Damon Bruce Show March 27, 2017 - Hour 1

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Monday, March 27th
Damon & Raider fans react to the news that the Raiders will move the franchise to Las Vegas - joined by Jason Cole. 

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There's a awfully big difference between grandma's sick and grandma died this morning. That's where we start today. We've been telling you to grandma's been sick for a long time but today today's date ended. The Los Vegas raiders evoke once this hour we're gonna go width. Let's start with the obvious. I feel so bad for you fans today I can't even. You know it's my job is to verbalize it and I'm having enough. A tough time doing that. This is. The worst kind of sports crime that can be committed to a city to a fan base. 45 seasons in Oakland. Bouncing children on knees. Getting to know your neighbors in sections getting to know your season ticket holders getting to. Bring your newborn child to that first game in holding that kid up like. So. Never again in the city of Oakland. Our NFL landscape in the Bay Area forever altered today it is a sad day for all football fans in the Bay Area not just raider fans this is a sad day for anyone. I was a fan of tradition. A fan of treating sans writes. There are a lot of people who have been tweeting me all morning who is to blame. There's a lot of blame to go around. But ultimately. There is no team that is ever excelled past. Or fallen underneath its own owners acumen. This is all about your ownership. Not being able to afford rent here anymore. And instead of earning their way. To a new solution. The money that was offered to them by the state in Nevada was the intoxicated. That sent this body to the morgue. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry for your grandfather's memories for the memories he will not be forging with your children. For. How will work you know what's Oakland gonna turn around and offer people. Couple years from now. We're gonna CV warriors over in San Francisco. The raiders in Las Vegas. I saw the a's are Smart enough to raise their flag on top of Oakland City Hall today Dave gavel you are good at what you do. If Dave Campbell had been hired I think by the raiders to help so although solution. Maybe it would've been done. The wanderlust and looking elsewhere in other cities. It never. Was trumped by whatever Oakland. Gesture. The mayor of the powers that be came up with. 3121. The message from the NFL's pretty clear Oakland you are small potatoes. One of the things we will not do today not for a millisecond not for a single second it's the fastest way to get hung up on. Two day on this show. Is it you wanna tout how mayor Libby shaft. Wouldn't give a dollar tax payers money to the NFL. As if she singularly. As an out lie here stood up to the bowling isn't a single mayor in the state California. Not a single day here in the smallest town in the state of California that would approved taxpayer dollars for a stadium. All she is is doing what every one who has her job. Over the entire state would have done. You get no credit for that. And what drives me nuts is that no consensus. Was able to be reached you know do you have power can you put Roger Goodell mark Davis and yourself in the same room. And work on things. Damon did I miss the park where you apologize for being so wrong about the raiders moving back in October now you get no apologies for me. I was looking at ways this team could stay I was trying to look for. Positive bouncing balls things that might prevent this from happening. Things that may be would trump money talking. I guess that was a fool's errand. I'm sorry for looking for solutions that might have kept the raiders here. A lot of people vast what is gonna go on wood 95 set in the game. I can tell you this our rader contract. Goes beyond this afternoon. A multi year deal. I can't speak for other posts on this air. I can't speak for anyone else around here. But here's how I'm going to cover the raiders. Professional. I will do my job. A winner viewed head coach I won't talk to the players. We will follow the product on the field. But not for a millisecond in my gonna send or sell an ounce of love loyalty. Phantom. This is now. My job to cover the raiders there will be no Rome with the romance is gone it was killed today. The raiders are moving to Las Vegas by the way that's not Elvis that is a fat Elvis impersonator. The raiders will now be impersonating the raiders in Las Vegas. The same way Elizabeth Berkley impersonate and showgirl in the movies showgirls. Dot autumn wind. Is a pirate. Blustering in from C. And then running a renal cart enterprise and driving about 450 miles and wins. To get to the middle of the desert we're now the raiders. Will attach their brands to a town where we don't even know professional sports who work over a long period of time we are entering complete unchartered territory. In terms of will it work or