Damon Bruce Show - Hour Four

The Damon Bruce Show
Tuesday, January 2nd

Damon checks in with Garry St. Jean and talks about Steph Curry's marvelous return. Damon then finishes the show talking about the College Football Playoff.


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Complements our. Final hour here on 957 in game we'll give you a little update. Sharks. Believe the Montreal Canadian and us. To a nothing they gaffe about halfway through the second period. Tune nothing scorer. For the sharks neither lamp was. But it is still to not think this is very good. First someone mentioned the sharks today right now is the first time were mentioning the warriors that's what happens when you come out of an NFL season with a Jon Gruden rumor with a Jimmy grow up blow fact a lot of attention is paid their but it's time for us. Take a little look at the warriors they got themselves a Texas two step well. Sort of a Texas two step by always say that any real Texas two step has to involve us stop the old Alamo see the San Antonio Spurs. They're all avoid the spurs they're going to see Harrison Barnes in the Dallas Mavericks tomorrow before taking on ain't. James Harden less Houston Rockets team which takes a little bit of the staying out of that match up. But good news is there's no sting to Curry's return. He was brilliant staff curry misses eleven games. And shakes off the rust to determine the drop in 38 points. He was fun nominal in his return. The return of Garry saint Jean here on 957 the game all of our warrior guess sound better through wearing JBL wireless headphones. Gary let's start would this happy new year body. Well happy new year to you and dad we're gonna have a great year with the warriors are more I don't know what's going around about the other teams warriors are going to be. Yeah I'm not speaking for anyone but the Golden State Warriors that they are well positioned I mean how about. The fact that you got Kevin Durant basically carrying use the rule of Korea app sends to the point where now we're talking about him is defensive player of the year. Limited step curry gets back. You don't have to wait and all the fees see if he's all right. He was more than all right that's about as good of hey combat game as we've seen from anyone a long time. That was special and everybody that got them. Do you care or watching on TV yet that was just a fabulous performance he was off the chart he gets. He had the rhythm the flow of Egypt look like this happens so much fun this Steve Kerr would say. There was joy out there and ended just it was just an awesome performance and T appointed by Kevin grant. It was nice that he didn't have to you know carry everything on his back he had been. Just amazing endurance yes eleven game absence of that and I think you're radar and insane that the right now is legally blocked shots in the end. How well he's gonna make good defensive player of the year he'd Chico met with the team instead got hurt Asian guy episode. We can't make all the treaties we can't do everything its got dark but we can be better defensively. And bad. You know get them put dead upon himself but he led the charge in the guy who graced gotten me undoubtedly. Be bilingual definite threat. That balance tomorrow night. We all know it's up to the individual players to buy into a defense of performance and obviously none of this happens. If Durant doesn't want to start playing like this who Gary do you think might beat. Most responsible for either planting the seed in him to want to play like this or pulling this out of him. Is it a coach is it Kirk is at Ron Adams or is it drain mongering. Well you know he's a mature veteran player and and Smart people listen when he first spoke and talked about what was needed. Even before that English quite terrific but I guess study elevated your scaled. So you know what you've got a relationship they had coached with a fabulous player and you've got to I think the best defense of coordinator we have a basketball. Atoms. Based Smart people got together today this what we got to go to work and got. You know he's just he's just an impeccable our defense is and and good it keep keep we keep having about as weak side oldies away from the ball underneath the basket on the other side the free throw away. And you would try to the basket. And get by your defender. Here he comes early and dad throws that we accept odd there. And you know the other night yet what I thought he was equal to the top of the box. He's just been fabulous he really really and I I'm excited now we've got tripped now the guys are helping he had bet. You know the Danish decent next what six weeks. Go until the all star break. We call the dog days in the Indian elders. There's a lot of good action comedy and we got used to it a couple times nobody should I guess that's Saturday and and you know a lot of good games. Garry saint Jean here on 957 game you can hear him as part of the basketball our of course you see him. As a Bay Area warrior analyst which he knows a thing or two about from his coaching in GM in days. When you were a GM Gary when you were coach. Did you have a player whose personality. Reminded you of drain money greens personality. And remain picking up technical standpoint. How do you real bad and while you keep the player. On edge. Which is where you get the best version of said player. Well I think have a guy like David West. The relationship. That. Drain