that changed. My captain is gonna be ready to get. It covered Obama tattoo artist you know. And then also an hour mark the U. I go to Las Vegas I've been I've been important week an important for years you know terrible scene and I'm really upset with. The Rainer Marc Davis and the politicians and Oakland and no matter article opulence on the one on eight game she doesn't income and on so I'm beyond. I mean. Oh my mobile magical QB this year. Screw that I'm going to Cancun. Thank you for. Richie thank you for making your emotional call I appreciate it. Here's voice shaking a little bit out there and I. This again you put it on your skin you made it part of view you literally made it part of your body. Hopefully below the neckline. The neckline. Your tattoo is closer to your ear lobe than it is your hearts reconsider that. You'd like to be employed. That's very expensive and now he's gonna probably drop at least 25300 on on how big the tattoo is but. To have it now removed. And a brother. Yeah it is just rough it's absolutely rough I don't. Fans since bled for this team they've loved this team they've supported this team and they've always thought like your back so it's us again. This entire time as you've been talking about the greatness of the Oakland Raiders have been looking for other fans you are nothing more. In the wallet in the seat now wanna sell to someone. And that's the sad thing and the truth is that kind of applies everywhere. Of course to the teams that would never even think of moving because it's not a reality in that city for whatever reason. It's a reality in this city. You know why Oakland can't behave. Like its big time. The small market mentality which becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. I don't understand it. Now it's easy to say. You know you lost a Wal-Mart pagan to keep the raiders would cool what was a Wal-Mart clowns. You know they say it will oil Wal-Mart clothes peaks ball shoplifting and well then all right thank congratulations to city no one wants to be. You know Oakland has very little good PR Oakland is very little positive public images. And city pride civic pride is it is a tough thing to find at times over there it be even harder to find now. The day when the Golden State Warriors were parading around lake Merritt with their first championship since the 1975. Season. Due to the weather dude everybody's attitude is single here is just one of the greatest days ever in Oakland and those days. Number. And those days I'll never be extended to rate of all the investment all the time of chat rooms all the drafting all the tattooing all the Jersey purchasing all the everything all the tailgating all the 66 street mom we grilled chicken. They'll find other people grilled chicken. They didn't care about your ticket sorry. So hot they pony to grill to make it too can you really want you really won't. Damon I think in 957 game app might be broken because of today's news is if you're not being able to get a right now may do we are. Over logged in that I don't know what's happened at re downloaded its new button vixen just tells me three download it there you go good luck. Your calls when we return more sound from the players in the room here. And a story that I sort of got defeated broke at 10 AM might have made everybody in the NFL reconsider them. I don't know go to Ben 311. If they'd heard of the bunny ranch his idea to open up a brothel is close to the raiders as possible. That's next. Your on the day membership.