not. The eleventh hour letters. Race sad last ditch effort emblematic of public relations not a real attempt to work. In proper cooperation with the NFL before the by a single thing that the mayor's office is selling you today real remember. That all of her efforts literally cut against the grain of what the NFL said to do. Do not work with Floyd Gephardt we gave Floyd can't party exclusive negotiating rights the Palestinian. Do not work with Fortress Investment Group it's the same thing as Floyd Gephardt we gave Fortress Investment Group event that is airing rights to negotiate accounts like. You'd literally did do two things the NFL also don't do and if you're looking for a solution that doesn't have a 715. Million dollar price tag behind it to your will on throat problem you better. Follow the rules. Truth is. This is Mark Davis. Now it's easy to point in Oakland it's easy to place a lot of blame but this is an owners will this is. The NFL's agreed this is a bunch of men who were old enough to not look at life thirty years down the road anymore. I don't know if this is a good move thirty years down the road. It's a great move in the immediate future can Sydor and all the money that's being offered to you by estate the largest amount of money in the history of the United States it's significant sum. This is got absolutely nothing to do with the right idea thirty years from now this is an immediate cash grab by old greedy. Well I got to watch my mouth today by old greedy. Didn't need a notice they got the extra money. Level of wealth. The two of the eighties needed these to be competitive now they needed this to be more profitable they just won twelve and four and a toilet. And by the way that toilet serve them well. That toilet served them well as a home field advantage when the team got better and I don't know of home field advantage is gonna get better. Screw you Damon you said you have no interest in the raiders if they move now all of a sudden you want us to believe you're gonna cover the team fairly. Yeah I will do my job. Without passion. I will do my job I will cover the team that said. We don't love you anymore for you because I'm obligated to I will do my job which is more. Then the mayor did on your behalf which is more than the raiders did on your behalf I would do my job. I will do my job. Look there are. Distinct stages of grief. And I know a lot of viewer gonna be going through them today and you're gonna be looking to assign blame and you're gonna be angry at me. If you're angry at me you might be the dumbest listener out there. You have no idea who to be angry at if you're did you just if you're angry at me you're just admitting your confused. Think I did anything. You think I moved the raiders. You think there was a sentence that I could have materialized on this program that would have accelerated the project or stopped it or prevented it. You're the same kind of person who thought that doctor death rally was gonna trump 70615. Million dollars. Grow up. If I were raider fan I wouldn't walk in the stadium again for a game that's me how you deal with this is specifically. Up TU. But the NFL just didn't tease you with your franchise just did TU should mean more to you than it does to me. It's got to draw a raiders fans. You don't which you gotta do to survive this day in your football livelihood you do whatever you want. I know your team doesn't want you anymore. It's shocking what the NFL just did but it's not shocking. Were sealed saying those who ignore the pastor doomed to see history repeat itself. The same thing that happened and Oakland as happened in Houston. It's happened in LA it's happened in Saint Louis it happened down in San Diego my god it's even happened and Oakland before. Think when the raiders came back getting things right this time around might have been a priority for anyone involved. It was just a war of egos and feckless leadership from Al from the city from mayor Jean Quan. Do you remember our infamous mayor Jean Quan interview. We do and we dug up our favorite bit for you today. Are owned primarily packet could you wanted and I didn't eat it it's Qatar they have very deep pockets and they partnered. Literally with the prince of Dubai and they have capital. So they are and negotiations but the raiders. They go prince of Dubai back capital Qatar they're coming on and but that's how out of touch and clueless she was she then hands the baton to Libby who unfortunately just has no juice to get the people. Back in the room or the pool back in the donkey if that's the way you wanna look at it this is a series of checklists mismanagement. From every one if you don't know what the word feckless is look it up it's the perfect word to describe this. We're gonna have Jason Cole join us today at 330 we're gonna have Scott Bair raider insider. At 445 Mike silver. At 530 and just to spare us four straight hours of nothing but raider pain we will talk to Tim Roy. It's 630 after