ma has which feed them and Bob byers. You know. Everybody just respects they have got to get out there sacrifice he doesn't care of course imports. But I'll tell you what he'd take great pride is assists. Is. Is bill blocked shots is that. Rebounding. He is he's a winner. So you know. You'll like it may be to look a little bit yeah. A lot of eat eat eat not met just suspended category yup there are you a little bit because that's what. Makes you so very special book. Keep trying to talk about it and maybe. One day god just get degrees in the last four or five games and then the real dream more than comes back in and yet another conversation and that's the thing I mean you got so many great guys around this team. But there's a lot of portions and there are a lot of people they respect each other Golan. He still he he rested dad's shoulder. Which was the Smart thing to do they'd be any medical college about it. Now they played into June last year that the Olympics. And they didn't have much of a break and so you know it was a Smart thing the rest that a little bit. Then dad you know what they would get the other night like sixteen assists yeah power forward. And managed just unheard of what he what he's capable of coded. You know he's a matchup nightmare for the other being. I he is the ultimate doesn't need to score two greatly affect the outcome of this game player he really yes and you know what in many ways. That's sort of where Andre Iguodala is certainly not as dramatically defensively is you get dream on but. Andrei is their fur leadership unspoken decisions and fast breaks like he he is not really asked to be a shooter. Which leads me to the question are you worried about you shooting woes. A little bit more concerned about it helped me get a sore lower back. Couple other nagging things but I'd love the way you know us even in communicate they give him less than. You know it needed he'll be there I have complete faith should have not the issue there like he wants to have the body but give him great. Probably get back to shoot it great but. That's OK you hit you know it is ability to guard we'll brought the capability to run the break and a Smart play if you point guards he would step there's not afford to run a lot of point forward. That he can handle Latin in great fashion. Do you know what he said he liked drink marketed in the number of. You know for peace that he makes it's it's what you got the whole network and data. He again and you really do need to eat it up very very bright player that the warriors just some really. High IQ players are meant to me that's why. You'd Shelby a player who knows how to pass the ball he knows how to play. Can you show me guys that can defend. They know what's going on out there and then met with the usually when you watch the lawyers. Garry saint Jean here on 957 game with all due respect to the Dallas Mavericks who the warriors have tomorrow Thursday they get to Houston. And it's the rockets who were chasing them as a two seed right now know James Harden in this game. But still a threat they are thinking in Houston but what do you think this match up without Harden and it. Or mutate is assists importance. All awkward ledger that's 54 points and you know Chris Paul come back got talked about a I think he had a hamstring or quad problem. Bad bad. You know there are going to be the same at present they want to look stepped curt yeah I mean yeah that you do your lineup change and you rotations. Color palate coming back from a facial fracture. So they can banged up but now that read don't try to get everybody in the orders of the bank debt. And you've got to be able to look device C occasion. Don't don't sell Dell short tomorrow date yet. They're getting great guard play out of that would Schmidt. Stand out there and Maria. Is that former new site just just played well the end. We can't take actually you know go down there. Are allowed all of a cold shouldn't. Thank you look at them in the which he's getting to the end and Harrison's there are even that didn't get solid you know sixteen to twenty year. But say they warn the other night on the road game they've made 22. Weeks. Seoul. You know they're feeling good about themselves come back home so we've got to be careful. Always good to talk to you the most consistent thing about the warriors season has been messed. The effort level of their opponent they really do you take everybody's best shot every night. Getting your your 200% right here at least everybody shelled out. You come here and they're saying holy Moly you know you're and they come and you know you're probably even knew it moved to. You don't see great debt half halftime performances all the way that happened then they come bound course. You know that's when the worst -- Asia in the third quarter. And it's hard on the road but no NBA game on the road is huge and that. So with that check I don't think these guys are really true good and be ready to go. Great stuff Gary thanks as always my friend best CEO and yours in 2018. Areas slump talk we'd Garry saint Jean one of the best by the way I don't know if you knew this Kevin Durant sits number 44. On the all time NBA scoring list in fifty points. He'll get to 20000 in his career. The be passing. The gentleman sitting at number 43. On that list will tell you who that guy is next. 9570 games. Cringing now. I. GM John Legend Terrell Owens and Randy Johnson