all the Golden State Warriors a role in and they've got two huge back to backs coming up tomorrow. And on Wednesday and we are your proud flag ship of state warriors. The Las Vegas raiders of Oakland. What adds. I feel bad for you fans a feel terrible for you feel terrible for your kids who will never know. What became tradition to you in your family to your peers were your grandparents handed down to your parents that if he ended down. To you that you will now not be able to hand down to your children. Without incorporating a flight. On southwest. Prince Qatar. I wonder why Mark Davis looked at everybody let stand and said he could move oaks. Currency Qatar. Damon feckless in means lacking initiative strength of character. Irresponsible. Ding Ding Ding didn't I don't those three words describe our players. In this perfectly. Now what are you gonna do Mark Davis week I know lot of you wanna bandy him doubt a fool but this guy found millions of dollars in the desert waiting for him that. It is is obviously spoke louder than whatever Oakland had impact. I here here's one thing I'm sure of Libby shaft has absolutely no idea what shovel ready means. We will hear from her. Got two great sound for you today again chasing cold. Is coming up at the bottom of the hour first question to him I guess needs to be. Regular extra crispy. Because we at some fried chicken it's and I do believe. Because I hoped the NFL would. Think this idea. Long term unworthy no matter the short term gain that they might not do it. I was wrong. Here's the thing I am right to be wrong about this I still feel I'm right even though the NFL tells me I'm wrong get back to me in thirty years I wish him good press fast forward and look at the biggest ticket no show in the NFL there'll be nobody going to raider games. I and I 1 o'clock just had a big Saturday night in Las Vegas winning go back to a four win football team. We said this before one echo what again because it is the honest to God's truth and it's something that Oakland is completely ignoring excuse me summing up the raiders are completely ignoring and the NFL. As they make this move but whatever the coolest restaurant nightclub hooker escort whatever whatever is the number one this weekend in Las Vegas. Three years from now will be old news retired washed up if not closed. That's how Las Vegas works. Show me something new and dazzling I get sick of it now what he got. You get the same thing over and over again see Vegas doesn't do the same thing over and over again because it is a tourist town it's not a tradition town. There's more tradition in Oakland. And there is anywhere to be found. In the city of Las Vegas. 45 seasons in Oakland. Over. Over with. Two more seasons coming up three more seasons. Here's the deal. If Oakland doesn't turn around now the Oakland a's and say what are you need woody and he doesn't build on the coliseum site you gonna go somewhere else does he wanna go somewhere else and do it like we're excited for that let's get it done. But if you want that coliseum site we will squillacote. We will we will reject and dismiss and evict these turkeys is. Quickly as possible and we'll do that for you make me go play it Sam Boyd stated that the players. Got a lot of people who have been waiting they wanna call in they wanna talk we wanna talk with you this is a day for you. I've been talking about this for the better part of three years that I vote come here not 57 game we've been debating what this day might be wooded arise and when it did arrive what would it be liked. Purity it's. And I really do feel terrible. Absolutely terrible. For the people who hoped for the best. I know that I. Even embolden you to hope for the best. Of the point where. Of people who were insisting that there are gonna move would get angry at me. And then over the last 72 hours the direction the wind done all this absolutely changed the NFL did everything it possibly could to get the word out that this is about to happen. I thought just maybe just maybe just maybe. If they really wanna embarrass mark the single biggest way to do that would beat us. I have every single week in the world say all signs are pointed to their goal and and then pull the rug out from underneath them on my daddy would have been in and fly back here. Would've been the ultimate double barreled middle fingers I thought that there was a 20% possibility that I might happen this morning I thought that in my heart I was wrong and I'm sorry. Apparently 750. Million dollars is enough money to crap on whatever emotion you ever ever had a any instinct or hope I could've ever offered you. How sure. Saw a concession. Go to Joseph in Fremont Joseph who's been waiting since I believe the last show when did to talk about this Joseph you're our first call of the day Howard you. I'll grant it that a man now let. A bit. All of writer and now we. Are not at all the while we have here aren't you know. We will win mate and let let let's