of the finalists for this year's NFL hall of fame Ray Lewis Brian Urlacher also making the cut lynch addressing immediate earlier today talking about teenaged girl rock blues future with the niners. We want Jimmie to begin. For a long long time that process is is he's going to take place here you know we're we're eager to to get that done. Well if you should the raiders could rests in the hands of John gruden his potential return to the silver and black is picking up steam gruden acknowledging his candidacy for the raiders head coaching jobs in the Bay Area news group today that he thinks and hopes he's being considered. And I raiders by the way both finishing the season six and ten. The flip a coin to see him look ignite in the draft the coin flip will happen at the com by sharks in progress trying to leave Montreal 31. And this year's let S month award winner is a wide receiver Marques he's good wintry nrgreen tweaking his ankle during a scrimmage today he's now listed. As questionable for. Tomorrow's game I'm Gianfranco. Demons through. On 9570. On the plus. Five guys right now home beyond the darker good friend Tim Roy's goal. Warrior weekly magazine for you that's coming up we were just talking about the warriors would Garry saint Jean and Kevin Durant G on his number 44 on the all time scoring list he needs fifty points. To top 20000 in his career and moving duke. Number 43 on the list with someone who were all very familiar ways. Antawn Jamison. Is the 43 top scorer in NBA history out of never put Antawn Jamison in the top fifty I can't believe that the who thought that he was that significant a score I don't remember render may be used just. Always the top score on a significantly bad team. That's why didn't get the pub plus count I mean the only thing I really remember is Taiwan and Coby own for cook go first city. Each on the same night that's really all I remember. Well. Aren't Antawn Jamison you're better than I remember Kevin Durant he's right on your heels what do you now. 8889579570. There is the number we got. Open phones for you for the rest of the hour until we get to well be on the yard coming up at 7 o'clock like we said. We're gonna talk with or when we're gonna talk Tim Roy's going to be speaking with Sam manic. They're going to be previewing mavericks rockets clippers and nuggets next handful of games for the warriors and will be talking. Little bit about those the NBA had to say goodbye to one Tony seventeen silk Tim Roy's got a great show for you at 7 o'clock tonight. Meanwhile we're back to the raiders back to Del Rio being out so Jon Gruden gruden had Jon Gruden John gruden. Figure out how to say that guy's name that you might have to you yeah G is silent is he on Peru and now. But I'm talking to John yet check detect he's back baby it looks like it's going to be that way but I just cannot see a scenario. Where NFL ownership has granted Jon Gruden. I I just I can't see other owners knew they would need 24 other owners to vote for me. Any precedent. Which could come back to bite them the very next time you are looking for an eight plus said coach. We think about it. All acted NFL contracts. From a coaching standpoint. I have eight beginning date. And an end date and whatever money you agreed to is what's paid in the middle. Ownership. Is something that is yours in perpetuity you leave it to your children. Ownership isn't something that you just Willy Nilly give way to get a deal done if you're an NFL owner. What do you are you really telling me that NFL owners are going to agree. And we need to help Mark Davis hired Jon Gruden so much we're gonna establish a precedent where we can be held over a bill Earl for a percentage. Of our ownership. To close a deal with the coach and I just can't see that happening. Anyone who's thought about this for more than two seconds can't see it happening. Like everyone was all ballot are now that's a daisy did the deal but you gotta do that. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa slow your roll. I mean every coach in the next contract negotiation they like I won ownership in the team thinks if not I'm headed over. Next arm good across the bay you're starting precedent for a league that doesn't like to guarantee. Anyone's contract. It doesn't seem realistic it's just it doesn't seem realistic at all it seems. It seems. Like it seems like the kind of idea. Only team that wasn't very good good ideas would have. Which I guess brings us to mark Davis and the raiders. By the way were talking about NFL the crown jewels and if all NFL franchises who were in the crown jewels. Some guys here says dame on May and I don't sound like a homer but the raiders art in the crown jewels now you're not. You might have been at a certain time. You've now been removed. Anyone. Who is to relocate their franchise. Three times. You wait a crown jewel. You're anemic crown jewel of the city you're in. Much less the NFL in its entirety and sorry folks these are just the realistic fax. You know the rams will never be a crown jewel as they left the place to go do business in another place and then thought now we need to better business back tomorrow it's. And crown jewel that's a vagabond. A urine no match. So sorry. You forfeited all rights to crown jewel claim when you can't even figure out what your mailing addresses. Earlier reached the creek the queen I don't know address at the Buckingham Palace. We reached the raiders I don't know the answer descended to that hotel room gruden rents out for his gruden quarterback camps may be no doubt there. To Oakland LAL Oakland's biggest. Go to. ODs been holding patiently waited 8957957. I was a number. What's going on. I think the years have you thought well. I've got one question. And grant the third year ago Oakland got elude him the kid knew. They're doing coached there we joke they look back. Car deliberately. Let the let go have been removed you have. Low enriched. The new coach Shanahan. Would backbone rock below. Know the difference between Oakland the ordinarily though whoever took Pope put. You'd people will. Happy new year. The difference is there isn't much of a difference. Because think about the hope that the raiders were selling that you were buying because of the GM coach and quarterback combination that was working. Same combination is gonna be sold to niner fans next year. But unlike Del Rio. Who. Was along for the ride. Offensively with his team Kyle Shanahan has complete control. Over every aspect of his team. Offensively. And that's. It if the if your biggest concerns. As a coach. Our focus. On the defense. You gotta have a whole bunch better you don't have a whole lot better defense and the raiders a tad under jacked Hillary. Now if you're not here to coach offense. Then I'll assume you're here to coach defense. Well if we're evaluating you on that alone you'd be fired right. And then when you're also the guy. Who isn't the one who's got the solution to fix the quarterback there's another reason to fire you won again the reasons to let Del Rio go. Tip on stacking up in getting higher and higher and higher to the point where. Not being able to let him go because of the money in the you're owed to them became less of a concern. For Mark Davis who by the way now needs to. Just really figure out a way to win Jon Gruden like other tell you right now this gruden thing is not done until it's done. It's not it's not done until it's done. If you show up with anyone. Other than Jon Gruden as your head coaching 2018. You're dead on arrival. You are dead on arrival. The waved it. Jack del Rio's fate was pretty much sealed. When we heard this gruden rumor had an awful lot of truth to wit. The raiders state is going to be completely. Sealed. If they don't deliver gruden and the amount of pressure. On mark Davis and now see this room. Goes to infinity. They seriously battered deliver gruden now there is no back up plan but whatever your plan B is. It's gonna sound like great Xian or did Tennessee fans. Seriously can put a guy I know. I'm no that wasn't here Penn State. Series of people are gonna pull it out. Very good position. Curtains in great position need to make him. Make it worth his while for sure and I think maybe they'll hold tax implication of moving to Vegas and what is how far Imus Brothers money will go there might help. Because. Our Jon Gruden I'd wanna agreed to it the bare minimum a three year contract where I got paid one dollar for a year one. One dollar for a year to fifty million dollars for years three I want. Before I start cash in the big bucks upon gruden. What could be not to mention it but look look at it this way. Whatever he tells Martin Davis he wants to get this deal done isn't out Mardy just has to give him. Pretty much. I mean it sounds like that's the position Mark Davis isn't a little over what are his options at that point it what it sounds like is gruden told him. I own a piece of the action. And Mark Davis is like Aaron. Even though so one thing I said I wouldn't sell out anybody because it's part and parcel of the reason why we got to move. I'm not willing to come on homeownership. He's now willing to give ownership to gruden there are other NFL owners are going to be like Wohl. It's not how business is conducted by people who have money. Also Davis is okay than the owners shooting down the where does that leave the relationship triggered and in Davis at that point that much at the drawing board yeah. That's way if it takes that relationship and sends it right back to the negotiating table which might be enough for gruden bill I know I'm good. OC that I can happen. If it does. What he's selling. What are you selling huge pressure huge huge pressure. We're talking about who would be eligible. And interest thing for HBO to send up on HBO's hard knocks next year and someone was on the sex line saying Damon you know you talk about the Cleveland Browns. Yeah in Cleveland Browns feels more like a behind the scenes show that you rollout on Amazon. Amazon prime. Like HBO wants drop below HBO once they hit sand that game at drones without a doubt the game a drop below. We deal lands there. How slimmest or how he's so good we might be a Tyrell. Yeah well but you what you think of the houses that are still standing 20 rioters Starker Alanis start that's your best. Does your best case and care if this wasn't going to be getting may now may be news comes out of nowhere to get in the game late like the war true. Maybe he's born maybe ease the sand snakes is imaging and John Snow. You may be mighty big maybe he might be. I tell you what I got a lot of John Lynch's ended the year press conference to run past Jane Morgan Indianapolis get back out to the calls here Chris is in Oakland what do you got Chris you're a night by seven game. Saying it appears to you both. Here at all. I mean not fat that already aired