make them. Now I think they will instantly they're never gonna see a home field advantage again they're never gonna get. They crowd that is fully bears behind him again it'll still feel like hit a simulated get. That's not a real loft that's not real volcano in front of them Russia to simulation. So really the Eiffel Tower. Intent Paris it's a it's a simulation to model. There will now be a model of the Oakland Raiders somewhere in the desert the billion dollars in the small nice stadium picture. I like the authentic thing in the dump. Rader woman. I guess now simply known as woman. Woman you're not a 57 the game how real. I'm I'm an angry. At them warming morning crying and counting on it like that on the wall. The watch that you immediately to the radio a lot for our link it on I thought. I'd been advance to the early seventy. Obviously I'm not letting younger people might might sons are greater chance my grandchildren are averaging around. I have my granddaughter date anyone except rain camps. That was the raiders in Oakland and selling them and they went to LA. I said you know will it kill sailing. When I watched the Super Bowl. In eighty street Super Bowl eighteen. I watched market element that it would be my favorite running back and I demy on markets. I I never spent a dime they were in. In LA I watched them on TV and cheered for them to Ricky. But I mean I know responded I'm on merchandise or any. When they got a lot to make it it can lead paint a marquee being settled over at that time and it will never got lots they get to see them. And that helmet thing is that for a joke. Bet you very much I appreciate your call. We're gonna let a lot of people get the the pain out of them today that's what we can do is we help you through the her through the toughest piece in those I think here you know you're you're ever gonna get. Fives. By the way to text line is a living broad reading. Five stages of denial. Right now it's. Five stages of grief I should say it's five stages of grief denial. Is the first one. But they've been a lot of people as we've been talking about how this could happen wanted to deny it. Anger. The dumbest among you were texting me right now how I might be responsible for this then bargaining you'll try to make a deal with yourself how I still going to be a fan. In the depression is gonna set in and then acceptance. Acceptance that. Oakland is an out about to be and that's I mean this forever here is what this does you can thank Marc Davis senior. Your elected Oakland City Council people for all this you can thank them for this. Oakland. Is no more. A great sports town. The great sports town that was Oakland. Is now forever altered. You're gonna be a baseball only city. A baseball. Only city. That's what you're about to be. Lot of different reasons. Lot of blame to go around. Will be taking your calls all afternoon. And less there is a guest. We look forward to talking deal. 888957957. Know is the number you can reach out on the text line. You can reach out on Twitter. We look forward to hearing from you today raiders therapy. It's mandatory this afternoon and we'll have it for you to 7 o'clock tonight. 8889579570. Jason Cole. A lot of you wanted to say was a bad guy for reporting that this might happen well you know here we are and since he's been sitting on the story for a very very long time we will check in with him next. I'm 957 to get. Nine other talking about what they wanna be called what they might be called about this about the SE a leaders. Yeah. Seal later it's. Here's the thing a lot of people Lauren morning me when you're in morning you put black on which is just a double edged sword. You don't have that option this time there really don't. It's great to have you here on what is a very tough day you very awkward day in the station's history and they sad day for the city of Oakland. And raider fans. Some of whom I don't understood. I'm completely sure Jian have. No idea how they're gonna feel about this their shirt today how they're gonna feel about this but. I'm sure those are the same people who thought the Pokemon goes can be something they're gonna do into their forties ray. Bullet train went remember when everyone was doing that then nobody ever talked about it ever again it was a passing fat. Does anyone still play at a I don't think so I don't think so I don't think it's happening anymore. And that's what I'm afraid the raiders are gonna become and Las Vegas there's no tradition there's no city that is love them for as long as this city is loved them. They'll BA passing fad in the minute they're not the cool thing to do Vegas who knows what is going to happen Jason Cole. Bleacher Report been covering this story since the well dawn as it you know how many years ago we're very happy to have you back on the show your first question for you Jason regular extra crispy. Oh. Yeah apple were about it another day for sure this is. In incredibly sad situation I hear a