Clinton situation I called it right after that. Week one and actually went out the Tenet gave that game and now watching how that offense actually Jeter didn't execute what language. You got that first drive I just knew that is going to be a long been invited. I'm caught lying around it. I would actually it's really cut through the whole loot they are. How it actually. Well not anymore at any. Gruden come back and ticket for the raiders and achieve that and actually not read are needed to get back at the David and my loss I raider fan base that the open open. If that's part of it if this is a nine year after the factor revenge to leave you with egg on your face move that would be just extraordinary. Amin and at that point. As a raider fan you would have to concede that the Davis family is no longer. In the best interest of raider fans which you do you can make that argument right now I think that starting better. I don't think it's gonna happen. I mean I agree I wouldn't actually ground say that I didn't wish I hope it goes out we have left the delta. While there you go Sudan raider fans turning right there Chris and Oakland says he hopes it's all mirage. Look at it this way wit with the ESPN's declining Monday Night Football ratings. There is no way they're gonna pay Jon Gruden next deal to stay in my apple ball boost like it paid him through this deal. That's not gonna happen ratings are falling broadcasters are being cut left and right ESPN's tightening budgets. So maybe this is Gordon's last you know he's thinking like all right you know I've ridden this broadcasting ways. To crash on the shore with the biggest dollar amount guaranteed any NFL head coach what more can I do it. What more can I possibly doing this platform on Monday Night Football I have left myself. A legend to. That I got to tell I mean that's that's crazy Jon Jon Gruden. Doesn't even need to sell himself other people do it for him. The Jon Gruden memories aren't fixed in rich. And if you think about it there's ray rattle was writing about this Jon Gruden biggest opponent. Is gonna be chasing down. Just the idea. Of what Jon Gruden supposed to many. He's got to chase down the member Barry's. Jon Gruden is all one big member Barry what if when reality comes around. He's Joseph Gibbs. Joseph Gibbs hall of fame coach core rate coach. Innovative coach it's counter tray. No coach ever coach coach there was no head coach. Ever. Coached. The beautiful. Ballet that is great offensive line play. Like Joseph Gibbs. Why they were the hogs boys and girls I was one of the greatest offensive lines ever. The Redskins would move big pick up your whole franchise and moving out of the way that's how good they work. Toner trains to tackle Paul and that's just obvious there's it was it was cutting edge. When Joseph Gibbs did with his offensive line is as cutting edge is what anyone is trying to do. Which receivers formations spreading it out. It was stated the arc. And after this state of the art won a Super Bowl hall of fame caliber coach stepped out of coaching for twelve years. Joseph Gibbs won back to coaching in was thirty and thirty for the second time around the second time around is not guaranteed Triana. Is your husband listening right now and prop up okay. Aren't peak here I guess it's okay. You ever go out with someone. Had a relationship it was real it was in just a foreign all right and you went out with some. To the point that when you broke up. I thought about them a little bit. And then there was that one opportunity to get back together and yet did and what's on the first things you find out. Probably should just let the sleeping dog lie and wasn't the same as it was the first time around. How outside of that first dinner that first. Jumping back into the bedroom situation outside of that one of the realities that hits you fast is. All of this is a ship that I should allow assailed as a reason why you leave it. There's a reason why this didn't work out in the first place I am trying to recapture a magic that is no longer there. If you don't know relationship with someone out of relation you know this is true you know what I'm saying is true. There's a lot of examples of hey let's go back to that idea that didn't work out. I did more of those examples than are the ones that you go back to it works out and I Zimmer and a whole so yeah I think it's a much bigger gamble to revisit something. That back and was wonderful when he took a break. Some Rachel. And then. It doesn't always necessarily work out but if it does this. The benefit of the doubt dumb ones did Jon Gruden is simply this. You know like sis offense pushing the rock. He is Kenyan it. Under football John I think Jon Gruden thinks about football more than he thinks about his gambling his sex life his wife. Food. Sleep. Entertainment. Money. Like I really do believe the Jon Gruden is all day and night. Football cycle back and I mean that in the best possible passion absolutely. Opinions under the idea of I could make this guy play better I can diagnose this play I can break this played down I can put it back together I can make this work. Spider to widen and a I mean it's insane how much this guy loves the game of football and how much she stayed in it for a guy who wait even a coach anymore. So. Like that's the best shot you got. That gruden even though he's been on the money. Picking up big paychecks. And reminded everyone about how much