little tinge in your voice you're at the meetings today what can you tell us what's the latest. Welcome to. Rocket fell to the beer obviously people out there are happy to have on our. Compartment in Taiwan they sent to. I expert out when NB. We're in the market would street and here. Mr. bishop. That you are more. Every department the ball up and not the so. The senate where OJ a bit ago they want the people what George W error. Same gentleman out where it will yeah packages or two strictly. Our. Which it that they feel that. Are the horse that coached. The collapse of war the chief of acquiring. Quarter to that's awful. Death minutes in some denounce I got angry people dealing with their anger and I'm not gonna take it out on anybody today but I get someone here saint Damien you lied to us. Time now more than Mark Davis. Now more than mar all our order. What it is you do believe you believe that it wouldn't watch what pops up it felt good. The problem of what ought to get hurt swear to. Are there what do before summer trip you billion dollars or what kind of took it public dollars. A public subsidies were per stadium. There and should evoke more but it what did you say what are we should let chip know while the part keep the story of addiction were put on. A political show a cheap there aren't art article went toward its narrow. Don't get the whip out wanted to trick or shouldn't do that. You'd rather keep the oak Wednesday keep PP it remnant cheap. The raiders and she broke just shouldn't do on the map of the war. We're gonna exhibit of social percent were soccer park you're. Up to the sport and repel any social and the economy. Well I do get resentful but doc publish all touched on that a yeah are thoughtful drop. Right utility shaft today saying that she had a shovel ready project ready to go as if the vote didn't pass at eleven they were gonna began construction at noon. I don't think she knows what the words shovel ready mean in the construction business some convinced of that by the way Jason Cole or get here from Bleacher Report. It seems like Jerry Jones had an awful lot to do this if not even more than Mark Davis had to do within us the 3121. Vote is a staggering. Power stroke I don't think marketed done that all by himself. No we're obviously are a lot of them want people but it again. Epic about convention part of groups weren't. Real terms. That. Art part of it what you. Not that during the reward that you. Want to see. The raiders we broke each Robert Burns are. In every respect that we are actually cross be released you know pick that up to what we're about. I don't believe the structure are not always. We've been but what sports market the country Gault wrote most experienced. And going Belichick and he took all right soupy when your street. But I think most owners you know towards work and just OK AD. We have that we got offer from our perspective. We yep and the altered one. That works because look at every democratic cap. State records it can't continue to map stadium. Those conditions and compete you know that's why apple took it took doesn't. Does that work and so our program. Blame game plan mostly out stadium. There was no choice but then again I don't want Oakland not during her or just kind of went back he chip. The going on you are dispersed pointed questions. Thank you very much good to talk did Jason will do it again sometime soon. Our. Jason Cole Bleacher Report against someone saying Damon going after Libby shaft is the dumbest take it today okay houses pass here honesty meter right here. Well good morning I'm sure you've all heard by now that. Very disappointing news. That the raiders and the NFL have chosen Las Vegas over Oakland. While this isn't very disappointing to us and very disappointing to me not just adds. The mayor but as a lifelong. Calendar and raiders fan. I am proud that we stood firm on no public money for stadiums. And we stood firm and not being forced to choose between teens. When we were asked to throw our baseball team out of town more. Conning you wanna talk about a big scope revisionist history. The only reason why BA's are still around is 'cause they warn allowed to move to San Jose don't try to victory lap that. You lost the Golden State Warriors they're coming back to San Francisco you had the raiders to work on you did it wind out urgency you did it without Jews and you did it without funding. Here she is. On the voluble project. I also want to be very clear. That Oakland had either viable project on the tape. We had eight fully financed shovel ready project. That was made public private partnership. And we are incredibly disappointed that that was not selected. The lady you don't know what shovel ready means. Shovel ready means. We have the blueprint we're ready to beginning construction. Joseph lay up just dropped the full definition of shovel ready on you would dancing cranes. That's shovel ready. That means. We're very excited that this project