like Chucky you remember him if he still stayed and you know he's quarterback camps alone. I am but I'm cop look I'm not confident Jon Gruden can fix everything that's wrong with the raiders. I'm confident that he's well qualified to fix Derek car which both if we had to put the list of things that the next raider coach had to fix. That was the first second and third thing anyway. That is goal number one. What about the raiders defense does not matter of Derek Carr stays broken one about the highest paid offensive line in football. Doesn't matter which way direction they go and as long as Derek Carr stays broken what about a Mari. What about Crabtree what about Coolio Mac what about the mole what about this that none of that matters. At all. With a broken Derek Karr so if gruden. Fixed Derek Karr. He was great for the raiders on that alone. See what happens. Michael's in San Jose what do you got Michael you're a 957 again. Hey guys that immediate albeit. Quite quiet. First thing that you need jerk reaction here and attack there are about our only corporate back go back. Back to the playoffs almost every year that I always went. And make it you don't believe that DJ negro problem the buildup Kyle or neat but nature. I think Derek Carr got a Jack del real art about my arm back and point. About eight Eric are over four years that once in a wedding and not a went and Matt and Erekat work. Michael crapshoot captured it beat it beat all like it don't I stop. You know Michael I tell you I I don't think that Derek is without criticism. But he. He got left out to dry by wide receivers all the time by his own offensive line and I really think that Del Rio. You know it it's it's not so much that he got fired because a Derek Carr but. One of the biggest reasons why Del Rio had to go is he's a defense first coach and their defense didn't really do much at any point in time under his tenure. And that when your quarterback is broken is this the right guy to fix it. And just through his actions Jack would tell you I'm not the right guy he wasn't involved with offensive meetings. He didn't sit in the quarterback room he didn't call the plays he didn't design the plays. He is a defense first coach whose defense was never first. I agree that people are worried about what that big guy come and it. I mean Jackie went to playoff in the lock this year but he goes in the late he won a lot spoke of those game. And only cure all we ever want economic act were at each act decade that guides self proclaimed QB Daschle that. At that hot chick that it jaunty I am out and Bebo would it be well I don't think it's an outrage. I'll bet that at. Michael thank you very much I mean when we asked me trifecta question earlier. Are you very excited or buyer beware I guy and I love more buyer beware is and I expected to yet and and I do think that's the right mindset for you to take. I don't see a scenario where Jon Gruden equals automatically you're in the playoffs for sure forever I know I'm if you told me right now. There was just a go to the chance of him not having a single winning record is there was him going to the Super Bowl I believe you. I really don't know what to expect but I do think. Gruden at least speaks the language that you now really have to speak yourself and that's the language of quarterback. So. And is all I just put my feet up and think are right if not gruden. Hole. Know who I can come up with sounds better than gruden. They assume I think it any worse off than they are now so why not congratulations. Jim Caldwell is your next coaching excited. We move on Mike in San Jose what do you might. Well happy new year mobile thank you I'm sorry. I apologize the previous caller we shared name however they're going to be more different. The fact of the matter is prudence and the best jet its successful he can that be debate that you're a base like he was the board they got to go to they had indeed pregnant. Says this don't dollar and that jagr got the raiders got Jon Gruden. They that the problem with the laughed and he was here without it is not ready to relinquished early. Mark David meet somebody but yet that's gonna be Jon Gruden you'll be called shot. Rickie at Indy can't do it John the Jack gill who hated them to be getting into yeah I'd better pitcher at bat our coach at bat. And that verdict guilty. It came out. Get a little bit of jolt and Pallet. Is gonna read that find out if we do when you talk about golf it's the why you're still out. Governor just because they beat them like I. Pick up their peak he couldn't get on board with the old seat. Brady they're deliberate jab at the end to quarterback in could be the next air pared the OC. My condition is good and it grew Gordon are prudent to be the head coach. He'll take it can't be played when he retired albeit that BP operation again will be the next coach get a lot. Guarantee and they will make the Super Bowl in the year two the most. Mike thank you very much your optimism pour through the radio. I appreciate I appreciate you listening and look everything that he just spoke. Could happen I mean I'm I'm not gonna say dots not gonna happen because I had Jack Del Rio not getting fired so. One line. Things change quickly. Especially. When the raiders it would seem. We've got one more segment we're gonna make it a good 18889579570. Your calls. And the concept of an all SEC national title game some don't like hit guess what. Get over