is about to begin in tomorrow construction begins that's shovel ready they have a fully viable financed plan where. You have a competitive offer Nevada had 750. Million dollars could be 950 when it's said and done where's your money. Where's your competitive offered this is grandstanding this is politicking. This is oh my god I. I'm the mayor that lost to teams. That's what this is is at all or fall. All her fault got mayor Jean Quan talk about the prince's Siam. The amount of I don't know what I'm doing. Over the last twenty years on both sides of this equation is staggering from the Davis father to the sun. 21 mayor to another to a group of nameless faceless collectively all an effective board members. Yeah Dottie here. We Catholic shovel ready. Her heart she acts. Yeah lady talked. Our goal while we'll get the smoking cool what tomorrow would shovel ready means in the meantime police continue. This is a mayor who we've invited on. On the show how that is to talk about us. How she wants to want. How she's got a lot this week. Yeah leaks. Shovel ready project. Schobel this. On the Damon Bruce show. You know if you ask me how the NFL can really burst its own bubble. Too big to fail was what some people think about it. And what. The NFL's proven over and over again Aiken. Get over whatever you think is going to be the thing that kills the NFL's popularity remember that was gonna be concussions Dion yeah concussions is gonna heard the NFL if we don't care all standing here. Remember was players' safety. It's it's is next man up whatever go win who cares not my kid remember when I was going to be domestic issues if like degrading elevator footage wasn't fun but you know there are. Three weeks later people like Dave Ray Rice helped sign and they are raider fans saying Adrian Peterson may not be a bad idea he whipped his son's nut sack those black and blue no big two you know I don't care about that. What about Dodd drug issues drugs out of fish come on you're doing drugs right now. If you treat teens like this if you treat fans like this that is how you burst your own bubble that is how you eat yourself why there are now two NFL cities. In California. The don't have NFL teams. You moved to teams to LA the raiders aren't one of them no matter where you're standing on this it looks like the pieces all fell wrong. All of them. And we didn't want to leave San Diego mumbling. And we didn't wanna leave Oakland Roger Goodell where is this where Sosa says raji Bradshaw. We work very hard and never wanna see your relocation of a franchise. That means exhausting our options and doing everything we possibly can all right we'll get back to exhausting options here is Bob McNair we've worked for probably two years not just the last nine months. On trying to find a solution. For the raiders and of course our first source. Was deprived find an answer in Oakland led many say your first choice. Was the Cadillac you went home with a corolla is that we talent thing. We want it now is the richest guy in the room Oakland to work but we took. The Honda Civic status so the for our. Not that opens Ferrari but here's the thing like there is now the NFL doesn't ever have to settle on its second choice. There's gnome is more money gone around you could have made the loan yourself you could bankroll this yourself there are other options you did what was easiest yet took the money offered to you. By eight. On mayor. Read more political will capital and the Oakland mayor did. Mayor Sam the balls that is named in Las Vegas. Showed up is like what are you name. Don. Nothing's been that simple and Oakland ever will be. Your phone calls it necessary today will be taking them all afternoon long let's go to line one Fremont line O line all your 957 again. Shouldn't. Recruit. You know. Yeah and he said it best and it shows you know it's like a grandma you know that. Kind of going and going and gone and talented they're gone you know let them play next year and and. On you irons you might boycotting that your Providence RNC a moment ago and as young right now some are one there of course you know me and the Kenyans now in Atlantic coast counties they use when cars on the last waging a Mac doesn't have that anymore. I think the deserted in and of course some look at mark litigated you know we're in Oakland moderately there by you know and opponent in the conversation. And that means if it could do it on the trees parent let you know this team is that it peaked in you know they're kind of source who walked. And it's just incidents are very aware of that all of all at any point now on this from the go back even Jerry brown and I mean we're out of high school or in my opinion that you're not certain. And look at it now. I fumble this better part of twenty years better. Apart twenty years nobody had any good ideas nobody had a solution one Myers. You know I mean like something does that mean that they gave it to start building right here at the park on six and took in my own credit to. Not I mean there will be doable. And I met another change in Oakland Oakland YouTube or worse on the and I will win these guys really isn't. Right by the way we've all the monitor with a thank you very much for the call line with all the money that the city bowl when news. Saving on not spending a penny on sports in any direction I expect. Hospitals. School district education education. Hire a whole bunch of new firemen policemen. I mean all of it gaps a lot of wanna see another stricken pothole in the 51 know ever again. I'll wait it'll like at dealing damn money never went anything else. It's not like. You could have gotten a better quality of life or the raiders so we chose better quality of life it was money you wouldn't have seen in any direction no matter wide and now you just don't have the raiders. Not like your kid's gonna have a better teacher on Wednesday. Howard to bring him in from the Ivy League now. Paying what private school pays for math teachers here at Oakland tack. You're actually think you're gonna get a bounce of a better lifestyle and easier to Libyan city better garbage water service cheaper. Property tax your high. What they buy hammers by the thousands of dollars. Congress. Toilet costs 171000. Like there's just there's nothing but government waste. More government waste is government waste you never get the savings and they're just pass paktia. Kids are never better taken care of I saw this. Article today how Jian you know the city. Sued the state in Nevada is basically now shoving more kids in the school rooms. Because they had to cut fourteen million dollars Alter state education budget by 715. Million means a raiders are happening now look. I don't mean to be naive here because an education the most important thing in the world but what do you think is gonna mean more to a thirteen year old kid. For extra kids and three extra desks in a classroom. Or having your father and you something to bond about. You know those those those underserved kids in Nevada. Might not have the best situation but at least they're gonna be able to drop football fans now and root for a hometown team which is a feeling a cultural experience that has now been robbed of every coming generation of Oakland raider fans. There is a pregnant woman who is a huge raider fan right now going. Why bother. Yeah not having the kid praising the generator rank it actually yeah yeah there there there is. A couple I'm sure plans. The birth of their child come with a tiny little raider football season gets in the crib a little number four Jersey we'll get her car Jersey and now that's not for you that is for a new set of parents. And Vegas. There's a lot of tradition and family bonding with raider nation for Brian and look at you know he's a family member didn't just die butchered dog did. That's how I look at this notes that if a team becomes part of family the way pet becomes part of the failed. He prison Hayward dangerous here I 957 again. There were a billion. I'll let it die hard not know what that they are mounted in the bail on my life a lot of mop rent a raider fan. And it is an integrator and not look attribute that are and what did not know he'd come we need not being well how to deal there but they will know gay. Never. Beat golden. Rhetoric and do all that it looked on our right now and not a bad like. You don't. I don't know and I know. But you know very well on. The record date is. But you don't want to hear hopefully they can do in Iraq now elect. I appreciate it as a damn I want no calls under the last minute like Larry Reid who is Larry Reid is an Oakland council member chief pat whoever Larry Reid is Syria as he's in charge in Oakland which means by default he's probably knew about it. What he does here's nonsense from him as the president of the City Council line NASCAR. Are turning to look and seeing whether or not and there are any legal options were stuck. Stop legal options. What legal options do you have over an owner's will for the product that he owns. You have no legal right to the Oakland Raiders there's no legal option if anything get your lawyers working on how you bounce them from their lease if DA's need to coliseum and that dead that is your legal option you'd now focus all of your efforts on getting the age is what they need to stay. Period. They're gonna want a hundred million dollars an industry don't quit. Do it what do you idiot completely sports list city. Deal wit. And we just stand there was something. It's a good motto hat here's Oakland's model. Don't just do something stand there. We're gonna have Scott Bair join us in about 45 minutes from now we will hear more from the commissioner. We will hear from Mark Davis. We will continue to let the mayor spout her political don't you still love me nonsense but it's just PR. We will present everything to you with more fact the most will that's what our goal is today. Here on the day membership.