it this is probably the game that we deserve. Demons. Big team. Welcome back. I was not paying attention to the sharks. Pollen away from Montreal here. Ten minutes left in the third period sharks. Four Montreal one. Two goals for team all minor. No goals for. But we can only help. Still got ten minutes left in this game antidote that I am here is still time Tim Roy comes up next with beyond the arc and 7 o'clock after that. Is it tittle time. Rick tittle who is celebrating are you ready for this okay. Thirty years of being a broadcaster. Lowe saw that today. Democrats wreck Y thirty years thirty years being a broadcaster. That's impressive debt is. You're free you can try especially when you see what a strapping young man full potentially seems to me. So young Jamison started when you're like ten he does you really do you look a lot younger than you guys been on the air for thirty years and you don't usually say that because. Radio. Not only beats you down and leaves you horror but it robs you of mostly your spirit confidence and dignity. Oh. I admit yet here we are cooked every today exit date damn hot. Look at it this way were all three and go to make eleven bucks an hour talking about football trio true actually think we're fifteen down minimum wage went up uneven efforts fifteenth. And for ways to go I thought it went up to eleven did I have an idea is that why you settle a baby Diego can you make and big money. I know clearly make more than a year doesn't even know a minimum wages. So before we get back to these calls we're gonna get home here we got a few minutes left when we just say all SEC national title game I'm good with their. I mean BMI and Georgia won their way into this game fair play like they earned it right. And really how about this more than anything else Xian and this is why I don't have a problem with this game -- people got a problem with this game. Our problem is it. Alabama spent eleven weeks ranked number one. Georgia spent two weeks ranked number one the only other schooled hold the number one ranking all year was Clemson head and leg are balanced. Why Alabama. I'm cool would it. Yeah these are the two best teams who got number one in the SEC vs number three in the SEC. If I walk a done deal at any point dime in the last ten years and said. Would you believe me that the two best teams in college football were both in the SEC. You said. Sure I believe there is a scenario war that is a reality. What I'm as big a Big Ten honk if your gonna find I think in Ohio State and Wisconsin both got screwed over a little bit my problem. Is not with the way the playoffs again and this year my problem is the starting point. I would expand the playoffs automatically right now to win eighteen playoff field. Five power conference winners all in automatically. Anyone who finishes undefeated. Like university Central Florida just dead thirteen and number EU or in the conversation. And then we'll have an at large or too. Big deal giveaway. Like it's a lot easier to argue who might be the ninth best team then who the fifth best team this. We just saw. Are you CF teen university Central Florida teen. Beat in SEC team. I've seen that way is. Winless two years ago. With the same group or kids in the it's amazing it really is 51. Kids on the USC's. Or excuse me UCF's. 51 kids on Central Florida. More oh in twelve and 2015. To find themselves thirteen no two years later it may mean that's one of the biggest turnarounds in the history of college anything let's go to Alex in San Francisco Alex you're a 957 game. They didn't think that Michael had in years guys bulk. Basically my question is going back at 49ers you know obviously we need premier wide receiver. What do you think about the niners. Soliciting a trade where Larry FitzGerald and he's border lining on beat higher meant depending on what the new coach Eric there was going to be what do you think about it that it speaking out there. I think Larry FitzGerald is an idea that maybe you've got to wait OK it's not planned it can't be the plan and I love Larry Larry still got. Catches in him he's got talent. Anger rob Logan probably get on the ball in probably work but I want more. I was sucked someone a little bit younger than the oldest wide receiver available like I think that's a little bit above. Good luck would that and the niners aren't in position where they're looking for more than good luck with that. I wish we had more time you can call in tomorrow and I wish you good luck with that we are. At the end of the show this afternoon thanks so much to Scott Bair to Tony Bruno. Camp in men everywhere who called in for the Tuesday trifecta. Thanks to Gary saint Jean is well. West's great job Dylan and Carolina today thank you Gionta has always happy new year crafts do you really looking forward to our tamales. Yet they'll be here Friday. Friday tamales. Now chart shows you can Al be heard it to Friday tamales. We're looking forward to it shall be welcome back. Good to see you out he went to the world and she went also need a great time he ate like a king. And we all the comeback I was supposed to be off today and I said forget all that too much sports good thing we got amazing another a few hours at least this week. We're gonna have an hour Fauria ahead of warriors basketball tomorrow. Up next beyond the arc would Tim Roy in the meantime thanks for listening and remember. Sports don't build character. They reveal.